Saturday, January 14, 2006


Leslie (UFPJ) Cagan's Key Words & Phrasing: 1300 Local & National Groups, plus 5 New Pacifica Radios. ***** WORDS: Action, Activists, Agitate, Alliance, Allied, Environment, Justice, Lesbians/Gays, Military Wives (For), Peace, Progressive, Save, Saving, Social Justice, Stop Commercial Fishing!, Stop the Bombs!, Struggle For, Students For, United For, (see UFPJ), Veterans For, Veteran's Wives For, War Protestors For, Grass Roots, etc

Also possible: My Puppets For, Save The Birds! Save The Whales! and "Save Us All From Dubya Bush, V.P Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Halliburton, & Condi Rice! Stop The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Stop Home Security....FOR: "Open Borders," and Soros "Open Society,"etc
"An one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940


Anonymous said...

excellant post

Anonymous said...

Exposing and “putting her name out there” so people will begin to wonder who Cagan and the United for Peace and Justice is and, more importantly, who they WERE IN THE PAST. They are here to destroy America's way of life. They speak peace but...

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Search Line great?
Found another with the same condition a
young person with very little Memory Bank, before they learn about Predators with Scam & Flim-flam?

Save the whales, save the spotted owl, but who's to save the kids from Joan Kroc
at San Diego State? reb

Anonymous said...

I met Joan Kroc once on the
S.D Campus. She was soft-spoken, but not a fanatic
Peace Nut. She donated a
great deal of money to the
Democratic Party. Galil

Anonymous said...


Like Peter Lewis' Progressive Insurance Corp?

Yep. He recently gave Eight Million Bucks to the ACLU.
That blows his cover! Oh,
these billionaires. I'll bet
that ticked off his relatives!!! Arnie