Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Message from the Ghost of General Patton....


To those whining, panty-waisted, pathetic Maggots, it's time for a little refresher course on exactly why we Americans occasionally have to fight wars.

See if you can tear yourself away from your "reality" TV and Starbucks for a minute, pull your head out of your flabby ass --

Abu Ghraib
is not "torture" or an "atrocity".

This is the kind of thing frat boys, sorority girls, and academy cadets do to newcomers A little fun at someone else's expense. Certainly no reason to wring your hands or get your panties in a wad.


an atrocity!

So Was This!!!




Islam a peaceful religion??? Millions of these sons-of-bitches are plotting as we speak to destroy our country and our way of life any way they can. Some of them are here among us now.

They don't want to convert you and don't want to rule you. You are a vile infestation of Allah's paradise. They don't give a shit how "progressive" you are, how peace-loving you are, or how much you sympathize with their cause.

They want you dead, and think it is God's will for them to do it.

Some think if we give them a hug or listen to them, then they'll like us... and if you agree? Then you are a dumb ass!

If they manage to get their hands on a nuke, chemical agents, or even some anthrax -- you will wish to God we had hunted them down and killed THEM while we had the chance.

Stop bitchin' about your damn Health Care, Social Security, Gas prices, and your measly 3.25% unemployment rate...and start worrying about you, your family's, and your friends' asses.

How many more Americans must be beheaded. You've fallen asleep AGAIN, maggots! And you may not get another chance!.




ASS --

and let every person you give-a-damn about.. if you ever gave a damn about anything, know about this blog.




Attention Loyal Snake Hunters:

This Reality Weblog has attempted to provide our readership with a
thoughtful blog, with a style that
is suitable for nearly anyone.

The old General's comments are a
bit salty, but contain a message for those that have no experience
on a battlefield, yet feel somehow supremely qualified to spew their insults & lame slogans at any leader that confronts the Kill-Culture of International Jihad.

This Editor has decided to retain
the message, and to advise any who
are offended to tap History Post.

No colorful language there, just a solid chunk of Reality for the hate-mongers and political pundits to absorb in the safety of their homes. reb

Anonymous said...

These remarks are typical of the way he might have spoken to an odd
mixture of citizens. He wasn't shy


Anonymous said...

Ha! The neo-hippies, mal-contents,
and government bashers will not pay
attention to this old man. They are
too busy with their Play-Stations
and Game Boys, smoking dope, and
making Peace Signs to give anybody
anything but lip. Disgusting!

Keep rattling their cage, Snake H.

Dottie from Maryland

Anonymous said...

The world is a dangerous place

not because of those who do evil,

but because of those who look on...

and do nothing.

Albert Einstein

Yankee Doodle said...

Oh, they are kind of stuff that drives me nuts!

By the way, have you heard the Minnesota airpot incident?

Anonymous said...

Patton was a fag.


The Above Comments are made by a
person that has not thoroughly examined the History of Saudi Wahhabism, nor the 12th Imam Prophesy, but why bother? He already has the Truth from the Democratic National Committee, and five years of Hate-Bush Chanting ala George Soros. Isn't that
plenty for hard-core Sport Fans and Hollywood Celebrity Idol- Worshipers turned into overnight Religious-War Strategists and Foreign Affairs Experts?

He doesn't know, or even care that innocent kids in that culture are
Conditioned from Infancy with daily
cartoons to Hate Jews (Little Satan)
and the USA (Big Satan) before they
are old enough to read al Jazeera?

Kids do love those cartoons!

At twelve years, boys and girls
are easily coaxed by a "Holy Imam" into a Suicide Vest to kill all the
"Monkeys & Pigs" in Israel.

Therefore, our esteemed Guru tends to shut out the words & ambitions of Ahmadinejad, and That Guy Does Tell The Truth About His Plans for the The Entire Infidel World!

The Shia scholars in Iran tremble in silence. The Sunni scholars tremble for their families and close friends, and the rest of the Sunni Arab World, and are really worried about Iran's Nuclear Capabilities. Now several nations in the Middle East also want
Nukes to counter-balance Iran!

I wonder if our machiavellian 'hate-
all other opinions' fellow
has bothered to read the 'History' Post. I rather doubt it. He believes he already has
Truth from the Hot-Air Balloons he sucks.

That's what Freedom of Speech is all about. Let the readership hear
both sides, then let thinking citizens make the prudent choice.

Today the USA faces a challenge unlike anything in our 230 years
as a Freedom-Loving People.

It's a 1400 year-old Kill-Culture wrapped in an Ancient Doctrine that needs careful scrutiny. Put Sharia (Islamic Law) under a
liberal microscope, then speak.
Start with 'Offensive Jihad'.

The Gods Jehovah, Allah, and Jesus are unfortunately Mute in the 21st Century, and fallible men are eager to become spokemen. Popes, Grand Ayatollahs, & Televangelist
Rev. Falwell and Pat Robertson
are quick to claim HIS Authority! Secular Progressives are not far behind them, bristling with slogans
and hate chantings.

Name-callers are shallow thinkers.
They reveal themselves early on. When George Bush is gone, and the
problems are still there, they will
hopefully mature. Knowledge & Wisdom are not gained overnight.

In 1979 the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini grabbed our embassy in Tehran when a sweet-talking,
"Peace-Loving" Jimmy Carter was in
the Oval Office. Think about it.

Never compare a Big-Mac, Biggie Fries, and a Diet-Coke with a Seven-Course Dinner. reb


When the complexities of ancient
wars, and undeniable Historical Fact overwhelm the shallow critic, he is strangely compelled to throw
mindless insult in the direction of those that do understand that this struggle will be decades long.

Insults and finger-pointing offer no solution to Global Offensive Jihad, and the ridicule tends to boomerang back upon the foolish
and the gullible that are the true
victims of absurd hate propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Snake Hunter, It would be great to hear the great General give that speech. It makes me happy to know there are others out there who are not willing to lie down and appease those who wish our society dead. I just hope the rest wakes up before we have a real mess on our hands.

Thanks for swinging by our blog.

Anonymous said...

"Sir, yes SIR, General Patton, Sir!"

Blogged and EMailed...Great stuff!

Cheers, Sergeant Ronbo

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting a link to
Snake Hunters on Freedom Fighters!

I would suggest that all our friends~~to
tap your name after they read our History post. The ronald barbour (in blue) will get you to another
AAAAA Weblog, the Freedom Fighters Journal.
Another serious blogger! reb

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit old boy!

You can to get tough to get action in the West. Too much lazing around and living in bubbles has made for a blinkered and brainwashed society.

Check out my blog to see how I whip 'em into action.

Anonymous said...

I've linked to you by the way. Maybe you would like to reciprocate.


Freedom Is Alive In Tony Blair's
British Isle. Another hearty voice,
another link. This time from the
other side of the pond!

Tap blue again for a lively spirit.

>britney british. A Friend Indeed!

Welcome Aboard! Cheerio! reb

Snake Hunters Weblog

Terry C, An American Again said...

You folks sure TALK big.

Thanos said...

I read some of your blog. You're old so it's ok. One tends to get grumpy and absolute with age (at the very least). I thank you for your service, but it would be better if you said nothing further. You're embarrassing yourself and your country by turning into the very man you fought so long ago: Adolf Hitler.


These grouchy ones throw mild
insult with ease, With No Serious Specificity.

Read History post, find a single
error, and I'll be happy to credit
your skilled reportage for our readers.

Truth is our Game, Accuracy is our Aim. However, we are less than perfect, and occasionally subject
to error. So, stifle the mindless
name-calling, find a mistake, and
I'll be grateful to you.

If you've been infected with the
"Hate Dubya Virus" we understand.

We've been watching their campaign
since 9/11. Potent stuff!

P.S. Don't challenge a Pit-Bull,
if all you have is Rubber Teeth. reb

Thanos said...

The same post you made could have been made in an iraqi blog - only the pictures would be different. Instead of the twin towers you would see bombed civilians. So what? Accuracy? Really? You present one side - your side - of the story and I don't expect anything else.

All I want is one, ONE american to come out and say it.


That would be fine, I understand the need of empires (and smaller states too) to further their policies by any means necessary. But do NOT give me bull about freedom, democracy, helping iraqis shake off their tyrannic rule.

I'd rather have a truthful imperialist than have to sit through the pitiful charade of an honorable man (Colin Powell) lying through a two-bit Powerpoint (tm) presentation.



The above author is an educated person that claims an association with the "science" community...and pedantic arrogance is not uncommon
in our own Universities in the USA.

Apparently he has made his choice between our balanced-power, two party system, and the blood-soaked
Theocracy of Radical Islam. Their announced intention is to destroy Israel (Little Satan), and (Great Satan) the USA. IRAN's words and their intentions are unmistakable.

We, and the Russians have had the
awesome military power to destroy
all life of this planet for over
five decades, and somehow we've managed to avoid Mutually Assured
Destruction, M.A.D. (We both suffer from
the Self-Preservation Syndrome).

The Ayatollahs & Imams in IRAN, hoping to see the Madhi, the missing 12th Imam's Return, to fulfill their Prophesy of Total Domination, have no such qualms about a Nuclear Holocaust.

My opponent chooses, for the sake
of political debate, to side with
the bloody Grand Ayatollah's plan.

We have the military capability of
"Wiping 69 Million Iranian Off The
Map" in a single week, but as of this writing, we hesitate. Do we
wait until the wild ones get their
Nukes? This is the dilemma facing
our leadership at the end of Year

Now, who faces this decision about
a Preemptive Strike to buy a timid
world more time? Does a Mute God sit watching with casual interest,
wondering what foolish man does next? Stay tuned... reb

Your turn, professor.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you deleted my more sober post while leaving the one that you feel most usefully caricatures your opponent.

When I pointed out that you might be more effective at convincing people of your views if you employed calm, rational argument rather than such a violent tone, I was making the following point. You seem to be trying to do one of two things:
(a) Persuade people who disagree with you to change their mind
(b) Rally people who already agree with you to feel solidarity with you and more aggression against your opponents.

The aggressive, insulting, and loaded tone of your arguments and choice of words makes it clear that even if you are trying to achieve (a), you can only in fact achieve (b). For it is a fact well-established by psychological research and common sense that people who would otherwise be receptive to an argument shut themselves off to it completely in the face of aggressiveness and insults.

The real tragedy of this is that you are an older man, with plenty of life experience, and presumably therefore the benefit of wisdom that comes with such experience. Perhaps you have excellent reasons for holding the views you do, and if you do it is a disservice to others that you harm your own cause in this way.

If your views are correct, which they may well be, then you would do others a favour by expressing them in a persuasive way, rather than in this way, which is bound to only alienate those who disagree with you and cause those who agree with you to simply nod approvingly and then move on.


I rarely leave four or five wordy
paragraphs of rambling criticism,
and with apologies to Jay Leno's style, especially when they hide behind anonymous tag... So, I'll
ask "Point, & What's Your Point"?

You have not accused this Weblog of
inaccuracy, or mean-spirited effort
is deceive the innocent as is so often the case with the mindless
'Hate Dubya' crowd. "He lied to get
us into Iraq" or He's a Nazi", and
"Patton's a Fag", etc

This time, your measured tone is
more reasonable, though I don't take your remarkable switch too
seriously, for you've exposed your
notions and sentiments clearly.
This effort is well-phrased, but
You Choose a Personal Attack On Me!

I'm old (so I'm lucky;I Know That).

You wish a less violent tone? So that I could be more effective? Oh,
golly, maybe you did get some value
from History Post! Fine. (Or are ya
just Shuckin' & Jivin' me?).

Aggressive,Insulting,& Loaded Tone?

Now you've hurt my feelings. I've
always tried to Inform & Alert all
citizens about heavily funded, and
skillfully crafted Hate Dubya Stuff

Also the 15% percent Shi'a (Shiite)
Muslim clearly announce they'll
Wipe 5 Million Israeli Off the Map,
dominate all other Muslim Nations with Nuclear, then Europe, and then
Finally kill all in the land of the
Great Satan. Hey, THAT'S US! Maybe
these Kill-Culture Guys are serious
and want a Nuclear Armageddon. Is
that possible? Are they insane? Do they really fly planes into things,
and strap bombs on their kids? Allow Honor Killings? Force women to wear Beehive Suits?

Naw, probably just more Bush Lies.

Hey machievelli, check out this
medical doctor's "thanos" remarks.

He says:

I'm Old, and turning into a monster
Adolph Hitler! Should I ignore him too? What's your sage advise?

If we force-feed History post; if
we encourage thoughtful discussion rather than Hatred, Is that so bad?

Hey man, I'm runnin' as hard as I can...but I'm old. So don't expect
miraculous performance, O.K? reb


is at times difficult. I wish I had
better verbal skills and could treat all with fairness & perfect decorum they deserve. Now, that's
a tough order, when one is certain
the other fellow lacks experience
and his only weapons are crude insult, vulgar to dirty language,
or parrots the smear merchants of
discontent. Slogans win Elections!
All ya need is 'Charisma'...Right?

They chant Cowboy, Dubya, Nazi, Fool, Incompetent, Liar, Murderer, Neo-Con, Impeach Him! WMD's, Katrina.

Check the Blogosphere, it's just about 90% Negative. Bush! Cheney!
Rumsfeld! Halliburton! & Throw the bums out! Sounds great, who's this
Halliburton guy. what does he do?
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
So, Old Fellow says Enough! I'll
counter their Hot-Air with Logic,
Reason, and some Historical Fact...

Hey guys, Jimmy Carter, 1979, do ya
remember Khomeini & our hostages?

Aw, he's old, grab that Peace Sign,
let's get to the Rally, they got a
Rock Band and Free Kool-Aid. WoW!
Got any weed?

Ayatollahs love it. "Their people hate Bush too!" See what this nut politican said? Put it on our al Jazeera Tv tomorrow.These Infidels help us; the fools will fall like a ripe fig! Already Half of them
seek an "Exit Strategy!" Ours blow
themselves up for Allah! We have
dummies too, and ours can Kill.

Tell me again that I'm old, and cannot see. GeeWhiz, I didn't know that!

Think I'll Delete This, but it was fun typing a Silly Rant. reb


Hey, thanos, Conqueror & worship death guy that comes down from Titan to enlighten earthlings...

And my well-spoken machiavelli,
that alternates between insult,
solid advise, and ridicule...

Come on back! You both have the
ability to leave within our Comment
Section a brave thought deserving
a permanent spot. Enough picking
fault with me, address the serious
problems of facing up to a brute
Religious Doctrine of 1400 years
of Kill, Torture, and Maiming &
treating their women like a Goat.

Sharia was quite active before our
Declaration Of Independence was
signed, before Thomas Jefferson
was born. They had slavery before
Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.

Let's get down to what They Need To Change In Their Culture. For
just a brief moment, let us give
Democrats & Republicans a breather.

Wouldn't it be a step up, if they
had a 1st Amendment to counter the
Sunni/Shiite killings?

Can either of you recite those
magnificent words? Short, but Oh
So Sweet. Do I sound like a
Peacenik Dreamer? Well, I AM! reb

Anonymous said...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

Award Code

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

Award Code

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I fear christian fundamentalists as much as I Islamic ones. The difference? The Christian ones don't have control of the government ....yet. And thankfully, with the November elections, we've put them off a little longer.

Ah...the sweet smell of the right wing.

Culture Warrior.


You betcha!

Your Secular/Progressive views that have already stripped the EU of their "Moral Compass", but if our schools would just teach our History! The lack thereof...only points to your own loss of faith in Tom Jefferson's Wisdom as delineated in our First Amendment.
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of (a) religion, nor interfering with the free exercise thereof'.
James Madison: "The only security for religious liberty in any society is a multiplicity of sects...

Where there is such a variety, there cannot be a persecute and dominate the rest".

Islamic Sharia, and the world, would benefit from such thought, and your family would be safer if 'Neo-Libs' understood it!

O ye of little faith...continue to
indulge in harsh slogans to demean
and ridicule Common Sense & Valor.

Your lame, self-righteous posture
saddens me. reb

Anonymous said...

First, don't call me a secular progressive. I despise it when right wingers try to label people to dehumanize them. Name calling is what the righties do, so I shouldn't be surprised.

If you must call me something, call me a socialist. I'd rather be that than liberal, conservative, or right or left wing.

Next, I have nothing to do with stripping the EU of anything. That would be like me trying to accuse you of encouraging racist violence in France because of your nativist views.

Next point: (sorry I have to organize my entry this way, but I'm just responding to your rambling rant point by point) you accuse me of having lost faith in the first amendment. Again, you make wild assumption based on little or no information, something that you and your kind love to do to avoid dealing with a reasonable argument that might lead to your accepting you're wrong.

As for my lame, self-righteous posture...well..web sites like this make it easy for me to be self righteous.

I have a proposition for you. If you want to debate one or two points at a time, without the personal attacks, then bring it.
I love rigorous debate.

An aside: I can't address any of this on my own blog. I have tried to keep my own blog free of politics. I've reserved it for my writing and for a few other interests. I was concerned about polarizing people by getting into a discussion of my leftie beliefs.
By the way, thanks for the personal attack there.And no, my earlier statement on your blog wasn't an attack on you, but an attack on a belief that you put forward for exploration and comment.


Stewart, Dec 03,2006

First, I wish to thank you for the
courtesy of responding to our Reality Weblog. That degree of courage is difficult to find when you're facing off an opponent well-armed with historical fact, and an honorable tradition. Risking a trade with a tired, brutal, failed policy? Shades of Marx? Lenin?

Joseph Stalin? He killed more fine Russians, than he did Nazi.

Vladimir Putin may dream of the Good Ol' Days, following Nikita Kruschev. Do you really admire any of those thugs? Do you teach the glories of Socialism to your own freshmen students?

Trade Our Rules Governing Conduct, with a foreign system that hopes to supersede and strives to abolish by force, the
hard-won legal traditions. Compare
any nation, or ancient religious
doctrine from Hammurabi, Wahhabism or Sharia to Falwell, Robertson, Jackson, Sharpton, the Jim & Tammy Faye Charade, or Oral Robber. O.K.

Try your Socialism on a bunch of
Terrorist-Killers, then double your Life Policy at 'Progressive' Insurance. Yeah, Peter Lewis type,
or George Soros 'Open Society'.

I do not despise you for calling me
a "Fundamental Christian" although
my incredibly talented daughter will agree that I Do Not Qualify for that honorable title, for I only have the faith of a mustard seed. Allow me to unburden you from such foolishness.

I admire Jesus. He made some strong
statements about hypocrites praying
in public (and presumably that includes on the Tv). Matthew 6.5

He also confounded pious rascals that wished to stone an adulteress with Mosaic Law, John 8:3-11

"Sweet smell of the Right Wing".

Now, there you go again, Stewart.
Demonizing a hard-core "Middle of the Road Jeffersonion, Blue-Dog
Democrat! Ain't you ashamed?

In your words,'my lefty beliefs'
and admitted loyalty to Socialism.

I also dislike unkind, inaccurate
labelling, and dismiss the tactic as unworthy to meaningful dialogue.

I dismiss the "talking points" of Howard Dean, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, & Nancy Pelosi as 'Hot-Air Balloons', unworthy of the label Democrat. Where have all the
Statesmen gone within that Party?

They undermine, diminish, degrade,
dehumanize, spew poisonous hatred of leadership in a Time of Great
National Peril. They win votes and
temporary Power Seats, don't they?

I cannot help but wonder if your neo-Socialist views in any way parallel those of Jacques Chirac or
Vladimir Putin? Those two are in bed with the Ayatollahs, and that
stooge Ahmadinejad. Tell me that you don't buy into the 12th Imam
Prophesy. A good Socialist would
never do that, just to beat down evil Capitalism. Naw, foolish me.
I forgot, Marketing/Distribution
is your second love, and Gaming!

Tell me this, do you favor a Powerful United Nations helping us to readjust our Foreign Policy ala
John Kerry? Sorry, strike that.His big mouth just eliminated himself
from all hope of any Nomination. Besides, the Oil-for-Food Scandle
just precluded any odds, in the near-term, of delegates getting
more fat & juicy OilVouchers from IRAN...and Saddam, Uday & Qusay are History. But they're still blowin' each others know, those "holy guys".

So, I'll conclude. If you wish a debate, Bring Documents! Bring your
Communist Manifesto, Socialist Mein Kampf, Sharia, anything that
stands as a tough challenge to Our U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and
contain Civil Rights, Judicial Process, Freedom to Think & Speak Independently, Freedom to work at
any legal enterprise, Freedom to believe in a God (or in no god), Freedom to Peacefully Assemble, to
Choose Military Service, or run a
small business, or create a huge
corporation. Freedom to reject the
Ayatollahs & Popes, or the shrewd
Televangelists that beg gullible souls for $1,000 "Seeds of Faith".

Demonize you? Not at all, I admire
your spunk. To err is Human; My
Forgiveness is a valued trait. reb

Sempre Fi/Sempre Preparatus/
Sempre Dirieto! reb

Anonymous said...

I don't mind fundamentalists. Of any group. If we adhere to the definition most accepted. I do have a problem with extremists. I have a problem with Islamists who blow up buildings. I have a problem with Christians who do the same.

Since you want to know my leftist views, I will give them to you: I believe that people deserve to be treated with dignity and fairness. I have a problem in this country with the disparity of wealth. It is horrible that our government has been bought off by the corporations and that only about five percent of the population control about ninety percent of the wealth.

What I would like to see is the government cleaned of corruption and of private interests, at least those which offer gifts. I believe in a total overhaul of the campaign finance laws, and would love to see campaigns totally financed with public money.

I would like to see a redistribution of wealth in the form of shifting the tax burdens and forcing corporations to stop this nonsensical approach to globalism in the way of tariffs and other controls and restrictions in trade.

What astonishes me is why you assume that a socialist would have any sympathy with Stalin or any totalitarian? The Soviet Union was never a communist state. There are things about China that I have admired, but Mao was a brutal dictator.

Why do you make these assumptions?

Look at the views I have offered, and let's focus on your response:
1) the current disparity in wealth and political power in the country
2) political corruption
3) globalism.

I will bet, if you are honest with yourself, there is more commonality between our views in these matters than there are differences.



Stewart, Dec 04, 2006

a)First thing first; identify the fine institution that grants you the privilege to expound your dubious, and unproven theories.

(b) Point to a model nation that
exhibits the fairness & dignity so lacking in the United States of America. One or two that you admire...
Or a country that illustrates the
checks and balances on Absolute Power from either church or state.

c) Distribution of Wealth. Theory
and Actuality are totally different
breeds of animal. It remains the clever Pitch Man's Ploy to grab dictatorial control over
the "great unwashed"...
the'proletariat'. Recall Leon Trotski, and what the KGB did to him? His body found in Mexico. He died from a hatchet stuck in his head. He ran, but he could not hide. The KGB didn't have Polonium 220 in those days. The Political theorists like yourself are killed or banished to a less comfortable place immediately, the real intent
and the cold-iron fist of despotism
and brute thuggery emerge. Dignity & Fairness is hardly a priority.

d)Social Theorists are dreamers that spin fine Gossamer Filagree with artistic fervor, & these are the first to suffer the reality of
an Adolph Hitler or Joe Stalin.

c)U.S. Corporations that cheat, Lobbyists that bribe trusted officials, and those that receive loot, all should suffer manditory minimum sentences. Judges must not be allowed to legislate.

d)The taxpayer should be persuaded
to fund All electorial debt. Cheats
should be impeached. The cost of
of today's campaigns boggles the
mind of a CPA. Tv spot commercials
limited, with funds preportionate
to the desired office.

e)A five-year, billion-dollar Hate Campaign engineered and funded by a
George Soros or Peter Lewis should
be impossible if sensible law were
enacted to foil the hidden agenda. Just think of the benefits society
has missed, the buildings and highways waiting, hospitals still on drafting boards, and the jobs unmanned!

There is much commonality, dignity,
and respect possible if we show goodwill, sincerity & common sense.

"Fix reason firmly in her seat, call to her tribunal every fact,
every opinion, question with boldness, even the existance of a God..."

The above words are not my own.
They were authored by the man that was assigned to write the brave Declaration of Independence... Thomas Jefferson.

Our Constitution is an evolving
document, it's design is profound genius. It stands ready for us to
improve it. You and I suggest some
things that are viable.

Whatever you do, whatever class you teach, do not attempt to delberately alter its fundamental structure, or replace it with
Unproven Socialistic Theory. reb



Have you witnessed this exchange
between two adult men, each with their own separate life-experience?

One, a university professor, with admiittedly left-of-center views...

the other a proud, Jeffersonian Democrat, finding common ground,
and respectfully speaking civilly
to each other? Have you noticed the
gradual change in tone?

Is this a great country, or what?

Somewhere in the Bible it suggests
that reasonable people with conflicting ideas should just learn
to "Sit Down And Reason, Together"

Prof. Steinberg offered that there "might be more'commonality' between us than differences!"

Oh yes! Stay tuned in. reb

Anonymous said...

Mama Always Said:

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know what your gonna get,


'Specially when dealing with
erudite college professors!



DECEMBER 06, 2006


in five mind-twisting years, headed
by James Baker, is released today!
President Bush has just rec'd this
report, and it is crystal-clear this group
has only the Best Interest of Our Nation, without the usual Hateful, Poisoned Polemics and Hot-Air Tirades of mean-spirited Partisanship! Will it signal the end of the finger-pointing,
distortion and name-calling?

United We Stand, Divided we are
Vulnerable. Has Common Sense Arrived Too Late On Iraq? reb


I refer you back a few Comments to
"thanos" in Capital Letters...


We have depleted our Treasury to the tune of $400,000,000,000 and
the death of nearly 3,000 troops in IRAQ...

Let our people decide...Who Lies,
Who Purposely Distorts? reb


December 8, 2006

To: Professor Stewart Steinberg

From: Snake Hunters

Sir: In your own words, you wished
for "rigorous debate". Let's begin with your own pet notions on an equitable Redistribution of Wealth

How should we best implement this
grande scheme? Would all citizens
equally benefit? All, implying both
rich & poor, young & old, wise & the foolish, gifted & senile, law-abiding and the criminally insane,
productive, and the lazy rascals?

Question: What methodology should
we employ to maintain a necessary
Equalibrium over the long haul?

Are we, in the process, willing to
abandon Ambition, Creative Genius,
and the reward system for extra effort...the tough work necessary
to get that College Degree?

Abandon All Competition in favor of the Public Dole?

WHEN do I get my first check? reb

Anonymous said...

Pretty heated exchange..!
Lemme donate my own share of embers to da discussion..

I am not a very staunch suppotter of either of the political views.. And yet, I agree with reb tht there's a deep chasm between ideologies and their practical applications..

Equitable distribution of wealth as a vision may sound grandiose.. so is removal of political corruption.. But its not something as simple as shearing away the ailing branches of your frontyard bushes.. Income inquity may sound harsh but (as reb said already) isn't stripping the worthy in order to set straight the economic balance, harsher?
There gotto be other means of achieving balance than pulling the upper echelons down to level with the lower ties..

Do we not require then a new science of socialism itself and that makes the plan then a little too ambitious for its convinient implementation..

The two parallel lines of thoughts do meet at the horizon...but horizon is and remains a long way off..


To: Prof. Stewart Steinberg

Please do continue sir. We would appreciate your expanded views on
how we might best implement your notions of Wealth Distribution. Be thorough now, you have whetted our insatiable curiosity. reb


NEWS BREAK! DEC 12, 2006
New House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi has selected Democratic Congressman Reyes (TX) to an important position, and this guy...

doesn't know SHIITE (Persian) from a SUNNI (Arab)! A 'New Direction' Loudly touted by the Democrats?

Trouble Ahead, friends!

Power-Politics & Stupidity are a
Dangerous Admixture in the midst of a Global War! reb

Anonymous said...

Okay reb, let's continue with the issue of redistribution of wealth. I will respond with one or two single points and refrain from any pendantics or idealogue rants. You can then accept them on their own merit or reject them based on your paradigm.

First, I think the process should be gradual. The economy shouldn't be subjected to shocks that would hurt everyone. At first glance you are going to look at this list and think: this isn't a redistribution of wealth. I would argue that it is part of a gradual change which would open opportunity for the lower classes and gradually reduce the disparity between the very rich and the very poor.

First, I would begin by changing the tax structure. I wouldn't mind a flat tax of some sort, but that flat tax would have to take into consideration the corporations. They would have to receive a different, higher tax rate. I can't give you figures at this time. It would depend on the deficit at the time of transition as well as the balance of trade (which right now is appalling).There would be no deductions for personal or corporate taxes.

Change two: implement public financing and sweeping election reform laws. I think the greatest challenge to this government isn't from the left or the right but from the merchant class and special interests. If we can eliminate the sense of obligation or the need of an elected official to offer payback, it would cut corruption.

I would further pass a law that would officially keep all election ads out of the newspaper, off the airwaves, and off bulletin boards until October 1st of the election year. That means they would have a month to bombard also would would mean that the budgets necessary for re election would be greatly reduced.

One thing this would mean would be a greater emphasis on a local machine..on a local base. It would return the election to the people.

So Reb, my plans call for a gradual change beginning with election finance reform and a flat tax. You know that would only be the start, but it would be a good start, my ultimate goal being to return power to the people.

Always On Watch said...

Snake Hunters,
Thank you for stopping by Northern Virginiastan last week.

General Patton--my hero! How we need him today! He recognized evil, in all its forms, and surely would understand that the Islamic threat will not go away without one helluva war.


Thanks to both Prof Steinberg & to
'Northern Virginistan' for your contributions & goodwill to this Weblog. I've come to detest the ubiquitous, mind-numbing Hate Dubya Chant. (He's not running for office; he's a "Lame Duck") Cease fire! Awake, and Smell the Starbucks, Oh, ye mindless ones!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Professor Steinberg:

a)"Progress Should Be Gradual" This means no Foaming at the mouth riots on Campus, or violence in the Streets permitted.

b)Opening More Opportunities. Agreed. This begins with a Loving Family, and an Amitious Student, and that first Degree of Choice.
Politics can be deferred for now.

c) A single study in American History. The freshman should have
a hint of just how Washington,
Jefferson, and Madison managed to
give us the advantage over all other Cultures. It planted the seeds of
'Dignity & Fairness' so fervently
hoped for by honest people.

d) "Protect & Defend" the U.S. Documents that grants our off-spring the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS and Independent Thought.

Ayatollahs, false Prophets, and
Tv Evangelists might frown at that one.

Many would first demolish our greatest gift, the First Amendment.

e)Corporations. They construct many
products & services for modern living, and they do provide jobs.

Slick Lawyers and Accountants have their own selfish reasons for subverting the WorldCom & Enron tragedies. Our Government must be
ever vigilant, employ equally talented Attorneys & CPA's to foil these criminals. The public good must always be foremost.

minimum fines and imprisonment is
necessary to this end. Judges must not have the flexibility to alter Law with Judicial "Descretion", with
'Administrative' or Political Review. Lobbyists who offer cash, or juicy 'Incentives' deserve the harshest of penalties with the Guilty Verdict!

If we Over-tax Corporations, the goods & services necessarily become
more Expensive. Caution.

f)Protecting the 'Public Good' is
foremost to an ethical society.

g)Public Funding of Elections!

This old SnakeHunter gives the professor his enthusiastic Bravo!
No more foreign money pouring in to sway the gullible voter and corrupt Our Legislators. No more
billionaires like George Soros or
Peter Lewis impacting our electoral
process, and creating hatred with
ugly distortion, and pet theory
like Open Society, to demean and alter Freedom & Liberty, and Attack fine Military people.

Are we approaching a 'Unity of Purpose', a Meeting of the Minds, A commonality yet? reb

Anonymous said...

I riots. The two measures I stated are only a beginning. But we have to begin somewhere.

You know I don't agree with some of your positions and statements, but there is at least common ground.

As to the coporations, I think it is possible to make it more profitable to work at home and stop outsourcing jobs. It is also possible to make it more profitable for the company to start engaging in profit sharing and having more workers involved in determining production, so that the interests of the company is served and not necessarily the inflated interests of wall st.


More from the Professor, 12/14/06

Please continue with "I don't agree
with some of your positions and statements,"

a) Positions:

b) Statements:

Perhaps, I can expand or clarify.

Anonymous said...

I would ask for clarification in your call for American History.

You wrote:
A single study in American History. The freshman should have
a hint of just how Washington,
Jefferson, and Madison managed to
give us the advantage over all other Cultures. It planted the seeds of
'Dignity & Fairness' so fervently
hoped for by honest people.

So, are we then agreed that in teaching American history that we should look at how the founders arrived at their philosophies? Should we teach about the enlightenment and show that the founding fathers would probably have identified themselves as Diests. In otherwords, that many of them, especially Jefferson and Franklin, would have focused on what some called secularism?

It is easy to point to the use of God, the issue comes when we examine how the founders used that word and that idea at the time of the founding. we teach that the seperation of church and state, as mentioned by the Constitution, was written as a direct response to the persecution of Catholics by Protestants in Maryland? That it reflected a concern for the the embarassment that the more extremes of Puritan intolerance caused the colonies? Let's remember that Rhode Island was founded because of Purtian intolerance. Do we teach further that the seperation of church and state clause was also a response of Americans to the persecution of many different sects at the hands of the Anglicans?

Or do we teach that the founding fathers were christians who would have been appalled at the how "secular progressives" have tried to forge an agenda.

You see....I am curious if we can agree at this level. I had one friend who viciously defended the founders as Christians viewpoint, arguing that Jefferson would have frowned at being linked to the enlightenment. My friend denied that Jefferson created his own new testament, editing out those sections relating to the miracles of Jesus and keeping only the philosophy of the man.

Anonymous said...

by the hurt me that you make mention of my interests in science fiction and fantasy as something that is less than reputable. Or my interest in sports.

I'm a published writer of short fiction in magazines. I hope to have a short story in an upcoming anthology. Maybe not your cup of tea, but still.



My apology for misspelling the last
name. Small print, weak eyes.
G O D. I must assume that early-on,
primitive man must have visualized
all the wonders he could see, hear,
feel, in the daylight, and in the
clear, deep-blue sky at night. It must have all had an Intelligent Design...a Creation, a Creator.

Sun God, Moon God, God of Fire,
God of the Waters. Pele, the Godess
of the Volcano, etc These entities
represented Mother Nature's Power.

The Mountain Shook, and melting magna moved slowly toward the village. In fear, the people asked the Chief to help them!
The Chief consulted with his Medicine Man.

The first Church & State was born!

The Chief spoke: "When the God of Thunder & Lightning threatens, Come to Me! When the Mountain spits fire, Come to Us! We have the Drums, and the Rattles with colored feathers. We have the magic beads, and magical smoke-pots! We know the secret chants to calm the angry mountain.
If Pele warns us, we shall have the
people move to safety. Come To Us!

That's Power. All it takes is smooth recitation, and claims of
outrageous "Divine Prerogatives" & "Revelations". False Prophets & Medicine Men have held this power for countless millennia.

Roman Popes claim 'Infallibility' (but Only in matters of Faith & Morals). Since Faith deals with Thought, & Morals with Action, it's
it's a small step to then demand Obedience! Instruct your children. Holy Mother Church has all of the answers that you need to know.

Have Faith, brothers & sisters!
Bring us your Confessions of Sin.
We have the power to Intercede for you. We have the "Holy Waters" & the Beads, and the smoking brass Pot. Come to Us! We who know God, can forgive your Sins!

Ayatollahs Demand Prayer, five times each day, or suffer the consequence.
Chopping a right hand, or a Head
is common in that Kill-Culture of Islam. Bold Men Rule. Women know their place is behind the Black Burka. 1400 Years of this Code. Old habit die hard.

The "Reverands" in the USA are not
so bold,for they all know our fine First Amendment quite well.

The Atheist arrogantly chortles that he Knows The Truth!

Well then, let him explain in detail, the complex mysteries of the Orderly Movement of Planets for Five Billion Years, and our small planet spinning to give us Day & Night, Summer & Winter, Rain & Shine, and perfect placement from a scorching Sun to sustain all Life Forms! The wind, the ocean
currents, all in wonderful harmony.
Accidental, or Design?

The Human Mind Is quite Complex & Resourceful to survive this long. The mind of the Red Ant must also be complex to invent their orderly system. Neither is capable of defining, or explaining Creation, other than in a simplistic, narrative form. Story-telling is an Art-form. Written Law, (Rules Governing Conduct), and the honest Enforcement of Beneficial Law, is Thinking Man's Salvation.

Do I believe in a God or Creator?

I'd certainly like to, wouldn't anyone? However, I am suspicious of
those that Demand that I believe in
all of THEIR notions of Him. Too many notions, too rigid beliefs in magical, mystical things that I cannot hope to explain.

Jesus warned of Praying in Public.
That's what most of them do! In Churches, on street corners, on Tv...
and at High School Football Games!
(See Matthew 6.5) reb

Anonymous said...


Your response was mostly an anti Muslim, anti Athiestic rant. What you didn't do was address the point. I will restate it briefly.
Are you arguing that the US was created as a Christian state, or do you recognize the founding fathers as deists and proponents of the Enlightenment?

And one more point: do you recognize Islam as a legitimate religion?


Professor Sternberg: Dec 15, 2006

Sir: Must you insist on my labelling myself? My personal belief, or lack thereof, is hardly
of any importance, except to my own family. Mind defies definition.
These United States were fortunate
to have Washington, Jefferson, Madison~~56 brave young lawyers with the courage to sign the great Declaration of Independence. Whether they be Diests, Anglicans, Agnostics, not relevant today.
Why do you belabour it?

They potentially signed their own Death Warrants. The British King would have hanged them all!

I wish ALL Muslims Goodwill & Peace
and that will be hard to achieve, considering their Pious Leadership!
They, like most Dictatorships tend
to resort to the most heinous forms
of barbarism to consolidate Power over the Great Unwashed. They instill Fear to Rule. Any effort to limit the Power of their Devine Authority is always harshly dealt with.
"Better to Reign In Hell, than to
Serve In Heaven!"

I see no diference between an Imam
(relgious scholar/teacher) a Grand Ayatollah, and Hitler & Stalin. None!

Islam...'Legitimate'? By what Human
Standards? I'm mystified!

To answer your final point: I am rather doubtful of any high-population "Religion" that is
Legitimate, if we accept the Norms
of Definition.

I am willing to accept rebuke from
those who insist that I need Church.



Most interested in your views on
"Distribution Of Wealth".

Would you continue, please. reb



Gradual Redistribution of Wealth


Public Funding, Elections: We agree;
no further discussion necessary,

Anonymous said...

In response to:

Sir: Must you insist on my labelling myself? My personal belief, or lack thereof, is hardly
of any importance, except to my own family. Mind defies definition.

I respectfully apologize if I gave offense. However, I would argue that there is no one 'correct' way to teach American history. My point was that one's paradigm affects one's perception of history. I know far too many history teachers who insist on teaching that the civil war was fought to free the slaves. Absurd.

The other question I asked was whether you thought Islam was a valid religion. Your response was to compare their religious leaders to Hitler.

Here is where you and I start seperating. Have you made an effort to read up on what Muslims learn? I am not talking about the extremists? Do you know anything about the five pillars of Islam?
1) To admit that there is one god and only one god and that Mohammed was his prophet 2) To pray five times a day 3) To set aside a share of one's income for charity 4) To make a pilgrimage in one's lifetime to Mecca, birthplace of the prophet and 5) To fast at Rammadan.

Muslims acknowledge both Judiasm and Christianity. Muslims know their religion is derived from the former.

Anonymous said...

Continuing with distribution of wealth:

Once we have prepared people with a change in the tax structure and a change in election laws...then we can begin by looking at buoying up the educational system by social engineering. While people blame the educational system, they should instead look at the breakdown in family. Education is key to creating a strong electorate as well as key to raising up the masses. What kind of changes would I make?

1) Increased focus on preschool and early education.
2) Penalizing parents for students who do not attend school (there are no penalties now).
3) Nationalizing the curriculum. Nationalizing standardized testing.
4) Changing laws so students may not drop out at sixteen, but must stay in until eighteen or graduation from highschool.
5) Increasing the amount of work done with at risk students, which will mean increasing spending on that population.
6) Not allowing students to be socially promoted, but rather forcing them to take a test.
7) Opening free colleges for students who graduate. Or free trade schools for those who go into a skilled trades profession.
8) I would tie welfare into the child's performance at school. All welfare parents would have to attend seminars on how to be a better parent to a student, to shut off tv and help the student excel. Welfare would be cut, without exception, to any parent whose child dropped out or was kicked out of school. Furthermore, reductions in welfare would occur with declining grades.



Thank you. My paradigm/framework need not be to arrive at some lofty theoretical, but to provide a solid Foundation of Facts.
George Washngton, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe provide those basics.

I am a grateful Observer. Whether the student is interested in the
details of which man was a Diest or
Anglican can be delayed. My point is, at least get them The Basics.

Your mentioned the Civil War. The Industrial North vs Agricultural South would be more accurate. The timely Abolition of Slavery was a consequence & benefit to that very bloody event.

Buoying Up Education? Now that requires some finger-pointing as to why we are in such a sorry state.

The Dumbing Down of America:

Four decades of "Soap-Operas"
deserve mention. The decline of the
Quality in Music, another. The lack of Testing in the Schools for students And teachers, the horrid Consequences of the dropping of Phonics in favor of Sight-reading in Grammar Schools....
Oh, Oh, Oh!~Oh, see Johnny Run!~Oh see Johnny run fast!

Ever see a 19th Century 4th Grade McGuffey Reader? Today's 8th Grade
would struggle!

I actually had a 3rd grade teacher tell me...
"Well, don't ever quote me, but I do 'boot-leg' some Phonics, whenever I can!" Rigid Curriculuum, Sir.

The University Instructor gets to
polish the end-product.

To George W. Bush's credit, he is
a strong Advocate of...Testing.



I'm familiar with the Five Pillars.

What does bother me, is why you avoid confronting the "Extremists?"
These Are The Leadership! They set
the Policy for all of Islam. The Grand Ayatollahs & Imams Define Doctrine!

Their Brute Enforcement gives Vigor
and Power to audacious claims of
Devine Inspiration. They rule with
Fear Alone. May Allah reject them!

They have earned your contempt. reb

KennewickMusing said...

Snake Hunter,

Love you long time!

Please post more.

Thank you for your service, and for your blog and thoughts. You're not "old"'re just right.

It's unfortunate that folks like "thanos" really have no clue what this war is really about. (This coming from a woman who would gladly sign up for a tour or two or three of duty, but is too "old".)

Folks like "thanos" who are delusionally clueless, who want to appease, who want to compromise, who want to kiss and make up...will surely get themselves killed. Perhaps folks like "thanos" should view the beheading videos of Danny Pearl, Nick Berg, and Paul (I can't recall his last name) and see if they can't figure out why these people hate us so much.

I can tell you why they hate us so much as to want us all dead. It's quite simple. We do not subscribe to their particular fanatacal religious b.s. That's it. It's not because we're richer, have nice lawns, have educations, it's not any of's simply because we are infidels (and DARN PROUD OF IT, thanks.)

Speaking of the little Iranian man and his nukes. Why haven't the Palistinians realized that if Israel goes poof so do they? If anyone there has realized it, I've not heard about it.

God bless you.


kennewickmusing (tap the above blue)

This Editor's Comment was the first
to reach this Comment Section:


"Once again, this author of 'The Two Faces Of Islam' has given American citizens a clear picture of the extremists in our midst".

You have, without equivocation, presented the Facts. Thank you.

freddy said...

I'm sorry but I find this all a little fundamentalist, too. The reaction to violent Islamism -- not to Islam, wholesale -- should not be tortured bodies, trial-less detainments, and the physical and social destruction of a country in Iraq.

The wars of the last 4 years have fed every fanatical, Islamist impression of America (or Israel, 'the Zionists,' the 'crusaders, etc.) while accounting for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people (both Muslim and Christian) in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The images of American soldiers breaking down doors in Baghdad, shaking down veiled Sunni and Shia women at checkpoints, and fighting local resistance with the best weaponry on the planet - and failing - exist as recruitment points for Islamic Jihad, al-Qaida, etc. The White House somehow thought it a good idea to place American soldiers as occupiers in Muslim country, ignoring not only the charge of that issue but the history of modern Iraq, which is one of colonial statehood and imperial bungles.

In the States it seems acceptable to make bigoted assertions about how all Muslim are terrorists, using a bogus crutch of "history" to explain why Islam is not a worthy, peaceful religion like Christianity.

Better point: Have you ever read the Quran?

Can you read Arabic?


Freddy Askes:

Do I read Arabic? No.

Have I read the Qu'ran? Well, I've
read translations of "Defensive Jihad" & "Offensive Jihad" and I have seen the Hate Cartoons that impose a vicious mind-set on infants...

before the Muslim child can read al Jazeera messages.

These hapless kids learn more later, from the teaching Imams. They are destined to become eagar Martyred Shahid, for Allah.

I've read scholarly works, like Stephan Schwartz 'The Two Faces of Islam'. I've seen & heard Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declare that Israell must be "Wiped Off The Face Of The
IAEA confirms he enriches U-235.

The authoritative Grand Ayatollahs & Imams intention seem quite clear that Iran's Goal is to Dominate the World after a Nuclear Armegeddon to fulfill the Madhi 12th Imam Prophesy.

Q. Have you read the early history of Saudi Arabia, and Wahhabism? Or
1400 years of Sunni/Shiite Hatred?
The Hamas & Fatah factions do kill each other in Palestine...Today!

This Reality Weblog is partial to
the study of this history before engaging in Hot-Air Polemics.

Freddy's response is appreciated,
although we may differ on a few technical points. reb



My perceived "bigoted assertions"
may have accrued from a variety of
facts, after long observation and intense reading.

a) The 1400 years of bloody muslim conflict pre-dating Prez Bush.

b) The world-wide bombings from Bombay, Madrid, Beirut, Moscow, Bali, London, 2 Embassies in Africa, USS Cole, and 9/11/01
here, suggest intense hatred of many, if not All Other Cultures.

This "handful" of a "few" crazy
Terrorists hopping around with weapons & bombs must be far more efficient than we realize.

c) Detaining non-uniformed Muslim
insurgent fighters at Gitmo, and interrogating them to save lives does seem harsh. Perhaps we should
provide O.J. Quality Attorneys, and demand better desserts for these trained killers. However, that's beyond my purview.

d) Our troops "Attacking muslim women & kids in the dark of night" is Senator John Kerry's view. Is that a biased political opinion?

e)"Shaking down veiled Sunni & Shia women" in beehive suits at check-points! Sorry, but they are
known to have bombs strapped under that full-body heavy clothing.

How would your wife, or female family members feel about wearing
the black Burka? Have you asked?
It's the choice of...What Is Read, as much as the volumn of what is read. I prefer accurate history.

You have a 1st Amendment Privilege
to read, and to voice a
different independent opinion. That's the American Way. Can we at least agree on that? reb



to know the complexities of Global Jihad,
I would urge a first step...

a) Read our two-page History Post

b) Research SaudiArabian Wahhabi Sect

c) Consult this book: "Why I Left Jihad" by Walid Shoebat.

Turn to Chapte 16, p. 359, 'Islam and the End Times'.


Now You Know More than most in the EU and the USA, and certainly more than most in Washington D.C. reb

Anonymous said...

I'm french , so my english isn't perfect.
I wanna say I'm very shoked by your opinion about the orientals strangers.
They're not all the same and a lot of them arn't terrorist....
I don't want write , you're too much idiot and "racist"......
It's a desonour for the USA...
The France fuck you... really ^^.....................................................


The Spaniards swallowed a bitter pill when the Madrid RR Station was
bombed by Their Muslim Friends, and

Parisians must have noticed several
thousand vehicles on fire from the
Molotov cocktails thrown by their
Muslim Guests last year.

Did you notice?


If the French population wishes to give up their savoir faire life-style, train your magnificent chefs to somehow reinvent new sauces to please their new masters,
find receipes that favor lamb & goat, stop making great wines & champagnes (Illegal under Sharia Law), and send your kids to the Madrassa to become suicide bombers,
(Allah willing), your wife will don a fashionable black burka, and men like yourself...

Well, mon ami...
grab your prayer rug, head for the nearest Mosque. You will be facing Mecca, five times per day, or... having your skinny butt treated to a Muslim version of French Savate!


The Petain Vichy Government is still alive! Jacques Chirac is the national hero, and poor, confused
"anonymous" will not identify himself! That's Typically French, don't you think? reb

Mohamed said...

Dear Snake Hunter,

How r u?

I hope that you remember me!!!

I'm really amazed from this way of analyzing facts.

I can make it a war between us, by exchanging reviles and accusations.
If you said 9-11, I can say American Nuclear bomb dropped on Nagazaki and Heroshema. If you said kidnapping, I'll say Guantanamo ... etc.

But I won't do that. You know why?!!

For two reasons;
First; Islam orders me to argue by the most kind ways, not ways of exchanging accusations.
Second; This way won't make any thing.

So I prefer to make it an invitation for calm and rational discussion, where both of us can provide his proofs and evidences, away from exchanging accusations and reviles.

Yes, there is some who kill by Islam name. Yes, there is some who destroy under Islam name. Yes, there is some who commit awful crimes.


This don't lead you to the conclusion that ALL Muslims are terrorists. (Check my last post 'ALL are terrorists').

"To judge a thing, check what it says." That's my belief.
So, if you want to judge Islam, check out what it says, what Qur'an says, What Prophet Muhammad says.
If you want to judge Muslims, check out what they are doing, don't look only at the 0.0000001%, and leave the 99.9999999%.

That's untrue that we hope death for all but Muslims. In contrary, we hope to cooperate with them, and tell them about our great religion.

If you thankfully accepted my invitation, so you're welcomed.

Peace be with every peace-loving one,




You have never, you will never read
anywhere in this weblog, where we have said that All Muslims Are Terrorists. Comments from others may have implied that. We allow open discussion. Some people say
stupid things, hateful things.

This blog attempts to run an Open Forum where people can speak their
differences publicly. Our U.S. Laws permit "Peaceful Assembly". I
permit people to disagree with me,
refer to me as a "racist", or other insults. It tends to make the accuser look foolish, and it exposes their own negativity.

I question the actions, I question
'on the record statements' of Muslim leadership,,,not the average American muslim that comes to this Land of The Free, and respects the rules governing conduct we rely upon to maintain the greatest good for all of our citizens. That's why many people come here, to taste freedom for the first time, to escape negative rules, oppressive religions, inhuman treatment. Many Women
dream of equal treatment under the laws for their sons & daughters, to have an education, to seek skilled employment, to Pursue happiness, to do the simple things,
drive cars, to speak freely in Open
Forums, etc. In Saudi Arabia they risk public whipping if they do these things. They fear the Mutawah
(Piety Police). We permit churches to express their own notions about
Creator God or Allah. What a fine blessing it is to be free to change
religion if conscience permits, a belief without fear of oppression,
suffering death by stoning or beheadings. We don't allow that, or burning 'witches' at the stake now. Our Laws have matured in 230 years. We are free at last!

We have killers, rapists, thugs that beat innocent people, and steal from the helpless. We lock them in cages. Punishment is determined by the severity of the crime. We hope to rehabilitate minor criminals. Our Laws are imperfect, evolving ever so slowly it seems, over time. 300 million are here now, why do they still come? Have you asked why they come?

We have weaknesses, where some people do
not care about Law & Order, and foreigners who do not understand or appreciate fully the Blessings of
Liberty for all citizens. Some are terrorists, trained to kill us. If we find them, we'll lock them up.

If you wish, please point to a nation that has Superior Laws. This
mysterious country I wish to visit.
Name One Nation, please do that. Our reader would appreciate it! reb

Please answer a few questions:

a) Palestinian Hamas & Fatah kill each other, when they are not killing Jews. Are they ALL not the
blood-brothers of Abraham?

b) Did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not say that his blood-kin, the Jew, would be wiped off the face of the map?

c) Do muslim propaganda cartoons picture the Jews as Monkeys & Pigs, and holy Imams teach the young kids to hate Jews. Some Jews
are nice people, honorable people,
that would never train their children to be Suicidal Bombers. A Jewish Rabbi would never teach
kids to practice suicide. So which religion is superior, and pleasing
in the eyes of God/Allah? I am not a Talibani teacher or scholar. You tell me what you think about these things.

d) Do Sunni and Shiite Muslim hate each other, bomb each other every day in Iraq? Please explain hatred.

Please submit more questions. reb



You posed a tantilizing question by mentioning Hiroshima/Nagasaki
Nuclear Bombs, and it requires a
solid answer from my memory.

Adolph Hitler's scientists were far
ahead of the world in basic science
and war technology. His people were
first in rocketry, jet aircraft, Panser tanks, and we discovered that he had a secret "heavy-water" facility in Norway! It gave us reason to be concerned. We did not
want another war! We only got busy when the Japanese Imperial Navy sank half our Pacific Fleet in
two hours, killing 2400 sailors!
Have you heard of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941? I was 16 yrs old.

Did the Americans surrender? We were unprepared for war. A great,
peace-loving nation took a heavy beating from two powerful, military
giants, two years before we were ready to give them some powerful blows.

Our educated young women went into war plants, and brave kids studied
war techniques. London took a real
pounding from German Air Power. Nazi submarines sunk 400 ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Then we killed them!

This is history that you have not read or heard about?? Surprize! You would be speaking German today!

Who would win the Nuclear Race for the bomb? If you doubt me, go to your computer, type Search: Manhattan Project. Check out the
'Secret City', USA. It's all there. Real History, not lies or distortion.

Prez Truman had the heavy job to order the assault on Hiroshima. Any
fine man would think twice before ordering that awful weapon dropped on an enemy nation. I pray that another civilian population never suffer that grim fate again.

It saved 200.000 or more young U.S. ground troops, and an estimated two or three million Japanese lives. We had terribly good Aircraft then. By early 1945
we nearly destroyed the Japanese Navy (we rebuilt ours), and the enemy was suicidal, tough fighters (just like the poor, hapless young Shahid warriors that give their lives up for the Imams). Sad.

They trained to die for their
Holy Hirohito, a God-like Leader. Kamakazi planes flew into ships!

You know nothing of this history?

Your leaders tell you that the USA Killed Innocent Japanese Without A
Reason? Is that in your History books~~In Modern Egypt? If so, I am
surprised. Go to any non-muslim country, search for the truth. Go to Japanese or German books, or to Norway. I don't believe they have a reason to print false stories.

Check other European history books before you pass judgement on bad old USA. I don't need books, my memory is sharp. I would be so honored for you to check every word I've written here. See German and Toyota cars on your streets and in school park lots. They are
prosperous and free of war today.

Guantanimo? We house combatants there, feed them clean muslim food, give them prayer rugs. Check Int. Red Cross, they inspect us for International Report. Who feeds you misinformation? It's no wonder the world hates Americans!

Nobody wants to have the USA for an enemy, unless the leadership is
insane. Well, that's possible too.
War is Hell. Do Ayatollahs beg us for hell on Earth? It's a crazy world, maybe their dreams of a Madhi drive them, who can say? This
old man feels discouraged to see another war. The poor, innocent sufferings! What purpose? To prove one God is better than another? Nuke War Is Coming; not two bombs.

Mohamed said...

Well Mr.Red,

From reading your comments here and on my blog, I realized how you think;

Firstly; you have a bad corrupted image about Islamic world and Islamic law.

Secondly; you love America so much, and justifies it's awful crimes.

Any way; I'm having my exams this month, and my study is really making me so busy. So, I promise to reply your points and question when I have the time.

Best wishes,



All religions have good things

All religions have evil things

Study Comparitive Religions, then
we can discuss MY FAILINGS. reb



Of course, you will need the extra
time. I shall wait for you to catch
up to me.

Study the Evolution of Law from the
days of King Hammurabi. Sharia has
contributed some positive things.

Other cultures have also made some
great contributions. You may have
some difficulty in acknowledging that fact. Peace. reb


Mohamed, April 30, 2007

While I await your answer,

I submit this for your thoughtful consideration:

"All Leadership Is Flawed!"



Mohamed, April 01, 2007

Please answer at your convenience:


If this were not true, all nations
would be living in an Ideal Place.
No Criminals, No Wars, No Injustice...Anywhere. Paradise!

All human leadership is Imperfect!




More Hard Evidence for an Impartial
legal body to consider:

If you behold a human leader that
claims to be All-Wise, All-Powerful, Infallible In Judgement, and has a "Sinless" past...

Look in the mirror, and you shall see the clear reflection...

Of still more imperfection!


If you see a long tradition of sadness
and brutality, with condoned ugly savagery of the innocent, teaching
Hatred of other cultures/religions,
and refusing to acknowledge its own
limitations & imperfections, you Sir, are but another link in the unbroken chain of murder/suicide that seeks to force its bloody past
on future generations.

All Nations, All Religions are Imperfect. An attempt to enforce any of them with
high-tech weaponry, is a Tort, a Wrong, under International Law.

Defensive Jihad is reasonable; 'Protect the land we occupy'.

Offensive Jihad Is Criminal.

Only Evil and Arrogant Flawed Leadership seeks to impose their Bonds of Mental Slavery on a timid world.

Tolerate Radical Islam, we will allow you to exist.

Dare To Reject our Ancient Sharia, and we will say, "Death To Israel, Death to the Great Satan, and we will slaughter you!"

None Are So Blind, as those young students that refuse to compare the progress in the last 300 years in the multiple fields of Modern
Science, Medicine, Industry, Transportation, Communication, Engineering, etc.

Inventive Genius was given rare environment to advance under the Banner of U.S.Constitutional Law!

List our Inventive Genius in less
than 300 years. Everyone benefits!
Freedom Of Religions! What a great Idea!

The world is invited to taste the Blessings Of Freedom. Offensive Wars come from the Kingdoms, the Dictatorships, and the Super-Pious
Theocratic Nations that use "God".

The Sun God, Jehovah, Jesus and Allah are Silent. What a shame!

Now, former deadly enemies prosper under "Free Trade". Witness the products in your school parking lot from Germany & Japan!

He that hath an eye & an ear, let him See and Hear! reb

(No stupid 'Reviles', please.)


Mohamed, May 4, 2007

Your preference for "calm & rational discussion" is very encouraging. It gives this old man
some small hope that we may some day reach a "Meeting Of The Minds". reb


Mohamed, May 4, 2007

I would prefer to place my hopes, my trust, and my faith in the hands
of a Young Egyptian, young Iranian,
young Palestinian & Jewish, and young Americans!

The old Mullahs have had their day,
and the results are discouraging. I
would be pleased to witness all the young Mothers that have an instinctive goodwill & love for the
children to have a Prominent Voice!

Some cultures deny them, wish to keep them silent, whip them in public, hide their charm & wisdom behind the ugly black Burka!

Jews are NOT "pigs & monkeys", and
muslim women are NOT the family goat. All are a part of Allah's Creation. It is time for the 'old ways' to disappear. It is past the
time for new thought, for the young minds to push the Old Warlords into Retirement!

That's One Old Man's Hope for the
21st Century! Can you understand and agree with even a small portion of my views? Or, should I give up Hope, give up on Mohamed?



awaiting mohamed's voice
Apocalypse ~ pulling back the curtain, to ARMEGEDDON
Through The Ages man has worshipped
at the feet of False Gods & Wolves in Sheep's Clothing...

Dynastys, Emperors, Kings, Popes, Dictators, & Grand Ayatollahs
In the United States, we pay homage
to Charismatic Politicians, Assorted Reverands, Hollywood Celebrity & Billionaires! Hmmm.

All fallible humans, really.
What Fools These Mortals Be!
Refr: Daniel:12;11 Knowledge shall Increase, gps, computers, hubble, cellphones, weapons, space exploration, Daniel 8:19-27, vision. Rev: great sword. Matt: 24.7-8, Beginning of Sorrows, Matt:24.36. No man knoweth day or hour, not even the Son!

Down With Hot-Air & "Charisma!" reb


mohamed, may 6th

We Americans enjoy the rich Egyptian history on Discovery & the
History Channels, esp. "Valley of the Kings!"

Do you see our two Mars Rovers, and
three Mars Orbiting photo-labs on your Tv? I hope populations will still be here in 2015 to see the arrival of Pluto Shot; it has passed Jupiter now...8 more years. I often think back to our Moonshot in 1969. Long before you were born, men walked on the moon! That took some courage and ability.

Next Giant Leap, Freedom From War.

We really don't need a Madhi, a 666 or
an Armegeddon, do we young man? reb


NEWS FLASH, U.S.A. MAY 7, 2007

The Disney Corporation has indicated an intention to file a
Lawsuit to stop the Palestinian Authority (Hamas) from using a Mickey Mouse image in hate material
directed toward young children!

Fox Tv this morning showed Mickey in a 'Hate Tirade' against Bush &
Condolezza Rice. "America will disappear!" says a male voice.
This Blogger wonders if these hate
cartoons will spread to all of the other Muslim nations?

If the children are targeted when 5 or 6 years, millions more will hate Americans tomorrow.
Propaganda, Historical distortion,
Cartoons, feed hatred & insure war.
Some Christians teach Love For All,
Some Muslims teach Charity for the
poor, the crippled, the elderly.

Who Will Win this battle for The Minds: Love, Charity...or Hate? reb

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reb,

You are trying to climb a very tall pyramid. You will fail.

Mr. mohamed is 18, it's too late.
He likes his religion First, his nation Second! He prays to his god
five times every day, his old Imam
still rules his mind. There is no room for Independent thought, or the history of WWII.

Hate now impacts Our Voters. Stay here at home, keep your focus on those big financiers (Soros & Heinz) that want the
corrupt U.N. to rule the world! pg

Pappy Greybeard

Anonymous said...


I completely concur with Greybeard.
It's a classic chronic example.

This young fellow may be Mentally Bright, but he has been subject to
strict discipline for over a dozen
years. Attempting to reach out to
him with logic and reason has small
chance of penetrating a totally involved mindset.

I've seen the hate cartoons in Palestine! J.R.A.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with the Greybeard,
and with JRA. Mohamed needs mountains of evidence, and all he can see is flat, burning hot, dry desert. He will not research your WWII History! ccs-m


May 09, 2007
I have posted today, the following
comment on "mohamed" weblog:
"It is encouraging that you permit other voices on your Weblog. Our U.S. Laws allow all people to (a) share ideas, (b) to speak without fear of ugly retribution from governemnt, (c) to peacefully assemble.

A multiplicity of religious sects is
the Greatest Blessing of All Our Laws. No single religion can dominate the majority, oppress them, stone them, publicly cut off a hand, publicly whip women, or cut off the head or hang someone if
they freely choose a different religion or church!

This Freedom, written in 1776, has given a young nation the Fertile Soil...

for people from other cultures to come here, To work hard, read all books, to create new thoughts, to Invent New Things. To explore new possibilities, to fly over land, or out in Space, to Walk On the Moon, and for Hubble Telescope to find a galaxy, far, far away!
You & I can thank Bill Gates, a young student, for his Research and Development that allows us to communicate via satellite half-way around the world!

The Inventor's Seeds germinate quickly in Freedom's Rich Soil.

Americans would not secretly hide this Treasure of Liberty. We prefer
to share our Freedom Formula with all other cultures in the Hope for a more Peaceful World. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

"...America is freedom - freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. And freedom is special and rare. It's fragile; it needs protection." ---Ronald Reagan



But all who love Freedom~~must never forget...

The Seeds of Discontent quickly germinate in Freedom's Rich Soil,

when Cultivated, and Over-fertilized

With Dollars and No Sense. reb


Explore This Website:
Mohamed, May 11, 2007

It is hoped that my Egyptian
Law Student friend would sit in judgement on these charges, but do the
careful research that's necessary before rendering a decision on this important legal matter...
then write a brief summary for our friends. reb


MOHAMED, 05/13/07

You Have Chosen Law (Rules Govening
Conduct) as a subject worthy of intense study. Wonderful!

You believe in Islamic Sharia. This
old guy believes that the U.S. Legal
System is the most advanced, most ethical, in man's long history.

Rather than throwing verbal stones
at each other, let us explore the possibility that Both Have Some Wisdom that can benefit mankind.

If we can agree on this basic premise, perhaps then, we can move forward...If there is Goodwill For
All Races, All Religious Notions.

None Are Pure. reb


Note: Our Egyptian friend asked for
a peaceful discussion on April 27th
and we have agreed.

We are waiting...reb

Mohamed said...

Hi Snake Hunters,

I forgot to express my admiration of your last question about the defensive and offensive Jihad in Islamic Sharia. It indicates an open mind and a real will of a good discussion.

I hope that our discussion be fruitful and be blessed by open minds and civilized way of discussion, and that both of us respect other's point of view.

I'm going to finish my exams in 18th of June.

Any way, I promise to inform you when I finish examing and start our diuscusion.

Peace be with you,



Mohamed, May 16, 2007

I admit that I am often mystified
and confused by other cultures.

I await your response with great anticipation. Please answer these
specifics, with Your Personal View:

a) Future Women's Equal Rights?

b) Hate Cartoons Aimed At Children, Palestine.

c) Hamas ~ Fatah Killing Each Other, Palestine.

d) Shia ~ Sunni Killing Each Other,Iraq.

e) Which Crimes dictate that a Woman Must Be Stoned To Death? Do you personally favor this method of execution?

f) Are Grand Ayatollahs Infallible, and an Imam "Sinless"?

g) EGYPT Nuke Weapons (?) to balance the possible threat from IRAN NUKES?

h) Does Egypt have a Mutawah, a Piety Police similar to Saudi Arabia?


Please clarify my 'corrupted' notions. I search for knowledge of your Culture, and your Laws.

Your thoughtful answers to these few questions may determine whether I
have any reason to continue to Hope For Peace. reb

Sophia from Food City said...

This is one of my favorites. Straight to the point mixed with a few curse words and a twist of disturbing photographs and you've got yourself a tasteful reciepe that awakens ones mind. I'm going to be honest. I am not as educated as I ought to be on todays war and politics. I forget sometime that I am growing up in the middle of history. So is it time for a REVOLUTION?!?!?! Should we start our own militia and venture to the "Sand-box" ourselves to wipe out the real enemies? I don't know what I could do to make any effect on my world today?


Sophia, Food City,

American Apathy is always in the back of my mind. If only more of us were
Alert & Aware to the perils inherent in an ancient culture that insists on dominating all other religions & cultures with Shari'a Law!

Study Saudi Wahhabism, check the evidence of the bombings of innocent civilians since Nov 04, 1979! Observe how they murder each
other, when there are no convenient
Infidels in the neighborhood.

Hamas/Fatah, Shiite/Sunni, and even
Shiite on Shiite in Bahgdad!
The Leadership of C.A.I.R., Chairman Omar Ahmed said this,

"Islam isn't in America to be equal
to any other faith, but to be dominant! The Koran should be the Highest Authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth!"

We must study the enemy; learn his brute history, then learn the Value Of Our Own History!

Liberty to Abundance, then to Complacency & APATHY, and finally from Governmental Dependency, back
into INEVITABLE Bondage.

That's Why I Blog! reb


Sophia, check this out.




Read 'History' Post July 4, 2006!

A true perspective! reb

Jason said...

As the heavens for height and the earth for depth, So the heart of kings is unsearchable. Proverbs 25:3

All I can say is, well, nothing. I don't plan to contend with anything posted at this gathering. I just know that good and evil are in a constant battle. I feel no power or influence over this. I just feel the desire to express extreme sadness over the state of our people. I love our great nation. U.S.A
Look again---- U.S.A
U S A- The United States of America
I pray GOD leads us
Forgives us
Protects us.
The first time I met the snake hunter was in a park. He was handing out flyers.
Tally ho!!! He shouts each time I see him.. His spirit still strong in the years he has lived. I'm not sure if you are correct in what you convey, but you have made an impression.
May Jesus himself root out those who are evil.
Those who seek opression, hate, and all the things that drive individuals toward bondage. God speed to our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Mike OR Wow...this is something. My dad loved the General and most of his ideas, firmly believed we would be living in a better world if he hadn't been reeled in. I bookmarked your site my friend and come back...probably time for me to join blogger also.

wayne said...

I become very dismayed by these nationalistic email chain letters. To me, it sounds very much like Fascism. How quickly we forget the recent past...

While I agree that America has gotten fat, stupid and lazy, one cannot and should never mention or compare WWII and the goings on of today in the same sentence, paragraph, essay or even book. I’m insulted for all my ancestors who have fought in every major American war since and including the American Revolution. I’m even more insulted because the people or person that created such dribble probably never served a day of military service for our country and have forgotten entirely the principals on which our great country was founded.

If you’ve done even a little research on General Patton, you would know that he had a very deep understanding and respect of history and very little patience for politics. I feel that he would be deeply insulted and ashamed to have his name used in such a way. I further venture to say that, if he were alive today, he would vehemently distance himself from such propaganda.

Today, there is no megalomaniacal ruler or country invading other countries to spread its ideals and hate – oh wait, yes there is: America . Whether people like it or not, America is looking more and more like the new Nazi Germany – the Fourth Reich. And if we continue on this course, the entire world will rise up and squash us, just as the allies did to the axis in WWII. Do you think the German public of 1936 truly understood what their leaders were up to? Through the mainstream mass media of its time and other information outlets, the Nazi propaganda machine wrote the book on nationalism and patriotism and our leaders are using it now as their playbook. Joseph Goebbels would be very proud.

Look up Germany’s history, just as the Third Reich was coming to power. You’ll see a country struggling to overcome the Great Depression. The German public was starving and vulnerable to scapegoating and nationalism – and Goebbels knew exactly how to tap and brainwash the mob – much like the Karl Rove propaganda machine worked to get the ignorant U.S. public to buy in on the false notion that Iraq was a key player in 9/11. Now they’re turning their sites to Iran and Syria. Granted, they are not the friendliest of governments, but what made them unfriendly in the first place?

Let's step back for a moment and reflect. Why do you think people and governments a half a world away fear and loath America? Because we’re rich, fat and don’t have a care in the world? Do you honestly think they want to kill us because they are jealous of our indoor plumbing, big fancy cars, Britney Spears and the cornucopia of food on our tables?!

Did you ever stop to think that maybe they want to kill us because they’re tired of us using them in proxy wars with the Soviet Union for the past 60+ years? Or maybe they want to kill us because of our involvement 60 years ago, in the re-creation of and turning a lost land into a country, out of thin air, by force, in their own backyard, and continue to stock it full of guns, tanks and nuclear weapons to this day?! Think about this: China bankrolls and militarily supports the notion that the Native American Indians have the right to get their land back. As unrealistic as this scenario may seem, how do you think the American public would feel about that? Do you think they’ll fight? Do you think China would see their own ‘9/11’ as a result? It’s exactly the same thing and nobody can deny it.

Or perhaps they want to kill us because we made deals with their greedy leaders to pump black liquid out of their soil and line the pockets of those leaders with untold fortunes, but didn’t think about the lowly, uneducated goat herder who has a penchant for revenge upon those that try to push unto them a new way of life with no regards or thought to their 3000+ year old customs or religious convictions?

Maybe another reason they want to kill us is because we have some 200 military bases spread around this Earth for no other purpose but to spread our ideals and way of life? Contrary to popular belief, there are whole countries of people on this planet that do not want their children exposed to our way of life – because many salt-of-the-earth type people recognize our way of life survives on traits such as gluttony, lust, murder, dominance, oppression, adultery, and envy rather than compassion, honesty, and freedom.

I believe that all the above are contributing factors for the mess that we’re in. And there are probably many other contributing factors that we’re not privy to. But one thing is for sure, they [Muslims] don’t want to kill us because of Britney Spears or because of our “way of life”, they just want us out of their lives. To leave them alone to run their own countries and to live their own 'way of life'.

It’s time to stop meddling in the affairs of other nations. It’s time to sever alliances and aid to countries and people that have no respect for their neighbor’s religion or customs. It’s time to close bases that serve as propaganda outposts. It’s time for internal reflection on what America really stands for.

You can call me unpatriotic, but you risk exposing your true colors and ignorance. Wake the f*@k up all you flag waving nationalistic sheeple, you're about to join the Fourth Reich!