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The "Vast Left-Wing"

The "Vast Left-Wing"

Note: On November 4, 1979, the Iranian Shia leader, The Grand Ayatollah Khomeini began a series of hostile incidents directed at the U.S. Government by inciting so-called "students" to an attack on our Embassy in Tehran. Under International Law, this was an 'Act of War'.

Since this initial act, similar and ever more intense acts of blood-letting & violence has occured with bombings, high-jackings, suicidal murders, through several presidential terms, on individuals and property around the world, too numerous to list here, and then the first direct assault by a mindless world-wide theocracy with the 9/11/2001 disaster in New York City, when 2972 hapless U.S. citizens died in about an hour, on that sunny September morning.

Since that awful day, we have observed a radical shift in the public's perception of the political landscape, and question just which forces are actually in play. Hundreds of Radical "Peace" groups, spouting 'activist' chants and slogans and with well funded, skillfully organized campaigns, always generating more heat than light...have emerged, requiring our hard-nosed examination.

Let's follow the money-trail together, let's see where it leads. reb

Part I ~ The Foundations & Institutes

Est. 1999 ~ Combined Assets, $27,000,000,000 ______________________________

Agape Foundation
CarEth Foundation
Columbe Foundation
Compton Foundation
Ford Foundation
S&M Hirsch Foundation
J.D. MacArthur Foundation
Mertz Gilmore Foundation
A.J. Muste Mem. Institute
New Land Foundation
*Open Society Institute, (G. Soros)
Peace Development Fund
Public Welfare Fund
Ploughshares Fund
Rockerfeller Brothers Fund
Samuel Rubin Foundation
Simons Foundation
Stanley Foundation
Threshold Foundation
Tides Foundation *(see OSI)
Town Creek Foundation
'Working Assets'
Part II ~ Who Are The 'Peaceful' Beneficieries?
S/H will name them, and where you'll find 'em.
(Forward & Print)
Stay tuned, folks! reb

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Editor's Note: The Lampooning of President Bush & Dick Cheney began in ernest within a few short months of 9/11, and it continues to this day. This weblog believes that it is important to identify exactly where these vast expenditures of money originate. Their 'True Agendas' remain a mystery.

It is left to the individual to search out the sources of this "vast conspiracy of mindless hatred"...Then You Decide,

Independent Of The Deep Emotional Divisions and Rants Created By These "Special Interest" Alliances & Hateful "Peace" Groups.

Thoughtful Comment Welcomed! reb

Anonymous said...

Of the 2972 dead on 9/11, many were not US citizens as you claim.

Almost all the organizations you list here existed before 9/11/01. And most existed before your 1979 date. So I don't understand your logic.


Thank you; it's interesting that
the first to respond chose to nit-pick. Certainly, most victims, and their hapless families were
U.S. Citizens...

Secondly, Many Of The Named Foundations have indeed been around for quite some time. The so-called "Peace Alliances" have long been visible too, in the form of WWP, and other Communist Groups, and some are notorious Fidel Castro Allies.

You may not choose to "understand
my logic", but most do, as I question the logic and the vast
expenditures of Anti-Administration
Dollars dedicated to our nation's defeat. See Part II, I'll have a
bit more Info for you.

We Are At War with a fundamentalist
type, suicidal enemy, that has made their intentions quite clear. Have you taken notice of this bloody struggle? If not, talk to a returning veteran from the war zone. These Volunteer Troopers know why we are there.
If you wish further courtesy, do
identify yourself with a blog-site
or at the very least, with an Anonymous Nickname; Thanks. reb


CNN, Please say it isn't so. We critter-getters are counting on You
and FOX News to give us some reliable "Fair & Balanced"...

and now we hear about deliberate
Democratic "planted" U-Tube Spys
at the G.O.P. Debates! We've found that old "Gay" Brigadier General was 'planted' by the opposition! He's not really an "undecided voter" at all; he's a shill, a fraud. Actually a retired Colonel in the Reserves, never in a regular army unit, never overseas, another non-hero just another partisan spoof. We had enough posturing with Senator John Kerry.

Another thing, His general officer rank was an "honorary" designation; how very sad, You Failed To I.D. Him Before The Debate.
We still believe in Lou Dobbs on
Immigration, so no more tricks!
Are ya listening, Atlanta? reb


One more thing about that "general",
CNN has belatedly determined that He Was a Hillary Clinton 'Plant', hired to head-up Ms Clinton's Gay & Lezbian Steering Committee! Hillary really did
step in something nasty this time!
Now, if we can coax our leftie-leanin' viewers to Get Back On Track, research a couple of those
deep-pocket questionable foundations with their "Peace-Lovin' Intentions"?

Or, if you're busy, you can be patient and wait for me to do Part II. We are gonna reveal exactly Who Gets The Money!
So, Be Accurate, stay aware & alert, don't let the no-nothing rascals grind you down w/ Impeach Bush Bumper-stickers. (That's all they've got), and Bush/Cheney are heading for the barn soon, after a tough job reasonably well done, with all of those discordant hecklers pounding away at them for six years, don't you think? reb

americaneocon said...

Thanks for commenting on my page, Ralph!

Have a great weekend!

American Power

ex-Hollywood Liberal said...

Thanks for stopping by, Snake Hunter... Keep writing and be yourself - they love you just the way you are... As for Anonymous... they're also known as moonbats, commies, lefties, cowards, and momma's boys... When they don't ID themselves, it means their comments are so lame that they can't stand by what they believe. Stay true to yourself!

Anonymous said...

Sir: O.K. you have my attention. Who are the people behind these
wealthy foundations? What are their
motivations, their plans? Just call me "The Joker".


Joker, Thanks for asking. I try, but I don't have all the answers. But here's what I visualize, unless we quickly insist on getting some answers about these mysterious Societies & "Peace" Foundations!
If I can interest sincere people like yourself to just think about this nation's dilemma, and stimulate these citizens to help with the research...I'll point to what I've learned, perhaps I can coax a few to help, or find others to look into these easy-to-find Sources, and Forward on to friends and family. (It's scary stuff).

See Part II (Posting), mid-month.
If We Lose Our Precious Freedoms, it might begin with this sequence:

* A Graduated "New Direction"
(Watch Out for that phrase folks!)
* Accept "Open Society" Groups
(like MoveOnDotTrash) ~ O.S.I.
* Then Modest "Civil Disobedience"
* A Push For "Insurrection" (Is NYC
Chicago or L.A. Burning Yet?)
* Violent Over-Throw Of Our "Evil &
Corrupt" Militaristic Government!
* Installation Of A "Secular-Progressive" Socialist Society, where a benevolent "Big Daddy" takes away all freedom to Think, speak, print, freedom of religion, and to peacefully assemble, choose a career; one that rigidly controls all travel, allows for a 'progressive' new government to take control your kids total curriculum (including mandatory sex-education), provides Free Medical Services (cradle to the grave) & Scraps All First Amendment Notions In A Single Day by Proclamation! Behold & Alas, A Brave New World.
"Little by little, the fools will
participate in their own self- destruction" anon.
P.S. The above process is already
well under way; Wake Up, America! reb


Don sez, "Cheney's Still a War-Monger!
Hillary's Still a "She-Devil"!
and secular 'loop garoo kid'
is still a liberal werewolf!
and this ol' blogger is still hunting down the rabid looney's
and fat-cats that set up major foundations to fund communist fronts like u.f.p.j. - w.a.n.d.
and move-on-dot-trash, while

morbid billionaires like teresa hines kerry (that brute bag-lady) throws millions at grim-faced altruists, those 'peace-loving' ~tides foundation people ~ to undermine the republicans!

just imagine that old war-horse as our "first lady"! may gawd, in his infinite wisdom, always bless those meikong-delta swift-boaters! reb


George Bernard Shaw Always Said:

"If you're gonna tell the truth
You better make 'em laugh,
Or they'll kill you"!

So Laugh, you rascals!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Duty, or at least work calls, so I will be brief. The blue nowhere is a realm that is filled w/ information. It is like a fairy tale or even a Biblical story in which you, the protagnonist, must be ever vilgilent so as to avoid becoming enchanted.

If you walk around the church widdershins or eat of the forbidden fruit, you will be transported, entrapped, or enchanted.

I have in the past cautioned you and my advice has gone unheeded. If you choose to speak in a language other than metaphor, let us examine the facts b/c herein is where your logic fails.

Initially, despite the fact that you do not believe so, it is entirely possible, and even likely, that the current administration's foreign policy has failed to achieve its end which is the security of this nation. Accordingly, as occurs where there is freedom of speech, the architects of that policy are going to be criticized, particularly when a major portion of that policy, to wit, the war in Iraq is bankrupting the country morally, financially, and in its inherent divisiveness. The paradigm for this war is not WW I or WW II or even Korea. It bears similarities to Vietnam, but even Vietnam had more nobility of purpose.

Your thinking is the president, a president I might add who did not secure the popular vote in 2000-- is right; therefore you believe anyone who critcizes him is not only wrong but also bent on undermining the Republic. The only way this can be accomplished is through some vast amorphous, monied left wing conspiracy of "mindless hatred."

I think you have been seduced froim your original message which was: "There are Islamists out there who wish to return the planet to the 7th century so be aware."

No you see conspirators in every shadow; news set; and charitable foundation. reb, the ford Foundation is not bent on the destruction of America.

I will continue to endeavor to break the spell.



Loop Garoo,

Your "brief" message needs trimming! Your impatience speaks
loudly, but lacks substance. Wait
for Part II; Evidence is more potent than bumper-sticker logic.
Snake Hunters suspect your motives,
with good reason. reb


More Good News From The Right,
Bitterness For The Left;

This weblog has still another, longer list of suspicious groups to compare with the 22 on this post. Part II is shaping up. More homework for L.G.K.

This 'Guide To The Political Left'
lists 102 foundations (!) incl. ecologists, environmentalist, endowments, funds, deep ecology (?) What? - with some duplicates) for the voter's analysis. The beat goes on...reb


Bill Clinton Quote (Unconfirmed)

"I chewed on her ear...
but I did not swallow"!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


What about the vast conspiracy that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of U.S. Service men and women; the wounding of tens of thousands; the undermining of the constitution; and imposition of benefits for a privileged few?

I speak of course of the Bush-Cheney administration and I can make make the argument w/ facts gleaned from Fox News if you like.

I trust that posing such an argument will not be necessary, but it easy enough to connect the dots.

Perhaps this suggestion will help you to understand the dangers of conspiracy theories.

Praemionitus, praemunitus.


Anonymous said...

snake hunters sez,

It Has Been Abundantly Clear Who LGK Dislikes Politically, without
ever offering any great amount of solid specifics...until now. Surely, your partisan hatred has more substance than merely firing a dumb shot at out-going Bush/Cheney.

But in all these many months, the Loop Garoo Kid has taken the easy Path of The Nit-picker! Never once
volunteering, on this weblog, or on
Dr. John's ''
to disclose Who Or What You Trust to lead this nation into a very dangerous, Nuclear 21st Century.

I Have The Enemy Statements. They
laugh at any suggestion of serious
negotiation or rapproachment. They only have a maniacal wish to destroy the Jews, and then their major target, The U.S.A. Believe It!
Let's begin with naming your very best Activist-Leader topping that list; someone (or some half-dozen) currently on the front-lines of power & influence that expounds, and from your own sage perspective, that has the moral courage, to lead us to a total victory over the suicidal kill-culture espoused by Ahmadinejad and his Sunni Muslim Assassin Pals in the Saudi Royal Family (The Wahhabi). The Saudi, like Iran, also dream of the day When Their Own Brand Of Theocracy Rules This Planet.

Enlighten Us With The Names of political figures today that LGK most admires. The politicians and/or their bank-rolling "Peace" Foundations. Be Specific! Be as long-winded as you like. (I'll print them out for reference value).

You may ignore S/H penchant for
conciseness. Go Loop, Go! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I will answer w/ three caveats and one prefacatory remark. The remark is that in my opinion the poltical season, like Christmas decorations at retail outlets, seems to be occurring earlier and earlier and the neither we the people or the political process is well served by this.

Accordingly, I have not become as personally engaged as I may be later so the first caveat is: I reserve the right to change my mind.

The second caveat involves rephrasing the question. The question is not who I trust "that has the moral courage to lead us to total victory over the suicidal kill-culture" but rather who do I distrust least.

The third caveat, did not occur to me until I reread your inquiry. I believe "moral courage" to be less important than you do and in fact--not that I espouse supporting any candiate who lacks morals; courage; or moral courage--using moral courage as a litmus test is, in my opinion, a mistake. I believe your frame of reference is shaped by the fact that you seem to be a militarist by which I mean that you believe that best solution to most foreign policy issues is a military one. Accordingly, you want the president to have the characteristics of a military leader, like say, Gen. Petraeus.

None of the candidates have that so I will move on and at this juncture discuss only those candidates who are currently salient in my political consciousness.

Remember, this is a process of elimination. Democrats first. And first to go is Hillary Clinton for three reasons: 1. I distrust her ambition. 2. I think she is divisive and we have been ill served by the current occupant of the White House whose pronouncement that "I'm a uniter not a divider" is humorous only if one has a highly developed sense of irony. The third reson is that we have been ill served by the latest presidential dynasty so let's avoid another one.

Did you know that 40% of Americans now alive have only known a Bush or a Clinton as president? We as a people were not well served by the Hanoverian Georges or the Texas Georges so why would we embrace another dynasty, this one of Clintons?

Barack Obama is attractive but I am left w/ the impression that he is not worldly or experienced enough for me. The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue did not have much worldliness or experience either and look wqheree it is hs gotten us.

So, by process of elimination, at this jucture I am leaning toward John Edwards. See being a trial attorney, I trust trial attorneys. 800 years b/f the birth of Christ, the poet Archilochus admonished his companion to keep a mercenary for a friend to stand by in battle.

As for the Republicans, I will preface my remarks by saying that a prerequisite for any candidate that I can support is that he or she keeps religion as far out of his or her politics as possible. To all of my friends, acquaintances, detractors, and adversaries, I say that if your litmus test for a candidate is that he or she has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior and is born again, you are doing your country and yourself a great disservice.

This immediately eliminates Mike Huckabee, who I admire personally, b/c I do not wish to have a president who is a Baptist minister. It also eliminates Mitt Romney, not b/c he is a Mormon, but b/c he seems all too willing to pander to that portion of the Evagelical religious right that remains politically active.

Rudy Guiliani? Shakespeare wrote: "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

Rudy Guilani clearly falls into the latter group in his response as mayor of New York after 9/11. B/f 9/11, his performance was at best mixed as was his performance as U.S. Atty for the S. District of NY. I like the fact the fact that he is more tolerant than most of the GOP candidates. I am not sure I trust him to get the needed two yads on 3rd and short.

Of all the GOP candidates, John McCain is currently the most attrctive to me. I do have serious concerns about his age, however, in that if elected he will take office at the age of 72. Ronald Reagan was 69. Whereas some Americans consider him a great president, he had age issues w/ respect to his performance.

I also have questions regarding John McCain's health w/ respect to his recurrant bouts w/ melanoma.

My goodness, I just remembered that I have not said anything about Fred Thompson. I guess that says how I feel about him which is he has yet to make an impression and is unlikely to do so. He is like a bottle of champagne, the opening of which was highly anticipated but somehow the bottle was flat and w/o effervescence.

I think he is a more effective actor than politician.

I hope that answers your question sufficiently.

One more comment. My dislike of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney is not partisan. The American Heritage Dictionary defines "partisan" as "a militant supporter of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea."

No the reason why I do not like Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney is that they are bad leaders who not served our country competently, much less served it well. The Bush administration's domestic policies have not been successful; the invasion of Iraq was neither necessary nor advisable but will continue to be a lamprey sucking on our resources for generations w/o any strategic value; and I distrust and dislike this adminitration's attempt to vest more power in the executive branch.

reb, I can recall your recitaion of this administration's failures, the one I recall best being the failure to secure our borders, but where are the successes? Afghanistan? A necessary invasion that. Think of what we could be accomplishing there but for the fact that most of our resources are tied up in Iraq.

One more thing. In 2001, was Saddam Hussein a bigger threat to our national security and the security of the mideast than Iran?



Loop Garoo, I highly commend your
straightforward answer! Your talking points are understood, and
I'll restrain rife comment for the moment. Now That's Self-Dicipline!
I invite others to offer their perspective. Check your eMail for...
"A German's Point of View on Islam" I'll hold it for possible future posting in February or March. Thanks for your lucid comment today, my friend. reb


Let me just say this about Saddam;

When his Republican Guard Tanks
rolled into Kuwait, that was 2nd
base; his 'Homerun' score was the Saudi Oil Fields. Bush #41 was entirely justified in stopping him in 1991; that's a regional reality.

One snake down, one to go, Loop!

Bush II Must hit the Under-ground
nuke labs; the enemy will not be deterred. Rapproachment Is A Lovely Fantasy The Free World Cannot Afford. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Briefly: I have heard that George the First sent mixed messages to Saddam who only invaded Kuwait b/c he did not think that The U.S. would respond, which of course we did, in spades. I will try and track that down.

Some of my more militant friends believe that George the First should not have stopped but should have kept rolling to Baghdad. My understanding is that would have exceeded the U.N. mandate but I also recall George the First candidly stating that proceeding was contarindicated b/c he had no exit strategy. Too bad the apple did not fall a little closer to the tree in this regard.

After GW I, w/ no fly; sanctins; and no AF, Saddam was pretty well neutralized and was spending his time writing romance novels while Uday and Qusay or one of them tortured the Iraqi Olympic team. Please understand, I do no think these guys were salt of the earth types but I also don't think they were much of a threat to anyone but Iraqis.

So far as Iran is concerned, since the release of the latest intel report, all of the talking heads that I have heard have stated it is politically unviable to mount a military attack in consideration of Iran's purported abandonment of its weapons program.

Do I trust the Iranians? About as far as I can throw a cheesecake underwater.


John Washburn said...

"he or she keeps religion as far out of his or her politics as possible"

Yeah, anyone who lives and applies the Ten Commandments has no business leading the free world!

If your candidate keeps religion out of his/her politics, then I wonder where their morals come from? Or would you prefer to support someone who practices moral relativism?

What about a candidate who practices the fast-growing religion of Liberalism? This religion basically teaches that right and wrong is not something to be determined by external factors, but instead is something to be determined by the individual in each individual situation. Therefore right and wrong is fluid, and can't be defined. Is this the type of person you would consider an ideal candidate?

Tom the Redhunter said...


International ANSWER was formed on Sept 14, 2001, just days after the attacks by al Qaeda. It's purpose was to keep us from responding to those attacks, let alone Iraq.

Code Pink was formed on November 17, 2002, also well after 9-11, and before OIF.

United for Peace and Justice was formed on October 25, 2002, once again well after 9-11 and before OIF.

These are the three major "anti-war" groups, and all were formed to oppose us as we fought al Qaeda. These people hate our country so much they'll side with anyone. David Horowitz wrote about this Left/jihadist nexus in his excellent book "Unholy Alliance". Check it out.

I'm not going to waste time with Loop Garoo, because he can't stick to the subject of the post.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Tom the Redhunter,

Of course my first reaction was to tell you to screw yourself. My second reaction also. My latest comments were made in response to direct interrogatories by reb.

My attitude about the great left wing conspiracy is that an equally compelling case may be made that our country is in greater danger from and has suffered more from the current administration but I will make that case in response to the mid month post.

Dr. As usual, you reacted.

You wrote, sarcastically, "Yeah, anyone who lives and applies the Ten Commandments has no business leading the free world."

Let me see how good my memory is: The service of the church I attended in northwestern Massachusetts began: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and all thy soul, and all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandment and the second is liken to it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

Okay. So the initial question is: Should the president's first allegience be to God or to the United States.

Ninety miles across the straits of Florida lies our neighbor, Cuba. Now I think our Cuba policy has been a failure, particularly since 1989 but I digress. Certainly we have not loved Cuba as we love ourselves.

I won't go through the decalogue, but obviously our presidents have called us to war from time to time and the better translation of the 6th Commandment is "Thou shalt not murder" there is no question that it occurs in wartime.

Jimmy Carter is a good Christian. Jimmy Carter was a bad president.

George W. Bush may be a good Christian. Many people support him b/c they think his is. George W. Bush also is a bad president.

Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan; George H.W. Bush; and Bill Clinton, who were much less overtly religious than Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush, were much better presidents.

Not perfect; better.

I think that if you examine domestic and foreign policy, you will find that from time to time our presidents to practice moral relativism b/c it is in the best interests of our nation.

So again Dr. I suggest that an ideal candidate is one whose personal religion is divorced from their politics. Do you want a president whose actions are dictated by prelates; bishops; or scripture? Do you want another president who believes he, or she for that matter, is carrying out God's mandate? Do you wish to have another president who believes he can look into a man's eyes get a sense of his soul?

I, for one, will settle for a president who reads history and can look into a current affairs and get a sense of what is best for the country.



I'll Be More Concise, Loop.

I'll Defend A President That
Fulfills His Oath Of Office,

"To protect and defend this nation
against all enemies, foreign & domestic...repeat, foreign & domestic"...

At the top of "domestic" is...

O.S.I. Founder, George Soros, then
United For Peace & Justice, Tides, et alia.

Follow The 'Peace-Foundation' Money, and who receives it! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


The ancient Spartans were noted for their brevity of speech. The region of the the Peloponnesus in which Sparta was located was called Laconia, hence "laconic."

An enemy general sent the Spartans a message advisng: "If I capture your city, I will level it to the ground," to which the Spartans replied: "If."

So when you advise, "I will defend a president [who] fulfills his oath of office to protect and defend this nation from enemies..."

I reply "who" referring to the president, not the enemies.

I am fromulating my own conspiracy theory.



December 7, 1941; ring a bell?

It's An Open Forum Here Mr. Loop,
so 'formulate away'...


You've Done It! You've very nicely
Co-Oped my Part II of...

"Vast Left-Wing" post that I intended to post mid-December.

My only addition, was to ask
Loop Garoo (and others) to use my favorite Search Engine,,


for a huge listing of more groups of suspicious "Peace Foundations".

Then using dogpile again, tap...
'Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance'. (I have seven printed
pages on these Local Dupes).

They sponsor Hiroshima Days Rally
& Parade each August 6th, bum-rap

Many thanks to Tom, and Dr John Washburn's ~ whenevilprospers ~

It's nice to have friends when you're fighting hard-core lefties...

and their dopey fellow-travelers!



To Friend & Foe Alike:

We all have our limitations; I'm
painfully aware of my own. But tonite

I found a most eloquent post, and
I Hope All Americans, Left & Right
would join me in savoring it!

Go back up the Comments Section To:

tom the redhunter (in blue), click it, and read "Newt Nails It"

Thanks, reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

reb thanks for the reference. Tom, thanks for the post.

This is the second time in a month when I have read or listened to Newt Gingrich and it seems to me he makes more sense now than he did when he served in the house.



When the American Public gets tired
of paying $3, $4, - $6 per gallon
for their RV's, and they insist...
that the president take out Iran's
Single (Gasoline) Refinery,

putting the Iranian citizen on bicyles, and walking to their next war...

it'll be a Changing Of The
Guards Time! Ahmadinejad, the Grand
Ayatollah, and his band of Cut-throat Mullahs will stop coaxing
OPEC to bankrupt the USA!
Now, that's Option 1; the next step
is to take out the Underground Labs.



Hear ye, hear ye...!

When a majority of U.S. citizens are unsure whether this planet is
round or flat...

When they cannot find India, China,
or France on a World Map...

When they sign "sub-prime" 12% mortgage loans, or fail to require Warranty or Grant Deeds on Real Estate Transactions...

When We Can No Longer Control Our National Borders...

When Our Political Judgement Is Clouded By Celebrities Like Sean Penn (Kucinich), or Oprah Winfrey (Obama)...

When George Soros Money "buys" one of our Two Major Parties...

We Are Ripe For Take-over by (a)
Socialistic "Re-distribution of Wealth", (b) Islamic Radical Killers, or (c) a New-age Adolph Hitler.

Wake Up, People! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


We will soon see how much influence Prah Winfrey actually wields. I suspect the answer may be considerable influence. I have never atched her show or read her magazine but I can tell yu this. B/f beginning her teaching carreer full time, my wife worked full time in a bookstore. When Oprah would announce her book club titles, those books would fly off of the shelves.

Is Oprah's celebrity a good thig. I guess my assesment is that anyone who helps put Hillary Clinton of the defensive is probably worthy of our gratitude.

Meanwhile, I will tell you the nature of the comment I will post in response to Part II of the Vst Left Wing Conspiracy.

It has to do w/ who bought the Republican Party. Interested?



I'm always interested in Concise,
interesting comments, Left & Right,
Always! Let's have it! Got anything like the Eli Pariser quote? "We bought it, we own it"? He's George Soros' mouth-piece! He was speaking about Your Old Democratic Party, Loop! (Poof, it's gone!)

Just continue to avoid the mean-spirited bumper-sticker slogans like "Impeach Bush/Cheney" & 'Halliburton (jokes), and "When Clinton Lied, Nobody Died" and you'll have a respectful audience. (The incumbents aren't running in '08).

The Six-Year Conveyor-Belt Of 'Hate
Dubya' ~ Sad to say, has been Extremely Effective In The National Polls & in the Voting Booth. If that enormous pool of negative energy were only aimed at the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomeinei & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Saudi Wahhabi Kill-Culture, and Hamas/Fatah, Hezbullah & Taliban, I would resign this blog in a heart-beat, and do something else. I so dislike partisan politics.

So far, I see a talented LGK on the wrong side of this critical national issue. He's Stubborn and bellicose! It's hard to change a diaper, when Loop knows that his is full, but also valued traits in a defense attorney, If you're the serial killer.

If Loop Garoo can display anything that equals Celebrity "Peace" Activist Parades & Communist Peace Rally Promotions (UFPJ) that the "Conservatives" or Vast Right-Wing Conspirators (Republicans) do that undermines our basic fundamental principles of governance, Our fine military, or threatens our Two-Party system, our Freedom of Religion (or lack thereof), Or Speech, Press & Thought, then you are a misjudged
Patriot Loop, and Not a Pin-head!

So far, I prefer Rudy, Romney, or Gingrich, to Confront Islamic Radicalism, over Hillary, Obama, Reid/Pelosi and Kucinich. (Choose Two (above), your Edwards is clearly an Also-ran). I wouldn't trust that guy to run a fruit-stand; I'd look for his thumb on the scales!

It'll be Hillary/Wes Clark Vs
the GOP nominee, with Newt Gingrich
for the VP Slot. (How's that for a

Since national politics seem to be
your focus more than Islam, I hope it's more than just a list of republican billionares, Bush Dynasty Drivel, or Texas Baseball. Avoid Ignor-ance, of the Real Thunderbolt, The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, if you can. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Speaking of defending the country, I believe Hillary Clinton can do that better than any other Democrat candidates. If she is elected, she might continue the Global War on Terror amid Republican pressure.


That's a pretty sharp evaluation,
Yankee! Hillary is the only Democrat among the nominees that has any Guts, and she has flipped, then flopped on our efforts against the al Queda in Iraq. The rest all Want Us Out Now, when General David Petraeus has the killers running!

The only human Hillary fears is George Soros, and his MoveOnDot Hate Blog. She Said Nothing in contradiction when Soros ran that dirty full-page General Be-tray-us Ad in the New York Times on Sept 10th. (I laminated it).
Here's another political dandy:
A Chummy Communist Pal of Fidel Castro & Venesuela's Hugo Chavez, if you still remember him, is Harry Belefonte. Now hold onto your hats folks! This is Big...

Harry has just announced his endorsement of SENATOR JOHN EDWARDS for PRESIDENT!

Now, as I recall, The Loop Garoo
Kid also endorsed Sen. Edwards; does that make our Snake Hunters friend a...fellow traveler? Hope not. I've always thought of Loop Garoo as just a slightly confused liberal friend that really likes the USA.
Edwards: A trial lawyer with a 40,000 square foot home... sporting a $400 haircut and a dimpled smile, living across the street from...a trailer park? Wonder if he ever invites his neighbors in to soiree* a bit, with tea an' banana poofies over cream, in the music room?

*Soiree, an evening of social chummy (That's swa'ra, Loop).

My Dad Always Said, "One-half of the world doesn't know how the other half lives". Yep, guess he was right!

Politics sometimes does make the weirdest bed-fellows! I'm gonna
ask Loop Garoo about this Harry Belafonte guy. reb

Anonymous said...




Well, Of Course They Do; They Know
Their Diapers Are Full!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __________________________________

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Bad weather here requiring more time for tarnsit. I have documents to draft so I cannot possibly respond in detail at this time.

I am only a country lawyer and I am beginning to wonder if I can break the the enchantment which has you in thrall, but ponder this question. Did you ever consider that Georeg W. Bush's stunning lack of approval is due to the fact that many people, some of whom are informed and not zombies controlled by George Soros, think that Mr. Bush has been a really bas caretaker of this country? An even better question is did you personally ever consider that George W. Bush's strategy against Islamic extremists is, at the very least, suboptimal?

I seem recall reading someone's comments on this rercently. Comments to the effect that the Bush policy was a failure. Now who was it? Oh yeah, it was Newt Ginsrich and it was the old SH himself who led me there.

More anon.

Except one more thing. It think it is a safe conclusion that there a lot of people out there whom some of us consider to be schmucks. To some degree, whether one is a schmuck is in the eye of the beholder. But some of these schmucks like the same food we do; like the same movies we do; and even like the same politicians we do.

I will not catalogue the schmucks b/c that is a waste of my time.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Bad weather here requiring more time for tarnsit. I have documents to draft so I cannot possibly respond in detail at this time.

I am only a country lawyer and I am beginning to wonder if I can break the the enchantment which has you in thrall, but ponder this question. Did you ever consider that Georeg W. Bush's stunning lack of approval is due to the fact that many people, some of whom are informed and not zombies controlled by George Soros, think that Mr. Bush has been a really bas caretaker of this country? An even better question is did you personally ever consider that George W. Bush's strategy against Islamic extremists is, at the very least, suboptimal?

I seem recall reading someone's comments on this rercently. Comments to the effect that the Bush policy was a failure. Now who was it? Oh yeah, it was Newt Ginsrich and it was the old SH himself who led me there.

More anon.

Except one more thing. It think it is a safe conclusion that there a lot of people out there whom some of us consider to be schmucks. To some degree, whether one is a schmuck is in the eye of the beholder. But some of these schmucks like the same food we do; like the same movies we do; and even like the same politicians we do.

I will not catalogue the schmucks b/c that is a waste of my time.



Schmuck, Putz, Vats the Difference?
I am quite content to let the
serious historians tabulate
the score on Bush/Cheney...

and you are not! reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

snake hunter: Are you familiar with Byron York's book "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy"" In it he documents much of what you are trying to do in your series here.

Loop Garoo: If you want to tell me to screw off that's ok, I suppose I deserved it, and I don't mind taking a good shot occasionally anyway.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


The difference is polar. A schmuck is an errect penis, while a putz is flaccid one. Perhaps I should get you a Yidduish phrase book instead on that medieval Islamic cookbook.

"I am quite content to let the serious historians tabulate the score on Bush/Cheney."

I confess that is a very curious statement w/ a number of implications.

The first is that you would possibly cede an opinion to historians. It demonstrates the possibility that you may in fact believe that the Bush/Cheney strategy may in fact have been suboptimal.

Of course another implication might be that I am not a serious historian.

Another might be that it is too soon to tell.

A ray, a glimmer.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


The difference is polar. A schmuck is an errect penis, while a putz is flaccid one. Perhaps I should get you a Yidduish phrase book instead on that medieval Islamic cookbook.

"I am quite content to let the serious historians tabulate the score on Bush/Cheney."

I confess that is a very curious statement w/ a number of implications.

The first is that you would possibly cede an opinion to historians. It demonstrates the possibility that you may in fact believe that the Bush/Cheney strategy may in fact have been suboptimal.

Of course another implication might be that I am not a serious historian.

Another might be that it is too soon to tell.

A ray, a glimmer.




No, I haven't read York's book.
I received the title for the
December post from Ms Hillary
when she mistaken thought Willy
was the innocent victim of media in the Monica L affair. Guess she forgot all about Jennifer Flowers. She was quick with a now-archived quote,
"It's A Vast Right-Wing
Loop Garoo: Wow, Two out of three!
Not bad for a 'country lawyer'.

So, 'Pinky' Reid's A "Putz"; I've suspected it for long time. reb


Dec 12th: Today's Muslim Violence:
Bombs in Beirut, Bombs in Algeria,
and a 16 yr old girl, Aqsa Parvez, is choked to death in Toronto by her father for refusing to wear the "hijaab" Islamic head-scarf. Crazy?
Celebrites Sean Penn & Oprah Winfrey heavily influence huge crowds of excited voters with Rah, Rah, & Hoopla!

Are We Crazy?

You decide.

Jonathan said...

Snake Hunter, nice meeting you at Starbucks this afternoon. Here's the link to Ahmadinejad's blog I told you about:

Go get 'em, Snake Hunter




When your blog is up & running, let
me know, or phone me. reb

Winfred said...

George Orwell in 1945, in his essay Notes on Nationalis,m wrote:
“But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists whose real though unadmitted motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration of totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writings of younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States.”

Orwell makes other assertions, stating that even in light of Hitler’s treacherous advance through Europe, he notes that the young intellectuals of the period place Hitler on a moral par with Churchill. More interestingly, at the same time, Russia gets no blame for defending herself, while Western nations are vilified for the same activity.

So you can readily see, nothing on the Left has changed: They still blame the victims.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


What a marvelous piece of shoddy intellectualism. I salute you sir.

So long as you continue to view the world in binary terms as left and right, I seriously doubt if you will se more than the dust bunnies under your bed or the clothes hanging in your closet.

Perhaps, you could enlighten me, but exactly what is the end, by which I mean purpose and not terminus, of war?



Loop Garoo,

The so-called "Binary System" has
worked pretty well under our Two Major Parties; regional problems
develop when one or the other becomes Top-Heavy, Left or Right.

Two examples: In Alaska, we see the
Imbalance of Republicans. Pure Arrogance follows with the...
Corrupt Bastards Club! FBI caught
them (on film) recently accepting
bribes from an Oil Company, and one comment admitting that he'd "Sell his soul to the Devil!"
On balance, take a good hard look
at Nancy Pelosi's area, then You Decide if we've made our point.

Anti-Government, anti-military, "pro-secular progressive extremes" w/parades & rallies! reb

Winfred said...

loop garro

So long as you continue to view the world in undefined relative terms, I seriously doubt if you will [se] more than the dust bunnies under your bed or the clothes hanging in your closet.

I am confident the post was over your intellectual capacity. However, you will most likely enjoy living in your fantasy world.

The only ability apparent in your posts is to say nothing at all with as many words as possible, thus wasting the time of serious readers.


Loop Garoo Kid,

Ref. your last question, "What Is
The Purpose of War?

I would answer, "To Soundly Crush a
maniacal enemy that threatens our
right to exist; who enriches U-235 to wipe Israeli off the map; who will not long tolerate any other God but Allah, any Law but Sharia".

Any Western attempt to negotiate with these beasts, is foolhardy and
extremely dangerous. Further delay will prove to be costly, in blood and treasure.

That's the penalty for indecision,
polemics, and nit-picking. We tend
to debate rather than confront; we choose to waver & create division, and this encourages & emboldens a crazed inferior enemy. It's sad. reb



If you choose, you may wish to contact me via eMail:



Observing Wild Endorsements:

Former Liberal Democrat Senator Joseph Lieberman took a real pounding in a local primary contest recently in Connecticut from George Soros powerful weblog MoveOnDotOrg. (Sen Joe lost to an unknown minor candidate). He re-registered as an Independent, for the general election, and Won! This indicates that Connecticut voters have an independent streak too. Way to go, Senator Joe!

(MoveOn had that dirty full-page ad in the NY Times on Sept 10th smearing Gen. David Petraeus as "General Be-tray-Us!" Americans are unlikely to forget that ugly trick. Are ya Losing Your Grip, Soros?)
Another Endorsement Gone Sour:

Fidel Castro Buddy & Communist Lover, Harry Belafonte endorses
MoveOn favorite, Senator John Edwards just as he was getting some traction in Iowa Caucus battle against Hillary & Obama. OUCH! Edwards grim response. "Damn", he muttered!

All of this must be terribly confusing to the long-time, democratic faithful.

Today, Sen Lieberman endorses the Republican nominee, Sen John McCain! Ouch, again!

One Year To Go, Folks!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


One might view it as paradoxical, but the purpose of war is to promote peace on the victor's terms. Certainly no one would credibly argue that war is an end in itself.

I heard today that our friend whose soul the President got a sense of by looking into his eyes, is shipping enriched uranium to Iran to fuel the nuclear power plant the Russians are building and for which, I suppose, Iran is no longer in arrears so far as payment is concerned. I wonder if the Israelis will take care of that problem also.

I am from Connecticut and admire Sen. Lieberman. It was his backing of the invasion of Iraq that lost him the the Democratic senatorial nomination. Although I no longer remember the name of the primary winner whom he defeated along w/ the Republican nominee in the general election. What I do recall about the Democratic nominee is that he inherited money and made a bunch on his own. He was merely another example of a person whose wealth convinces him or her that he or she is a statesman.

Of course Sen. Lieberman's support of the invasion of Iraq was dreadfully misguided. But we Yankees are a sensible lot and on the whole, recognize the Sen.'s virtues outweigh that particular misjudgment.

Meanwhile, as to the ascendancy of Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi, it may well be another manisfestation of the old baloney sandwich syndrome as explained by John Madden in the context of football. The old baloney sandwich hangs around and hangs around and finally, when the larder is bare, looks edible.

winfred. Any time you wish to throw the intellectual gaunlet, bring it; if you can find it in the dust bunnies.



Loop Garoo,

I Have Part II in Draft, but having trouble Posting It. URL
error, whatever that means!?!
Lieberman ticked-off MoveOn on the Iraq Issue, and they backed an Unknown. The Obedient Party, Scared of Soros, won in the Primaries, but Joe Lieberman,
and old-fashioned liberal was gutzy
and registered as Independent. The First to stand up to George Soros!

Then, on Sept 10th, MoveOn ran that dirty NY Times Ad on "General
Be-tray-Us" and Hillary & Obama said NOTHING! Score: One Statesman,
two political hacks!
Watch out, Loop! This Winfred fellow bites back! I'd like to know more about him. Cheers. reb

Winfred said...


You are too obsessed with dust bunnies, and it is apparent you did not understand what I posted. Otherwise, you would not have made the silly comment you made.

Saint Augustine proffered, “The purpose of all war is ultimately peace.” Senator Lieberman must have been thinking about Thomas Paine’s statement, “If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

OK Winfred, here's your chance:

Explain how the invasion of Iraq has made the United States more secure than it was prior to the invasion, commenting specificallky on a cost benefit analysis including the benefits and costs to United States, Iraq, Iran, and other nation states and terrorist organizations.



Loop Garoo,

Are you prepared to write a series
of books on cost/analysis in dollars, blood, and strategic imperitives, or just summarize here with a few dozen cute paragraphs, w/dust bunnies?
Gentlemen: Part II is posted. There
should be less traffic here with the new post up & running; be my guest. reb
Winfred: eMail a notation to this
old guy; I'd like that. reb

Winfred Mann said...


When you learn how to spell, we’ll talk. In addition, if you want me to spend the amount of time to do the analysis you request, my fee is $175 USD per hour.

For you: Explain how the invasion of Normandy has made the United States more secure than it was prior to the invasion, commenting specifically on a cost benefit analysis including the benefits and costs to United States, the UK, France, and other nation states and terrorist organizations.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Dear Mr. Mann,

Happy to oblige, however, my hourly rate is $400 USD per hour.

I promise to proof read better next time, I promise.

I was hoping for more. If this is best you have to offer, I'll look for a more worthy adversary.


PS. Unless my history is wrong, Germany declared on war on the United States. I think it was December 11, 1941. Tell me, when did Iraq declare war on the United States?


Loop Garoo Kid,

You are correct, Germany did Declare War on the U.S. on Dec 11th;
but you failed to mention that this
conflict had been moving toward hostility for years. Hitler Was Insane, and he relied on his Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels to
CON the German nation!

In Defense of European & British interests FDR created a "State of
War" when he ordered the U.S. Navy
(on Sept 11, 1941) to "shoot on sight" any German War Vessel.


In this one...
We have been in a "State of War" with IRAN since Nov 4, 1979 when
Gr Ayatollah Khomeini grabbed our
Embassy in Tehran. Our timid Prez
Jimmy Carter, was unable to confront this reality. Jimmie!

Since that time, other radical muslim groups have been thrilled at
our apparent weakness. Emboldened! And we, and others have bled, all over the region. Remember PanAm 103 over Lockerbe, Scotland. The U.S.S.COLE off the Yemeni Coast. Also, Madrid, London, Glascow, and Bombay, and Two American Embassy On the African Continent...And Twice Here in New York City!

The Appeasers Cry Peace! But, like
in WWII, there will be no peace.

The Appeasers Cry "Negotiate"! There Can Be No Negotiation With An Evil 'Kill-Culture' Theocracy That Openly Declares Their Intention to "wipe the Israeli off the map", and to Dominate the World, for Allah!

They Enrich U-235

The Appeasers Cry "Liar!" when Prez
George W. Bush & V.P. Cheney say Enough! We Shall Confront Them!

Our Pentagon Military People Indicate Iraq as the logical permanent beachhead (we'll be in the region for decades). The Appeasers Whine & Show Their Teeth!

They Organize...into a Hundred Hate Groups, A "Vast & Powerful Left-Wing Conspiracy!" led by Propaganda Ministers George Soros & Leslie Cagan! Shame On Them All, and shame on us, for putting up with these home-grown traitors! reb

Winfred said...


Not surprisingly, you have meandered off the topic.

Your problem is you are looking for an adversary, not a discussion. Maybe that is why you began with an ad hominem attack. In addition, based on what you have presented, you are worth four USD per hour, not the 400 you request. Are you a megalomaniac?

I am glad you think the world was a better place with the man who is responsible for the deaths of 1.4 to 2 million people. Saddam also killed 300,000 of his own citizens. I’ll bet you think life was grand for Iraqis under Saddam. He tortured, maimed, and killed.

Since you did not grasp the meaning of my first post, I seriously doubt you could grasp the nuances of the broader issues involving the global war on terror.

I stand by the Orwell quote from “Notes on Nationalism.” It is as timely and accurate today, as it was in 1945.

I’ll meander. How is everything going in Kosovo? How did our invasion of Kosovo, a country that never declared war on us, affect our relations with Russia?

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


If you wish to go ad hominem, you had better bring a better game than you have shown so far. You brought up the money deal, not me, obviously b/c you are pretty impressed w/ yourself.

Of course that is a mean feat. When you start to impress me, I will give you some props.

This goes for you and reb. reb identifies the problem w/ a a good deal of clarity. The conflict is w/ Islamic extremists, whether they are embodied in nation states, like Iran, or w/o the benefit of a nation, like al Qaeda.

Now the question which I previously posed to winfred--the one about which he flaunted his hourly rate--was, what does the invasion of Iraq have to do w/ the fight against Muslim extremists.

I will be the first one to admit that Saddam Hussein was an evil tyrant but I am not so naive as to believe that his deposition was a panacea for Iraq's problems and it solved none of ours.

Look, I could make the laundry list as to the pros and cons resulting from the deposition of Saddam Hussein and the list of cons is so much longer but let us discuss just one.

Iran has been our enemy since 1979. Iran funds Hezbollah, inter alia, and has been a force working against our interests and those of our allies since 1979. Did the deposition of Saddam Hussein weaken Iran or make it more influential in the region?

reb, it is easy to pick on Jimmy Carter. What would you have done? Send in the marines on the front end? Wind up w/ a bunch of dead Americans in our own embassy? Do you recall what happened when a rescue was attempted later?

reb, Iran is not Iraq. The Pan Am flight was brought down by Libyans who seem to have rejoined the club.

If you are going do adopt the position, as some have, that all Muslims and Muslim nations, b/c of the fundamental tenets of Islam, are bent of the subjugation of other cultures, so be it. I have heard the arguments which are not entirely incoherent.

If you adopt that position then you must also formulate a coherent strategy for addressing the conflict and I submit that tactically, all solutions are on the table all the time. If you choose to play the militarism card, however, then the tactics must necessarily be to do what our military does best which is to destroy the enemy and leave it at that.

Winfred, I do not wake up in the morning and look at the mirror and think "What a smart fellow I am," nevertheless when the winds southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw. Perhaps your original post was not particularly coherent. Perhaps your hourly rate should really be a buck seventy five.

I am not looking for an adversary. If you want to discuss, make your point. If you want to be snide, just bring it. You see, anyone who failed to read enough history to understand that invading Iraq was certain to result in the current situation, which I believe is worse than the status quo ante, is probably incapable of grasping the nuances of the broader war on terror.



Loop Garoo,

a) Ahmadinejad has clearly revealed
his intentions re Israel.

b) Some of his military is suicidal; some groups, not the majority, are suicidal. That's a fact. His Sunni muslim neighbors are concerned. The infidel world should tremble, (and we don't, not yet).

c) Iran recently proclaimed that any muslim family that fails in
enforcing the Order of Hijab (scarf) on their women must die!
They have no faggots in Iran! Really? Buried in mass graves?

d) They Scoff at I.A.E.A. efforts to get them to abandon Enrichment.
(Mohamed El Baradei is a "watch puppy).

e) They hope to bring on "Madhi", the 12th Imam, after the great war.
They are hard at work to make it happen! (WMD's are not just IED's)

Conclusion: Current Iranian Leadership Is Insane, and Regime Change Is An Imperitive! We need a
robust military presence in the area (Iraq, not Kuwait) for the foreseeable future, whether Loop believes it, or not.
Loop offers No solution; he's a
Happy Secular Contrarian (by nature). He sets up Straw Men, and he shoots 'em down. He prefers nuance & nit-picking. Does he have
a plan in his back pocket? reb

Winfred said...


Who is incoherent?

This is what you wrote. “I'll look for a more worthy adversary.” Then you wrote, “I am not looking for an adversary.”

Which is it?

You start with the ad hominem, and then blame me because I bite back.

Then you have the idea that you know what I think when I wake up in the morning. ROTFLMAO. Do you have psychic powers?

You seem to think that you are the Great One, and that all subjects in your Kingdom should revere what you say.

You look for panaceas where none exists. You might want to read “The World Islamic Front’s” 1996 Fatwa. It might help you understand the global war on terror better than you do now with your reductionist weltanschauung. Reading the Qur’an and the Hadith can also be helpful.

1979 is considered the beginning of the Islamic Revolution. Even if we lost all 52 hostages, the world would be a better place today. Attacking our embassy was an act of war. Embassies are sovereign territory, and any such attack is considered "an act of war" in accordance with Geneva Convention.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Ah, winfred. Your shibboleths reveal you as much as your less arcane, although equally obscure constructions. By way of example, but I fear, not limitation:

"Even if we lost all 52 hostages, the world would be a better place today."

That statement constitutes the best example of the southern product of a north walking horse that I have read in many a blog. Whereas never have I claimed to have psychic powers nor claimed to know what you awake thinking, from that statement it is apparent that you believe yourself to have the gift of prophesy.

Precisely how would the world be a better place if the U.S. had managed to land troops in Tehran w/ the resultant loss of 52 of its citizens, civilian and military?

Would that have prevented the Islamic Republic of Iran? Would it have prevented the bombing of the marine barracks in Beirut? The attack on the USS Cole? 9/11?

What is the message here? That the United States of America is willing to sacrifice its citizens as collateral damage in defense of sovereign property on foreign soil?

Once you accept that proposition, it is a mere half step to embracing the terrorist philosophy of civilian shields or wanton attacks on civilians.

No, winfred, my kingdom is portable and has a population of one. There is no state religion and I hardly care for reverence.

On the other hand, you appear emulate those things you pretend to decry. Perhaps you should ponder Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle while considering your own reductionist weltanschauung as you ROTFMAO.



Loop Garoo,

Back It Up! It was Jimmy Carter that risked our diplomats lives with an ill-conceived attempt to free them with a Special Forces Unit. The 'Buck Stops Here Event'... A Classic show of INCOMPETANCE Under Pressure. An accidental helicopter crash aborted the mission.
The 'Act of War' responsibility rested totally with the IRANIAN GOVERNMENT.
A Better Response from the USA would have been an Immediate Seizure Of Iran's Embassies Whereever Vulnerable, beginning with their property and personnel in Washington, D.C., then sending a High-level Envoy to Tehran for a negotiated, bloodless exchange of prisoners! Prez Carter's weakness
proved to be extremely costly, and an Unnecessary Loss Of Prestige Around The World. Very Costly! It Rewarded Insane Behavior!

The Tin-Horn Ayatollah Was Handed A
Gift, and Carter & Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize. Whew! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


As I recall, the United sates froze billions of dollars of Iranian assets, which I am sure you will agree was worth more than the Iranian embassy in Washington D.C. and whatever property was available in NYC. Ultimately, the hostages were exchanged for freeing those assets.

I do not recall, however, who was manning the embassies for the Iranians. Had the Islamic government even manned them? I just don't remember.

I think there is a basic problem w/ your suggestion. As Winfred stated, the United States embassy is United States soil. Seizing the embassy was illegal. Imprisoning the hostages was illegal.

I our government were to seize the Iranian embassy and arrest all Iranian nationals w/in, what differentiates our acts from theirs?

From a practical standpoint, unless we were to have acted illegally or declared war, what were our options?

As you point out, the Iranians were not exactly rational and our government has not declared war b/c of the illegal seizure of our nationals since 1812.



Loop Garoo,

You Purposely Avoid My Point! (That's Nothing New). The seizing of enemy assets was certainly a logical consequence.

But The 'Act of War' by the Ayatollah Ka-Ka-Maimee was a very Risky, Foolish and Deliberative Move To Encite & Enlist Radical Muslims 'Round The World!

This Arrogant Action Worked, To This Old Goofy's Advantage! The Free World has too long been on the Defensive, thanks to Prez Jimmy Carter's Original Duplicity and Gross Incompetence! Dozens of major criminal events costing thousands of lives, have followed the November 4, 1979 debacle. We retreat or defend from a bunker, but rarely Take The Offensive, when facing an inferior enemy. That's been the continuum, until
General David Petraeus Took Offensive Command.

Oh, the whining & knashing of teeth from the "progressives"!

General "Be-Tray-Us" cried George
Soros Move-On Ad! Al Queda's Saudi Martyrs are taking a whipping! Local Sunni & Shia are sick of being the victims; they've turned on their attackers! Battle casualties cut in half! Civilian casualties too! What's happening?

The She-wolf's litter (Democratic nominees) stand savagely at bay, whimpering, now growing silent).
Not a word of praise from them!

Senator Reid & Nancy Pelosi are
whispering about "Change" and a
"New Direction". They need a change
all-right, (Their Diapers are Full)!
We Liked "Ike" Eisenhower in WWII;
Some Americans like David, in this one! Counter-point anyone?
The "Peace" Foundations listed in This Post, Loop Garoo will defend. The huge "Hate" Machine created by George Soros' Move-On-Junk-Pile, he'll deny, and the Philosophical Cronies of the 'Vast Left-Wing' are glib & giddy, & drunk-with-power, in their own pell-mell pursuit of the "Progressive-Liberal-Socialist" Ticket-to-Nowhere. Where Everything, Food &
Shelter, is "Free". Free & Open Borders, Free Kool-aid, and Free, Cradle To The Grave Medicine... long-lines of Social Dependents waiting their turn, their own free ride. Yaa, sure.

College Degree? Ambition? Start a Business, or write a book? Invent a labor-saving device? Hey, silly, ForgetaboutIt. Who Needs It Now? The Gubmunt hands things out.
There's A Postive Approach to Complex Problems, and an easier negative "nit-pick" tactic; Loop consistantly chooses the "Under".
Now, if we fail to summon up the
courage to use our tactical & our
strategic military advantage soon, future generations will surely fall to an Ancient Persian Theocracy, just like an over-ripe fruit...from a dying tree.
You KNOW The Events, the dates are
available...perhaps it's 'Defense
Lawyer Counter-Attack Instinct' That Drives You, I'm Not Sure. Your
Intransigence baffles the logical mind.
The Evidence against the Radicals Here At Home, and the Kill-Culture Abroad is Abundant & Overwhelming, and you consistantly "take the under". I'll rest my case.
If you choose to deceive yourself,
there is little Dr. John, Winfred or myself can say to change that. You are a Contrarian; you "take the under" on nearly every point of clarity that anyone might suggest, both here and on other weblogs. It's a self-inflicted type torture; a strange behavior I've often wondered about. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I do object to the analysis in your comment.

First, I do not avoid your point unless your point is that we should have invaded Iran in 1979. If that is your thought, I will remind you that this nation is the bastion of western civilization and until recently, we had never started a preemptive war. I think my reference to the War of 1812 is correct. That conflict was the result of repeated seizures of our citizens on th ehigh seas by the Brits. NB "repeated."

If your thought is that somehow the current situation could have been avoided by use overwhelming military force in 1979, just lay out how it would have worked, okay?

You may also remember that in 1979 we were only a few years, removed from Vietnam. Remember the effect that particular conflict had on our collective national psyche?

Now we are seeing it again.

Don't accuse me of taking the under, reb, just read what you wrote. I have given you the benefit of my advice regarding this whole conspiracy theory. If you wish to look back on history and connect the events to your liking, that's perfectly all right provided you realize that what your are committing is revisionism.

Carter this, Carter that, George Soros this, George Soros that. One question, reb. What do you think should have been done to either nip the Islamic Republic of Iran in the bud or limit its influence? I have not heard it from you yet.

Then you accuse me of nit picking when much of what you write is decrying the actions of Sean Penn and Rosie O'Donnell.

I never said you have not recognized the fundamental problem. I have yet to hear a suggestion of a solution except about six months ago when you advised that one or two of our brigades just might be the solution.

Right now, the entire world believes that our intelligence has concluded that Iran abandoned its program to build a nuclear weapon in 2003. I don't think this is true but I do think that this information rather limits our ability to respond militarily w/o reducing ourselves from the bastion of civilization to that against which we have always fought.

By the way, once I was an insurance defense atty. Now I represent individuals.

I await eagerly your explanation how the whole problem of the Ayatollah and his successors could have been avoided.



Loop Garoo Kid,

Yes You Do, consistantly Avoid &
Evade Reality, favoring dull & boring "Talking Points".

Once Again: In Response To Grand
Ayatollah Khomeini's 1979 risky gamble, we should have grabbed All Iranian Assets, Grabbed All Vulnerable Embassy Personnel, all Iranian civilian travelers, anywhere we find them, hold them hostage as a counter-balance, holding them in secret locations, and have our many Allies & Contacts to also exert diplomatic pressure on any Middle-of-the-road Nations. Restrict Air Travel to those "tepid" nations, let the World's Commerce momentarily grind to a halt, Stop all "humanitarian aid" (temporarily declaring a "National Emergency") and any other strategic moves deemed advisable by our State Department, to Let The World Know Their 'Uncle Good-Guy' is Upset, (and when the chips are down), Will Vigorously Defend Our Own National Interests, Everywhere.
Send Dick Cheney to have a chat
with our influence-packing Saudi Royalty, to exert their good offices w/ other Sunni Nations!
Have the President Declare An Emergency Session At The United Nations, and send a James Baker or John Bolton to discuss, in diplomatic terms, the reasons why Uncle Sam is Upset with Iran's Leadership!
A signal to the world that...

THE STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND TO STAND-BY... FOR A POSSIBLE AGGRESSIVE SHOW OF FORCE! That's what I believe Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, or John Foster Dulles would have done. It's called "Battleship" or
'Brinkman-Ship' Diplomacy.

This type of action is unprecedented indeed, in International Affairs, but when you hold All The Trump Cards, and an inferior, crazed enemy bluffs & humiliates, it's foolhardy not to respond with an Overwhelming Show Of Force To Such Outrage! Jimmy Carter's still a whimp, and was an unfortunate political accident. (Never again, must we ever display this deadly weakness)! It's too dangerous in the nuclear age.

Invading Iran Is The Most Unlikely
Scenario that I can imagine. (Loop Garoo cannot be serious). Turning the Tables on that Pious Old Goat... Humiliate Him! That's the ticket! Let his own people take care of him, in his dotage.
THE NIE REPORT was an ill-conceived
2003 ESTIMATE that should never have seen daylight; that generated more heat than light, and tickled the nay-sayers here at home, and gave the enemy propaganda-mill more material to use against us. Hum-bug! Rubbish!

A 2003 Intel Report Is, ON IT'S
FACE, ABSURD. Where's the 2007 Estimate?
What's the next probing question?

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Whereas some of your suggestions have merit others do not. Freezing billions in assets proved to be a trump card and a show of force n the form of a carrier group may have been warranted. If we were to have sent a carrier group to the Persian Gulf in 1979, then we should have been prepared to use it. Then the following scenario may have played out. Remember, as you point out the acts of the Iranians were neither lawful nor rational:

"Give us our citizens or we will reduce your (Choose one or more) 1. refinery; 2. seat of government; 3. holy shrine to smoking rubble."

"Die infidel pigs. Allah has commanded the Imam to humiliate you b/f the world."

"Okay, we gave you a chance. As of twenty minutes ago, your 1. refinery; 2. seat of government; 3. holy shrine ceased to exist and has been reduced to smoking rubble."

24 hours later:

"The Islamic Republic of Iran advises the Great Satan that is the United States that as of twenty minutes ago we beheaded 49 of the 52 hostages and hung the other 3."

Are/were you prepared for that?

Meanwhile, I see no use in sending Dick Cheney or anyone else to talk to the Saudis if one has a problem w/ Iran.

Seizing Iranian citizens and diplomats, wherever and whenever, poses some serious questions.

As it has been stated, the seizure of the embassy and its personnel was a violation of diplomatic immunity conducted by a group which acted w/o authority but whose acts were later ratified by the Ayatollah. Unless, we were prepared to declare war, which would allow us the legal means to do what you suggest--at least on U.S. soil, the seizure of diplomats and civilians would have been as unlawful as the acts committed by the Iranians. Once you abandon the rule of law, then what the Iranians did becomes the accepted norm.

The seizure of civilians and/or diplomats in third party neutral countries is simply beyond the pale. (NB, this does not apply to stateless terrorists.) Once you begin snatching citizens of another country wherever you find them, you open the door to that tactic being used against Americans. To be sure, it has ben used against Americans b/f and since, but as a nation we cannot give such tactics legal countenance.



Whereas, the freezing of the Ayatollah's Assets was not enough
was it? Our diplomats were bound hand & foot, slapped around, humiliated, fed hog-slop, and held
for 444 days! They were released on
the hour Ronald Reagan took the Oath of Office! Coincidence? I think not!

That risky 'Act of War' enflamed the Muslim radicals world-wide! Suicide Killers were thrilled with
that action; we humiliated 'The Jimmy',the American President! Praise be to the Benevolent, the
All-knowing Allah!

Choose Three, Loop? Gee, thanks.

a) Take Out Their Single Gasoline Refinery, (let 'em walk to war).

b) Take Out The Under-ground Nuke Labs (We have the grid-maps, and the Ordinance to get it done).

c) With the Grand Ayatollah Humiliated Before The Wahhabi, the Hezbollah, and before their Shiite
Palestinian Puppets (Hamas), the
young Persians of Iran will seize
the ball, and throw the Old Mullah
Cadre Out of Country, to exile in
Paris with their bags of gold. It may have been the chance for the USA to give the world a few more decades of uneasy "Peace".

Terrorist States & terrorist individuals Do Not Recognize Any
International Law that conflicts with God's Law (Sharia).

LGK shrugs when the enemy actions
occur "without authority", but he
winces at the thought that we might
be in violation of conventional rules governing conduct! What brand
of logic is that?

Back to Item C...with the Snake
Defanged, the Mullahs are left with
a single option, to "get out of town, fast", or face some very angry citizenry!

The Other Option For Us? Keep Pussy-footin' Around, let them continue to enrich U-235 until they have enough Plutonium to
pass to individual radical groups
like Hezbollah or al Queda, give
George Soros his beloved "Open Borders" and watch our population
centers turn into irradiated dust.

C.A.I.R. will volunteer the 'civil'
authority of whatever is left! reb



If The Mountain of Evidence in the last two posts is deemed by some to
be a bit shallow, perhaps a fable
would please the skeptic.


Once upon a the land of
Uu-Papa-Dow, a "progressive friend" flew his corporate silver jet half-way around the world to see for himself...the 32,000 foot grandeur of Mt Everest.

Landing safely, he hired a Sherpa
guide to gather a few beasts to haul their equipment, and in a few days arrived at the foot of this spectacular mountain. The guide gestured to his boss, and said, "Dismount, Sir. We Are Here!

There It Is, isn't it Magnificent?

The Loop Garoo Kid, turned around
and said, Where, where, What ARE You Talking About, I see...Nothing!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I am not sure whether to say "j'accuse," "there you go again," or both.

Both I think. "J'accuse" b/c you are guilty of revisionism. Yes, it was no coincidence that the hostages were not released until Ronald Reagan took office b/c the Republicans delayed their release for publicity purposes.

a), b), or c)? What is the difference between any of those options and December 7, 1941?

I think you misjudge two aspects of Iran. The first is the extent to which the Revolutionary Guard controls the populace through fear, force, and terror. They are kind of a cross between the Red Guard and the PLA. Secondly, as disaffected as Iranian youth may be w/ the Mullahs, an unprovoked attack on Iran may well turn them into patriots.

Why is it you seek to turn this country into those that you spent your youth fighting?

Meanwhile, my friend, recall that I have spent much time in the mountains and that me and mine have come much closer Everest than you ever have.

In addition, what would you do, arrive in a Stryker looking for something to blast?



OH, now I see...

It is the snake hunter
that is guilty of 'revisionism'!
..."no coincidence that the hostages were not released until
Ronald Reagan took office b/c the

Republicans Delayed Their Release"!

Wow! (I didn't know the G.O.P. had any hostages...for publicity

I've thought all this time that our diplomats where held by Iran!


Real Mountain Experience? Well,
I cannot say who has had more...

but as a very (peach-fuzz) young teen, I recall my old 25-35 Lever-action (saddle) rifle, and several years of deer hunting in Bouquet Canyon, & Tye Canyon N/E of L.A., and Lopez Canyon in S.D. County (near Mexican border), and Up In Northern Calif, at 'Forks-of-Salmon' (Mtn Wild) & Cecilville & Black Bar (primitive, north/west of Redding, and Weaverville & Willow Creek).
At 18, I arrived (Courtesy of the
U.S, Army) at Camp Carson, Colorado. (That's in your baliwick,

Colorado Springs). Sixteen wks of Basic) then the entire 10th Mtn Division packed up our gear and headed for the "Great Divide". We 'topped-out' over 14,000 feet! Try leading a that altitude! 'J-150' (brand on neck) had 300 lbs of Front-Trail on his Phillips-Cargo Pack Saddle, so that black rascal had trouble breathing too. We averaged about 20 miles per day! J-050 was our
Wheel & Breech lady-mule; I rode her on Off-Sundays. She was my favorite Riding Mule, cuz she would 'neck-reign' like a saddle-pony!

Anyway, we made the 182-mile trek in 9 days, down, down into Camp Hale at 9,500 ft, outta Leadville, Colorado. Spent two rather difficult winters larnin' Mtn & Winter Warfare there! Then we
sojourned in Italy, in the Appenine
Mountains, (didn't see a single deer)...but a 75mm or a 105mm is not very "sportin" for that, anyway.
Got any mountains in Connecticut, where you grew up, Loop Garoo? Tell us about your Ski Lodge, and that huge, Warming Fireplace. reb


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~__--- *

To one & all *

* Merry Christmas


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


No ski lodge. the higher hills, our family is polite so if the natives wish to call them mountains, we humor them. Nevertheless, except near the shore or in some of the river bottoms, one would be hard pressed t find a level piece of ground here. The trees at the bottom of the property have grown but when I was younger one could look south from the terrace of my parent's house, from whence I am writing this, across Long Island Sound and see LI itself.

Meanwhile, back in Colorado, I think there is still an annual race that either begins or ends in Leadville, perhaps going over Mosquito Pass, in which people run w/ a mule that carries mandatory designated mining equipment including a placer's pan.

I'll send details in later post but I thought of it immediately when you mentioned mules.

Check the history on the hostages and you will find that their release was delayed to coincide w/ Reagan's inauguration.

What's a few days between friends?

Regards and Merry Christmas.


Loop Garoo,

I appreciate your gracious response! Although somewhat bellicose when assuming a grim & callous defensive posture, I feel your heart thirsts for Enlightenment; I'll continue with the Truth Assault in the coming year, for
I am a steadfast believer...
in Secular-Progressive Redemption.

Wishing You & Yours, the very best in 2008! reb