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The Numbers Game

Conflict: WWII
Dead: 450,000
Duration: 4 Years
Leadership: FDR/Truman/Stimson/Churchill

Conflict: KOREA
Dead: 33,000
Duration: 3 Years
Leadership: Truman/United Nations

Conflict: VIETNAM
Dead: 58,000
Duration: 10 Years
Leadership: Kennedy/Johnson/McNamara*

Conflict: IRAQ
Dead: 3,200
Duration: 4 Years
Leadership: Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld



Preface: IN RETROSPECT, by Robert McNamara (1995) "We of the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations who participated in the decisions on Vietnam, acted according to what we thought were the principles and traditions of this nation. We made our decisions in light of those values. Yet we were wrong, terribly wrong. We owe it to future generations to explain why." Robert S. McNamara (1995), Sec. of Defense, 1961-1968

Random House



Sept 11, 2001 The United States suffered approximately 3,000 dead in one morning! Four Egyptian Pilots, 15 Saudi Jihadists hit NYC and the Pentagon.

The Popularity Polls indicate G.W. Bush at 71%, scaring Democrats. Now the Propaganda Battle begins. Billionaires begin throwing huge amounts of money at War Protest Groups and Political Campaigns. George Soros is quoted as saying, "Whatever it takes to beat Bush".

The volume of hysteria mounts in the passing months, and 'Hate Bush' grows. Well-funded War-Protest Groups expand. Effective campaigning has a notable impact nearing the 2004 Election. GWB Polls down to 48/52, Kerry leads. Then Hollywood & Navy Swift-boaters clash for last-minute votes. Michael Moore chortles, "Back to Texas, we want Our Country Back! Get the Oil Cartel out of the Oval Office". Sanity returns. It's Wartime, and the public chooses Bush/Cheney.

Election Day is over, but the hysteria continues, as if there were no clear mandate."Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Halliburton; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Halliburton!" The negative chanting continues to this day...and our suicidal enemy is encouraged. G.W. Bush is still hovering between 36 to 40 percentile. Wow! That's an illustration of the power of campaign money, and repetitive smears. That's Hot-Air Politics & generated hatred.

Today, we are all witness to the Grand Ayatollah and his front-man, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, nearly ready to "Wipe the Israeli Off The Map". He has boldly taken the I.A.E.A. Seals off of his Uranium Stash. His underground facilities are well-known, the grid maps are marked for destruction, and the enemy insists on Armageddon, to bring about the Prophesy of the Twelfth Imam. They have a callous Death Wish. reb
"An Appeaser... is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope that he will be the last one eaten."
Winston Churchill 1940


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Anonymous said...

Flowing Rivers of Green

Billionaires wish to
change the world with
their money

SaudiRoyals build Mosques

Infidels die

Scholars tremble silently.

"buddy rose"

Anonymous said...

Everyone i know here in
San Jose is liberal, and
I still dig Hollywood.
But, you are forcing your
opinions on me, and you do
make some points. So,I can
change my mind.
Lydia Fuertes, Calif.

Anonymous said...

Very Good Blog!
'Mater Man

Anonymous said...

Senator Ted Kennedy likes
the word'Quagmire', so
compare Vietnam to Iraq!

Anonymous said...

Why you never mention in this one, a thing about the Kennedy family priest; the
"American Pope",was Francis Cardinal Spellman. Read the
book, it's hot and heavy.

He advised JFK that it was "...necessary to Stop 'Atheistic' Communism in Southeast Asia"(That's
Vietnam),and a 10 yr No-Win
Policy, if anyone wants to
play the Blame Game. Lyndon Johnson just multiplied the fraud. Count'em,58,000 dead!

Shut Up,"Teddy"! Bud


Posted on April 21,2006 in
The Freedom Fighters Journal

Any primitive belief or society that tends to assign
values to their women to the
same degree as that of the
family goat, or straps bombs
on their own children to seek victory in combat, or slices the throat of a young
female in the family that commits a perceived sexual "sin", and insists that the murder be viewed an
"Honor Killing" is far from ideal notions of any modern,
law-abiding civil concepts of 21st Century Jurisprudence or Civil Law.

Their Grand Ayatollahs and Imams that encourage these forms of barbarism should be
held in contempt by all races, all religions. For the world to tolerate this behavior is contemptable; inexcusable. reb

Anonymous said...

Your narrow view on the past world events and zionist agenda have lack of knowledge writen all over it.

Understanding is better than knowing

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunter response:

Your lack of specificity and
and tone seem to indicate an
unwillingness to give us much
to analyze.

The subject was Recent Wars.
'Zionist agenda' wasn't a part
of the critque, but thank you
for your comment. reb

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Here is a contrasting view to your posting. I supported the war in Iraq but regret it badly. I should have known that Bush is just too incompentent for kind of task. We are surely at war against radical Islam. I think we could pursue this fight whether we invaded Iraq or not but we have to win. A political priority for the new few years should be to rid the political system of the Bush people and the neocons. It's not hate - I just want to win the war against Osama & Co and the Bush guys are not up to the task. - Sam

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters reply to Sam:

The neocons & neolibs are not
my concern at all.

We have been at War with an
ancient "Kill Culture" since
Nov 4, 1979. You will accept
their Allah, or You and your family with other 'non-belivers'are
scheduled for punishment of death.
The Grand Ayatollah has spoken.
For 18 years they have been busy
building underground facilities
to wipe all opposition off the map.

The gross political hot air here
serves only to embolden them.

For the next two years, like it or
not, G.W. Bush is the man with the
responsibility in the Oval Office,
and General Casey is the West Point
man in the field. He will make the
decision on troop deployment, not
partisan politicians in Congress.

Your response is reasonable, not
at all shrill. Our great system will grant you an opportunity to
make a change if a majority agrees.

Thanks Sam, for your measured tone. We need more like you. reb

Laura said...

That was very well written. I was glad to read a level headed, logical oppinion on the matter. I live in Portland, OR and pretty much hear only the liberal perspective. Everyone here seems to hear some anti-Bush crap and run with it. They dont ask for proof. There are a lot of simple minded followers out there.

Thanks for the link.
(You posted your link on my husbands (tacodave)blog tonight.)

Ray,29MCB said...

No one ever likes sending young people to war to die. It is a necessary evil. I support the Presidents decision to take the fight to them, instead of waiting for yet another attack. I know how the loved ones of the fallen feel, as I lost my dad in Viet Nam. I consider him a hero and hope the families of our fallen military today feel the same way. I know that they are HEROS in my heart!!



When Iranian Ahmadinejad, speaking
for Grand Ayatollah Khameini said:

"Israel must be wiped off the map"

he did not mention that Syria and
Iran were busily supplying the
Hezbollah (Party of God) with
13,000 Rockets to implement the
long-planned assault on Israel's northern border, and the civilian population of Israel with those

JULY, 2006...nor did he give us a hint that the Propaganda War would
include Blaming the Jewish Military
for the destruction of Lebanon's
lovely Beirut and southern border

Nasrullah's brilliant Hezbollah
Plan was to create a border crisis by killing and kidnapping Israeli soldiers...then blame the Jews, and create sympathy for Lebanon.

Then the outcry for a 'Cease Fire'
at the Puppet U.N., and blaming Bush for "the slaughter of innocent
lives, and creating more recruits for Hezbollah." We can expect some of the European Union (EU) to join
in the chanting with the BBC, and knashing of teeth. Our Peace-Niks here will have a ball with this one! "Impeach, Impeach 'Em All,
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice...
They Are The Real War-Mongers!"

Ain't Jihad Trickery Wonderful?

That's Snake Hunters view, what
about You, Sports Fans? reb