Wednesday, September 27, 2006



( * See 8-page Transcript Lnk in the Comment Section).

INTERVIEW WITH IRAN'S PRESIDENT, MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, Senior Editor Mike Wallace had the premier opportunity to interview President Ahmadinejad last month, and in Snake Hunters view, he failed to present the tough questions this occasion demanded. The following is submitted for the benefit of our Snake Hunters readership for their own private analysis:

President Ahmadinejad, Sir: Thank you for exhibiting the courage to appear before the American Tv audience. We wish to pose some questions that most Americans would like to know about your Muslim culture.

Is It True, that the Holy Quran allows "Honor Killings" of young girls that are perceived having committed a sex crime, even when forcible rape is clearly indicated, and the Father, Mother, or elder son holding the knife-blade suffer little or No Civil or Criminal Penalty?

Is It True, that Holy Imams promise Heavenly Rewards to young Shaheed Martyrs when they murder innocent Israeli riding on a bus, or perhaps sitting in an outdoor cafe? Does the Iranian Treasury pay a reported $25,000 to the family of the hapless young Palestinian bomber?

Is It True, Mr. President, that sinless Imams promise 72 virgins to adults that fly airliners into buildings, killing all manner of religions, racial groups, young and old? Do the Grand Ayatollahs agree with this behavior?

Do some Muslims beat their women in public, and force the females to wear the Black Burka, and generally treat them no better than the family goat? Do they even beat the men that fail to face Mecca, and pray five times each day? Is that the duty of a Mutawah (Piety Police)? Does Sharia (Muslim Law) permit this in your ancient culture?

I've heard that if a Muslim were ever to decide to reject Islamic doctrine, adopting a different faith, he would be found guilty of Heresy, and quickly sentenced to death!Can you say, that you personally, favor is behavior?

Can you even visualize a Protestant Christian, a Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Quaker, Mormon, Jewish, or any other American denomination that would allow this grossly inhumane set of rules that govern behavior?

Finally sir, do you personally believe in the Prophesy of the 12th Imam that disappeared in 941 AD, and that it is alleged will reappear after Armegeddon to bring about 1,000 years of Peace Under Sharia Law? Is that why your people are eager to enrich U-235, to bring about the final great battle, to control all surviving inhabitants on this planet?

** ** ** ** ** ** **

You seem to have had some difficulty answering some of the questions; in fairness, we have prepared a transcript. We hope that you will return to Iran, submit all of our questions to your highly-ranked holy men for their most thoughtful consideration.

Now that an American audience has had an opportunity to really understand your motivation, we shall remain on an Aware & Alert status. We shall deal with any hostile intent, Allah willng of course.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Anniversary 9/11


a. New York City First Responders... Fire, Pplice, EMT's, lost over 700 people on 9/11.

b. It was officially estimated that at 8:45 AM, that about 10,000 persons were in each WTC Tower!

c. Approximately 3,000 died that morning in NYC, The Pentagon, and in the highjacked plane crash in Pennsylvania. Imagine how much more devastating it could have been.

Visualize this: IRAN'S Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is determined to have Nuclear Capability, and in his own words he said:

October 26, 2005, "Israel will be Wiped Off The Map!" and in an Interview with 60 Minutes, August, 2006, he said to Mike Wallace, "If Mr. Bush thinks he can stop our progress, I have to say that he will be unable to do that!"

Wake Up, America. It's time the stop the Hate Bush Chanting. It's time to join in our resolve. The Center of International Terror IS in Tehran, Iran. It is past the time for Americans to join together in a joint effort to face reality. Enough of this absurd and divisive Partisan Political Hot Air. reb