Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Prime Of My Life...

The Prime Of My Life...


As I approach the prime of my life, I am certain of this nation's basic goodness, yet aware of our many flaws.

Ever Hopeful for a better tomorrow, determined to stay on course, when surrounded by the brute negativity of hapless, mud-slinging boobs.

'Accentuating The Positive'.

Instructing those that feed on blind-hatred, that there is a better way.

Being Aware & Alert; Creating...

An Informative Blog. Now, That's Living! reb


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The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!



Note: This Weblog will post a thoughtful article (a steaming hot-potato!) after the election results on Super-Tuesday, Feb 5th, 2008 ~ reb


Florida, then Super-Tuesday, Feb 5th.

THAT WILL NARROW THE FIELD IN BOTH PARTIES. Commies, Socialists, Independents, and our 'Libertarian'
friends really believe they have some "poker chips" in this game...
For The Democrats? WRONG!

Watch DailyKos, Code Pink and
MoveOn.Org, for THEIR Endorsements!

George Soros has not placed his Official Seal of Approval on Barak Obama, nor on Hillary, not yet. He is still analyzing computer Spread-Sheets, state by state. How Much Will He Spend To Get His Shadow In The Oval Office, and the Lincoln Bedroom?

Well, Whatever It Takes! $$$$ $$$
ONE MAN DECIDES Who Shall Carry The Democratic Banner In 2008. reb

(This Bulletin Is Dated ~ Print It!)


M.L. King Had A Dream In the 1960's, a Vision Of A Better Tomorrow.

An Old Blogger Has A Dream For The 21st Century...

That One Day, there will be racial
equality and balance in the number of registered voters, among Democrat & Republican, Equally Vocal In Each Party, without a thought of skin color.

And that the days of Exploiting the
Minority Groups with propaganda and hatred, and unfulfilled promises is over...and giving politicans the clue that a newly enlightened voter will require substantive issues from candidates seeking office, not slogans.

I Have A Dream, that the Old Technique of Promises Made, with Cutezy Slogans such as "New Direction" and "Change" or
"Moving Forward"
will be Replaced, and other devices like "Impeach Bush/Cheney" bumper-stickers...and

Expensive Full-Page Ads In The N.Y.
Times (Distributed Nationally) on
Sept 10th, 2007, defaming a fine
military officer, with Uncle George
Soros Spending Big Buckets Of His Money on...

"GENERAL BETRAYUS" (advertisement),

Will Generate a Storm of Revulsion,
rather than the expected Hatred of
Great Leadership, In A Time of War!

Yes, I Dare To Dream. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Dream on.



Loop Garoo Kid >

Rocks in my pillow, so I burn it;

Pearls of Political Savvy Ignored.

Can Hilly/Billy Combo Be Beaten? Yes.

'Soros-Stone' Around ALL Donkey Necks; To Ignore This Is Fuzzy Thinking. David Geffen said, "All Politicians Lie, but the Clintons do it with such ease, it's troubling!"

Your Man Edwards will drop out,
after Feb 5th; then who gets LGK
Final Endorsement? Hah! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


If JE w/draws, not the HillBillys.

In retrospect, maybe Bill richardson would have been a good choice. Not enough $.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


During a brief research foray into an organization called the Center for Public Integrity, I came across a paragraph describing Bill O'Reilly's opinions regrading George Soros. In consideration of your admiration of Mr. O'Reilly, I now see at least a partial connection between him and your deniogration of George Soros.

In the interests of full disclosure, Mr. Soros made four grants to the Center for Public Integrity between 2000 and 2002 totaling $1,247,400.00, the majority of that being a $1 million grant in 2002. The grants represent a small fraction of the Center's funding.

The Center for Public Integrity is a non profit news organization dedicated to producing investiagative reporting on public officials, governmemnt policy, and the interests that compete for influence. It was founded in 1989 by televison reporter Charles Lewis.

This morning I heard an interview of Mr. Lewis aftewr reading an article in the Rocky Mountain News.
The Center identified 935 instances between 9/11/01 and 9/11/03 in which President Bush, VP Cheney, Secretary of State Powell, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Assistant Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz, NSA adviser Condoleeza Rice, and White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan uttered falsehoods regarding Iraq's possession of WMDs or Iraq's links w/ al Qaeda. The falsehoods were uttered on at least 532 separate occasions.

So it would appear that the bumper stickers that proclaim: "Nobody died when Clinton lied" has some factual basis.

In case you are keeping score, the president led w/ 260 misstatements followed closely by Secretary of State Powell w/ 254.

By the way, none of the funding provided by George Soros was for this CPI project.

Let me know if Bill O'Reilly has any comments. I decline to devote an entire hour of my time to his show and I suspect you will be watching him anyway.


Tom the Redhunter said...

Tell us, loop garoo, did they count how many times Bill and Hillary misled us or "uttered falsehoods" during their tenure?


"Well, There You Go Again"...said a friend of mine some years ago;
(He wuz talkin' to "Jimmy").

Loop Garoo Kid Sees What He Wants
To See, Hears What Soothes His "Progressive" Instincts, rather
than what might upset him.

So, Loop found something which he hopes will defame Bill O'Reilly.
The Impeccable Source?

funded in 2000 & 2002 by "Uncle"
Georgie Soros, our favorite Bush/Cheney Basher! A little starter-donation of 1.25 Million.

Digging a bit deeper, it seems that founder Charles Lewis also get Large Grants for his "non-profit" and "non-partisan" efforts from some rather unique & friendly Foundations. Seems that 90% of their money comes from those folks. Now How About That?
C.F.P.I. spent 4.3 Mil in 2003.

Some of these groups, S/H has already listed in "Vast Left-Wing",
Parts I and II. But, do your own research, If you're curious, LGK.
You said, on 12/07/07, that you were gonna formulate your own "conspiracy theory". Now, I was
hoping that you would at least come
up with something heavier than Fox
Channel's O'Reilly.

Maybe Hillary could point you to that "VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY" that she mentioned when Billy was
caught playin' with that chubby young intern, do ya think?

Come on Loop, show us that you really have the Right Stuff, to be
an Investigative Reporter.
Three Tough-Guys are all set to "Duke it Out" to see who has the honor of sending BilHillys Back
to Arkansas, after the big one. It
will be a tough battle, w/ Uncle George layin' out the campaign money.

He won't have Bush/Cheney to kick around much longer. Regards, reb


While we sit & wait for Super Tuesday, the S/H viewers may wish
to visit our History Post.

Mohamed Fadly (Egyptian Law Student) gets a history lesson to ponder.

Scroll down to "History" July 4th, 06. reb


Note to LGK:

Ever hear of "O'Reilly Derangement
Syndrome". It's a mind-bending ailment.

When Mr. O'Reilly bravely showed up
on the David Letterman Show, D.L.
fired a dandy comment, "60% of your
show is crap" Bill! Then he added,
"but I Never Watch The Show!" Hmmm

Letterman must have read it, in some heavily-funded "not-for-profit" Progressive Investigative
Reportage. Ah, That's Hollywood, with their Writers On Strike. reb


That Two Heavyweights Will Resign
After The February 5th Results Are Posted! Stay tuned in. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Like the bumper sticker says: "Nobody died when Clinton lied."

So we are confronted w/ an uncomforatble choice: Either the Bush administration purposefully misled the country or it was so inept as to rely on intelligence that could not be verified and that was faulty, to say the least.

SH sent me pictures of construction in Dubai yesterday, pointing out, "Look what the price we pay at the pump is doing for Dubai." He's right of course.

The war in Iraq has served, inter alia, to inflate the price of petroleum to the point where it is having an inflationary effect on our economy. The price of fuel and every thing connected to it, like the price of food.


Please understand that I do not hate Bill O'Reilly. In some ways I quite admire him. I have reached the decision that hsi program is more about catering to his audience than anything else. He is marvelously adroit at pushing the hot buttons of his audience.

Periodically, I will tune in for a few minutes. B/f nearly every piece,w/ the exception of the feel good ones, all you have to do is mentally preface the initial commnet w/ the words: "here is something that is sure to outrage you..."

Bill O'Reilly is sufficiently influencial that he has enabled Stephen Colbert to make a career parodying him.



LGK, your 1/25/08 was as usual, long-winded, saying little. Since you have such small regard for S/H
efforts, and Watch-dog O'Reilly's
attempt to inform, perferring Colbert, Letterman, Al Franken, Bill Maher, et al may I suggest a book calculated to inspire the intellectual elite? Once read, perhaps you would be kind enough to let we common folk in on the Author's MOTIVATION. We'd really appreciate knowing what that Scumbag has in store for us, once he puts his Stooge in the Oval Office. Perhaps you've read it?

See: 'The Bubble of American Supremacy', by George Soros

Awaiting your response. reb



Tap This Into SEARCH: Enjoy!


Tom the Redhunter said...

hey loop. I know you're not trying to justify lying if no one dies, just making a point about degrees of lying. And if in fact Bush did lie then you'd have a valid point. It's worth recalling though, that the "no one died" defense is what John Walker used to justify his actions(he of the Walker spy ring).

"So we are confronted w/ an uncomforatble choice: Either the Bush administration purposefully misled the country or it was so inept as to rely on intelligence that could not be verified and that was faulty, to say the least."

How easy you make it sound. While a Democrat may not have invaded Iraq, I see no reason to believe that they would have "seen through" the intelligence, and here's why:

President Clinton, as I mentioned, was quite confident that thought Iraq had WMD. GWB simply carried on with the conclusions of his intellience chief. Recall that it was Clinton who appointed George Tenant to the CIA in 1995.

Further, even after GWB took office the congressional Democrats are quite on record as believing that Saddam still had lots of WMD. Please don't say that they were "fooled" by the Bush Administration, because that would imply that they were awefully stupid people.

Many Democrats are on record as being quite certain Saddam had WMD.

The truth of the matter is that no Bush didn't lie, and neither the Administration nor the Democrats in congress were stupid. The truth is more mudane, and yet more interesting than what which you posit. It's all fairly complicated and I don't have time here to go through the whole thing, but check this out for starters (ok I hate plugging Redhunter but you're not leaving me with much choice).

As for the price of petroleum, that's not driven by Iraq but by supply and demand. The fact is that the huge US demand for gas is driving up price because we're outstriping supply.

To me, the objective is to reduce our consuption, because we can't drill our way out of our problem. Getting out of Iraq wouldn't help because it would simply destabilize the region.

Our only choice therefore, it seems to me, is to reduce consumption. And this is where I separate from most conservatives. As such, I take the unusual position that high gas prices might actually be a good thing, because they will incent people to buy smaller cars etc. We also ought to look into flexible fuel vehicles (which are used quite extensively in Brazil, for example). For what it's worth, I have written quite a bit about this over at Redhunter (see "energy/environment).

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I continue to believe that george H.W. Bush had a much better grasp on the rality of Iraq. Some think that the whole problem could have been resolved in 1991 had we proceeded to Baghdad then. GHWB satted that he chose not to do so b/c he had no exit strategy. The seemingly intractable problems originating in tribalism and a 1300 + year old religious schism were present in 1991. Perhaps Iraq would not have been the destination of choice of Jihadis in 1991 but many of the same issues
pesent today would have existed then. In short, much of the problem lies w/ the nature of Iraq itself therefore my position is that almost any solution other than invading was preferable no matter what the perceived threat about WMDs.

So far as the price of petroleum is concerned, whereas I agree w/ your analysis I think we also have to accept the fact that the insecurity caused by wars affects the price of oil. I do not believe that the price of petroleum and fuel would be as high as it is today but for the invasion which is not to say that it would not be higher than it was preinvasion.

Thanks for the specific references and links to your site which I wull read.




As our scientific community works
on new technologies (plural) for
generating power, we must quickly expand and exploit clean-burning Nuclear Power. Only France is 80% nuclear!

Robust Drilling in Alaska, Canada, the West Coast, and the Gulf States must be vigorously pursued, and soon. We can break the Cycle of Dependency!

We Must Divorce Ourselves from our
Dependence on OPEC. They Are 'The Enemy'. They intend to Cripple, then Bankrupt Our Economy with Ever-increasing Oil Prices.

Restricting Travel with Gasoline Rationing & smaller vehicles is only a temporary solution. Bio-Diesel, Sugar Beets, Corn, Switch Grass, Coal Shale? Clean-burning Bio-Diesel might be our Best Bet. Let our scientific experts determine the Viable Alternatives.

China & India has entered this Mad-dash of THIRST for middle-east petroleum. These Two Nations Have Now Replaced the United States as The World's Premier Polluters! $100 per barrel Oil is a red-flag we cannot ignore.

The Perma-frost in the Arctic Circle is melting, releasing vast quantities of Methane Gases (Green-House Effect).

Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Shia Iran
Intend to Rule This Planet, with Oil, and with sheer Population Democraphics. Whatever It Takes!

First Europe Will Fall, Then The Bankrupted 'Open-Society' Of Our Western Hemishere. They are Asleep;
We Americans Are Asleep.

They Will Not Be Deterred! reb


Teddy Kennedy, that evil old remnant of the past, the one that
killed Mary Jo Kopecni, and
never did a day in jail, because Papa Joe Kennedy had high-paid
Maasachusetts Lawyers...never an
Indictment! O-JAY & KENNEDY!

Teddy, that Evil Senior Senator that called G.W. Bush efforts in
Iraq a "Quagmire" (4000 dead)...

Who Ignored the 58,000 Dead Troops
in Vietnam; brother Jack's and
L.B. Johnson's Quagmire, never a mention of THAT WAR!

Now, He Stabs Sen. Hillary Clinton
In the Back, endorsing Junior Senator Barak OBAMA!

Hey, Loop Garoo, you go ahead and
tell us again how Bush/Cheney Lied
900 times, then have the guts to
Quote a Soros Hit Squad! Yeah, sure.

Democratic Politics, ain't it Grand? reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Perhaps you should take a vacation from the O'Reilly Factor and the other rght wing stuff in which you immerse yourself and try for a little perspective.

Meanwhile, Joesph P Kennedy Sr. (September 6, 1888-Novmber 18, 1969) suffered a major stroke on December 19, 1961 at age 73. The stroke left him w/o speech and paralyzed on his right side. Though aware and self aware, he was confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

It is difficult to determine how he personally aided his son after Mary Jo Kopechne's death on July 19, 1969 when he was only a few months away from death and unable to speak.

So Teddy Kennedy stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back? Teddy Kennedy, from what I understand, was unhappy about the recent behavior of Bill Clinton in the days leading up to the SC primary. I understand he spoke to Mr. Clinton about toning down the rhetoric to no avail.

Your characterization Teddy Kennedy's endorsement of Barrack Obama says much more about you than it does about him in this instance.

By the way, it is unfortunate, to say the least that lesson of Vietnam was entirely lost on the current resident of the White House who would have done well to consult his father regarding Iraq. He would have done well to watch the final 20 minutes of "Lawrence of Arabia."

Just keep thinking that George W. Bush was a competent caretaker of our nation and that all denigration of his multiple failures and/or lack of success is a George Soros plot. Can I interest you in the Tooth Fairy?
The Easter Bunny perhaps?



Loop Garoo, There you go again...

After the accident that killed the
Kopeckne girl, young Teddy arrived
home about 4 A.M., took a shower, went to bed. Girl Trapped In Submerged Car For At Least 10 Hrs!

Mid-morning he called His Family Lawyers, and a Batteryof these fellows went with Teddy to the local police to Report The Accident! Teddy Never Did 10 Minutes
Behind Bars. The Case Never Went To
Trial! Kennedy-Money, folks.
When LGK saw our Vast Left Wing, Parts I & II, A Mountain Of Evidence, Dozens of Anti- Bush "Peace" Foundations, Peace & Security Funder's Group, he hinted that he might have something equally damaging material on the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Good, let's have it.

So, we wait. Ah, here is LoopGaroo
Evidence, folks. THE CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY, Just Another George Soros Funded Hit-Squad, Slamming Bush/Cheney, accusing w/
"900 Lies", but NO Documentation.
Just More 'Be-Tray-Us' Hot-Air.

Come On Loop, Try Again. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Gee reb. Why are we in Iraq? Do the math. George W. Bush lost the popular vote in the 2000 election. It can be argued that he stole the election in Florida or that he was annointed by the Supreme Court. One thing for sure, the GOP out lawyered the Democrats in Florida but to some extent you could expect that when the governor of Florida's name was Bush.

I do not think in any way that anyone except OBL and his evil minions were responsible for 9/11. 9/11, however, happened on George W. Bush's watch.

So the question arises again, why did the U.S, invade Iraq? The choices are: We invaded a country based on faulty intelligence or that the Bush Administration purposefully misled the country about the WMDs.

The sad fact is that the Bush admininstration begain planning the invasion of Iraq b/f 9/11. B/f they had unpacked their paper clips even. Why ever would the administratiopn do such a thing, and give short shrift to Richard A. Clarke's memeo about the threat posed by al Qaeda?

Why ever indeed. Well, if your political strategist is Karl Rove and if you want not only to keep the White House but also to consolidate power, you realize that the American electorate is loathe to change horses in the middle of a stream if the country is at war.

Plus, who supplied much of the $ required to get you elected. Could it be W's buddies in the oil bidness? And think, W was in the oil bidness, the VP was in the oil bidness, andwhat happens to the price of oil in war time? What happens to the price of oil when the war is being faught where the oil is located? And what happens to Exxon-Mobile's profits?

(Heard of any government incentives to increase our refining capacity since W took office? Me neither.)

What segement of the American populace has overwhelmingly benefited from W's policies?

I sometimes think that this theory is too cynical even for me. But I recall the words of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through his character, Sherlock Holmes: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

The conspiracy need not be vast for it to be effective. You continue to look at the wrong money.



"Gee reb. Why Are We In Iraq" asks
Loop Garoo?

Because Logic & Reason, & Our Two
Political Parties, and the Combined Allied Intelligence People thought Saddam
had Chem & Bio Weapons, and if left
alone, he would again bribe (with Oil Vouchers) the French or the Russians to build him another Osiris Reactor, like the one the Israeli Jets destroyed in 1981.
So, by Invading Iraq, we now have
Saddam, Uday, and Qusay in their graves, a Semi-permanent Military 'Base of Operations', which is as Logical As It Gets, With IRAN THREATENING TO WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP, don't ya think?
More Democrats And Republicans should have listened to Richard A. Clark's Warning (He was an Expert
on the Wahhabi Mindset) re AL QUEDA, but No Politican Ever Dreamed that...

So Blame Bush.

THAT RED FLAG appeared during Bill
Clinton's tenure in 2000, when the
USS COLE WAS BOMBED. But, We quickly went back to sleep, again.
(Think the Dodgers'll Beat the Mets?)

Another Red Flag. When Our 230 Year Old Republic, with all its
faults, is under vicious attack here at home, and we Politicize It, and blame Bush/Cheney for
Abu Gharaib, or Guantanimo, or
Waterboarding High-Value Mass Murderers like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and Vilify our own Leadership at every opportunity,
and we're wire-tapping terrorists,
and that's going Too Damn Far, isn't it Loop?

If We Lose This Battle With IRAN,
You, and partisans like you, that
have nothing better to do in life,
Bum-rap a Lame Duck President, In
This On-going War. I hope you have a Long Life, so that Loop Garoo will have plenty of time to reflect on Your Acceptance of George Soros Mindless Hatred of
our President, and your kids live under "Open Society, and you think a 1000 Times on the Red Flag that you Chose to Ignore. You know which Red Flag, and I'll continue to remind you...Sept 10th, 2007,

New York Times, a Full Page of GENERAL BETRAYUS, yeah, GEN. BETRAYUS! A Damn Lie! You Know It, The Senators Knew It, and Not One, Not One... Democrat Had The Courage To Stand Up On His Hind Legs and Denounce It!

ONLY HILLARY mumbled something...
"willing suspension of disbelief"
What? Speak Up, Senator! Coyness
is not your nature, Ma'am.

WHY, because "Soros Is the Source" of Major Money For Their Next Political Campaign. And, That really bothers a snake hunter.


Well, I only have a Faint Hope... that maybe a Romney, or a McCain,
or a Newt Gingrich will inspire Enough Votes in the Fall, to keep control of this nation long enough to Defeat Iran's Kill-Culture, and BEFORE they Import a Nuke Through Our Porous Borders. Dems & G.O.P.
are Equally Guilty on that Score.
If we cannot Control Our Borders, We Lose Our Sovereignty! Get It?

Five Hundred Forty-Five People Can Share That Collective GUILT!

Shame On You, Loop. reb


Another thing...

Not One Democrat among the original eleven nominees, Not One, that had the courage to speak up
in favor of toughing it out in Iraq. They all, without exeption,
wanted a Withdraw Time-table, and
All Promised When Elected, To Get Us Out As Quickly As Possible, Regardless of Consequences. The two front-runners in that Party
Favor Running Out, surrendering to A Most Evil, Suicidal Kill-Culture!

Well, Rather Than Dislay Weakness,
they should at least assume some Responsibility for Funding a War that "Peace" Foundations Oppose.

But No, These Cowards Accept The Soros Foundation Money, give Lip-Service to Withdrawal. Anything to Con the Gullible Majority, when even they know better. It's a sad moment in our History That Will Live In Infamy, will not soon be forgotten.

They Are All 'Sound On Film'; They Will Choke On Their Own Words, as when Sen. Harry Reid said in April 2007, "The War Is Lost", and when Hillary said she would "begin bringing the troops home within Sixty Days of Her Inauguration!". Really, Hillary? Are you dead certain, old girl?
Hannity, Gingrich, McCain & Romney et al, and an Ol' Guy in Tennessee
will relish their Political Demise! We'll be happy to...

Roll The Tape On Their Empty Campaign Promises of 'CHANGE & NEW
DIRECTION', and we'll send Nancy Pelosi back to her Enclave By the Bay. No gavel where she's going.
(Just a S/H Guess; but we'll admit to a Certain Optimism About This Nation's Future).

There will no longer be a Bush/Cheney to kick around, and
There is a New Tomorrow Just Ahead, my friends.

It's a Long, long way to November, 2008. Together, we'll hopefully send 'Uncle Georgie' and his Gold Scepter of Authority Back To Budapest. Good Riddance to an Evil, Insolent King-Maker! reb

American Interests said...

'Accentuating The Positive', 'Being Aware & Alert; Creating' and learning no matter what your position in prime of life too....Don't panic McCain’s poised to uphold neoconservative power in Washington if he gains the presidency....

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


My position on going to war--at least in form of invading another country-- is that we should do so when we are required to do so.

It has always seemed to me that your philosophy is that the military solution is the solution of choice and the optimal one.

Know what? We do not need a land base of operations in the Middle East. We have any one or all of our fleets.

Wasn't it Newt Gingrich who suggested that if we really wanted to throw a spanner in Iran's works, we should bomb their only refinery? If he wasn't Mr. Gingrich let me know who it was.

Whereas I do not claim to be an expert on our military, I do work in a Military town. Our armed forces are being stretched too thin by continuing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Being in Afghanistan alone, certainly a necessity as Iraq was not, would not pose a problem.

And where are the Islamists? Where are the Taliban? Just over Afghanistan's border w/ Pakistan last time I checked.

Of course now they are in Iraq also.

I keep asking you whether you envison the United States as Athens or Sparta and it is quite clear you favor the Laconian path.
Then it is time to start thinking about reinstituting a draft and having mandatory service on the Israeli model. Two years, however, is an insufficient time to train and deploy a competent military force so I guess the mandatory service would need to be at least four years.

Of course given the fact that we are freaking unable to pay for the freaking invasion and occupation of Iraq w/o selling the country to the Chinese, paying for all this poses a challenge don't you think?

Maybe you should worry about George Soros a little less. Maybe you should just admit, as Mr. Gingrich has stated that the Bush strategy in fighting terrorism is a failure. Maybe it is time to figure out a new model b/c the Bush-Cheney model is a failure and I would bet the farm you voted for them twice.

I do not see a way out of Iraq but on the other hand I keep hearing that song. You know, the one about being neck deep in the Big Muddy.

Shall we review a few "facts"

1. Saddam Hussein had WMDs--nope, he didn't.

2. There was a connection between Iraq and al Qaeda and 9/11--nope, there wasn't.

3. The Iraqis will welcome us as liberators--some did and some still do but mostly the bloom went off that rose in a hurry.

4. Revenues from Iraq petroleum will fund U.S. operations in Iraq--want to buy some swamp land in Florida?

5. The insurgency is in its last throes-- our commander on the ground, General Petraeus has pointedly cautioned us about the whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps he should have said there is no way of knowing how long th etunnel is.

6. Democracy will flourish in Iraq--just as soon as pigs evolve to sprout wings and fly.

I do not have a crystal ball on this 40th anniversary of the Tet offensive, but I see John McCain has being the GOP's nominee. When he becomes the nominee, we willhave been in Iraq for over five years. I wish him luck on explaining to a candid public why the invasion was a good idea.

Given the intractable nayure of some of the othe rissues that face us, if the current stauts quo is maintained, who do you think the independents will back?

One more thing> Given how fond you are of quoting Harry Reid, I will pose the same question that I asked Dr. Washburn: What is your definition of victory in Iraq?


Mike Carson said...

I feel time growing

Shorter with every breath…

Not finished yet

Okay, I'm here now, with a link to my Multiply site, which in turn links to my two sites on Yahoo. Nice meeting you...if not for an IT glitch by the fine people at ORNL, I wouldn't have...yeah I don't believe in co-incidents anymore either.

Yankee Doodle said...

Snake Hunters, out of curiosity, whom are you going to vote for on Super Tuesday?



Amadinejad ~ He and that Ayatollah guy watching his every move, should be...
Wiped Off The Map!

Rosie O'Donnell ~ She looks best when Hanging Upside Down.

Donald Trump: Gettin' the hell outta town; Opening a Casino in Dubai. (He heard NYC is a Target!)

DEMONcrats: How Will They re-focus their Hate Mantra when Bush/Cheney
are gone? Six Years Of It. Whew!
New Mantra: O-Wah, Ta-Goo, Siam! Repeat 12 Times. You see...Instant Enlightenment!

"Uncle Georgie" & 'Teddy' Endorse
OBAMA! First David Geffen throws a shiv in Hilly's back, now Teddy & Old Georgie Porgy! Hillary cackles, then gets that mean look; Watch Out!.

(When Hillary finally secures the
nomination, she'll announce General
Wes Clark as her V.P. Choice. That'll fix those treacherous rascals!)
(My Old Democratic Party ain't what it was, many long years ago. Sad).
Berkeley Mayor, "Marines don't belong here, they should leave!"

Code Pink: "YAaaaa!"

Obama: "What's happening?"

Al Franken explains: "War In Camp!"

Michael Moore: "Oh Boy! I think I'll make a Documentary; bet I'll sell some tickets on this one!"

Eli Pariser: Hey, I Want a Raise,
and some extra Hazard Insurance.

Hillary on Media Matters: "Hey Guys, lay off Bush & Cheney! If they resign, Nancy Pelosi's Third-In Line! She beats me to Number One...Madam President!"

Politics! The dirtiest game in town...any town!

WhatsaMatta Bunky? Are ye confused?