Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fire Bell


If I were a Fireman...after reading the Snake Hunters Blog, I would reach out and ring the Fire bell...all First Responders should come to an Alert Status! I am a retired Senior, and W.W. II Veteran, and I feel a Duty to alert my neighbors.

On the strength of Snake Hunters Blog alone, Vet Groups, Educators, Soccer Moms....Dad's Little League, Rotarians, Churches, Leaders of All Service Organizations, should band together in quiet resolve, to Alert, and build an Awareness of Our National Peril. Put Down your Putter & your Fishing Gear, Print this Blog, And Call For A Neighborhood Watch. Join together, call your friends and neighbors, ask for their help in Alerting Local Friends! Don't sit their and Judge Me!

I'm a Volunteer, and I need Your Help!
Remember Pearl Harbor? Maybe not. We have been in a State of War since November 04, 1979, when the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini grabbed our U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Under International Law, that was an Act Of War! The U.S. Marine Barracks in 1983, an Act Of War, Our USS Cole, AND 09/11/2001...New York City! We have been in a "State of War" since the above incidents, and the Head Choppers, Bus & Cafe Bombers...and the Egyptian Pilots that flew into the Pentagon....We Have Been Locked In Deadly Combat With Suicidal Jihadists! Our political hacks in Washington DC want more debate...about Wire-tapping the Terrorists. Can You Believe It? We are once again close to Nuclear War. Remember the USSR and CUBA, 1961? Too much Pakalolo?

America was dozing off on December 7, 1941, when a fanatical, suicidal enemy hit us at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Today, another guy in Iran says he wants a Nuke Facility and most Americans can't pronounce his name! Let's try...Mahmoud Ahmadinejab....Mahmoud Ahmadinejab. He wants to "Wipe the Israeli off the Map!" With a Broom?

You can begin today. Start a serious 'discussion chat' with friends...suspend your Pinochle Game. Talk to an Alert First Responder...Fireman, Policeman, Paramedic. Visit your Fire House or Police Department. Take a copy of 'Snake Hunters Blog' with you to your next Business Meeting. Get Involved... reb
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten.
"Winston Churchill 1940


Anonymous said...

This article certainly is interesting

Anonymous said...

Another Paul Revere, The British are coming...

Anonymous said...

Not quite. This time the
British are pointed in the right direction. It might help, if the UN would fade
away. arnie