Sunday, December 10, 2006



"If we come home right now,
they'll follow us!"



THEY ARE HERE ALREADY, SIR! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

They are in Detroit and Dearborne,
Michigan, New York State, Florida,
and San Diego, California, etc

They patiently wait for an e-Mail Signal to Attack Transportation Systems, Super Markets, Malls & Theaters, Casinos...and,
At Crowded Sports Events.

Whereever they can find foolish, Unaware Americans. We are "Big Satan" in their Litany of Hatred. It's Theocratic Madness.

They will hit us at a Specific Time
of Day, "Time on Target" in One Coordinated Strike!

We Must Come To Know The Enemy.

Wake Up, America! reb

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's continue our discussion. Let's look at the post "They Are Already Here".

I will grant you that there are sleeper cells in this country. But I think we have to be cautious about allowing ourselves to become panicked. We can be vigiliant, the government can do its job...although not well...and hopefully the guilty will be ferreted out.

My concern is that it be allowed to mushroom into a McCarthy red scare. My concern is that the freedoms of the people in this country, the same freedoms which so many may hold dear, are in danger of being taken away by the paranoia that is part and parcel of nativism.

Let's remember the great quote by Ben Franklin, that charming Deist and Mason: "Those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither."

And one last point: do you believe that all Islamists are like the people described in your posting...or just a few, the extremists?


Persia has a great heritage going back to Cyrus the Great, and Darius, the builder, Before Islam!

When Mohammed I, and the Qu'ran began in the 6th Century as the
Alternative to Mosaic Law, they did
develop 'Defensive Jihad'. (Protect the land we occupy). As Islam grew, and military Salidin defeated the Crusaders, they came to view themselves as the (Creator) Allah's Favorite. Then, 'Offensive Jihad' reared its ulgy beginnings. All non believers were the despised, hated INFIDEL, deserving Death. Kill The Jews! Then all Infidel and the Sunni.

Fear Rules the moderate, educated
majority in today's IRAN. (Repeat)

It's "Offensive Jihad" now, and the Grand Ayatollah wants Nukes!

You've never heard of the 12th Imam Prophesy? It's Holy War, and modern Iran trembles! The suicide bombers are in place in many countries. Persia again dreams
of Ruling the World...after
Armegeddon. That's Nuke War, sir.
Yes, I fear wild, unfettered Theocracy!

You fear George Bush & the Reverands Falwell & Robertson, and
Senator McCarthy. Amazing!
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Nice Switch, Professor. I was sincere in asking for your best
offering of how a 'Redistributing
Wealth' might be Implemented. Now, would you return us to Gen. Patton Post, and the Original Subject, for the sake of continuity? reb


Back to Comment Number One:

The Next Major Attack on the U.S.A.
Will be Monumental In Size And Range of Operation. Just how many large population groups? It's hard to speculate...

Panicked Citizens will clog Food Markets, Home Depots, Drug Stores,
Gas Stations, and Gun Shops!

Internets & Freeways will choke with stopped vehicles and trucks.

Emergency vehicles will wisely stay parked in their barns. The Police/Fire Dispatchers (9/11) will be strangely Mute.

The President Will Declare Martial Law.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Our Stategic Forces will begin
The Assault on many Pre-programmed Targets. Satellites will record it.

Moms Dash to Schools...Baby Food!
Emergency Rooms will be stressed to exhaustion on That Day.

This Editor will scratch his head.
I told them,"Be Aware, Stay Alert!"




Nancy Pelosi, new Democratic House Majority Leader has appointed Rep.
Sylvester Reyes, as Chairman of the

When asked if he knew whether al Queda was SUNNI OR SHIITE, he answered, "probably Shiite", THAT'S WRONG!

The AL QUEDA is SUNNI, like most of the Muslim World! (85%)

Since Nancy Pelosi, and many far-left Foreign Affairs Experts like her, have repeatedly referred to Prez. Bush as 'Incompetent To Lead...

Should we not conclude that this
nation is in a Heap of Trouble?

Golly! Even this old Editor knows that Shi'a are followers of the Prophet Ali. Good Grief, Nancy! reb

Anonymous said...

Ok, two questions..

1. Is it possible for you to write without the almost comical air of paranoid hysteria? o.o

2. What is our government's reason for being over there in Iraq, not your theories, but Bush's actually words?


A dry, desert monkey?

Historical Facts on 1400 Years of
Hate/Kill. Lots of fun stuff to read.
Sorry you don't have the time, and
some of it might choke you up.

Fact:Iran grabbed our Embassy when Peace-lovin' Jimmy Carter was Prez,
November 4, 1979. An Act Of War,
under International Law. Ayatollah
Khomeini...ring a memory bell?

Fact: Sunni & Shia blow each others
Mosques when they're not killin' Jews.

Fact: In Palestine, Hamas & Fatah kill each other, when they fail to
Kill Jews. Hamas refers to themselves as "Enemy of the Jew."

Fact: Hezbollah likes "Party of God", and Nasrullah is stooge for
Iran's Ahmadinejad. They attacked
the Northern Border of Israel recently, and had 13,000 Iranian Rockets in well-prepared dug-outs.
2000 U.N. Observers didn't see a thing, when Syria unloaded the stuff!

Hezbollah killed 241 US Marines with a truck bomb~~Marine Barracks in 1983. The troops were
protecting Lebonese Christians from
the Nutzies there.

Ain't that religion sumpthin' else?

If you don't know History, there is
more for you to absorb in History Post. It's still there for skeptics
that insist on a realistic view.

Pearl Harbor & Hiroshima? Probably
another Dubya Lie, Huh?

Every see the 3 Monkeys? See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil?

Now, I'm just a Messenger. You might say, "Kill the Messenger!" People that can't stand a lil' Truth, often resort to Ranting.

Haven't heard from you for some time. Still lookin' in the mirror?
What do you see? Which of the 3 Monkeys do you represent? See No,
or Hear No, I'll betcha! Been chewin' on Cactus Apples again? They tend to make you mean, huh?

(Not sure whether to Delete this or not; maybe the folks here don't understand this brand of humor).

Get someone to fly you to a real War Zone, or maybe a Vet Hospital.

See for yourself, don't believe a
Paranoid Old Fool. Talk to the young troopers there. But be ready for a quick "Exit Strategy", Funny girl. Pleasant Dreams. reb


Hey, Desert Monkey...

Does o.o stand for


Now don't be too cute!


Lisa said...

Thank you for your comment. God (our God...the true God) knows His plans. The difference, "they" are raised to learn one religion, one God, one way of life...that is all they know. It's sad to think if everyone in our country was pushed to learn one religion about our true God, America would be the only dominate power, since our true God created the Earth (and in 7 days!)In fact, if people would know the truth from birth, we wouldn't have our people (Americans) converting to their religion..thinking they are safe then. God Bless America!!

(I'll have to show you blog to my husband, I think he would be very interested)

Anonymous said...

o.o <-- means "curious and a bit ambiguous."

Anywho, wasn't trying to be mean, just responsive.

of course, I am not as wizen as you and may be ingorant on most of history, but from what I understand. The reasons for this war in Iraq, was to dismantle an "evil" dictator's regime.

The problem with that was and is the simple fact that you can't and shouldn't force democracy on anyone.
Civil wars are a nature part of any soiceties progress, but its not fair to force something on a people. This is what has happened. Now its chaos,and the U.S is stuck in the middle, not doing much but causing more disdain for Americans.

When you go on in false pretenses, and mess up the flow of things, what else do you get, besides problems and a growing sentiment of hate for your interference?

The Jews are another story. @_@


Read Carefully:

We are partial to, and we tend to favor those, that exhibit some knowledge of, and interest in accurate History. Comments from these individuals do stimulate others to offer valued comments.

Those that feel inclined to offer comment, admitting only bits & pieces of
this & that, would be well-advised
to do less typing, more reading. reb

Anonymous said...

Okay, look reb...
I am really trying here. But in your last posting, your comment was unreasonable regarding Muslims. I do object to Muslim extremists. But to argue that a handful of crazy fundamentalists set the agenda for all muslims is like saying whacko Pat Robertson, or sicko Falwell set the agenda for all Christians.

I want to argue, but I can't...I don't think we have enough common ground here.

And regarding GW BUSH and EDUCATION..those names don't go together. No Child Left Behind is a joke without two things 1) a national curriculum and national testing standards 2) money to fund all its mandates.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to correct an earlier comment here you identified Al Queda as Sunni. To be more correct, you should identify them as Wahabbi. That is a splinter of the Sunni, but a radical and extremist one.

Anonymous said...

and monkey...exactly what story would the jews be?


Prof. Stewart Sternbern:

I was not incorrect. The Wahabbi and the al Queda were always

What percentage of those Billion Muslims under the Discipline of the Imams would you guess are
"Extremists", or potentially extreme to the point of driving
a truck-bomb or wearing a Suicide
Vest? Not "a few" I would guess.

The 'Desert Monkey' is a youngster
that enjoys responding to this
blog, and has exhibited a dislike
for Israeli on other posts. Many learn hatred when very young.

I don't believe she knows why. She is uninformed about the Middle-East
and its traditions.

Uninformed & Misinformed people are a part of my reasoning for creating this blog. If anyone gets a bit of Solid Info from my feeble efforts, I'm pleased. Gives the reading & the research validity...
and this old man some value.
Gives me a reason to keep going.

Wish I had your teaching credits!

Shall we continue with the "Re-Distribution of Wealth" on American Eagle post? I'm Your Student in this area. reb


P.S. I was privileged this evening
to ask a lady scientist & Native of
China, about the Muslim population
in her home country. Can you guess
the percentage?

I was shocked at her answer! She was quite casual about it. No alarm
or dismay was visible.

China today has over One Billion
population, and she estimated that
Ten Percent would be close! That's
a third larger than the entire Shia
population of IRAN!

One Hundred Million Muslims in China, Now! If there is to be a Charismatic Muslim Leader in the near Future, it many
in that huge body could be coaxed
into the radical or "extremist" fold? How many are there now?

I am more concerned than most, I'm
quite certain of that. reb

Joe said...

Mr. Snake Hunter Sir,
The region of the Middle east is filled with factions of religous Muslim groups that hate Americans, just as in North America there are factions of religous groups that hate Muslims. Hate increases until action is taken, and when action is taken a counter action can be expected. Spreading the idea that America is asleep and unaware of the suicide bomber living next door waiting at his computer for that last email seems to be as counter productive as a mindstate can be. I know you mean well, but there's a point to going about your daily business without fear, and americans should be afforded the luxury of taking a nap every now and then. even if there's a bomber next door to me I know because of the freedoms we have as americans there's nothing I can do about it until after it goes off anyway - so why not just be a nice, kind neighbor, who wouldn't entice his neighbor to blow him up? Yes of course there's a guy with a bomb somewhere, and everytime I walk out the door there's a chance I'll never come home - but my ability to go about my daily life without that being a constant fear is what makes being an American so great.

Anonymous said...

Okay reb, I've covered taxes, education, and election reform as part of redistribution of wealth. I think what would start to happen, given what I have mentioned, along with tariffs and sanctions to stop the imbalance in trade, is that the middle class would start to rise again.

Once the middle class is stronger, the redistribution of wealth has begun. No revolution. No unfair sacrifice. Use the tools of capitalism to accomplish the goals of socialism.

I am NOT a fan of globalism. I think the U.S. should stop participating in the G8 summits. People frown on the UN? The UN is toothless. The G8 is far more threatening to me.

Last year, before the election, Democrats and Republicans sold us out with a bill that gave enormous amounts of money to the corporations in tax cuts and helped bail out those American corporations who were being slapped on the wrist by the G8.

That law also gave a tax break to those corporations bringing their money back to the U.S. Of course, what it didn't stop was a loophole that allowed those corporations to shift money from one account to another to enjoy a better tax structure and interest rate abroad as well as a tax break for the shift. Sneaky.


To: Thoughtful Joe,

Your response is timely and concise. We attempt to Inform the irrational "Hate Dubya" crowd.
We encourage them to read History Post.

We point out that Campus Organizers
and guys that pitch a negative view
on Campus, and at "Peace-Rallies" seem to
Despise All Fundamental Christians,
Hate All Jews! Whowa, Horsie! Defer
that Judgement, analyse the Hate Peddler.

We ask that they tap UFPJ into their Search Engine. See for yourself the sneaky motive behind the AGENDA 4 PEACE sign. Develop
an Independent Thought Process.

Reality Weblog doesn't fire emotion
to dull thought, No helter-skelter,
just Calm Awareness...

This a great nation, or what? reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Redistribution of wealth? I don't know when we have became a society where wanting other people's money is called "need," while wanting to keep your own money is called "greed."

Redistribution of wealth is clearly a tactics of socialists. After Lenin and Mao controlled power in their own country, redistribution of wealth is the first thing they do.

In a capitalist society, there is a race. Those who run fast, they win; they earn it. It's true that someone runs slowly, but at least we are moving forward!

In a socialist society, the government controls everything. Free enterprise is unheard of. It's much like a race where the government limits how fast and how far a racer can goes, in order to achieve "redistribution of wealth." In such a system, to whom the benefit: to the government, to the bureaucrats.

To make the rich poorer in order to make the poor richer is just not the solution.

Ever wondered about why the North Koreans are starving?

The answer is not that hard to find.


Sends Miss USA (Miss Behave) to Rehab! With her swimsuit?


Yeesss! Unfortunately, many do!
It's a reason for SnakeHunters.

We try to help with History Post. reb


Attention Snake Hunters & Critics:

If you've read my posts, and wish to move along to other interesting

and you believe all young people are unequal to your notions, I challenge you to visit the other blog on Tommy Franks Post.

Note "need vs greed". Wow!

Tap Yankee Doodle (in blue). reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Thanks for your commendation, Snake Hunters.

Anonymous said...

Ummm Yankee Doodle...I am a socialist. And I consider that term a compliment not an insult.

And reb???? I forgot to say this...

Enjoy your outing. Have a wondeful safe Christmas and a Happy New Year..and here's to you and your family and a prosperous 2007!!!!!

Yankee Doodle said...

Professor Sternberg, I did not try to insult you by calling you a "socialist" because we all knew it is a fact.

Then you jumped on to other topics such as "merry Christmas," without answering the question I have asked and you did not directly respond to my comment.

Do you think we should make the rich poorer in order to make the poor richer?

Do you think the economic devastations in North Korea, former Soviet Union, and China in 1960s has no connection with "redistribution of wealth" and your extreme ideas?

Do you want to devastate our economy by forcing Wall Street to pouring out money?

I know you are open-minded, so am I.

Why don't we present all the facts and let the truth speak for itself?

I am not afraid of the truth.

Are you?

P.S. Snake Hunters, Merry Christmas, and I wish the same to Professor Sternberg.

Anonymous said...

Yank.. you might want to read all my comments to get an understanding of what I consider a beginning plan for distribution of wealth.

I believe there is an unfair disparity. I believe the corporations control this government and its time for the people to take back control of their destiny.

Do I believe that the top three percent should be made to give up some of their wealth? Absolutely. But I also believe there is a way to do it so that it is gradual and part of a necessary shift. If this shift doesn't occur, things will get pretty scary on our streets.

But unless you are a multimillionaire, bordering on billionaire, or an enormous corporation, I wouldn't feel too threatened Yank.

And merry christmas to you.

Anonymous said...

One last statement...don't mistake China,the Soviet Union or North Korea for communist states. They were totalitarian regimes. That's not communism. Nor is it socialism.
Nor is the United States a pure Capitalistic society. If it were,there would be no regulations, no safety codes, no social security, medicare, medicaid. We would trust to the corporations and market forces to take care of us.

And of course, they would..wouldn't they. Just like the oil companies haven't exploited their situation.

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunter:

I think I hit a raw nerve with the average American when I posted this article concerning a patriotic Republican Congressman at the Free Republic website!

Anti-Islamism runs hot and heavy in mainstream USA.

We will never forget 9/11 and the 3,000 dead.

Over 1,000 views of this article at Free Republic

Keep up the good work!

You hit the Muzzies high!

I'll hit them low.


Not all Muslims are Terrorist, not yet.
Most of them are like Pro-Sports Fans.
They are waiting to see who leads,
then they'll Cheer!

FreedomFromFear 7 ~~ Kill/Culture 7

It's early in the First Quarter. We have not yet sent in the 'Tuff-Option' play...
the Coach is waiting...He may not need it.



I cannot resist, Professor Sternberg

That Three-Percent of the Wealthy...?

Giving up half their hoard of dollars for "Redistribution". Have you asked how they feel about your Socialist Theories?

Would that include George Soros,
'Move-On', Progressive Insurance Mogul Peter Lewis, & Theresa Heinz Kerry? (That's a lot of Catsup and Pickles!)

They tossed MuchoMillions into the
Hate Bush/Cheney Campaign in the last four years! Also, they must surely
have spread some of that Loot in
the direction of the Elite Media.

"Let's Play Hardball" & Keith Olberman's "Let's Play Oddball". Guessing that's why MSNBC is bottom...

and FOX's Brit Hume and Sheppard Smith is Top-Rated. How'd they manage that, in spite of the heavy
Left-Wing Propaganda? Voter Ambivolence?
Truth vs Hate? I dunno.

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Chant...Hate Dubya Chant. It's Not Spontaneous Combustion, Sir. The 'People'are...
Vulnerable To Repeat Suggestion.

Prof. Ivan Pavlov, 1898... discovered "Conditioned Reflex". See: Psychology Post. reb



Ferocious Gun Battle Erupts In
Palestine ~ Gaza City, Dec 23,06

Ongoing bloody fight between HAMAS
and FATAH continued today. These two competing political rivals are
at it again. The Kill-Culture is
alive & well. The hated Jew need not be present.~~ S/H Weblog. reb

Anonymous said...

Holiday Greetings from Ronbo

Anonymous said...

Reb, Yank...
It's been fun, but this is my last posting. Please don't take offense. I just don't see any good coming out of our dialogue. We are too apart. I thought we could find commonality. We can't. Maybe we are both too set in our ways. Sad really.

Maybe someday the left and right can come together and find civility. Maybe the hatred can end. I don't hold much hope.

Reb, I respect you and your history. I am not a fan of your views.

That being said, again..A Merry Christmas. Keep posting. I hope you have a great New Year.



Professor Sternberg, Dec 24, 06

I wish you well; I had hoped to continue. You have provided a valuable insight with Phase I, the gradual implementing of Tax
Reform and some control of the Corporations...

like World Com & Enron, and their Accounting scams.

I had hoped for Phase II. You have given me much to consider. Complex views that need exploration. It's the mean-spirited finger-pointing that solves nothing!
Thank you.

May there somehow, be Peace & Goodwill. Perhaps, after the 1st of the New Year,we might continue. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

I wish you the same, Mr. Sternberg.



See kennewickmusing in Patton Post,
tap the blue name there).

A great source of knowledge about
the potential enemies here now, from the author of 'Two Faces of Islam' by Stephen Schwartz.



Two Years Ago, December

The 7.2 Earthquake triggered a massive Tsunami that killed 230,000
hapless people.

Five Years after 9/11, 2001 the
Tsunami Of Hatred triggered by Billionaire George Soros "Move-On"
Dot.Crap has weakened the USA resolve in confronting Global-Jihad.

Winston Churchill stated in 1940,
"Americans will always do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other alternatives".



to know the complexities of Global Jihad, I would urge a first step...

a) Read our two-page History Post

b) Research SaudiArabian Wahhabi Sect

c) Consult this book: "Why I Left Jihad, by Walid Shoebat.

Turn to Chapter 16, p. 359, 'Islam
and the End Times'.


Now you know more than most in the
EU and the USA, and certainly more than most of Wahington D.C. reb

Anonymous said...

I think Americans have a tendancy to put their collective heads in the sand until something like 9-11 snaps them into focus. Of course, that was six years ago now. Images of war in Iraq have replaced images of the World Trade Center and the plane crash site in Pennsylvania. It seems only those who lost loved ones remember that terror and also remember just how fragile our freedoms and our borders are.


Yes, Angela!

The 9/11 tragedy had only a brief
impact that soon became a vague memory, except for families directly affected.

Then the well-funded George Soros campaign kicked in to demean "Dubya", and four years of
that finally woke me up, So I felt
compelled to answer with a Weblog.

Fragile minds so easily filled with
hatred. Victims cannot understand it. They all sound so similar, but it does win elections.

Sad, isn't it? reb


Reversing Crafted Hatred? ____________________________

Is It Even Possible after years of
"Dubya Lied" & "He's Incompetent" ad nauseum.


Well, yes, over time. Or, in the event of a series of Jihad sponsored suicide bombings within a short period of time. Visualize
a half-dozen or more bombs on U.S. soil...
in Shopping Malls, on Subways, or Sports Events! Or a single major event, killing many thousands...

All Public Polling Would Instantly Reverse, and Multiples of Hate-Bush Machinery would be shut down,
put in moth-balls. Patriotism and
American Flags would appear. Such is the perfidy of public opinion.

It could happen at any moment, now that the November Elections are over.

Curiously enough, the Timing for the Next Major Assault will be determined not by us, but by a
very shrewd and calculating enemy.

Only brute-impact reality would change us,
and the Jihad Chieftains know that too. They read us in quiet sophistication. reb


al Jazeera Headline, April 20
Sen. Harry Reid sez:

"Iraq War Is Lost!"

Mike from Clinton said...

Ralph, your blog is right on target. The more I find out about Sarah Palin, the better I like her. Conversely, I find I distrust (and dislike) Obama more by the day.