Friday, May 25, 2007

You Peace-Lovers.....
We're At War!!


It was a bright Sunday afternoon, and I was enjoying a cup of Starbuck's coffee at one of the outside tables.

A pleasant appearing young man approached, and I invited him to share my table. He said, "Is that your vehicle, with a 10th Mtn Division patch in the window?" I said, "Yes, it's mine".

"I've just returned from the 'Sand-box' a few weeks ago, my second tour. It's hot over there now, one twenty degrees, if you can find some shade". I nodded, allowing him to continue.

"They kill a few of us nearly every day, and we drop more of them. It's sad, and I wonder when they'll turn us loose. let us really take the Offensive, but ours is not to question why or when. We are ready, whenever Command Gives Us a Green Light!" Then, this sober youngster continued, "We're ready, sir!"

We own the Ground, we own the Air, and the Seas. Their IED's and RPG's are the enemies most effective weapons, made in Iran. But Those Troops In Iran Don't Bleed! They let local Shiite and Sunni al Queda bleed for them. In Afghanistan it's the Taliban that die, and in Lebanon, the Hezbollah & Sunni do the dying. Same story in Palestine. Hamas & Fatah kill each other, and Iran Oil supplies the money to both of them! The Persian mullahs sit back smugly and Direct the Fire! I think the Shia are a bit more clever than Sunni Arabs.

"You're a civilian now, sir. What's going on here at home? Is our President so weakened by politics that he cannot move? I've listened to television, and they are all talking gibberish, about Polls, and 'ear-marks' & 'bench-marks'... crazy stuff. The Persians have their Factories Underground, and soon they'll have nukes, if the Russians have not already sold them some. We lost 3000 civilians on 9/11, plus over 3000 more of our people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's past the time for the Persians to do the bleeding. Wipe out maybe two or three full brigades of their military in a single day, to send them a message they'll understand. Then follow this up by taking out their known underground lab locations. We have awesome Power....why do we wait?

*I promised this young fellow that I would convey his thoughts on my Snake Hunters Weblog. reb


Yankee Doodle said...

Nice post, and thanks for the link.

Always On Watch Two said...

The trouble is that the American people don't FEEL as if we're at war. GWB should have rallied us early on.

I worry about how our troops must feel when they come home.

Excellent post for Memorial Day weekend.


It's a Generational Thing. Pearl Harbor was all the American people
needed on Dec 7, 1941 to rally
them to defend themselves.

Half of the "Baby-boomers" are ex-hippies that worshipped The Stones, Beatles, & Grateful Dead. Their kids worship Hip-Hop, Rap-Crap, Pakalolo & American Idol. They're Brain-Dead, or near it.

A dysfunctional fifty percent is scary, but don't blame it all on
Dubya. He didn't do it! reb

Chelserz said...

I'm not going to lie.

I'm a pacifist to the core.


I have the utmost respect for the men and women who are out there doing what needs to be done, because I know that I wouldn't last a day. And I know that the world isn't the perfect, idealistic place I would like it to be, and that people, obviously, can't solve their problems by simply talking. So war is, sadly, a necessity. So I am surpassingly proud of them. All of them.

The trouble is, quite honestly, that our snake hunting friend is right.

I resent being called brain-dead. But just because I'm not doesn't mean that most of the kids my age aren't, either. They are.

Maybe that's rude of me to say about my own generation.

Too bad. It's true.

And the American people don't FEEL as if they're at war because they're not. The so-called "American people" are sitting at home watching soap operas and college football, while the troops (the real "American people", if you ask me) are off fighting for them. They don't FEEL as if they're at war because it's not happening here. It's all the way across the world, for crying in the night. People today are too desensitized to care about anything unless it directly affects them in an immediate manner.

That's the trouble, if you ask me.

Although, I am, after all, just a brain-dead teen. So don't listen to me.

P.S. If I worshiped "Hip-Hop, Rap-Crap, Pakalolo & American Idol", I would probably shoot myself in the face.

P.P.S. What on earth is "Pakalolo"?


Dear Chelserz!

>I think this post impressed you, and I'm grateful if I've reached out and touched you.

>I respectfully ask that comments be CONCISE! It's unfair to give one long comment that much space.
PLEASE TRY TO BE LESS WORDY, so that I can keep your thoughts in our Comment Section!

>>Please Re-write!

> Pakalolo: Mary-Jane, Maui-Wowie,
Hemp, Pot, Weed, Reefer, Grass, etc

You know, that "harmless 'lil weed"
that sucks in a few million young kids down a Detour, and many of them never return. reb



"People don't read enough, and what reading we do is cursory, without absorbing the subleties and nuances that lie deep within--

Wow, you've stopped paying attention haven't you? Some
people cant' even read a coffee
cup without drifting off". reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Happy Memorial Day.


OVER ONE-HALF of the World's Immigrants are running away from
brute terror, oppression, cruel
laws and religious persecution...


Why do they come to North America
to risk their family's future...

If this continent is so Bad, so Evil, so Intolerant, so Devoid of
Compassion, why are so many of these hapless souls so darn frantic
to taste the Blessings of Liberty &
Justice For All? Put That One Under Your Hat For A Few Minutes! reb

Your Comment?

Chelserz said...

Haha. I apologize. I tend to get a bit wordy.

The re-written version:

I'm a pacifist. But I know war is a necessity in this crazy, messed up world. So I'm very proud of the people out there doing what needs to be done.
Americans are oblivious.
And teens are stupid.

And now I know what pakalolo is. Thanks.



Very good reduction to the essentials. Hoping for World Peace
is a positive thing. Mindless parroting of the Hate-Mantras is overdone, and displays ignorance.

Most thoughtful people prefer to
Confront Reality. These people are
not Oblivious. Fortunately, most teens have a firm grip on their plans for an education and future career.

When I emphasize the multitude of
negative distractions in our culture, the purpose is to force people To Think. It's not meant to be a blanket accusation.

Perhaps it's this old S/H that should choose his words more carefully! reb



Read our History & Psycology Post,
and You will be the beneficiary!

Anonymous said...

This is Ryan (OR) from this evening. This post has clearly emphasized and expressed the sentiments of many of the men and women in the armed forces, at least those of whom I have come in contact with.

I will say, first and foremost, that I'm against this war now, and was from the start. I've consistently felt that Iran presented a more clearly defined threat that we, as a nation, had a duty to extinguish. Instead, however, we made a choice to enter the lesser of the two evils, and wage a war that's been half funded and poorly executed. "Shock and Awe" was great, but it should have stayed like that until the capital was flushed.


Ryan O.R.,

I do understand your frustration, but Saddam, Uday & Qusay had to go.

This Offensive Jihad thing is Global, and we've only begun to address it; but see our next Post on June 1st.

I'd appreciate your Comment after reading "A New Direction?" reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Ryan from OR amkes a lot of sense to me. Saddam and his psychopathic sons were evil incarnate but their removal has empowered and emboldened the greater of two evils, Iran.

So far as the export of Jihad, and I use that world in the sense we, as Americans use it rather than its original intent, who is funding Hamas and Hezbollah? Who is export the technology that has made IEDs more deady to our troops?
Who is seeking to acquire nuclear technology, after the elected leader of that country expressed such sentiments that the Holocaust did not occur and Israel should be wiped off the map?

It is as if there were two vermin. The mouse that infested the kitchen and the plague carrying rat. The mouse was largely contained but we committed a majority of resources to killing the mouse and its family, only to find that are more mice to take its place.

Meanwhile, the plague carrying rat is still out and sill pernicious.


Loop Garoo,

You are setting up Straw Men that you and I are quite aware of, and
it serves no purpose.

Shia Iran certainly is today's problem child. The Ayatollah's are
Anxious For War! They fought Iraq for Eight Long Years.

Iraq was the major threat Then.

Now, we have Offensive Jihad... challenging the Power, because Bush
appears weak at home. If we must confront them in a major conventional war, that flat desert is the perfect place to do it. The 3rd & 4th Armoured are impossible to defeat, and in the News Briefs we
lose some, they lose more. I do not
like this piece-meal warfare any more than you do, when we have the over-whelming advantage. That's what is going on, and the peace-niks do not understand that.

a) Wait for the Young Revolution in
Iran, assist them covertly, and hope for the best, OR

b) Take out a large chunk of their
Infantry with Air Power, PLUS the
Underground Factories, and force a
Full-scale Revolution In Iran, OR
wait for them to acquire Nukes!

Or, would you prefer to Negotiate
with Serial Killers?

See what's happening to Chavez?

There is a nearly identical ripe situation in Iran. The Old Mullahs
days are numbered. They are the minority in Modern Iran. They will
fall, but they need a Push!

But The New Leaders do worry about Our Resolve, with good reason. USA
Politics! Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi,
Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Edwards,
Kucinich, all display abject
cowardice, every-day in every way.
Their Comments are on al Jazeera, and YOUNG Iramians wonder about Uncle Sam. Can you blame them?
Who gave these War-Gurus the
authority to undermine the military
brass? Answer that!

Four Years of Hot-Air Politics!


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


As I staed privately, any overt military move against Iran will render incipient rebels (young Iranians) into avid patriots.

Let me think on it.



Loop Garoo,

They are waiting, patiently, for
news on Uncle Sam's True Intent.
Once they commit, it's for keeps.
Neither We, nor they can afford to lose This Deadly Game.

The old War-lords know it too, but they have All Their Chips in the Pot. Do you play poker? This is the
Last Hand! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Having thought on it, I propose the following solution to encourage "the young revolution in Iraq."

I do not know quite how to accomplish what I propose, but I am certain about the idea.

We need to export our culture to the young people of Iran who are disaffected w/ the Mullah's theocracy and their own lack of prospects for personal success, partcularly w/ respect to prospects for employment.

The United States is the greatest nation of earth and people want to live here b/c the sky is the limit: 2 graduate students from Satnford develop a search engine and 9 years later are worth > 14 billion $ each. A Harvard dropout is the richest man in the world; a blond bombeshell from a small town in Texas poses for Playboy and marries an octogeniarian billionaire.

On the flip side; armed thugs will not beat you if you protest government policies; If your husband beats you, you have legal recourse; you can find work after you graduate from the university; you don't have to wear a burkha.

reb, you may not like Hollywood types and I don't care for a lot of NBA players, but I suggest somehow broadcasting in Farsi movies and TV shows and NBA games to Iran.

Maybe we should begin w/ all 10 seasons of "Friends." What is the message? Well you can be a nerd like David Schwimmer or Matthew Perry and still wind up w/ a hot babe like Jennifer Anniston or Courtney Cox Arquette.

I believe that the policy of non engagement almost always fails to serve or national interests. Our Cuban policy has been a failure for nearly 50 years. Do you think Communism could survive there if we moved a MLB franchise to Havana?

Everyone wants our stuff and to be like us. Go to Beijing and you find MacDonalds, KFC, and Pizza Hut. Once they get a taste, they're hooked.

So I think we should start broadcasting from one of the Gulf States. Not overt propaganda, but mainstream stuff like the 6 Star Wars movies, CSI, Everyone Loves Raymond.

Pretty soon, the young people of Iran are going to look around and say, "This sucks. It's time to stop spending money on Hamas and Hezbollah and spend it on us. It's time to engage the rest of the world so we can have careers and raise families. It's time for the Mullahs to go back to the mosques and stay out politics."

What do you think?


I Think...

If you could boil that sentiment down to one or two paragraphs, we
would all benefit! Ba-da-Bing! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Perhaps expressions could be boiled down to one or two paragraphs but that's part of the criterium for expression is it?

You know and I know that our political process suffers b/c the people who control media, whether it be "the news" or political parties, condition Americans to think in sound bites.

The treatment of complex issues is best served by avoiding sound bite solutions.


At Eighty, happy to be here!
Eighty-One, still full of Fun,
Now Eighty-two, it's Loop Garoo!


If Karmic Consequence Is True...

In My Next Life, I think I would like to be A Journalist!

But first, I must earn a Batchelor
Degree in Common Sense! My problem is finding the right school, with that course in their curriculuum. reb

Cappy said...

I heartily concur.



Welcome to our weblog. We are happy
to note that you have fine Link w/ FRONTPAGEMAG.COM

S/H is grateful for their exposure
of Leslie Cagan's...

United For Peace & Justice

See our first post, Jan 5, 2006,
entitled 'Our Goals' reb

Anonymous said...

Here's a sound-byte for you,

If the people continue to buy the
"Move-On" Hate Crapola, this old
world will go into the toilet. If
these old Towel-Heads are victorious in Iraq, who will rush to the rescue,

Yo Mama? Bud.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

This appeared in my Saturday newspaper:


VFW chief defends anti-war veterans

WASHINGTON--The nation's largest combat veterans group on Friday urged the military to "exercise a little common sense" and and call off its investigation of a group of Iraq war veterans who wore their uniforms during ant-war protests.

"Trying to hush up and punish fellow Americans for exercising the same democratic right we're trying to instill in Iraq is not what we're about," said Gary Kurpius, national coimmander of the 2.4 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars.


I wanted to follow your directive but I also thought this worth reading.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


"These old towel heads" are necessarily going to be victorious in Iraq b/c that's who lives there.

It is preferable for our towel heads to be victorious as opposed to Moqtada al Sadr's towel heads or Al Qaeda's towel heads, but towel heads it will be.

You know, I thought that "towel head" was a term that was considered politically incorrect and impolite, like "camel jockey," dune coon," "sand nigger,' and "wog." I wonder what they call us?


Anonymous/Loop Garoo,

Unless I miss my guess, the term was meant for Leadership Imams & Ayatollahs and their Brute Agenda,
not the average Iraqi family that
suffers from that horrid culture.
They are Serial Killers Alright.
"Veteran's For Peace" and 'VETERAN'S WIVES FOR PEACE' are U.F.P.J. Leslie Cagan Creations that you tend to minimize as "Not A Serious Threat"!!!
THEY CALL US... Satan, Crusader, Infidel, and they tell their little kids that Israeli are Monkeys & Pigs, and they want Your Family Heads on a Pole! You are well read, let's have your view on...

New York City's JFK Airport Bust. To ignore that, and minimize UFPJ,
seems to hint at political bias.
It's been on the News Channels All
Day, this June Two, 2007.
There are times when a serious chat with The Loop, travels a Circular Path!
There Are No Glib Substitutes for a
Thorough Regime Change In IRAN. reb


This Editor received Mountain & Winter Warfare Training, two winters, in Colorado, and as a raw recruit 1943 ~1944 did some tough
basics at Colorado Springs. Then, a
182 mile hike, with Mules, over the
Great Divide, topping 14,000 ft, and down to 9,500, to Camp Hale.
I have 'friendly chats' with a fellow from 'The Springs' today.
He wanted to know more about the
Communist Threat in his town, his State.

Here It Is: Tap Yahoo~~~Type in United For Peace & Justice...then click "Member Groups Directory" to get the names and the
phone numbers, etc for these people
In Your Town! Fine Americans or Dupes?
Here's a dandy, "Justice & Peace Ministry, First Congressional Church, United"! I cannot help but wonder if my friend could be United
with "That Group" reb

P.S. Try the same in Your State, Your Town! Surprize!!!


Loop! Pay Attrention:

Muktada al Sadr, and his Madhi Militia (Shiite) has been the strongest
rep of the "Old Towel-heads Of IRAN" in Bagdad for years.

Perhaps some in the Democratic Party would like them to succeed.
Perhaps You would like them to succeed, to make Bush/Cheney look bad. This displays partisan myopia better than anything I can say.

Toss Away Your Hate Bush Lollipop. (He's not running for office!)

Focus your verbal guns on all the other nominees in that Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy! Continue to Ignore
and minimize the Loonie-tunes On The Vast-Left! Ignore U.F.P.J.

O ye of Little Faith...Focus!

The Persian Shiite Must Not Succeed...Must Not Get The Bomb! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Check out Bartle Breese Bull's OP-ED in today's NYT about Moqtada al Sadr.

More later.


Loop Garoo, & Snake Hunters At Large:

All any of us need to know about al Sadr can be found in a profile in Wikipedia. (I have the 11-page Print-out in my file).

I find this probably more reliable
than anything listed in the N.Y. Times. reb


Ahmadinejad: "Look for the early destruction of Israel". 6/2/07


Loop Garoo suggestion that we check
B.B. Bull's London Article "An Enemy We Can Work With". Really!

S/H suggests that we leave that to
Gen. Petraeus and our CIA People on the ground in Iraq.

Bartle Breese Bull? Good Grief!
It's like Trusting Dennis Kucinich
or Arriana Huffington by putting these clowns in charge of our U.S. Troop Deployment!

No Thanks. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Let us examine our options. So far as military strategy is concerned, by all means let's leave it to General Petraeus.

General Petraeus, however, is in charge of implementing our foreign policy, not making it.

So it seems to me we have three choices here. We can kill Moqtada al-Sadr; we can isolate him; or we can work w/ him even though he is our enemy.

Assuming that our forces could kill him, is that a solution. I think it sends the message: "We invaded your country; instilled our way of government; but we didn't like the way you exercised your freedom of choice, so we killed him." Do we want to send that message?

As for isolating al-Sadr, I am not sure how we could accomplish that. After all, it is his country.

That leaves choice #3, doesn't it? Remember, I suggest working w/ him. I don't suggest trusting him.

If I misssed an option, please advise.


There is Option 4,

I do not see gain in knocking off Puppets like Muktada al Sadr, or Hezbullah's Nasrullah. We must cut off the Head of The Snake.

Buy These Tribal Lunatics in that Region another decade or two, to come into the Nuclear 21st Century.

a) Covertly support a Regime Change
that is possible with CIA contacts
inside Young Iran,

b) Remove the Underground Labs & Key Surface Facilities While there is still time,

c) See how quickly the old Mullahs
and Ahmadinjad are overthrown, and
watch how swiftly the rest of the Middle East will react, including Saudi Arabia.

d) If you want friends in That part of the world, you must earn their respect the hard way.

G.W.B. must act soon, or we shall see just how tough Hillary Clinton Really Is! I don't see too many others in
her Party with the back-bone. reb


Another Item:

June 2nd, at New York's JFK International Airpost there was a Major Terror Plot uncovered...

and every prominent newspaper in the nation had it on the Front Page... Except The New York Times.

They had it buried on page 37. Explain That One, Mr. Loop Garoo. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Well reb, if you insist, I will give it a shot, although newspaper layout and editorial policy are not my fortes.

I know you alerted me to the story but your post may have late on June 2nd.

My Sunday NYT is not printed in NY. It may printed in St. Louis.

I suspect the story broke after the national edition's front page was laid out--they probably do alot of it well in advance-so the story was the lead story in the New York Report which in my edition was p. 30.


Yes Loop, and I believe it's more than suspicious, when the most prestigious newspaper in the nation...
is Dead Last In Reporting a Hot News Item that makes our Security Look Good in protecting Americans!
We The People must come to the understanding that Radical Islam has
its 100 Year Plan To Dominate The World, and We have a dumb plan to get
us from One Election To The Next!
OUR PLAN CREATES AN ABSURD PARTISAN POSTURE, where Democrats & The G.O.P. try every dirty trick in the book to diminish, minimize, deflect, defeat and destroy the Other American Party! Isn't that nice? We should be humbled.
We Have A House Divided. Fighting Each Other, Calling Stupid Names, Just Look At Us! We Are At War!
It's We the People, that are becoming INCOMPETENT to lead the
Free World!
In a time of great national peril, we must recognize this mindless flaw in our political system, and change it.
Repeated, Unending Vicious Attack on any President when troops are deployed to a Hot-War Combat Zone should be viewed as Borderline Treason by us all. Shame On Us!
When the Senate Majority Leader declares to the world, "This War Is Lost"...

He Should Be Impeached, and thrown out on his pinky ear!

This old S/H is Sick Of It! reb


The Loop Graoo Kid said...


I certainly agree that we, as a country need a strategy of longer duration that one that lurches from one election to the next and I applaud this administration to extent it has created governmental institutions to aid in that endeavor.

I think you may have underestimated the period of "jihad' we will undergo. It seems to me that so long as ignorance and poverty prevail in the Muslim world, particularly in Arab nations, radical Islam will find fertile ground.

That said, the 9/11 hijackers were all middle and upper class; the London bombers were home grown; and why are Muslims from South America trying to blow up our airports? Clearly the problem has roots other than in ignorance and poverty.

It would seem that national security will indeed be the watchword for all future generations of Americans.

Now, I have a suggestion. You have identified correctly one aspect of our political system that is a hinderence to good governence: rabid partisan politics on both sides of the aisle.

Implicit in identifying that issue is a mandate that we, as Americans, in some instances need to put aside partisanship for the sake of the greater good.

I applaud your recent post in yankeecommentary in which you stated" "In America, God doesn't hate liberals..." God doesn't hate liberals anymore than Jesus cares about who wins a football game.

My suggestion, reb, is that you become an ambassador for civil dialogue to consevatives we encounter in cyberspace.

Start with Yankee Doodle and explain that his position--not his political stance, but his censorship; his mean spiritedness; his anti Christian temperment (I know he professes to be an Evangelical Christian but loving and forgiving or even trying to persuade his political "enemies" does not appear to part of his agenda.) all are merely the other side of a coin on which you believe Harry Reid's visage is is stamped. In other words, extremism is an impediment to confronting successfully the real enemy. The real enemy is not a liberal; is not a conservative; is not a Democrat or a Republican. The real enemy is Muslim extremism, which as you know, has only one goal, that being the apocalpyse.

Look at our discourse. Isn't this something to be encouraged?

I believe that nothing is impossible unless you close your mind to it. It is necessary to listen in order to learn.

No one doubts your bona fides. Be a missionary.

It is time to look for solutions in Iraq. Criticism of the invasion is not particularly useful b/c as I have said b/f, we can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.

I will leave you w/ this thought. I find it likely that history will not treat Mr. Bush kindly b/c he decided to invade Iraq which I think history will prove to be a mistake and which I think was a minor front in the War on Terrorism.

I also find it likely that had Mr. Bush not invaded Iraq, history may have considered him one of our greatest presidents: rallying the country by grabbing the megaphone at ground zero; investing Afghansistan, destroying the training camps for Al Quaeda, throwing the Taliban out on their ears, sowing the seeds of a much better government there; creating governmental institutions to provide for the protectiuon of our country for generations to come.

In any event, Yankee Doodle; God Hates Liberals; and their ilk are part of the problem as much as any liberal will ver be.



JUNE 6, 1944

American, British, and Canadian
troops succeed in establishing a beachhead on the Normandy Coast, under Command of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower.
It was snowing at Camp Hale, Colorado. I was eighteen. reb


Loop Garoo,

"Ignorance and Poverty" in Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia...

Pause on that thought >>>

In the Lands of Immense Oil Reserves & Wealth. Mind-Snapping Wealth!

Pause again >>>

Let's blame it on Dubya! Ignore the Kill-Culture of the Grand Ayatollahs!

Keep It Up! Keep Blaming BUSH! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Reread my post.

Can you honestly say that I do not recognize the enemy?

Can you honestly say that dedication of Yankee Doodle and GodHatesLiberals to castigating their political opponents furthers the struggle against the enemy?

So, one may sa well write: "Let's blame it on the liberals and ignore the kill-culture of the Grand Ayatollahs.

Keep it up! Keep blaming the liberals!" Loop


Loop Garoo,

The fifteen year old kid is doing
well for his age. Like you, I think
wearing his 'Evangelical' on his sleeve is like Praying In Public. It's flat wrong. But he's young, will eventually learn that all
people that choose a pious public posture, are tagging themselves, narrowing their audience! Clear?

Any lawyer, or retailer, or medical practice that publicly advertises their business as "Christian" will be viewed by those of us that have been around
for a while, will view it the same as we would a Televangelist Pitch for a $1,000 'Seed of Faith' to a P.O. Box in Houston, Texas. An Obvious Fraud that I've been tuned into
since a young man. I've had personal contact with some of these
bible-slapping rascals, O.K.?

I've watched these characters with great concern All My Adult Life. You and I recognize them as Elmer Gantry Frauds, & some people have not had that broad experience. I know Pious Poop when I see it, in Business and in Politics. I very quickly discern a sincere Christian, also. "By their fruits ye shall know them" ~ If they Pray in Public, beware! Matt: 6:5

Some day, Yankee will know, but it's slow for most all of us. He is new-penny brite, he'll learn. I have faith in him.
Loop Garoo, You Do Recognize The
Enemy, I'm Certain That You Do!
You keep insisting that Iraq is a
Bush Mistake, you will not get off that horse! I disagree with you.
GWB's Greatest Mistake is on the Mexican Border, and his ignoring the plight of His Border Guards,
In A Federal Prison, Is A Tragedy! Shame On Bush! I do hope I've cleared that up. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


W/ respect to Iraq, I think you and I will have to agree to disagree. Perhaps this is an issue of tactics rather than strategy.

Other than that, I concur w/ your comments, particularly regarding attorneys who advertise themselves as "Christian lawyers." An oxymoron that I think.

The border w/ Mexico is a huge problem. This morning on NPR's "Morning Edition" there ws an interview w/ the mayor of Yuma, AZ. You might wnat to listen to that. Two of his points were that the fence implanted around Yuma has drastically reduced the number of illegals and, in consideration of the amount of produce coming out of the area around Yuma for the six months starting in November, a daily commuter system for guest workers should be implemented. Tomorrow, NPR will interview the mayor of Laredo, TX.

So far as YD is concerned, I make allowances for age so far as his beliefs, poliitical or otherwise are concerned. Life is a process and you and I understand that we are never to old to learn.

That said, I take extremely serious issue with his censorship of his blog. Basically, he refuses to allow any comments that disagree w/ his point of view. Taken in context, this practice constitues the diametric opposite of everything he claims to espouse.

He controls the media and the message. Where else does that happen?

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Just back from YD's site. Today's subject is a CA bill legalizing gay marriage. I confess that gay marriage is not one of my hot buttons.

One thing I do not understand is how gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage. So far as the latter is concerned, divorce rates appear to be overstated. The rate of failed marraiges is not 1 in 2. One stat I read is for men between 50 and 59 the rate is 41% while for women in the same age bracket, the rate is 39%. How the rates can be different is beyond me.

In any event, it seems that a failure rate of 4 in 10 places traditional marriage at risk from divorce rather than gays.


Loop Garoo,

My! We are drifting away from the Important Issues, aren't we?

Yankee 'Censors' his blog, I try not to, but some traffic control becomes necessary. It's His Blog!

If comments become Abusive he deletes items he views as offensive
and counter-productive; I do too.

If we detour from the main objectives & purposes of my weblog, I
Delete b/c it's Necessary, it's not rudeness!

It's the Prerogative of Blogging. It's a Judgement Call!
I Will Delete This Segment in a few days, We are drifting...No offense intended. reb


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King Hammurabi LegalCode 1800 B.C.
Moses Ten Commandments 1200 B.C.
Persia's Cyrus & Darius 600 B.C.
Jesus, the Christ 0/0
Roman Codification,Law 600 A.D.
Mohammed, Sharia Law 600 A.D.
English Common Law 1200 A.D.
US Constitutional Law 1800 A.D.

The Evolution Of Law!
Time compression as Knowledge Increases "in the last days". See Babylon Prophesies of Isaiah & Jeremiah as it relates to....

Saddam Hussein's Dream That He Is the 20th Century Nebuchadnezzar, and his wish to rebuild Babylon!
If you enjoy this stuff, Print It,
Research It, Don't Bother Me With
Questions About It...I'm Too Busy Contemplating The Future! reb



and proceeds to humiliate and dump more trash on the 'Dignity Of the California Legal System & The City Attorney's Office' by engineering her release from her 45 Day Jail Sentence, reducing it to Five Days! Wowee!
Her Next Move might be to call her
Hollywood friends to announce a "Glittery Ankle-Bracelet Party!"

Offering An extended Hi-House Party w/Booze'n'Such, Hats & Horns, Rap-Crap & Hip-Hop, and other promised funzies...
for 40 Days & 40 Glorious Nights!

Whoopie! Showtime, Folks! RSVP
Mama usta say, "One Half Of The World, Has No Idea How The Other Half...

Really Lives It Up!" F.Gump. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


We may be drifting but I will attempt to tie it up. B/f I do, I will advocate digression for a paragraph b/c it is essential to the nature of discourse which is intrinsic in the acquisition of both knowledge and understanding.
That is how vermouth was first mixed w/ gin.

Are you and I disparate spirits? In some ways, but we seem to have much in common which we only learn by reading and considering. It we were in the same room, substitute "listening" for "reading."

First there is a difference between traffic control and censorship. I am trusting my memory, but it seems to me that at some point I read that you had three rules: no profanity; no pornography; and stay on message.

I think it necessary to expand the nature of the message sometimes. W/o some variety, the message, whatever its nature, becomes mind numbing which prevents it from being understood.

In re YD, you wrote: "If comments become abusive, he deletes items he views as offensive and counter productive, I do too."

I cannot argue that deletion is not the blogger's perogative, but I will summon my best arguement and you decide whether deletion is ever justifiable so long as it does not violate what I recall as the first 2 of your conditions.

Remember Pravda? The Truth?

What is the method of totalitarian states. They control the media and thereby control the message. We have the NYT and Fox News. During the Cold War, the Russians had Pravda.

So young master YD proclaims his patriotism. What is one of the cornerstones of our way of life? To paraphrase the good book: "Congress shall make no law..." This is first and greatest amendment and the second is liken to it...

YD says he defends traditional American values. Where I am from, the tradition of town meetings dates to the third decade of the 17th century. What is a blog except a town meeting in cyberspace?

Most importantly, what he deletes is every comment, a series of yours excepted, that disagrees w/ or challenges his emminently disagreeable and challengable postions. He has even taken the position of being able to treat as spam identifiable e-mail addresses.

I submit that exercising that degree of control constitutes both cowardice and despotism.

You may disgree. I will continue to attempt to persuade you until we arrive mutually at a conclusion regarding our opinions as we have w/ respect to Iraq.

My position is: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you voice it, then you may expect it to be challenged and you should be compelled to defend it. If it has weaknesses, well perhaps you should consider changing your opinion.

Otherwise what we have is Pravda.

Maybe 15 and 1/2 years old is too young to appreciate irony as well as we do, but that is the age when I was taught the rudiments, irony included.

So how are we to defeat Iran? Actually, better phrased, how do we undo the Mullahs. I was quite serious a few days ago when I suggested exorting our prime time Hollywood culture to Iran.

What is the message?

Forget about the 72 virgins. In America, you can be a nerd and still wind up w/ Jennifer Anniston.

I hope I did not fail in my attempt to tie up the loose ends, but I leave you w/ this question, as you and I are both fond of the Thomases: Paine and Jefferson.

Is Yankee Doodle more like one of the Thomases or more like a mullah?




Loop Garoo,

I think Rudyard Kipling's Barrack-room Ballads had the answer to...

Any nerd that winds up with Jennifer Anniston. "Let him take 'er and keep 'er, it's hell for them both, and you're rid of the curse of a soldier!"
With regard to the Mullahs, Exporting Hollywood Toy-girls is impractical. Where to find a Virgin in Glitter-town? I would
prefer Erasing the Leadership altogether, by any means available. They'll not give up their Persian fantasy of world domination.
As for yankee doodle, only Time will mature him, not you or I. His
Commentary Success is restricted only by the rigid policy he chooses to install.

His Evangelical Posture narrows his audience, I would imagine. It's
labelled "Preaching to The Choir".

His blog, his choice! I envy his Computer Skills. reb


Circus, General Tommy Frank or Gen.
George S. Patton!

I'm Disappointed! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


As I advised Mohamed, I am an attorney, but the answer to your question is none of the above.

That said, being a DDA or an assitant US AG are great jobs to learn trial skills. After a few years, it is desirable and necessary to move into the private sector.

So far as criminal defense is concerned, mostly what you do is obtain the best plea for your client. It is the nature of the system. The work is challenging if you go to trial.

Caveat: Good cases don't get tried.

As for general practice, I think it is disappearing even in small towns b/c the practice of law has become so specialized.



S/H Guess: That same Judge will not
trust the Jailer; will remand subject to a Psychiatric Hospital for Exam and possible treatment.



The Judges Order: "BACK TO JAIL, 45 DAYS!"

Paris Screams, "It's Not Fair! MOM!"

LESSON: Don't mess with the Dignity
Of The Court! Watch Your Step, Jailer! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

I beg to differ:

Lesson 1. Don't drink and drive:

Lesson 2. If you do drink and drive or your DL is suspended for soem other reason, don't drive under suspension.

Lesson 3. If you do the crime, you do the time.

Lesson 4. Your Mom can't help you in jail.

Lesson 5. Act with dignity when under duress b/c that is how people will remember you.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Re you last post on YD. Fire breathers and talking heads? Spewing invective? Hmmmm. By way of example but not limitation: Rush Limbaugh; Ann Coulter; Bill O'Reilly. Need I go on?

It' been said b/f but we do limit some greenhouse gasses and the atmosphere cares not from whichside of the aisle they are emitted.


I would not like to ever miss FOX O'Reilly Factor for two solid reasons...

a) He has single-handedly brought
Jessica's Law to over 40 states! He is committed to nailing Child Predator's, and only Hard-Left Wishy-Washy States Resist!

b) He's the Only Major Tv Host that exposed the Boulder, Colorado
School Board for inviting California Weirdos on Campus to lecture high-school students on the benefits of Illegal Drugs & Indiscriminate Sexual Behavior!
(You've not heard the last of this one!...Oh, and He's Top-Rated).

He Spot-lighted Them! I Like O'Reilly's On-Air Courage! How About You, Sports Fans?

Drop That Under Your Bonnet 'til It Catches On Fire, Bunky! reb


This Snake Hunter Chooses To Stand
In Center Aisle...
Between The Two Hot Gasses; It's
Warm, But This Desert Rat Likes The
Heat! reb


Chinese Proverb:
One Should Never Growl At Pit-Bull

If Same Has Only Rubber Teeth!


Loop Garoo,

E-Mail P.O. Box Number, and I'll send

Postage Paid, some Hot Info for your eyes only! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I confess that I am surprised the a person of your intelligence and perspicasity would be taken in by a snake oil salesman like Bill O'Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly is a prevaricator, a bloviator, and a bully of the first water. He is a master spin doctor whose actions closely resemble ones of tops I had when I was a child.

Yes he has been a vocal proponent for Jesica's Law. Good for him but so what?

He is disingenuous about his origins and he distorts the nature of his accomplishments. Whenever he is confronted w/ the truth, he denies it or changes the subject.

The whole business in Boulder is a perfect example. Boulder HS invites a group to speak. The group advocates positions regarding sex which do not conform w/ "conservative" views. (Look, I do not advocate teens to engage in sexual intercourse. But denying that it happens, or trying to prevent it w/ scare tactics or abstinece programs is ineffectual and intellectually dishonest. Obviously, the world would go around agreat deal easier than it does if some people would keep their pants on, but my research reveals that the cost of a condom is much less that the cost of confinement.)

So what happened? I seem to recall receiving a message from you, which I suspect you heard from Mr. O'Reilly and merely repeated that the Boulder School District advocates premarital sex and drug use.

I suggest you check out of your local library Al Franken's "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them."

If Bill O'Reilly told me the sun rose in the east, tomorrow morning I would walk over to the ridgeline to verify it.

The next time you chose to watch The O'Reilly Factor, have a pad and pen on hand. Write down the most inflammorty "fact" he spouts and then go to your computer and Google it. Chances are the "fact" will be much more ambiguous than he presented it.

reb, why is Bill O'Reilly on the air? B/c he tells the the truth or b/c the sponsors of his show know people like you and people w/o your degree of perspicacity, will tune in and hopefully buy the sponsors' products?



Loop Garoo,

Having hunted down snakes & vicious
critters for an adult lifetime, and having been bitten a few times, I've built up a toleration for nearly every brand of known Snake-Oil Toxin. It's my Special Joy, Exposing 'Em.
Guys like You & I Watch O'Reilly, that's why his Ratings Are On Top!

He's Not An Attorney, but how many
in this noble profession have succeeded in getting a Law on the books in 40 states, lately?

Your "Good For Him, But So What?" Then you quote a dim-bulb, a Stretch-The-Truth Failure That Lost His Sponsor, & His Radio Show!

A guy like Al Franken! I'm shocked and surprised that a sharp fellow,
or anyone except the Hate-Dubya Crowd, would bother reading anything written by a Michael Moore or an Al Franken. I suppose there are greater mysteries.
Boulder, Colorado: School Officials Invite California Weirdo Group advocating Ecstasy Parties & Same-Gender Sex to High School Students, Wow! And my Friendly Loop Defends It!?! Not conforming to "Conservative Views"...and most certainly not to S/H Common-Sense Values Either.

What Do The Parents In Boulder Say?
Let's Hear From Them!
MR GAROO! Here I thought we both were reaching out to achieve a long wished-for 'Cordial Commonality' on the Serious Issues that confront this nation.

Digressing Into Trivia seems an unprofitable detour for us both!
Let's re-start: You are not 'A Liberal', and I reject the dull Conservative Label as being far too
ambiguous and judgemental.

How about those U.F.P.J. Names in
Colorado? Have you met any in your
town? Prominent citizens, I'll Bet A Good Cigar! Even the Rich & Famous can be Scammed & Deceived.
It's County-Fair, High-Stakes Legerdemain, Carney-Style!

It's Close-Up Magic!

Got a P.O. Box Number? ~ e-Mail It.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


In no particular order.

If you want to hear excerpts of the CWA panel discussion at Boulder HS or the entire discussion, go to

If you want to hear what the students had yo say, go to today's (June 12, 2007) Rocky Mountain News @

400 students have signed a petition demanding an apology from Bill O'Reilly.

One of my kids watched O'Reilly's show for a few weeks to see how the other side thought. She was only 17 at the time but it soon became apparent that whatever process in which Mr. O'Reilly engages, "thought" is an entirely inaccurate description.

He is good at what he does which is to push people's hot buttons. He pushed one of mine the last time I bothered tuning in when he commented that taxation of dividends was a denial of equal protection. Well Mr. O'Reilly, let me just suggest that you don't try taking on the IRS. Let me also suggest that if capital gains taxes were unconstitutional, some brainy legal eagle would long ago have figured that out and set the table anew in front of the Supremes.

Regrettably, either Mr. O'Reilly drinks his own bathwater and really believes that it is vintage champagne or he is disingenuous to the point of hypocracy. I suspect the former as the latter is too heinous to comtemplate.

No, rather than watch The O'Reilly Factor, I tune in to the The Colbert Report.

As for Al Franken, I would trust him in the trenches long b/f I would Bill O'Reilly. But if you like O'Reilly, I won't try and dissuade you anymore than I would try and talk you out of your favorite ice cream flavor.

Just remember when you listen to Bill O'Reilly that he believes his status as a "commentator" rather than as a "reporter' allows him to take liberty with the facts, hence the term: "truthiness."

At one point, I thought I would tune and then send you the results of my fact checking, but then I thought, "why bother?"

By the way, if you want to hear what the parents of Boulder HS students said about the panel discussion, you will have to change the inquiry to "parent."

I understand there was only one complaint but as you know, a squeaky wheel sounds loudly in the deafening silence.

Jessica's Law. Have you read it? Of course there is a special place in Hell for sexual predators of children and of course the death of Jessica Lundsford was especially tragic.

I freely admit I do not suport capital punishment. Jessica's law provides for the death penalty for a crime in which homicide was not committed.

This brings me to the question as to why Genarlow Wilson is in prison? I guess Yankee Doodle would say his failure to abstain from sex brought down the Lord's punishment via the State of Georgia.

As for "Air America," I have concluded only one thing. People who profess themselves to be conservatives like having their hot buttons punched much more so than people who claim to be liberals. That is why Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, et al. have great ratings.

I guess the liberals are all listening to Rock 'n Roll or maybe sports radio.


To All People, Of All Political Notions, In Colorado, And Across This Free-Speech Land.

Be Advised: Wednesday Night, Fox'
O'Reilly Factor will lay out the
Incontrovertible Reality of the Saga of Incompetence of the Boulder Unified School District!

Is This A Great Nation, or what?
Controversial? Well, yes. Whatcha
Got, Bill?

Have Your Recorders At The Ready; Check that you have Fresh Batteries, for this may be The Golden Opportunity To Prove...What his "Progressive" Detractors Contend, or perhaps...Even Why O'Reilly is top-rated.

Why is Mr. O'Reilly is So Hated By The "Far-Out,'Shut Him Up' Liberals?" Hmmm.

>>Snake Hunters Are a Curious Bunch,

We Shall Be There, Listening, With An Open Mind" >>

Ah, If only that were true of the
easily seduced majority of our Fun-lovin', Tail-gatin' voting public!

Is It Just ShowTime? Or is it...
A Real War, At Home & Abroad?

"Hearts, Minds & Our Survival?" reb


Round & Around The Loop!

It is yet another amazing bit of Info on the Mind of Loop Garoo. He
sez he does not 'Support' the Death Penalty. O.K., that's your notion.

I'm certain that I would prefer to
share a Night-Guard Position, or a Fox-hole with someone else. No offense intended.

How about the Jihadi-Killer that just beheaded, or gouged the eyes a friendly corpse, or your buddy-trooper, or one that raped-tortured
an Iraqi-Mom just before your arrival on scene. There Is The Real World, Mentioned in the Great
Weapons Article You Sent To Me, Mr.

Care to re-think your position on the "Death Penalty" in a Combat Zone? We have some right here at home also, that parallel those crazies.

In Court, with Suit & Tie, The Defense Attorney Cleans 'em Up, tells 'em to Smile For The Camera,
so he can "Cop-A-Plea"! reb

Always On Watch said...

I don't always watch O'Reilly, but I'll try to do so tonight.

Thanks for the tip!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


When I used the term "death penalty," I used as a term of art to mean a punishment meted out by a state or our federal government for crimes committed on U.S. soil.

I do not apply that term to combat situations in which our armed forces are fighting a regular or irregular army or individuals for that matter.

So, if a marine shoots and kills a Shi'ite militiamen or a Sunni insurgent that is not "the death penalty" even though the militiamen or insurgent is very dead and has been penalized for his folly. I trust we are straight on that issue.

Meanwhile, I did see 3 minutes of "The O'Reilly Factor"last night, which 3 minutes contained the exchange between Bill O'Reilly and Craig Silverman.

By the way, there was a school board meeting in Boulder last night. For a report go to

It was another article in that paper this morning that has prompted me to write the following OPEN LETTER TO BILL O'REILLY:

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

I suspect very strongly that if a national commentator were to try and influence the actions of the school board in your home hamlet of Manhassett, New York, the good citizens of Manhassett would entirely correct in advising that person in the strongest terms that school issues are proper subjects for local control.

May I suggest you stop trying to fan the flames of controversy in the Kingdom of Boulder which has a well deserved reputation for open mindedness.

Instead, I request you set your sights to a location a few miles south and west of Boulder, 15 miles north and west of Denver. The name of the place is Rocky Flats.

You may recall that for the 40 years between 1951 and 1991, Rocky Flats was where triggers for our nuclear arsenal were manufactured. The manufacture of those triggering devices entailed the handling of plutonium and beryllium and other highly toxic materials.

The workers at Rocky Flats did their part in protecting our nation during the Cold War. Now many are dying from cancer caused by their exposure to radioactive material and other toxins.

Yesterday, a federal advisory board voted to deny many Rocky Flats workers medical benefits and compensation. Although the final decision rests with Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt, he has never disagreed with the advisory board. Perhaps he would listen if you weighed in on the issue.

I realize that aging workers dying of cancer is not as titillating as teenagers, sex, and drugs, nevertheless I ask you to take an interest.

Please join the bipartisan efforts of Colorado legislators Sen. Wayne Allard (R) and Sen. Ken Salazar (D), and former Rep. Bob Beauprez (R) to petition Secretary Leavitt to overrule the board. Secretary Leavitt has 30 days in which to act.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

The Loop Garoo Kid.


Probing The Mind-set of Loop Garoo,

That was a good clarification of your view of the Death Penalty in a Combat Zone, and I respect your right to it. But just a bit more please, on this hypothetical:

A Terrorist Is Caught Red-Handed, a
Dead-Bang Case, no question of his Guilt, in the Murderous Bombing of
a Shopping Mall or a Church, and the killing of a few dozen innocent people...In This Country.

The Evidence Is Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.

The Verdict, Guilty On All Counts,
and All Appeals Fail. It's Death!

Are You For It, or Opposed? reb


Parents of Golden, Colorado:

"A Young Mind Is A Terrible
Thing To Waste".


Noon Thursday, June 14, 2007

IRAN'S PROXY HAMAS seizing Gaza! Guns blazing, opposing FAHTA!
Civilians in the cross-fire.

With Hezbollah on Israeli Northern Border, does this signal the beginning of Iran's promise to 'Wipe the Israeli Off The Map'?

Stay tuned. This could be the start
of something big. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I am against the death penalty and having taken this position, I am sticking to it. I have five major reasons. 1. In the context of our criminal justice system, if killing is wrong, then it does not become right b/c the it is done by the state. 2. Death penalty appeals take years and are incredibly expensive. It is less expensive to lock up the murderer and throw away the key. 3. Studies indicate that the death penalty is not evenly distributed. 4. The death penalty is not a deterrant. It only prevents the murderer from killing again but so does life w/o parole. 5. As the Innocence Project has shown, DAs make mistakes and juries convict innocent people. Once the death penalty is administered, there is no revisiting the case.

I would like to address #2 and make one more comment. I have from time to time visited a prison although I do not practice in the field of crimainal law. I cannot tell you how oppressive it is. For some insight into prison in America, read "Going Up the River: Travels in a Prison Nation" by Joseph Hallinan.

Life w/o parole in the SuperMax in Canon City is enough to give a law abiding citizen nightmares.

That said, I understand that reasonable people may disagree and believe in the death penalty. If we are to have a death penalty, I think we are going about it all wrong. Lethal injection resembles a dental procedure. I don't think there is a way to make the death penalty not cruel and unusual so why try?

The Chinese use the stadium treatment. The criminal is marched into a stadium w/ his crimes written on a placard hung from his neck. He is made to kneel and shot in the back of the head. His family has to pay for the bullet.

If we are going to have a death penalty, executions should be public so there is some catharsis. Or how about Pay Per View executiions? For $40.00 or some amount you can arrange w/ your cable provider or satillite operator to see the next exection from Huntsville or wherever,. The profits can be used to compensate the victims. People can have execution parties at their homes kind of like Super Bowl parties. B/f the execution, there could be a documentary on the nurderer, his victim(s), the trial, his last meal all paid for by advertising.

The executions could be shown at High School assemblies to show the rewards of life misspent. Of course careful guidelines would need to be developed and attendance would be optional. I wonder what Bill O'Reilly would think about this prospect.

Just a thought.


Loop Garoo,

Death Penalty finally prevents the murderer from killing fellow inmates...and Escapes.

Also, It prevents his release, and the probable killing of more
innocents outside the walls. Life w/o parole? He's still a Live Killer!

Serial killings stop when they receive the humane needle.
Charlie Manson enjoys his prison
sojourn, and relished any brief freedom.
The Chinese & Saudi Arabia use the 'Stadium Treatment'.
Public & Pay For View Executions, and Execution Parties? You are an ambivolent fellow! But who really knows the other guy's mind?
All I'm really certain about the Loop is, He's luke-warm on U.F.P.J.
intensely dislikes George Bush, wants "Freedom of Expression" In High Schools, and
wishes no good future for Bill O'Reilly!

Cheerio, reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I e-mailed you the AP story about Larry Leon Peterson who spent 18 years in Trenton State (NJ) prison for a rape and murder he did not commit. Sure these cases are exceptions but do you really want to get behind a syatem that metes out the ultimate penalty when you know that system is fallable?

What is an acceptable percentage of innocent people being executed?

Yes, inmates do kill other inmates. I don't like it but I can live w/ it. Only if you are in a SuperMax you are isolated and locked down 23 hours a day. You "recreation" is in a small yard--by yourself. Not much opportunity there to shank another prisoner.

I need to clear up a few points. I am not ambivalent about the death penalty. Enough people disagree with my position so that it is sanctioned by 38 of 50 states. My point about PPV or public executions is: If you are going execute convicted felons get it out in the open.

I do not intensely dislike George Bush, personally. Everthing I hear about him is that he is affable and personable. I intensely dislike most of his policies with the notable exception of the invasion of Afghanistan which I supported and where I believe we shpuld do more. I think history will judge him primarily on his decision to invade Iraq. Inasmuch as I give that country no chance of becoming a stable democracy, I think history will judge the invasion to have been a mistake.

So far as Bill O'Reilly is concerned, just b/c I believe him to be a bully, a blowhard, and a bloviator does not mean I wish him no good future. This is America. If people want to watch Bill O'Reilly or follow the expolits of Paris Hilton, so be it. Just so long as they keep at least one eye on those who would prevent us from having the opportunity to watch Bill O'Reilly or follow the exploits of Paris Hilton in favor of mandatory sessions w/ the Grand Ayatollah.

I am not luke warm on the U.F.P.J. I agree the head of that organiozation is a wing nut, in this case a left one. I am uncertain whether that organization is the threat that you perceive it is, but I am willing to investigate.

Yes, I don't think Boulder High School will diappear in a mushroom cloud of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll any time soon--at least any more than it would have anyway being the Kingdom of Boulder after all.



Sparks Around The Beltway...

After The November Election Victory
The Democratic Leadership Announced
a "New Direction" for the nation.

Nancy Pelosi, the new House Majority Leader, and Sen. Harry Reid, our new Senate Majority Leader expressed
their joyous enthusiasm for the nation's new look!

In May, 2007 Sen. Reid declared to the world that "The War In Iraq Is Lost!", and on June 14, President Bush's Approval Rating was a low 29 percemt...and Congress Approval a sad
23 Percent!

The "New Direction"? It's DOWN!

To add an ironic twist to all of this, Senator Harry Reid added today that our General Chief of Staff, Marine Corp Gen. Peter Pace was ...INCOMPETENT!

Searchlight, Nevada wants you home, Harry! You're embarrassing the townfolk! reb


WAKE UP YOU PEACE-LOVERS was the Original Construct of this Post,

and thanks to my own Wanderings,

and much irrelevant prodding by
The Loop Garoo Kid, we've drifted
away into Star Wars, Everybody Loves Raymond, Picking on YankeeDoodle, The Death Penalty, the Outrageous Behavior Of The Boulder Colorado School Board's
Approval of Indiscriminate Sex, including Same-Gender Sex, the very
dangerous Ecstasy/Marihuana Combo,
pitched to High School Students!
Etc, etc, etc

I will leave all these wonderful issues for a few days, for any that
wish to Print Them, then...

I Might Delete Most Comments Soon, and return to the basic Intent of this
Posting, "We Are At War", The Political Impact of biased Partisan
Politics on our War Effort, and our
perceived Unwillingness To See The
Quickly Gathering Fire-Storm!

If any are offended by my Traffic-Control On This Weblog, that's too
darn bad, Get Your Own Blog!

I recall Defense Attorney Johnny
Cochran slick tactic of deflecting
the Courtroom Attention Away From

Suddenly, Det. Mark
Fuhrman was on the defensive!

Fuhrman Wasn't On Trial, but
Judge Ito sat there like a Stone, and allowed Cochran to run his Court! I'll not allow it here.

Let's return to the main isuues!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

I suggest a new column. Much todiscuss w/ the implications of: Hamas' conquest of Gaza w/ fighters trained and armed by Syria and Iran; Iran arming the Taliban; and Iran's arrest of an Iranian-American scholar; and Iran's nuclear ambitions.

NB. Congress doe not make foreign policy, the executive branch does.


IRAN'S WAR BY PROXY, using Hamas in
Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon, al Sadr Militia in Bagdad, and the Taliban in Afganistan... is using Ahmadinejad Brand of slick & tricky manuevering of his Puppets. It's a By-Proxy War, people!

Meanwhile he's enriching U-235!

Those Persian Mullahs are Masters of Deception. They fund them all, provide the weapons & tactics, and
the Sunni Arabs do the dying! They are being out-smarted by their Islamic Brothers in IRAN. Only the
Saudi Royals & Egyptians seem to understand it, at the moment.

Try listening to Condi Rice and our
Generals In Theater, instead of the
Political Hot-Air on the Campaign Trail, and you'd understand it too!

Our Democratically Controlled Congress Attempts To Make Policy.

They should properly be dealing with Immigration Law, Not War! (Repeat) Not War! Damn! reb


Try re-reading the comments of that young trooper I interviewed
at Starbucks. He knew the battlefield, and understood the Politics at home more thoroughly than most War-Gurus I've met!

Re-read "Wake Up, Peace-Lovers"

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


OK. I reread the Starbucks conversation. The weapons description that I sent you which I received in November 2005 also contained the same information regarding Iranian influence in the Iraq theater particularly w/ respect to shaped IEDs.

There is much upon which to focus and I will try to avoid going over old ground except to say that lately I have listened to the concerns of retired generals who believe that the deployment in Iraq has degraded our military's equipment and the failure of NCOs to re up is beginnning to have an effect.

So I will lightly touch on politics. B/f I do, I want to comment that the American public is like a jury. Small wonder that. Individually, most are not stupid and most have a lot of common sense. Collectively, they are smarter than they are individually.

Last November, the American electorate sent a very clear message regarding the war in Iraq, recognizing that that particular conflict will ultimately require a political solution or some solution that is beyond the power of our military--you can lead a horse to water. The party line is that the surge will allow the fledgling Iraqi government time in which to consolidate power so as to stand on its own two shaky feet.

You and I know, however, that a few months, a few years, or even a few decades will not heal the schism in a tribal society that has existed for more than thirteen centuries.

Politicians, particularly Democrats, in Washington have to respond to their constituents who elected them because the American electorate understands that there will be no "victory" in Iraq as envisioned by the present administration when we invaded that country.

Would the Congress' time be better spent in addressing immigration? Probably so. That issue is so complex that I continue to consider where to begin.

In simple terms, it begins w/ the security of our borders and our identities. By the latter, I mean that identity theft has now made it possible for illegal workers to appear legal to an emploer as in the recent case in the Pacific NW.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to threaten the security of the Middle East as well as our own security. While the young soldier at Starbucks suggested we send in a few divisions, I can only respond by saying there are no doivisions to send. In addition, the invasion of Iraq will make it impossible to garner the domestic political will and foreign good will for that to occur.


Loop Garoo Kid,

I fully agree that Immigration Is,
or properly should finally be, the
Main Focus of Our Legislative Body.
It's Long Overdue!
On the more complex subject of our current struggle in Iraq...

For An Attorney, I'm surprised that
you have difficulty absorbing what you read on this blogsite:

This young trooper said nothing about "sending a few divisions", of
Our Troops, not at all. We have currently 160,000 in Theater.

He did suggest that we might...

"Wipe Out Two or Three Brigades Of Their Military To Send A Message"

When you "Own The Air" in a Combat
Zone, that is Quite Possible in a
single day, with just Conventional

a) A Division - 15,000 troops
b) A Brigade - 3,500 (Approx)

You are beginning to sound more like Harry Reid every day. Perhaps you should stick with targeting Bill O'Reilly's Factor. Peace, Mr.
Loop Garoo! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Lay it on me. How do we send in a preemptive air strike and win the PR battle?

See, at somwe point that may have been possible b/f we preemptively invaded Iraq. When I say possible, I do not mean physically posssible. I mean politically possible.

Remember that Iran is a predominantly Persian nation and the only Arabs who would shed more than crocodile tears are those on the receiving end of Iranian aid.

I was outside thinking about immigartion and Iraq and Iran. Right now we are Athens. Do we want to become Sparta?


In January, 2007 this S/H Editor posted "Here Is Your War" Post.

Many interesting comments, including a comment from a Mr.
Tony Sokolow. A bright fellow, and we now have e-Mail contact.

The entire Post is recommended,especially the Comments, for Info on what's happening right now in the Middle East. We do have some well-informed readers! reb


Sir Loop Garoo Kid,

If we can momentarily agree to step
down from our Left/Right Podiums...

Calmly Focus Attention to the Middle East,

we will see the beginnings of a Major Confrontation taking Shape in the last-half of JUNE!

Iranian Proxy Hamas in Palestine, and a bit more moderate Fatah, are killing each other! While our attention is focused there, over
in Lebanon, Hezbollah (Party of God, another IRAN Proxy Puppet) is poised, about to toss Rockets into Northern Israel! This could be the
beginning of The Big One that Ahmadinejad boasts about, to 'Wipe Israel Off The Map'.

IRAN WILL NOT BE DETERRED. They seek Nuclear War. It's A Grand Ayatollah'Goal.
Forget about O'Reilly & Franken, Reid & Pelosi, Hillary & Obama, that's Old-Hat Political Hot Gas.

S/H Thinks The Fuse Is Smoldering, I Smell Smoke! The Bush Team May Be
Forced Into A Preemptive Strike.

Long Dormant Sleeper-Cells May Then Become Active Here in the USA.

Go ahead, call me an Alarmist.

Stay Alert! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


The "2 state solution" w/ respect to Israel and Palestine has now taken on a whole new meaning.

There already is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Who will step up to help Hamas? I can't see this one clearly b/c the answer is nobody. Iran can't come into the open and every other state has either to deal w/ us or deal w/ Israel. I suspect the Saudis, in the guise of being good Muslims, will step in to prevent wholesale starvation and the complete breakdown of the medical situation.

Lebanon is an incredibly complicated situation. There is the Iranian sponsorship of Hezbollah and the Syrian influence which is contra to the democratic/ moderate Sunni Islamic/Christian contingent.

Iran may be happy now doing their "end zone dance" but I do not think the Iranians will push it--yet.

Hezbollah are competent defensively but only slightly more than a nuisance offensively. They can shoot a lot of Iranian missiles but Israel response last summer over rew their "good will" account so far as the Lebanese are concerned. Remember that Hezbollah are Palestinians, not Lebanese.

No matter what the Israelis have said, I look to them for a preemptive strike b/f us for reasons I have stated previously.

The caveat to that last statement is if any sleeper cells are discovered here in the process of committing acts of terrorism.

9/11; ground zero; the Pentagon; western PA. Le me souviens.


Loop Garoo,

I do not understand "Iran can't come into the open". They are Boldly In The Open, with weapons, money, anything those By-Proxy Hamas Thugs
need to confront the Hated Jew, is available from Shiite Iran.

Saudi/Sunni Arabs might try to muscle in the Open Door, IF the Persians fail their starving Hamas Puppets. It's just pocket change for Saudi Arabia.
Syria would like to re-establish their Control of Lebanon. They Lost
Face in the Region when they murdered a very popular Harirri two years ago.

Now they 'assist' Hezbollah Thugs in a move to regain control. IRAN
is staging these manuevers over a
weakened legitimate government. If
Rockets Fly Again Over Israeli North Border it will signal a major
event by Ahmadinejad. Just another
Iranian Probe? I don't believe that to be the situation.

Have I missed something here? reb



On or about July 1st, this Weblog
intends to post a solid view from the Jihad Combat Zone that you are
unlikely to see on News Channels or
hear on National Public Radio.

Stay with us, the title of S/H next
post might be, "Straight Talk". reb



Democrat: Ms Hillary/Joe Lieberman
Toughest Combo; Hard to beat!

Republican: Rudy Giuliana/Gingrich
Dynamic Duo, the nation would be
in "Good Hands"!

Q. Will the 'political process'...
choose this wisely? 06/20/07 reb



See Leonardo, On "Anniversary 9/11"
Post! The most distressing note I've ever received in the 18 long months I've published this Blog!

Go to the last few Comments, for
leonardo's heart-wrenching remarks! reb


To: Loop Garoo,

This quote on 6/17/07 is incorrect.

"Remember that Hezbollah are Palestinians, not Lebonese". TLGK

Actually, Shiite Hezbollah (Party Of God' received the first serious attention with the bombing of the US Marine Barracks truck bomb, killing 241 Marines in Beirut, 1983.

They are deeply embedded in Lebanese Politics, with medical, schools,
social services, etc. plus a well organised Militia, It's funded and weaponized by IRAN!

This Killer/Hate Grouping Is In Alliance with Hamas, "Enemy of the Jew" in Palestine. reb


Keywords Around Washington:

benchmark: something that serves as
a standard for comparison.

earmark: to designate (as funds) for a specific use; money requests
(often attached at the last moment)
to proposed legislation by slick politicians) as in "Bridges to No-Where" to assist Local Contractors In Spending Your Money!

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (d), so quaintly put it, "Legislatively Directed Spending!" reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


You're right about Hezbollah. My bad.


Loop Garoo, forgetaboutit!

When my eldest daughter was six years old, I recall a discussion at the family dinner table and there developed a rather heated disagreement. Finally, after a bit,
Robin said, "I never argue unless I'm right (pause) & I'm Always Right!"

I think she inherited her Dad's genes. reb


A Worthwhile Addition...

To Wikipedia! Try Yahoo Search for
"Conservapedia", especially if you are addicted to controversy! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid. said...


It appears as if you may agree with me with respect to restricted access of certain cites.

I know not whether wikipedia be liberal or not. I find it useful to obntain basic information about a particular subjects.

So far as Conservapedia is concerned, I suppose that it suffers in comparison by its relative newness. Compare the two encyclopedia's entries on "Palestine" to see the contrast.

Anonymous said...

melquiades sez,

You're on a roll, Snake Hunter!



If you would like to continue with
our delayed conversation, you could
try HAMAS POST. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Speaking of which, by videotape, Ayman al-Zawahiri, AlQaeda's #2 guy has called for Hama to unite with al Qaeda.


Osama bin Laden & his twin Zawahiri
are Sunni, and they seek a Modus Vivende with Shiite Hamas to continue the Offensive Jihad Assault on Israel & 'Big Satan'

So, they offer to stop killin' each other for just a little while.

(Modus Vivende: a temporary arrangement). reb

That's Politics, Islam Style!
Know Your Enemy. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Hamas is a Sunni organization.



Loop Garoo Kid,

HAMAS is in bed w/Shiite Iran.

HAMAS is funded by Iran.

HAMAS is weaponized by Iran.

HAMAS is Shiite; Fatah is Sunni. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid. said...


My initial source was Wikipedia. I confirmeed @ the website of the Israel Minitry of Foreign Affairs. I figure those guys ought to know.

I am not saying that there is no connection to Iran, but Hamas is not a Shiite organization. If it were, the bloodshed in Gaza would be ongoing. The place would be like Baghdad w/ ethnic cleansing.


Loop Garoo,

I'm hoping that this clarification will be my final word on this subject for a while.

a) Hamas & Fatah are Two Competing Palestinian Groups.

b) Hamas is funded by Shia Iran, and fires 'Made in Iran' Explosive Shells/Rockets into Israel from GAZA. They label themselves "Enemy Of the Jew". An Election gave them
the "new" Palestine Authority, PA.

c) Yasser Arafat's Fatah WAS the old Palestine Authority, and he received major funding from SAUDI ARABIA,(Sunni).

d) Hamas & Fatah SHOOT & BOMB Each Other for
Control Of Palestine! Both Groups Are Well-Armed Suicidal Killers.

FATAH's Mahmoud Abbas has hinted at a possible rapproachment with Israel; They are backed by the Saudi Arabian Royals 'Sea of Oil' And
Distribution Capabilities.

Iran has major financial problems funding Hamas, Hezbollah, and Sadr Militia in Bagdad, plus Oil
Refining problems, leading to rationing. They Import Gasoline! Good at War, Terrible at

HAMAS is stuck in a Deep Quagmire Pool of 50 year-old Sticky Dried Blood, and will never be deterred UNTIL there is a Significant Regime Change In Iran! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


All true. But it is important to note that Hamas is a Sunni group. To paraphrase Charles Dudley Warner: "Terrorism makes starnge bedfellows."

Justice For All said...

How sad that we have to kill one another in order to survive.

"Of one Essence is the human race,
Thusly has Creation put the Base;
One Limb impacted is sufficient,
For all Others to feel the Mace. Saadi.


Justice For All, welcome.

I would only add this observation.
Mankind has been killing his fellow human for land, possessions, and
because of the other guys strange religious notions...

for the 5,000 years of recorded history. The major difference being
his inventive genious now gives his
generals the grim, awesome nuclear ability to threaten all life.

The Grand Ayatollahs & Imams are unashamedly giddy at the prospect of Armegeddon! reb



"Better To Reign In Hell,

Than To Serve In Heaven"

Anonymous said...

CNN REPORT, june 29
Holy Imams lure young children, some only six years old, with Mickey
cartoons and promises of heavenly rewards, into becoming Martyrs for Islam.

These Grim & Grisly Religious Scholars never teach by example however, perhaps realizing that the nubile virgins might reject them. Barf! -O'Charley's-

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Justice for All. I am tring to gauge the irony factor in your Saadi quote ianasmuch as the Islamic Republic of Iran is proving to be no friend of the Sufis of which the poet Saadi was one.

Meanwhile, I am assuming that reb was frought with irony quotting Satan from Milton's "Paradise Lost."

"Truth is a pathless land and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect."

J. Krishnamurti



For those Snake Hunters that hope for a handle on Hamas & Hezbollah I would recommend Searching the Council On Foreign Relations site.

A printable 4 pages for Hamas, and
2+ pages of Hezbollah (PartyOfGod).


Is it crazy to dream of love

When tyrants & terrorists attack the Innocent

When human dignity, and all that is good... is in jeopardy

And a determined Kill-Culture is stalking major cities of the world?

That Is The Question...reb