Sunday, November 05, 2006

POOR JOHN... Senator Kerry Can't Help It He Was Born With A Silver Foot In His Mouth! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1971 "We Cut Off Ears, We Cut Off Heads! 2006 Sept. "Our Troops Terrorized Iraqi Women & Kids In The Dark Of Night"... 2006 Oct 30th "Get A Good Education, Or You'll Be STUCK IN IRAQ!" Our All-Volunteer Troopers Know This Guy!




On May 14, 1983 it is noted in a book by a Grove City Professor charging that Senator Ted Kennedy, in a fit of jealosy directed against Prez Ronald Reagan's success in dealing with Russian Communists...actually contacted the Head of the USSR, (and KGB)
Yuri Andropoff, in a bold effort to
undermine Republican Prez Ronald Reagan!

If true, that's carrying Political
Partisanship to the very edges of
treasonous behavior. Helping the
arch enemy in the middle of the Cold War? Say it isn't so, Teddy!


(I'd be happy to print a retraction
on this one If Proven False). reb


Anonymous said...

The State of Massachusetts should
seek out a top Sanitation Engineer
to clean out the political debris,
and drain our Swamp.

The odor is over-whelming. Then, nominate HIM for the Senate.

Anonymous Bostonian Family, and life-long Democrats also. Our
neighbor agrees. Its embarrassing.

Yankee Doodle said...


for my post: John Kerry Spoke the Truth for the Democratic Party


We hear these Slogans...

"Cut & Run" and "Stay the Course".

On this Election Day, Novermber 7th
Bill Clinton had a better one...

STOP AND THINK! (Thanks Bill).

O.K! How About THIS PLAN?

Cut ALL Political Salaries In Half until the Two Parties come up with
a Bi-Partisan Plan to address the
deadly serious issues in IRAQ, then


All VACATIONS, Overseas Junkets,
Campaign Rallies, etc Cancelled.
(Suspended Indefinetly).

We Americans are sick of your hatred, your finger-pointing, your
Tom Foolery!

Thirty Days! If you fail, Resign.

Get It Done, Gentlemen! reb

Anonymous said...

Unfit For Command

We Will Not Forget!

Smitty, Ft Lewis, Wash



The Tsunami of Hatred since 9/11
has finally achieved its goal of
minimizing US Presidential Power.

Five years of intense planning,
vast expenditures of money by a host of mal-contents, finally did achieve
something of a victory for
the nebulous 'Loyal Opposition'.

Now, What's the much-touted Cure-
all? How do we confront a Suicidal Dictatorship? The truth will soon become very clear.

There is no magic wand, no easy formula for dealing with a brutal
religious tidal wave. None. The killing will only increase.

The Nuclear Genie has multiple sisters.
This planet is in for some rough
environmental consequences.

Islam's fanaticism is immune to logic. Negotiation with a world of
heathen culture and Sin, is to that
mind-set, unthinkable. The clarion call is
"Kill All Non-Believers!"

They say, "Are we not steadily increasing in power? Soon we shall
have Nuclear. George Bush will not be able to stop us. His own people reject him!

Allah, through our Prophets will
rule this planet!"

Does it sound Insane? Well, it is
madness in high magnitude. M.A.D.

Old Persia, IRAN... is now again Positioning To Rule The World!


Now it's time for the Statesmen to
nudge their shrill companions to the back of the hall, muffle the tone of political rhetoric, and seek common ground with the Oval Office. Anything less, and the cushy dreams of future peace and
comfy expectations should stand by
for some very disappointing events.

The rude awakening is now a matter of WHEN the inevitable attack occurs.
How Soon, and how Big?

Stand ready, America. reb

e. l. wood said...

Snake hunter – thanks for visiting my blog, the janus project. I have enjoyed perusing you blog and will visit from time to time. Obviously, today is a sad day as the folks have spoken at the ballot box. However, I’m optimistic that this to shall pass. I liked your reference to home schooling and getting a B. A. in common sense. My grandmother used to say she had little more than a high school education, but that she had graduated cum laude from the School of Hard Knocks. Hope to see you around the net. Feel free to email me (

Anonymous said...

Awakening is needed surely with the global political scenario going pieces.. The mushroom cloud of temper tantrum is proving lethal..!

Sorry for the delayed reply.. Been a lil busy..

Molly said...

I'm a little dense so could you spell it out for me? brain befuddled by daily blogging this on earth did you get from the high flown literary commentary to my humble meanderings?



Most of us are confused. You are not 'dense'. We at Snake Hunters do not feel "high-flown" at all.

Curiously, I've had an interest in
Comparitive Religions all my life.
I've seen War up close at 19 & 20.
Dead troopers stacked in trucks,
heading back to Graves Registration
gives the kid a mature perspective.

When Iran grabbed our Embassy
in 1979, I saw an "Act of War"
The Baby-boomers shrugged.

Your Curiosity is encouraging.

War is a 5,000 yr Continuum! Please read two-page 'History' post, then ask your Questions. reb

Steve said...

Another insightful post - keep it up. If Kerry weren't such a fool, he might be running the show - of course, for some time now, we've had folks with varying degrees of foolishness in charge.

I read recently that John McCain might be enlisting the help of Hil Gramm as a financial advisor / potential Treasury Secretary - I'm a fan of Gramm, wish he got the nomination over Dole in '96, and wonder what your thoughts are on a McCain candidacy...I'm not a huge McCain fan, but he does seem more lucid than most of these other characters.



The Loonies believe they have won a
huge victory. The heavy thinkers in
their group know better...

This election has, just in time, given the House of Representatives
a great blessing, Blue-Dog-Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Murtha, Dennis Kucinich, & Howard Dean are about to learn a bitter lesson in Politics.

Blue-Dogs = Hardnose Conservatives!

That's the genius of our political
structure...Checks & Balance. This
might even produce a Third Party. reb


John Kerry & his Portegue wife are
Internationalists! They think that Jaques Chirac & the United Nations should have major influence in determining U.S.A. Foreign Policy!

It's frightening to recall how very close Sen John Kerry came to achieving a win in 2004. Imagine Theresa Heinz Kerry as First Lady.
Women voters should consider that!

The book, "Unfit For Command" and
Kerry's big mouth has gone a long
way in eliminating him from any hope for future nominations. The Democratic Party now knows better.

John's a Loser! reb

mcewen said...

New blogger - can't find email address - so why 'snake hunter' - no explanation in your profile.
Best wishes


The purpose of this Weblog is to Alert & Inform those that are
blissfully asleep in a Time of War.

I don't need my eMail stuffed with
Slogans & Hate Mail from the Outter
Fringes of Space. reb


I Claim No Crystal Ball, but this Editor wishes to make a Political Handicap Early:
2008 Elections!
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
a) Hillary Clinton d
b) Barack Obama d

c) Governor Richardson d of New Mexico. A real longshot, but watch him pick up speed as he rounds the clubhouse turn and hits the stretch! Al Gore, Naw, just an also ran.

a) Condi Rice r Brilliant!
b) Rudy Guiliani, too much weight.
c) John McCain, Fine man, No Charisma. (The public needs it).

d) Newt Gingrich, r Now here's an Entry with Class! Another that will
come off the pace, charging hard at
the finish. Long Shot Bet of the Day! A Winner! reb


Update: Dec 14, 2006

G.O.P. Sen McCain & Rudy Guliani
lead the pack from the Gate.

Newt Gingrich is at 10% as of Mid-December, 2006. Expect
slow steady climb.

Democrats: Hillary breaks in front. Expect Obama to fade early.

Gov. Richardson to pick up the pace.

Sen. Kerry. Limping,
doubtful starter.

Stay tuned. reb


Senator John Kerry, again?

John is under the impression that his free-wheeling style allows him to hop Over-seas, arrange Contact with just Any Foreign Government, including those nations proven
'Unfriendly' to the best interests of the United States (like Syria).

Now, this behavior might get him a Front-Page quote Jazeera!

Working hard to re-establish some
Credibility before the Iowa Caucus, John?

Shouldn't you be checking with the
U.S. State Department first? You may be in serious violation of the
Logan Act, amended 1994.

Shouldn't there be some Oversight
on this clumsy fellow. He is already well-known for making thoughtless remarks here at home, then passing it off as a joke. Whew! reb


News Break, Jan 24, 2007

Sen. John Kerry calls it quits!

After review of his own quotes, the Massachusetts Flip-flop Juggler has finally decided against a repeat run for his party's nomination. Just one too many anti-military quotes to overcome, or pass off as jokes. reb


Poor John, he voted FOR the War, before he voted AGAINST It...

He was FOR his nomination in November, and AGAINST IT in January.

There's a strange, inexplicable consistancy here that defies explanation, but somehow it's refreshing that he's now spanked and restrained. We Snake Hunters feel unabashed joy and gratitude. Let the Massachusetts Voter worry about his next utterance. reb

Anonymous said...

Hey Snake hunter
Cool blog u got going.
Joshua OR

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what You view is on Gay marriage? I Think we should let everyone live there own life and stop tryiny to be every ones parent.


I've never really understood that motivation, so I cannot offer much. It's a mystery that does not affect my life.
I've always liked Girls!
With a grossly over-populated planet, there is Only One Comment;

They Don't Reproduce! reb


Scratch OBAMA!

He sez, "If Prez Perves Musharrif won't go after bin Laden, we will"!

We will across an Ally's Sovereign
Border, bomb Wasirestan without approval of our Nuclear Friendly,
and ignore International Law? Really, Baracki?

His Fellow Democratic Nominees will
decry his lack of Diplomatic Skills, his International Immaturity, his newness to the game. He's Toast! Now Hillary is virtually alone at the podium. Slick Willie's smiling tonight! reb


August 14...Obama sez,

"Our Bombing of Iraqi civilians
is a mistake!" Wrong! It's al Queda
that targets Innocent Civilians.

Watch his Democratic Nominees jump
all over Barach Obama on this one. Just another example of his lacking experience on the Campaign Trail.

Hillary is a Cinch, already. Even
the Far-out Left will begin to cuddle up! High-stakes Politics is a rough & tumble game. The amatuer
...shoots self in foot! reb



I Smell The Blood Of

A Far-Left Scum

It' MoveOnDotTrash

We'll Push It Hard,

And Make It Crash!


Buy these cute didactic lines,
I'll discount it, for The NY Times.


Anonymous said...

You seem to emphasize the personality of the President in affairs of state based upon an antiquated analogy to eighteenth century white society where there were serfs and lords and extreme class distinction. Bush' actions do little to contradict his belief in such a paradigm. My view is that the American people go to war with either blood or treasure, usually in defence of their own liberty and they abhor dictatorial manipulations to serve special warbucks interests. Data shows that the White House has been occupied by such brigands ever since I was given the right to vote: JFK, LBJ, RMN, Reagan, Clinton,and Bush 41 and 43. The Constitution has a flavor of nationalism to protect but not to attack. Your list of people who should be hated because of their courage to criticise the behavior of Policy makers seems exremely left wing to me and very close to the isms you rightfully name as threats to Americans. I have spoken to no veteran, except you, who advocates nuclear war. I enjoyed meeting you and I will probably drop by Starbucks on another Sunday afternoon to hear more about your cause (which I don't believe is apolitical as you inferred) Paul R