Friday, May 25, 2007

You Peace-Lovers.....
We're At War!!


It was a bright Sunday afternoon, and I was enjoying a cup of Starbuck's coffee at one of the outside tables.

A pleasant appearing young man approached, and I invited him to share my table. He said, "Is that your vehicle, with a 10th Mtn Division patch in the window?" I said, "Yes, it's mine".

"I've just returned from the 'Sand-box' a few weeks ago, my second tour. It's hot over there now, one twenty degrees, if you can find some shade". I nodded, allowing him to continue.

"They kill a few of us nearly every day, and we drop more of them. It's sad, and I wonder when they'll turn us loose. let us really take the Offensive, but ours is not to question why or when. We are ready, whenever Command Gives Us a Green Light!" Then, this sober youngster continued, "We're ready, sir!"

We own the Ground, we own the Air, and the Seas. Their IED's and RPG's are the enemies most effective weapons, made in Iran. But Those Troops In Iran Don't Bleed! They let local Shiite and Sunni al Queda bleed for them. In Afghanistan it's the Taliban that die, and in Lebanon, the Hezbollah & Sunni do the dying. Same story in Palestine. Hamas & Fatah kill each other, and Iran Oil supplies the money to both of them! The Persian mullahs sit back smugly and Direct the Fire! I think the Shia are a bit more clever than Sunni Arabs.

"You're a civilian now, sir. What's going on here at home? Is our President so weakened by politics that he cannot move? I've listened to television, and they are all talking gibberish, about Polls, and 'ear-marks' & 'bench-marks'... crazy stuff. The Persians have their Factories Underground, and soon they'll have nukes, if the Russians have not already sold them some. We lost 3000 civilians on 9/11, plus over 3000 more of our people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's past the time for the Persians to do the bleeding. Wipe out maybe two or three full brigades of their military in a single day, to send them a message they'll understand. Then follow this up by taking out their known underground lab locations. We have awesome Power....why do we wait?

*I promised this young fellow that I would convey his thoughts on my Snake Hunters Weblog. reb