Monday, February 26, 2007

Hollywood's 3-Ring Circus!

Editor's Note: I feel it necessaary to apologize in advance for this abrupt departure from Reality, History, Reason and Common Sense. Let's now depart for Fantasyland. Fasten Seat Belts! In answer to the public call for a "New Direction", We Welcome All to Tinsel Town's Exclusive and very glytzy Red Carpet Enclave of PANDAMONIA! Where Brute Arrogance, Bi-polar Megalomania, and Air-Head Psycosis Combine for a grab at the brass ring of Big Bucks & Political Power. reb

Replacing 'Dubya'

Hail To The Chief, & Royal Highness

President: ED ASNER!

Vice Prez: SEAN PENN

On Day One, V.P. Penn announced to delighted fans that there would be a 'Royal Food Fight' on the White House lawn, open to a stellar group of distinguished guests. It will be a competitive event, and when 50% of the dueling participants have dropped out from injury, exhaustion or cowardess, the survivors will be declared the Winners, and promptly seated as Prez Asnar's Official Cabinet Officers.

The chosen few are...Danny De Vito, Susan Sarandon, the Four Dixie Chicks, Jay Leno, Rosie O'Donnell, Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, George Clooney, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Barbra Striesand, Ben Afleck, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Secretary of Defense: 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda
Personal Advisor: Leslie Cagan, National Director, U.F.P.J.

Secretary of Education: Nancy Pelosi,
with... Frisco's Supplemental High School Text,
"Addicted To War" w/Cartoons

Supreme Court Appointee: Judge Judy

Sgt. At Arms: Dennis Kucinich, (Ohio)

Minister of Sex Education: Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Senate Chaplain: Rev. Al Sharpton

Ambassador to France: Sen. John Kerry
Personal Advisor, and "Watch Your Mouth" Attendant:
Theresa Hines Kerry

Ambassador to Cuba: Harry Bellafonte

Ambassador to the U.N.: Sylvestre Reyes, (Tx)
He now knows Sunni from Shiite, Hamas from Fatah;
he's studying Hezbollah.

White House Weather Czar: Al Gore

Press Secretary: Keith Olberman,
with "All the News Unfit to Print"

Gaming Commission: Sen. Harry Reid
Plus Appointment, Hd Advisory Board, Indian Gaming & Skimming

This Star-Studded Cast Compiled by: reb
(Tell 'em you know me, and you'll get a good seat...

P.S. If the Scenario above ever becomes Reality, grab yer shootin' arn, call yer Sheep Dog, get a sack full of Ammo, and Head For the Hills! Lord Help The USA.

The End.
(Were ya Skeered?) reb



Howdy, Loyal Fans!

We wanted to get the "copy" to you quickly...Paragraphs were needed, separating the prominent appointments...

Also Missing, One Gross of Paper Hats w/ Confetti, One Bale of Maui-Wowie,
50 Gallons of Kool-Aid, and
a Keg of Snow-like material, and a couple boxes of Soda Straws.

For a Gay Festive Touch, We really
wanted to draw a Large Thin White Line of Script on a Conference Table...

Spelling PEACE! Oh Well, Ho & Hum.
Back to the Real World. At least our S/H readers were spared the Loud-Speakers Blaring Rap-Crap.






"You want to draw a crowd?
...Start A Fight!"

Showman P.T. Barnum


Dateline: February 26, 2007


FOUR-STAR GENERAL Wesley Clark, Bosnian War Commander during the Clinton tenure, showed up on Top-rated Fox Channel's Bill O'Reilly's Factor tonight! What's this?

A Democratic Party presidential nominee in 2004, unskilled in politics then, but sharp. This fellow watches front-running Hillary and Obama rip each other in Hollywood...he begins to sniff blood. Is he salivating?

This fellow bears watching. reb


We checked Wes Clark's Website. Yep, he's building a Base, and organizing 'Liberal Vets', with "mail our position to media".
Another to Bush White House. We think he will announce well before Iowa Caucuses. Send $$$? Whoopie! reb


Madrid, Feb 23, 2007
Seven Arab countries create a bold statement endorsing a Solid Peace Proposal with Isreal. That is significant!

That should send a clear message to Iran's Ayatollah Khameini, his stooge Ahmadinejad, plus Hezbollah Terrorist Nasrullah that any more threatening moves at neighboring Israel is likely to strenghten the newly formed Arab Coalition, and consolidate a great new hope for an
Israeli/Palestinian rapprochement.

This deserves closer scrutiny than it is getting in the region, and also in the U.S.A.

We at Snake Hunters are happy to
direct attention to your well-regarded Weekend Economist, and its supplemental 'Beyond'.

Editor, S/H Weblog. reb

Anonymous said...


It is personally comforting to know that Danny DeVito, Jane Fonda,
and Rosie O'Donnell share the same
political philosophy.

You have a great beginning list of characters here. Please continue, with MORE cartoons.

One peace-dove flying over the hollywood coo-coo nest....
and Michael Moore playfully directing a Cartoon Documentary!

I see a Funny-Farm w/ adjoining Kiddyland! A Re-hab Unit for the unfortunate starlets that occasionally "freak-out", and a
well-stocked pharmacy with quart bottles of "Happy Pills".

Dennis Miller knows this bunch. He could be in charge of technical production and scripting!
p.s. I'm old too, amd wish to become a Snake Hunter like MR REB!


Anonymous said...

Britney Spears insists that a revolving door be installed on her favorite rehab center.

Ana Nicole died of pnemonia, masked by multiple drugs. She couldn't breathe. Now, slam the casket shut! Fine, enough. Snuff it, Stop, Mute it, tv delete! ccs

Curly Charlie S. malibu

Yankee Doodle said...

That's very good, you made this up?

The Weekend Economist said...

Thank you for your kind comments about our site(s). It pleases us to know that editors of interesting and qualitative weblogs like your own enjoy our material.

In response to your request to publish on your site, sure, please be our guest! For a related topic, please have a look at, which takes a milder tone on the short term effects of nationalization.

Also, since you were interested in the news that seven Arab countries issued a statement endorsing a peace proposal with Isreal, please have a look at, which talks about some of the reasons why they are now courting Israel.

If you ever feel the urge or desire to write an article for our Weekend Economist blog, please don't hesitate to contact us!

All the best,

The Weekend Economist


Hi yankee doodle,

About 3-Ring Circus?

Yes, I visualized the concept, and provided the text. It was a
Fun Thing. When Billionaire David Geffen gave us the Quote, "All Politicians Lie..." then switched his $$$ from Clinton to Obama! Wowee. The juices started flowing.

When you work hard to create something, it's important to get it right. I never under-estimate Critics. Their knives may be sharper than mine, so accuracy and
balance are S/H trump cards.

With 26 Posts, there's research, correct dates to check, Muslim culture, etc
So, I figured if I cannot crash through the thick 'Ice Wall Of Hate Dubya' with History, Logic & Reason, and a flavorful dash of Common Sense, I'd just toss 'em a chuckle with Cartoons, Humor, and Satire! Pelosi asked for a radical change, a "New
Direction", so how's this, Nancy?

Tell'em you know me, you'll get a
Good Seat!

With a bit of prodding, my pal in the Mojave Desert found the two keen caricatures of Obama/Hillary!
(I ain't funny, it's the Clowns!)
That Sour-face on Hillary...Hot Dawgee!

We'll see; watch the Comments on the BIG SHOW!

(Dick is my technical guy), and he shares my Enthusiasm for this S/H work. Glad you liked it! reb


Most of us are long-familiar with Colorado's 'Nutty Professor' Ward Churchill, and his anti-government

Here's another, more vicious that deserves your attention:

Dr. Julio Pino, Kent State History
Professor, and passionate Jihadi Terrorist. Find him in Yahoo Search. Stay Alert! reb

Grand Poohbah said...

Nice post, Lazy. You shamed me into watching cable news, and when I finally get back to your blog, what I see terrifies me.


Madame Chairman Nancy Pelosi,

Is this the 'New Direction'?

Your first appointment, to the House Intelligence Committee... Sylvestre Reyes, who didn't know a Sunni from a Shiite, and now...

William Jefferson to the National Home Security Commission? Isn't that the guy recently caught with $90,000 bucks,
In His Freezer?

That's Cold Cash that is still crying out for some explanation, don't you think?

What are we, the casual and tolerant
Middle-Of-The-Road guys that wish for the best, to think now? reb


MARCH 04, 2007

The Hot Winds Are A-Blowin' ___________________________
Two Items:

a) Selma, Alabama. Hillary & Obama
gave emotional speeches marking the
1965 March over that bridge over forty years ago.

Hillary recalled the police dogs,
fire hoses, etc and the Dark Days of Segregation. Her delivery was very effective.
b) Meanwhile, Blue-Dog Jeffersonian (Conservative) Democrats noted a serious fracturing of powerful liberal "Hate Bush" financial backers...
David Geffen, Billionaire Clinton Supporter has Switched to Barack Obama, and the other Billionaire,
George Soros of 'Move-On-dot-Crap' has just purchased major shares of
So, it's still a long trip to electing a new
President for 2009. The confused Talking-Head Puppets have toned down the hate rhetoric, and are now desperately preparing some much-needed new "talking points" & strategies!

Stay tuned, folks! reb

Anonymous said...

You nailed it Snake Hunter!

Hillary's speech was pure genius.
Bet Slick Willy wrote it. JRA


Question Of The Day:
Feb 13th, NRA Release

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Found In Contempt of Court, with the following Condemnation by U.S. District Court Judge Carl Barbier.

Presiding over the Eastern District of Louisiana, Mayor Nagin was cited for...
"Failure to Provide Initial Disclosures during Discovery Phase of Trial" in NRA's Injunction against the City for their illegal gun confiscation of law-abiding citizens...
This Editor has been mytified since
the 2006 Katrina Hurricane, recalling the huge bus-parking lot, filled with yellow school buses hip-deep in sludge-water.

Nagin & his Police Chief Warren Riley were the Laksadazical First Responders that sat on their hands for five days, watching Katrina round the southern tip of Florida, and head straight for New Orleans!
A Catagory 5-er!

Did they marshall the bus-drivers?
Did they get the poor folks out of town to safety? No. They decided at
the last minute to just jam these hapless souls, many elderly, into the Saints Football Stadium!

Pandemonium ruled, Criminals terrorized, and People died. The heroic effort?

The U.S. Coast Guard!
Another Irony? The confused people Re-elected Ray Nagin for another term. Explain Donkey Politics, I certainly cannot!

What a great opportunity to take another whack at George W. Bush.
"Dubya Did It!"

That's my perspective, what's yours? reb

Anonymous said...

I remember when Homeland Security was a mean dog and a shotgun. Flora


Roman Catholic Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles (the top U.S. Prelate)
and Sen. Teddy Kennedy have joined hands in an effort to frustrate all attempts by the Bush Administration to deal with Illegal Immigration.
Anyone want the Oval Office? Fun & Games Everywhere, Folks! reb


Rosie O'Donnell remarks about "the administrations" torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confession re 9/11 plan seems to put 'The View' in line with the far-out Left...

She's a crackpot, and so is Donald Trump's comment about Bush being the Worst President, and McCain's
Rumsfeld comment.

Blame Bush, Rumsfeld, Not The Kill-Culture!

Tony Sokolow said...

Sorry reb, although it is difficult to predict the future, Mr. Bush's legacy is likely to be a sad one w/ respect to history.

The war in Iraq is a foreign relations fiasco for the U.S. that will likely take generations to cure.

He has driven our country into ever deepening debt; he has failed to make a dent in domestic problems that loom, perhaps not for you, but for me and my children, and their children yet unborn. The issues include, but are not limited to: immigration; social security; medicare; and the delivery of healthcare.

I am not in disagreement about who is our enemy. The war in Iraq was a completely ineffective method of fighting the enemy and in fact may have empowered him.

George W. Bush was never varsity material.

Meanwhile, it is spring break. The team is 2-0 but we have a long way to go.




Never, in the history of this nation, has there been a more heavily-funded Personal Attack on any citizen for five long years.

Movie stars, Comedians, Left-Wing Professors, Politicians, Talk-Show Hosts, etc. Five Years.

An "Oil Cartel" in the Oval Office! It's all about Oil! He's Incompetent, a dupe, a nit-wit, a Cowboy, he's nazi-like, retarded,
he's Gilligan without an Island...Five Long Years, Tony.

"Repeat a Lie Often Enough, and it becomes Truth!" Josef Goebbels, Minister Of Propaganda, Nazi Germany, 1940.
When the Democratic Party assumes control of the Oval Office they will face a 1400 Year Old Kill-Culture.
This War Will Bleed For Decades, or it will spiral out-of-control into the Nuclear Armeggedon the Grand Ayatollahs dream about.
The 'Spoiled-Brat' Americans don't have a clue. reb



The Complexities of International Affairs and the competitive nature of National Politics provide ample
material for a book for the Neo-Con
& the Neo-Lib to indicate personal
bias. Both sides have excellent, articulate spokesmen.

Your 'Realpolitic' perspective is skewed in favor of the Clintons, and as a consequence, you have an
unshakeable political viewpoint. I respect your honesty.

Bill Clinton was born to politics. He is as comfortable in this arena as was Ronald Reagan. Both men brought outstanding gifts to the Oval Office.

For whatever personal reason, both as governor of Arkansas, or as our president, he had a very human weakness. A cadre of billionaires didn't bring him down, a Vast
Right-Wing Conspiracy didn't impeach or discredit him, nor was he assaulted by celebrities, or on campus by United For Peace & Justice. He was distracted by
the most common of human frailties
at a critical time, and that's a damn shame. It really is.

A Bush Detractor, in the middle of
a war that has the potential to be the Final War For All Humanity, it seems to me, is doing nothing short of playing a challenging and suicidal mind-game with this nation's future.
This is the Communication Age. We See and we Hear the Terror in our Lazyboy Recliners. But We Are Anesthetized To The Fear, the Pain, and the Daily Maiming and the Death-Tolling of War.
How can we feel the numbing fear of
the Sunni or Shiite family that hopes to be spared from tonight's Death Squads that roam in the dark streets of Bagdad every night?
Silly Americans demand Micro-wave Solutions to end the insanity. You say our efforts to date is just a
"completely ineffective method of fighting the enemy". I agree.

A totally defensive war...loses.
(A Sports Coach should know that!)

Total Offensive Jihad Is Winning.


Enjoy your season. reb



In the eye of Radical Muslims, We
Americans Are Big Satan, Israel is Little Satan. We are the Infidel, deserving Death!

IRAN is the most radical of all. They Stone Their Women; They allow
"Honor Killings" of young girls; They sponsor killer groups like Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah & Sadr Militia. They wrap bombs on kids.

They enrich U235...

The Civilized World has been in a Hot War with Radical Islam since in winter of 1979. Airplanes have been high-jacked, Embassies bombed, Railroad Stations in Madrid & Bombay bombed; even a wedding in Sunni Jordan bombed.

Innocent civilians, not military personnel, are usually the target.

In Palestine, Hamas & Fatah kill each other when they are not killing Israeli; In Lebanon, Hezbollah is the "Party of God" that kills Lebonese Leaders on orders from...SHIITE IRAN.

Radical SUNNI are also Killers. They murdered nearly three thousand of us with four high-jacked planes on 9/11/2001. The Sunni bombed the USS Cole, killing 17 U.S. Navy personnel.

When the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini begin this conflict, in this first "Act Of War", Jimmy Carter was President (NOT BUSH!)

Whether Americans like it or not,
George W. Bush & Dick Cheney were the first leaders to seriously Confront the Radical Elements of
Islam in a real war that included the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, AND is ready to replace the Evil Regime in Tehran, Iran. A majority
of Iranians hope to overthrow the ruling Mullahs, but do a majority of Americans have the courage to help them?

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want to "negotiate" with this Kill Culture. Rosie O'Donnell thinks 9/11 was an inside job. Crazy stuff. Her Hollywood audience applauds this nut-case. It's the
Dumbing Down of America every day
on Tv. Nancy! What the hell are you doing in Syria?

Study the complexity, understand the necessity for Victory, and the
consequences of Defeat. Don't be a parrot or a puppet. Think!

Vietnam cost 58,000 troupers in 10 years, this one 3,200 in four years, and counting. Teddy calls this one a Quagmire! Nutty stuff.

Do we need another 9/11 to force us to start thinking straight?

What is happening to the greatest nation in history? Should we drop the political hot-air bags, and get down to the business of winning this war? reb

Tony Sokolow said...


I trust Nell is improving. Check out Roager Fraley's blog today, April 5, @ XDA for a link to Victor Davis Hanson's op-ed piece which makes a case for not bombing Iran.

Given that we are fighting a war that will last generations, I think it prudent to exercise patience in some circumstances. I believe it likely that the Iranisan theocracy will fall in my lifetime for the reasons cited by Roger Fraley. The Iranian socialist economy is failing the Iranian people. Everything that jackanapes Ahmadinejad does in the international forum is to distract Iranians from his complete and utter failure to address domestic economic and social issues.

Remember the USSR? It as the most dangerous enemy our nation has ever had b/c of its nuclear capability. (Now we are required to deal w/ containing Russian nuclear technology.)

The USSR does not exist anymore b/c Communism simply did not work.
If we are patient and vigilant in containing Iran, its government will go the way of the USSR and its revolution the way of the Cuban revolution. Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad have a lot in common as Chavez sends his county's economy int a death spiral by embracing Socialism.

Whereas, I disagree w/ Speaker Pelosi's attempt to engage Syria--after all she is a member of the legislative branch--I also disagree w/ this administrations policy of non engagement w/ Syria.

Syria is a conduit for arms and foreign fighters to Iraq; arms to Hezbollah, and fomentation of anti democratic elements in Lebanon, inter alia. Engaging a nation is not the same thing as embracing it.

It is easier to bring pressure of a nation w/ which we are engaged than one whom we seek to isolate. Examine our policy toward Cuba which, in my opinion, has been a failure for nearly five decades.

If we had some relationship w/ Cuba. Cubans would discover that our way is better than Castro's way. So long as we isolate Cuba, Castro flourishes.

I suppose I am of the belief that if we shake hands w/ our enemy's right hand, he is close enough to stab w/ the knife we hold in or left.

Best wishes.


Nell's Shingle Report:
About a month of severe pain, but
prognosis is better. Off the OXY, and reduction of Hydrocodone by half, now a quarter! Added Lyrica to soothe Nerve. Added Advil twice daily. Best day yet! Thanks folks!



Point & Counter-point, does it really matter now?
Adolph Hitler had a dream, a vision of a 1000 year Reich. He had the most awesome Luftwaffe Air,
the Panzer Tank Divisions, a standing, well-trained Wehrmacht, plus a Heavy-Water Plant in Norway. Invincible to a war-weary
Europe. He might even be forced to assume the position of a Diety!
Neville Chamberlain returned from Germany with the good news, "Peace In Our Time!" Winston Churchill did not buy it, he knew better. The future looked grim indeed. Poland, Chechoslovakia, Is Paris Burning?
1979. Gr. Ayatollah Khomeini had a
dream of a return of the 12th Imam.
Jimmy Carter believed in Peace, and "negotiation"...and it cost him an Embassy, and our diplomats were jailed and brutalized. We had much to learn about these power-mad
holy men, and how they Torture, Maime, and Behead their own to hold
their power. It's Sharia! Allah's Law trumps all civil authority. One
billion muslims wait in abject fear
to see whether Shia or Sunni will rule this planet. This bloody competition goes on. Timid Self-rule will fall like a ripe fig!
The Madhi Shall Return...It's a Religious Prophesy. Russia's Putin will help us with the technology.
American politicians help us. Their
Tv Channels Hate Bush Too!

Allah has given us Oil Reserves. Bush cannot stop us; he will fail.
We will not be deterred.
My friend Tony is not the average
Hate-Bush Looney. He sincerely believes that it is "prudent to exercise patience" with Iran.

Snake Hunters disagree. Once the Underground Labs go On-Line, the Nuclear Eggs will quickly be distributed to clandestined storage.
These WMD's will be available to ANY radical group with the organizational ability to deliver whereever and whenever deemed necessary.
The Open-border policy of the United States is a major weakness.
Our National Unwillingness to confront obvious madness emboldens a ruthless, tyranical kill-culture that is drunk with the blood of Sunni & Shiite. Bombing Orgies are
a daily occurance now. Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi say "Bring Our Boys Home! Bush Is Incompetent! We'll Cut The Funding! Out Of Iraq Now!
Let's talk to Syria! Let's Talk To
Ahmadinejad...maybe it's not as bad as "they" say it is. Let's give Peace A Chance. Many Muslims are nice people, don't you know that?
Do you think the Yankees will take the Pennant this year? reb


Oh shucks, I almost forgot. Who do you think will win American Idol?
How about that Rosie O'Donnell. Ain't she sumpthin' else? Did you see her hangin' upside-down?
and, do you think Britney Spears will ever fall in love again?
and that Bill Maher! Isn't he smart?

Whattaya mean, You don't care! reb

Tony Sokolow said...


It is Saturady morning on the shores of the Great Plains. It is cold and the snow sifting from the sky may prevent my practice early his afternoon.

I confess that I have read the most recent posting and, to editorialize, am compelled to give it low marks for coherence. In the meanwhile, I am concerned with its hysterical tone.

From what I have been able to distill, your first point seems to be that Muslim theocrats are akin to Hitler in that their goal is world domination and the establishment of of an Islamic Reich. Appeasement or ignoring the confrontation will only result in a situation that will be worse than otherwise it might have been.

From there, howevr, you devolve into a rant.

I believe it necessary to separate our enemies b/c only by identifying their motivations will we be able to determine how best to confront them.

If I may digress, I note Mohamed has not visited lately, but I have occasionally, as my duties allow, navigated my way to his blog and read the the comments of the Loop Garoo Kid, an occasional visitor to this blog. TLGK has unmasked Mohamed for what he is: a rabidly anti Israel, pro Palestinian Muslim who despite his protestations of devotion to his religion and promotion of peace is clearly one of our opponents with who you are rightly concerned. In his first comment TLGK names Mohamed as an enemy.

So how should we categorize our enemies? I suggest we put the religious fanatics in one pen and all the others in another--after all, we think in a binary process like computers. So in one pen we have Osama bin Laden and his fellow Wahabis together w/ the Iranian Theocrats, the Taliban, and the Muslim Brotherhood, inter alia.

In the other, we have Mr. Assad, his allies in Lebananon, and others.

It is necessary to distinguish Muslims who seek to consolidate power as a means to govern and the religiuous fanatics who seek to reinstate the Caliphate.

By the way, in your vision of the world, I am curious to know where you place King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah of Jordan, and Hosni Mubarek in the pantheon.

Of course it is necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear technology b/c that jackanapes Ahmadinejad just may use it to wipe Israel off the map, notwithstanding the environmental disaster that would result. I agree it is necesssary to prevent Apocalypsists from acquiring WMD. This includes the Red Heifer Gang.

It would be preferable to do this in a non military way although all options must remain on the table.

Again, I suggest that you take the under on the Iranian Theocrats so far as history is concerned.

Reread your own comments. Since I first came to this site, I have read your satiric comments regarding the American public's preoccupation with the celebrity culture, reality television, local sports franchises, and other aspects of popular culture. Certainly, these things deserve your scorn if the people interested in them are obsessed to exclusion of everything else, to wit, what you have nominated the "the kill culture." Certainly our open borders present a security problem.

Nevertheless, I suggest that these things that you denigrate and w/ which you are rightly concerned, i.e. our porous borders, are the very things for which reb fought in Italy and my father in the Norhern Marianas.

Not only that, but the average Iraqi and the Joe Iranian wants these same things. I suggest that the average guy in Baghdad doesn't really care about the 12th Imam or whether the Sunnis or Shiites will prevail. He wants the electricity to work so his refrigerator operates and he can watch TV. He wants t be able to work so he can feed his family and educate his children.

Joe Iranian wants a job. Have you checked out the unemployment rate for young educated or even uneducated Iranians? Sooner or later, these people will rise up and otherthrow the Mullahs b/c Sharia doesn't put falafels on the table.

I am out of time, so I will refer you to the lesson of the Taliban. Recall how the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. After the Soviet withdrawal from that country, the place was a mess. It still is but then, Joe Afghani was at th emercy of every bandit w/ a gun. The Taliban provided personal security. The trade off was Joe Afghani was compelled to live in a theocracy which would still be in place today but for the Taliban's provision of a a safe haven for Al Qaeda.

Remember, w/ the advent of jet travel and seagoing super cargo container ships, Afghanistan is no longer a trading crossroads but is Nowhweresville, which it still would be but for the Taliban's "hospitality."

So what is the lesson? As I said above, the average Joe just wants to feed his family; give his children--or at least his sons--the opportuniy to have a better life. He wants to watch Iraqi Idol every Tuesday night. He wants the Kabul buzkhashi [sic] team to win the league. Iranian women want to be able to go to soccer matches.

The theocrats aren't giving them what they want, so take the under gentlemen.

Regards. Later I wil discuss why we need to engage Syria but in short, remember the stick is onlt effective if there is a carrot tied to th end of it.



The Caliphate is ancient history.

What Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait & U.A.E. do, rests entirely on IRAN's Nuclear Capability. If we
fail to initiate a preemptive hit on their undergound labs, the ball game is over for them. Then Israel,
then it's Big Satan, the U.S.A.

Syria's not a player, they are
merely Puppetista, and Iran pulls their strings.

Some here are willing to risk a negotiation, and super diplomacy with the mass-murder-killers.
It's Theocracy Emboldened, and they
will not be deterred.

It's not a "sin" to BE a Billionaire, but it could be a sin
to die a billionaire. The potential to do good is theirs if any of these rascals want it.

When U.S. Billionaires shrewdly manipulate "Public Opinion" here they callously enhance their own personal agendas, which often is harmful, and not in sinc with our
own National Interest.

Our U.S. Constitutional Survival is
at stake here Tony, it's literally them or us...Period.

2006 - 2008. if the U.S. suffer a
defeat in Iraq (Gen. Casey - Gen. Petraeus) the Democrats Win Bigtime. the Bush Team Loses. (This explains the Reid/Pelosi cold pragmatism).

Naive Americans Do Not Understand This Fundamental Political Reality.

If General Petraeus 'wins', it's a
major victory for the G.O.P. and the Bush Team. The Bush numbers would magically recover some of the loss. While this is playing out, Iran is still going forward toward its own nuke capability (Is anyone watching that, or are we all intent on the fascinating hot-air infighting on Tv?

Hillary/Obama and Guliani vs
several wannabees. The public loves that stuff.
p.s. I hope you can tolerate the rant. Frankly, I'd enjoy it, if it
were not so damn critical. Wish I could do more. It's much like a
death-watch for a good friend. reb



Hate Merchant Arrogance On Display



Tony, April 10th

I suppose you heard the news that
Ahmadinejad has publicly stated that
Iran has now moved forward from Research to the 'Industrial Phase' in his Nuclear Development.

Discussing the wants/needs of Joe Afgani, Joe Irani, Joe Talibani, or hapless women that want access to Mosques or soccor games, or what Syria does, is hardly a point
worthy of serious discussion.

Once Nuclear becomes a Reality, the
factional differences suddenly become irrelevant! The bully with the brass-knucks and "shiv" rules the Mesopotamian playground.

The 70% "good" muslim has not yet quite decided to join the radicals.
They sit on the fence....waiting.

They read al Jazeera, looking for clues on which way to jump. They intently watch the political wars in the U.S. Are they wagering their family's future on the wrong horse? Is George Bush weak? Or, will he suddenly crush Iran with one swift blow, like he did Saddam's Sunni Baath and highly touted Republican Guard in 3 weeks?

Jordan waits; Egypt waits; Saudi Royals wait. Is Bush really that weak? What do the American elections really mean? Who's in charge of the warships at sea, and those Stealth Aircraft that Iraqi radar could not find?

40 Iraqi civilians, 3 troopers die
from a Suicide Bomb. Last week, a helicopter.

Will Americans EVER remove Persian Nuclear Underground Facilities? Will the youthful 70% pro-American Iranian majority ever overthrow the Theocracy of Death?

The entire world waits, wondering what the U.S.A. will do next.



So, What Is The Fundamental Lesson?
Wolf vs Sheep

Coyote vs Cottontail

Great White vs Agile Seal

Free Republic vs Theocracy


Q. Is negotiation possible?

If The Appeaser Assumes Political Power...

It's importamt to our survival to have a James Baker or a John Bolton at the Conference Table. They understand the coldly vicious, calculating mindset of an Ayatollah Mentality. Both Sides understand that we Americans
hold the trump cards of awesome military power.

Nancy Pelosi going to Damascus or to Tehran without decades of experience in International Affairs a nightmare scenario.

The old Mullahs must be giddy with the latest turn of events. reb

Lady-Light said...

I would like to send you an email, but don't see your address anywhere on your blog.
I tell you, if Joe Lieberman decides to run, I'll vote for him--he stands up for his beliefs, and quits his party if he has to!



I fully understand your position. Sen. Leiberman, a long-time "liberal"
on most legislative matters, was smeared and denounced by his party
when he articulated a defense of the Bush/Cheney confrontation of a
system that seeks to dominate all cultures with insane suicidal murder & piety.

My old party seems to say No! to resolute defense of our fundamental

That illustrates the true difference between a politician and a Statesman. reb


I really enjoy the Open Forum Format, where Left & Right can express an opinion that counters my
own narrow views. How else are we to learn? If you really would like an eMail Address, I can briefly post it, then delete. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Hi, Snake Hunters!

I just posted the article you sent me in the Yankee Commentary.


Yankee Doodle,

I was quite pleased that you posted
"How Long Do We Have". If your liberal critic friends post a negative comment, I'd guess in advance they'll hide behind the tag of anonymity.
Haven't heard from our Socialist Professor Sternberg, and his Distribution Of Wealth Theories for quite a while. Do you still have his blog address? reb


Don Imus, Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Hip-Hop & Rap-Crap...all
of them clear evidence of Negative Energy. Each of them self-destructive by-products of old Hatreds For Our Country, our Laws, and poorly-hidden Hatred for Women.
It's time for a Nation Of Laws Governing Conduct to denounce the pernicious ill-will, the toleration of the mean-spirited and the ugly, the grossly negative Political Propaganda, and a rediscovery and reaffirmation of our great fortune as a Free Nation.

It's past the time when an honest self-appraisal is in order. If the pinheads among us enjoy these sick forms of "entertainment" & "music" let them pay for it with Satellite Radio.

Above all, let us expose the Executive Producers and CEO's that reap the huge
profits from Mindless Negativity.

Hollywood, The Hard-core Left, and the Elite Media Be Damned! reb

Tony Sokolow said...


I am a trial attorney. Your comments describe Edward B. Rust, the chairman and CEO of the State Farm Insurance Companies as well as they do David Geffen.

Best to Nell.

Tony Sokolow

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget >>>>>

Dom Imus' "Nappy-headed Ho's" are the victims, and the "Nappy-Headed Pimps" that strut in the 'hood are
the slimy preditors that feed on these tragic young girls.




Thank you for your concern re Nell;
she is much improved. We've been very attentive when she changed medication. Getting off the Oxy & Hydrocodone was the turning point.

She still a long way to go.

The Heavy-hitters in the financial world (Soros, Geffen, Lewis, Rust,
Heinz, etc) surely must do their high-steppin' to a different drummer. Most of us can't imagine their motivations. But we can observe the obvious.

By Their Fruits... we can get a hint to private agenda. MoveOnDotCrap, "Open Society" and five years of 'Hate Dubya' are in evidence. You decide. reb

Anonymous said...

Apr 16 V/T Suicidal Killer, 33 Dead

Apr 18 Bagdad Bombings 180 Dead



Dear ccs,

I believe I get the point. It's an interesting comparison.

Can a large segment of an educated
society instantly recognize the inherent evil (or insanity) of a single killer on a college campus,
and refuse to acknowledge the sick,
evil nature of a religious culture in the second incident?
Only if the political mindset has been altered by constant, repetitive ridicule of leadership over a lenghty period of time.

If our Home Security begins to falter here, followed with another 9/11, it
could change public perception.

That's the callous nature of a spoiled-brat, self-gratified, over-indulged society. The Atlantic Ocean separates us, at least for a
little while,
from today's cruel reality.

Observing anothers tragedy, is much like
tuning in the television
set to a "horror-flick". reb

Tony Sokolow said...


I must dissent albeit briefly. It appears that you attribute much of what you perceive to be American's indifference to what I agree is a global threat to "repetitive ridicule of leadership over a lengthy period of time."

As I have stated and as you are aware, I am very critical of this administration and of the leadership of the President in particular. I believe that a failure of leadership has enmired us in a conflict of our own creation, which conflict has little chance of a satisfactory resolution and which conflict had little if any potential to protect our nation from the danger that both of us recognize.

Perhaps you disagree on this last point. If so, I invite you explain exactly how Saddam's Iraq was the most important central front against Jihadists and other terrorists who then and now target our nation and national interests.

I suggest that a President who insists that the invasion of Iraq was a major front on the "war on terror" fails to command respect b/c most citizens in this country aren't buying that proposition. I don't and you know I agree w/ you regarding the global threat.

I also detest the term "war on terror' b/c what we are fighting is a war against terrorism. Terror is defeated by courage. The defeat of terrorism requires the implementation of a policy to defeat those bent on inflicting their own particular brand of tyranny on each and every one of us.

It makes sense to me that a president who cannot articulate issues clearly cannot formulate an effective foreign policy to address those issues. But for 9/11, the only policy this president whould expound is one that results in the preservation of wealth and power by those who currently in possession of both.

I think it is important to distinguish the issues. It may be that elements of our society are "spoiled brat" "self-gratified," and "over-indulged" and that these qualities render them insenstive to th threat.

On the other hand it is the duty of the President to lead and to educate our nation to the threat that confronts us.

I remember the first course I took in college: Psychology 101. It was the early '70's and we were training rats w/ a Skinner box. I was having problems w/ my rat and my professor advised: "There are no bad rats, only bad trainers."

I remember this each and every day on the field. I believe it applies equally to the president. The difference is that if I fail, only a few individuals are negatively affected. If he fails, the entire world is negatively affected.





Your Psychology 101 would have served you better if your Prof had used Ivan Pavlov's tinkling bell, and followed the salivating dog experiment with "What Is Hypnosis?"

Did your professor explain a "Conditioned Reflex? Or, the dynamics of an Involuntary Physical Response To A Signal?

Ever watch a stage hypnotist turn a
sophisticated audience into fools with multiple suggestions in a few
minutes? Well, it took Soros four
years to turn a nation into a Babbling Hate Dubya Majority.

(Even guys with degrees in the Legal Sciences can be hypnotised).
Invite one of these sharpies to put on a Show at your next Legal Convention.

"Our Own Creation?" Reread your own
words! The U.S.A. didn't 'create' IRAN's Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, nor did we create the 30 yr bloody reign of Saddam Hussein...or Jacques Chirac's treachery in the Oil-For-Food Scandal.

The Israeli did not "create" the slaughter of Jewish athletes
at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

With the help of Comedians, and skilled actor/actresses like Susan
Sarandon & Ed Azner, and The Dixie Chicks all mouthing the same tune,
even logical people begin to question the President's motives.

We laugh at Jay Leno & Letterman anti-Bush jokes eminating nightly; we marvel at the cleverness of MSNBC's
Keith Olberman glib hatred of Bush. Who writes that stuff?

We have all witnessed the DAILY ATTACKS ON BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD,
ETC, ETC, etc,etc,etc, and etc.

Enough! Refocus on the culture that
conditions babies to hate Jews with
cartoons before they can read!

Refocus on the four pilots that high-jacked those planes on 9/11.

Refocus on a culture that considers
your family members as "Infidels" Deserving Death.

Refocus on the Sunni/Shiite Bombs that originate in IRAN, and target
innocent civilians every day in Iraqi crowded markets, and on kid's Soccor fields.

I Trust Ahmadinejad's Manifesto. His intention is very clear.

He will not be deterred when he sees a weakened enemy.

>>Is It Unreasonable to...

Support The Pentagon For 18 Months.

We don't have a Churchill & FDR, or
a gutzy Harry Truman any more. We have an Incompetent Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi, and we have a War!

When we vote This Left Into The Oval Office, I'll mutter something
unintelligable, then...

That's when this Old Fool Agnostic will begin praying to an ever-mute
Devine Providence. reb



Tony, April 20, 2007

With my morning coffee, I switched
back & forth to my two favorite news channels, CNN & FOX. Both reported that
Sen. John Edwards paid $400 for a
haircut! Let's you and I spend some
valuable time researching this single item, shall we?

If this fellow is that stupid with
campaign funds, should we trust him
with the public money? Should we begin to question his judgement BEFORE he assumes high office? He must be a brilliant lawyer. Does he
have an unrecognised flaw hidden by personal charm? Is he weak in a
time of crisis? ARE WE TOO SHALLOW,

Could he be worse than G.W. Bush in confronting the complexities
of a morally bankrupt EU, or an Ancient Kill-Culture with unlimited
suicidal warriors?

We recruit leadership from the Very Human Political Pool. It's frightening to realize that. It's a
terribly uncomfortable thought.

Do we trust the nation's future to
Reid/Pelosi Judgement? Scary, huh?

I apologize for this Morning Rant.

Tony Sokolow said...


W/ respect to the political pool, I may be more critical than you are of the system itself. Campaign finance legislation enacted post Watergate has not only failed but also has engendered a worse situation pursuant to the law of unintended consequences.

The problem w/ our electoral process is that it costs too much money to run for office. All polticians spend an inordinate amount of time fund raising and in doing so become beholden. You castigate Hollywood types, and perhaps not wrongly, but I will recharacaterize your criticism as follows: "Merely because you are rich does not mean that you have a political opinion to which we should pay any attention."

W/ respect to presidential candidates, all are similar in that they are adept at fund raising. W/o tens of millions of dollars, a candidate's campaign is doomed b/f it begins.

Again w/ respect to the pool, I believe that the problem w/ our system is that the only people who run for congress and president are people who can afford to do so.

I would probably make as much as a congressman as I do practicing law, but could I afford to run for office if I had a mind to? No.

Obviously, John Edwards' $400.00 haircut was a political gaffe. Like him or not, he was a very successful trial attorney who amassed a considerable fortune practicing law. Certainly he is rich maybe even uber rich. Query: Do you think Paris Hilton spends as much on her hair as John Edwards did? Probably more, but this becomes the norm for the uber rich and it was a political gaffe for John Edwards as he is the one preaching about "the two Americas."

I think John Edwards is not particularly well versed in foreign policy. I thought the same thing about George W. Bush b/f he was elected. Go back and listen to his commnets fromn that era in which he stated that the U.S. should not be actively engaged in the Mideast peace process nor should engage in nation building.

I remain critical of George W. Bush's foreign policy after his election, but I have visited that topic b/f.

The answer to your question is that we, you, me, our fellow citizens are manifestly well equipped to judge our leaders, although again, I am concerned that the pool is limited to the wealthy or those able to raise funds--neither the Clintons nor Mr. Obama are rich-- and those w/o a stain in their backgrounds b/c of the intense scrutiny to which we subject our candidates.

So we appear to have limited the pool rather severely.

Perhaps I am flawed--scratch that I know I am flawed--what I mean is, perhaps my thinking is flawed in that I think we make to much out of a candidate being a "moral" person. Whereas I would not court a candidate who was flagrantly immoral, morality simply is not the best litmus test for being a good leader. I favor knowledge and competence over morality.

I practice law in the shadow of the bastions of the religious right. I drive past Focus on the Family twice a day. I do not care if my president is born again. In fact, I somewhat distrust people who are born again. Quite frankly, I think our president's relationship w/ God has sometimes clouded his thinking and his vision.

I think I am wandering a bit reb so I should close. Let me finish w/ this. About 800 years b/f the birth of Christ there lived in the Aegean, a Greek poet named Archilochus who is considered to be the first western lyric poet. Only fragments of his work survive but one applies to the conflict that confronts us. In it, he advised his friend Glaukos to "keep a mercenary for a friend to stand by in battle."


Lady-Light said...

Thanks for the 'Tidbit'link (in a previous post). I am planning on sitting down with a (large)mug of coffee and reading it, soon...



Under the current system, only the
very rich can ever hope to achieve high
political office. Why anyone with integrity would want it is a deepening mystery.
So, we are left with King-makers, and the Sons of the Ultra-rich.

One with noble intention, vision,
love of country, a keen wisdom in International Affairs, a respect for the Evolution of Law, and a desire to maintain a superior military posture (Reagan) for the Common Defense, plus political Moxie. All are essential qualities for 2009.

Theocracy in the Nuclear Age defies All Logic & Reason. Can you suggest a candidate with the needed qualifications? I admit to utter confusion.

Newt Gingrich? Naww. He simply doesn't have enough Charisma and the B.S.
(Bully Silhouette) of a Clinton, nor the money to win a lenghty battle with the Billionaires.

On this political battleground...
Money Talks and B.S. Walks!

Sad, isn't it? reb


al Jazeera Headline: April 20

Sen. Harry Reid sez...
"The Iraq War Is Lost!"

American Crusader said...

Thanks for stopping by. Interesting idea but I couldn't picture Rosie actually throwing food unless Donald Trump was the target.

American Crusader said...

10th Mountain Division? They've more than held their own in Italy, Somalia and Bosnia...I'm sure they've been involved in Afghanistan and Iraq also.


Yes, first deployed to Afganistan, then to Iraq. I have no idea why they are based at Ft.Drum, New York.
That State has hills, amd we had mountains in Colorado. That's important for high altitude immediate insertion. It takes about 8-10 weeks for the lungs to readjust to thin air above
10,000 ft!

I have sympathy for those guys; 120
degrees does not exactly fit those Mtn/Winter Warfare Troopers in that Iraqi sand-box. If you talk to them, they'll admit that High, Dry, & and below Zero is their training preference. It certainly was a few decades back. reb


Harry Reid, You Dummy! Sit down and shut your
mouth. You and Nancy don't have a
clue, so why don't you stay at home,
work on civil & criminal legislation, and leave military matters to people that know their

When the two of you open your yaps,
the Jihadi Mullahs score big propaganda values all over the
Middle East.

Think, Harry! Your mouthings are archived, Sound on Film! Before you realize it, some Republican will Charge You With INCOMPETENCE! reb


Grand Ayatollah's Unspoken Creed:

"Better To Reign In Hell,
Than To Serve In Heaven".

In Palestine, Hamas & Fatah Kill Each Other.

In Iraq, The Sunni & Shiite Kill Each Other, every day.

They seek to turn Modern Women everywhere into mute slaves, hidden
behind the black Burka.

The Bloody Imams teach hatred to their hapless young with cartoons,
preparing brigades of killers for the next decade.

Whether they be Arab (Wahhabi), or the Sons of Ali (Persian), it makes little or no difference. It is still the Hate/Maim/Kill Formula that has been the source of mindless suffering for 1400 years.

They boldly seek Nuclear to expand their sick dilemma. Time Is Of The Essence. We must remove the Complex Underground Labs in IRAN while we still have the superior military technology, and the resources to accomplish it. It Is Our Destiny...As A Free People.

Without the USA, this 21st Century Civilization will retreat into an abject, Sharia-spawned Oblivion.

The Appeasers among us, whatever their fantasy or delusion might be,
make statements heard around the world, that salivate the Predator Wolf. He smells our blood.

Brute Theocracy will not be deterred with whimpering 'negotiation'. Not ever! The Time of the Pussyfooting Politician is nearly over.
Be Aware, My Friends. Stay Alert!


Side-bar, Tony

It's my hope that you don't really believe
that we, even with a Bolton or a Baker at the Conference Table, can negotiate 'in good faith' with the Mullahs. The Prima Facie Evidence,
it seems clear to me,
defies a peaceful solution. reb

Tony Sokolow said...


You are probably correct inasmuch as "good faith" is a two way street w/ the traffic blocked at their end.

Nevertheless engagement is important if only for appearances sake.

I have considered long whether is was wise to depose Saddam. Recall that his final words on the gallows: "Down with the traitors, the Americans, the spies, and THE PERSIANS." History will decide. There is certainly no question that the deposition of Saddam has resulted in the empowerment of Iran and a Shia revival.

Of course it is possible that Iran's nuclear ambitions would have rerawakened Saddam's own nuclear ambitions. Certainly, the Sunni Arab states are currently rushing to acquire such technology in response to Iran's intentions.

Let us suppose that your suggested solution is the only viable one. If so, I suggest that it would be must better if it were accomplished by proxy. Remember June 7, 1981?

Inasmuch as Ahmandinejad has declared "Israel must be wiped off the map" perhaps we should defer to Israel to protect itself against a publically stated threat and so serve all of our purposes.


Israeli Courage is there for the world to see, but 5 1/2 million people cannot save an uncommitted,
neutered Europe. Demograhics indicate they can no longer reproduce themselves! So, they import common labor to continue a Savior Faire lifestyle for a bit longer. Meanwhile, the Muslim enclaves will increase, and
the Piety Police and Sharia Courts will eventually asssume control of land-mass. As Russians fade away,
China will fill the void.

There is nothing so constant as change. reb


A Message From the Past...

For 21st Century Appeasers.

"Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were ever our countrymen".

Pres. John Adams
1797 ~ 1801



Is it true? Is the new Soya-based
jet fuel finally available?

Virgin Air has just announced it's Boeing 787 is ready for a test flight! Wow, good luck, guys! reb

Yankee Doodle said...

I have to admit that I'm disgusted by those surrenderists. I wonder how do you handle that?

Check out my comment page for "I don't Care."

American Crusader said...

"New York has hills"
No Doubt when compared to Colorado.
I live in New York...Westchester County. The Adirondacks are some of the most scenic mountains anywhere but you're not going to get any high altitude training.



WWII 10th Mountaineers were ready for
immediate deployment for severe mountain/winter conditions whereever required. That was my point. 'Scenic' is not an essential to warfare. No offense intended. reb


liberal_dem said...

Rather odd stuff here. I'm wondering which Presidential candidate you voted for in 2000 and 2004, assuming that you vote.



Sorry, just rambling. Awoke in the
middle of the night...typed something that entered fuzzy head.
My politics? Well, I've been a bit
disenchanted with both parties for
years. I fit no mold if that's what you're looking for. Believe we need a Third party, badly! We are at WAR...and psycho-babble conditioning funded by George Soros, and his callous remark, "Whatever it takes to beat BUSH!" was like gravel in my soup!


How many air-headed Hollywood celebrities can he intice? How many talk-show hosts, how many comedians
have received generous stipends? Want some candy, kids? Does Uncle George sugar-coat an "Open Society"
strategy, a 'One World Peace & Justice' to replace our 230 years
as a Free Republic? Is that his Playbook? Is It Monumental Hubris?
Who funds the vast anti-government
"United For Peace & Justice" Rally recently held in Washington, D.C.?

Prominent speakers were Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, & Everyone's favorite Showman, Rev.
Jesse Jackson! Leslie likes to refer to these types as her lovable "Puppetistas". That's Cuban
for Suckers, I suppose.

The chances are slim indeed that you've ever heard of Leslie Cagan,
or U.F.P.J., but she is the behind the curtain Director of 1300 local and national groups, plus she sits
on the Board of Directors of five
'New Pacifica' Radio Stations, and has
'Campus Organizers' at most big schools throughout the nation...
promoting "Peace" and agitating against military recruitment.

Go to her Website, tap into Your State, (You're Gonna Be Shocked!)

In the 1960's as a teenager, she was in Cuba, helping Fidel Castro organize his Communist Government, for seven years!I remember a tense
3-weeks in 1962, when Fidel had Soviet IRBM Russian (Nuke) Missiles
pointed at the Eastern Half of this
country. People were alert back then. Kennedy/Khruschev avoided a
Nuclear War! Ask someone with gray hair, if you're a youngster.

Search: Cuban Missle Crisis. Can you imagine that this Cagan Brute has somehow had a change of heart, a rebirth, and now wants PEACE?
If you live in a fair-sized town,
there Will Be A "Hiroshima Days Rally & Parade" Next August 6th, with Porta-Potties, a Rock-Band, Free Ice Tea, and Hate-Bush Bumper
Stickers, plus T-Shirts and Banners. Be There! See it For Yourself. Search: U.F.P.J. Read their canned baloney for yourself!

Can a mature, educated society be
turned and burned, like at a BBQ?

With Unlimited Funding, and Four Years of ridicule and satire, by
Celebrity skilled Stage-Presence, and Politican's Will-To-Win-At-Any-Cost attitude, anything's poosible.

BEFORE YOU buy into anyone's hot-air campaign, look for motive, study the rascal's intention. Is this just another election, or is there a hidden agenda? Stay Alert.
Don't be to quick to buy into the
broad-based hate campaign. Use your
Search Engine. Learn baby, learn!

So, this old fool blogs! reb

Prez Harry Truman said, You want a friend in Washingon, D.C.?
...Buy A Young Dog".

liberal_dem said...

So, you told me quite a bit about whom you dislike, but not about anybody whom you favor. Surely there are some names out there who have ideas you like.

I'm trying to figure out what it actually is that you favor, you support, that you think this nation needs to get back on track.

By the way, 'when' was this nation 'on track?'


lib-dem sir,

First, I dislike labels just enough
to refuse to tag myself.
I recall a country that responded
quickly when we suffered a devastating attack on Dec 7, 1941, when we lost half of our Pacific Fleet in a short two hours.

It took a couple years back then,
for the 'Arsenal Of Democracy' to gear up, and we were closer to defeat in '42 & 43 than most of us realize. So, England, Russia, and the USA took a bloody beating in the early years of WWII. We were not prepared for a war.

Appeasers & peaceniks ruled in the press, and in Acadamia. "Keep Our Boys Out Of It!"

Chamberlain & Petain prevailed in Europe, with "Peace In Our Time!"
Churchill scowled, he knew better!

Pearl Harbor, 1941...WAR!

I recall the response of nearly every American (including my parents) from Hollywood to our Eastern Shoreline. I recall our
women, symbolized by "Rosie the Riveter", and there were patriotic movies and songs...(I think you recall them too!)

We Were "The Greatest Generation", because we had a Unity Of Purpose,
Not Partisan Hot-Air!

We had two major Parties then also,
At War, We United In A Just Cause,
and we had also Statesmen In Both Political Parties. Noble men.

We had no picketing protestors at
Recruiting Stations back then. (That would have been a hazardous pastime). We were "On Track", back then.

Our prominent heroes then were FDR and Winston Churchill. Outstanding men, able to Confront Twin Evils, against Terrible Odds.

I liked Kennedy when he Confronted
Nikita Khruschev in 1962. The Cuban Missile Crisis. I did not approve the Kennedy, Johnson, McNamara plan of a "measured response" in Vietnam, read "In Retrospect" by Robt.S.McNamara! He said, "We were wrong, terribly wrong".

When this nation commit young troupers to battle, there is no
option, No Substitute for Victory.

"Extremism, In the Defense of (Our) Liberty Is No Vice". Barry Goldwater.

I "liked" Harry Truman, Eisenhower,
Reagan. Like Tom Jefferson, these men had Vision, and uncommon Courage. It took decades to bring down the old, brutal USSR. Nikita said, "Your children will live under Communism".

Reagan reached an Accord with Gorbachev. Peace, for a brief moment in time.


Now we face the biggest threat
in our 230 year history. Old Persia
is the "new" challenge, with their 12th Imam Prophesy (Madhi), and their Doctrine of Hatred.

New unfamiliar labels, like Hamas, Fatah, Hezboolah (Party of God), and Grand Ayatollahs & Imams have replaced Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini. Now, Saudi Oil Wealth and Holy Mosques have sprung up,
given new life to Ancient Hatreds & Wahhabism! The Grand Ayatollahs fantasize the Power Available With
Nuclear Weapons. Warning! Warning!
These people cut off heads & hands,
and stone their women! They hide them in black Burka, and the Piety Police beat them in public!

Accept Allah, and your family will be safe. Ignore our Devine Prerogatives, and we will wipe you
off the map. Your children will live under Sharia, Allah willing.

Sound familiar?

Sixty-nine million souls, led by
vicious Theocrats challenge a timid Europe. Suicidal bombers hit
Madrid, London, and Bombay after our own 9/11 massacre. The Kill/Culture murders Shiite & Sunni every day now with Iranian IED's, in Iraq. Hundreds of civilians die every week. Warning!

Ten commercial aircraft with bomb-packs foiled by MI-5 in London's
Heathrow Airport, in the nick of time! Warning.

And my new friend wants me to give
up a Leader, someone with the Courage to Confront Them?

No. First you must Show Me an alert civilian population that understands the magnitude of the
problem we face. Leadership will always surface when the people are
ready...but I don't see it, not yet.
Daddy has his Sports Channel, Mama goes to The Mall, and Junior has his Rap-crap, Cell-Phone, and Game Boy. Life is sweet.

High officials today wax eloguent,
about Exit Strategies, and want 'Negotiations' with Cruel Cultures in Syria, and Tehran,
and winning Elections on Tv, and Hating Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Halliburton...and 'Peace In Our Time'.
Horsefeathers! reb


Neo-"Peace Corps" ala U.F.P.J. Motto:
"Ask Not what you can do for your country...
Ask what you can do
to under-mine your country!

In my town, it's O.R.E.P.A.
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. reb


The Bottom Line:
Predator Wolf Never Eats Sheep-Dog


Tony Sokolow said...

"And my new friend wants me to give up a Leader,someone with the Courage to Confront them."

I have previously published my negative criticisms of Mr. Bush and need not repeat them, except to say that I believe he has made a complete hash of things in the new great confrontation.

reb, you speak of a unity of purpose that the Greatest Generation exhibited and I agree w/ your analysis. Although 9/11 was a wake up call, it was different enough from December 7, 1941 so that our nation has not been similarly galvanized.

There is also a fundamental difference betwen that time and this. Then, the world had been at war, in the sense of military conflict, since 1937--I maintain that WWII began in China.

The enemies that confront us today are no less evil than those that confronted us then, although their manifestation is more subtle as evidenced by many of our countrymen's failure to discern them. The problem w/ our Leader is that he has failed to lead by bogging us down in Iraq which at best is a minor front in the greater war.

You speak, perhaps in other terms of what one maight call "the clubs." I think you believe that George Souros is the head of one.

Please understand that Mr. Bush too is a memeber of a "club" and his "clubbiness," which has manifested itself in cronyism is one of his greatest weaknesses.

Could a person in a wheelchair get elected president today? I fear we will not see leaders like FDR and Churchill again in our time.

Best wishes to you and Nell.



You & I seem to have a fair grip
on the global scene.

You & I can probably agree that WWII began in 1928, when Japanese
Warlords invaded a nearly defenseless China. Their ambitions
included domination of the Orient,
Expansionism, the need for metals and petroleum, etc. Read Pearl Buck's "Dragonseed" for the grim stuff.

Our disagreement begins with your
insistance that G.W. Bush Is The Central Issue. That's where your
analysis breaks down into a partisan tirade. This is where You and I, like many who struggle to understand this complexity, take our detour from Reality.

As a nation, we've systematically been "conditioned" by forces little understood, to focus on a single person, belittle his raw personna. (Dubya will soon leave the scene). Then, WHO will direct us to our next target for more inane ridicule and disdain?

Elite Media calls the Square-dance, we dance and wiggle.

Talk Show guys re-write more clever wit, and we react at the drummer boy's rim-shot. We cluck and flap our wings on cue at hypnotic suggestion.

I see another single individual with Seven Billion Dollars! He
could be around long after Dubya has retired to Crawford, Texas. Now sir, the Soros guy bothers me.

Soros, has every intention of radically changing our basic Constitutional Fundamentals with a
mysterious "Open Society" paradigm that defies logical definition. As a lawyer, does his assault worry you? Does his public mouthings
disturb the liberal majority? He manipulates public opinion, and only the voice of Fox' Bill O'Reilly dare challenge him. Should we tolerate him just long enough to toss Bush onto the Historical Landfill, then speak up? Damn, this stuff gets complicated when first we practice to deceive!
I view him as I would a Master
Hypnotist, with the financial resources to buy a gigantic world stage.
A King-Maker, a Manipulator, a playful Puppet-Master...a Ring-Master of the Greatest Show on Earth. A 21st Century Mad-Hatted Rasputin, that can always BUY a University Podium, or a handsome articulate Celebrity Spokesperson.
He's a real/live, truely dangerous Ego-Maniacal Monster!

That's Colossal Vanity On Display,
and we are all his "bit-players",
and he is The Director/Producer of
a Good & Evil Scenario that delights and frustrates an erudite audience. He's tolerated because of
his Dollars, and his "Genius".
Tony, if you will reduce Dubya to
a 'mile-post' on the historical map, put his tail on the back shelf
and get back to basics on Radical Islam, and how best to crush it,
we Snake Hunters might all harvest a benefit. Let's not permit the mental gyrations of one ultra-rich
geek to cloud our collective judgement. We have survived by trusting Collective Wisdom, and the Jeffersonian Legacy for 200 years. We fall if we buy into this
Soros packaged Dog & Pony Show.

We are in the beginning phase of
WWIII, and we desperately need people of goodwill & intellect from both Political Parties to stop the endless cacaphoney of back and forth bickering!

Time Is Of The Essence! It's Now, Or It's Never, my friend.

The Collective American Mentality has been zapped with Hate Material.
"Talking Points" and 15-Second Sound Bytes are the Rule. It's Extremely Discouraging. My Aunt Myrtle commented about our canary's
She said, "He sings very well, but he only knows one tune"!

Where Are The Eloquent Statesmen?

I see Only A Single Option for the
Individual today....To Declare Himself Immune,
to the canned Hot-air, the 'clubby' political party affiliations, the single-issue candidates, and the hatred for leadership.

We Must Dedicate Ourselves to the tough task of understanding the Iranian/
Shiite/Sunni Kill/Culture, and the World-wide Nuclear Threat. This is
more than just another war. The hot winds vibrate with the stench of radical Theocracy.

Allow the two-party legislature to deal with the complexities of Medicare, Social Security, Taxes,
Education, Communication Regulation
and Research, especially the Bio-Fuels...And Immigration Policy.

Above All, get our Politicians Out of the Business of playing "War-Gurus". They choose to Micro-Manage War; they behave like ducks without wings or water. It's like
appointing a skilled mechanic to rule jurisprudence in an Appellate Court. I see it happening on Tv, but I cannot believe my eyes!

Un-named Leaders like FDR & Churchill will appear as if by
magic, but only if we deserve them.

That's my simplistic view; what say you to that? If you feel that a
'Unity of National Purpose' is Impossible at this time, in desparation, I'm prone to offer this three-line Haiku:
Minds-Eye Needs Focus

Bi-Focal, Tri-Focal, Zoom

Prophesys Unfold!

Silly old man, hey that's me!

I hope that I've amused you. I'm old, I sometimes weary that I'm just blowin' smoke.

I'd probably quit blogging if I did not
have people of your caliber to chat
with. My frustrations are genuine. reb


Scales of Justice...

"Fix Reason in her seat, call to her Tribunal every fact, every opinion...

Question with boldness, even the existance of a God"...Tom Jefferson
(Or a Grand Ayatollah's Allah!) reb

Anonymous said...

SEE MOHAMED's statement, April 27th
om "Ghost of Gen. Patton Post"!


Yes, he's a young Egyptian Law Student. I offered a comment that
perhaps a fresh new approach to
Mid-East killings, Suicidal Murder, and mindless old scenarios. We might all profit from young Egyptian and Iranians, if young lawyers might decide to push aside the tired old Tribal Warriors that lead Shia & Sunni to bomb each other to pieces,,,

and Imams that have terrorized and
ruled the landscape for so many centuries. They have clearly failed to prove ability to lead.

Could the young, optomistic minds that pray for, and respect mothers,
daughters, and sisters be the solution to madrasas canned hate, suicide murders, and Theocracy? Allah willing, of course.

After witnessing the past, I'd prefer giving young leaders their opportunity for a prosperous future
devoid of fear and butchered right hands & heads. Women are usually better drivers any macho-men, if not chatting on a cell-phone!

Let's see Mohamed's response, before judging his reaction to a
positive suggestion. reb


Please Go To The "Ghost of General Patton" post, now. Last Comments. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I have made Mohamed a project of mine, I think to his dismay.

I am reminded of the rhyme I learned when I was a child. There are two snakes which look very similar. One is the harmless milk snake. The other is the deadly coral snake, one of three members of the cobra family that inhabit North America. (The three species are: the eastern coral snake; the western coral snake; and the yellowbelly sea snake; the latter only inhabits Hawaii which though part of the US is not really in NA.)

The rhyme has many variations, one of which is:

"Red on yellow, kill a fellow;
Red on black, friend of Jack."

The yellow bands of the coral snake abut the red bands while on the milk snake, the red bands abut the black.

So the question arises: Is Mohamed friend of Jack or will Mohamed kill a fellow.

Mohamed is certainly slippery like a snake but close questioning reveals him to be no friend of Jack. See Mohamed thinks it's OK for Jews to exist so long as they are in Uganda or Antarctica. Mohamed does not believe that the stae of Israel, as it has existed since 1948, has a right to exist. Therefore I must ask what is the difference between Mohamed and Mamoud Amadinejad?

Another question that I have asked Mohamed, which he has yet to answer, is why his coreligionists show a propensity to blow themselves up with explosives for the purpose of killing innocent civilians or civil servants who are also their coreligionists.

Mohamed may be a law student but he does not like being cross examined.

Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. But read what Mohamed writes about Hezbollah and Hamas. He calls them "resisters" and perceives no moral transgressions in their acts of terrorism.

Given the opportunity, Mohamed will cite various massacres of Palestinians or the recent deaths of individual Palestinians, which, althouigh regrettable, are small beer compared to what is occurring in Darfur, genocide committed by his coreligionists.

Be wary of Mohamed. He will attempt to claim the moral high ground to which he is not entitled. Mohamed wears red on yellow.

reb, trust me on this one.

Yankee Doodle said...

I remember that rhythm, I learned it at my science class two months ago.


Loop Garoo,

So, you believe that a young Law Student, raised in a Mono-Theistic
Brute Culture is incapable of thinking beyond his early indoctrination. Well, I hope you are wrong! Have you read "Why I Left Jihad" by Walid Shoebat?
Seventy percent of Iran is under thirty years of age, most are well
educated. As the old Warlords die off, these young men and women just
might replace the old ways.

There is nothing so Constant...
as Change...Allah willing! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid. said...


Briefly. I agree that the relative youth of the Iranian population holds the promise that once the theocrats pass on, the Iranians may move radically toward secularism, a move I think we both agree would be positive for all.

As for Mohamed, start w/ his February 4th posting; my comments; his responses; and succeeding postings and comments. Mohamed is part of the problem and not part of the solution

More later.

Anonymous said...

Sir Snake Hunter,

The wife & I emmensely enjoyed your
Three Ring Circus, but why include
Ana Nicole and American Idol?
Jake & Denise, Alhambra, Ca


Jake & Denise,

In our diverse culture, the Hollywood crowd tend to worship the
vain and superficial, plus the loud
Bat-Out-Of-Hell that hangs Upside- Down on Tv. Catch her act on 'The View'; Sorry about that. reb


More of the same...

Is Paris Burning? Yes, Paris Hilton
is simmering cuz she drew a no-nonsense Judge. Late for court, multiple offenses, driving DUI with
a Suspended License, etc Forty-five days in the Graybar Hotel. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Liberal_dem, I checked out your blog and found out that you do not allow comments other than your team members. Your profile is fascinating for me to read, especially the picture, "Liberty Leading the People," a commemoration of the July Revolution.

Which one do you pick: France, or America?


MAY 6, 2007
The End Of Jacques Chirac Treachery
as Prez Sarkozy wins big in France!
This signals a new beginning for better relations with the U.S. reb

The Loop Graoo Kid said...


Expect the same old somng with a different tune. Remember, this is the country that awarded Jerry Lewis the Legion D'Honneur.


..."better relations", not perfect.

Tony Sokolow said...


Yesterday, May 8, a column by Victor Davis Hanson appeared in the Rocky Mountain News. Its topic was America's preoccupation Anna Nicole Smith's death; Don Imus; Alec Baldwin; Rosie O'Donnell; etc, as opposed to more pressing issues, a topic upon which you touch frequently. You should be able to find it somewhere on line. Here is its concluding paragraph:

"So why fixate on Anna Nicole, Rosie, Imus, and Alec? Simple--they are the modern equivalents of grotesque carnival freak shows that used to provide a perverse sense of escapism from what people dare not face. Yet as our dependency on such distractions grows, so too do the real dangers we ignore."



Yes, Tony!

Mohammed The First, when asked about
who a Muslim should consult, he said, "Your Mother!"

Ayatollahs & Imams have dominated this sad culture for too long. The results are obvious, and the world
suffers. An equal voice for men & women will give all a "Fair & Balanced" Perspective.

Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely! reb


Here's a website worth your time:

SnakeHunters, reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Hi, I added some new polls on my sidebar. Check them out and remember to vote!


Imprint On A Starbuck's Coffee Cup:

How have we become so addicted to petroleum oil? How would the world be different if we could make our own fuel in our own country?

For the last two years I have driven to work on soybeans. This is
possible in our lifetime! ~~Martin Tobias, CEO of Imperium Renewables,
a biodiesel refinery company.
Let's get it done. reb



A LESSON: May 15, '07

Before falling asleep last night, I visualized (dreamed?) that I was listening in on two aliens from another solar system; One a professor, the other his student.

The older fellow was explaining the
dilemma now facing Earth...Old Joe said to young Abdulli, "Observe this
complexity, and their problems:
We see four major groups: Hindu, Judaism, Christian, and the newest addition,
Islam! Each teaches their children that ONLY their religious notions are Truth! Observe them...

India & Pakistan have Nuclear Bombs! They hesitate.

Russian & Americans have had these terrible things for many decades, and they hesitate.

Now the Russian appears in the bed of the Shia...

Saudi-Arabian (Sunni-Arab) see that Shia-Iran (Persian) Religious Leadership will soon have these Terror Bombs, so we must have them too, or they will Dominate! "Shia might rule All of Us 'Good Sunni' if we do nothing!"

Abdulli asked, "Are they not all Muslim? Do they not both have the same God (Allah), the same book, the Qu'ran?"

Old Master Joe replied, "Yes, YES! But, these ancient religious notions Will Not Deter Them from seeking Control over their fellow muslims. Leaders are energized by
their ability to strike fear in hearts of the simple people, keep them on their knees!

Behold your space monitor, Abdulli:
In tiny Palestine, Hamas & Fatah kill each other Today; In Iraq, Sunni & Shia kill each other, Today! Their Leaders are vain, arrogant, cruel.

Each Cry Out For Peace, but they speak with the forked tongue of the Snake!"

Abdulli was silent, deep in thought. When he finally spoke, he said to Master Joe: "So, RELIGION has created as many Evils as it has
Blessings! I think their Creator has filled these miserable earthlings with too many flaws!

Back in time, He sent a great flood to wipe out "Sin & Stupidity", and that plan failed!

Perhaps He should loose an Asteroid
to Earth, wipe it clean, and start from the beginning! This time, let His Creation evolve without the curse & burden of these absurd religious notions!"

There was a sparkle in Old Joe's Eye, and he replied: "Not so fast.

Tomorrow, we shall discuss another facet of the same problem.

The 'Thirst for Power, and the Mind-Games Men Play in America'.
Politics In America, and how Money
& Politics Combine, To Distort Truth, to create wide-spread Hatred, to gain advantage over an
educated, yet gullible public".

Stay tuned in. reb




Situation: United Defense, Victory!



G.W. BUSH & TONY BLAIR vs Radical
"Kill-Culture of Religious Crazies"

Situation: GROSS APATHY! A 1000 Discordant Voices from the Extreme S/P Left, Extreme Religious Right, Hate Groups like Cagan's U.F.P.J., MoveOnDotCrap, & Hollywood, etc.,

All Of Them Uniting in a loud, vicious, sustained attack...


Is Liberty & Justice For All Doomed? Will some momentous event suddenly awaken the Sleeping Giant?

How many millions are yet to die?


What's your view, friend? reb


Check Out Yankee Doodle's Comments
Section re Ron Reagan's Eleventh

then tap Comments, Give Your View.

Tony Sokolow said...


I checked out Yankee Doodle. I will compliment him b/c he writes well for a 15 year old. On the other hand it is well to remember that he is 15 years old and to factor that into an assessment of the maturity and sophistocation of his arguments.

I am glad that he is a staunch defender of American traditional values and the American way od life. I am also quite certain that his vision of "traditional American values" and the "American way of life" is formed by his Evagelical Christian values.

reb, I live in Douglas County Colorado near a town called Parker.
In 2006, I coached @ Chaparral HS, from whence my daughters graduated.
Just north of the field is a Morman tabernacle. Less than a half mile away is a Christian mega church where we had our end of season banquet. The student body of that school, reflective of the population of the area, is overwhelmingly Christian or Mormon.

I practice law in Colorado Springs. Every day I drive by the World Prayer Center. B/f CDOT built a new entrance/exit to/from I-25, I drove by Focus on the Family.

I am a staunch supporter of the First Amendment, which as you know well states: "Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Having said that, I will state that I do not trust Evangelical Christians any farther than I can throw a cheesecake underwater. In particular, I distrust attorneys who advertie themselves as "Christian lawyers."

As for Yankee Doodle, being raised in Connecticut and having attended HS in Massachusetts, it is difficult for me to consider a southern Californian as a "Yankee" but I will let that pass.

Whereas it is well that the young gentleman considers the issues of the day, I hope he does not do so the exclusion of mundane activities of a teenager. One can learn much about becoming an adult by playing on a team or singing in the HS choir or being part of student government.

Those who immerse themselves totally in politics at a young age become the Karl Roves and Rush Limbaughs of our society.

I will probably leave this young man alone unless he comments on this site w/ content that I consider inflammatory. I do not think he wants to play Mohamed to the Loop Garoo Kid.

Best to Nell.



Tony Sokolow said...



After short refection let me add this. I recommend reading Frank Rich's Op-Ed piece that appeared in the last Sunday's New York Times which documents the failures of this administration from a moral perspective. I also recommend reading Nicholas Kristoff's column that appeared in today's Rocky Mountain News documenting the good that this administration has done in the fight against disease in Africa.

I reflect on the Reverened Jerry Falwell in consideration of his death this week. As a nation, did he really do us a service by dragging politics into the pulpit?

Let Yankee Doodle consider Rudy Giuliani for a moment. Is there a place in the GOP for him and for Arnold Schwartzenegger? The way I see it, the promotion of the Evangelical Christian vision on the governance of this country will be as destructive as the imposition of Maoism on China or Leninism on Russia.




Tony, May 18, 2007

Thanks for your input. Was I a bit
too harsh with my young friend? No.

We must all learn, as must Mohamed that emphasis or total reliance on
a single "Christian" or Islamic Perspective can be as corrosive or pernicious, or as 'Evil' as anything I can imagine! That's why I favor our precious 1st Amendment.

I've appreciate the fundamentals of history by reading,
by experience, by being skeptical of those who live their entire lives blindly believing that any man can have "Faith" without examination. All religions need constant oversight, to keep them from being
brutally oppressive. (Ask your Mormon friends what happened to their Prophet in Illinois!) All Doctrine needs to be challenged, not meekly submitted to, as we seek a pathway to improved Law. As a student of jurisprudence, you already have these basics.
My studies have given me a somewhat broader perspective than most, and I'm grateful for my skepticism. Its good to be Alert & Aware. Pious Notions have the potential for outrageous harm.

I am leery of any man that seeks to
enforce his notions of a Creator God on our Body Politic. Our Laws are too precious, paid for in blood, to discard or alter, before careful consideration. Beware of the False Prophets, wearing sheep's clothing!

However, I also appreciate some of the values found in ancient writings. Jesus is a stellar example. The ostentateous Bible Thumpers that prey upon the gullible on Tv with
the "Carny Pitch"; Those that offer
to send us a 'Prayer Hanky' or a packet of 'Miracle Water' to put on
our cancer, are crooks, thieves,
con-men, and they boldly solicite $1000 Seed Of Faith pledges, and the Religious Right-Wingers are strangely silent about these Pious Pickpocket slickers!

Do you & I have a Moral Obligation
to expose these rascals? I believe we do.

Holy Mother Church scared the hell out of Galilleo centuries ago.

"Tu say in bocca al Lupo!" reb



Tony, May 19, 2007

Colorado Springs! That's where a troop train dropped me off as an
18 year old recruit, Spring of 1943. Sixteen weeks of basic, then
the 10th Mtn Division packed up our
gear & weapons on Mules, and hiked 182 miles
over the Great Divide, topped 14,000 ft, and down into Camp Hale,
at 9,500 ft. Took nine days. Much better breathing there! Two winters, then off to Napoli, and Chianti de Vino & Pane (Bread roll)
Sixty years later, we fortunately landed in Eastern Tennessee, and an old native here quickly tapped this So. Calif Bird a DamnYankee!

First question: What church do you
and the wife attend? Well, I said,
we don't attend church, but I do have three bibles; Mormon, a Jehovah Witness, & also my own personal book.

The old fellow got a bit red in the face, and blurted out...
asyerpersonalsaviouryergonnaburnin hell, forever" I replied, Izzat so?
Well, my book says, 'Judge Not, that ye be not judged'. True story.

I read genuine hatred in that old fellow's face. Since then, we've met some genuinely fine folks.
Nell is much improved, thanks. reb

Tony Sokolow said...


We don't attend church, although I know more Protestant hymns than most. My family's heritage is Jewish. Both my parents grew up in NYC. My mother attended the Fieldston School in the Bronx which was then associted w/ the Ethical Cultural Society, she graduated from Fieldston in 1942 @ age 15, then attended Vassar College from whence she graduated a few days b/f her 20th birthday in 1946.

Meanwhile, my father attended the Horace Mann School in the Bronx. After graduating in 1940, he went to Yale. Although he was class of 1944, he graduated a year early and joined the Marines. OCS @ Quantico; Parris Island; Northern Marianas campaign w/ the Second Marine Division as a forward artillary observer. A good friend of his would tell me later he never wrote my mother b/c he had little expectation of returning home.

My parents married in 1946. I'm the youngest. I grew up in Wilton, CT and attended Deerefield Academy in Deerfield, MA as in the Deerfield Massacre. I learned the hymns in Old Brick Church and at Sunday vespers.

My wife grew up next door to me in Wilton. My mother influenced her to attend Vassar from whence she graduated w/ a degree in in Chinese Language and Literature in 1980. She was a memebr of the National Field Hockey team but when President Carter pulled us out of the Olympics in 1980, she went to study in China instead, hitchhiking to Tibet after receiving a degree from Nanjing University.

Catherine was confirmed a Presbyterian but describes herself from as a Buddhist if she describes herself at all.

Next weekend we will be in Poughkeepsie to see my older daughter Karen graduate from Vassar. Her sister, Grace, has just completed her sophomore year there.

I guess Secular Humanism runs through the family.

I left a lot of family history out but its Saturday morning and there are chores to do and lacrosse games to watch.




I've thrown 'yankee doodle' a
sizzling curve-ball;

we shall see how our young friend handles a smoker! reb


Yankee handled my curve ball well.
He answered 'Yes!' reb



Democrat: Ms Hillary/Joe Lieberman
Toughest Combo, Hard to beat!

Republican: Rudy Giuliani/Gingrich
Dynamic Duo, The Nation would be
in "Good Hands"!

Q. Will the 'political process'...
choose this wisely? June 20,'07 reb


If you're going to tell the truth,
You better make 'em laugh,
or they'll kill you!

George Bernard Shaw

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Who wrote this?


Ernesto Ribeiro said...

Yeah, and we can't forget another celebrity dhimmi libs fa**ots as Tim Robbins, Noam Chomsky, Danny Glover, "Dream Gay", Chris Rock and all the rest of the Hollywood Team Anti-America.

Anonymous said...


Two Cute Poodle Bitches
called 'Code' & 'Pink'

One Stud Mutt, Pug
named "Kucinich"

He lifts his leg & pee's, but
never fails to whine or deceive

Ohio's shame for better or worse,
They wanted him, they got him

He's the Buckeye Curse!


Smitty, from Cincinatti.



The first to feel the pinch
will be The Late Nite Talk Shows.

What's gonna happen to Jay Leno
and David Letterman now?

No demeaning ridicule of 'Dubya'
Bush? Does that mean No More Fat
"Gratuities" from admiring George Soros?

The Air-Heads Are All K-nashing
their Teeth! What's to become of
us now? "Gimmee My Bong, Quick!,
Woe, oh woe on us", wept another.

"Such Devastating Incompetence!
Why can't comedians just write their own hate stuff?" asked the pouting angry starlet, wiping the runny mascara from her pink cocktail dress.

Hooo-ray For HO-lllyyeewoood!

God, life is so cruel!

Anonymous said...


What Do Hollywood Starlets
and Radical Muslims Have In

A. Self-Destruction!

CC of Malibu