Monday, September 11, 2006

Anniversary 9/11


a. New York City First Responders... Fire, Pplice, EMT's, lost over 700 people on 9/11.

b. It was officially estimated that at 8:45 AM, that about 10,000 persons were in each WTC Tower!

c. Approximately 3,000 died that morning in NYC, The Pentagon, and in the highjacked plane crash in Pennsylvania. Imagine how much more devastating it could have been.

Visualize this: IRAN'S Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is determined to have Nuclear Capability, and in his own words he said:

October 26, 2005, "Israel will be Wiped Off The Map!" and in an Interview with 60 Minutes, August, 2006, he said to Mike Wallace, "If Mr. Bush thinks he can stop our progress, I have to say that he will be unable to do that!"

Wake Up, America. It's time the stop the Hate Bush Chanting. It's time to join in our resolve. The Center of International Terror IS in Tehran, Iran. It is past the time for Americans to join together in a joint effort to face reality. Enough of this absurd and divisive Partisan Political Hot Air. reb


anselpixel said...

Sorry, that's not what Ahmagonnahavemajihad said. Although it is quoted a lot.

ela zawrat said...

dear Reb, I don't quite catch your meaning of the comment you have left on my blog. If you need a link in Eastern Europe to promote the idea of a war against Islamic culture, I'm definitely not the right person. You are a Second War veteran and 81 years old and I respect you, even though I have different views on the war.

But if you're looking for a "link" in the sense of wanting to connect with a person from a different culture, different generation and different point of view, I'm all for it, as long as it's respectful. This is, actually, what I believe is the way to counterbalance fundamentalist and fascist mentality - connecting, understanding and feeling.

Best wishes.

PS. I would like to learn more about your family history. If you happen to have a blog entry on this subject would you please point it out to me?


Dear Ela,

You must be unfamiliar with our
precious 1st Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution. Is says:

"Congress shall make No Law... Respecting the establishment of a
Religion, nor interfering with the
Free Exercise thereof". We have had this blessing for 230 Years!


All religions enjoy this safety. The "Mormons" claim a Powerful Doctrine, 'Devine Revelation'. The
Pope claims himself to be the
'Vicar of Christ' on Earth. He also claims 'Infallibility' in all
matters of Faith & Morals. Think of this. If Faith deals with Thought, and "Morals" with action,
then the entire range of human experience is encompassed within the Papal Claim!

Galillio wanted to study the Stars
and the planets. He disagreed with
the Church position that the Sun orbited Earth. He was warned, "Tu
Say In Bocca al Lupo"!

I've spent my adult life musing
about these things. Mortal men claiming outrageous power! Our 1st
Amendment guarantees our Freedom to Disagree. No single church will ever possess such awesome Power.

Grand Ayatollahs wish to control the world with Islamic Sharia Law.
Allah Akbar!

They would Cut My Head Off if I refuse their Dicipline. Women are
treated like the family Goat. Men
Rule Absolutely. Women in black Burka are Publicly Whipped. Men are whipped too, if they fail to face Mecca and pray five times each day!

Iran wants Nuclear capability to
control the Middle East, then Europe, then the World.

Some Americans understand, some do
not. There is much hateful debate.
This old fool writes a blog. I wish the best for my grand-kids,
but Europe & the USA are facing many decades of struggle if we
dream of Freedom from Pious Imams.

I apologize if I've upset you. I am just one old fool that will lay
down my life to retain Freedom. I love this country, and its Laws.
Does anyone care? Peace! reb



"Tu Say En Bocca al Lupo"

You are in the Mouth of the Wolf!

ela zawrat said...

Thanks for taking time to write a comment to my comment. I understand that you're planning to take a break from blogging - even more thanks for taking your time to write. I'm sorry if my comment sounded dry, I just wanted be clear about where I'm at now. I totally agree what you're saying about the horrible aspects of fundamentalist religions. I certainly would not like to live under religious regime and it's extremely sad for me to know how many people suffer due to religious zealousy and oppression. The question is what to do about it, how to make things better and not worse.

How? My bias is - I have a war allergy. Both sides of my family in Eastern Europe have had more than their share.

To make the whole thing even more complicated, I have to remember people I've met from different religious groups, Muslims included, who were kind and good people.

This country has great laws - respect for religious freedom and, at the same time, separation of state and religion. I love this country and its laws too. This is my new, chosen homeland. I came to the USA originally without the intention to immigrate here, but then I realized how much of the American tradition and culture matches with what I always longed for, first of all, the idea of the freedom of speech. I grew up under martial law, without this freedom. I want these laws to be preserved and honored. I see that you're passionate about the same things as I, just in a different way.

Your comments and reading your blog has been a great learning experience. I'm planning to take more time to read through your blog and try to understand your perspective better. You have a lot to say. If you decide to take a break from blogging, I wish that you a good time. Maybe later you come back? You have my best wishes, Reb.


Dear Ela,

MY COMMENT SECTIONS permit each person to express an opinion that
fully disagree with SnakeHunters.
That's the essence of Freedom of
Speech that you admire. See History

One lady said, I am uninformed. Another stated that I am a Racist.

It's clear, she did not read all
Posts. I have Intense Goodwill for
all cultures. ALL Cultures! Some Leaders wish to Dominate All With
Suicidal Intensity.

Iran has approx. 69 Million Souls.
Iraq has 27 Million. Sixty percent
are Shia (Shiite) like Iran. Afgan 18 Million, including 1/10th Nomad.

Shiite & Sunni hate and kill each
other, blow up opposing Mosques!

Their Culture is dominated by "Holy
Killers" that use their own young
as Weapons of War. Would the pious
Israeli family do that? Never.

The USA has the power to annihilate
69 Million Iranaians with military
technology in less than a week. Jihad cuts off heads on Tv; we
prefer "Brain Surgery".

Much of Europe hates the U.S.A.

If you have a Miraculous Solution to this complexity, use your Blog!

I have difficulty with just Two Political Parties playing verbal
Cut-Throat here. The BBC in London,
and al Jazeera in the MiddleEast are 'Hate America Spokesmen'!

Jacques Chirac & Vladimir Putin value Weapons Contracts with IRAN.

Wake Up America; Wake Up Europe!


Yankee Doodle said...

I agree



All U.S. Presidents receive the
A.M. Briefings, 24/7 from around the world.

George Bush, Andy Card, Condoleeza
Rice, Don Rumsfeld, Gen. Pace and
the National Security Chief are
there. On "hot" items, this Info
is Immediately Transmitted to the
F.B.I., C.I.A., and N.S.A.

Certain "Key" Members of the Loyal
Opposition, the Democratic Party,
are also included in receiving this
vital Intel. Sen. Joe Lieberman was
just one of these Statesmen.

The 'Dart-Throwers' like Senators Reid, Kennedy, Howard Dean, Kerry, etc., etc...

are not included for pragmatic political concerns. That's the
complex nature of this game when we are At War. "Loose Lips Can
Sink Ships". reb

Promethean Antagonist said...


Indeed, you are right. One of the most frustrating things that confront me daily is the pervasive onslaught of hate Bush passions. World war III (or IV, as some see it) is inching it's way ever closer to our doorstep. The world is now aplenty with tyrants, thugs, and demogogues, and all the media, journalism, "education," and common drones can muster repulsion for is a guy from Texas who wants to make good on his job description and defend the United States and its constitution.

In regard to your compliments to my site, I wasn't able to directly respond to the e-mail I received (it came back as undeliverable so...Thanks for the compliment.

In response to your personal comments, Indeed, the angels and devils prance about daily till the noise becomes overwhelming. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which but with close observation it usually becomes quite clear.

May the angles dance amongst themselves and the devils find an island of their own to exhibit their fowler schemes.

I'll check your site out more but then must ready myself for an early trek to Narita Airport (in Japan) for long distance travel -- where there will surely be devils.

Regards and salutations,

Cliff, from

Anonymous said...

J.R.A. says:


No W.M.D.'s In IRAQ!

French Leader Jacques Chirac took
Oil Vouchers from Saddam Hussein
(1975-1981) and built the OSIRUS
REACTOR south of Bagdad. Jordan,
Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia all trembled.

Israeli Jets, flying near ground-level
took it out, as it was ready
to go On-Line. The Middle East then
breathe collective sigh of relief; Saddam still had the technology!

Political bomb-throwers are not about to speak of this documented
fact in 1981. Why the short-term memory loss? Why doesn't the Bush
people defend themselves?

Answer that one!


Anonymous said...

Japan's Narita Airport is

Tokyo International.



This Old Editor Wonders...

During the heated U.N. Showmanship
Ritual in evidence this fall, did
anyone else notice when Venezuelan
Pres.Chavez began his animated rant
on President Bush as being the...

Devil Incarnate

The Tv Camera also exposed Chavez
hand-gestures that included the very Catholic 'Sign of The Cross'!

Now, how does this fellow explain that to his Shiite Suicidal Kill-Culture Pals in Tehran?

Has he inadvertently, and for-ever-more, marked himself as an Infidel?
That is a dangerous position, don't
you think, Hugo?

How does he explain this duplicity to folks at home? How is he to explain a
willingness to 'jump in bed' with
people that whip women in public,
strap bombs on their kids, and generally follow the grisly history
of Bloody Offensive Jihad?

Frankly, we are mystified. Can someone, perhaps within the halls
of the 'Left Of Center' crowd, clear this up?

SnakeHunters are a curious lot. reb

Bill Curley said...

Thank you for your comments. I visited your site & saw that we have somewhat similar interests. I center more on the US Civil war, but also have been reading on middle eastern wars as well; Crusades, and some of the more well known groups such as the Templars.


To: Bill Curley

Bill, that was then...

This is now!

To protect and defend our famlies,
should we not Focus on the Peril and the confusion? We need to strenghten our national resolve,
rather than add to the confusion.

We are at War! These bastards are
at least as evil as the Nazi. reb

Anonymous said...

It seems Nejad is a man of will....


Yes, sreejith kumar.

ahmadi.NEJAD Is strong-willed. It
is not uncommon to witness this in
a person that is ah.MAD.inejad

A people that fly planes into buildings, wrap bombs on their children, treat their women as Goats...

and seek Absolute Power over this planet, are viewed by most scholars
as simply MAD.

How do you see him?


sreejith kumar,

What are your sentiments about this
years Bombing in Mumbai (Bombay),
The railroad train disaster?

India is not immune from the "Offensive-Jihad" Madness"!


Leonardo L. said...

As I can see, 'ela zawrat' is a very polite person. I'll try to maintain the same level of politeness, but I'm not sure I have the same language skills, as my first language is Portuguese.

Talking as a South American, I can say 9/11 was something like a 8/6 revange of the 'world'. I can assure you that most people I know around here really have some "anti-USA" feeling, and much of that came because of the war legacy north-americans had left to everyone. You, as an experienced man, should know better.

I respect your opinions, but I do not respect a country which thinks it's right to take military actions against another country using a fairy tail as excuse (comunism, weapons of mass destruction, etc).

I don't want to offend you, neither justify the deaths in the WTC. But as Isaac Newton would say: "every action has a reaction, with equal force and contrary direction".

Best regards,


leonardo l,

Coming from Brazil, and English being your 2nd Language, you are
doing wonderfully well.

I am distressed that so many of the
world's nations oppose the United States, solely because of the Kennedy/Johnson Vietnam War. It was
acknowledged by THAT Secretary Of Defense, Robert S. McNamara in his book, 'In Retrospect'. His words, "We Were Wrong, Terribly Wrong"! It cost us 58,000 troops,
and because JF KENNEDY listened to Francis Cardinal Spellman (his family Priest). He advised young Kennedy,
"We must Stop Atheistic Communism in SouthEast Asia!" Now much of the
world hates America! That is very wrong also. Many here opposed that
Ugly War. The worst mistake in our
230 year history!

The USA & Winnie Churchill saved
the planet from Adolph Hitler in 1941-45. No one else to do it.

The USA saved the world from Nikita Krushchev's ICBM Nuclear Threat in 1962, the 'Cuban Missle Crisis'. No Nuke War since Hiroshima/Nagasaki saved several million Mainland Japanese lives. Sixty years of Peace, with a Productive Peaceful Japan & Germany. Think on that!

Now, Another "Ayatollah" Dictator threatens to Dominate All Cultures!
They want Nukes to start Armageddon;

An Insane, 1400 year old Kill Culture. Bombs in Madrid, London,
Bombay, Bali, and much of Africa. Crazyness...for Allah?
Do Brazilians wish to live under
Islamic Shari'a Law, put Burka on your women, and YOU on your knees
five times each day, or get a public beating by Piety Police?

I ask that you Count Your Blessings, Where Freedom Reigns!

We Love Our Individual Freedoms; they were Paid For In Blood; Peace
Through Strength! Americans never permanently seek any Land-Mass, or Domination of Any Other Cultures. Never! Any Questions? I'll try my best to answer them with Historical Truth. I have the Dates.

We Americans Are Not Perfect, but we are a force for good.

Beware the Hate-mongers, and the False Prophets. reb


Our Fourth President said:

"The best and only security for religious liberty in Any Society,
is a multiplicity of religious sects. Where there is such a variety of sects, there cannot be
a majority of any one sect, to oppress and persecute the rest!"

~ James Madison, 1787 ~

It is abundantly clear that a bold
Theocracy that chops heads & hands, and bombs their own Shiite & Sunni holy places, and produces Suicide-Bomber Children, will have little respect for South American Freedoms! Think on that, leonardo. reb

Leonardo L. said...

First of all: thank you for your compliment. I might also add that you have a good English too, coming from North-America.

Actually, I was not talking about the Vietnam War, but about Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) bombs. The day 6/8 (or 8/6, in month/day notation) was the day Little Boy was dropped over Hiroshima.

By the way, I took your words and made some little research about it. What I found was very interesting: first, the troops which stopped the German were not the USA troops, but the USSR troops. Churchill was very important indeed: his informations gave advantages to the Soviet troops - but I should remember you: Churchill was English, not North-American.

The second thing was the 'Cuban Missile Crisis': it was very surprising to me that all started when USA built missiles of high reach in a base which directly threatened Moscow. And who offered a deal was Nikita, not Kennedy. As I said before, I think that's action and reaction playing it's very way, again. Luckly, Kennedy was an intelligent guy, and took a step in the right direction accepting the deal.

However, do not think I don't agree with you: you have very good points. For instance, a peacuful Germany and Japan are both a good thing. I really like them that way. What I ask you is: what about a peaceful USA? *That* is my main point.

About your other claims, I'm really astonished. I did not know that some dictator was trying to take over the world. The news around here have no reports about that, as far as I know.

What I see (and hear) every day, are a lot of attacks against countries which have some degree of guilty about deaths and suffering in another countries. And what bothers me more is that these coutries do not take in account the safety of their own citizens. How can a
person in it's own lucidity think that attacking another nation would not generate anger, and some form of counter-attack? People should know these kind of things, specially when these people are presidents.

One think you should ask yourself about: I never heard about an 'islamic terrorist' attack in South America. Of course, people around here send no troops to occupy islamic countries using some doubtful excuse, and they also take little or no place inside those wars. There are islamic people living in this state I live, and they never "treatened" to dominate our culture, or tryed to change my mind on religion/politics. Actually, they seem to be very nice with their neighborhoods, and very well educated.

I should also add that you talked about "false prophets", and this got my attention. I do not belive there should be any prophets: those who belive they are on the "good side" or "making the God's will" are probably wrong, most of the time. People should ask theirselves about reasons, and not about beliefs (or oil), when they want to take millitary actions.

And that's it.



Your Comments Are Remarkable, and for your sake, I would like you to
do some serious research on the beginnings of WWII.

Start with Japan, 1928, when the Imperial Japanese forces moved into
a then defenseless, Mainland China, killed and enslaved many peasant/farmers, etc This Island Nation had dreams of Dominating ALL
Of That Part Of The World! To succeed, They Needed OIL & METALS!
Other Peoples Land! Their Emperor Hirohito was a God-like Ruler!
Once you read up on that, read my
2-page history post. Please do that
(It's Tough Teaching On A Blog!)
Sadly, there have been Wars for the
5,000 years of man's recorded history, by Kings, and Military Generals, and by Religion's Ugly Faces! Kings, Popes & Ayatollahs rule UNEDUCATED man! U.S. of America, Democracy Is A New Experiment! It is now in peril from One Billion Muslims! Saudi Arabian OIL has spread Mosques All Around The World.
I'm happy to hear that Your Muslims
have not been Radicalized, Not Yet!
ARAB MUSLIMS DO fly planes into buildings;
their "Holy Imams" Do teach their kids to Hate Jews in their Madrassa Schools with Mickey Mouse Cartoons, they DO
cut off Heads & Hands, they Do promise Virgins to Suicide Bombers!
Not All Muslims Are NICE!
You don't see it, because of little
knowledge of HISTORY. I think you have good
intentions, but when you tell me that Winston Churchill was British,
I know that your knowledge is very
limited. Of Course He Was British!

Also, the USA was NOT PREPARED FOR WWII, when Hitler was building
his Huge War Machine In The 1930's.

After Pearl Harbor, it took us Two Years to gear-up, then we Supplied
Churchill and Joe Stalin's Russia with Trucks, Guns, Ambulances, Food, etc. and our young civilians trained for war!
I was one of them.
Without the "Arsenal Of Democracy" in U.S. Defense Factories...
British, Russian, & All Americans would be speaking GERMAN today!

Forty Million People Died in WWII. One-Half Were Russian Civilians!!!
450,000 U.S.A. Military Died
In Europe & in the South Pacific!
Freedom Is Not Free! NOT FREE!

I have no selfish motive. I want a
Non-Caring World to Understand History, Before It's Too Late!

Leonardo, please return, After you
have read my History Post. I Want You to have All Of The Truth! reb



Your quote, "The troops which stopped the German was NOT the U.S.A. troops, but the U.S.S.R. troops!" HORSE-FEATHERS!
Leonardo, IT TOOK A COMBINED EFFORT to defeat the Huge Nazi War Machine. Who is feeding you these
outrageous distortions?

a) There were No U.S.S.R. TROOPS
In North Africa, to face Nazi Gen. Von Runstead's Panzer Divisions! It was British & U.S. Divisions.

b) We Saw No U.S.S.R. TROOPS IN ITALY in Sicily, Napoli, Anzio, Rome, Florence, Mt. Belvedere, the
Appenines, or the Po Valley.

c) There were NO U.S.S.R. TROOPS Assaulting the Nazi's 'Fortress Europa', or the Beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. None!

d) It was the U.S. AIR FORCE that
destroyed Hitler's City & Factory, also, Food & Fuel Supplies. Not U.S.S.R. Air Power. Read It!

Read the great body of recorded WWII History, before you pass these
False Rumors on to others. Please!

U.S.A., British, Canadian, and Australian Troops paid for the World's Freedoms in those far-away places. The Russian Winter of 1944 killed many Nazi Divisions on the EASTERN FRONT. The fact that today's generations have little or NO Memory of those Historical Events, is an insult to Freedom's Courage.

You probably never heard of General
Dwight David Eisenhower, bUt he was
the Supreme Commander of All Allied
Troops on the WESTERN Front. In 1953, he became our 33rd President.
We Have Peace-niks Here In My Town that Celebrate "Hiroshima Day" on
August 6th, 1045. They have forgotten in only sixty years,
"Pearl Harbor Day", December 7, 1941! If they really want peace, they should go to the Middle East, talk to the crazy religion that want their 12th Imam Prophet to return...After Armegeddon, WWIII. He died in 941 A.D. Crazy stuff!

Is this enough reference material for your research? Please return with facts; Use your Search Engine; I have an Excellent Memory. Brazilians Need Truth, Not
Fiction & Distortion...If They Value Liberty & Justice For All. reb



Ask Your Own History Professors to
check the Facts I've Given You. Check Encyclopedia Brittanica, and Your Own Portuguese History Books for every event I've mentioned.

I have no motive or agenda to mislead
you, or Lie to you. There are many, many sources to check on my memory. You Find A Single Flaw!

If you find an error, please let me know about it. I welcome your
criticism; I wish to correct any
mistake. Even human memory is capable of error. Some Religious Nuts are happy to Kill The Most Innocent Of Civilians, even their own Children, to Instill Fear; They Teach Suicidal Murder. In Saudi Arabia They Cut Off Muslim Heads (On Friday, Muslim Holy Day) That's SHARIA LAW, Allah's Law, If Anyone Wishes To Convert To A Different Religion, It's A "Sin"
Punishable By Death! Did you know that?

U.S. Law Gives Us Freedom Of Religion, Speech, Press, & The Right to Peacefully Assemble. No Mutawah (Piety Police) in the USA!

Our Great First Amendment, Read It! It's on Your Computer.

The Truth Will Benefit Your Family,
Your Nation & Mine, and also...This Very Fragile Planet!

This Blog Reaches Friends & Enemies
of Freedom Everywhere In the World.

Let Them All Challenge My Basic Statements. Strangely, the Evil Ones Remain Silent, you will see! reb



I see that you are a Young 24!

I wish I could say that!

Are you a Law Student? reb




My History Post is July 4th, 2006

Anniversary 9/11 is Sept 11, 2006

Thank you for responding! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I will dispense with the usual felicitations and address your points.

Initially, I am curious as to what history books provide the basis for your theory of WW II. Obviously ones that lean very far to the left if you truly believe that United States merely played a support role in the defeat of Germany.

Let me remind you of something. Communism is as dead as iced mackerel. It's flagship, the USSR went under in only 70 years. China is Communist in name only. The Cuban Revolution is limited to Cuba and if my country, the US, had a sane policy toward Cuba, Cuba would be our ally as opposed to our adversary and the Cuba Revolution would be as dead as smoked herring.

You may reasonably expect Venezuela's economy to go into the toilet now that Hugo Chavez is running it according to jhis new version of the Cuban Revolution.

Communism does not work at all. Socialism works at best inefficiently and at worst not at all.

That said, and it was a digression from our discussion of history, let's us review your thought that 9/11 was somehow payback for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Did I get that right? Even if I did not, it is important to understand historical decisions in the context in which they were made. Sometimes they consist of a choice of evils.

I will not dwell on imperialist Japanese policy beginning in 1928. If you want a taste of that, Google "Rape of Nanjing," or visit the museum in Nanjing or talk to a person from Nanjing and ask him or her about the way they feel about the Japanese. I use Najing by way of example and not by way of limitation.

The Japeanese were a formidable enemy. Culturally, surrender was not an option for them.

My father was a U.S. Marine in the Pacific Theater. He was briefly part of the occupation force in Japan. He saw where he would have had to land and the defenses to the beaches. He learned how the Japanese government was training civilians--women and children--to kill American soldiers with knives and bamboo spears.

So, President Truman had a choice. Try and conquer Japan in a conventuional fashion and loose at least 500,000 troops or use atomic weapons.

He used atomic weapons and several days later Japan surrendered unconditionally.

So to end a war that the United States did not start--I think you are probably familiar with the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor--President Truman had a bad choice and a worse choice. My father was always happy he made the bad choice.

So how does this connect w/ the WTC?

I should confess at this juncture that reb of Snake Hunters and I are acquainted through correspondence. We concur on some points and not on others. We disagree regarding whether the U.S. shoud have invaded Iraq. We agree about the threat posed by Islamic extremists.

Since your last comment, several doctors and medical personal have been arrested in Great Britain after a failed plot to explode two car bombs in London and to attack the Glasgow airport with a car bomb. Does this make any sense that doctors, whose training is to perserve life, would act in this manner?

Do you believe in evil? I do. I believe that Muslim extremists who target Londoners and Galswegians and innocent people in Iraq are evil. Like mythical monsters, humanity cannot coexist with them and so the choice is really qite simple. Slay the evil monster or die. Do you disagree? If so, I challenge you to publish your argument to the contrary.

This is not to say that all Muslims are extremists who should be destroyed. I am sure the ones in your neighborhood are well educated, hard working, and quite nice. The problem is that the doctors in London were well educated, hard working, and seemed quite nice.

reb is not wrong that some Muslims want the return of the Caliphate and the strict imposition of the Sharia. I love seeing pictures of Brazilian women on the beach. I love watching the Brazilian women play soccer. I especially like Marta and Katia.

Come the Islamic Revolution, the bikinis in Rio will be replaced by burkhas; the statue of Christ the Redeemer will be blown up; Marta and Katia will not be able to watch a soccer game, much less play in one.

Do you think this could happen? No?
I was born in New York City. Did I ever believe that terrorists would hijack jets and fly them into the twin towers? No. I did not.

I am inclined to agree with you about prophets, Leonardo. Truth is a pathless land. But you do not need to believe in prophets to believe in evil. So I ask you Leonardo, do you believe in evil?
Will you resist evil, Leonardo? Or will you stand by idly. If evil has come to New York City can Rio, or Brasilia or Manaus be far behind?

Je reste.


Leonardo, to continue...

Your odd view that only the U.S.S.R.
STOPPED THE NAZI, not USA troops, required a quick response.

We engaged Enemy Military in many
places, not just in Europe. North Africa, Sicily, Italy, then France, Belgium, and we finally met the Russians (for some friendly Vodka) in Berlin in 1945!

Our B-24, B-17, and B-29 Bombers had utterly destroyed German Cities. Later, U.S. Tax Dollars Rebuilt Them, because we are a humane, decent society. That's a fact few today acknowledge! Some nations even HATE US! It's like a spoiled child hating a Parent!



Freedom Is Not Free.

All over the South Pacific, where we also engaged Another Military Giant, crushing the Imperial Japanese Navy, and 5300 "Zero" Airplanes in
great Naval & Air Battles. The Japanese had fortified many Islands
with Landing Strips, and TROOPS!

Freedom Is Not Free.

It was only AFTER Hiroshima A-Bomb,
the USSR offered to help us defeat
Japan! Well, thanks guys! But you are a little late for This War!

North Africa, Italy, France, & The
South Pacific! Will anyone Remember
Pearl Harbor, Fifty Years? Perhaps a few History Professors might. But History is not a
popular subject for young people, is it? reb



It' Not Fun, being the World's Only Powerful Police Force.




Again We North Americans have control of the Air & Naval Power, and yet we hesitate to use it.

If we make the decision to crush the Persian Nuclear (Shiite) in IRAN
we must be careful to strike ONLY the Underground Nuclear Labs, NOT
the 70% Young People that wait for
our Air Strikes. Young Iranians are waiting for The Revolution To Begin.

If we do this with surgical precision, the modern, educated people will rise up, throw the old,
Vicious Ruling Mullahs out of power, and move away
from Radical Shiite Islam, and its
evil, Holy Jihad.

No person can predict future events, but this is the hope for
21st Century Iran. The vicious, old guys and
their Suicidal Plans will fade away. That's my hope for a New Persia. Most are good & decent educated people there!

It's not primitive like Afganistan.

As Iran Goes, so will All Muslims
Follow, throughout the world. reb



"You can always Trust The Americans
to do the right thing...
After they have exhausted all of
the other Alternatives"!


If A Senator Can Keep His Head
and serve his nation with courage,

When all about him, fellow legislators are scurrying about, fearful of their own future in the up-coming election...

And He Remains Resolute, both in War, and in Political Debate, knowing his path may be the more difficult, but the correct and proper decision,

Then you will Recognize A Statesman,
My Son! reb


"IF you can walk with Kings,
And still retain the Common touch

IF you can keep your Head,
When all about you are losing theirs,

Then, you'll be a man, My Son!"

Rudyard Kipling

Leonardo L. said...

Hello again, and sorry to not come by for so long. I will skip the intro part and start clarifying some of my previous thoughts that I wish to make clear:

1) "Snake Hunters", when I said "USSR troops that stopped the German", I was replying your statment:

"The USA & Winnie Churchill saved the planet from Adolph Hitler in 1941-45. No one else to do it."

Actually, a lot of coutries have fought against the Germans, including the USA. However, who gave the final movement in the conquer of Germany, was the USSR. That is my main point: you should not ignore other countries role in that war. If you say "no one else to do it", you instantly take away the efforts from other people.

I could also generate a phrase that distorts some idea, for instance:

"We, Brazilians, are saving Everyone from World Warming. No one else to do it."

Do you see how it sounds like no one else is doing nothing? But we know that is not what is happening, so the phrase is distorted.

2) "The Loop Garoo Kid", I could reply your post saying that my views have not that kind of "leftist" bias, and also say that both capitalism and communism are equally dead. But I will not say this second statment because *I am not here to talk about politics*. I have not the time, neither the will - and I belive being pragmatic is sometimes more important than being ideological.

So, returning to the main discussion.


Going back to Japan, please, mind the fact that I was not discussing about who is right or wrong, *far from it*. I know what happened, I had history lessons a long time ago. I talked about Hiroshima and Nagasaki because I see a lot of differences about killing civilians and soldiers. See, if the intention was to make Japan surrender, why two bombs and not just one? Why to throw Little Boy over Hiroshima center, and not over the military base that existed there? Could less civilians have been killed? As far as I know, there still is some controversy about the bombing decision and the American losses in soldiers.

Googling again, about Hiroshima, I found someone quoting "General Dwight Eisenhower", when he says he believed that "Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary", and that he thought that "our [his] country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives". Quite interesting, indeed. I found some other stuff also, but that's far away from the point.

What I am saying is quite simple: it is awful that Japanese military forces were killing civilians, but by doing a great mass murder of civilians too, USA jumped into an equal level of atrocity. If the killing of the civilians only had the intent to horrify the Japanese, and force the war to be over... well, I should also remind you both: *terrorism made by nations is not different from terrorism made by individuals*.


Then, we go back to 9/11. I cannot say how bad I feel about the victims of this day. I did not wanted to justify one event using another, and I apologize if I seem to be pushing to this direction.

However, what I do not understand is when you both talk about Muslims. Please follow my path of reasoning: if a Muslim did something like that terrorist act, why this means that all the Muslims or Muslims' leaders think that way, or even act that way? Even if they seem well educated, hard working, and there you go. I have heard of some Catholics, good family, and well educated, who killed and burned people because they where "dirty" - as the "Lord's will" was some kind of undeniable truth. This mean Catholics are dangerous? Or this means that *some catholics* have understand that thing called "Bible" completely wrong? Couldn't you apply the same idea to those muslims?

Some people thought that all Jews were bad because of some, and this is how things like Holocausto has ever came to happend. So, what you and "Snake Hunters" say to me about Muslims scares me, because I see this as a new "Muslim Holocausto" coming, with innocent people dying because of some doubtful preconception.

Let me ask something I want to understand: you both have fears that those Muslims will impose us their culture to us, but I do not understand *how*. How could these Muslims ever impose any kind of religion or culture to us? How could they ever try to impose anything? Think not just about USA, but the whole America. Would the use nuclear bombs? Would they threaten us? I really want to understand your views, because I cannot think how they would ever be able to do something like that.

For now, that's it.

Leonardo L. said...

BTW, my references are very simple to find. Most of the facts I quoted, I found searching on Wikipedia and other similar ways. Actually, most of them I still got by memory, so I do not recall exactly where I found them again.

I also found an interesting webpage at this address:


"Snake hunters", I wish I could say I was a 'young student', but as most man by my age, I work 40h/week to have my bills paid. And for my luck, I haven't studied law, but computer science. :-)


I saw some other posts you have written, "Snake hunters", but I have not the time to process the now (research, read, etc). It is not lack of will, just lack of time. Still, I'll try to drop by eventually.

Best regards.


Leonardo, I am so grateful for your
return to this blogsite.
I was shocked & troubled when you stated that NYC 9/11 was a 'revenge
of the world' for Hiroshima! Is this how the great populations of the world see us 60 years after WWII? Do they really believe the U.S.S.R. stopped the Huge
Nazi War Machine In Europe...all by themselves?

Actually, Adolph Hitler was insane when he attacked Russia. He was a house-painter with a mad dream, Not a military genius! But if it were not for the Combined Allied Effort on many battlefields, North Africa,
Italy, Western Europe, AND The South Pacific where Germany's Ally
Japan was The Major, Dominant Military that spread its forces all across Pacific Islands, & into Burma, China, etc. We received No Help from the U.S.S.R. in the South Pacific. None!

Most Importantly, the U.S.A.'s
Huge Industrial Capability, safely protected by Two Great Oceans then, we produced the Weapons of War, the ammunitions, the airplanes, tanks, trucks, the Food, the Huge Marine Fleet (Kaiser
Ship-building) to deliver these war materials to far-flung areas. Nazi submarines sunk 400 ships in the Atlantic, before our new Navy Destroyers sunk them! Research it,
check every word.

All of Europe, all of North & South America, all of Mother Russia would, in the 21st Century, be brutally ruled by
International German Forces. Now they are peaceful and productive.

Nazi would have been First To Have The A-Bomb! Only the USA could get there First, and we did it, not Russia, in Four Short Years! Many millions died in WWII.

Curiously, many Japanese & North American Lives were saved with the
Ugly A-Bomb. We don't like to recall the terrible, burned bodies!
War is Always Horrible. Always Sad,
even with the bloody sword. Why is
ugly war necessary? You tell me.

Remember this, On December 7, 1941
(Pearl Harbor Day) the Japanese Imperial Navy sunk half of the USA
Navy in two hours! We were asleep!

Please check these things for accuracy, I didn't get them from a book, or on the Internet; just from my memory bank! I'm old.
Nazi Germany had less than 100 million people in the 1930's, until they moved into other lands, Poland, Chechoslovakia, Hungary, etc They enslaved them in their own
factories. Check This History.
Now, We Face A Huge THEOCRACY! One Billion Muslims; not all are evil.
Saudi Arabian Oil Wealth continues
to build Mosques & Madrassa Schools
around this planet. Shiite & Sunni
kill each other, when they are not
killing Jews, British & N.American!
It's an old Kill-culture! Do you know Wahhabism? It's 300 years old.

Their Suicide Bombers fly planes into buildings, strap bombs on their kids in Palestine, promise them "heavenly rewards". The Grand
Ayatollahs teach Offensive Jihad (Holy War) against All Infidels, All Non-Believers... Everywhere, Leonardo! Israel is 'Little Satan' and the USA is "Big Satan". Are you too
far removed to see it clearly? Do you know of any other culture that
delights in mass-killing Innocent Civilians? The answer is NO!

It is not amusing or entertaining to be The World Policemen. Who else
is capable of stopping these Insane Fanatics of Islam? Uraguay, Bolivia, or Brazil & Argentina? It's not your challenge, It's Ours!

If the World fails to see it coming
it will be extremely difficult for
North America, again! If the world
hates us, how can we force them to read Accurate History? We are not the 'Bad Guys'In A Hollywood Movie!

We have the Best Laws, but we are
Not Perfect, Not Pure. We trusted
Saudi Arabia... That was a mistake!

If "Holy Men" and their Imams Rule
This World, all clocks will turn back 1400 years. If Iran gets Nukes
and spreads them to the far corners
of Islam, your 'Computer Science' will be forbidden by Sharia Law.

All Science, all Art & Literature,
all Entertainment will be rigidly
controlled by Grand Ayatollahs, and All Women will be the "family animal", beaten publicly or stoned
to death. Read Wahhabi History! Read about "Honor Killings" within the family unit! Very brutal.

The Roman Catholic Domination of Europe in The Dark Ages will seem
a mild comparison!

Your turn. reb



I must admit, my words, "No one else to do it" were poorly chosen
words, and I apologize.

I also said that it was a Combined
Effort! Of course! Many nations suffered, Belgium, France, Poland,
Norway, Chechs, Bulgaria, Russians, Hungary & The British.

I should have said this: While other sad nations were suffering from the Nazi Luftwaffe Airplanes,
the Panzer Tank Divisions, the well-trained Wehrmacht Infantry, we were hastely training for war; our factories were gearing up to turn out the millions on tons of Needed War Material. "Who else to do it?"

Our factories were safe from Nazi bombers. I was 16, when the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor. We had not believed that we would ever be
in another war.

While we were safely At Peace, European Cities Were On Fire. Who else had the potential to build &
Prepare for War. Peace-Lovers said,
"Stay Out of European Wars!"

Then Pearl Harbor, We Were At War!
Only We, Had the Safe Factories, the Safe Cities? "Who Else but the
North Americans, to Get It Done?

That's what I meant to say, "Who else to do it?" Yes, I still believe that North America saved the World from Nazi Domination. Who
else was positioned by fate to do
what we accomplished? Is that a more satisfactory explanation? We helped the USSR in Europe... they did not help us in the Pacific War. They survived the Nazi Machine
because of Allied Power. They were not
Alone! Is that more accurate wording? Your turn. reb


Leo, these are your words:

Third Paragraph: "By the way...

"However, who gave the final movement against the German was not the USA troops, but USSR troops"!!!

While the Russians were battling Germans on the Eastern Front, the British, Australian, and
USA troops were landing on France's

Research the Greatest Massive Invasion In World History! It was on what date?

June 6th, 1944! Not a single Russian anywhere, they were busy.

Russians were busy fighting and
dying, attacking other Nazi Divisions in their own country.

Our Normandy Coast Assault was bloody, Our Paratroopers & Gliders
were magnificent! The Battle Of The Bulge, we were not sipping French Wine & Cheese Snacks, and listening to Parlor Music as
Tourists! No Russian troops anywhere...until
we arrived in Berlin! Then the Vodka drinks, Smiles & Back-slapping. One Evil Empire Down, and One More To Go. Japan!

It was a combined effort in Europe!


President Truman saved millions of
American & Japanese Lives. He gave the order... Hiroshima! What a terrible responsibility! Peace for sixty years, and now...Islam! ONE BILLION MUSLIMS. Think of it, Leo.

Wahhabism, Sunni, Shiite, a 1400 year old Suicidal Kill-Culture, with Old Ayatollahs & Imams! Allah Akbar!

I won't see it, But You Will! reb


Oh yes, Leo.

No U.S.S.R. TROOPS when we rolled into Cherborg, or Paris, France.

Hitler asked General Von Choltitz,
"IS PARIS BURNING?" Answer, "Nein, Mien Fuhrer!" I guess the Russians were busy fighting for their lives, far to the East. reb



Wikipedia is a general info source,
with many views, theories, and contributors. It's hardly an authoritative or scholarly location for History! Caution.
NuclearAgePeaceFoundation, NAPF sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Who doesn't dream of a Peaceful World? Caution. The Trapper baits his prey
with tasty morsels. How else to snare the beaver or mink, to grab his expensive coat. Use Caution!

Send Donation? NO! Keep your money in your pocket. You've earned it!

Stop the Bombs! (Who's bombs?)

PEACE! (a piece of who's pie?)

I've been alert to these programs that cry for Peace...peace at any cost, for many years. Look for the Hidden Agenda. Many people of Goodwill are lead down the very
attractive Garden Path. Good People, that want their kids to have a decent future, free of the Infallible Holy Popes,
"Holy Imams, Ayatollahs, and Piety Police (see Saudi Arabian Mutawah).

Research: Wahhabi.

"Come into my parlor", said the spider to the fly!

I see a few Prominent Names... Caution, Please. Take your time to Research Authoritative Sources.

I spent 18 months looking at UFPJ,
and found she was a hard-core friend of
Fidel Castro, that guy eagerly allowed
Russian Nuke Missiles on his Island. Did he mind risking a heavy Nuclear Response? Not at all, he's a fanatic that has no regard for his people! It's Power Madness.

Today, ask the Cubans Living Free in Florida if they want
to go back home, and raise their families under That Oppressive Dictatorship? Freedom Is Not Free!
Beware of snakes that Speak With Forked Tongues!

Ask yourself why so many of the world's people risk their lives, and their babies lives to reach the U.S.A. Why, Leo? Research!

Look at Germany & Japan in 2007; They enjoy science, industry, labor
markets, technology, education, etc

...then ask more questions! reb

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And what does Jihad offer?

burk s.

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Here It Is: