Saturday, January 06, 2007


HERE'S YOUR WAR... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We Have Been At War With IRAN Since Nov 04, 1979...    and so far they are winning because the American People don't understand the Enemy, their Culture, and Their Clear Goal of World Domination. It's a 1400 Year Old Kill-Culture wrapped in a Religious Doctrine. Understand It!

It has confusing labels: Wahhabism, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Al Sadr Militia, Taliban, etc. These are regional cadres. Understand it!

Iraq is just One Issue. Wake Up!


They attack out Embassies, Our Troops, our Navy (USS COLE), and Our Friends. This has been going on for a quarter century, and the level of violence has steadily increased over that time.   Radical Islam IS a Pandemic Virus, spreading across this Planet.

IRAN (Old Persia) is the Source & the HUB of today's Nuclear Threat.   Russia's Vladimir Putin is in bed with them. Russians are supplying these Madmen in Iran with Nuclear & Missile Technology.

They will not be deterred.

In the USA...   politicians quibble. We are detracted with Hot-Air Politics about Iraq!   Stupidly, that's our Focus, and it's Wrong!

To believe that bin Laden's al Queda is more important than IRAN is a serious mistake!   It's Dead Wrong.


This Country has a Choice!

a) Surrender Now, and turn All Clocks back 1400 years; Accept the cruel yoke of Radical Islam; Dump All Of Our Constitutional Freedoms on the Trash-Pile of History, and inform your family...   or,

b) Tell the two political parties to stop the foolishness, take the wraps off the greatest military force in world history, and


that Uncle Sam has had enough, and we are ready to fight an All-Out-No-Holds-Barred War Right Now!

This Is The Moment of Truth. Any further delay will be unbearable, Mutually Assured Destruction. MAD!