Saturday, January 14, 2006


AMERICAN EDUCTIONAL STANDARDS, IS THIS SERIOUS? When compared to International Competition, our ranking is 18th in Reading Skills, in Science, 22nd; and in Math, a very discouraging 28th in the World. Is complacency and unawareness in this Greatest Of All Societies to sink to the level of the "Third World"? Or, are we going to acknowledge the problems that brought us to this reality? Is this the inevitable result of "Blackboard Jungle Thugs" dominating classrooms, and the best of our dedicated teachers leaving their Profession of Choice?

Since the 1960's we have witnessed an emerging drug and music radical change. The "Dumbing Down" of the Baby-Boomers children, our more precious national resource. Over-amplified guitars spew out 130 decibels, and yell-singers try to compete for audience attention; "Rap-crap" impacts the English language of all our kids. Parents really don't recognize the perils of MTV, and the Sleeze Merchants that gleefully make mountains of dollars, developing a new class of citizen, 'from the eyebrows up'. Parents should take some time off from their Sports Page, and smell the Coffee! reb
"An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940


Will Powers said...

Love the quote, from Winston. I'm a quote writer myself. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Good post, but you left out the fact of children's rights. When I was a kid in school the teacher had the authority to swat mt ass if I acted up. Not to mention the trouble I was in when I got home from the folks. Now a days parents are to busy trying to earn a living putting food on the table and gas in the car!! 29 PalmsMCB


Children have the "Right" to expect food, clothing,
comfortable shelter, and where possible, the right
to a proper education, and
an expectation of Intense Goodwill.

All "Rights" beyond these should be in balance with...
Responibility. If parents
fail to instill this, the family unit, and society will suffer. reb

Anonymous said...

It is a very serious thing that many of our high school gratuate cannot read there didloma. The pop subculture and the rap music are what to blame.

By the way, it is a very good post and I enjoy your web page very much.


If your children are lacking
a perspective of recent world history... it is incumbent upon
parents to fill the gaps.

If parents don't try, who will?

My two-page History Post is
designed to inform them. Parents should be prepared to answer a barrage of lively questions.

They'll require more than sex,
movies, and over-amplified
guitars if they are to become
well-rounded adults in a few
short years. reb

Anonymous said...

Educational Standards ala 1895!

Wow! reb



The young student, new to the
University environment, would be well-served to be alert and aware
of the need for a fundamental knowledge of our American History
from 1928, and up to, and including the grim realities we all face today in a Nuclear Age.

A Word of Caution:

There are many groups in a hectic world that are unsatisfied, and
espouse views contrary to the best
interests of our great nation. You could hear strange views that are
inimical to the best interests of
our nation, and to your future as
citizens of a free society.

How many of you are familiar with
the wording of our First Amendment?
It is certainly worth a quick read!

In a few short years, you will have
your Degree; we wish you well.

However, this school is not devoid
of perilous influence and radical
ideas. Reserve judgement, until you
are aware of the motivation of any
crafted & skillful propaganda you
might encounter while here.

Your ability to critically analyse
motivation from suspect sources will certainly improve, as you continue your studies. Do not be
side-tracked from your goal. Good
Fortune is neither accidental or
"Lucky". The graduate student is the person that makes things happen.


A Memorable Quote:

"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice!"

Sen. Barry Goldwater, 1964


(To be cont'd)



Anyone, especially those that have
misgivings about their High School years,

Well, let me reassure you! Learning is
an on-going lifetime process.
It is... Never To garner measurable, useful knowledge.

I'll be 82 in February 11, 2007, and I'm groovin' with the joy and excitement of the things I've picked up in 2006!

Start your adventure right here on the History Post, by Raymond Kraft. Two pages that are guaranteed to expand your perspective of "Reality"! reb


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Juky 4th, 2006 Post. reb