Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Vast Left-Wing" ~ Part II


to find an expanded list of suspicious "Peace" Funding Groups,*simply begin with Colombe Foundation, for they graciously tell us exactly who gets the money, and exactly how much, from 2002 thru 2006. *

* There's a list of 102 Groups if you have the time.

The Grantees: A cursory look at the five pages, the curious will find one stand-out, W.A.N.D. 'Women's Action for New Direction'! Their priorities include elimination of Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, abandonment of our Missile Defense Systems, scrapping the Patriot Act, etc

Another thing of personal interest to me, W.A.N.D. was the group that aided "Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance" (1989) to begin their own Stop The Bombs Campaign Rallies & "Hiroshima Days" Parade, with pious Prayer Vigils, etc When I attend these events, I always Note August 6th, honoring that day special to them, and suggest that they also pay homage to "Remember Pearl Harbor Day" December 7th, 1941. I point to the fact that without the Japanese Attack, there would be no Hiroshima Day. (I get blank stares & frowns).

ck www.dogpile.com for W.A.N.D. or O.R.E.P.A.

Now, let us turn back to FRONTPAGEMAG.COM for more intimate details of the 22 groups listed in Part I, of 'Vast Left-Wing' Post. See "Funding The War Against the War onTerror" by that fine researcher, John Perazzo. It's here Mr. Perazzo lists both the Funder's AND the Beneficiaries!

Note: Follow THE MONEY, and make notations of any names associated with Hollywood "Activists", or Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez admirers, or the sleazeball Movie Stars like Ed Aznar, Harry Belafonte, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Jesse Jackson & Sean Penn, that are on stage when United For Peace & Justice has a Super Rally in Washington, D.C. or....

check U.F.P.J. (at www.dogpile.com) for Your State Activists. These people just love to excite the hometown "Grass-roots" dupes that enjoy a good HATE Campaign. Grab a Peace Sign, bring Donation, and join in the Celebration. If you're lonely, you will suddenly meet friends you didn't even know you had! You too can be a "Puppetista" ! ! ! reb

P.S. Harry Belafonte just endorsed Sen. Edwards !

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The "Vast Left-Wing"

The "Vast Left-Wing"

Note: On November 4, 1979, the Iranian Shia leader, The Grand Ayatollah Khomeini began a series of hostile incidents directed at the U.S. Government by inciting so-called "students" to an attack on our Embassy in Tehran. Under International Law, this was an 'Act of War'.

Since this initial act, similar and ever more intense acts of blood-letting & violence has occured with bombings, high-jackings, suicidal murders, through several presidential terms, on individuals and property around the world, too numerous to list here, and then the first direct assault by a mindless world-wide theocracy with the 9/11/2001 disaster in New York City, when 2972 hapless U.S. citizens died in about an hour, on that sunny September morning.

Since that awful day, we have observed a radical shift in the public's perception of the political landscape, and question just which forces are actually in play. Hundreds of Radical "Peace" groups, spouting 'activist' chants and slogans and with well funded, skillfully organized campaigns, always generating more heat than light...have emerged, requiring our hard-nosed examination.

Let's follow the money-trail together, let's see where it leads. reb

Part I ~ The Foundations & Institutes

Est. 1999 ~ Combined Assets, $27,000,000,000 ______________________________

Agape Foundation
CarEth Foundation
Columbe Foundation
Compton Foundation
Ford Foundation
S&M Hirsch Foundation
J.D. MacArthur Foundation
Mertz Gilmore Foundation
A.J. Muste Mem. Institute
New Land Foundation
*Open Society Institute, (G. Soros)
Peace Development Fund
Public Welfare Fund
Ploughshares Fund
Rockerfeller Brothers Fund
Samuel Rubin Foundation
Simons Foundation
Stanley Foundation
Threshold Foundation
Tides Foundation *(see OSI)
Town Creek Foundation
'Working Assets'
Part II ~ Who Are The 'Peaceful' Beneficieries?
S/H will name them, and where you'll find 'em.
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Stay tuned, folks! reb

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