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Through the prism of history, at 6:08 Eastern, The Butcher of Bagdad is Dead! Recalling the 350,000 Shiite Mass Graves, the 40 Kurdish Villages, the 1.5 Million Deaths directly related to the blood-soaked history of a monster. Saddam Hussein's Village of Tikrit is in mourning.

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"If we come home right now,
they'll follow us!"

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Message from the Ghost of General Patton....


To those whining, panty-waisted, pathetic Maggots, it's time for a little refresher course on exactly why we Americans occasionally have to fight wars.

See if you can tear yourself away from your "reality" TV and Starbucks for a minute, pull your head out of your flabby ass --

Abu Ghraib
is not "torture" or an "atrocity".

This is the kind of thing frat boys, sorority girls, and academy cadets do to newcomers A little fun at someone else's expense. Certainly no reason to wring your hands or get your panties in a wad.


an atrocity!

So Was This!!!




Islam a peaceful religion??? Millions of these sons-of-bitches are plotting as we speak to destroy our country and our way of life any way they can. Some of them are here among us now.

They don't want to convert you and don't want to rule you. You are a vile infestation of Allah's paradise. They don't give a shit how "progressive" you are, how peace-loving you are, or how much you sympathize with their cause.

They want you dead, and think it is God's will for them to do it.

Some think if we give them a hug or listen to them, then they'll like us... and if you agree? Then you are a dumb ass!

If they manage to get their hands on a nuke, chemical agents, or even some anthrax -- you will wish to God we had hunted them down and killed THEM while we had the chance.

Stop bitchin' about your damn Health Care, Social Security, Gas prices, and your measly 3.25% unemployment rate...and start worrying about you, your family's, and your friends' asses.

How many more Americans must be beheaded. You've fallen asleep AGAIN, maggots! And you may not get another chance!.




ASS --

and let every person you give-a-damn about.. if you ever gave a damn about anything, know about this blog.


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POOR JOHN... Senator Kerry Can't Help It He Was Born With A Silver Foot In His Mouth! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1971 "We Cut Off Ears, We Cut Off Heads! 2006 Sept. "Our Troops Terrorized Iraqi Women & Kids In The Dark Of Night"... 2006 Oct 30th "Get A Good Education, Or You'll Be STUCK IN IRAQ!" Our All-Volunteer Troopers Know This Guy!

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( * See 8-page Transcript Lnk in the Comment Section).

INTERVIEW WITH IRAN'S PRESIDENT, MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, Senior Editor Mike Wallace had the premier opportunity to interview President Ahmadinejad last month, and in Snake Hunters view, he failed to present the tough questions this occasion demanded. The following is submitted for the benefit of our Snake Hunters readership for their own private analysis:

President Ahmadinejad, Sir: Thank you for exhibiting the courage to appear before the American Tv audience. We wish to pose some questions that most Americans would like to know about your Muslim culture.

Is It True, that the Holy Quran allows "Honor Killings" of young girls that are perceived having committed a sex crime, even when forcible rape is clearly indicated, and the Father, Mother, or elder son holding the knife-blade suffer little or No Civil or Criminal Penalty?

Is It True, that Holy Imams promise Heavenly Rewards to young Shaheed Martyrs when they murder innocent Israeli riding on a bus, or perhaps sitting in an outdoor cafe? Does the Iranian Treasury pay a reported $25,000 to the family of the hapless young Palestinian bomber?

Is It True, Mr. President, that sinless Imams promise 72 virgins to adults that fly airliners into buildings, killing all manner of religions, racial groups, young and old? Do the Grand Ayatollahs agree with this behavior?

Do some Muslims beat their women in public, and force the females to wear the Black Burka, and generally treat them no better than the family goat? Do they even beat the men that fail to face Mecca, and pray five times each day? Is that the duty of a Mutawah (Piety Police)? Does Sharia (Muslim Law) permit this in your ancient culture?

I've heard that if a Muslim were ever to decide to reject Islamic doctrine, adopting a different faith, he would be found guilty of Heresy, and quickly sentenced to death!Can you say, that you personally, favor is behavior?

Can you even visualize a Protestant Christian, a Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Quaker, Mormon, Jewish, or any other American denomination that would allow this grossly inhumane set of rules that govern behavior?

Finally sir, do you personally believe in the Prophesy of the 12th Imam that disappeared in 941 AD, and that it is alleged will reappear after Armegeddon to bring about 1,000 years of Peace Under Sharia Law? Is that why your people are eager to enrich U-235, to bring about the final great battle, to control all surviving inhabitants on this planet?

** ** ** ** ** ** **

You seem to have had some difficulty answering some of the questions; in fairness, we have prepared a transcript. We hope that you will return to Iran, submit all of our questions to your highly-ranked holy men for their most thoughtful consideration.

Now that an American audience has had an opportunity to really understand your motivation, we shall remain on an Aware & Alert status. We shall deal with any hostile intent, Allah willng of course.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Anniversary 9/11


a. New York City First Responders... Fire, Pplice, EMT's, lost over 700 people on 9/11.

b. It was officially estimated that at 8:45 AM, that about 10,000 persons were in each WTC Tower!

c. Approximately 3,000 died that morning in NYC, The Pentagon, and in the highjacked plane crash in Pennsylvania. Imagine how much more devastating it could have been.

Visualize this: IRAN'S Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is determined to have Nuclear Capability, and in his own words he said:

October 26, 2005, "Israel will be Wiped Off The Map!" and in an Interview with 60 Minutes, August, 2006, he said to Mike Wallace, "If Mr. Bush thinks he can stop our progress, I have to say that he will be unable to do that!"

Wake Up, America. It's time the stop the Hate Bush Chanting. It's time to join in our resolve. The Center of International Terror IS in Tehran, Iran. It is past the time for Americans to join together in a joint effort to face reality. Enough of this absurd and divisive Partisan Political Hot Air. reb

Thursday, August 31, 2006



August 31, 2006. This is the final hour for Shiite IRAN to stop enrichment of U-235, or face UN Security Council Sanctions.

The key players in this "Tournament of Wills" are United States, Iran, China, Russia, and the European Union, EU. Observing the Test of Wills are Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and grim-faced courageous Britain. The rest of the world holds its breath, hopeful for an unlikely peaceful outcome, with skillful diplomatic moves & maneuvering, and bold negotiations to somehow magically save this world from self-destruction, once again. Remember the Cuban Crisis, anyone? In the year 1962, Fidel Castro had his Russian Intermediate Range Missiles pointed at the eastern one-half of the United States. Crazy? It was tight for three very long weeks that time. Kennedy and old Nikita Kruschev worked it out then. Sanity surfaced just in time.

But is this all realistic, when Iran's Shiite Hezbollah, Hamas, and Sadr Militia in Iraq, each primed and ready to begin Armageddon? Each is eager to fulfill the 12th Imam Prophesy of Doom. That is the huge unanswered question of this day.

Note: From the diplomatic perspective it is important to state here that each of the above named nations is bound by Selfish National Interest, which provides fuel for a dangerous bias, and possible flash-point to war, for the entire world.

In an eleventh hour effort to side-step war. your Snake Hunters Editor has a unique suggestion for White House staffers to consider. Wipe the dust off old desks at our Embassy location in Tehran, appoint ex-President Jimmy Carter as The Ambassador for the U.S. Well known for his Peace Proposals, and Nobel Prize, the Congress might find it hard to argue with that appointment. Allow Jimmy to negotiate with the hell-bent terrorists! This move couldn't hurt a thing.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is holding the threat of blockading the Straits of Hormus, and choking off critically needed petroleum to many countries, and turning loose a well-disciplined 50,000 kids, ages 10 to 16, with bomb-loaded suicide packs. These young children are well-known bombers in Israel's cafes and buses.

They are the pride of Grand Ayatollahs and Imams, and are called Shaheed Martyrs. We can't even imagine Christian or Jewish families submitting to such horror. Chalk that one up to 'Cultural Differences'. Civilized society cannot grasp the fact that these hapless children are offered heavenly rewards by foul 'holy men'. We believe it's more accurately labeled Bloody Bi-Polar Mania.


So, what to do, as concerned and aware citizens? Are we powerless to confront this evil? Do we just permit ignor-ance? Each must decide independently. I for one, have attempted to provide a forum for open discussion in the Comment Section of Snake Hunters, as this may indeed be my final Post. If so, I leave a final suggestion; do what you know is right. Don't allow anyone to involve you in pointless name-calling of officials that attempt to confront these monstrous notions. Defend our Time-honored Moral High Ground; leave no child behind in teaching the great and the not so great lessons of American History, and teach our First Amendment Principles. We shall overcome, these enemies of Freedom and Justice for All American citizens. We are imperfect, but we're getting closer as the decades pass. We honor our noble Veterans, and their families who volunteer, persevere, and understand this struggle with ancient doctrine a bit better than most of us.


I'll step down from this soap-box now. It's been my privilege. I wish to thank supporters of Snake Hunters blogsite, and a special thank you to my favorite Journalists at CNN & FOX News, Mr. Lou Dobbs, Brit Hume, and Sheppard Smith. I only wish I had the opportunity and privilege of knowing them all personally. reb

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4th of July 2006
This blogsite honors the Veteran, and his Family...

By: Raymond S. Kraft,

This is very well written U.S. history. It explains a lot! Please take the time to read it. If you are an advocate or opponent of the war in Iraq you should read, not skim over, this very well written perspective. To skim over it would do yourself an injustice!!!!!!!!! Most people these days know very little about history. This may help in understanding what we're up against.


History Here is a post from a California lawyer that seems to present the "Big Picture"" in just the right manner.. This is something all Americans should read!!

A California Lawyer's Perspective on Iraq War:

Sixty-three years ago, Nazi Germany had overrun almost all of Europe and hammered England to the verge of bankruptcy and defeat, and had sunk more than four hundred British ships in their convoys between England and America for food and war materials.

Bushido Japan had overrun most of Asia, beginning in 1928, killing millions of civilians throughout China, and impressing millions more as slave labor.

The US was in an isolationist, pacifist, mood, and most Americans and Congress wanted nothing to do with the European war, or the Asian war.

Then along came Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and in outrage Congress unanimously declared war on Japan, and the following day on Germany, which had not attacked us. It was a dicey thing. We had few allies.

** Correction to above paragraph **

US Historical Documents:

US Declaration of War against Germany December 11 1941 The President's message: On the morning of Dec. 11 the Government of Germany, pursuing its course of world conquest, declared war against the United States.

France was not an ally, the Vichy government of France aligned with its German occupiers. Germany was not an ally, it was an enemy, and Hitler intended to set up a Thousand Year Reich in Europe. Japan was not an ally, it was intent on owning and controlling all of Asia. Japan and Germany had long-term ideas of invading Canada and Mexico, and then the United States over the north and south borders, after they had settled control of Asia and Europe.

America's allies then were England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, and Russia, and that was about it. There were no other countries of any size or military significance with the will and ability to contribute much or anything to the effort to defeat Hitler's Germany and Japan, and prevent the global dominance of Nazism. And we had to send millions of tons of arms, munitions, and war supplies to Russia, England, and the Canadians, Aussies, Irish, and Scots, because NONE of them could produce all they needed for themselves.

All of Europe, from Norway to Italy, except Russia in the east, was already under the Nazi heel.

America was not prepared for war. America had stood down most of its military after WWI and throughout the depression, at the outbreak of WWII there were army units training with broomsticks over their shoulders because they didn't have guns, and cars with "tank" painted on the doors because they didn't have tanks. And a big chunk of our navy had just been sunk and damaged at Pearl Harbor.

Britain had already gone bankrupt, saved only by the donation of $600 million in gold bullion in the Bank of England that was the property of Belgium and was given by Belgium to England to carry on the war when Belgium was overrun by Hitler - actually, Belgium surrendered one day, because it was unable to oppose the German invasion, and the Germans bombed Brussels into rubble the next day anyway just to prove they could. Britain had been holding out for two years already in the face of staggering shipping loses and the near-decimation of its air force in the Battle of Britain, and was saved from being overrun by Germany only because Hitler made the mistake of thinking the Brits were a relatively minor threat that could be dealt with later and turning his attention to Russia, at a time when England was on the verge of collapse in the late summer of 1940.

Russia saved America's butt by putting up a desperate fight for two years until the US got geared up to begin hammering away at Germany.

Russia lost something like 24 million people in the sieges of Stalingrad and Moscow, 90% of them from cold and starvation, mostly civilians, but also more than a million soldiers. More than a million.

Had Russia surrendered, then, Hitler would have been able to focus his entire campaign against the Brits, then America, and the Nazis would have won that war.

Had Hitler not made that mistake and invaded England in 1940 or 1941, instead, there would have been no England for the US and the Brits to use as a staging ground to prepare an assault on Nazi Europe, England would not have been able to run its North African campaign to help take a little pressure off Russia while America geared up for battle, and today Europe would very probably be run by the Nazis, the Third Reich, and, isolated and without any allies (not even the Brits), the US would very probably have had to cede Asia to the Japanese, who were basically Nazis by another name then, and the world we live in today would be very different and much worse. I say this to illustrate that turning points in history are often dicey things. And we are at another one.

There is a very dangerous minority in Islam that either has, or wants and may soon have, the ability to deliver small nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, almost anywhere in the world, unless they are prevented from doing so.

France, Germany, and Russia, have been selling them weapons technology at least as recently as 2002, as have North Korea, Syria, and Pakistan, paid for with billions of dollars Saddam Hussein skimmed from the "Oil For Food" program administered by the UN with the complicity of Kofi Annan and his son.

The Jihadis, the militant Muslims, are basically Nazis in Kaffiyahs - they believe that Islam, a radically conservative (definitely not liberal!) form of Wahhabi Islam, should own and control the Middle East first, then Europe, then the world, and that all who do not bow to Allah should be killed, enslaved, or subjugated. They want to finish the Holocaust, destroy Israel, purge the world of Jews. This is what they say.

There is also a civil war raging in the Middle East - for the most part not a hot war, but a war of ideas. Islam is having its Inquisition and its Reformation today, but it is not yet known which will win - the Inquisition, or the Reformation.

If the Inquisition wins, then the Wahhabis, the Jihadis, will control the Middle East, and the OPEC oil, and the US, European, and Asian economies, the techno-industrial economies, will be at the mercy of OPEC - not an OPEC dominated by the well-educated and rational Saudis of today, but an OPEC dominated by the Jihadis.

You want gas in your car? You want heating oil next winter? You want jobs? You want the dollar to be worth anything? You better hope the Jihad, the Muslim Inquisition, loses, and the Islamic Reformation wins.

If the Reformation movement wins, that is, the moderate Muslims who believe that Islam can respect and tolerate other religions, and live in peace with the rest of the world, and move out of the 10th century into the 21st, then the troubles in the Middle East will eventually fade away, and a moderate and prosperous Middle East will emerge.

We have to help the Reformation win, and to do that we have to fight the Inquisition, i.e., the Wahhabi movement, the Jihad, Al Qaeda, the Islamic terrorist movements. We have to do it somewhere. We cannot do it nowhere. And we cannot do it everywhere at once. We have created a focal point for the battle now at the time and place of our choosing, in Iraq.

Not in New York, not in London, or Paris, or Berlin, but in Iraq, where we did and are doing two very important things.

(1) We deposed Saddam Hussein. Whether Saddam Hussein was directly involved in 9/11 or not, it is undisputed that Saddam has been actively supporting the terrorist movement for decades. Saddam is a terrorist.Saddam is, or was, a weapon of mass destruction, who is responsible for the deaths of probably more than a million Iraqis and two million Iranians.

(2) We created a battle, a confrontation, a flash point, with Islamic terrorism in Iraq. We have focused the battle. We are killing bad guys there and the ones we get there we won't have to get here, or anywhere else. We also have a good shot at creating a democratic, peaceful Iraq, which will be a catalyst for democratic change in the rest of the Middle East, and an outpost for a stabilizing American military presence in the Middle East for as long as it is needed.

The European nations could have done this, but they didn't, and they won't. The so-called "Coalition Forces" are, in most cases, little more than a "Token Force" to keep face with the US. And once attacked, like the train bombing in Madrid, they pull their forces and run for home. We now know that rather than opposing the rise of the Jihad, the French, Germans, and Russians were selling them arms - we have found more than a million tons of weapons and munitions in Iraq. If Iraq was not a threat to anyone, why did Saddam need a million tons of weapons? And Iraq was paying for French, German, and Russian arms with money skimmed from the UN Oil For Food Program (supervised by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and his son) that was supposed to pay for food, medicine, and education, for Iraqi children.

World War II, the war with the German and Japanese Nazis, really began with a "whimper" in 1928. It did not begin with Pearl Harbor. It began with the Japanese invasion of China. It was a war for fourteen years before America joined it. It officially ended in 1945 - a 17 year war - and was followed by another decade of US occupation in Germany and Japan to get those countries reconstructed and running on their own again . a 27 year war.

World War II cost the United States an amount equal to approximately a full year's GDP - adjusted for inflation, equal to about $12 trillion dollars, WWII cost America more than 400,000 killed in action, and nearly 100,000 still missing in action.

[The Iraq war has, so far, cost the US about $180 billion, which is roughly what 9/11 cost New York. It has also cost over 2,300 American lives, which is roughly 2/3 of the lives that the Jihad snuffed on 9/11.] But the cost of not fighting and winning WWII would have been unimaginably greater - a world now dominated by German and Japanese Nazism.

Americans have a short attention span, now, conditioned I suppose by 1 hour TV shows and 2-hour movies in which everything comes out okay.

The real world is not like that. It is messy, uncertain,and sometimes bloody and ugly. Always has been, and probably always will be.

If we do this thing in Iraq successfully, it is probable that the Reformation will ultimately prevail. Many Muslims in the Middle East hope it will. We will be there to support it. It has begun in some countries, Libya, for instance. And Dubai. And Saudi Arabia. If we fail, the Inquisition will probably prevail, and terrorism from Islam will be with us for all the foreseeable future, because the Inquisition, or Jihad, believes they are called by Allah to kill all the Infidels, and that death in Jihad is glorious.

The bottom line here is that we will have to deal with Islamic terrorism until we defeat it, whenever that is. It will not go away on its own. It will not go away if we ignore it.

If the US can create a reasonably democratic and stable Iraq, then we have an "England" in the Middle East, a platform, from which we can work to help modernize and moderate the Middle East. The history of the world is the clash between the forces of relative civility and civilization, and the barbarians clamoring at the gates. The Iraq war is merely another battle in this ancient and never-ending war. And now, for the first time ever, the barbarians are about to get nuclear weapons. Unless we prevent them. Or somebody does.

The Iraq war is expensive, and uncertain, yes. But the consequences of not fighting it and winning it will be horrifically greater. We have four options -

1. We can defeat the Jihad now, before it gets nuclear weapons.

2. We can fight the Jihad later, after it gets nuclear weapons (which may be as early as next year, if Iran's progress on nuclear weapons is what Iran claims it is).

3. We can surrender to the Jihad and accept its dominance in the Middle East, now, in Europe in the next few years or decades, and ultimately in America.

4. Or we can stand down now, and pick up the fight later when the Jihad is more widespread and better armed, perhaps after the Jihad has dominated France and Germany and maybe most of the rest of Europe. It will be more dangerous, more expensive, and much bloodier then.

Yes, the Jihadis say that they look forward to an Islamic America. If you oppose this war, I hope you like the idea that your children, or grandchildren, may live in an Islamic America under the Mullahs and the Sharia, an America that resembles Iran today.

We can be defeatist peace-activists as anti-war types seem to be, and concede, surrender, to the Jihad, or we can do whatever it takes to win this war against them.

The history of the world is the history of civilizational clashes, cultural clashes. All wars are about ideas, ideas about what society and civilization should be like, and the most determined always win.

Those who are willing to be the most ruthless always win. The pacifists always lose, because the anti-pacifists kill them.

In the 20th century, it was Western democracy vs. communism, and before that Western democracy vs. Nazism, and before that Western democracy vs. German Imperialism. Western democracy won, three times, but it wasn't cheap, fun, nice, easy, or quick. Indeed, the wars against German Imperialism (WWI), Nazi Imperialism (WWII), and communist imperialism (the 40-year Cold War that included the Vietnam Battle, commonly called the Vietnam War, but itself a major battle in a larger war) covered almost the entire century.

The first major war of the 21st Century is the war between Western Judeo/Christian Civilization and Wahhabi Islam. It may last a few more years, or most of this century. It will last until the Wahhabi branch of Islam fades away, or gives up its ambitions for regional and global dominance and Jihad, or until Western Civilization gives in to the Jihad.

Senator John Kerry, in the debates and almost daily, makes 3 scary claims:

1. We went to Iraq without enough troops.

We went with the troops the US military wanted. We went with the troop levels General Tommy Franks asked for. We deposed Saddam in 30 days with light casualties, much lighter than we expected.

The real problem in Iraq is that we are trying to be nice - we are trying to fight minority of the population that is Jihadi, and trying to avoid killing the large majority that is not. We could flatten Fallujah in minutes with a flight of B52s, or seconds with one nuclear cruise missile - but we don't. We're trying to do brain surgery, not amputate the patient's head. The Jihadis amputate heads.

2. We went to Iraq with too little planning.

This is a specious argument. It supposes that if we had just had "the right plan" the war would have been easy, cheap, quick, and clean.

That is not an option. It is a guerrilla war against a determined enemy, and no such war ever has been or ever will be easy, cheap, quick, and clean. This is not TV.

3. We proved ourselves incapable of governing and providing security.

This too is a specious argument. It was never our intention to govern and provide security. It was our intention from the beginning to do just enough to enable the Iraqis to develop a representative government and their own military and police forces to provide their own security, and that is happening. The US and the Brits and other countries there have trained over 100,000 Iraqi police and military, now, and will have trained more than 200,000 by the end of next year. We are in the process of transitioning operational control for security back to Iraq.

It will take time. It will not go with no hitches. This is not TV.

Remember, perspective is everything, and America's schools teach too little history for perspective to be clear, especially in the young American mind.

The Cold war lasted from about 1947 at least until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Forty-two years. Europe spent the first half of the 19th century fighting Napoleon, and from 1870 to 1945 fighting Germany.

World War II began in 1928, lasted 17 years, plus a ten year occupation, and the US still has troops in Germany and Japan. World War II resulted in the death of more than 50 million people, maybe more than 100 million people, depending on which estimates you accept.

The US has taken more than 2,000 KIA in Iraq in 3 years. The US took more than 4,000 Killed in action on the morning of June 6, 1944, the first day of the Normandy Invasion to rid Europe of Nazi Imperialism. In WWII the US averaged 2,000 KIA a week for four years. Most of the individual battles of WWII lost more Americans than the entire Iraq war has done so far.

But the stakes are at least as high . . . a world dominated by representative governments with civil rights, human rights, and personal freedoms . or a world dominated by a radical Islamic Wahhabi movement, by the Jihad, under the Mullahs and the Sharia (Islamic law).

I do not understand why the American Left does not grasp this. They favor human rights, civil rights, liberty and freedom, but evidently not for Iraqis. In America, absolutely, but nowhere else.

300,000 Iraqi bodies in mass graves in Iraq are not our problem. The US population is about twelve times that of Iraq, so let's multiply 300,000 by twelve. What would you think if there were 3,600,000 American bodies in mass graves in America because of George Bush? Would you hope for another country to help liberate America?

"Peace Activists" always seem to demonstrate where it's safe, in America.

Why don't we see Peace Activist demonstrating in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, North Korea, in the places in the world that really need peace activism the most?

The liberal mentality is supposed to favor human rights, civil rights, democracy, multiculturalism, diversity, etc., but if the Jihad wins, wherever the Jihad wins, it is the end of civil rights, human rights, democracy, multiculturalism, diversity, etc. Americans who oppose the liberation of Iraq are coming down on the side of their own worst enemy.

If the Jihad wins, it is the death of Liberalism. Everywhere the Jihad wins, it is the death of Liberalism. And American Liberals just don't get it.


Raymond S. Kraft is a writer and lawyer living in Northern California. Please consider passing along copies of this to students in high school, college and university as it contains information about the American past that is very meaningful TODAY - - history about America that very likely is completely unknown by them (and their instructors, too). By being denied the facts and truth of our history, they are at a decided disadvantage when it comes to reasoning and thinking through the issues of today. They are prime targets for misinformation campaigns beamed at enlisting them in causes and beliefs that are special interest agenda driven.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Prisoners of War


Ask them to recall recent history...

Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay are history. No more mass graves, no more torture rooms at Abu Garaib.

Twelve million Iraqi risked death by dipping fingers in purple ink 2005 to vote! They now have elected government officials, a 250,000 military force in 2006.

When a political hack mentions Abu Garaib, or our facility in Guantanimo, casually mention these facts:

We put our war prisoners in a cage, feed them Muslim food, provide them with the moral values of the Qur'an, give them prayer rugs, treat them with decent medical and dental services, and allow them to whine to the International Red Cross about their "unfair" treatment.

When the Islamic Terrorists take prisoners, they murder them, gouge out the eyes, and cut off their heads.


It took us a long time, but with increasingly improving Intelligence, our forces finally nailed Abu Musab al Zarqawi. The Kill-Culture Chieftain is dead this June 7th.

For three years we have heard partisans in the Senate and The House of Representatives loudly calling our president "nazi-like", and accuse him of lying to the American people about WMD's...well finally, after all this trash about impeaching the President for 'misleading the country into a no-win war', we finally have the truth. Our military has just discovered a large cache of Risen and Mustard Gas. That's the stuff Saddam used to kill 5,000 Kurds. That's the material U.N.'s Chief Inspector Scott Ritter could not find (remember him)? Well, Snake Hunters remembers.

Now, we can't say the War-Protesting college kids are traitors, nor will we. But we do suggest that they were purposely misled by vicious political smear tactics and slanderous behavior by political hacks hoping to regain their powerful positions in government!

The shrill voices are still there, the President's poll numbers are still reflecting the verbal bleatings of the appeasers, and their clamouring chants of surrender, with ignoble "Exit Strategies" at the end of this year.

Well, we have an alternative plan. We acknowledge that George Bush is the Commander in Chief, and he has a West Point Graduate in Iraq. His name is General Casey, and he, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, led by a very able USMC General Pace... and they will advise our president on troop strength, and any possible redeployment.

They will determine when Iraqi military & police are ready to assume responsibility for Command and Control, not a few overly zealous politicians in Washington D.C.

That's Snake Hunters view; your comments are welcome on this blogsite. reb
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(Spanish newspaper article by:
Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez,
re-printed here without permission).

Think France will ever catch on?

(Subject: Judaism)

(This is a translation of an article from a Spanish newspaper article on Judaism)

All European life died in Auschwitz.
By: Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez

I walked down the street in Barcelona, and suddenly discovered a terrible truth. Europe died in Auschwitz.

We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims.

In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent.

We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.

The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned. And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.

They have turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime.

Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.

And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and superstition.

We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for hoping for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.

What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe.
"An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940

Wake up America

Saturday, March 18, 2006



The Numbers Game

Conflict: WWII
Dead: 450,000
Duration: 4 Years
Leadership: FDR/Truman/Stimson/Churchill

Conflict: KOREA
Dead: 33,000
Duration: 3 Years
Leadership: Truman/United Nations

Conflict: VIETNAM
Dead: 58,000
Duration: 10 Years
Leadership: Kennedy/Johnson/McNamara*

Conflict: IRAQ
Dead: 3,200
Duration: 4 Years
Leadership: Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld



Preface: IN RETROSPECT, by Robert McNamara (1995) "We of the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations who participated in the decisions on Vietnam, acted according to what we thought were the principles and traditions of this nation. We made our decisions in light of those values. Yet we were wrong, terribly wrong. We owe it to future generations to explain why." Robert S. McNamara (1995), Sec. of Defense, 1961-1968

Random House



Sept 11, 2001 The United States suffered approximately 3,000 dead in one morning! Four Egyptian Pilots, 15 Saudi Jihadists hit NYC and the Pentagon.

The Popularity Polls indicate G.W. Bush at 71%, scaring Democrats. Now the Propaganda Battle begins. Billionaires begin throwing huge amounts of money at War Protest Groups and Political Campaigns. George Soros is quoted as saying, "Whatever it takes to beat Bush".

The volume of hysteria mounts in the passing months, and 'Hate Bush' grows. Well-funded War-Protest Groups expand. Effective campaigning has a notable impact nearing the 2004 Election. GWB Polls down to 48/52, Kerry leads. Then Hollywood & Navy Swift-boaters clash for last-minute votes. Michael Moore chortles, "Back to Texas, we want Our Country Back! Get the Oil Cartel out of the Oval Office". Sanity returns. It's Wartime, and the public chooses Bush/Cheney.

Election Day is over, but the hysteria continues, as if there were no clear mandate."Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Halliburton; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Halliburton!" The negative chanting continues to this day...and our suicidal enemy is encouraged. G.W. Bush is still hovering between 36 to 40 percentile. Wow! That's an illustration of the power of campaign money, and repetitive smears. That's Hot-Air Politics & generated hatred.

Today, we are all witness to the Grand Ayatollah and his front-man, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, nearly ready to "Wipe the Israeli Off The Map". He has boldly taken the I.A.E.A. Seals off of his Uranium Stash. His underground facilities are well-known, the grid maps are marked for destruction, and the enemy insists on Armageddon, to bring about the Prophesy of the Twelfth Imam. They have a callous Death Wish. reb
"An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940

Monday, February 27, 2006

Connecting the dots


This bit of Evidence Begins with the Book of Genesis. The story of Abraham and his wife. Sarah begat Isaac, and she was elderly. She suggested that Abraham, wanting another child, should lie down with the Egyptian maid-servant Hagar (see Gen: 16: 1-26). And the Angel of the Lord subsequently said to Hagar, "You are with child and you will have a son. You shall call him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone, and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." (Also, see Genesis 15: 12-14).

According to this Angel, Hagar's descendants will be "too numerous to count." (Could the Lord's Angel have foreseen a Billion Muslims? Could the Angel know in advance that this lineage, or DNA, could evolve into the 21st Century, with the traits of a "wild donkey" intact...and the hostility of Sunni and Shiite suicidal tendencies of Killers, Obedient to Grand Ayatollahs and Imams? One can only speculate about 'living in hostility toward all his brothers'. We do observe these two denominations eager to kill each other, and attack the "holiest places" with bombs, at a disturbing frequency.

Does the Bible actually reveal it as Profound Prophetic Truth? Is Osama bin Laden and Egyptian Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri merely grim personifications of a larger Reality? The author of the Snake Hunters Blog can only gaze in wonderment at the unfolding nightly drama, and fear for our young troopers. I defer to the religious scholars of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity for additional data.

Undeniable is this fact: United For Peace, Justice (UFPJ), is very real. Leslie Cagan's ability to generate vast sums of money from the coffers of aberrant Billionaires seems a reasonable assumption, and her ability to deceive, and to organize is beyond question. Her claim of 1300 local and national groups, and sitting on the Board of Directors of five 'New Pacifica Radio Stations' Berkeley, Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, and Washington D.C. should spark more attention than it is getting. Following her trail is an easy task for anyone with a computer. speaks of her years in Cuba. "Castro Groupie" will give the reader a good look into her character, plus her Mastery of the Art as La Grande Madame Puppeteer stands alone in history. Peace Rallies and Parades may well be next in your town or village. reb

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten.
Winston Churchill 1940 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, February 17, 2006


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PSYCHOLOGY ONE, 2001

In 1898, Prof. Ivan Pavlov stunned the scientific community, when he announced that in his experiments with Dogs, he had created in dog brains, an Involuntary Physical Response To An Audible Signal, (a tinkling bell!). Ring the bell, throw the meat. Ring the bell, throw the meat. One day, Ivan rang the bell...No meat. All dogs Salivated! This proved it. An Involuntary Physical Response!

When the Great Bambooserelli, the Foremost and World's Greatest Hypnotist repeat the experiment for sophisticated audiences, he was using Ivan Pavlov techniques. Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold! Mature, reasonable people were turned into dancing, clucking, wing-flapping chickens...In Public! His subjects were reacting to Repetitive Suggestions. In Nazi Germany, Adoph Hitler was a Master of the Art!

Today, we are witness to another great hypnotist. She is also a Masterful Puppeteer. Ms. Leslie Cagan, of "United For Peace, Justice. UFPJ." Catch Her Act Any Day; Her Campus Organizers Perform with great Activism and Agitation. Her repetitive message is "Peace, peace, peace and Peace"...but there is No Peace. "Get Us Out Of Iraq"...Stop the Bombs!, and the Insanity continues. Young kids with Bomb Packs blow themselves to bits. These are the Shaheed...their Imams tell them it is Allah's Will. Why doesn't Ms Cagan go where the Action Is...with Peace?

If You...are spending hard-earned money to send Junior and Sally to a fine University, Beware! A pedantic Professor may also have Pavlovian Repetitive Techniques.

Be Advised: Check out the curriculum, and the instructor. He may be another Nutty Professor, 'conditioned' by still another Socialistic UFPJ. The most dangerous woman in the USA snaps her fingers, and there's another Rally & Peace Parade. Watch for Hiroshima Days next August, your child may be leading the band, or holding a Sign. Forget all about "Remember Pearl Harbor" reb
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The American Eagle

The American Eagle

Our National Symbol, The American Eagle...must continue to soar high above the hot air of Partisan Politics...Ever Vigilant, Ever Alert, for those that would diminish the Fundamental Rules Governing Our Conduct...Our United States Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.

Our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom To Peacefully Assemble, Freedom of the Press, and to freely Choose our Profession, and to Protect Our Heritage...and, Our Right To Think Independently!

These privileges are worth fighting and dying to sustain. That is why the Eagle must continue to fly above these Storms of Discontent. This Symbol needs two vigorous wings, a Strong Left Wing, and a healthy Right Wing, to maintain flight altitude.

Honorable Statesmen must always lead in matters of Importance.... over the political Hacks, especially In A Time Of War. The "Special Interests" of Lobbyists must never have their way over the Common Good...and our precious National Interests, if we are to remain a Free People. Our American Eagle, and our Superior Military Force Will Insure It! This is the American Heritage that your children and your Grandchildren Will Inherit. Keep an Eagle Eye on the Detractors, and the people that attack our National Resolve. reb Feb 11, 2006
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, January 27, 2006



HAMAS STUNS THE WORLD BY WINNING A HUGE MAJORITY.....NOW, THEY ARE THE PALESTINE AUTHORITY' HAMAS (Enemy of the Jew), and HEZBOLLAH (Party of God in Syria) are Celebrating In the Streets Tonight. This opens the door for the Grand Ayatollahs and Mullahs to control the 600 Million Muslims.... to take Command over ALL of the Mesopotamian Minds in that part of the world....and they want Nuclear. They strap bombs on their own children, and they fly Airliners into buildings. Kill all Infidels...Kill the Kurds, Kill the Sunni. Behead them, fill mass graves...Allah willing! Go back to Sleep, America. ZZzzzzzzz. reb

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten.
"Winston Churchill 1940

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fire Bell


If I were a Fireman...after reading the Snake Hunters Blog, I would reach out and ring the Fire bell...all First Responders should come to an Alert Status! I am a retired Senior, and W.W. II Veteran, and I feel a Duty to alert my neighbors.

On the strength of Snake Hunters Blog alone, Vet Groups, Educators, Soccer Moms....Dad's Little League, Rotarians, Churches, Leaders of All Service Organizations, should band together in quiet resolve, to Alert, and build an Awareness of Our National Peril. Put Down your Putter & your Fishing Gear, Print this Blog, And Call For A Neighborhood Watch. Join together, call your friends and neighbors, ask for their help in Alerting Local Friends! Don't sit their and Judge Me!

I'm a Volunteer, and I need Your Help!
Remember Pearl Harbor? Maybe not. We have been in a State of War since November 04, 1979, when the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini grabbed our U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Under International Law, that was an Act Of War! The U.S. Marine Barracks in 1983, an Act Of War, Our USS Cole, AND 09/11/2001...New York City! We have been in a "State of War" since the above incidents, and the Head Choppers, Bus & Cafe Bombers...and the Egyptian Pilots that flew into the Pentagon....We Have Been Locked In Deadly Combat With Suicidal Jihadists! Our political hacks in Washington DC want more debate...about Wire-tapping the Terrorists. Can You Believe It? We are once again close to Nuclear War. Remember the USSR and CUBA, 1961? Too much Pakalolo?

America was dozing off on December 7, 1941, when a fanatical, suicidal enemy hit us at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Today, another guy in Iran says he wants a Nuke Facility and most Americans can't pronounce his name! Let's try...Mahmoud Ahmadinejab....Mahmoud Ahmadinejab. He wants to "Wipe the Israeli off the Map!" With a Broom?

You can begin today. Start a serious 'discussion chat' with friends...suspend your Pinochle Game. Talk to an Alert First Responder...Fireman, Policeman, Paramedic. Visit your Fire House or Police Department. Take a copy of 'Snake Hunters Blog' with you to your next Business Meeting. Get Involved... reb
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten.
"Winston Churchill 1940

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Leslie (UFPJ) Cagan's Key Words & Phrasing: 1300 Local & National Groups, plus 5 New Pacifica Radios. ***** WORDS: Action, Activists, Agitate, Alliance, Allied, Environment, Justice, Lesbians/Gays, Military Wives (For), Peace, Progressive, Save, Saving, Social Justice, Stop Commercial Fishing!, Stop the Bombs!, Struggle For, Students For, United For, (see UFPJ), Veterans For, Veteran's Wives For, War Protestors For, Grass Roots, etc

Also possible: My Puppets For, Save The Birds! Save The Whales! and "Save Us All From Dubya Bush, V.P Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Halliburton, & Condi Rice! Stop The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Stop Home Security....FOR: "Open Borders," and Soros "Open Society,"etc
"An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940


AMERICAN EDUCTIONAL STANDARDS, IS THIS SERIOUS? When compared to International Competition, our ranking is 18th in Reading Skills, in Science, 22nd; and in Math, a very discouraging 28th in the World. Is complacency and unawareness in this Greatest Of All Societies to sink to the level of the "Third World"? Or, are we going to acknowledge the problems that brought us to this reality? Is this the inevitable result of "Blackboard Jungle Thugs" dominating classrooms, and the best of our dedicated teachers leaving their Profession of Choice?

Since the 1960's we have witnessed an emerging drug and music radical change. The "Dumbing Down" of the Baby-Boomers children, our more precious national resource. Over-amplified guitars spew out 130 decibels, and yell-singers try to compete for audience attention; "Rap-crap" impacts the English language of all our kids. Parents really don't recognize the perils of MTV, and the Sleeze Merchants that gleefully make mountains of dollars, developing a new class of citizen, 'from the eyebrows up'. Parents should take some time off from their Sports Page, and smell the Coffee! reb
"An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940

Monday, January 09, 2006

Abe Lincoln


"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs, and should be arrested and hanged."

Senator Teddy Kennedy, Senator Howard Dean, Senator Harry Reid, Congressmen Kucinich and Madam Nancy Polosi should be reminded that many of their thoughtless statements are forever recorded on video-tape!, and the administration's efforts to confront the beheaders that fill mass-graves are mindless killers that wish to dominate all societies with Saudi-Wahhabi madness. Bombings in Moscow, Madrid, London, and the Paris burnings spreading to all of France...well, to ignore recent events is insane.

But, we are a forgiving people. Your intolerant views and remarks are generally seen as mere Political Hot Air, and we are truly saddened by the fact that you have made a bad choice in selecting a profession.

It might be helpful, if you consider resigning soon, and take a Course in Religious History, and 5,000 years of man's wars. There are 'Anger Management' classes available....or perhaps Yoga? reb
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Snake Hunter's Goals

Snake Hunters Goals...

This Blog Will Confront the negative genius of UFPJ. We intend to challenge this Vast Conspiracy. This is Global Warfare, and We Will Never Surrender Liberty To Suicidal Killers...and their Ayatollahs! Leslie Cagan claims 1300 local and National Groups, plus she is on the Board of Directors of New Pacifica Radio Stations, East and West Coasts.

This Blog will remain non-partisan, and we shall do our best to cut through any political hogwash that attempts to undermine our bi-partisan government in a Time of War. Nor shall we allow negative forces to demean our military effort. When UFPJ attempts to subvert college freshmen, or enlist Women' Groups, or outrage military funerals with "War-Protest" Goons, (as was reported on Fox News on December 28, 2005), we shall confront them. Another example: Cindy Sheehan has a 1st Amendment Right to camp outside the President's ranch with her Puppets, and protest war. When she labels Al Qaeda suicide-killers as "Freedom Fighters," she deserves to lose her credibility, and we will temporarily abandon our neutrality. If a major political figure refers to any high U.S. official as "Nazi-like", that person deserves our exposure. How can any sane American wish to share the same bed with lunatics that send their own kids into a cafe or public bus with a bomb-pack? We'll not forget Saddam's mass graves, nor the Wahhabism of September 11, 2001, nor the dead sailors on the USS Cole.

Our prime target will remain United For Peace & Justice; the National Director is Leslie Cagan. Never heard of her? We'll change that. She was with Fidel Castro (!961-1968) when Fidel invited Nikita Khrushchev to place Intermediate Range Ballistic (Nuclear) Missiles that threatened the eastern-half of the USA. The world was close to Mutually Assured Destruction then, and we are fast approaching MAD again. Iran has boldly stated their intention to "Wipe the Israeli Off The Map." The religious culture of that region has a Death Wish, and we have the necessary ordinance, if they continue, to accommodate them.

Be Aware, Stay Alert, Don't Shrug A Leslie Cagan Puppet!

We have a suspicious group in a small Tennessee town. It's known locally as O.R.E.P.A, the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. Now, doesn't that have a familiar ring to it? "Get Us Out of Iraq, Stop The Bombs!" They meet outside, every Sunday, rain or shine, 5 to 6 PM Their two leaders have a Church Connection....Does that surprise you? They have ' Hiroshima Day' every August 6th, with a Parade. But they never mention "Remember Pearl Harbor"..... reb
An Appeaser is one who feeds the Crocodile,
hoping he will be eaten last!
Winston Churchill , 1940