Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Vast Left-Wing" ~ Part II


to find an expanded list of suspicious "Peace" Funding Groups,*simply begin with Colombe Foundation, for they graciously tell us exactly who gets the money, and exactly how much, from 2002 thru 2006. *

* There's a list of 102 Groups if you have the time.

The Grantees: A cursory look at the five pages, the curious will find one stand-out, W.A.N.D. 'Women's Action for New Direction'! Their priorities include elimination of Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, abandonment of our Missile Defense Systems, scrapping the Patriot Act, etc

Another thing of personal interest to me, W.A.N.D. was the group that aided "Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance" (1989) to begin their own Stop The Bombs Campaign Rallies & "Hiroshima Days" Parade, with pious Prayer Vigils, etc When I attend these events, I always Note August 6th, honoring that day special to them, and suggest that they also pay homage to "Remember Pearl Harbor Day" December 7th, 1941. I point to the fact that without the Japanese Attack, there would be no Hiroshima Day. (I get blank stares & frowns).

ck www.dogpile.com for W.A.N.D. or O.R.E.P.A.

Now, let us turn back to FRONTPAGEMAG.COM for more intimate details of the 22 groups listed in Part I, of 'Vast Left-Wing' Post. See "Funding The War Against the War onTerror" by that fine researcher, John Perazzo. It's here Mr. Perazzo lists both the Funder's AND the Beneficiaries!

Note: Follow THE MONEY, and make notations of any names associated with Hollywood "Activists", or Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez admirers, or the sleazeball Movie Stars like Ed Aznar, Harry Belafonte, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Jesse Jackson & Sean Penn, that are on stage when United For Peace & Justice has a Super Rally in Washington, D.C. or....

check U.F.P.J. (at www.dogpile.com) for Your State Activists. These people just love to excite the hometown "Grass-roots" dupes that enjoy a good HATE Campaign. Grab a Peace Sign, bring Donation, and join in the Celebration. If you're lonely, you will suddenly meet friends you didn't even know you had! You too can be a "Puppetista" ! ! ! reb

P.S. Harry Belafonte just endorsed Sen. Edwards !

We are the Snake Hunters


Links worth your time


The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!



This Follow-up Part II Post is simply what I've found, made available for others to expand upon, for research purposes, and to aid skeptics, the mal-content, and the unaware in their own 'Search-For-Truth'. (I think they are valuable too).
Partisan Democrat or Republican
"Political-Junkies" and the "nit-pickers" that already have their positions set in reinforced concrete will have little use for this material.
There is hope that some may find the contents useful & informative.
For the Middle-of-The-Road, too-busy-to-care types, plus the many undecided, we've tried.
We'll never miss 'The Well Of
Freedom & Justice For All' until it's a fond memory. We'll Defend It Now, Or Lose It; Enough with the "Hot-Air!" It's decision time.
It's 'Open Society', with Soros, or
back to Fundamental American Values. It's really that simple. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Who do you like for fundamental American values?


Loop Garoo,

Without hesitation, I'll Endorse Newt Gingrich for V.P., and wait until the nominees of both parties are selected before voicing any further opinion.

You've shown a preference for Sen.
John Edwards. Too vulnerable; bad choice! He's an 'also ran'.

It's a long way to Tipparary, and
six months before the dust settles.
Both sides still rippin' their fellow nominees. No Reagan 11th visable in this one! Obama will fade in the stretch, even w/Oprah Winfrey Glitz. Fluid in the G.O.P. camp. Hillary's nearly a lead-pipe cinch. Wes Clark's her guy. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Hmmmm. I am considering making you a friendly wager by taking the under on Hillary.

Is theree any indication that any GOP candidate would consider NG for a VP or that if they did, he would accept?



If you can keep your head,
when all about you, critics
are scratching theirs...

watching the early polls,
foaming at the mouth with hate,
betting on the 'also rans'

Destroying ones own credibility
in the process; then you'll be
classed a political-junkie, my man!
If we can walk with kings & pundits
And still retain the common touch
We're better off!

Apologies to RK reb

Kristina said...

I don't know. I think Obama has a good chance of winning. He's got a lot of votes from.... women! I've talked to a lot of my Dem friends/family and they seem to be pulling for him. I do think that Hillary is not showing well, right now. But, it is also pretty early to tell right now.


Be Patient, early trends mean
very little; trust logic! reb


I've come to admire O'Reilly on FOX. It's not just that he so often hits a bull's-eye, but, He's Done It Again, Big-Time!

His twin nominees for 'Pinheads of the Year' 2007 are...

Eli Pariser (the guy that claimed
on December 9, 2004, "We bought it!
We own it!" He was speaking, believe it or not, about MY Old
Democratic Party!

The other half of course, was his boss George Soros. Frame 'em, hang 'em in the Nat. Hall of Shame.

Soros will not soon be forgotten for buying that Gen. "Be-Tray-Us" Full Page Ad in the NY Times, Sept 10th. Such scum! $180,000 is pocket-change for this creep.

MoveOnDotTrash is fast losing all
Another nominee, Rosie O'Donnell, for her quote, "Radical Christians
are just as threatening as Radical
Muslims!". Ah, those Secular- Progressives, ain't they something to sneeze at? Woof! Ss-chew! reb



FACT: Military Intel Report (from captured documents):

Forty-one percent of Suicide Bombers are from Saudi Arabia; recuited from a University Campus! reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

Good stuff here. Horowitz' DiscovertheNetworks.org is a great resource.

Of the groups you mention, I'm certainly familiar with United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ). They count among their members the CPUSA; Communist Party USA. They've done a few marches in Washington DC, and I go uptown and counterprotest them and entertain myself by watching them go by. The left is very much into costumes and weird signs so it's an absolute freak show.

Fyi, you've got a typo in your post, though; it should be "Colombe", not "Columbe"

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Redhunter. I'll be posting
and re-posting the George Soros
Full-page Scurrilous Ad defaming
Gen. David Petraeus! I was shocked
and thrilled at this slime-ball
SOROS stupidity, in doing such a thing.
He Paid $180,000 to the NY Times Bold-Type "GEN BE-TRAY-US" and I
immediately saw Collector Value, so Snake Hunter Laminated It! As the election moves into high-gear
the G.O.P. Will Use It!
What an eBay 'Treasure Potential' after the 2008 Elections! The Top
third has a picture of Gen Dave,
in 4-star Uniform w/medals, and near the bottom MOVE-ON.ORG! (Bold)
Minimum bid, what should I ask? reb


to one and all...*

Merry Christmas *


Tom the Redhunter said...

anonymous: I agree that Movon.org overplayed their hand with their "Betray us" ad. Pelosi, Reid and I think most sane Democrats cringed when they saw it. Their problem, however, is that they take so much money from them that they couldn't publically say much. The left has gotten itself beholden to the "netroots" crowd.

snake hunters and everyone else: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families as well!

Yankee Doodle said...

Merry Christmas! And be sure to read the Yankee Commentary on the New Year and New Year's Eve for my primary endorsements.


Mohamed Fadly Said: "I will do my best to show the true face of Islam".
Dateline: Pakistan ~ 12/27/07

Today, an assassin's bullets slammed
into the neck and chest of Benizar
Bhutto, then this crazed idiot blew
himself up, killing 20 Pakistani citizens.

It's an ancient kill-culture folks, and
these idiots wish to export it to
the rest of the world. They are
here now in Dearborne & Detroit, and in other enclaves. Watch C.A.I.R. Not all are "moderate".

We have our own brand of insanity
right here in the USA. They Parade
& Rally under the banner of "United For Peace & Justice", (a Fidel Castro Group) and they are part of a massive one hundred vicious billionaire groups that promote Anti-American advertising campaigns, employ dupe celebrities to con the public, buy ads that demean and ridicule great leadership. Observe the "Gen. Be-Tray-Us" Ad, Sept 10, NY Times! They shout "Impeach Bush/Cheney", and plaster their cars w/ "When Clinton Lied, Nobody Died". They have invaded our Church groups.

Six years of 'Hate Dubya', my friends.

Many have been fooled. The Real
Democratic Party Has Been High-Jacked, it's gone. Gearge Soros
Chief Executive, Eli Pariser is quoted on Dec 9th, 2004..."We bought It, It's Ours!" during Sen
John Kerry Campaign. That's right,
they can buy Politicans & Lobbyists, and political influence like never before in our history.
You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Let's send Sen Harry Reid back to Searchlight, Nevada. Send Madam Nancy Pelosi back to the sewers of
San Francisco. She would serve the public better as a Junior File-Clerk, in the Sanitation Department.
HUMBUG...and Happy New Year! reb

Mohamed said...

Hello Mr.reb,

Long time didn't talk, right?

That's truley horrible that many killings were made because of some belief. Like Crusade wars in the old ages when half million were killed only in Jerusalem, and 9-11 attacks recently when 3 thousand of innocents were killed.

I believe that no belief invites to that. Whether Christianity or Islam or even Judiasm in their origin.

Any way; let me comment on one of your words. You said before that there is no God for this Universe by all its planets orbiting around stars, earth with its atmosphere protectin us, trees giving us Oxygen, sun giving us life priniples, the huge varity of living creaures; animals, birds, insects, etc. All that you believe that there is no God 'entity' who made them, right?

You know also?!! This computer you're sitting on right now?!! (A surprise) No body invinted it.





Our Universe Is Complex. Life on this planet is incredibly complex!
No individual, or group of people knows everything. No Religion Ever
Conceived Knows Everthing. None!

Religious Crazies Make Outrageous
CLAIMS, and some believe it. Some Claim that they talk directly to a
"Creator God". Still Others Claim To Receive "Devine Relevations". Others say that they get a 'good feeling' and "Inspiration" from This Prophet, or That Prophet.

The Roman Catholic Pope CLAIMS that he is "Infallible" in matters of Faith & Morals! Such Wild Arrogance! He Claims To Be The Vicar of Christ On Earth! He wears a funny hat, and expects his people to kiss his Gold Ring, and bow down to him...Rubbish!

Others (including this editor) have serious doubts and suspicions about these ancient writings and beliefs, and the Attendant Claims!

We are threatened with hysterical chants, with Beheadings, with Torture, with Eternal Hell-fire in the After-Life. We are branded as "Evil" People... Kafir, or Non-Believers, for questioning, and expressing the need for Caution.
We Admit, that we have little or no knowledge, or clear evidence of a "Creator God". Some accept the title "Agnostic", meaning 'Don't Know', and others, observing all of the Historical Violence over the Centuries, throw up their hands in disgust, and say, "There Is No God"! How can they possibly Prove That? These are the hated "Atheists".
Mohamed says he has 'The Truth'.
Should I listen to this 19 year old, that believes he has the Key To All Knowledge? Sorry, friend. reb


December 31, 2007

A New Year's Resolution!

(After the Twin Towers Disaster in 2001, some time had passed, and an old friend told me "Shhh, It's all about OIL
and an "Oil Cartel!"... OPEC?, I asked.

He replied, "No, no! It's Those Two Guys in Washngton, D.C. The Real 'Oil Cartel' is Bush/Cheney,
and something called Halliburton!)
Not one to buy a "Pig In A Poke",
I begin an exhaustive research project, (With A Search-Engine) that led to some really Incredible Evidence! On Jan 5th, 2006, I began blogging with a snake-hunting, fact-finding routine that survives to this day!

Scroll all the way down to "Our Goals" (First Post). I had found a
Fidel Castro Communist Puppet named Leslie Cagan, and U.F.P.J.

It's the most Facinating Thing I've ever done, Searching Out The
Real Enemies of the U.S.A. It's A
Great Nation, and I'll Continue With This Project.

We Have Much More To Do, digging out the Ungrateful Scum-bag Traitors like George Soros, that dwell in the Land Of the Free! I Have a Firm Resolve! I'm a totally committed Snake Hunter!

You Can Join Us, Pass Along our Web-Address, or just stand aside! reb

Yankee Doodle said...

We should all make New Year Resolution. Make it formal and frame it on the wall.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Ah, so that's how you got started. We've all got our own story. Mine is that I left a company that had been a bad situation and needed something to divert my mind. Pursuing UFPJ is certainly a worthy project, and a superb New Year's resolution. I've had the honor of counterprotesting them in Washington DC as they march around holding their traitorous signs.

Have a Happy New Year!


The Sheep, Wolves, & Sheepdogs Are
In Caucus In Iowa; can you hear the
Baa-baa,baa in the back-ground? reb

Debbie said...

Very interesting. Great work you and. Happy New Year, health, happiness, peace, and blessings. Keep up the good work.

On the Sheep, Wolves, and Sheep Dogs, I see way too many sheep. You are right, Iowa is full of them. We need a Sheep Dog to head this country.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth



Democrat Puppets in wild dance in final hours before the vote.

Obama & Hillary nearing exhaustion
from a final week of back-slapping
and hand-pumping...

High above, and behind the curtain, the Grand Puppet-Master is moving his lil' dolls into position...

'Second-Tier' people...biden, richardson & kucinich are moved to center-stage, with their votes, toss them into...Obama's Corner.

Wowee, surprise...OBAMA WINS!!!
It's 'False-Positive Manipulation' folks; a subtle warning to remind Hillary Clinton Who's Boss!
Nearly in tears, Hillary frowns, mutters again, "The Willing Suspension of Disbelief!"
George Soros smiles, puts down the
phone, orders his butler to hand him the hand-calculator, and another Waterford Crystal of his favored vintage brandy!

"Now, on to New Hampshire" he smirks.
Scenario by: reb


The Iowa Party's Over In the Corn-crib; now it's off to New Hampshire.

Major Wins: Obama, Huckabee, and don't forget McCain. (He's smiling tonight! The Senator doesn't really like Romney), and Mitt will probably get a better shake with The Seculars in this state. Ten Million Bucks, and all Mitt got was a bloody nose! Those Hard-core Baptists fear the Mormon, and it brought the younger voter out in record numbers on a bitter-cold night. Edwards is on the ropes, after his 36-hour campaign. Ain't this fun? What's driving these people? I think Gingrich was smart to stand back, let 'em rumble.

One down, forty-nine to go, folks!


Calm Reflection:

Three Democrats: Two Experienced
Legislators, Senators Biden & Dodd,
and One Green-horn with a Slogan, and the new un-tested guy sweeps the field, causing the two fellows with decades of experience to pull out of the race!

OBAMA, smooth as glass, but No Experience In International Affairs
Gets an Amazing Victory in IOWA!

Something Haywire Here? Obama had
a few thousand blue placards that

OBAMA change you can believe in

Is That What It Takes To Win
A Presidential Election?

You Tell Me, are we a nation of
Idiots & Nin-com-poops, led by a
billionaire master-manipulator?


Sheep, Wolves, & Sheep-Dogs. Who Will Survive in 2008? reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


2 points:

Yesterday afternoon, I received a t/c from my formerneighbor who moved back to his home town, Cedar Falls. The weather was not really freezing but had improved significantly.

I appreciate your concern about Obama's lack of experience in foreign policy. The current occupant of the White House also had a dearth of experience and look where it got us. On the other hand, the occupant b/f him also had a dearth of experience, and he didn't do so bad.

What can we conclude?




L.G.K. just doesn't like Bush/Cheney. Never has, never will. reb


When our embassy (in 1979) was attacked, jimmy didn't launch a
major counter-attack; in 2000 when
the USS Cole was bombed off Yemini
Coast, Slick Willie did nothing!

Conclusion: When the NYC Twin Towers were attacked, Bush/Cheney
hit Afganistan!

NOW, the Democrats Attack...the BUSH ADMINISTRATION! reb


Gettin' Nasty in New Hampshire.
Senator Edwards, Obama and that "Moderator" gang-up on Ms
Hillary's "likability"! Oh-hum.

For the first time in ages, the Democrats were forced to discuss the grim probability of a direct Nuclear Attack on the USA. The nominees were visibly upset, but they struggled through it! Saved embarrassment by going after Dubya "failed Iraq policy". Boring.
On the GOP side of the evening,
Senator John went for Romney's throat, so Mitt fights back. Huckabee, zero. What a waste of valuable air-time. Ron Paul...more dumb stuff. Rudy did all right, stood his ground.

New Hampshire? Nothing much yet.
Stay tuned in. reb

Anonymous said...

(reb's goin' incognito on this one)



It's the brite new "Shadow Party",
and it's still another group originally set up by George Soros,
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Harold Ickes to guide the old, stale Democratic Party into a Spaced-out, Vast-Left Position... of their own unique brand of "Peace & Justice". (Oh, ck out "MediaMatters" too).

No, it's not U.F.P.J. it's still

It's known as ACORN, "Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now".

'Shadow Party' for details.
It's mind-snapping what Unlimited
Money Will Buy! L.G.K. is just amazed at the organizational ability, and dedication of these crazy people. Now, I think he's beginning to get the drift; am I right, Loop? reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Well reb, it is time to remind you once again that after 9/11, in addition to invading Afghanistan, which made a great deal of sense b/c that was where the terrorist training camps were located, the Bush administartion invaded Iraq, which made no sense whatsoever.

Now, nearly 6 and 1/2 years after 9/11, OBL has yet to be brought to justice; Iraq has become a lobster trap for our military and a black hole for our national resources; the opium crop in Aghanistan has reached its largest level ever and is used to fund the Taliban.

Although the wisest mind has something yet to learn, the wisest mind should also rememeber history when formulating foreign policy. And what does Mr. Gingrich opine regarding the efficacy of the Bush strategy?

But at least the Bush administration did something by golly.



Yes Loop Garoo! We all know recent history.
Now We Have An Obligation...to Inform the American citizen that
we are in a dynamic struggle here
at home. The organizations that
scream "Peace" at us, and seek to CHANGE our Two-Party System into opposing Hate Groups; They cry for "Peace At Any Price". We must be Made AWARE of these Ugly Peace Foundations like U.F.P.J. and
'Peace & Security Funder's Group'
They Are The Vast-Left Conspiracy!
They Spew Poisonous Doctrine that
subvert & demean All efforts to confront the Ancient Kill-Culture of Islam.

They are world-wide in scope; They are an Evil, a Suicidal band of Mullahs. They Are THEOCRACY, in its most vicious form.
The O.S.I. Controls A Web of Political Thought-Process, and they are inimical to the best interests of our noble United States Constitutional Law.
Join me, rather than debate one issue. IRAQ is merely a symptom of a much larger problem.

George Soros is a Multi-headed Snake, He Is Evil, Personified!

Re-read the Hard Evidence contained within These Two Posts, Double-Check Everything I've presented here, then reply. reb


New Hampshire ~ Sat, Jan 5th

Big Night For Democrats:

Key words: "New Direction" & "CHANGE"

Sen. Edwards Stabs Hillary in the Back w/ "The Forces of the Status
Quo" (Hillary Blinks!) ...that attack Sen. Obama & I! We are for

(S/H will answer that after the Tues Debate; I sent Hillary an eMail 'Strategic Response').


New Hampshire ~ Sun, Jan 6th

Big Night for the G.O.P.

All Four Republicans Scored Big!
Rudy, McCain & Romney all scored
major points, they were civil, and
Romney Hit The Home Run!

IT WAS ROMNEY, back in the game.
reb __________________________________

Tom the Redhunter said...

loop garoo; so how exactly would you catch bin Laden if you were president? I'm not interested in what you would have done, because everyone's a genius in hindsight, but what would you do now?

snake hunters; I agree that Romney did the best. He is perhaps the best well spoken of the bunch. McCain and Rudy held their own, and Thompson needs to speak without saying "um" 3 times per sentence.

I think Hillary is running scared. I heard a few sound clips of her today and she's starting to realize that this just might be the end of her aspirations.



After six long years of negativity
and manufactured hatred of "DUBYA", the U.S. population has been reduced, in a very significant way, into groups that permit themselves into being led by SLOGANS!

a) 'New Direction'
b) "Change"
*(Next, we gotta move "Forward"!)

Where's the Beef? Which new direction, and where are we going?
Change? Well, as soon as I figure
out who I've decided on, I'll let
you know, ya see pal? George Soros
will tell us all soon. You can bet
the farm on that!

He wuz right on Bush/Cheney & that
Halliburton guy, wasn't he? Next, he'll show us..."Open Society".

baaa, bbaaaaa, baa, baaa, ba, baaa


Ya see, if you ever need to know
anything that's too complicated,
ya just go to MoveOnDotTrash, and
there's always a bulletin for ya.

Ain'tcha glad Uncle Georgie warned
us about him? reb

baaaa, baa, baaa, ba-baaaaa, baaa

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Tom TRH,

I will be honest and say I am not sure how to bring OBL to justice now b/c to do so would probably involve some incursion into Pakistan. Given the level of our commitment in Iraq; the dicey nature of the political situation in Pakistan; and the international political impossibility of another invasion, The only way I could see it would be a small stealth force which presupposes accurate intelligence regarding his whereabouts which I think we are unlikely to possess.


You are not allowed to revise history as you go. The fact that the American electorate has been largely conditioned to think in sound bites is completely unrelated to an any negativity related to the incumbant president. Rather look for antecedents at least as old as the 1840 election and "Tippecanoe and Tyler too."

I think the problem has worsened over the course of last several elections but I attribute this to the media's manipulation of the American attention span.



Correction! Reb does not 'revise history', he reports current changes on a day-to-day basis, and

...there's some exciting news building in the Primaries!

Huckabee's slipping, McCain & Romney are gaining momentum for Feb 5th.

Pay Attention!

On The Democratic Side, it's "Fish or Cut Bait" tonight for Hillary.

If She Displays Courage, she will destroy her "Judas" (Sen Edwards), then look forward to future battles
with Sen Barack Obama. Fox News will give us the "Fair & Balanced",
so watch tonight's action! reb


Re-read Loop Garoo:

"The American Electorate has been largely 'conditioned' to think in sound-bytes"...(TRUE, and it took several hundred millions of George Soros Dollars to turn that trick!)

..."The Media's Manipulation of the American Attention Span"....

and Loop Garoo still turns a Blind-eye
and a Deaf-ear, when confronted with General Be-Tray-Us NYTimes Ad,
plus a hundred wealthy "Peace Foundations", kicking Bush/Cheney since the 9/11 numbing disaster.
LGK, you really should toss those
Plastic Werewolf Teeth, take a cold
shower, and get on board the Freedom Train of Liberty and Justice For All!

McCain, Romney, Rudy & Speaker Newt Gingrich are gearing up to take the wraps off of the O.S.I.'s MoveOnDotCrap. Stay tuned. reb


Jan 8th ~ New Hampshire Primary
Hillary Wins A Big One Over Obama!

After suffering a humiliating defeat in Iowa behind Obama & Edwards (she placed 3rd). Here in the "Granite State", she edges her nearest rival, and very handily Slam-Dunks Senator John Edwards, narrowing the field for future contests. Edwards Union vote just didn't carry him, and his baggage.
McCain Wins for the G.O.P. and Romney finishes a strong 2nd place,
It's time for termites Ron Paul (r), and Dennis Kucinich (d), to make the honorable gesture, and let the heavy-hitters proceed to the Big Super-Tuesday Event on Feb 5th. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

That's also true to John Edwards, he needs to drop off the race sooner or later.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Loop Garoo Kid: Thank you for your honesty. Pakistan is an impossible situation. Going in with special ops sounds good, but when (and it's always "when", not "if") one gets killed or caught there'll be hell to pay.

Besides, even if we did go in with large number of troops (a logistical impossibility, but suspend that for a second) it'd take us months or years to find him. In the meantime all hell would be breaking lose in Pakistan.

The best we can do is try and work through proxies; try and buy off tribal leaders through one means or another.

The bottom line: If we lose Pakistan to Islamists we can't even get to Afghanistan. If you don't believe me look at a map. As I said, it's an impossible situation with no easy answers.


Heard Jimmy Carter tonite on C-Span expounding on the U.S.A. Embarrassment in Abu Gharaib &
Guantanimo Prisons. This poor man
is ever hopeful, I would suppose, for another Nobel Peace Prize. That of course, would put 'Jimmy' One-up on
Yasser Arafat, the PLO Killer! reb

RexMundi said...

Hi All!

I'm just gettin' back in to posting following the holidays. This is my first visit to Snake Hunters and I like what I see. Also, thanks to those who posted to my site - I hope you liked what I'm doing as well. Folks, this is the real deal, make no mistake. I've recently made the jump from just blogging to taking more of an activist stance. Seeing as I live in the San Fracisco Bay Area, I and my cohorts have raised some Cain I can assure you. Take heart, you know you've hit the mark when the Left starts threatening you, so whatever happens do NOT back down. Turn up the heat! Thanks again....and I'll be adding SNAKEHUNTERS to my link list. You can visit me at http://rexmundinews.blogspot.com
And as always... no shari'a!