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HERE'S YOUR WAR... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We Have Been At War With IRAN Since Nov 04, 1979...    and so far they are winning because the American People don't understand the Enemy, their Culture, and Their Clear Goal of World Domination. It's a 1400 Year Old Kill-Culture wrapped in a Religious Doctrine. Understand It!

It has confusing labels: Wahhabism, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Al Sadr Militia, Taliban, etc. These are regional cadres. Understand it!

Iraq is just One Issue. Wake Up!


They attack out Embassies, Our Troops, our Navy (USS COLE), and Our Friends. This has been going on for a quarter century, and the level of violence has steadily increased over that time.   Radical Islam IS a Pandemic Virus, spreading across this Planet.

IRAN (Old Persia) is the Source & the HUB of today's Nuclear Threat.   Russia's Vladimir Putin is in bed with them. Russians are supplying these Madmen in Iran with Nuclear & Missile Technology.

They will not be deterred.

In the USA...   politicians quibble. We are detracted with Hot-Air Politics about Iraq!   Stupidly, that's our Focus, and it's Wrong!

To believe that bin Laden's al Queda is more important than IRAN is a serious mistake!   It's Dead Wrong.


This Country has a Choice!

a) Surrender Now, and turn All Clocks back 1400 years; Accept the cruel yoke of Radical Islam; Dump All Of Our Constitutional Freedoms on the Trash-Pile of History, and inform your family...   or,

b) Tell the two political parties to stop the foolishness, take the wraps off the greatest military force in world history, and


that Uncle Sam has had enough, and we are ready to fight an All-Out-No-Holds-Barred War Right Now!

This Is The Moment of Truth. Any further delay will be unbearable, Mutually Assured Destruction. MAD!



Here's A Message for the U.S. Senate, and the House of Representatives...

Plus a special reference to
Senator Harry Reid & Madame Nancy Pelosi:
~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~
The President of the United States is Our Commander In Chief...Of All
Military Components, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, & Coast Guard, and the Pentagon is staffed
with honorable people that have dedicated their adult lives to the
defense of this country. They are
the very best in their fields.

Our President gets Up To The Minute Briefing From Around the World, and he has Top Advisors.

These Professionals Know... Weaponry & Ordinance, Logistics, Troop Deployment, Fuel & Food Rations, etc better than any
other group to be found anywhere.

We Control the Air, We Control the
Seas, and everything under it. We have the finest ground troops, all
superbly trained Volunteers.

Our people know the difference between a Division, a Regiment, a Brigade, a Cadre of Special Forces,
and a Battalion of Artillery.

They also Know The Enemy, and what it will take to crush him, and save a timid world from self- destruction.
With due respect for Harry Reid &
Nancy Pelosi, Sylvestre Reyes, and loud-mouth Dennis Kucinich, Stay Off The Battlefield! Your All Thumbs. It could cost us needless casualties!

Stay with Domestic Politics. There are abundant legitimate issues to
keep you busy, IF you decide to do
a reasonably good job in your own area of expertise.

We Are At War.

Anonymous said...

J.R.A. says:

Sir SnakeHunter,

Five times per day prayer, when coupled with the threat of severe punishment creates the most rigid form of mental discipline. That's the key to understanding how the young are "conditioned" over time to become suicidal bombers.

There is no mystery about it.

James A.

Yankee Doodle said...

Israel certainly has more guts than us. I heard that Israel will probably use nuclear weapon to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities from a talk radio station.

Anonymous said...

The Freedom Fighter's Journal has advocated war against Iran since late 2004...but alas! It was but a voice crying in the wilderness.

Cheers, Ronbo

Always On Watch Two said...

Snake Hunters,
It has confusing labels: Wahhabism, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Al Sadr Militia, Taliban, etc.

All springing from the same ideology. Any "competition" disappears so as to take out infidels. Furthermore, way too many Americans just won't take the time to investigate because they don't think these terrorist groups will ever affect them. How wrong that assumption is!

Political correctness and the leftism pervading Western culture leave us weak and indecisive. In general, I find that Westerners spend too much time trying to "understand" the enemy. That definition of "understand" is better stated as "making excuses for the enemy."

A quarter of a century of threats from Iran (not to mention 14 centuries of wars with various Muslims), and some people just refuse to "get it" as to what the world is facing today. The threat from Islam is more dangerous than Hitler and the Communist empire.



For those Snake Hunters that are aware of this problem, click

Yankee Doodle said...

Just before we've noticed, it will get to 120 million.



a) IF we pull our military forces out of IRAQ, and leave the region
to IRAN, this will be a National,
Regional, and World-wide Disaster.

b) IF we "Re-Deploy" it has the identical effect.

c) Generals Abezaid & Casey Agree.

d) Statesmen in both Parties Agree.


e) Four years of Partisan Nit-Picking, Political Rhetoric & Hot-Air that is meant to demean and
belittle the Oval Office, has had its Impact on Political Polls. Citizens Are Confused. They are understandibly angry.

f) United We Stand, Divided We Are
Vulnerable. Four years of divisive Negativity by one party, has fractured our national resolve.

Wake Up America. Our troopers have not given in to this hypocracy, but
a solid portion of the general public has surrendered their will to confront a 1400 year old Kill Culture. People want 'Peace'...well,
there will be np peace. The enemy is negotiate our surrender! You've been Conned, Suckered, Swindled. Believe It! reb


Dateline: Jan 14, 2007. Unconfirmed
report, Tehran, Iran...

Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced today a willingness to negotiate with the U.S. Government...


Our Surrender. reb

Anonymous said...

Democrats have already decided to pursue the surrender option.

It remains to be seen whether or not most Americans will go along with that.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself." FDR

Hi there, Snake Hunters. I am sooo sorry it took so long to respond to your comment (July!) You left it at a site that I no longer use.

I will be able to add you to my Milblog/Military site at My Newz 'n Ideas.

About this post: I have been advocating retaliation since Nov. 4, 1979. That should let you know what I think about all of this silliness.

I do not believe it is so much about what we do or anything else. They are just a bunch of murderous thugs. So let's get on with wiping them out...


This Snake Hunters Weblog is intended to be an OPEN FORUM...

Where people from the Left, the Right,
Environmentalist, Socialist, and even Hard-Core Vegetarians can have their say. We ask that your comments be
thoughtful and constructive.
Personal Attacks add nothing to this weblog. Filthy language will always be
Deleted. Our main purpose here is to Alert & Inform, and hopefully provide insight and fresh perspectives; we've given these elements our highest priority. Thanks. reb


Suburban Field Studies
Elections are won with slogans and
15 second Tv sound bytes.
Does that bother you?
If a political figure has a main theme of
"I want to Stop the War!"
And he gains the majority...

Should he have?
Read a short History post!

Your comment?

Anonymous said...

I am happy to have found your great Blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Snake Hunter,

Saw your comment on another site. (Feel a bit embarrassed fighting over gender issues when there are real issues to consider)

However, It is difficult to try and challenge you on any of your posts because of your experience although I'd like to say that it is great to see someone at your age (middle age, isn't it?) having a say on the Internet.

Anyhow, what I hear is alot of conspiracy and I feel as if both the powers (being both sides) are really working together. With the oil, gun investments, the World Bank and the ability to free up money mean't for retirement to pay for war. Didn't Bush Senior fail in the East back in 1980 was it? I had read TIME articles back then about it and you could clearly see that Bin Laden was going to come back and bite America. I think American Intelligence forgot to keep an eye on him or ... maybe they ...? Bush Junior then came along, with freed up tax money to use and has gone back in.

But then, I have to put all that aside and understand that we are talking about people at the end of the day. Is it that the Muslims want to take over the world? Or is it them just fighting for their own rights to be free from America's influence.

Please be kind, as I not intending to insult or upset a soldier who fought in WWII just learn from one.

I am far away from you


Answering Anonymous,

First things first. The main reason
so many Americans are ill-informed
and so easily subject to Hate-Bush
propaganda is because they don't have before them clearly documented Sequential Dates!
Nov 04, 1979 An Act of War on U.S.
by Ayatollah Kohmeini grabbing our Embassy. Prez J. Carter had the Oval Office. They held our Diplomats Hostage 444 days!
Jan 20, 1080. Prez Reagan sworn in.
He faced Russians for his 8 years,
with threat of ICBM War. Major difference in threat level.

Muslims were a minor threat by comparison, so they got away with
minor harrassment without suffering military consequence!

1983 Beirut Marine Barracks Bombed.
Two Hundred Forty One Dead Marines!
One major, one minor threat. We pulled out.

Before you can sensibly argue the
merits of any presidency, you Must
Know the Date Sequence of each of
these Events. (Re-read above).
That's why Partisan Politics is such a dirty,
frustrating game. The nit-pickers
know they can Con Us with 30 sec
sound bytes. Know Your History!
NO...Senior Bush did not fail in the 80' 1991, Saddam's Tanks
Rolled into Kuwait, and if he was not stopped there, he would have
gone into Saudi Arabia to control
the World's Oil Reserves. Know Your History!
USS Cole, 2000, and first WTC bomb,
1993...Are we to blame Clinton? No.
I think we should point to JIHAD.
Prez G.W.Bush is doing his best... with little support from the U.S. public, and Our Enemies Love It!
Americas Don't Know Offensive Jihad.
NOW IRAN WANTS NUCLEAR...They are no longer a minor harrassing irritant. A billion strong, they threaten the entire world. Wake Up!


Yes ia,

I hope you have a copy of the U.S.
1st Amendment; it guarantees 'Freedom of Religion' and Freedom of Speech and Thought for All American Citizens!


Islam has a different notion:

a) Your family Will accept Sharia Law, and Allah as your God, and then Allah will be pleased.

b) Refuse, and Offensive Jihad is ordained by our Creator to kill you! (Benevolent Allah willing, of course).

*Ask a Shiite Imam if this is correct. reb


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Snake Hunters.
Thanks for the invitation to visit--and it was a great treat to see the pictures of one of my heroes (Patton) up on your site.
Where I come from (Australia)cussing is almost a national pastime but I'll try not to do that in here.
Australians stand with America, whatever the whining juvenile leftists may say.


If anyone is curious about the War
Protest Rally in Washington D.C. this weekend featuring Jane Fonda &
Susan was the same old bunch, UFPJ. That's United For Peace & Justice, and the last two things they want is PEACE or JUSTICE. Leslie Cagan is the Leader, and she's and old hard-core Communist
that spent her teen-age years helping Fidel Castro organize his Communist Government in the 1960's. She was in Cuba for seven years, and was there when Castro had IRBM Russian Nukes pointed at the eastern half of the United States! It was John F. Kennedy vs Nikita Kruschev way back in 1962.

Tell Me this brute wants Peace. reb

(See 'OurGoals', Jan 5,2006 Post).

The Weekend Economist said...

SIR- thank you for your comment on the Weekend Economist. For a good story on dangerous cocktail of instability and fundamentalism please do check out the article called "Nukes R US"

Roger Fraley said...

I think the start of our current war was a few months earlier than the hostage taking, when Khomeini first stated Death to America as I stated here: I read a book called The War North of Rome and it talked about the 10th's brief but intense action there. Where were you?


When the 10th Mtn moved into position at the foot of Mount Belvedere, we were told that this would be a major, non-stop assault on a very broad front, extending through the Appenines, into the Po Valley, across the Po River.

The 1st Armoured Division tanks blasted anything visible in our way
and at times they were 15 miles in
front of our Infantry. They were magnificent! The skies were black with B-24's heading north into mainland Germany. When prisoners passed us, hands on heads, they were in bad shape, we all knew it
was a matter of weeks now. This insanity was coming to an end! reb


01/20/07 ~ 01/26/07

~~The Price We Pay For Freedom~~

Forty-three American Families lost a trooper this week. The Grand Ayatollahs of Shia & Sunni eagerly
sacrifice their young to establish
dominance over All Non-believers.

"Better to Reign in Hell, than to Serve in Heaven".

If the world understood this, their
absurd petty notions would crumble under the weight of mass indignation.

World-wide regional politics and financial self-interest are not likely to seek a change soon.

The Appeaser screams Peace... Peace!

Does This Reality assure another World War? The next one will more likely than not, mean a grim and terrible Nuclear Devastation! reb

Tony Sokolow said...

Dear Snake Hunter,

I saw your post on Roger's site and I thought I would ask if, being a member of the 10th Mountain Division, you trained near Leadville?

I have not explored your site to any degree, therefore I will ask this question: In 2003, did you believe that our national interests, specifically w/ respect to protecting or nation from radical Islamists, were best served by invading Iraq. If so why? If not, why not.


Leadville, Colorado is a tiny mining town, and before we arrived in 1943, the Leadville Saloon floor was paved with silver dollars. Formerly, it was once the State Capital!
Q. Should we be in Iraq?

A. We are into the beginning phase of a Global Holy War against a fanatical, suicidal enemy. Their Ayatollahs dream of a world totally dominated by Sharia (Allah's Law); They scoff at all Civil Authority, not just ours.

They rule with brutal force...and Fear. Their Madhi Prophesy (12th Imam) foretells that After Armegeddon, He will rule all survivors, and there will be 1000 years of Peace.

A timid world is vaguely aware of the coming Nuclear Firestorm. Our own politicians are reluctant to tell the people this grim Reality. The Appeasers whine & cry for Peace. Sadly, there will be no peace, for decades...if ever.
Should we be in Iraq? Well, can you imagine a better battleground?
Saddam, Uday & Qusay were easy. As we hesitate, politically agitate for local political control, our True Enemy Iran grows ever bolder, stronger. When the final battle day begins, it will cost millions of lives, both here, and elsewhere. Europe and Sunni Islam are finally becoming Aware. Saudi Royals see the Desert Whirlwind approaching them!
There are whimpy calls for us to negotiate. The only thing this enemy will agree to is what? Our Flag, and what it represents. The Volunteer Troops know this, our own
Statesmen know this, the Left-wing is living a Hollywood 'Peace' Fantasy. Out of Iraq? Ignore IRAN?
A Benevolent 'Will Of Allah'... dictated by the Grand Ayatollahs?
That's the reason for Snake Hunters Reality Weblog. Show me where I'm wrong. reb


Rules Governing Conduct

This blog is designed with the intent to Alert & Inform citizens that trust our form of government, and want Victory In Wartime.

I'm impatient with the Pin-heads
that are more interested in Pro-Sports, Howard Stern, and Hollywood
Celebrity Worship, and swallow the anti-government propaganda that
demeans and ridicules our noble War Effort when our troopers are in a combat zone. Example...

Our first Post, Jan 5, 2006 took on a hard-core Communist that aided Fidel Castro for seven years in Cuba. Her name is Leslie Cagan. She Is~United For Peace & Justice, and on Saturday, Jan 27, 07 she orchestrated a big Washinton D.C.
Peace Rally, featuring Hanoi Jane Fonda,
Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Jesse Jackson, etc, all there to demean our War Effort, and our President, with their Left Wing Slanders.
It made all the News Channels.
The Open Forum is meant to give others a chance to have their say, with sensible guidelines.

a) Be concise, avoid verbosity.

b) Stay on point, don't wander off.

c) Dirty language? Get your own blog.

d) Know the Subject Matter.

e) Read History Post by Ray Kraft.


My apology to anyone offended by my
blunt behavior, but I'm responsible
for the trafffic here. Integrity & truth have high priority. I do my
best within my personal limits. If you feel you can do a better job on selecting and editing material, you go for it, create a Superior Weblog, Chief! reb

Tony Sokolow said...

Well reb, you are correct. I do think our national interests were ill served by invading Iraq. Iraq was contained, by and large, as a threat to our interests; those of our allies; and the region as a whole. Saddam was concerned w/ writing romance novels while his evil sons basically did whatever they wanted. It was not a great situation for a lot of Iraqis but it was OK for us.

And, Saddam was an in situ foil for Iranian interests.

No point here in discussing how the war could have been prosecuted better; how the reconstruction was a complete fiasco; how the removal of Saddam has uncorked ethnic and sectarian violence in Iraq that has resulted in death, the destruction of Iraqi social institutions such as the professional and educated classes; or how this violence has caused a refugee crisis in surrounding countries; or how democracy's prospect for survival in Iraq doesn't stand a faahts chance in a gale as we say in New England.

Those are topics for another discussion.

Let's talk about the enemies who pose the greatest threat to our interests and world interests in general.

I do not discount the threat of Islamic terrorists but a candid assessment of Iraq demands the conclusion that the are more terrorists there since the deposition of Saddam than there were b/f-- at least more w/ the opportunity to inflict harm.

As I have stated previously, the war in Iraq has diverted resources form the war in and reconstruction of Afghanistan. It was necessary to invade that country and expel the Taliban but our failure to follow through, particularly in taking the forefront in the battle for Tora Bora and our failure to rebuild to the greatest extent possible has allowed the Taliban to creep back into the scene.

We have enemies enough but if I were to pick the two that pose the greatest threats to us and to everyone else, I would pick North Korea and China.

North Korea has nuclear technology; is not afraid to use it; and is ruled by someone whose maniacal egocentrism makes Saddam's pale in comparison. Cash strapped North Korea cannot feed its population has a little to export except nuclear technology.

Who has the $ to purchase such technology. Oil = $. You do the math.

The good news is that we have China to walk point in the situation w/ North Korea because any crisis in North Korea will have an immediate negative effect on China.

The bad news is that China poses the the greatest threat to our national prosperity, if not our security.

I will leave you w/ the following:

1.Hu Jintao has embarked on a state visit to eight African nations including the Sudan. I am sure that all of us can agree that there is a humanitarian cris in Dafur, promoted by the governament of Sudan, which is spreading to Chad and the Central African Republic.

Do you think Hu Jintao will discuss the humantarian crisis or China's purchase of Sudanese oil?

2. The next time you visit your local Wal-Mart, look @ the labels in the clothes or the stickers on the products. Note how many state: "Made in China."

3. Just for the record, China is not a nation of laws.


Tony doesn't believe that we should
have gone into Iraq in 2003.

O.K. We leave Saddam, Uday
and Qusay in the saddle. They had a Nuke facility south of Bagdad in 1981. Jacques Chirac built it for them in exchange for Oil Vouchers. Israeli Jets took it out in 1981.

Do you recall the Osiris Reactor?

Saddam's regime was Sunni. So are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, etc., and all are delighted...
that the brute is gone. All still promote Sunni brand of Islam. One down, one more to go. Shiite Iran is Persian. Understand that fact.

Complex isn't it? Too damn complex for sleepy Americans to follow. So,
they listen to hot-air, Hate Bush polemics...and
'Knowledgeable War Protesters' like
Jane Fonda, Cindy Sheehan, Susan Sarandon, and Communism's UFPJ Head-master, Leslie Cagan. (Follow the Leader, kiddies!)

Celebrity Pinheads enjoy bum-rapping President George Bush and
any Statesmen that side with him.
If there's a Creator Allah up there, it would be nice if He would toss a large Asteroid at Tehran, and give us all some Peace.
How long should we wait for that?
Question: Do you think President Bush will have the courage to do what's necessary to save a timid world before Iran has a Nuke?
Do we dare wait until Jan 2009,
when a Democratic President With All The Answers assumes this awesome responsibility?
What would Franklin Roosevelt and
Winston Churchill Do, under
identical circumstances?

Surrender? Hell No! reb


A Fanciful Prognostication:
In the next decade, Science Fiction Authors will all switch gears. They will peddle their books thru Barnes & Noble, foretelling an...
"Amiable Accomodation" between the
two remaining Super-powers.

China & the USA will reach a necessary stand-off, splitting this
planet into 'Two World Spheres of Influence', wherein other nations must be cajoled into submitting, or suffer a series of rude economic sanctions. (Better than a Nuclear War, Right?)

At last, a solid plan for World Peace.
Cooperation in Space Exploration, Feeding the Worlds Hungry & Illiterate, Changing the terrible
effects of Global Warming by appointing
Al Gore as the All-knowing Commissar of Planetary Weather!

Everyone Will Live A Peaceful, Prosperous Life, and Hollywood Moguls will produce Porn Films And Rap-Crap for the Juvenile Minds. There will be Peace In The Valleys!

Televangelists will be forbidden to
beg for $1000 "Seed of Faith" pledges...

Christian, Jew, and Muslim will be allowed marginal freedoms to pursue their own unique brands of happiness, and Mormons will be permitted to continue searching for the lost Golden Plates. Hallelujah!
(Fair Warning: If some Hollywood Entrepreneur grabs this scenario...

My attorney (JT) will be forced to demand, and will exercise, obvious Propriatory Rights, plus any accrued residual benefits). reb

Tony Sokolow said...

Dear Snake Hunters,

W/ respect to the "1400 Year Old Kill Culture wrapped in a Religious Doctrine" how do you account for Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation? It is home to about 200 million Muslims. Indonesia has its share of terrorists (see Jamaah Islamiyah)but as a nation, Indonesia does not seem bent on destrying Christian civilization.

I think you need to look a little deeper than the religion of those seeking world domination.

Hint: Unlike the Bible, there is little, if anything, in the Quran that requires women be subservient to men. Why then in most Muslim cultures are women treated like chattels?


Since Mohammad I received most of his religious notions from the Old
& New Testaments, you can find religious restrictions of women in both the Bible & in the Qu'ran. Try 2nd Timothy for a start.
> Various sects put different spins on religious notions over the generations. If a cult lasts long enough, they tend to split, i.e. Sunni/Shi'a ~ Luther, Calvin, etc.
etc. How many "Christians" sects can you count here in the U.S.? All it takes is Charismatic Leadership.

See: Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael...
Isaac = Judaism, Ishamel = Islam
Jews & Muslims are blood-kin.

Often these splits involve blood-letting. We burned witches in Salem,
and ask a Mormon about their sad history!

The Most Violent? WAHHABISM, the granddaddy of Sunni/Shi'a! reb


"Little if anything" in the Qur'an that hints of subservience?

Perhaps it is you who should look deeper into that Kill Culture. Nowhere in Judaism can I find justification for murder where Jewish parents
strap bombs on their children...

or the parents or an elder son or uncle
cut the throat of a young daughter involved in a "sex sin". That's strictly a Muslim trait
known as an "Honor Killing", and the slasher receives little or no Civil Penalty. reb

Tony Sokolow said...


Indeed honor killings--now there's an oxymoron--are horrific.

Do Muslim Indonesians adhere to the practice? If not, then honor killings, although practice by Arab Muslims in the mideast, is not an Islamic custom.

reb,I agree re sects although I do find some significance in the fact that the Sunni/Shia split occurred the generation after the Mohammed's death.


The complexities of all these sects
are great studies, if one has the time. I Do Not, the USA Does Not.

Therefore, I hope my final word to
you is this:

a) It's a 1400 year Kill Culture.

b) IRAN is close to Nuke Capability.

c) Both Sunni & Shi'a are extremely dangerous in the Nuclear
Age because of the Absolutist Discipline. Hamas, Fatah, al Sadr Militia & Hezbollah are funded by Persian Shi'a IRAN, a "Now Threat".
Osama was funded by elements within
Saudi Royal Family. All of these are worth understanding, and tracking. Political Hacks are not
interested in the details. They don't need them to attack and weaken the "In-Party" and "win" elections. Bush is at 30% approval.
Our citizeny is easily manipulated by venal politicians because of its
very complexity. Confronting a monumental nuclear peril has a truly frightening potential, and discussing Indonesia at this Point In Time is not helpful to our National Resolve. Divided We Fall.
Shouldn't we Focus On The Threat? There's Value in a Bi-Partisan Approach To War. We neo-Libs and
neo-Cons would rather play games, and "Hate Dubya". It's Idiotic! reb
Tony, thanks for your Input. reb

Tony Sokolow said...

If I understand your position correctly, the greatest threat to our national security is Iran's desire to become a nuclear power.

Clearly, a country whose president declares tha Israel should wiped off the map; who host a Holocaust denial convention; and whose country funds groups such as Hezbollah is not to be trusted with nuclear weapons. So your position is not unreasonable.

Now I pose the question: If our policy is deter or deny Iran's capability to acquire nuclear technology, which is the stated position of our government, how do you suggest we effectuate that policy?

Whereas, I do not question your concern, I do question your singlemindness. Even if this is the most important isssue that faces us, life does not afford us the opportunity to use tunnel vision and fail to see what is on the periphery.

I will editorize but briefly as this is another by product of our invasion in Iraq. It has diverted our focus from more imminent threats.

As hateful as Saddam was, imagine the U.S. not being entangled in Iraq and Iran doing what it is doing now.

Do you believea that deterring Iran can be accomplished militarily? Dipolomatically?

Meanwhile, I would be interested in the source of your statement that Osama bin Laden was funded by elements w/in the Saudi Royal family, unless you mean indirectly. Osma bin Ladin is the son of Mohammed bin Laden, who, at the time of his death in a plane crash in 1967 at age 59, had a fortune in excess of $5 billion. Remeber those are 1967 $.

He was the wealthiest non royal in Saudi Arabia and he amassed his fortune by coming the fiscal aid of Saudi Arabia in 1964 after King Faisal had deposed his half brother King Saud. In return, King Faisal issued a decree all future construction projects be awarded to bin Laden's construction company.

Osama bin Laden was the benficiary of the family wealth. So, I am interested in your sources.



Why do we allow ourselves to be Side-tracked by the Venality and arrogance of small-minded politicians and know-nothing Celebrities? We fight each other and jaw-bone over complex matters that only top officials in the U.S. State Department and a few highly skilled Foreign Affairs experts, plus our fine Military Establishment fully understand and are qualified to analyze.
A Bi-Partisan Senate Armed Service
Committee should have the Oversight.
We should place our confidence there.
Let's End This Destructive Hot-Air Battle! We Are At War! We Really Need to Stop Bum-Rapping the Oval Office and nit-picking...and soon.
Silence, you Nabobs of Negativity!
Sit Down or Step Down, Teddy! There's a New Day A-Dawning. The world is facing a couple of dangerous decades ahead. Mute the old-style rancor we've all come to know and distrust.
Most of our Political Structure should concentrate on matters that
deal with Social Security, Taxes, Civil & Criminal Law, Medicine, The Environment, Renewable Energy Resources, the Funding for Civilian & Military Research Projects, and a Higher Priority on Educational needs for all citizens, and adequete funding for our Disabled Veterans!
Craft some legislation to protect our borders and enhance security of our seaports. There is where you can earn your salaries and fat pensions.
We force Legislators to become 'War
Gurus'...a huge mistake! A heavy percentage of them are 'Ducks In the Desert'...Just Donkeys on a Thorobred Race Track!

Example: Nancy Pelosi, House Makority Leader appoints Sylvestre Reyes to head The Intelligence Committee! Although he may prove an honorable man, he didn't know a
Shiite from a Sunni, an Arab from
a Persian. Pure & Simple Politics!
We cannot afford this type of bungling!
We need a 'New Direction' all right, and we must be damn careful
at election time to vote with our heads, and
not an emotional partisan bias.

That's my view, What's yours? reb


Hillary Receives Huge Boost Today!

Obama says: "Cut Off Funds!"

Edwards sez: "Surge in Iraq Is Betrayal"! Big Early Mistakes...
These two quotes will prove Hugely Imprudent as electioneering moves along into Democratic Iowa Caucas!
(First Sen Kerry, now Obama & Edwards shooting themselves in foot!)

*** Ain't Politics Fun? Is this Democratic "NEW DIRECTION"? Nancy Pelosi appointing Sylvestre Reyes as
Head of Intelligence Committee. He didn't know Shiite from Sunni!
Don't let anyone tell you that Either Party has a Lock on BRAINS! reb

Mohamed said...

Sorry, but who is attacking the other?!!!!!

Iraqi people was on his land, and armies came to it, Do you think that they won't defend themselves?!!!

And if you are 100% sure about 'CLEAR' targets of American amry in Iraq, so compare how many innocent killed during the era of the tyrant Saddam, and how many innocent killed during the era of the tyrant Bush!!!!

And if you consider Hamas terrorists to defend their lands, so I invite you, granfather to imagne that 'bad guys' came to American lands aiming at declaring their state, what will you do?!!! Imagine that they succeed in this declaration by the international support!!!! What will you do?!!! What will your advice for your grandsons be?!!!!

Answer and you'll know if Hamas are terrorists or not.

May Allah lead us to the straight way, and may peace, love and cooperation prevail than war, hatred and dispersion,



Thank you for answering this Blog.

I have long wished to speak directly to someone from your area of the world. One that believes in the Rule Of Law Governing Conduct!

a) The First Written Law gave man a Hope that someday...these Rules might Evolve, grant All Mankind the chance for a Lasting Peace. As you must know, it began in Babylon.
The Great King Hammurabi gave us this hope with the King's Code of
1800 B.C.

b) Step II. Moses gave mankind the
Ten Commandments. 1200 B.C. ?

c) Step III Roman Codification of Law. 400 A.D.

d) Step IV Mohammad I Gave us Sharia. 550 A.D.

Step V and VI...

e) English Common Law. 1200 - 1600 A.D.

f) U.S. Constitution, and our Precious 1st Amendment! 1776 A.D.

All Citizens Must Have The Absolute
Right to read, and think, and choose for himself a Church, a Synagogue, or a Mosque...or to remain a Sceptic. A Free Thinker!

No Fear of a Public Whipping, or losing a Right Hand, or Your Head!
Each is allowed to seek his own avenue of finding a Creator God.

Grand Ayatollahs, Roman Popes, and
some Fundamental Christians might not approve of this Basic Freedom,
but most Americans will insist on
retaining this U.S. Law. We've had
this blessing for 230 Years, and the religious fanatics among us know that it will be impossible to remove this basic freedom!
Our 4th President said this: "The best and ONLY security for religious liberty in any society is a multiplicity of religious Sects. Where there is such a variety, there cannot be a majority of any One Sect, to oppress and persecute the rest!"
As a young student of Jurisprudence can you see its value?

>> (Print this)

I hope I've not offended you. Shall I continue? reb

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, have any of you looked a the fact that western powers have been treating the Middle East as their own personal fifedom for well over 100 years now? Longer if you look back to the Crusades, when militant Christianity was the dominant force.
While I agree that the "Coalition of the Willing" is comitted to sorting out the problem that they created in Iraq, the roots of the current struggle go back much further than Saddam Hussein and his purported WMD's. How about the province of Mesopotamia that was a British Protectorate following WWI. Perhaps we can go back further to Lawrence of Arabia. Napoleon ring any bells here?

The main point here is not religion. It is the misguided ideals that allow one nation to impose its interests upon another, in this case for economic gain. I fail to see how fighting a war of imperial agression over oil reserves is just or morally defensible.

Virtually all of the worlds dominant religions share the same underlying beliefs, not just Western religions but Eastern religions as well. To look at the actions of a group of radicals and use them as our typical example of the beliefs of an entire faith is reather self serving and narrow minded.

History does not support the views that Persia was an Empire focused on ruthless glodal conquest. They were very tolerant in terms of religious practices (Babalyonian exile?) and by and large left their provinces intact, only putting their own people in positions of a supervisory nature. Local goovernment was left largely intact. Compare that to a military strategy that focuses on destroying the countries infrastructure, relying upon the system to collapse under the weight of its own injured and sick. Didn't we learn a blessed thing from the Somme, Coventry or Dresden?

Take an unbiased look at your sources, all of them before shutting the doors of your minds.



Ll ugh,

I don't wish to be rude, but if you
insist on pressing our 100 years of "fifedom", and blaming the USA for the "Christian Crusades" your specious argument falls Short on Truth, and is deliberately, grossly False. It's no wonder you choose
to remain ANONYMOUS! Your own fife blows smoke, and a discordant note!

Eagle receives much less traffic, and I'll be happy to fill you in, and perhaps readjust your obvious
distortions and finger-pointing, and hatred of "Bad Old U.S.A."

Are you a European or French Canadian? It sounds as if you've digested some well-crafted Hate Propaganda, with little Independent analysis or thought.

Whatever the case, I was expecting an answer from the young Muslim Lawyer that seems better informed
on the Middle East. I want HIS answer on This Space, thank you, and show some courage...stop hiding behind Anonymity!

Your rant will be Deleted By Noon Tomorrow. No nation is perfect. All have their own Self-Interest.
All have their faults.

It's up to critics like yourself to find a better, more benevolent country, then Name It As Your Example...Then pack your bags and move there. You will just love Sharia and you'll adore The Mutawah. That's the Piety Police! Adios. reb


This War is not just about ANY religion, it's about Grand Ayatollahs that pretend to speak for a Very Mute Allah in The 21st
Century! They are Suicidal. They fly planes into buildings, and strap bombs on their kiddies! Where
have you been hiding, Sir.

Persia Was A Great People during the reign of Cyrus the Great, and
Darius the Builder. That was long before Bloody Islam. IRAN has great people today, hiding and shivering with Fear, KNOWING their nation has been high-jacked by 300 Year-Old Wahhabism.

Without Oil, no threat of Nuke War
from these people. No insistance that the world accept Sharia, or THEY DIE. Their bombs detonate all
over the world. Do you know anything about the Madhi Prophesy?
The 12th and Last Imam? I think not.

Their Mosques are built with Saudi
Oil. It's the same in most other, less wealthy Muslim nations.

All Religions Believe they have the
Truth. Muslims believe ONLY ISLAM possesses Spiritual Truth, AND THEY'LL KILL YOU IF YOU FAIL TO BELIEVE IT. Oil Money spreads that belief quicker than any Morality Notions.

"The main point is not religion" sez you.

What have you been smokin' in Your Fife, sir? reb

Tony Sokolow said...

reb? I am a little confused on how to address you. In any event, your blog presents a contradiction.
On the one hand you advocate the 1st Amendment. I also.

On the other hand, when confronted w/ someone whose opinion you do not share or whose style you do not appreciate, you are quick to employ your power of deletion.

You may not agree w/ Anonymous/Llugh but his posting was hardly a rant.

I am not sufficiently acquainted w/ the Persian Empire to comment, except to say that there has always been, until recently (1979), a certain amount of tolerance in the country now called Iran as there was an indigenous Jewish population there.

So far as Mesopotamia is concerned, I suggest you read "A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East" by David Fromkin. This is a history book, not an anti war polemic and was originally published in 1989.

Meanwhile, I did not interpret the comment about the crusades as an accusation that the United Sates is motivated by Christian militancy.

I have always thought of the Crusades as Christian Europe's attempt to rule the Holy Land. The unintended consequences of the Crusades was to help foster the seeds of the Renaissance.

The author of comment apparently uses the nom de blog, LLugh.

Lugh or Lugh is Lugh Lamfeda: Lugh of the Long Arm, the Celtic god of every skill whose exploits are recounted in the Tain Bo Cuailnge, The Cattle Raid of Cooley. Lugh was the immortal father of Cuchulain, the greatest Irish Celtic Hero.




You defend Llugh, and explain that this was a Celtic Hero. So what?
I don't need to know that! You are
a stand up guy; he hides behind a
'nom de plume' blog-name, and he enjoys verbally attacking Prez Bush? Would you like that heavy responsibility, and the insults that go with the job?
Much of Europe enjoys attacking the
USA., and these ungradeful wimps would all be speaking and Heiling
Nazis today, if it were not for the
Industrial Might and 'Know-How' of this "new" fledgling, 230 yr old republic.
Most are in awe (or should be) of the collective wisdom & courage of fifty-six brave men that signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and gave our generations
the finest set of Fundamental Laws ever written, and a 1st Amendment
to free us from brute religious domination that are so much in evidence yesterday, and today.
This land is imperfect. Just look
how easily a sleepy, spoiled majority is manipulated into Hating our President.

Once again...
we are the World's Only Hope... to keep safe the freedoms Europeans enjoy today. Does Jacques Chirac care? Ask an arrogant foolish man.
It's an Inventive American Culture
that's given the world modernity.
Flip an electric switch and light
floods the room; hop a plane, and
in a few hours you are half-way 'round the world; or pick up a
telephone, watch a documentary on Tv. At this moment, you are at the
Computer, and satellites bounce the
signal to your desk-top. Another American Innovation! Another giant
leap for mankind.

Is it all 'American Imperialism'?

Was it the Inventive Genius of a brute culture that put a man on the moon in 1969? Or was it an Arrogant, ungrateful France that traded Oil Vouchers for a Nuclear
Osiris Reactor, so Saddam & Sons could dominate Kuwait & Saudi Oil Reserves. That's recent history. What era are you reading tonight?
Now, a former KGB man (Putin) sells
IRAN Nuclear & Missile Technology,
totally ignoring the Islamic bomb-packs on two Russian Commercial Aircraft, and Muslim thugs in a Moscow Theater. Explain that brand of wisdom, Tony.
Both Tony & Ulugh have the weird view that the USA "Invaded" Iraq.
Saddam had the fourth largest military in the world when George H.W. Bush warned him not to go into
Kuwait in 1991. From there he would
have a short step into SaudiArabia
to control 80% of the World's Oil Reserves! Saddam ignored Sr. Bush' warning. We crushed his Russian Tanks in a week on the "Highway of Death" in 1991. It's your notion that we "Invaded" Iraq. How quaint, your terminology.

The Iraq/Iran War lasted 8 years.
We snuffed 'em, and withdrew in a few weeks. We stole Nothing. No gold, no plunder. We're Americans.
We didn't want their desert, we have enough in Southwestern U.S.
We have the Awesome Power today to
utterly destroy all 69 million Iranians. We hesitate. Most of Iran's population are decent, educated, wonderful people. Our Pentagon Generals calculate a
"surgical strike", to nullify the underground sites, and the unavoidable "Collateral Damage" of
innocent dead. Is it too terrible?
Should we wait a couple more years.
Give our Russian friends more time
to make Ahmadinejad's Brigades tougher to whip? Create more U.S. casualties? Waste more billions? Bankrupt our treasury? Devastate our economy?
Imagine if our Military Power were in Islamic hands. Would they
hesitate to kill 300,000,000 Kafir?
Non-belivers! INFIDELS?
Tony & Ulug have the easy answers.
You explain this complexity to President George 'Dubya' Bush. Continue to demean & ridicule him, it's a Free Speech Prerogative.
I've heard, that in some cultures, they would cut your head off! reb

Tony Sokolow said...

Hey Reb, here are some easy answers for you. Every July 4th, I read the Declaration of Independence, word for word. It is one of the world's most eloquent documents and I too marvel at the courage of the 56 men who signed it.

Our original form of government was The Articles of Confederation, written in 1776 and adopted November 15, 1777. Ultimately, the Articles proved to be ineffective. The simple explanation is that they were not "Federal" enough. They remained in effect until March 4, 1789, when they were replaced by the Constitution, to which was appended The Bill of Rights of which we are both so fond.

Here's another easy answer you don't want to hear. Had George H.W. Bush sent clearer messages to Saddam Hussein b/f he invaded Kuwait, he probably would never have done so.

Saddam Hussein never believed that if he invaded Kuwait, the U.S. would form and lead a coalition that result in the de facto destruction of his ability to use his military beyond his own borders.

Here's another easy answeer. If the French maintain their current immmigration policies and if the birth rate of the indigenous French population continues to decline, France will become a Muslim nation sooner rather than later.

You seem to maintain that the president has the benefit of experts and very knowlegdable people which is true. That does not mean that no one else is knowledgable and any opinion voiced that gainsays the president's is entitled to be voiced, by the First Amendment, but is unworthy of notice.

Here's an easy answer for you: Gen. Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff of the United States Army (1999-2003). Gen. Shinseki advised the U.S. Senate that a force of several hundred thousand would be necessary in post war Iraq. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz publically disagreed and ridiculed Gen. Shinseki.

On November 15, 2006, USCENTCOM Commander John Abizaid said Gen. Shinseki's estimate had prooved to be correct.

So what's the easy answer? Good advice only works if the advisee takes it.

You're right about Putin though. Note his name reminds one of Stalin.

I have to hit the road, but I will again leave you w/ this thought: The invasion of Iraq--I deem "invasion" to be a neutral, descriptive word w/ no connotation of imperialism was a mistake and the current situation was perfectly foreseeable to anyone who read any history of the region.
The problem was that our leaders didn't want the facts to get in the way of their philosophy.

As a result, we squandered the good will that was poured upon us after 9/11 and we are not accompishing as much as we should in Afghsnistan or as quickly as we should.

Just imagine the example that Afghanistan could be. The Taliban consigned to the dust heap of history and a country ravaged by 30 years of war w/ a representative governement on the way to the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments. I re-read my earlier post and I fail to see where I accused or even intimated that the USA was behing the crusades and several other points that I don't see the need to digest in painful detail. The reference to the crusades was an attempt, apperantly misguided, to make the other readers of this blog aware of the face that other religions have passed through highly militant phases.
There is a deep rooted distrust of the west in the Arab nations of the Middle East, in part stemming from that period in history.
I do choose to post under a psuedomym, well researched on your part. Does this invalidate my opinion? Or rather is my opinion and my expressed views not acceptable as I choose to present a differing viewpoint.
Regardless, I regret that you (Reb.) choose to exercise your powers of authority,on this blog. True debate and democracy allow for dissenting points of view and give them just consideration. Refutation of an opposing view is best done ona point by point basis, not by a scattergun approach adn then removal of the evidence.
No blame was placed, only a suggestion that we all take a step back and look at all sides before we draw a conclusion.
I am a student of history with a particular focus on the Middle East, hence my familiarity with the history of the area.
I doubt I will return to post as this does not seem to be what was billed as "all posts and points of view welcome" Thanks for setting that srtaight reb.
P.S. Yes, I am familiar with the destruction of the Irag reactor. The destruction of the reactor was an act of war by Israel. To achieve such a strike they also violated the sovereign airspace of other countries. Glad you ommitted that detail.


When stated view is that Israeli Action in taking out the Osiris
Reactor was an
"Act of War"...

rather than a logical, prudent and
very justifiable behavior, not just for Israeli survival, but a blessing for All Muslim Nations in the region.

Grabbing our Embassy was an 'Act of
War' also, but didn't deter the
Gr.Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, during the Carter Adminisration.

Sectarian tribal hatred, festering
for a millenia, was of little or no interest to other cultures until Petroleum suddenly had value to the Industrial Age gave a whole new dimension to the 20th century.

Saudi Arabia sent their children to U.S. and European Universities,
Castles had replaced canvas tents.
and they returned to the desert with Phd's in Accounting. Cads, Lincolns, BMW, and Mercedez Benz
rolled along beautiful pavement.

The excess wealth spread Mosques to the far corners...

The dark side is not in Education & modern amenities,
but in that they retained the primitive religious practical side that allowed them to control populations with the brutality of
Wahhabi Islam. Cutting off the right hand, lobing off heads on Friday (holy day). Fear is a sure-fire enforcement mechanism of the Piety Police (Mutawah).
Where the mindset of any nation ruled by Grand Ayatollahs
insist that All non-believers must 'Convert Or Perish' is simply too rigid a doctrine to tolerate.
Dump our Laws, and our Freedoms?
Turn all clocks back 1400 years to
a savagery we've outgrown?

Coming to the full realization that High-Tech Warfare Is Here at the beginning of the 21st Century,
and the prospect that Religious Lunatics finally are close to possessing them, and Suicide is merely another Tool of War!

I think I have a fair grip on the magnitude of the problem.
It's Kill, or Hesitate & Perish...

Isn't It?




Perhaps I owe both Tony and my Celtic friend an apology for my
impatience with matters that I view
only vaguely related to the Immediate "Clear & Present Danger".

(Lawrence of Arabia, etc)

Many of the "Hate Dubya Crowd" that
hide behind the Anonymous Tag, or
indulge crude, mindless, unrelated comments ARE Deleted.

Osama & Zawahiri both refer to the United States as "Crusaders"...and
yet...they mimic the atrocities, gleefully slaughtering Innocents.
My Celtic friend clearly appears to be a Sober Critic, and is thusly Welcomed Here. reb

James said...

so - what does this have to do with a theology of failure?


James! Have I wasted your time and mine? Guess I should apologize.
I've spent an adult lifetime searching for a 'Creator God'...and all I've found is complex speculation, greed for money & power, and outrageous Claims from Al Sharpton & Jerry Falwell, or Oral Robber! Reverands?
How about Tammy Faye & Robertson?

Venal men claiming that He Alone Has Spiritual Truth, so send money, or Vote For Me! Humbug! Trash!
All Pious Claims Fall Flat upon close inspection. Some motivations
seek money, others want mind-control over huge populations.
The most dangerous among the Pious-Poopers seek Nuclear Capability to
enforce World Domination.
Hallelujah! Allah Akbar!
Note: I do admire Jesus. He ran the 'money-changers' out of the Temple!
The Pinheads among us are distracted with Celebrity Worship,
and 'American Idol' Garbage!

Madonna & Britney, Soap Opera, Pro-
Football, Howard Stern & Springer, and local Politics! The kids say,
"I want my MTV", "My Space" and
Rap-Crap! Daddy wants his Beer & Porno, and Mommy goes to the Mall.
So, this old soldier creates a Reality Weblog to sound a FireBell.
We Are At War! The Lunatics Want
Nukes! Your Freedoms Are About To Disappear! Do you expect to get the
straight scoop from whimp politicians? Jihad flys planes into
buildings & strap bombs on their kids! Helloooo! Wake Up! Your comfy
house is on Fire!
I'm So Sorry. Did I wake you up?



For strictly political purposes, the Democratic Party has engaged in
Hot-Air Politics to the detriment of the opposing party, and utilize
"Buzz-Words" to demean, ridicule, criticize the Bush Administrations best efforts In A Time Of War! It's
'mindless' politics at best.
We have our young, all-volunteer troopers sworn to defend our broad national interests in many areas, and they daily face a radically tough suicidal enemy "conditioned"
from infancy to kill "Infidel's" with bomb-packs, IED's,High-Jacked
planes, Truck-bombs, RPG's, etc.

Our troopers 'over-there' hear the
discordant hatred from Jack-Asses like Sen. Teddy Kennedy, Howard Dean, Al Gore, Dennis Kucinich, and
Harry Reid, and know their CIC has been facing brutal, well-funded assault for several years.

"Popularity Polls" show a distinct
precipitous drop for the Bush Administration! What's happening? Our President is losing the people!
He's down to 30% approval!
BUZZ-WORDS: Cowboy, Dubya, Stupid,
Incompetent, Crusaders, Neo-Cons,
Halliburton...the list seems endless! The parroting puppets of negativity multiply like rats in an
over-crowded slum. (Check the Blogs).
So, this old guy is aware of this
hot-air barrage, and at times I've been known to over-react. Use a buzz-word, like "Crusaders"
and you are subject to
a quick response. It happened recently in my Comments. reb

Tony Sokolow said...


a question; an advisment; and a quotation.

The question: In the last 2 weeks or so, we have lost 5 helicopters to enemy fire in Iraq. Assuming that the number of flights has remained constant over the past months, this reperesents a disturbing trend. Either the enemy has changed tactics or has acquired new weapons enabling it to destroy our aircraft. As I would expect, I have heard no official comments as those might further endanger our troops, but if you or any of your readers have any ideas on this issue, I would like to know:

The advisement: Lacrosse practice begins in 12 days although the preseason is in full swing. I am coaching @ a local Jesuit HS and will have much less time to respond to your postings although I will try and continue to read them. I din't want you to think I had become angry or disinterested and slunk away into cyberspace.

The quotation: "Our country. In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong." Stephen Decatur (1779-1820) Toast given at Norfolk, VA., April 1816.

Be of good cheer.

Tony Sokolow

Mohamed said...

Hi Mr Snake Hunter,

I've just replied your comment on my blog, you may be intersted to check it.



Tony, I'm very happy that I have not lost you! reb
Mohamed! Thank you. It is my sincere feeling that we have much to discuss. Please return to this
Weblog, for I wish to share your
Islamic views with our readers. I am certain they wish to absorb all
viewpoints. You are an excellent spokesman for a tradition too few
Americans fully understand.
American Oil Business Buys Oil, today at OPEC prices. If they can get a better price elsewhere, they
buy it there! That's the nature of
competitive business.

Everyone benefits from competition
and fair pricing, and technology.

How many cases do you know, where
Oil is Stolen? I have doubts that you believe this, but 'stealing'
it would back-fire on the USA. It defys logic to accuse this. It smells of just more Hate Propaganda to this old man.
War to get Oil would be terribly expensive in human lives & dollars.
No, I am a skeptic of wild tales.
After we win wars, we have poured our dollars into those lands, to help them rebuild the devastation.

BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda,
Hundai, Nissan, flood the world markets today.

They are products of our former enemies of The United States of America! We are not thieves! It's the False Prophets we should fear.

Germany & Japan now enjoy better leadership. They create many products, and ship goods & services
to the world markets...and study war no more.

They now believe in our Freedoms and Peace, and we do not force our notions of Creator God on them, or
call them "Infidel". Each has a fundamental right to choose. Do you know us, or wish to know us?
Colonial land grabs by the most powerful nations are finished!

A small bit of South Lebanon could
be sold to their neighboring Jews & Palestinians. This idea for Peace should be discussed by world statesmen. Are they hiding at the
United Nations? Palestinians & Jews
are blood-line brothers, you know.

The World Bank could negotiate the
Real Estate deal. Lebanese, Jew, and Hamas/Fatah should start thinking about this. They might begin to like this idea. (I know, just one crazy old man's idea, isn't it?)

But, it's better than another fifty years of WAR~~in "holy land".

Peace & Goodwill, Mohamed! reb


The Grand Ayatollah Khameini and his slick mouthpiece Ahmadinejad bribe another brute, Vladimir Putin
with Oil Vouchers, just like Saddam
bribed Jacques Chirac, to fulfill his crazy dream of dominating his
neighbors in the Middle East with the Osiris Reactor, (1975-1981).

Adolf Hitler had the same fantasy.
Fifty million people Died!

It's no secret that Iran is buying
high-tech Russian Weapons. A dozen
nations already have these things.
Sixty-nine million Iranians in control of Six Billion People?
Crazy talk.
Logic will tell you, it's an Insane
Idea. It's brute religious Fantasy
rearing its ugly head...Again.

Wars! Wars for 5,000 years! Am I the only one with clear vision? Are
there any straight-thinkers left?

The majority in Iran are under thirty years of age. They are the
hope for the 21st Century, not the old crackpots filled with Ancient
Tribal Rivalry, and Madrassa Gurus
teaching babies to Hate Infidels!

Hezbollah? Hamas? Fatah? Sadr Militia, firing AK 47's in the air!
Controlling their small space, and
Iran frightening the world?
I don't think so.
Young Shahid with bomb-packs killing Jewish civilians in Israel, and parents tolerating this... for money?

Imams promoting this? You know they do. Are these "holy men"?
I don't think so.

Retire them to a comfortable place.

We have the Agricultural Technology to Feed The World & Cure Cancer & Aids, relieve suffering. Some people do positive things. Others live a life of negativity. It's an old story.

There have alway been builders...
and destroyers.

An entire culture accepting "Honor Killings" Explain it to me! Tell me
Allah approves this behavior.

Mutually Assured Destruction, M.A.D? Armegeddon? War Prophesy? It Gives Humanity Nothing! Creates Nothing But More Suffering! The 12th Imam Scenario Is Wrong! The last chapter in the Bible, Wrong!

Man's Inhumanity To Man, Wrong!

Religious notions? Imperfect? Yes.




We have as many crazy people as you
have in your culture. (Look at our Political Polls!)

Our Laws, our 1st Anmendment, keep lunatic 'Reverands' in check. They are
only dangerous to the family purse.
Your Sharia...grants Authority To
Pious Claims of men wrapped in religious clothing. They Rule With
Brute Force. They are Drunk with Power. They Rule with Fear! Imams
behave just like "Reverands", claim
power over the people! Crazyness!

The human mind is weak, and cannot handle the Absolute Power of The Dictator, The Pope, or the Grand
Ayatollah. History reveals that where there is limitless power, there is limitless Abuse of Power.
History repeats, again & again.

Complete reliance om Ancient Writings is all the "proof" they need to Declare Omnipotence over the 'great unwashed'. Humbug!

Whimpy Scholars Have Allowed This.
Shame on Them! reb

Melquiades said...

"here here!"

and the aye's have it.

let's go!

Melquiades said...

I agree that Iran is a major problem if we do not engage now. The nuke capabilities and their extreme animosity for the US and all westerners for that matter forces the question of not if, but when they will push the button. I would gladly be a part of that occupation.

We need to start burning effigy's of Mahmoud in our streets (Once we are in the country and laying waste, of course. Don't want to fan their flames too much before we arrive.)

Chelserz said...

I'm sorry for the interruption, and it's probably rude of me to point it out, but in your response to james, you spelled 'flies' wrong.

Just a word from some stupid kid who only wants her MTV and MySpace, Rap-crap and Hip-hop Bee-bop, and whose dad just wants his beer and porn, and whose mom just wants to go to the mall.

Steve said...

Pretty funny - in all this serious debate, the need to point out a spelling error/typo... first time I've seen that on the internet - bravo!

Clearly the part of the world once known as Persia remains a center of influence - and one that is reasserting itself as Socialist Europe crumbles from within. It will be an interesting horserace, as it plays out: Will the competing Islamic factions pull together, or continue to bicker, thus standing in the way of their own "success"? Will European nations with long histories of military and political wherewithal (e.g. Germany, Russia) decide that they are threatened by the growing Muslim influence, or be subsumed like France? How do India and China play into this, what with 2 billion plus people, and some skin in the game? Thus far, the battlegrounds have mainly been the middle east and Africa, and, with all due respect, most of the rest of the world really only care so far as they see it on the tube or listen to the talking heads debate.

Sadly, the bloodshed will have to spread farther and wider before most folks understand the gravity of the situation and get motivated. It may not be too late, at that point, but it will be a much larger battle.


Thanks. Your comments make valid points, I agree. Stay Alert! reb

Chelsea, Thank you for responding. You have a rye (Gypsy) sense of humor. I like it!
I'll be 82 in the morning (time flys when you're having fun).
My spelling is flawed, and I have others hidden from sight, but still
functioning at about 80%. Hope you can say the same when you reach your dotage. May Peace & Goodwill
follow you all your life, ma'am.
War is a hideous business. You may try a visit to the Vet Hospital near your school. The guys there would really appreciate the humor, and talking to young students. reb


Eightytwo today!

Allah and Jesus must generally approve of this old guy. I've been
granted much...and I've been so
blessed to have lived a good,
long life. I fear nothing, & try
to have Goodwill for all people. reb


Chelserz said...

You say war is a hiddeous business.

I could not agree more. I don't even know if there is a Vet Hospital near my school? Maybe. I'll have to check into it. Thanks for the suggestion! I'd love to be of service.


Happy Birthday!

Tony Sokolow said...


HB. Best wishes.


Yankee Doodle said...

Happy birthday!


Thought For Today...
I was thinking about how women must
see their menfolk.

a) They must see their vanity. From early morning they strut around like proud roosters, crowing from dawn to dark. They posture, cluck & they strut.

b) The Human rooster does much the same, exhibiting hubris. Making noises, struting as if they were Gods Chosen Bird! Totally unaware that the Creator has many species in His Aviary...and many have wonderful feathers!

c) And has his moustache!
Some are tiny, others huge. They strut around believing that Their
Moustache is the best, the only
acceptable one. All others are worthless!
Similarly, foolish man really believes that his notions of the Truth, are the Only Truth.
Thusly, he's usually viewed as a
very loud, struting Peacock... with a bird brain. reb

Chelserz said...

Haha. Being a woman myself, let me just say a little something.

You are absolutely right.

And I don't even really like moustaches, to be quite honest.


Among the worst examples I've come
across are the TALIBAN (Muslim Religious Students) in Afganistan.

They dress their women in Beehive Suits & Burka, allow the Piety Police to whip them in public!
Now that a bit of modernity is in place, Girls & Mature Women are attending school in droves, and foolish tribal views are slowly giving way to common sense and decency. A clean break from a primitive, brutal past.

You Go, Girls!
The Saudi Royal Family see this, and they are fearful! If this should ever catch on here in our male-dominated kingdom, our women
might insist on Equality & Respect!

(Twirl your mustache on that one!)

Inevitably, they would demand the
privilege of Driving Automobiles,
wearing attractive, fashionable clothing! Allah Forbid It! Just imagine a woman driving a Mercedez or's outrageous!

The End of Mutawah? Brute Wahhabism
Discarded? No more Head-Choppings
on Fridays? Our Power Fading Away like the Desert Sunset? Heaven Forbid It!

Next, they'll want Socialism, and
Wealth Distribution for the Common Herd! What is the Peacock, without his feathers?

Allah Akbar! reb


FACT: A "Non-binding Resolution" has...

a) No restricting our President from carrying out his Sworn War-Time Responsibilities!
b) It's another Hot Air Balloon that's designed for political effect...scaring those Republicans up for side with
the Democratic Party on a weak IRAQ/IRAN Policy!
c) It's a maneuver, a Con Job.
d) If it succeeds, It Will Dump The Full Responsibility for our Middle East Policies in 2009 in the Lap of these wimpy "Get Out Of
Iraq" rascals to face IRAN's Mamoud Ahamdinejad & Grand Ayahatollah Khameini, and the complexity that these people avoid now.
e) Listen to the Hot Air Now...and
your children will live to regret your indecision in 2007!
Awake Up America! reb
Biden~Kucinich~Kerry...We Have Your
Perfidious Distortions on tape! You posture having all the answers.

Shame On You! reb


General Patton knew them well >>>

Too weak to Lead, Too Timid to Follow, too Greedy to refuse Saddam's Oil Vouchers, trying hard
to suck up now to IRAN, and Too Arrogant to Admit Jacques Chirac is
a festering sore on the World's Body-Politic. The EU's Premium Back-stabber! We should take back our U.S. graves where poppies grow.
(Read "In Flanders Field").
Now that Senators Kerry & Edwards have destroyed their own chances for the Democratic nomination, maybe they'll convince some of the
crew named above to ask for extended Visas to Paris. They have each earned a Parisan vacation, sipping Champaign, sucking on Snails in Wine Sauce, and discussing their next strategy with Chirac at the United Nations!
P.S. I didn't think much, one way or the other about George W. Bush in 2000, but he's showed quiet dignity and resolve since 9/11 in ignoring all the hatred from George Soros, Hollywood Pinheads, and Frisco's
mental midgets. Now, I've come to actually admire George W. Bush!
If Hillary gets the nod? Well, she's a better nominee than any of
the clowns I've seen so far. I know, she voted For the War in
2002, opposes it in 2007. Oh Hum!
My choice? The quiet guy with the moxie & brains, long-shot Gingrich! But, does he have enough Charisma? Two more years of Hot-Air Ballooning, Ouch!
This one could generate some Hard-ball Comments! Sneeky ol' man. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Minor point. Champaign is a city in Illinois approximately 138 miles south of Chicago. With its twin city, Urbana, it is home to the flagship campus of the University of Illinois.

Champagne, on the other hand is a marvelous sparkling wine even if it was developed by the French. Very good sparkling wine is made by a number of California vinyards by le methode champagnoise. Technically, only sparkling wine from Champagne in France may be called chamapagne but of course most everyone calls sparkling white wine champagne no matter where it is produced.

A number of French producers are bottling sparkling wine from California.

If you want my recommendations of American producers so you may keep your $ in the USA let me know.


...the loop garoo kid!

Quite familiar with the grape!

I acquired a taste for 'The Red' during a sojourn in Italia long ago, and the wife & I do enjoy an
occasional Merlot. Your expertise is well received. I'd appreciate
your list. California 'Coastals' are also a good bet.
If you blog, have an e-Mail address
or just a first name, I'd like that
too. reb


More Insanity From San Francisco!

Extreme Left-Wing School Board has
recently approved a Text-book...

"Addicted To War!"

Anti-Bush, Anti-Military effort in
Iraq & Afganistan. Is anyone surprised?
If any friendly S/H in California
could get their hands on a copy,
I'll provide a P.O. number. I'll
be happy to get your out-of-pocket
expenses back to you. Thanks!
Our people would love to see this
Hard Evidence of Betrayal From Pelosi Country!! reb


More Info, re 'Addicted To War'...

Apparently, this is a "Supplemental
Booklet" for 10th to 12th Grades, and is well-supplied with Cartoons
for those students lacking reading skills.

How thoughtful!
P.S. I have a Supply Source. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Sorry, I haven't heard of that yet, I don't live in the Bay Area.

Yankee Doodle said...

You can read it online at:



Re-read one of your 'easy answers'.

"If George H.W. Bush had sent a clearer message to Saddam..." he might not have invaded Kuwait!
a) I think I vaguely recall something about 17 (ignored) U.N. Resolutions. Seventeen Warnings?

b) We should all be grateful for Saddam's lack of attention. Daddy Saddam, Uday & Qusay are gone.
Yes, There are times when I also struggle with the manifold complexities.
But spotting 'Hate Dubya' stuff, Hanoi Jane, Michael Moore, UFPJ,
George Soros, that's easy...and

Reid/Pelosi/Murtha/Kennedy/Kucinich/Kerry treachery is fairly obvious.

Hope I don't sound too arrogant for your taste. If the truth be known, I'd like to be a Peace-Lover too. Reality begs me to stay
on the Alert. reb


Pay Attention To the Front Cover of
"Addicted to War"...
To the Left of the Smiley Fat Head...

there's an endorsement from
"Veteran's For Peace!" Guess Who?
Snake Hunters first post, Jan 5th, 2006..."Our Goals". Scroll down &
read it! United For Peace, Justice.
Hard-core Commie, Leslie Cagan, pal of Fidel Castro. Seven years in Cuba, She liked Russian Nukes pointed at the USA in 1962.


Peace & Justice? UFPJ? You think so?

Snake Hunters have already been introduced, thank you. reb

Anonymous said...

I have been reading a few of the posts and ripostes here and I will admit to a bit of curiosity as to the sources you are drawing your information and iron clad conclusions from.
Everyone has a bias in their reporting and in their interpretation. It can aid in understanding and in discourse if some of these biases are laid out in the open. That would include the sources from which you derive your information from. Might help me understand some of teh assertions I keep tripping over.
I will follow up on the references if you are willing to post them. ALways curious to try and understand someone elses perspective, even if I do not agree with it.
I will come clean with some of my regular news sources, might as well start somewhere.



Thank you for not giving up on me!
Yes, I'd be delighted to share my
Sources with you and other serious
investigators. Give me a chance to
dig up some old info that put me on
this fascinating Trail of Adventure. Some of it grim stuff.
I had a friend that 'clued me in' to
Saudi Culture & Religious Notions.
Ragsdale worked 25 years for ARAMCO, and his wife taught school in the American Compound.

(I've searched for Spiritual Truth all my adult life, with marginal success).
I suspect your motives are pure at heart, as are my own.
Now that I have time, I reflect back on my youth with the 10th Mountain Division, but memory serves me well.
I had a good friend, Sgt Ralph W. Smith, that was killed in Vietnam.
Saw his name on the Black Granite Wall, while visiting D.C.
We had near-total support at home in WWII. Not so, today.
I watch closely the News Channels
many hours every day, 24/7. CNN & FOX are the best sources now.
Do something for me. Check my first post,"Our Goals", Jan 5, 2006, then please Scroll down to #20 Comment.
(It's my comment, tonight).

I'd like your Weblog, or at least a
first name...and how you found Snake Hunters. reb

Tony Sokolow said...


It's early Saturday where I am I have time to visit b/f I leave for practice.

B/f GWI, George H.W. Bush did not send the clear message to Saddam Hussein that "If you put even your big toe over the Kuwait border the American armed forces and others will chop it off and stuff it up your nose." In fact, Saddam did not believe America would come to Kuwait's aid. Obviously, his thinking was in part influenced by his meglomania, but as the leader of the free world, if one is compelled to deal w/ meglomaniacs, and one is, then it is better policy to enage them and send unambiguous messages.

So long as we are discussing sources, I recommend Keven Phillip's "American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush." Kevin Phillips is no fan of the Bush clan but he is no lefty either, having worked for the Nixon White House.

I also recommend the 5 part series on the Sunni Shia schism that aired this week on NPR's morning edition. Go to

Time to go. Have a nice weekend all and sundry.



so this weblong will never be accused of callously neglecting the airhead groupings from the hollywood hills and rodeo drive,

that mysteriously generate an energy value from red-carpet celebrity worship...this is exclusively for You!
a well known gossip columnnist has released today's newz-flash!
britney spears has just shaved she
pumpkin head bald, and her adoring
fanz will be thrilled to know that
she now sports two, yes two... new tatoos! Oh, oh! does madonna know?
and...enquiring minds need this one
anna nichols (unembalmed) cleveage
remains in refrigerated storage, while attorneys engage in exciting juris-combat over her estimated estate of $450,000,000...
meanwhile, her single-client lawyer, zza zza gabor's husband, a prominent foreigner, a former boy-toy, and various un-named hopeful rascals are standing in line to claim possible sperm-donor status
...hangers-on wait breathlessly for the latest newz & dna flash.
that's all for now, dahlings! stay tuned for more

devastating reportage...chio-baby!
Apologies to S/H readership. reb


Tony & Ulugh...Feb 17, 2007

If you two gentlemen would like to
read some data from hard-nose authors...

Just supply ol' reb with an Anonymous P.O. Box Number, and I'll
promise to send you an Informative
Package At No Charge...or, for starters, go to your library, pick up a scholarly "Two Faces of Islam" by Stephen Schwartz...or,
Jerusalem Countdown, by John Hagee,
or..."Why I Left Jihad" by Walid Shoebat.
or find a couple of these articles:

"United For Peace & Justice, by John Perazzo", (Right Wing) See:

b)A.N.S.W.E.R.~U.F.P.J.~I.A.C.~N.I.M.N.~W.W.P.~ Korean Truth Commission & Pastors For Peace,~ P.A.M., Peoples Anti-War Movement), etc. (LEFT WING).
c) Steering Committee For Peace, by Ryan O'Donnell, 100,000 Communists March, by David Horowitz. etc. (Right Wing
Fanatics, don't you think?)
Schucks fellahs! Make it easy for me. Let me send this stuff to you!
I'll pay the postage.
I'm partial to Tony Blair, and you
prefer the BBC, al Jazeera, and the
NY Times. Is this a Great Country,
or What? God Bless America, and our
Troopers in the combat zones for the next few decades!
May the Creator grant me the patience, goodwill, and human built-in gyroscope to maintain a fair continue this effort for a few more months.
I have a younger, talented Editor waiting in the wings, to continue Snake Hunters Weblog when I retire from this responsibility. reb
P.S. I'll Reserve the Right to Comment! Sempre Fi ~ Sempre Preparatus! reb
Illegitemi Tatum Non Carborundum.


FIRST POST, "OUR GOALS"...01/05/06

Scroll down to Comment #20

Trust me! See you there. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Only a short post b/c I just read Mohamed's latest which requires a response although there is really is no point in dealing w/ that fellow. He so much as admits that he yearns for a return to the Caliphate.

So w/ respect to the grape--I had to wait until my Saturday visit to the local liquor megamart--the least expensive bottle of CA sparkling wine that I don't think has any connection to the French is Roderer Estates which in my locale goes for < $18.00 a bottle. If you want to go pricier: Iron Horse and Schramsberg are good. If you don't mind the French, most of the big French Producers are bottling in CA b/c CA's climate is better than France's in some ways for growing grapes.

Hints for champagne neophytes. Never buy bulk produced sparkling wine. Always buy wine produced by le methode champognoise. If drinking more than one bottle, it is safest to drink the same type, brand, and vintage, if appropriate. If drinking different champagnes, always drink the bottles in order of ascending quality. If you drink a very good bottle and then drink a even a good bottle, the second will taste like kerosene.

I confess that I favor a bolder red than Merlot--of course what I cook mostly dictates what I uncork.
I ike old vine Zinfandels. As you know Zinfandel is grape of murky antecedants--like many great Americans I may add--which came into its own in the 1960s. The old vine Zins survived the most recent phylloxera plague in CA. The are many from which to chose some of which are reasonably priced. If you want specifics, ask.

Mohamed awaits.

I apologize isf this is a little far afiled from the stated purpose of thsi blog but I justify it on the grounds that it is a celebration of American culture.


loop garoo,

Yes. Once the young mind is "conditioned" by church, mosque or synagogue, fortified with ritual and repetitive prayer for a few years, logic, reason, and experience have difficulty crashing
through. It's much like drilling into a mountain of solid Ice.

All Insist that they alone have TRUTH...and that ensures War. All this was true long before Elohim, Allah, Jesus, or the Latter Day Saints in Utah.
We have no interest in Champagne, but I'll leave info for those that do, for a few days.
My focus remains on the tradgedy of
War, and the hope for man's eventual enlightenment before MAD.

Peace, my anonymous friend. reb

Anonymous said...

Sir Snake Hunter,

This afternoon I had the opportunity to read all 26 Posts,
and most of the comments. Remarkable!

You sir, are the Paladin of Liberty, Justice and Freedom for all. Bravo! Twentyone Guns. Syd

The Loop Garoo KId said...


I think it depends on the creed as to whether conditioning and ritual are limiting factors.

I suggest the works of J. Krishnamurti. Google "Truth is a pathless land" and read his discourse dissolving the Order of the Star in 1929.

I had too many chores yesterday to enlighten Mohamed so I must away.



Kind words, thanks. Glad to have the time for Search & Reflection.
It takes effort. I enjoy War History.

I have a fat dictionary. I recall a
Tv series with 'Paladin handle' that featured a Western gun-slinger dispensing frontier justice. He had a "Cause".
My purpose is to offer a counter-balance to inane "Dubya" rock-thrower propaganda, and constant Hate-The-Government Drumbeat.

My answer, "Stop Whining, find a better place!"

Anonymous said...

yeah, here's a goodie

Dixie Chicks

Lil Women, With Junk In Their Trunk!




Snake Hunters Factoid: 02/19/07

Senator Harry Reid, Master of Spin,
Distortion, and Political Lies spewed out a dandy today. He said,

"The Iraq War Is Worse Than Vietnam!"
FACT: The Vietnam War was a Democratic Party War, a John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Robert Strange McNamara War! It cost 58,000 dead American Troops.

It was a 'No-Win' Quagmire!
You should go back to Searchlight
Nevada, hide your pink nose in the
mobile home next to your house, and pray that a politically hip Media will quickly forget about this distortion. Shame on you!

Curl up with Robt S. McNamara's book "In Retrospect"...and read the Preface where your 8-yr Sec. of Defense admitted, "We were wrong, terribly wrong!"
If your party had given Grand Ayatollah Khomeini a proper response on Nov 04, 1979, grabbing
Our Embassy, they might not be so bold with their attacks on a timid USA today.
You're a whimp, Your loud-mouthed
whining whimp friends are true to your Jack-Ass label, and you should pick up a copy of the 9th
Commandment. It says, "Thou Shall Not Bear False-Witness"!
We should meet at the 'Nugget' in Searchlight Nevada for a Chat,

I'll buy the Coffee. reb


Chelserz said...

I'm sorry, this is slightly (completely) off-topic, but I was just wondering what your blog name is supposed to mean, exactly. And I'm sure it's already explained somewhere, and so, by asking this question, I am making a total idiot out of myself but...

I'm just curious.


Not at all, ma'am.

There are plenty of evil intentions
in this world, both here and elsewhere that are not just contrarians, but they hate you...

a) You have a different religion,
or you're an agnostic, or even worse, you're a dirty athiest!

b) You're a neo-lib, or neo-con,
a socialist professor, or a janitor, or you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, etc

c) Or, your daddy is rich, or poor!
White, black, or brown, or speak with an accent.

Lots of reasons for Hatred.

Hint. All of the above are legal, under our system of government, and
we have a guaranteed right with the
First Amendment to Think, and Pursue Happiness, and educate our
children to believe in these Freedoms.

Some don't care, others do. Some nations are jealous of our system,
because it has proven that under these set of Rules Governing Conduct, all can hope for Justice, Equality...if we try hard enough.

Some Snakes want Absolute Power, some want to Con you to get that Power. It's a complex world. Some people are builders, inventors, and
others criminal destroyers, killers. Some Posture Piety.

To protect those you care about, you must learn to separate the positive from the negative. It's not easy.

I read, I analyse, I search for the
subtle and the obvious. I search for Two-legged Snakes. We ask that
you help in protecting this land.

The future always belongs to the young, and the courageous. Support our troops on the battlefield.

Learn the Fundamental Principles
that made us the greatest nation on earth in a short 230 years,

then use them effectively in your own life.
The blog-title is plural; I enjoy
it when people understand, and wish
to join in. It perks me up.

I enjoy exposing the venomous Snakes. It's a committment. reb


Slow-witted Party Girl O.D.s, Dies.
Leaves Huge Estate. Multiple Boy-Toys scramble for her remaings.
This nonsense dominates All Major News Channels for an entire month!
Anyone else catch the Irony?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Celebrity Worship!



The Shifting Sands of Democratic Party Policy on the Iraq War, plus the mindset of the Appeaser is offered here for the thoughtful
American citizen.

Written by a knowledgable military
officer. reb (Print)



Docile Sheep bleat, "Blaa, baaa..."

Vicious Wolf bares fangs, Salivates

Sheep Dog Confronts!

Always Aware, ever Alert!


Tony, Llugh, Yankee Doodle...

Please do go to

"Sheep, Wolves, and Sheep-Dog"

A rare gem, worth your time.

Tony Sokolow said...


I read the article and will reread it later. My initial impression is that it contained some good points but that the author overworked the metaphor.

I have no objection to peace officers being armed at all times, in church and everywhere else but
I was left with a strong impression that the author believes that unless one is armed at all times, one is an unprepared sheep.

From time to time in Roger Fraley's blog, there are comments about gun and gun ownership. I do not own a weapon, however, I do not denigrate those who do. I do not, however, advocate ordinary citizens carrying concealed weapons in the unlikely event--from a statistical standpoint--that their personal safety is threatened by a criminal.

I do not consider myself a sheep merely because I do not own or carry a firearm. This is merely one example of where the metaphor breaks down.

I am wholly in concert with the author's main point but it is well to remember that without sheep, there would be no need for sheepdogs.

Have a good week.




I hope you don't think I was pointing a finger at anyone. The article addressed a young student...

filled with fantasies of "Peace", and a cruel image of an honorable trooper. These caricatures represent manufactered,
skillfully crafted hatred for all things Military. That's an agenda.

It has politically destructive overtones. Some of us like to set the record straight.

Nothing more. reb


FEB 27TH, Report From Iraq.

Today in Ramadi, Iraq, 18 innocent kids playing Soccer were killed!

Q. Do you think we can publicly negotiate with the killers?

If we did, would the enemy use it
on al Jazzeera Tv?

Some local politicians believe we should have a 'dialogue' with the hard-core murderers. reb

You decide.



Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Searchlight Nevada, and military genius Teddy Kennedy wish to micro-manage the Iraq War by limiting Funding...from Washinton D.C., circumventing the CIC in the Oval
Field Commander Gen. Petreaus in Iraq!

Didn't Sec of Defense Robert McNamara do exactly that for Eight Years in the Vietnam 'Quagmire'? With 58,000 Dead Troopers!

What's your judgement? reb

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If you ever feel the urge or desire to write an article for our Weekend Economist blog, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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