Thursday, June 22, 2006

Prisoners of War


Ask them to recall recent history...

Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay are history. No more mass graves, no more torture rooms at Abu Garaib.

Twelve million Iraqi risked death by dipping fingers in purple ink 2005 to vote! They now have elected government officials, a 250,000 military force in 2006.

When a political hack mentions Abu Garaib, or our facility in Guantanimo, casually mention these facts:

We put our war prisoners in a cage, feed them Muslim food, provide them with the moral values of the Qur'an, give them prayer rugs, treat them with decent medical and dental services, and allow them to whine to the International Red Cross about their "unfair" treatment.

When the Islamic Terrorists take prisoners, they murder them, gouge out the eyes, and cut off their heads.


It took us a long time, but with increasingly improving Intelligence, our forces finally nailed Abu Musab al Zarqawi. The Kill-Culture Chieftain is dead this June 7th.

For three years we have heard partisans in the Senate and The House of Representatives loudly calling our president "nazi-like", and accuse him of lying to the American people about WMD's...well finally, after all this trash about impeaching the President for 'misleading the country into a no-win war', we finally have the truth. Our military has just discovered a large cache of Risen and Mustard Gas. That's the stuff Saddam used to kill 5,000 Kurds. That's the material U.N.'s Chief Inspector Scott Ritter could not find (remember him)? Well, Snake Hunters remembers.

Now, we can't say the War-Protesting college kids are traitors, nor will we. But we do suggest that they were purposely misled by vicious political smear tactics and slanderous behavior by political hacks hoping to regain their powerful positions in government!

The shrill voices are still there, the President's poll numbers are still reflecting the verbal bleatings of the appeasers, and their clamouring chants of surrender, with ignoble "Exit Strategies" at the end of this year.

Well, we have an alternative plan. We acknowledge that George Bush is the Commander in Chief, and he has a West Point Graduate in Iraq. His name is General Casey, and he, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, led by a very able USMC General Pace... and they will advise our president on troop strength, and any possible redeployment.

They will determine when Iraqi military & police are ready to assume responsibility for Command and Control, not a few overly zealous politicians in Washington D.C.

That's Snake Hunters view; your comments are welcome on this blogsite. reb
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Anonymous said...

So, someone has finally said what needed saying for a long time.

We've heard quiet enough from the loud nay-sayers and political geeks that offer nothing but inane
chatter, nothing but criticism of
steady, determined leadership. Our
fighting men/women are magnificent!

This war, because of its fanatical, religious overtones will be a long ordeal for this world, regardless of which political party is in power here. Neither capable of quick-fix.
That's the bottom line.

Good show! Great blog!

Ken & Dottie from Denver, Colorado

TacoDave said...

Agreed, Snake Hunters. It's always good to see another reasonable, intelligent person telling the truth online.

I think blogging might just be the new Talk Radio for conservatives...

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunter to Tacodave:

I don't object to a "Conservative"
label. Just don't refer to me as a
"Progressive", cuzz I might lose
some sleep over that one. These people have earned a straight-jacket, and a rubber room! reb

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters said:


Writing a blog that is accurate;

That strives for the best hope
for our country, and for the world;

But mindful of one's personal
limitations and flaws...

So, if there be a Creator of all
things visible or not, both near or far off, I plead for assistance.

So, Control this electronic pen, ye Spirits Good...

I'd write this myself, if I could!

i_am_not_who_i_am said...

there is no romance in war!

Kara said...

"No more mass graves, no more torture rooms at Abu Garaib"
- We're finding mass graves almost weekly, people are getting executed by the dozens and buried, and it's not Hussein doing it...listen to NPR.
- The only reason there's no more torture of the prisoners at Abu Garaib is because our own soldiers flaunted and thereby leaked our own mistreatment, otherwise it would still be going on.
- Elected officials are being assassinated as fast as they can be put into office.

"provide them with the moral values of the Qur'an"
- We give the Gitmo prisoners their Quran and then piss on it in front of them...again, listen to NPR. And yet, we don't give them the basic right of a formal charge, guaranteed by both the constitution and the Geneva Convention (and the Supreme Court just ruled Bush's treatment of these men as unconstitutional).

"When the Islamic Terrorists take prisoners, they murder them, gouge out the eyes, and cut off their heads."
- we just attack them with dogs, sexually humilate them, and watch them die slowly.

I don't need your advice. It's obvious you know nothing about what's going on in the world.

smokey said...

"Now, we can't say the War-Protesting college kids are traitors, nor will we. But we do suggest that they were purposely misled by vicious political smear tactics and slanderous behavior by political hacks hoping to regain their powerful positions in government!"

Do you really think that protesting war makes you a traitor? You DID just call War-Protesting college kids traitors.

If all you're going to do is regurgitate Fox news, then just post a link to their website.

Too_Many_Thoughts said...

First..thanks for visiting my blog and now for my comments....

I totally disagree with you, snake hunters, due to the above mentioned reasons. Have you been paying attention to news lately? Anyways, people like listening to something that reaffirms their stand rather the truth.
Personally, I would have to say I'm not with the American Government or the so-called terrorists. They are both wrong and you can't justify your stand by saying that since they did worse than you, we are better than them..

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters response to...

Kara, David Smoke, & "too-many- thoughts"...

The Snake Hunters blog has been
published since January 5th of this year, and the overwhelming
response has been, for the most
part gratifying, thoughtful, and fun for this old amatuer Editor.

Suddenly, 3 'negatives' in a row! Is this a great country or what?

Other nations have had countless
centuries to evolve, while our
system is still in its infancy,
and yet, the U.S.A. with all its
faults, is held to basic standards
with U.S. Constitutional Law and a vigorous, Two-Party System.

Consider the Saudia-Wahhabi SHARIA, the Muslim alternative:

They place their faith in a Rule Of Law that is dependent on Fear
and Brutality, and Suicidal Murder and dictated by a Grand Ayatollah.

Since they expressed honest views without resorting to vulgarity...

the three discordant offers shall
remain in the Comment Section for
the thoughtful reader to analyse.
We thank you for your responses.

Snake Hunters.

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters to Kara:

Those Torture Rooms at Abu Garaib were visited regularly by Saddam's
oldest son Uday.

It seems that he took particular
delight in torturing for hours,
any members of his Soccer Team
(he was their coach) if he thought
the performance wasn't up to his
standards. Fear ruled that nation for decades. That's something many glib, quick to judge Americans will never understand.

But how can they know? They've never lived under the heel of the
Mutawah (Piety Police), nor seen a
beheading on Friday. That's Islam's
holy day. reb

Anonymous said...

J.R.A. says:

Come along, Republican & Democrat.

"Let us sit down and Reason
Together", our children's future
is at stake. A nuclear presence
is now the reality for the entire
planet. Will it be peaceful, or
will religious fervor in Iran continue to spiral out of control?

The irony: The wisdom of, or a
lack thereof, now rests with the decision of Iran's Grand Ayatollah.

United We Stand. July 4, 2006



Response To David Smoke...

Your question: "Do you really think
that protesting war makes you a traitor?"

A. Most Assuredly Not! However, when Billionaires George Soros and
Progressive Insurance executive Peter Lewis throw their millions of dollars into our election process, they DO have a Complex Agenda.

When the college kid that has no memory of past wars, commits his energies to defeat either national party, by attending "Anti-Rallies" carrying "Stop the Bombs! Stop the
War! Stop Dubya Bush!" signs...I would suggest that he is reacting to a Force, a Power, a very sophisicated Influence...
that he cannot begin to savvy. He is a "Puppet", that does not know, or feel a need to discover, the source of his crafted Hatred.

I would guess that 98% of these
people that offer their wisdom to
Four Star Generals, or to Bush's capable advisors...are not yet quite ready to assume Command of
this great nation.

This struggle against International
Jihad is the most serious crisis ever faced by Free Nations, and anyone that suspects that he or she may have been infected by the above described Hate Virus, please read two pages of "History" Post.
It's non-partisan, easy reading.

Thank you, David! reb


Madrassa Schools in many countries
now teach their babies of four, five or
six years old to think crude things
Hate "Little Satan" the Jew, and the "Great Satan" the U.S.A. They
use Cartoons to Spread Hate Poison real early in the kiddy mind.

They use al Jazeera Radio & Tv
every hour of every day to set up
a mind-conditioning hate process.

Our kids listen to Hip-Hop & Rap-Crap, fight over their "Game Boy".

Our Malls, Theaters, Transportation
Systems, are extremely vulnerable.
When Iran is ready, they will order
the assault to begin. A simple e-Mail will signal the attack.

Stay asleep, America, just like Pearl Harbor. History repeating.
The War is far away!

Hey, how did your ball-game do tonight. Are we gonna be #1? Yeah,
we are already Number-One... Chumps!