Friday, February 17, 2006


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PSYCHOLOGY ONE, 2001

In 1898, Prof. Ivan Pavlov stunned the scientific community, when he announced that in his experiments with Dogs, he had created in dog brains, an Involuntary Physical Response To An Audible Signal, (a tinkling bell!). Ring the bell, throw the meat. Ring the bell, throw the meat. One day, Ivan rang the bell...No meat. All dogs Salivated! This proved it. An Involuntary Physical Response!

When the Great Bambooserelli, the Foremost and World's Greatest Hypnotist repeat the experiment for sophisticated audiences, he was using Ivan Pavlov techniques. Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold! Mature, reasonable people were turned into dancing, clucking, wing-flapping chickens...In Public! His subjects were reacting to Repetitive Suggestions. In Nazi Germany, Adoph Hitler was a Master of the Art!

Today, we are witness to another great hypnotist. She is also a Masterful Puppeteer. Ms. Leslie Cagan, of "United For Peace, Justice. UFPJ." Catch Her Act Any Day; Her Campus Organizers Perform with great Activism and Agitation. Her repetitive message is "Peace, peace, peace and Peace"...but there is No Peace. "Get Us Out Of Iraq"...Stop the Bombs!, and the Insanity continues. Young kids with Bomb Packs blow themselves to bits. These are the Shaheed...their Imams tell them it is Allah's Will. Why doesn't Ms Cagan go where the Action Is...with Peace?

If You...are spending hard-earned money to send Junior and Sally to a fine University, Beware! A pedantic Professor may also have Pavlovian Repetitive Techniques.

Be Advised: Check out the curriculum, and the instructor. He may be another Nutty Professor, 'conditioned' by still another Socialistic UFPJ. The most dangerous woman in the USA snaps her fingers, and there's another Rally & Peace Parade. Watch for Hiroshima Days next August, your child may be leading the band, or holding a Sign. Forget all about "Remember Pearl Harbor" reb
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940


Anonymous said...

E.I.C. said...
Hypnosis, that's how it works!

Anonymous said...

C.C. Comment:
I've always wondered how a
Stage Hypnotist did it. Now
I understand the Power of
multiple,repeat suggestions
impact the human mind. Thank
you very much

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Castro Groupie thing. Tie it
2 your Snake Hunters lesson here on the "Mind", and the UFPJ trap becomes Crystal Clear! Question: Why doesn't the whole country
know about UFPJ. My Dad never heard of her, and he's
sixty one!

I am a Student. Thanks, Mr.
Snake Hunters! David S.

local wannabe said...

...crackles of lightning outside the windowsill and we jump in our's Pavlov's electric tinkling bells...and our adrenaline is salivating...

vkk1_hypno said...

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Anonymous said...

Super Blog! Best I've seen. I'm
recommending it to family, and
all thinking friends.

Carol, Catalina Island, Calif.

Freedom Asunder said...

Yes, a very scary truth.
I'm reluctant to imagine how many people are infected and unaware. From advertising to rampage killers all across the world. I don't think anyone is immune in our technological age.
Makes me cringe wondering who will snap their fingers next.

Anonymous said...

C.C. Comment again:

Forms of Advertisements on TV,
Political Hate Bush propaganda,
Constant Religious Chants, and
Psycho-Babble of the psuedo-experts
are all "Conditioning Agents" of
Left and Right Wing Fanatics and the Televangelists!

The Mute Button on your Remote
can be an effective tool in
maintaing sanity, unless the subject chooses to be deceived!

See no evil, Hear no Evil, Speak
no evil is also a Technique. Logic
and Reason are the Antidote. We might all be better citizens if we Learn to Analyse Carefully, and To Think Independently.

Best Psychology Class Ever--Thank
you, Snake Hunters!

C.C. Dallas~Ft.Worth, Texas


The psychological effect of multiple suggestions on the
mind is clearly illustrated
in the political arena.

The Pavlovian techniques are
are proven in the Gallup Polls:

Example: Whether in Congress
or on a College Campus, or
elsewhere...When the President
of the United States is known
widely as "Dubya" Bush, or
"Cowboy" Bush, this is the
result of Constant, Repetitive
"Conditioning" Tactics.

When it's heard repeatedly on
MSNBC, and other liberal sources,
this becomes a campaign of hatred,
and the "subjects" that buy into
it are the last to understand it.

"Who me? Hey,I can't be hypnotized!
I just hate the guy, that's all."

Uh huh.

Any Pro Stage-Hynotist will tell
you that when working an audience
they are alert for above-average
I.Q.'s...they make prime subjects
for their nightly audience!

So, the next time you hear "Dubya"
or "Cowboy" you can bet that person
is a good hypnotic subject.

Psychology 101 labels it an
"Involuntary Conditioned Reflex"

So, your neighbor is not crazy,
he's been "Conditioned".

Class dismissed. reb



Blogging is the latest and most unique form of therapy to maintain emotional balance, in a world gone mad. Consider this:

What drives people into behavioral quirks/patterns that are suspect?

1. Religion 2. Politics 3. Sports
4. Music(esp teens) 5. Self-Worship
6. Celebrity Worship 7. Food 8. Sex
9. Arrogance 10. Violence

Now, create your own list, placing the items that currently 'Drives You' At The Top Of That List.

The name is "Self-Discovery". Did you learn something useful about yourself today?

If the problem is just Number Five,
then break the damn mirror! reb


Should I attempt to 'Rate' My Own

I don't think so...

If Words were Swords, we amatuer
bloggers would be Scarred from
head to toe!

Painful enough to have critics, and
a wide open Comment Section. reb


An Interesting Point:

We do Delete Anonymous Cowards that
throw four-letter words with inane
comments about Hating War!

Most sensible people don't like War. It's a human tragedy. But it


This one is somewhat different. It began in IRAN on Nov 04, 1979,when the Ayatollah grabbed our Embassy. It's a Continuum, and now the same nation is enriching Uranium 235.

You decide if it's for Electrical
Power, or if Mahmoud Ahmadinjad
means exactly what he says.


the tsunami of hatred created over a five year period, and funded with big money...

to distort & demean a leader for political reasons, is sad. when professional media joins the discordant chant, blaming the
leadership for confronting a gross evil,
it multiplies the sadness.

billionaires that fund this vast effort have their own hidden agenda.

the hater will always believe he has developed an intelligent,
logical thought pattern!

a dictator, upon hearing his death
sentence by hanging, said this:
"Don't Hate. It only closes all doors of thinking". Saddam Hussein


Think for a minute...

If Saddam had been allowed to remain
in Kuwait, would his "Repubican Guard" Russian tanks have stopped?
Would he have continued his invasion into Saudi Arabia? Would Uday be put charge of Kuwait, and Qusay the new Premier of the rich
Saudi kingdom?
In 2007 all three beasts are safely
tucked in their graves, and George Bush is viewed the real monster by
George Soros, Jacquez Chirac, and some timid politicians in the U.S.
How will thoughtful future historians record the turmoil?
Would Saddam Hussein finally have achieved his long-sought WMD's to fulfill his dream of becoming the new King Nebuchadnezzar?
Fill your Bong-pipes...muse on that



Election Fever Is Warming...

The verbal knives are sharp. Soon the "Loyal Opposition" will go for the gut of fellow-nominee!

Et Tu, Brutus? reb

Chelserz said...

"to distort & demean a leader for political reasons, is sad."

Ah, but why else would people distort and demean their leaders?

It is sad.


Selfish Motive behind every political move,

Above All, the politician seeks...

your tax money to spend it on His
District's Pork Barrels! Alas, we
have 'Bridges To Nowhere' to aid
those Local Contractors!

It's what Lobbyists like Jack Abramoff Do! Hundreds of 'em! reb


Question: Are You A Mindless Puppet
dancing to the manipulating strings
of Political Suggestion & Hatred,

Or have you declared your Personal
honor & integrity with Independent
Thought & Reason as your guide?

Hmmmm! Be Alert & Aware. Look at Both Sides of the Coin; Ignore Mindless Slogans like 'New Direction'
& "Change we can believe in". This
is 'Pap' for the Masses. It Attempts to Shut Down Your Ability To Think.

Class Dismissed! reb



Place e/Sensors on a small mixed group of freshmen students, to record the 'Involuntary Reactions', plus Blood-pressure and Heart Rate. Each student is supplied with a numbered pad and pen, with instuctions to record their thoughts thusly...

A Strict One-Minute Limitation for
each category.

The Goal: An attempt to analyse the
'Depth of Reaction' to specific Key Words
and Familiar Phrases.

Let us begin:

a) O.P.E.C., Friend or Foe?

b) Abu Ghraib Prisoners

c) Kuwait

d) Iraq War

e) Ham & Cheese

f) Imports of Saudi Oil

g) Inflation of the dollar.

h) Bush/Cheney

j) The Democratic Party

k) The Republican Party

l) U.S. Oil Corporations

m) New Orleans, Katrina, and the
First Responders

n) Outrageous 'At The Pump Price of
Gasoline & Diesel Fuel'

o) Impeachment

p) Throw Them Off The Stage!

q) Halliburton

r) Wahhabism

Students: You are allowed Five Minutes (or less) to complete the final phase of this experiment.
Please Begin With: "The Complete & Utter Discrace & Failure Of The Policies Of...

Thank you, for your participation in this psychological test. Class is dismissed. (Turn in papers for tomorrow's discussion).