Thursday, January 05, 2006

Snake Hunter's Goals

Snake Hunters Goals...

This Blog Will Confront the negative genius of UFPJ. We intend to challenge this Vast Conspiracy. This is Global Warfare, and We Will Never Surrender Liberty To Suicidal Killers...and their Ayatollahs! Leslie Cagan claims 1300 local and National Groups, plus she is on the Board of Directors of New Pacifica Radio Stations, East and West Coasts.

This Blog will remain non-partisan, and we shall do our best to cut through any political hogwash that attempts to undermine our bi-partisan government in a Time of War. Nor shall we allow negative forces to demean our military effort. When UFPJ attempts to subvert college freshmen, or enlist Women' Groups, or outrage military funerals with "War-Protest" Goons, (as was reported on Fox News on December 28, 2005), we shall confront them. Another example: Cindy Sheehan has a 1st Amendment Right to camp outside the President's ranch with her Puppets, and protest war. When she labels Al Qaeda suicide-killers as "Freedom Fighters," she deserves to lose her credibility, and we will temporarily abandon our neutrality. If a major political figure refers to any high U.S. official as "Nazi-like", that person deserves our exposure. How can any sane American wish to share the same bed with lunatics that send their own kids into a cafe or public bus with a bomb-pack? We'll not forget Saddam's mass graves, nor the Wahhabism of September 11, 2001, nor the dead sailors on the USS Cole.

Our prime target will remain United For Peace & Justice; the National Director is Leslie Cagan. Never heard of her? We'll change that. She was with Fidel Castro (!961-1968) when Fidel invited Nikita Khrushchev to place Intermediate Range Ballistic (Nuclear) Missiles that threatened the eastern-half of the USA. The world was close to Mutually Assured Destruction then, and we are fast approaching MAD again. Iran has boldly stated their intention to "Wipe the Israeli Off The Map." The religious culture of that region has a Death Wish, and we have the necessary ordinance, if they continue, to accommodate them.

Be Aware, Stay Alert, Don't Shrug A Leslie Cagan Puppet!

We have a suspicious group in a small Tennessee town. It's known locally as O.R.E.P.A, the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. Now, doesn't that have a familiar ring to it? "Get Us Out of Iraq, Stop The Bombs!" They meet outside, every Sunday, rain or shine, 5 to 6 PM Their two leaders have a Church Connection....Does that surprise you? They have ' Hiroshima Day' every August 6th, with a Parade. But they never mention "Remember Pearl Harbor"..... reb
An Appeaser is one who feeds the Crocodile,
hoping he will be eaten last!
Winston Churchill , 1940


Anonymous said...

Sirs: This Blog deserves to
travel Around the World. We
are not the only country that is Sleeping. Your blog
has significant depth. C.C.

Ranger548 said...

Your Blog is insightful and scary because it is so accurate. I was given a link to your Blog; how do I get your next writings?

Anonymous said...

Exposing and “putting her name out there” so people will begin to wonder who Cagan and the United for Peace and Justice is and, more importantly, who they WERE IN THE PAST.

Anonymous said...

Leslie Cangan was a Fidel
Castro "Groupie" when she was a teenager. Nuff Said!

See FRONTPAGEMAG if you need
more about the Brute! reb

Anonymous said...

Mr.Snake Hunter,
You do not pitch for
DONATIONS; that is very
unusual. Explain please.

Anonymous said...


No, don't need any
Donations to continue with my Blog.

I have SocSecurity &
small Vet Pension; We
live well on little.

My expenses are low.
Ink Cartridges,an '86
Volvo, & no mortgage!

If I Go National, I
might need some "Deep
Pockets" help. Hmmmm.
reb/Snake Hunters


I would appreciate hearing
from Veterans, and their
family members, and any
10th Mtn Division people from Camp Hale, Colorado!
(I don't Shoosh Mountains
anymore, but like to hear from those that do). reb

trey23 said...

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome. I lost my dad in Viet Nam. If the people would have been behind our military men back then perhaps he would have lived a long life. But none the less our family and friends were and to this day are very proud of all our vet's!! If it wasn't for them who knows where this country would be. 29 PalmsMCB

Anonymous said...

well my father is a survior of ww2. he is only one of 15 members of his company that are still alive. he keeps in contact with them by a newletter. today he is going to have one of his buddy that was with him to come to visit him today 4/18, they have not seen each other in many years. this man lives in odesa, texas, written a book about his experience on ww2, active member with his community vetern buddies. i will come back write what the name of the book so you can read it, i enjoy reading your site, i don't ususally read blogs but since you written on my husband site, i link on... Mrs. earl

JO said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I also would like to thank you for your very informative blog. I hoped you like Huntington Beach, and Sunset Beach (Huntington has been my home for almost 44 years).

Bryan said...

This is sweet. Thank you for the comment. I havnt had time to read your whole blog, its long... really long. It looks like you spent a lot of time in it. Also, thank you for the job suggestion. I'll look into it. Yeah good job and keep up the good work.


A war weary British Prime Minister was quoted thusly:

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind, and won't change
the subject."

Winston Churchill, 1941


Here's another Winston quip:

"The Americans will always do
the right thing...

after they've exhausted all
the other alternatives!"
Snake Hunters asks:

Does that mean there is still hope
for our Peaceniks and War Protest

Blogonedos said...

nice blog hope you find joy in being able to express your right to be wrong.



To quote one of our Founding

"If all men were Angels, there
would be no need for a government!"

You and I are among the most fortunate people on this planet.
We are guaranteed, under the 1st
Amendment, the Privilege... to be right or wrong.

We have the Honor & Privilege...
A Right to Serve or not to Serve
in the Military, or to own land, or to run a Mom & Pop business, Or
even work for a major Corporation!

Or work for the U.S. Government.

We can be a Democrat, or a member
of the G.O.P., or be Independent.

We have the liberty to be
Politically Incorrect,without fear
of losing our Heads, or Right Ear,
or Hand.

We can be A First Responder...
An EMT, Fireman, Nurse, Doctor,
Lawyer, or in Law Enforement, or
an Educator. Bless them all, for they are among our noblest people.

We can be Mason, Elk, Rotarian, Knights of Columbus, etc...

and we can join any Church, or
No Church at all.

We are the newest among powerful
nations, and though imperfect, can
you name a better place, where
non-violent change is possible?

Your lightly worded "right to be
wrong" sadly lacked specificity,
but I value your courtesy. Thank
you for responding, and having the
patience to read my efforts, that
are designed to support Logic
and Reason. reb

Bonnie Gunn said...

You seem well informed. I would like to know your opinions on religeon. Wasn't Brahmism the beginning of structured religeon? How did it progress & fracture off to be where it is now? Wasn't Catholicism originally a means of reaping great profits, or at least the priests used their power wickedly?

reb said...

it 5000 yrs
old, and is
not the major threat.
Shiva was
the most Vicious, Hanuman the
Monkey God.

I am more
focused on
Iran's Shia
or Shiite.


To: bonnie gunn

I apologize for being so tardy in
answering your questions about the
Roman Catholic Church. I'm So Busy!

Probably the most easily read and
authoritative book ever published
on subject is "American Freedom &
Catholic Power" by Paul Blanshard,
Beacon Press. Now out of print, but
quite available thru Barnes & Noble
or Amazon Used Books.

Women especially will find useful
quotes from the highest Church
sources on Abortion, Birth Control,
Marriage & Divorce, Education &
The Catholic Mind, Sex, Science,
Scholarship & Superstition, The
Catholic Plan for America, etc.

This book is thorough. It details
Infallibility, & Claims a Right
to assert "Divine Prerogatives", and its complete lack of tolerance for all other beliefs or Faiths.

See bold quotes from the 'Civilta Cattolica', the official world organ of the Jesuits, April 1948.

A shocker!

Detailed Bibliography, Footnotes &
Quotations! reb


Here we shall ask all fair-minded Americans to Connect-The-Dots.
On January 27th, 2007 all major News Channels featured a Huge "Peace"
Rally in Washington, D.C. Sponsor was United For Peace & Justice, UFPJ.
and their National Director is old
Featured Speakers at the microphone were "Hanoi Jane" Fonda, Susan Sarandon, and Sean Penn.

A smiling Rev. Jesse Jackson was Quite visable immediately behind these Celebrity Guest Speakers!

A very visable sign on the podium stated "United For Peace,Justice"
Are there still some doubters out there?

Anyone think that Communism is dead, with Russia's Vladimir Putin in bed with Iran's Ayatollahs?
Need a little bit more Info, Bunky?
Meanwhile, 3000 miles to the West,
(right on our 'Left Coast' is another Far-Out Lefty Enclave in the City-By-The-Bay, San Francisco...and ain't it a shame...that's Nancy Pelosi Land!
Thanks to the gullible voter, she is now third in line to the Presidency of The United States, AND, she's pushing hard for a
NON-BINDING RESOLUTION to undermine, undercut, and diminish
"Dubya's" best efforts in Iraq!
California Congressman Henry Waxman
is helping her, too. (Military family members, take notice!)
One more little Item:

Frisco's School Board has just approved a supplemental Text Book to help 10th to 12th Grader's understand a bit about International Affairs, and our policies overseas.

It's full of Hate the Government Cartoons, and the title is
"ADDDICTED TO WAR!" There's 300,000 of these "thingys" already in print.

UFPJ's "Veteran's For Peace" has given this trash their endorsement on the front cover!

Snake Hunters suggest that you parents have a look before the next election rolls around.

The 'Times they are a-changing', and
something foul is "Blowin' In the Wind". reb


The Shifting Sands Of Democratic Party Policy on the Iraq War, and a broad view on Muslim Terror.

A very complete analysis entitled
"Sheep, Wolves, & SheepDogs", by a
knowledgable military officer. reb

Anonymous said...

Very impressive! B


Anyone wishing more info on U.F.P.J.
and their Communist Leader,

Ms Leslie Cagan, should visit
a more detailed analysis by John Perazzo. reb

Anonymous said...


This is RogerOS. Sorry to take so long to check out your page, it's been a busy week.

You seem to have a broad range of pretty interesting topics.

The web's a great place for puttin' it out there.

Keep up thre good fight.

Anonymous said...


I'm inspired by your principled resolve to shine the spotlight of truth on these knuckleheads. It was good talking with you the other night.

Jason Mrochek
Co-founder & Executive Director