Friday, September 14, 2007

Battle Of The Full-Page Ads

Snake Hunters Editorial, Sept 14, 2007

In a shocking revelation on Sept 10th by Fox Television News. A morning analyst revealed a recorded bit of nasty dirt in the most prestigious, and most powerful news publication in this nation, The New York Times. Could this be true?

On September 10th, the day before the anticipated Gen Petraeus Report to Congress, the New York Times accepted for publication, a full-page smear advertisement, and it's reported that they even gave the offending Hate Merchant a huge $120,000 discount off the normal $180,000 rate for national distribution of this type Ad.

If this proves true, The Times Paper might be viewed as a willing Accessory to a vile act of treacherous behavior, and subject to legal restraint. General David Petraeus has a long and distinguished record of faithful service to this nation, and to besmirch this clearly honorable man with bold print, stating "GENERAL BETRAY US?", and follow that with 'Cooking the Books for the White House' is, in Snake Hunters View, a Moral and Ethical Outrage!

General David Petraeus, pictured in uniform, chest bedecked with ribbons, exhibiting the degree of honorable combat service, appears on the top one-half of this Dirty Ad. If there is Any Justice Available within our legal system, this foreign-born Sleaze Merchant Soros, should be liable for a very 'substantial money payment', putting the other Deep Pocket Sponsors of Trash on public notice that they are not immune to legal retribution.

Here's the bottom line of that Ad, lest anyone have any doubt:

"Today, before Congress and before the American people, General Petraeus is likely to become General Betray Us".

Additionally, although the front-running Democratic Nominee, Ms Hillary Clinton was loathe to call the senior officer a Liar, She offered this phraseology: "The willing suspension of disbelief."

Now to the humorous part, a welcome relief for most Americans. It's now revealed three days after the above scurrilous printing, that a Republican Nominee, has demanded equal space, and an Equal Discount for his campaign. Well today, Sept 14th, there's Rudy Giuliani's Response in the New York Times. "How Sweet It Is!" quote the immortal Jackie Gleason.

Since The New York Times is actively complicit in this brute-ugly campaign, they might also suffer some Money Damages for the attempted and deliberate Character Assassination of a Gentleman, and an outstanding U.S. Military Officer.

At the very least, their nation-wide customer subscription rate, and concurrent advertising revenue should be the first to fall. reb


Yankee Doodle said...

To see the full page ad, click here.


The Evidence Seems To Indicate, we are no longer a Proud Nation of Democrats & Republicans that struggle to maintain Our Values and Our Liberty.

We Have Become A Republic At War
With Each Other; One choosing to defend these values, And Take The Offensive When Attacked...

And The Other, Filled with Loud Hate Groups & Nay-sayers willing to throw it all away For Partisan Political Reasons. They Choose To Lose; To Avoid War At Any Cost. reb


If you read the N.Y.Times every day
or just occasionally, pay special attention to the Large Ads. Make a mental note to call the Advertising Executive Offices of these corporations, tell 'em what you think of MoveOnDotTrash!

You Hold The Power; Use It! reb

Debbie said...

John Edwards sent his attack dog (er, wife) out to speak against the ad. He's such a wimp.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

I confess that during the entire time I have been reading snakehunters this piece is the worst reasoned publication I have encountered.

So far as the NYT is concerned, why get your shorts in a twist until the facts are known about whwther a discount was given?

In the meanwhile, decry the ad if you wish, but inasmuch as you believe in the First Amendment, I assume you believe that the ad itself constitutes protected speech.

I defend your right to denigrate George Soros if you wish. After all, he did devote a considerable amount of money to defeat George W. Bush last election and your worship of the president nad belief that he can do no wrong is well documented.

Nevertheless, I find it sadly ironic that you can refer to an organization as a "Hate Merchant" in one sentence and then castigate George Soros b/c he is "foreign born."

Is he a citizen of this country? If so, why does the place of his birth matter? Why did you see fit to include that fact unless you see a connection to between his views and his origins. That sentiment is not worthy of the person whose blog I read loyally these past months.

This is the most reactionary--in the truest sense of that word--piece I have ever read here. It has zero content.

Now, I am compelled to ask the following: Does the Pentagon use criteria for measuring sectarian violence in Iraq that excludes certain deaths from its statistics?

reb, it's getting to be October. Keep your eye on the ball.



LOOP GAROO, SIR: You don't get it!

In The Past...I have requested Friends of S/H To Be Concise, Stay
on Subject, and Avoid rude or vulgar language, so that we may all
benefit from an Open Forum Comment

Looking back to other Posts, it is clear to all, that you choose to ignore my Rules Limiting Long & Often Boring Patterns of Speech. This behavior is deemed to constitute an Abuse of Privilege that will no longer be tolerated.

So, (a) I've printed out the five comments, (b) I will, in a few days Delete Your Long Winded Tirade, and Return Your First Three Paragraphs to this space, as a model for you to follow.

Lastly, I Treasure Our 1st Amendment as the Premier Foundation of all the other U.S. Constitutional Laws, but this Does Not Grant Anyone, friend or foe, the right to print a harrassing telephone book, or to attempt to dominate this space! This is why I've suggested that Loop Garoo should have his own Website, Set his own Rules Governing Behavior, and I'll be honored to contribute Comments On Your Domain, Observe Your Rules!

Please re-read the first five contributors. reb


Loop Garoo,

When foreign-born agendas land on Freedom's Turf, unwilling to adjust
to our basic culture & laws, refuse to assimilate, and insist that their primitive radical, hate-inspired religion dominate all other faith-groups, I'll Object!
When One Ego-driven Man, a Super-Rich Manipulator with a hidden agenda, and mysterious "Open Society" Formula, spends several hundred millions of dollars to create a Two-million Member Hate-Group, intent on altering our election process, and "buys" One Of The Two Major Political Parties...

and Intimidates the presidential nominees within that Party, I label this guy (Soros), a fanatically hard-core Super-Ambitious, and
Extremely Dangerous "King-Maker!"

Having a clear view of this slime-ball, I'll grab the rope on the Town Fire Bell, and yank it with all remaining strenght!

If Partisan Crazies Ignore This Warning, I've Done My Best! May A Kindly Provedence bestow a more eloquent set of words tomorrow. I shall never give it up! It's my final mission.
Your assertion that I "worship" George W. Bush, and that I believe he can "do no wrong" is, like many of your examples, Ridiculous! Why you belabour and belittle this man,
a Lame-duck President, is another example of flawed judgement.

You really should have your own blog. Your attempt to lessen the Impact of this Post...fails.

The NY Times/Soros Attack on David Petraeus, fails. These two negative entities have joined forces, resulting in exposure of own ugly parts. reb


I will insist on 'Executive Privilege' as the Editor of this weblog, to be as long-winded and thorough as deemed necessary, to respond to absurd attack! reb



1) MoveOnDotTrash ~ G. Soros

2) U.F.P.J. ~ L. Cagan

3. A.N.S.W.E.R. ~

4. DailyKos ~

5. Code Pink ~

6. N.I.M.N. ~

7. Hip-Hop Action Summit Network ~

Checking now to fill in names.
( I Could use some help!) reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


The flaw in your reasoning is that you would feel exactly the same way about George Soros if he had been born in Des Moines, Denver, or Dubuque.

Therefore I again ask, why is the place of his birth relevant? Or do you really believe that his agenda is related or influenced by the fact that he was born in Budapest?

In the meanwhile, censor me if you wish although I caution you that such practices, when based on content, lead to the path down the slippery slope.

In general, I am not an adherent to conspiracy theory, but check this one out: The New York Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, published an article in which an unnamed spokesperson for confirmed the New York Times gave a huge discount in the price of an ad to that organization.
The story is then picked up by Fox News, which is also owned by Rupert Murdoch. The NYT denies any discount was given, but in the meanwhile, the paper is smeared across the country.

The truth regarding the discount has yet to be established as of this writing. Need we connect the dots?





In the wake of their enormous blunder, MoveOn's trashing of General Petraeus, The Democratic Party is left with One Viable Nominee, front-runner Hillary Clinton. That's S/H solid prediction. Now that that's out of
the way, here's another biggy for
the Left to chew on:

Her Choice Among What Is Left of her possible choices for VeePee?

Only One Stands Out! Gen Wes Clark.


LooP: You Really Should seriously
consider getting your own WebSite.
Only then will you be better able to judge your bland arguments.

Your friend, reb


Hillary! Now that you've effectively eliminated your spineless competition, you really need to adjust your image for the rest of the population.

Just tell us that you mis-spoke before the United States Senate, when you
said on 9/11/2007, "The Willing Suspension Of Disbelief!" Now then, you really didn't mean to call our honorable General, David Petraeus a Liar, did you?

We certainly hope not. reb


Loop Garoo,

I'll Warrant This: If you have the courage to set up your Weblog, develop a Rational Left-of-Center
Theme, I'll be honored to offer a
serious rebuttal from time-to-time.

In the process, you might be eventually persuaded to drop the long, boring major argument about Bush, i.e. "He lied in order to get us into Iraq; We found no WMD's, and bumper-sticker slogans like
this, "When Clinton Lied, No-body Died!" or 'Impeach Bush/Cheney'.

Tired, Boring, Repetitive Trash!
I repeat them here, without qualms.

Only the Far-Out Left relishes this
Hate Stuff. Broad MiddleAmerica will wisely determine our future course,
not the Far-Left Coast, nor the North-East Coast.

Be Alert, Stay Informed, Don't Let
The Hate-Groups Getcha! They peddle
pernicious poison, send it out to the gullible in gross shipments.

They Will Fail. reb



The figure of the lady holding the Scales of Justice has a firm and patient hand.

Those who enjoy 'Living on the edge', always tempting fate, often suffer
the consequence for evil deeds.

O.J. Detectives Tom Lang & Mark Fuhrman must be smiling tonight.

"If-I-Did-It-O.J." may at last get his Final Judgement.

Simpson's "fair-weather friends" in Las Vegas are about to Turn States Evidence in an effort to save their own hides! "Murder Will Out!"

A word to the wise-guy is wasted. __________________________________


Playboy Interview:

"Fox News is worse than al Queda"

Keith Olberman, MSNBC News



I smell the blood of

The Far-Left Scum

It's MoveOnDotTrash

We'll Push It Hard,

And Make Him Crash!


Buy these cute didactic lines; I'll
discount it, for the N.Y. Times.




The details on an unfolding story that begun Sept 6th, where Israeli
F-15 Jets were "active" over Syrian Air Space. The Sunday London Times revealed on Sept 16th that Israel "blew apart" a nuclear cache that originated in North Korea.

Check Search Engines for more details of this unfolding event!

Stay Alert Folks! reb


IsraeliInsider 9/16

Iran's Revolutionary Guard smuggles
weapons into Iraq, says captured Syrian Intel Officers.

Under Article 51 of the UN Charter,
the U.S. needs "no pretense" to defend itself. reb


Editor's Addendum:

When you have been born into freedom, few enough realize that others have paid a price for it. So, rather than pick up the banner of responsibily to maintain it, the
weak-willed choose to whine... and complain.

The president is a very convenient 'Straw Man' to throw verbal stones at; that's what we see happening today!

George Soros is merely the 'enabler'. He creates a Hate-Group, and now has two million registered members.

Is "Peace" So be purchased at the price of surrender?

Voters will decide. reb

shoprat said...

Just put the Times right next to the National Enquirer. They are on the same level now.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


As previously stated there are two equally unappealing explanations regarding Iraq: a complete failure of intelligence regarding WMDs or purposeful disembling.

Meanwhile, why hasn't the govertment declared that Iran's Revolutionary Guard, or at least certain sections of it, is a terrorist organization which would allow certain actions, like seizure of bank assets, to be taken it against it?

I heard about this proposal a few months ago and supported it but so far the Gurad has not been so named.

Can anyone offer an explanation?



Loop Garoo,

British MI-5, Israeli Mossad, and C.I.A are the 'Alert Cadre' for people that Trust Freedom's Value. Behind the scenes success rarely make the headlines.

Our Oval Office Gets The 24/7 Briefings; citizens need to grant
these people a degree of respect for their dedication.

It Would Be Foolhardy To Expect Public Access To Critically Important Intel. Some Degree Of Security, Plus Some Loyalty For Administration Policy Would Be Nice...For Security, In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice. reb



Thanks! We really appreciated your comparing the New York Times with
The Enquirer. I don't purchase the
Times, but read the headlines nearly every day at Starbucks.

The subtle editorial sentiment is usually obvious. It's clealy not accidental that a great publication is withering into Tabloid Yellow Journalism. Their alliance with MoveOnDotCrap is just one more step down the path to mediocrity. reb



While the majority in the USA are focused on the O.J. Simpson High-Jinks
In Las Vegas & MoveOn's Capture Of
The Democratic Nominee...

The Holy Land Foundation, and it's
Parallel Jihadi Organization C.A.I.R., Council, American Islamic Relations in the USA, are moving steadily ahead, preparing for America's Surrender.

Anyone that doubts this as Fact...

are urged to read One Article by
Dr. Vernon Chong, a retired Air Force Surgeon, and past Commander of Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonia, Texas. We found him on Google, plus Yahoo.

We Have Been At War Since Nov 4,
1979, and he lists only the most specactular and bloody events, among the thousands perpetrated on innocent civilians and military personnel during this time-frame.

It's time to drop your Sports Page, friends. It's Tune-In, Turn-On To Reality, Or Forever Lose Your Carefree Liberty.

IRAN has the Russian/North Korean Missiles, plus the Underground Nuke
Facilities That Are Soon To Go

It's DejaVu Hawaii, December 7th, 1941 Folks! So, Kiss Your Kids, then,

Kiss Your Rump Goodbye!


Special Notation:
This Weblog has been extremely fortunate to have attracted an
Egyptian Law Student, April 2007, and a unique spokesman for the Islamist Viewpoint relating to our struggle with Global Jihad! At times our guest will give his apologist views that we feel are most revealing.
Go to our History Post, dated July 4th, 2006. Scroll Down to the (blue) name, 'mohamed' That's where
the Action Begins! You'll meet...

Mohamed Fadly, Egyptian Student

Frieda said...

thanks for visitng my blog...
I agree with you regarding top HATE groups..



for any following Mohamed Fadly, the Egyptian Law Student's Question
& Answer Series.

Begin Print from 9/18 to 9/22.
This is a classic. It displays the
difficult Muslim mind-set, and our fundamental problem in dealing with an Ancient Religion in War; and this guy seems to have some ethical intent and humanity. It's really good perspective! reb

Debbie said...

You can read some of Raymond S. Kraft's articles here.

You can reach him via email at:




at the U.N, and he's allowed Podium
Access at Poison Ivy U.

(This Campus is where Minutemen were harrassed and denied Free Speech Privilege).





When We See Mad Nejad On Tv, we must alway remember that behind him in 1979 there was Khomeini, and
now in 2007 it is Khameini! Same
Evil Intent, same BluePrint for Persian World Conquest. If it takes
a Nuke War, that fulfills the Madhi Prophesy, so be it. Insanity on a world stage.

If they can coerse the Middle-East, Europe, and eventually the USA without a WWIII that's O.K. too. Imagine a world ruled by Shari'a Law. Believe it or not, that's the Master Plan. They will not be deterred.

This struggle is totally unlike any other war in history. Their suicidal madness must be confronted, and soon. Any further hesitation or delay on our part, and this planet will have more to worry about than Global Warming!



If the Israeli Combined Air/Ground
Assault Sept 6th on Syria is without significance, then I'm dead wrong. Enjoy your ball game.

I believe we are close. reb


When George W. Bush Addressed The United Nations, following the Iranian Dictator's visit to Columbia University, it was not accidental that he refrained from mentioning the creepy Ahmadinejad.

This Demonstrated To The World That This Evil Symbol, this mass-instigator of bloody suicidal murder was not deserving of the Dignity of An American Gesture Of Respect!

Bravo, President Bush! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Inasmuch as the initial subject of this post was the ad, the NYT admitted today that was given a reduced rate. issued a statement advising that it was unaware it was being a discount and that it paid the difference between what the NYT claimed was market rate and the amount it actually paid. then challenged Rudy Guiliani to do the same as apparently the NYT gave him the same rate as it gave to

The NYT stated it was looking into what happened.

There is a link to press release at todays post @ whereevilpropers.

There was an article in te Sunday NYT and one in today's Rocky Mountain News. The NYT stated the adsvertising rep should not have agreed to the discounted rate.

I can only say that usually when an employee makes a $77.5K mistake that causes national embarassment, there are dire consequences for the employee.

Here is an interesting fact I learned today: Dwight D. Eisenhower was president of Columbia University from 1948 to 1953.



Yes, Mr. Loop,

I'd hazard a guess that when Ike Eisenhower had the responsibility for Columbia, it was a more balanced and fair-minded campus. No Looney-tune demonstrators!
Isn't it amazing that the N.Y. Times now chooses to shift blame for the $120,000 discount to a lowly 'Advertising Rep', a "Phone-guy". Surely, we can't suspect a Managing Editor or CEO, or the Publisher with Political Favoritism, can we? Why, that would fracture the Highest Ethical Standards of Journalism!
Furthermore, Rudy insisted on the same discount, The NY Times didn't offer or "Give" Rudy a darn thing, so don't you try to "Spin It".
MoveOn challenging Rudy Giuliani to
give back his bargain rate? You cannot be serious! The Times was caught with pants at half-mast, as
Soros compounds the silliness with a demand? From Rudy? Oh, this is Too Much. Stop, before I split a rib! Ouch!



This Weblog Distributes Awareness,
At No Cost! It also has an Open Forum for your comments. We are pleased and honored when you visit us, and Voice Your Opinion.

Be Concise, Stay on point. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


D you think the editor-in-chief of the NYT or any major paper; or the publisher are involved in advertising decisions?



Loop, Some fellow with authority at or near the top sets policy, and it
takes extraordinary purview to approve a $120,000 discount!

To lay blame on some un-named low-level "Ad-Rep" With That Much Power Stretches All Credibility! It's A NYT "Spin", and you are aiding it by nit-picking, dodging & weaving it.

Face facts. Soros & The N.Y.Times suffered a Major PR Blow, and attempts to minimize it, Only Magnifies The Travesty. It's Sparkling Burlesque Comedy Now. Keep it boiling! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I am trying to step outside myself here but I think the political impact of this affair will be negligible.

Impact, in this instance, could be defined as the ability of a situation to change somebody's mind.

By the time the preidential election in 2008 occurs, ore than 13 months from now, the surge will be over; the political situation in Iraq will be what it will be, although personally, I doubt that the military effect/success of the surge will have any effect on the internal Iraqi political situation.

Unless, the Sunni lies down w/ the Shia and they both lie down w/ the Kurds, what effect will an ad disparaging the soon-to-be-former president and gen. Petraeus have on the electorate?

I mean did you think for one second to yourself: "Well maybe I would have considered voting for a Democrat but b/c none of them denounced, I will definitely vote Republican."

I am discussing the right or appropriateness of anyone's outrage. I am merely spaeking about politival effect.


Flog it; blog it. I will take the under on this ad being an important issue in 2008.


Inter alia, of course. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Of course.


I cannot help but wonder how many other less prominent Hate Clubs & Individuals beyond MoveOn and Media Matters, the George Soros Treasury funds sub-rosa. Wouldn't The Vast Right-Wingers enjoy hacking into that list? Like the Hollywood Elite? Yummy!

...and who lays out the Gelt for U.F.P.J., and Leslie Cagan's Five
New Pacifica Radio Stations? Well, forgive me, but curiosity has long been an inborn trait, and I just can't...shake it. reb


N.Y. Times, Sept 27th,
David Herszenhorn
Senate Approved Resolution urging
Bush to designate Iran's RGC or elite QUDS Force, a Terrorist Organization!

Question: Are Democrats suddenly
"changing course", and assuming a
more aggressive military stance?

It's Political Hot-air Vs Reality!


What are the Democratic Nominees willing to say about this?

Stay tuned folks! reb


Note: the Above Resolution Passed
with a solid 76 yea, 22 nay vote!

Yep, the tide is shifting! reb

Anonymous said...

Nuke-Armed Theo-Fascism,

*** Shi'a or Sunni

Too horrible to contemplate!

~- Gee-Hossi-Fat -~

Tom the Redhunter said...

Thanks for the visit to Redhunter, snake hunters.

I see now that the left is trying to make a big deal out of what Rush said about Sen Feingold. What a laugh. They're desperate and it shows.


Tom, We Welcome You! Your weblog is
a strong voice for those seeking
solid info on the Insanity of Global Jihad. We appreciate blogs
that wish to Alert & Inform.

Your "Doctrine of Mahdism" is
superb! I'd suggest that all Snake Hunters have a look, & print.

Thanks again. reb



As Credibility Slips after the "General
Be-tray-us" Ad sponsor,

MoveOnDotTrash & MediaMatters,
the effects are beginning to show up among grassroots Democrats.

George Soros favorite nominee, Sen
Edwards is in steady decline, and
may soon announce his withdrawal from the race toward nomination!

That's a plus for Obama & Hillary!
Stay tuned, folks!

Anonymous said...


just as dirty as




Iran, Likely Scenario ~~~

MOVE: On Iran/Financial
Banks: Sepah, Sadarat, Melli

NAVAL BLOCKADE/str.hormus?
IRAN'S GRtoAirBatt/Radar,Zapped!
IRAN'S UnderGround-Nuetralized
AIR STRIKE/24-30 hrs?
Stealth 60-70 B-1, F17, F22
Multiples, U.S. Naval Forces!

*Iran Nuke Setback~15-20 years?
Revolution? Mullahs Out/CivilLaw
Gitmo: Filled to Capacity.
Major attitude changes in Syria, Lebanon, SaudiArabia, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, etc. Region quites down.
Dramatic improvement in Iraq.
Stay tuned, reb

Wallace said...

Thanks for your comment,

Hushaboom is a metaphor for the efforts many politicians use to serve their own interests, without regard to the people they represent. Disinformation is as dangerous, as no information.

I first became aware of the duplicity of power, when our government passed the "Right to Privacy Act", and the "Freedom of Informantion Act". You may notice that the two concepts are mutually exclusive, and contradictory.


Wallace, Anyone that lists Huck Finn
and Moby Dick as favorites, I'd buy that guy a cup of Starbucks! reb



a) ah-mad-inejad is allah's warrior

b) he told his ayatollah that when he was in nyc he "transfixed" u.s.
officials; they didn't blink for 27

c) when jesus returns, he will tell
his people to follow the madhi !

d) this nut-case wants a nuke!

e) some politicians want to negotiate with him!


How Nutty Are We? reb

Anonymous said...

To: Snake Hunters

As a long-time reader of your informative weblog, I thought your more serious people would enjoy having this value link:

Keep Pressing Iran's Lunatic Islam!

Ima Kidder



The Soros Gang thought it would be a neat idea to smear & distort the Gen. Petraeus Report, Sept 10th, with a full-page, bold print declaring GEN BE-TRAY-US, and add a cute sub-title...

"Cooking the Books for the White House!" Huge Mistake! The Four-Year Hate Bush Campaign Finally Stumbled! MoveOnDotTrash took a Terrific PR Blow. Nearly a month later That Stupid Ad Is Still Rolling!

So, how to recover? Well, Hillary has a companion Smear Merchant with 'Media(Mud)Matters', let's get
our 'Hired Gun', David Brock to attack & smear somebody! But Who?

Rush Limbaugh!!! Let's bring in Gen
Wes Clark, get Limbaugh thrown off
his overseas radio broadcast! Yeah!

So, in typical fashion, David Brock
proceeds to distort a couple of words, take them out of context, and Make Rush Look Really Bad!

Well, good old Ollie North fired right back with the proper context.
Another Smear, Foiled Again!
Rush keeps his Radio Gig.
If You Like Dirty Politics, this campaign will go down in history as
the worst... No! As The Dirtiest Political Campaign Ever! Expensive,
Too! Pack yer money-bags, George Soros; who needs your Open Society?
The USA has your number, at last.



See Moveon *&* Media(Mud)Matters, here's another bad joke:

Question: Hollywood Starlets & some crazy Muslims have something in common.

What is it?




They both seem to enjoy...



The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Following the publication of the ad in question or perhaps, the questionable ad, stated it had received donations in th eamount of $500,000.00 from 12,000 individual donors.

It was seem that the PR disaster was not unmitigated.



Quite Revealing, Loop,

If MoveOn generates a half-million bucks from just One "Hate-Ad", it serves to indicate the depth of pervertion created, doesn't it?

The phrase "Blind Hated" has new significance. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


That is one one interpretation but it is neither the most obvious nor the most likely.

Another interpretation is that there is a significant segment of the American populace which is completely disillusioned w/ the war in Iraq. Not the war against terrorism; the war in Iraq.

I could go on for pages, but I will be brief. This segment believes one, some, or all of the following: there were insufficient reasons to invade Iraq; some aspects of the war were poorly prosecuted (i.e. the failure to secure Iraq munitions); many aspects of the occupation were mismanaged; America is not safer for having invaded Iraq--Gen. Petraeus said he did not know whether America was safer; Al Qeda has not been destroyed and Osama bin Laden is still at large; The United States commitment in Iraq requires a disporoportionate amount odf American resources given the dubious results of the invasion from a political standpoint; and Iran, which is ruled by mullahs and run by a person who seems to be equal parts jackanapes; madman; and jihadist has become the most powerful nation in the region thanks to our overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

You may personally disagree w/ some or all of the above, but that is not the issue. All of these propositions may be argued very convincingly and that segment of the American populace to which I refer beleives in one, some, or all of them.

The other side of the coin is that this segment does not trust the current administration. Obviously, some never did, but I think it would be a mistake to think that some w/ open minds have not chosen to give b/c of their disillusionment w/ the war.



Loop Garoo Kid,

Your "disallusionment with the administration" is multiplied thousands of times by the skillfully crafted, Four-year Negative Hate Campaigns created by Multiple 'Hate Clubs'. Soros, Soros, Soros! etc. $ $ $ + $ $ $

Eli Pariser, Exec Director of MoveOn quoted on the DNC, Dec 9th,
2004, re the Democratic Party...
"We Bought It...We Own It!" Hah!

MoveOnDotTrash, Media(Mud)Matters,
Daily(Crash)Kos, hate, hate, etc.
We Are Confronting a 1400 Year Old
Kill-Culture, and people like yourself need Instant Solutions to
a One Billion-Member, Muslim Problem!

Please "Do Not Go On For Pages", Mr
Loop Garoo,

Let's all be patient, and allow Slick Willie & Hillary to give us all Wonderful
Peace, with a victory on Jan 20, 2009. (I hear that they alone have a Secret Micro-wave Solution).

a) You and I will probably agree that the USA will maintain a strong military presence in the region for decades! Also, Please eMail the DNC that This Is Reality.

b) While you are at it, also inform them that "Incompetent George Bush" financial policy has set an Astonishing Record Of 49 (!) Consecutive Months of Job Creation! Send copies to Sen. Harry Reid & Frisco's Madam, Nancy Pelosi!

Reid/Pelosi/Soros took a Major Hit with the General 'Be-Tray-Us' Ad that will reverberate all through the 2008 Campaign. That's A Cinch Bet! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


a) You and I agree on this point and probably so does every Democratic candidate except Barack Obama, maybe, but primaries are about playing to the base of the party and so again in the political arena we can expect to see promises made which will not be kept in the face of the realities of the situation.

a.1) I sometimes think you need to step back and give Americans some credit for being able to assess a situation and judge it on its merits in light of their experience, personal and vicarious, and their common sense. The President is not unpopular b/c of a smear campaign conducted by Georeg Soros or anyone else. The President is unpopular b/c the war in Iraq is unpopular and his prosecution of that war caused his party to lose its majority, hamstringing him politically. The only thing he has done lately is to veto the SCHIP bill which had bipartisan support. So now, in addition to his other perceived failings, he is against providing healthcare to children.

b) Job creation? 2 points. (1) How many of those jobs are good jobs that provide beenfits and the chance for advancement?
(2) The American people have always been called on to sacrifice in war time. Always taxes have been raised to pay for the war. This president has cut taxes while prosecuting a war that has cost billions and whose eventual cost will exceed a trillion dollars. $1,000,000,000,000.00. So where is this money coming from? We are issuing bonds and selling them. Who is buying them? Japan; South Korea; and China. What is happeneing to the dollar? It is falling against the Euro. So, what happens when China stops investing in U.S. Bonds and starts investing in investments whhere the return is in Euros? Oh yeah, the debt represented by the bonds need to be repaid.

Don't worry though, those minimum wage jobs at fast food joints will provide enough tax revenue to take care of the situation.

I'll clean your rose colored glasses for you, if you like.




Your rantings are sophisticated,
specious, and lacking originality.

How can you expect anyone "to step back and give credit" to a view, or
a political body representing 70% of the voters that have swallowed the 'hate-bait' of MoveOnDotTrash, DailyKos and Media Matters, et alia. You've Been Marinating In It! To deny this, is to Ignore the 'Power of Suggestion', the Josef Goebbles Effect, and the Sleazy Hype of Billion-Dollar Hate Propaganda Machinery.


After this many years, we all adapt!
It's now easy to accept the gross negativity and distortion flowing from MSNBC Olberman, and "Hard(Left)Ball" Chris Matthews, and Air-headed
Hollywood starlets, Michael Moore, or assorted War-Gurus in the House & Senate. YOUR Shameful Majority Congress, Loop!

Can you expect anyone to "trust the judgement and merits" of hypnotic subjects, "conditioned" to
hate a person, or a policy, or a
military strategy, or a General?

Only the boldest will admit (in private conversation) that we
have a Complex Problem of Huge Preportions With Offensive Jihad.

Not With Dubya, not Cheney, not Halliburton, Not Military Tactics, Not Deployment, Not General Petraeus...But With Insane Global Jihad!

All of the Democratic nominees must
have winced at the Gen Be-Tray-Us Ad, yet they were Stone Silent! The
truth is, if they stand up and defend this fine Four-Star General, they all know that their political future is finished. Kaput! The George Soros Machine Will Crush Any Politician That Speaks Up! The Silence Is Quite Deafening!

Emotion and political bias now clouds the judgement of the Vast Left-Wing. To deny it, is to fail
to see it in nearly every Loop Garoo paragraph on Iraq ever written here on this weblog.

The Brite & Not-so-Brite, the Informed & Uninformed, all are vulnerable; none are immune to the
ravages of Pernicious On-going Hatred.

Does it ever bother you, that one man, Eli Pariser said, "We Bought It, We Own It!? Your Party, Loop.

When Dubya is back in Crawford, Tx,
George Soros Will Still "Own" your
Legislative Reps, House & Senate!
Does that give you any qualms? Any momentary doubts or uneasiness about your positions?



Hitler Conned Germany in the 1930's
and Soros Conned the USA in this century.
Prediction: When Hillary secures the nomination and Carefully moves
to the Right, then the Soros Hate Campaigns will swing their smear guns in her direction. It's gonna be brutal! The 'vast grass-roots' will never figure it out, but you will, someday; Cuz, you're smarter
than most of them.

And, Loop Garoo does have his many valued "Talking Points". Yep!

A fine mind is a terrible thing to waste, on Negativity.

Your friend, reb



Here we have the Evidence of Verbal Combat between two friends:

Loop Garoo is slightly Left of Center, and I choose to align my
thoughts, focus my attention to
defend our military, defend "the
administration" against a vicious
assault by MoveOnDotTrash,Media(Mud)Matters, Daily(Crash)Kos...

"Pinky" Reid/Pelosi,Kennedy/Kerry/ Kucinich/Edwards/Obama, etc

Loop Attacks Iraq Policy, I vigorously defend it. We both agree
that regardless of all the political hot-air, we must have a
military presence in the MiddleEast,
and we'll be there, somewhere, for decades. That's the reality. I think we can both agree that the scurrilous, rude assault on General Petraeus was a stupid George Soros, NY Times blunder. It served to wake up some
long-time Democrats that just maybe, they can no longer support their old party. Well, don't be embarrassed, you can always register as an Independent...just a thought.
This Weblog Is Open Forum; If YOU
wish to add your comment, welcome!


Dateline: Oct 18th, 2007
On the Floor of the U.S. Congress,
Rep. Pete Stark, Democrat from the
13th District,(SanFrancisco) said:

"You don't have money to fund the war or children," he said. "But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people, if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement".
In some nations, this 'looney-tune'
would be facing a Firing Squad. reb