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( * See 8-page Transcript Lnk in the Comment Section).

INTERVIEW WITH IRAN'S PRESIDENT, MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, Senior Editor Mike Wallace had the premier opportunity to interview President Ahmadinejad last month, and in Snake Hunters view, he failed to present the tough questions this occasion demanded. The following is submitted for the benefit of our Snake Hunters readership for their own private analysis:

President Ahmadinejad, Sir: Thank you for exhibiting the courage to appear before the American Tv audience. We wish to pose some questions that most Americans would like to know about your Muslim culture.

Is It True, that the Holy Quran allows "Honor Killings" of young girls that are perceived having committed a sex crime, even when forcible rape is clearly indicated, and the Father, Mother, or elder son holding the knife-blade suffer little or No Civil or Criminal Penalty?

Is It True, that Holy Imams promise Heavenly Rewards to young Shaheed Martyrs when they murder innocent Israeli riding on a bus, or perhaps sitting in an outdoor cafe? Does the Iranian Treasury pay a reported $25,000 to the family of the hapless young Palestinian bomber?

Is It True, Mr. President, that sinless Imams promise 72 virgins to adults that fly airliners into buildings, killing all manner of religions, racial groups, young and old? Do the Grand Ayatollahs agree with this behavior?

Do some Muslims beat their women in public, and force the females to wear the Black Burka, and generally treat them no better than the family goat? Do they even beat the men that fail to face Mecca, and pray five times each day? Is that the duty of a Mutawah (Piety Police)? Does Sharia (Muslim Law) permit this in your ancient culture?

I've heard that if a Muslim were ever to decide to reject Islamic doctrine, adopting a different faith, he would be found guilty of Heresy, and quickly sentenced to death!Can you say, that you personally, favor is behavior?

Can you even visualize a Protestant Christian, a Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Quaker, Mormon, Jewish, or any other American denomination that would allow this grossly inhumane set of rules that govern behavior?

Finally sir, do you personally believe in the Prophesy of the 12th Imam that disappeared in 941 AD, and that it is alleged will reappear after Armegeddon to bring about 1,000 years of Peace Under Sharia Law? Is that why your people are eager to enrich U-235, to bring about the final great battle, to control all surviving inhabitants on this planet?

** ** ** ** ** ** **

You seem to have had some difficulty answering some of the questions; in fairness, we have prepared a transcript. We hope that you will return to Iran, submit all of our questions to your highly-ranked holy men for their most thoughtful consideration.

Now that an American audience has had an opportunity to really understand your motivation, we shall remain on an Aware & Alert status. We shall deal with any hostile intent, Allah willng of course.




Mike Wallace Interview,8-PrintPage

Steve said...

I think the Pope has these guys number, and they proved it by rioting over his statements. They are bringing jihad, and so few of their enemies see it coming. Many more lives are likely to be shed before we get over our ignorance and arrogance, to address them directly.

Desert Monkey said...

I dont get it o.o Where are the answers.... O.O


YOU don't get it? Our Citizens do
not get it! Hello. For years we've been suffering, bleedimg, & dying
under Offensive Jihad since Nov
04, 1979; France sold Saddam the
Osiris Reactor 1975-1981. Those
awful Israeli Jets took it out in
1981. Now, a quarter century later Saddam's mortal enemy, the Iran Ayatollah wants Nukes For'Peaceful'
Energy Purposes. Yeah, sure.

YOU DON'T GET IT? Well, Europe and America are both having some really serious trouble with the complexities also. Madrid, London, Bali, Bombay, the USSCole, our Embassies...Oh yes, let us not forget 9/11/01. You do remember the Twin NYC?

I believe the answers will remain
behind the mustaches of the Jihad
Suicidal Killers. Mike Wallace had
his premier opportunity to pin the
guy down on national Tv, and he failed to deliver real journalism.

When Wallace asked the first
tough question, the Jihadi Killer
deflected it. He answered with his
own question. "Are you a Zionist Representative, or a Journalist?"

Read the 8-page transcript! Mike
folded his tent. He failed us.

That's why Snake Hunters provided

In the wake of their abject failure
to confront this guy, I felt a moral obligation, an outrage, and
an urgent need to expose these blood-thirsty "holy" men before they achieve a Nuclear Capability.

At least one half of this country
has listened to competing Polemics
for five long years. Fools can win
elections, but they can lose our
hard-won Freedoms! Let us sit down
together and employ Logic & Reason,
not hatred & hot air politics.

It might help, if you re-read the
unanswered questions. reb

Anonymous said...

To: Snake Hunters

Before they offer up two or three hours of boring U.S. Prisons (Yawn)

MSNBC provides us with fast-talking Chris Matthews "Hardball".

Rapid-fire Chris asks a victim a question, then before the guest can finish a response, he rudely fires off another zinger.

He tried this slick technique with
Zell Miller, and magnificent Zell fired back,

"Get Out Of My Face!"

Another prominent Bush-Basher is articulate K. Olberman. This clever
and extremely partisan bonehead is the fellow that throws his desk papers at the TV Camera!

This guy hates Prez Bush, but he
really loathes Top-rated Fox News!

Am I right, Keith?

C.C. Dallas & Austin,Texas

Anonymous said...

You bet your last dollar! Olberman doesn't like the fact that Cable News is a competitive business, and
MSNBC is on the bottom rung of that
ladder. My quess is that Olberman will keep them there. Bud

Anonymous said...


Go directly to "Psychology" Post

See "Self-Analysis" Test at
Number Eleven Comment

It's important to your own
mental health & happiness

Anonymous Rascal

Prometheus said...

You have the admiration of Prometheus, Sir Hunter of Snakes, for being a WWII veteran since Prometheus, though he hates violence, loves things military. And also for being a blogger at 81.

Prometheus thanks you for the comment upon his blog and proceeds to reciprocate.

Prometheus, though not a Muslim, has a fair understanding of Islam. The prophecy of the Hidden Imam has divided Muslims into two factions. One waits patiently for the Hidden Imam to reveal himself. The other wants a global war now, for it was said that the Imam will reveal himself when Islam was under dire threat. Kinda like holding one's breath till he gets the candy, wot? Yes, Islam is rather militant. One can be sure Muslim nukes won't remain peaceful for long. It does take maturity to wield such power and not use it wantonly. Ergo, it might seem obvious that Iranian Uranium would not be lighting up schools, but would be lighting up another Hiroshima.

However, can one quietly overlook the American factor in these events? A number of conspiracy theories suggest 9/11 was an inside job. Besides, America supplied exotic military equipment to both Iran and Iraq. America also went to bed with the Afghans, creating the Taliban. Pakistan has also been the beneficiary of war technology. And now America's got an Islamic problem. Having nuked two cities, having caused the Ozone hole, isn't it a tad surprising that America wants no one else to have nukes or CFCs? "Do as I say, not as I do".
Amazing, wot?

Oh dear, there goes Prometheus' American visa. He'll never be allowed to see the amazing land of the brave and free, for his rants have probably put him on the intel radar. Worse, would they deploy the Alpha Squad to erm.. neutralize him?


Prometheus, Sir:

I would remind you that Hiroshima/
Nagasake saved estimated Two Million Japanese civilian lives, plus another
200,000 American fatalities
to finalize WWII.

The "Cold War" with the Soviets did
last another Four Decades.The world
held its breath in 1962. It was a
tense three weeks during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was avoided when
Hard Logic & Reason of Krushchev &
Kennedy prevailed.

In 2006, we all are witness to Zero
Logic & Reason. None! The religious
'Kill Culture' is the final factor.
Their doctrine looks forward to a
grisly Armegeddon, and a ruthless dictatorship of the 12th Imam.

These Insane Men eagerly pursue a
Nuclear Confrontation. Logic and Reason is not a part of fanatical mind-set. It's, Fulfill the Prophesy! There is no "maturity"
where Grand Ayatollahs rule.

"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven!" reb

Anonymous said...

J.R.A. says:

First it was a long series of
Popes that dreamed of ruling
the world with Absolute Authority;
today we witness the identical fantasy
from the Middle East, with
Islam rearing it's ugly head.

All dictatorships employ Fear, and brute force to retain Power. In the past, Kings gained Authority in
collusion with religion,
or from Military Power.

Representative forms of government
are experimental, a novel concept in the long history of man, where
citizens have an opportunity to
exersize Freedom of Choice.

Have we learned nothing from the
History Books? Saddam Hussein was
Secular, Shiite Iran is Theocratic.
Both systems are extremely brutal.

Nice try SnakeHunter, but methinks
you are "Blowin'In The Wind". jra


To: J.R.A.

Your summary is well-founded in History books by many scholars, and
in our U.S. Constitutional Law.
I have no quarrel with it.

I would hasten to add that our
precious 1st Amendment guarantees
our freedom from the threat of a major religion seizing power, then imposing a strict, brutal doctrine on the entire population with a 'Divine' Prerogative, or Devine Revelation.

All Christian Denominations benefit
from the "Moral Compass" provided
by Independent Faith in Jesus Christ.

No single Sect will ever achieve a
Majority, where a Multiplicity of Sects is appreciated. This is the
genius of Madison & Jefferson!

Long Live Freedom Of Choice. reb

Anonymous said...

It's certainly interesting. I wonder what the Iranian President going to answer.

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't dare expose himself!

Mike Camping

Ron Wilkes said...

depth of anti-Islamic feeling in the USA in clearly on the rise.

Isn't that exactly what the "bad guys" want?



We are weeks away from Elections.

Will there be a significant shift
in the Polls? Does the four-year Soros
"Hate Campaign" pay dividends
for Billionaire George? Do we all
swim in the Uncharted Waters of his
"Open Society"? Stay tuned to CNN
& FOX for up-coming clues, or maybe
just another salacious sex scandle!

Americans love sleezy distortions,
away from any serious peril. reb

brenda larsen said...

Hi Snake Hunter just thought I better say hello from the land of the Northern Lights. bkfuels

Eric -Knoxville said...

Mr. Benn this blog is really good. Im amazed at all the good content that you exhibit. You have an important story to tell, I just hope those who need to hear it do so.

Anonymous said...

..OCT 19, 2006..nor-korean ship is being tracked by us intel..cargo unknown,,destination unknown..
unlikely to be boarded at this time 'til further info is obtained
..this vessel is known to have been involved in shipping military
hardware in the past..end com..

Jana said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. No one really ever has, so I feel like I am talking to myself or writing in a diary.

My friend and I did look up at the sky while we were in Arizona and New Mexico and were quite awed. I took a group of Cub Scouts star gazing one night several years ago. It really is quite different to look up into a night sky far from city lights. So beautiful. I'm a big fan of the moon too. Makes me want to go hiking, how about you?

I,me,myself said...

It's been long since u posted something new..!... Hello.. wake up call! :)


O.K. Here's one just For You:

When all the political hot-air ascends up into the stratosphere it boils down to One Issue:

IRAN has demonstrated its newest
missiles. The Jihad 3, has a range of 1200 miles! They are CLOSE to Nuke Capability; Vladimir Putin is selling them hi-tech ground-to-air, and in 6 months it's Tough.
Tough! In one year, much Tougher!

Question: Do we hit 'em after our
Election, wait and debate for six months? A year or two? Maybe three?

BOTTOM LINE: The Grand Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad WANT NUCLEAR WAR.
'Mutually Assured Destruction' MAD

No debate, no negotiatation, they
want to see the Prophesy of the 12th Imam fulfilled (Armegeddon)!

They Will Not be Deterred. Get It?

Allah Akbar! (God is Great)

Poor John, He Can't Help It!
Senator Kerry was born with...

A Silver Foot In His Mouth.


Hey Sport Fans, How about them Braves? How about Chipper Jones?
Ain't he great?

You say your kid can't wait for
Spring Break, and it's gonna cost a bundle! How about that loud
Rap-Crap? How about that Madonna, ain't she sumpthin' else? Howard Stern's on Satellite Radio now,
Whadda you think about that?

It's a Complex World. reb

emcic said...

Thank you for your service, integrity, and passion, snake hunter. I appreciate much of what your saying, but we must always remember the diversity of the Muslim world...just like the Christian one. Angels and Devils in both. I see the fight as one of non-secular democracy vs. secular totalitarianism...and America itself appears to be unshakably under the control of the later. That's what terrifies me.

Emily In Austin



I attempted to privately thank you,
for your support of this Weblog,
but your Profile was unavailable.

SHIA IRAN is only 15% of the Muslim
population, but their Oil Wealth funds Hamas, Hezbollah, the Sadr
Militia in Iraq. They fund the
Madrasa (schools) that recruit the
Shaheed (Shahid) Suicide Bombers.

They have been working underground
for 15-18 years on Nuclear, not just to 'Wipe Israel Off The Map',
but to achieve Absolute Control of
Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia,
Yemen, Kuwait, UAE, etc., and These
SUNNI know it!

Now, the Saudi Royal Family wants Nuclear, etc, etc.

This War will continue after the Elections. Whoever "wins" a local political struggle here is largely Irrelevant. America is too lazy, or distracted by complexity to fully understand it. that's why
this ol'man created "Snake Hunters"

Merely 'Getting Out of Iraq' solves
Nothing. If we fail there, it will
truly signal a coming disaster.

I mean no disrespect for other legitimate viewpoints.

Many thanks for the kind words. reb

moonlitetwine said...

You know nothing about abuse, dear person. Are you impersonating a warrior?

I live here in the land of the free. HA! Stupid, stupid, man./woman/whomever.

Let's see. I could tell you about the abuse of school children. A nutritional lunch consisting of ketchup as part of a basic food group. It isn't a food at all, as there is more sugar than nutritional value.

I could tell you about cities having funding stripped from them, because they too eagerly saught and found appropriations for special programs to use in the classroom.

I could tell you about children being molested and raped. I could also tell you about refusals of anyone to believe these children, because they did not fit the financial and community profile of having an abusive situation.

Would you like me to go on?

Wake up!!! Peace begins at home. Jihadists know of these situations. Dah! I point at you/you point at me.



When adult men fly planes into buildings, and children are promised heavenly rewards by "holy men" blow themselves up, and...

sincere people are focused on Lack
of Nutrition as the Only Abuse, I am hardly convinced that your strident position is the sole problem facing humanity. Nor do I choose to refer to you as an Inherently Stupid Person.

Your unkind remarks simply lack the depth of understanding and a significantly shocking failure to see other peril. I would classify you as a "One-Issue Personality".

As You Wish, I will Retain or Delete your personal attack on me.

It has no value, and sheds more Heat than Light, my friend.

At your request, I'll be happy to Delete, and give you another opportunity to re-write a more thoughtful commentary.

Take your time, avoid pedantic arrogance. Fair enough? reb


Dear 'moonlitetwine' from Des Moines,Iowa. (Dear Ann),

The Grateful Dead, is one of your favorites. Ahh. Now I have a loose grip on your stridency.

Jerry Garcia is dead, of course. He
fell victim to a liking for the Magic Hemp, Pakalolo, Maui Wowee! This led inevitably to more lethal
forms of self-indulgence.

'The Dead' is...dead.

Your own road is not without bumps as a kid. You Are Not Alone as an orphan.
I easily tolerate insults well, and
I better understand your Singular Concern With Abusive Behavior.

Self-abuse of the mind with Chemicals is so terribly common, so all-invasive,
and among the most subtle of all. Even more destructive than a 140
decible over-amplified guitar that
Snaps a Young Mind.

All of the above are far more dangerous than a bottle of Heinz Catsup! reb

rubarzan said...

You seem to be good in saving lives. Could you let your readers know how many lives have your Napalms saved in vietnam?



Sorry friend, you've placed me in the wrong war, wrong continent,
and killing people is a dirty, cruel, insane piece of business.

Doing your best too stay alive each
day is foremost on the mind. You know, Self-Preservation!

It's the Jihad mentality TODAY that
is geared up for Suicidal Killing.
They blow each others Mosques, if
there are no Infidels around.

Wars are recorded for 5,000 years.

Are you hinting that I enjoy this
Insanity? If so, try another brand
of hallucinogen, pal. reb

Anonymous said...

Smitty says:

Snake Hunter, Sir

The Multiple Pimps of Hate Bush
Pander to Youth & Inexperience
They don't have a clue.

Ignore them. Keep on blogging.

"Smitty" Ft Lewis, Washington

rubarzan said...

I am not familiar with pal; reb and so on. To be honest I don't even know what that means. English is my third language, so you understand me if I don't master it enough. Now that you have visited my blog ( kindly) I guess you know very well my opinion about the Ayatollahs corporation. Problem with you guys is that you are able to see the dangers and the harms that the Jihad story is inflicting to our world but you are not capable of looking to the other side of the world and what it has caused to us in the tird world. When you were dividing the world between yourselves and the Soviets, you declared our part of the world the war land were you were confronting your political, economical and military powers. It did not matter if as the result of CIA coup d'Etat in Iran we lost very valuble 40 years while you all were constructing your countries. It did not matter to you when you were destroying every corners of south America just to be sure that your East-West war wouldn't arrive to your own doors. It is too easy to talk about culture when people have been given the chance for few successive decades to listen , read and discuss the goods and the bads. In Iran these possibilities were not existing. For over 40 years, Shah was trying to impose the western way of life in the country by using army, secret police and so on instead of books and free media, and now since 30 years another gang of clowns made of Ayatollahs are trying to impose another way of life that apparently has been advised by a guy about 14 centuries ago. And between all these monsters, we have a miserable population of 60 million people who are rejected by west because they are born there, and are being repressed by their own rulers. So grtting to know their environment, how do you want to "Sit Down and
Reason Together"? And for which future generations? Those who are going to be born in the States or those who are going to have the same sufferings as the present generation? Ans when we sit down to reason together, are we going to sit and reason as we are doing in the UN or it is going to be different for once. Every piece of me hates these ill mental people who claim themselves to subtitute God on earth. Not a day passes where I don't look at the sort of these people and regreting the time and efforts which are being lost because of their madness. But I do not have enough arguments to convince those who follow the road that are showing to them the Mollahs. I think you Snake Hunters, are attacking the problem from a werong angle. We don't need to have a PhD to understand the Islam that they are claiming to defend is full of nonsenses. So we won't get anywhere by trying to prove that. If we really are trying to get somewhere.
At least it let us talk to each other and exchange ideas.


I see quickly, that you are a sincere man with Goodwill. Not a
person seeking Absolute Power.

The Roman Popes claim Infallibility
and 'Divine Prerogatives'. That is
an Outrage! They are merely men in
costume, and weird, funny hats.

The Birthplace of Civilization was
in your area. King Hammurabia gave
us the first Written Law... Rules
Governing Conduct! A great start.

Men here too, wish to Rule Us With DEVINE CLAIMS, but 1st Amendment stopped them from Absolute Power.

Now we are blessed with Multiple
Religions. No single Sect claims, or forces an Absolute Rule, and the brutality that always follows.

If Islam had a 1st Amendment (LAW),
in your Quran, a wise gift, then
this planet would be a safer place.

No Grand Ayatollah could order the
Wahhabi Head Chop, or Right Hand Cut Off, or prayer five times per day! Women would be allowed equal status to CONTRIBUTE to society. They are not the Family Goat, they
are equally human.Equally of value!

Wrapping youthful Shaheed with bombs would end! Ayatollahs & Imams
might be forced to seek employment.
Let them compete in a marketplace.
Total Power Corrupts Absolutely!

Allah, Jehovah, Jesus might smile!
No mere man Dare Control My Mind. It's Freedom from Holy Oppression!

Islam needs to limit Ugly Power of Church Brutality. We Don't Burn "Witches" now, but we did 200
years ago. Do you see it?

Your Thoughts,Comments Are Welcome!

reb (my personal intials. I would like to be your Pal, your friend).
Communication between two cultures is marvelous, don't you think? reb