Saturday, February 11, 2006

The American Eagle

The American Eagle

Our National Symbol, The American Eagle...must continue to soar high above the hot air of Partisan Politics...Ever Vigilant, Ever Alert, for those that would diminish the Fundamental Rules Governing Our Conduct...Our United States Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.

Our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom To Peacefully Assemble, Freedom of the Press, and to freely Choose our Profession, and to Protect Our Heritage...and, Our Right To Think Independently!

These privileges are worth fighting and dying to sustain. That is why the Eagle must continue to fly above these Storms of Discontent. This Symbol needs two vigorous wings, a Strong Left Wing, and a healthy Right Wing, to maintain flight altitude.

Honorable Statesmen must always lead in matters of Importance.... over the political Hacks, especially In A Time Of War. The "Special Interests" of Lobbyists must never have their way over the Common Good...and our precious National Interests, if we are to remain a Free People. Our American Eagle, and our Superior Military Force Will Insure It! This is the American Heritage that your children and your Grandchildren Will Inherit. Keep an Eagle Eye on the Detractors, and the people that attack our National Resolve. reb Feb 11, 2006
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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E.I.C said...
That gorgeous Eagle! The Symbol of our Fatherland, should spur the High School
senior to study American History...Washington,Madison
and Thomas Jefferson.


The Staff at Snake Hunters strongly
believe in the merits of this blog.

The July 4th, 2006 Post, gives
us all a valuable History Lesson. It deserves careful analysis, and distribution to family members,
and Forwarding to valued friends.

The steady resolve of Leadership
in Wartime, the Courage & Fidelity of our Military Families, and an
awareness of the brute history and fanatical mania of the enemy of our unique freedoms, will serve us well in combat, and yes, here at home. United We Stand! reb


I Am The American Eagle

Addicted to Thermal Updrafts
That carry me high aloft

I am Alert, aware of enemies
Of our Precious Freedoms...

Of Speech, of Press, & Choice,
and Independent Thought

One of many Snake Hunters. reb



The results of the Primary
Election in Connecticutt are in, and Moderate Democrats from Coast to Coast are in shock
& scratching their heads at
the defeat of beloved Liberal
Statesman, Sen Joe Lieberman!

It sends a clear message: Oppose
Billionaires George Soros and
Peter Lewis at your peril. We
have Chairman Sen. Howard Dean,
Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, plus
Reverand Jesse Jackson & Sharpton,
and Hollywood Mogul Michael Moore.
Move-On(Dot)Org is gearing Up for
2008, and we will no longer tolerate "Moderation!"

This is classic 'Tail Wagging
The Dog'; this is Ugly Partisan
Politics that most thinking citizens abhor.

This is Snake Hunters view,
and your Comments Welcomed. reb

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