Friday, January 27, 2006



HAMAS STUNS THE WORLD BY WINNING A HUGE MAJORITY.....NOW, THEY ARE THE PALESTINE AUTHORITY' HAMAS (Enemy of the Jew), and HEZBOLLAH (Party of God in Syria) are Celebrating In the Streets Tonight. This opens the door for the Grand Ayatollahs and Mullahs to control the 600 Million Muslims.... to take Command over ALL of the Mesopotamian Minds in that part of the world....and they want Nuclear. They strap bombs on their own children, and they fly Airliners into buildings. Kill all Infidels...Kill the Kurds, Kill the Sunni. Behead them, fill mass graves...Allah willing! Go back to Sleep, America. ZZzzzzzzz. reb

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten.
"Winston Churchill 1940


Jerry said...

I talked with you outside of Staples. I agree that the US must be on the alert and proactive when dealing with the terrorist. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your service in the military. The vets of WW2 is our greatest generation.

mil said...

I secon that Jerry .had 2 brothers in the US NAVY and both served in the Pacific 1 on an a/c carrier the other on a battle ship

shannon said...

Where did you get your information? I only watch the news about once a week, so I might have missed something. I'm a little skeptical about this entry. I didn't hear about any of this. So can you tell me your sources? I really enjoyed talking in Starbucks. I think it's interesting how much you've lived through and how much I have yet to live through. : )

Anonymous said...

Shannon: I cannot claim any special wisdom. You said that you are 16, and that you see News once a week! Amazed....!
that you show an interest in
Adult Matters. Study Biz Law
and Jefferson & Madison.You will be just fine! reb

Ray,29MCB said...

I agree with both Jerry and Mil but would like to thank ALL the veterans who have served in our armed services. They are why we are able to do what we do!!!


On Jan 21, 2006 Snake Hunters Posted "HAMAS' with a sobering
note about its fellow Terrorist
HEZBOLLAH. Syria formerly occupied
hapless Lebanon, and actively aids
and materially supports this group
which kills Jewish civilians under the banner "Party of God".

In mid-July Hezbollah, prompted
by Iran, has crossed the Lebanese south border to kill two Isreali solders, kidnapping three more and holding them prisoner. This is designed to create a flashpoint battle to divert attention from on-going Iran's Nuclear Enrichment!

Tricky Iran is creating a clever
DIVERSION, buying time to get that
W-M-D, and nothing short of a solid
Preemtive Strike will stop Iran now.

That's Snake Hunters view...
Stay tuned. reb

shippingstuff said...

Snake Hunters is absolutely correct. Other articles, including one about an interview with a known terrorist, support him. Further, in that interview, the interviewee went on to explain the intention of taking over control of the world.

(Snake Hunter - I'm the author of the blog you read and so graciously paid compliments on. Hope you'll link us to yours, as well.)


To: shippingstuff:

I tried; Your Profile, or
Weblog was Not Available!

I'm eager to respond to
any potential Snake Hunter
member that show an interest
in protecting the USA, support
our magnificent troopers in
combat areas, and delight in
confronting the Suicidal
Kill-Culture that threaten
Free Nations that refuse to
submit to Sharia Dicipline.

Leave home phone & first name
and I'll delete it quickly.


Anonymous said...


bloody attack will occur
originating from a Shiite
enclave in
Dearborne, Michigan


Anonymous said...

Once Iran conquers Europe
(EU will fall like a ripe fig)

Then "PartisanPolitic" USA
then it's Over!

The Right gets it Wrong,
and Left Just Don't Get It!

Your ladies will wear Burka
Men will face Mecca, and point
butts to the sky!

Camels, and women. We are
all Dead Ducks. Get it?




It's domindated and controlled by Grand Ayatollahs, and the Imams.
Violent punishment for those that
hint disloyalty, Death to Infidel.

Women are like the Family Goat.

In Palestine, the world is witness
to HAMAS, "Enemy of Jews", and an
Opposition Party, FATAH.

When Hamas & Fatah are not killing
Jews, They Kill Each Other!

Once again folks, "It's a 1400 Year
Old Kill/Culture. The World Must Come To Recognize It...

Still Not Clear? To which remote area of this planet have you been assigned, and for how long? reb



Mohamed said...

Snake Hunters,

That's nice that you still have the will of continuing our discussion, however you were so late since I notified you in about 23 June.

Sorry, but I didn't find the question in 'Image about Trinity' post.

Any way, my post 'Aggressor or Defender (Rational talk)' is the one which I hope that you read firstly and start our discussion there.

Thanks for cooperation,