Thursday, August 31, 2006



August 31, 2006. This is the final hour for Shiite IRAN to stop enrichment of U-235, or face UN Security Council Sanctions.

The key players in this "Tournament of Wills" are United States, Iran, China, Russia, and the European Union, EU. Observing the Test of Wills are Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and grim-faced courageous Britain. The rest of the world holds its breath, hopeful for an unlikely peaceful outcome, with skillful diplomatic moves & maneuvering, and bold negotiations to somehow magically save this world from self-destruction, once again. Remember the Cuban Crisis, anyone? In the year 1962, Fidel Castro had his Russian Intermediate Range Missiles pointed at the eastern one-half of the United States. Crazy? It was tight for three very long weeks that time. Kennedy and old Nikita Kruschev worked it out then. Sanity surfaced just in time.

But is this all realistic, when Iran's Shiite Hezbollah, Hamas, and Sadr Militia in Iraq, each primed and ready to begin Armageddon? Each is eager to fulfill the 12th Imam Prophesy of Doom. That is the huge unanswered question of this day.

Note: From the diplomatic perspective it is important to state here that each of the above named nations is bound by Selfish National Interest, which provides fuel for a dangerous bias, and possible flash-point to war, for the entire world.

In an eleventh hour effort to side-step war. your Snake Hunters Editor has a unique suggestion for White House staffers to consider. Wipe the dust off old desks at our Embassy location in Tehran, appoint ex-President Jimmy Carter as The Ambassador for the U.S. Well known for his Peace Proposals, and Nobel Prize, the Congress might find it hard to argue with that appointment. Allow Jimmy to negotiate with the hell-bent terrorists! This move couldn't hurt a thing.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is holding the threat of blockading the Straits of Hormus, and choking off critically needed petroleum to many countries, and turning loose a well-disciplined 50,000 kids, ages 10 to 16, with bomb-loaded suicide packs. These young children are well-known bombers in Israel's cafes and buses.

They are the pride of Grand Ayatollahs and Imams, and are called Shaheed Martyrs. We can't even imagine Christian or Jewish families submitting to such horror. Chalk that one up to 'Cultural Differences'. Civilized society cannot grasp the fact that these hapless children are offered heavenly rewards by foul 'holy men'. We believe it's more accurately labeled Bloody Bi-Polar Mania.


So, what to do, as concerned and aware citizens? Are we powerless to confront this evil? Do we just permit ignor-ance? Each must decide independently. I for one, have attempted to provide a forum for open discussion in the Comment Section of Snake Hunters, as this may indeed be my final Post. If so, I leave a final suggestion; do what you know is right. Don't allow anyone to involve you in pointless name-calling of officials that attempt to confront these monstrous notions. Defend our Time-honored Moral High Ground; leave no child behind in teaching the great and the not so great lessons of American History, and teach our First Amendment Principles. We shall overcome, these enemies of Freedom and Justice for All American citizens. We are imperfect, but we're getting closer as the decades pass. We honor our noble Veterans, and their families who volunteer, persevere, and understand this struggle with ancient doctrine a bit better than most of us.


I'll step down from this soap-box now. It's been my privilege. I wish to thank supporters of Snake Hunters blogsite, and a special thank you to my favorite Journalists at CNN & FOX News, Mr. Lou Dobbs, Brit Hume, and Sheppard Smith. I only wish I had the opportunity and privilege of knowing them all personally. reb