Friday, December 29, 2006


Through the prism of history, at 6:08 Eastern, The Butcher of Bagdad is Dead! Recalling the 350,000 Shiite Mass Graves, the 40 Kurdish Villages, the 1.5 Million Deaths directly related to the blood-soaked history of a monster. Saddam Hussein's Village of Tikrit is in mourning.



Clarification of Time:

Snake Hunters Editor received the news of Saddam's demise from FOX NEWS at 10:06 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Bagdad Time,6:06 AM

(Actual Time of Death between 5:30
and 6 A.M., Bagdad Time). reb

Anonymous said...

Too bad they couldn't include Ted Kennedy and John Kerry alongside Hussein. After all, those first two are a lot more scarier than Saddam ever was.



I feel that your assessment is a bit strong, don't you think? Teddy was never charged with vehicular manslaughter in the tragic death of Mary Jo Kopeckne. His billionaire father, Joesph Kennedy saw to that.
Senator John Kerry is Guilty of making Outrageous statements about
our fine troopers. Our All-Volunteer forces in Iraq deserve better, but this is what can be expected from the mouths of callous, partisan politicians... even in a time of great World-wide Peril. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Snake Hunters, have you watched Saddam's full execution video? If not, you can watch it on my weblog!

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters:

Rejoice Little People: Saddam is ABSOLUTELY dead

Jason_Pappas said...

Dead indeed. Justice ... thanks to Uncle Sam.



to know the complexities of Global Jihad,
I would urge a first step...

a) Read our 2-page History Post.

b) Research SaudiArabian Wahhabi Sect

c) Consult this book: "Why I Left Jihad", by Walid Shoebat. Turn to
Chapter 16, p. 359...Islam and the
End Times.
Now You Know More than most of the EU and the USA, and certainly more than most of Washington D.C. reb



Consider this: This is December 31,
2006...New Year's Eve...Time is...
6:54 P.M. Eastern Time.

Approximately One Million New Yorkers will gather in Times Square to watch a Crystal Ball descent at the stroke of midnight.
They will be packed like Sardines!

At the WHIM of Jihadi Leadership,
they may have already planned a dozen or two Shahid Martyrs, bomb
packs at the ready, to detonate at
the joyous Moment of Midnight!

If this becomes a Reality, one can only guess at the Magnitude of the Disaster. New Yorkers know...they are the Target of Choice in the mindset of Terrorist Islam. reb


Well, it's a few minutes now 'til
Midnight, so I'll just say I wish
everyone a better, Happy New Year for the future. reb

Goin' in and watch CNN & FOX for some more 'Fair & Balanced'~ Peace!



Welcome jason pappas, welcome!

Tap this name in blue. He is a valued reference source. Another AAAAA Link. reb


Date: January 01, 2007
Time: 3:00 P.M.

The Editor of Snake Hunters is measurably relieved. No Suicidal Bombs in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Diego, Dallas or Los Angeles, delivered by...

the walking Zombies of Islam.

This only means that they are still here, waiting for a lethal order.

Stay Alert & Aware. reb


The minute before the trap-door was
sprung on Saddam, and the noose was
tightened, the Shiite hangmen begin
taunting him with "MUKtada! MUKtada! MUKtada!" He replied, "Go to Hell!" Then he dropped. It was all captured by cell-phone.

His tormentors were referring to Muktada al Sadr, Shia Spiritual Leader of the Sadr Militia. His Daddy was a well-known Ayatollah.

Tish said...

Hello from Knoxville! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Glad to see you get your news from FOX News - my news channel of choice!

I'll read over your blog and add you to my blogroll so I can keep up with things!

Happy New Year!

Oh, and by the way, I think it's awesome that you're 81 and blogging. With so many youngsters blogging, it's nice to see more mature opinions! Kudos to you!



Nancy Pelosi, San Francico's new Democratic House Majority Leader, was handed the gavel signaling the long-awaited promise of a "New Direction" for this country.

This also begins an important shift in Power, and transfer of Responsibility. From Snake Hunters perspective this means that the awesome Burden of primary fault when things go terribly wrong must also be borne by Democrats as well as Republicans!

The complex problems confronting the U.S. in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine are now shared

Four long years of MoveOnDotCrap, Hollywood Celebrity, and the shrill
voices of the Cindy Sheehan Looneys, must also be shared, and tolerated.

This editor says, "It's About Time!" reb


P.S. (I wish to continue) reb
All manner of strategies have been
employed in the Crafting Of...

"The Whopper Of All Lies". Iraq!

Shortly after 9/11/2001, The Bush Presidency enjoyed a 71% Approval,
scaring the devil out of the Loyal Opposition. The DNC began its slick formulation of A Master Plan
to get that Cowboy Liar, and get that Oil Cartel Out Of the Oval Office!

Celebrities were enlisted. They had
glamorous appeal, and 'Stage Presence'. A two-bit Producer made a "Documentary", and it won an Award, In France! It made him rich.

No-nothing Bloggers joined in
a chorus with the Hate Bushies.

Hate Slogans on Signs popped up like mushrooms, Campus Organizers helped
Communist-Led UFPJ. Rock Bands & Porta-Potties show up magically for
Anti-War Rallies! Some elite media figures began to drift into the mix. New Pacifica Radio Stations in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Housten,
NYC, and Washington D.C.

Big Money, not a problem.

"Dubya" Bush knew there were Storm Clouds Gathering Fast.

Kids with no memory-banks were easily coaxed into the Mantras of Hatred. War-Mongers! Abu Garaib!
Guantanimo! Katrina! The Ozone Layer! Stop the War! Stop the Bombs! Feed the Children! It's a
Quagmire! Bush is a Nazi! Organize the "Grass-Roots" YAaaaaaa!

Rock bands & Porta-Potties showed up at Anti-War Rallies. The Tsunami
Of Hatred was a propaganda machine
unequalled by any stardards of the past. Billionaires like George Soros said, "Whatever it takes to beat Bush!" MoveOnDotCrap moved into High Gear. Bush Polls showed a 24% approval with the general public, in a time of National Peril. It took years...

Nov '06 Election Time: The Left promises a 'New Direction' and an
easy "Exit Strategy" for Iraq!

Hats, Horns & Confetti. We won!

The Democrats win squeakers in both
Senate & House! Jan 04,07. What's up, Nancy Pelosi? Well...

Minimum Wage! Job Creation, an Ethics Committee, Social Security,
Tax Reform, No more Corporate Jets for Congressmen on-the-take. We're
gonna get those Lobbyists, and the
other criminal activities!. Uh-huh.

What About Iraq? Well, we are forming a Study Group to look into that.

But, You Promised!


Anonymous said...

What about the American butcher?!!!

Vanishing the native people on American lands, the only one in whole humanical history who used the Nuclear bomb killing more than 100000 civilians and innocents, and more...

All peace lovers hope it's forthcoming death.


Cowardly Anonymous records no blogsite, not even a proud nickname

and doesn't bother with facts like
Pearl Harbor, where the U.S.A lost
half its Pacific Fleet in a Surprise, Unprovoked Attack. Peace-loving Americans Awoke!

Three nations were actively seeking
the A-Bomb in the early 1940's. The
Most Advanced Nazi had a Heavy-water plant in Norway, but "Bunky" doesn't mention
that, nor does he want you to know that Hiroshima/Nagasaki A-bombs did
end the Carnage of World War II, saving several million Mainland Japanese Civilians, plus a
couple hundred thousand U.S. Ground
Assault Troops. Most of our survivors became productive citizens.

Finally, this Hate-America Joker doesn't mention that Japan & Germany have been doing PEACEFUL &
PRODUCTIVE THINGS FOR SIX DECADES SINCE WWII. Now the world faces another 1400 Year Old Theocratic Kill-Culture...Jihad "Holy War".

Stuff that in your Peace-Pipe, and dream-up more distortion.

We Humans Are All Victims Of War, For 5,000 Years! League of Nations, United Nations, Humbug! Man's Inhumanity To Mankind.
Hiding behind an Anonymous Label is
So Typical of Partisan Bravado! reb