Monday, February 26, 2007

Hollywood's 3-Ring Circus!

Editor's Note: I feel it necessaary to apologize in advance for this abrupt departure from Reality, History, Reason and Common Sense. Let's now depart for Fantasyland. Fasten Seat Belts! In answer to the public call for a "New Direction", We Welcome All to Tinsel Town's Exclusive and very glytzy Red Carpet Enclave of PANDAMONIA! Where Brute Arrogance, Bi-polar Megalomania, and Air-Head Psycosis Combine for a grab at the brass ring of Big Bucks & Political Power. reb

Replacing 'Dubya'

Hail To The Chief, & Royal Highness

President: ED ASNER!

Vice Prez: SEAN PENN

On Day One, V.P. Penn announced to delighted fans that there would be a 'Royal Food Fight' on the White House lawn, open to a stellar group of distinguished guests. It will be a competitive event, and when 50% of the dueling participants have dropped out from injury, exhaustion or cowardess, the survivors will be declared the Winners, and promptly seated as Prez Asnar's Official Cabinet Officers.

The chosen few are...Danny De Vito, Susan Sarandon, the Four Dixie Chicks, Jay Leno, Rosie O'Donnell, Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, George Clooney, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Barbra Striesand, Ben Afleck, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Secretary of Defense: 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda
Personal Advisor: Leslie Cagan, National Director, U.F.P.J.

Secretary of Education: Nancy Pelosi,
with... Frisco's Supplemental High School Text,
"Addicted To War" w/Cartoons

Supreme Court Appointee: Judge Judy

Sgt. At Arms: Dennis Kucinich, (Ohio)

Minister of Sex Education: Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Senate Chaplain: Rev. Al Sharpton

Ambassador to France: Sen. John Kerry
Personal Advisor, and "Watch Your Mouth" Attendant:
Theresa Hines Kerry

Ambassador to Cuba: Harry Bellafonte

Ambassador to the U.N.: Sylvestre Reyes, (Tx)
He now knows Sunni from Shiite, Hamas from Fatah;
he's studying Hezbollah.

White House Weather Czar: Al Gore

Press Secretary: Keith Olberman,
with "All the News Unfit to Print"

Gaming Commission: Sen. Harry Reid
Plus Appointment, Hd Advisory Board, Indian Gaming & Skimming

This Star-Studded Cast Compiled by: reb
(Tell 'em you know me, and you'll get a good seat...

P.S. If the Scenario above ever becomes Reality, grab yer shootin' arn, call yer Sheep Dog, get a sack full of Ammo, and Head For the Hills! Lord Help The USA.

The End.
(Were ya Skeered?) reb