Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stepping Aside

Speech Governor Mitt Romney

I want to begin by saying thank you. It’s great to be with you again. And I look forward to joining with you many more times in the future.

Last year, CPAC gave me the send-off I needed. I was in single digits in the polls and I was facing household Republican names. As of today, more than 4 million people have given me their vote for president, less than Senator McCain’s 4.7 million, but quite a statement nonetheless. 11 states have given me their nod, compared to his 13. Of course, because size does matter, he’s doing quite a bit better with his number of delegates.

To all of you, thank you for caring enough about the future of America to show up, stand up and speak up for conservative principles.

As I said to you last year, conservative principles are needed now more than ever. We face a new generation of challenges, challenges which threaten our prosperity, our security and our future. I am convinced that unless America changes course, we will become the France of the 21st century—still a great nation, but no longer the leader of the world, no longer the superpower. And to me, that is unthinkable. Simon Peres, in a visit to Boston, was asked what he thought about the war in Iraq. “First,” he said, “I must put something in context. America is unique in the history of the world. In the history of the world, whenever there has been conflict, the nation that wins takes land from the nation that loses. One nation in history, and this during the last century, laid down hundreds of thousands of lives and took no land. No land from Germany, no land from Japan, no land from Korea. America is unique in the sacrifice it has made for liberty, for itself and for freedom loving people around the world.” The best ally peace has ever known, and will ever know, is a strong America!

And that is why we must rise to the occasion, as we have always done before, to confront the challenges ahead. Perhaps the most fundamental of these is the attack on the American culture.

Over the years, my business has taken me to many countries. I have been struck by the enormous differences in the wealth and well-being of people of different nations. I have read a number of scholarly explanations for the disparities. I found the most convincing was that written by David Landes, a professor emeritus from Harvard University. I presume he’s a liberal–I guess that’s redundant. His work traces the coming and going of great civilizations throughout history. After hundreds of pages of analysis, he concludes with this:

If we learn anything from the history of economic development, it is that culture makes all the difference. Culture makes all the difference.

What is it about American culture that has led us to become the most powerful nation in the history of the world? We believe in hard work and education. We love opportunity: almost all of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came here for opportunity—opportunity is in our DNA. Americans love God, and those who don’t have faith, typically believe in something greater than themselves—a “Purpose Driven Life,” if you will. And we sacrifice everything we have, even our lives, for our families, our freedoms and our country. The values and beliefs of the free American people are the source of our nation’s strength and they always will be!

The threat to our culture comes from within. The 1960’s welfare programs created a culture of poverty. Some think we won that battle when we reformed welfare, but the liberals haven’t given up. At every turn, they try to substitute government largesse for individual responsibility. They fight to strip work requirements from welfare, to put more people on Medicaid, and to remove more and more people from having to pay any income tax whatsoever. Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity. Dependency is a culture-killing drug—we have got to fight it like the poison it is!

The attack on faith and religion is no less relentless. And tolerance for pornography—even celebration of it—and sexual promiscuity, combined with the twisted incentives of government welfare programs have led to today’s grim realities: 68 percent of African-American children are born out-of-wedlock, 45 percent of Hispanic children, and 25 percent of white children. How much harder it is for these children to succeed in school—and in life. A nation built on the principles of the founding fathers cannot long stand when its children are raised without fathers in the home.

The development of a child is enhanced by having a mother and father. Such a family is the ideal for the future of the child and for the strength of a nation. I wonder how it is that unelected judges, like some in my state of Massachusetts, are so unaware of this reality, so oblivious to the millennia of recorded history. It is time for the people of America to fortify marriage through constitutional amendment, so that liberal judges cannot continue to attack it!

Europe is facing a demographic disaster. That is the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life and eroded morality. Some reason that culture is merely an accessory to America’s vitality; we know that it is the source of our strength. And we are not dissuaded by the snickers and knowing glances when we stand up for family values, and morality, and culture. We will always be honored to stand on principle and to stand for principle.

The attack on our culture is not our sole challenge. We face economic competition unlike anything we have ever known before. China and Asia are emerging from centuries of poverty. Their people are plentiful, innovative, and ambitious. If we do not change course, Asia or China will pass us by as the economic superpower, just as we passed England and France during the last century. The prosperity and security of our children and grandchildren depend on us.

Our prosperity and security also depend on finally acting to become energy secure. Oil producing states like Russia and Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran are siphoning over $400 billion per year from our economy—that’s almost what we spend annually for defense. It is past time for us to invest in energy technology, nuclear power, clean coal, liquid coal, renewable sources and energy efficiency. America must never be held hostage by the likes of Putin, Chavez, and Ahmendinejad.

And our economy is also burdened by the inexorable ramping of government spending. Don’t focus on the pork alone—even though it is indeed irritating and shameful. Look at the entitlements. They make up 60 percent of federal spending today. By the end of the next president’s second term, they will total 70 percent. Any conservative plan for the future has to include entitlement reform that solves the problem, not just acknowledges it.

Most politicians don’t seem to understand the connection between our ability to compete and our national wealth, and the wealth of our families. They act as if money just happens–that it’s just there. But every dollar represents a good or service produced in the private sector. Depress the private sector and you depress the well-being of Americans.

That’s exactly what happens with high taxes, over-regulation, tort windfalls, mandates, and overfed, over-spending government. Did you see that today, government workers make more money than people who work in the private sector. Can you imagine what happens to an economy where the best opportunities are for bureaucrats?

It’s high time to lower taxes, including corporate taxes, to take a weed-whacker to government regulations, to reform entitlements, and to stand up to the increasingly voracious appetite of the unions in our government!

And finally, let’s consider the greatest challenge facing America—and facing the entire civilized world: the threat of violent, radical jihad. In one wing of the world of Islam, there is a conviction that all governments should be destroyed and replaced by a religious caliphate. These jihadists will battle any form of democracy—to them, democracy is blasphemous for it says that citizens, not God, shape the law. They find the idea of human equality to be offensive. They hate everything we believe about freedom just as we hate everything they believe about radical jihad.

To battle this threat, we have sent the most courageous and brave soldiers in the world. But their numbers have been depleted by the Clinton years when troops were reduced by 500,000, when 80 ships were retired from the Navy, and when our human intelligence was slashed by 25 percent. We were told that we were getting a peace dividend. We got the dividend, but we didn’t get the peace. In the face of evil in radical jihad and given the inevitable military ambitions of China, we must act to rebuild our military might. Raise military spending to four percent of our GDP, purchase the most modern armament, re-shape our fighting forces for the asymmetric demands we now face, and give the veterans the care they deserve!

Soon, the face of liberalism in America will have a new name. Whether it is Barack or Hillary, the result would be the same if they were to win the presidency. The opponents of American culture would push the throttle, devising new justifications for judges to depart from the constitution. Economic neophytes would layer heavier and heavier burdens on employers and families, slowing our economy and opening the way for foreign competition to further erode our lead.

Even though we face an uphill fight, I know that many in this room are fully behind my campaign. You are with me all the way to the convention. Fight on, just like Ronald Reagan did in 1976.

But there is an important difference from 1976: today, we are a nation at war. And Barack and Hillary have made their intentions clear regarding Iraq and the War on Terror. They would retreat and declare defeat. And the consequence of that would be devastating. It would mean attacks on America, launched from safe havens that make Afghanistan under the Taliban look like child’s play. About this, I have no doubt.

I disagree with Senator McCain on a number of issues, as you know. But I agree with him on doing whatever it takes to be successful in Iraq, on finding and executing Osama bin Laden, and on eliminating al-Qaeda and terror. If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.

This is not an easy decision for me. I hate to lose. My family, my friends and our supporters, many of you right here in this room, have given a great deal to get me where I have a shot at becoming president. If this were only about me, I would go on. But I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, I feel I must now stand aside, for our party and for our country.

I will continue to stand for conservative principles; I will fight alongside you for all the things we believe in. And one of those things is that we cannot allow the next president of the United States to retreat in the face evil extremism!

It is the common task of each generation—and the burden of liberty—to preserve this country, expand its freedoms and renew its spirit so that its noble past is prologue to its glorious future.

To this task, accepting this burden, we are all dedicated, and I firmly believe by the providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed beyond our fondest hope. America must remain, as it has always been, the hope of the earth.

Thank you, and God bless America.

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Anonymous said...

No group of careful speech-writers
composed this. This was personal,
and conveys a message to be read, Printed, and Forwarded. reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

As I think everyone here knows, Romney was my favorite, even though I doubted his chances of beating either Clinton or Obama in the general.

He's right on almost everything he says, here, too. The only area I'd qualify is when he said this

"But their numbers have been depleted by the Clinton years when troops were reduced by 500,000, when 80 ships were retired from the Navy, and when our human intelligence was slashed by 25 percent."

While true, the fact is that the downsizing started under President George HW Bush. Further, G W Bush did not rebuild the military, which was a glaring error in fighting the war (both the larger war on jihadism and the war in Iraq, which yes loop is part of the larger war). He, Rumsfeld, Abizaid etc gambled that they could win in Iraq quickly. Oops.

The irony is that when he could have gotten money for the additional troops from congress he didn't ask, and now that it's apparent we need them congress won't go along.

Otherwise, though, Romney is "right on". Consider this passage:

"...let’s consider the greatest challenge facing America—and facing the entire civilized world: the threat of violent, radical jihad. In one wing of the world of Islam, there is a conviction that all governments should be destroyed and replaced by a religious caliphate."

Notice the key word: jihad. Most people are afraid to use it, hiding behind terms like "terrorist" or "radical Islam". Some say "Islamofascism", which is better but doesn't quite catch the essence of what our enemies are about.

I hate to come here and plug my own blog, but the truth is that I have looked into this quite a bit and agree that what motivates our enemy is an ancient call to jihad. It's all quite complicated, and those interested should follow the link.

One more point Romney makes that we should all pay attention to:

"Europe is facing a demographic disaster."

Yup. All you need is some demographic statistics and a calculator, and you'll find that Europe will be majority Muslim before the end of the century, and many places in Europe will go majority Muslim well before then. Given that Muslim leaders in Europe are about as radical as those in the KSA or Pakistan, this spells nothing but trouble.


Tom S,

Never Fear what this editor views
as a noteworthy and valued asset!

You are welcomed on this weblog, anytime. Your special knowledge of 'Offensive Jihad' is all too
rare. Because of its Suicidal Nature, we often label it an Ancient 'Kill-Culture'.

Thanks for your imput. reb



That the Elite Media Wants You
and I To Swallow Whole:

Senator John Edwards (the guy with
the $400 Hairdo) is meeting today
(Sunday) with Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Tomorrow with Senator OBAMA before selecting who will receive his Solid Gold ENDORSEMENT! Got It?

Well, Hog-Wash & Pig-knuckles!

Only The Young Minions of Group Hysteria & Change, holding those 'blue placards of discontent' will believe in that fetid rubbish!

A little chickadee (bird) has already spilled it to Snake Hunters who Senator Edwards will "Select", because the King-maker (SOROS) has, on February 1st, told his young CEO (Eli Pariser)
of MoveOnDotTrash that he (SOROS), has decided who the Democratic Nominee shall be, and he who has the Gold...Rules!

It's BaraaacCK O-BAMA, dummies!
Now Hilly already knew Edwards
was a Two-faced Scum-bag, right?
He Lost w/John Kerry in '04, he's
still a Loser in '08.

Sorry 'bout that Hilly/Billy. Uncle
Georgie knows best, and he's betting some heavy chips on Obama.

Cool Yer Jets Baby, That's it! reb

(P.S. Mark this date. S/H Scoop!)


We'll Beat CNN, FOX, ABC, MSNBC,
NPR, and Rush Limburger on this one' It's all the dirty little politico news, that's unfit to print. Sorry folks, I'm bad. reb

Mohamed said...

Hello Mr.reb,

I just would like to say; Happy birthday to you. And hope you a happy, prospering and peaceful life.

I wish that I'm the first one to say it to you.

Best wishes,


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


HB. Many happy returns, I hope.


I was wondering about the statistic regarding the decommissioned ships. I wonder how many were decommissioned b/c they were technologically obsolete and how many were decommissioned b/c they were "politically" obsolete? By that I mean specialized vessels designed to combat an enemy, the USSR, which went out of existence.

So far as European demographics are concerned, check out Jean Raspail's "The Camp of the Saints." First published in 1973 it seems almost prophetic.


Donald Douglas said...

Romney showed a lot of class in his withdrawal speech.

Thanks for posting on it, and thanks for commenting over at my place.

Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

In The Two Centuries plus three decades since our nation's birth,
we have evolved from a small colony
of free-thinkers and bold planners
into the greatest, most inventive & creative society in the history of this planet. We Have the U.S. Constitution, and a fine First Amendment, and the ability ratify CHANGE when Collective Wisdom Deems it Necessary, SOROS!

Fifty six brave men signed the Declaration of Independence, and England's King George hoped to stretch their necks! Read about them. Your book is trash.

In 1956, another King George landed here, after nearly bankrupting the Bank of England!

George SOROS wrote a book, Copyright 2004. Retail, $22.00 Snake Hunter bought it (used) for $4.88 (Including $3 for Shipping). No Bargain. The title, "The Bubble of AMERICAN SUPREMACY. Uncle Georgie's last name SOROS was the
largest Font on the Dust Jacket,
(Such Humility)! Here' a sample:
p. 196 "And since perfection is unattainable, there must be a mechanism for correcting the mechanism, ad infinitum.

The quandary has no resolution. Those who claim to have found an ultimate solution are bound to be wrong!"
Yep, Georgie. Your "Open Society",
Is Pure Fantasy. Your words offer
No Solution, and "are bound to be wrong" So, Stop Tinkering with our near-perfect mechanism! Go back to
Europe; solve their Demographics.
Insist they reproduce themselves
w/ 'Open Pornography'. That would be nice of you. Send the muslim enclaves home. That would be nice.
REALLY, UNCLE GEORGIE, Uh King Soros! Why, do you spend Hundreds of Millions to "buy" one of our Two Political Parties, buy
Podiums at fine Universities, and seek to corrupt our politicians with huge campaign gifts, buy political ads like Sept 10th, 2007
N.Y. Times Full Page Scurrilous Ad
trashing a fine Officer with
GENERAL BETRAYUS slur? Just fade away.

Blogs like this one will expose you, Your Political Endorsements, and the lackeys that take your Campaign Money. Shame on today's
Democratic Party. Shame on Harry
Reid & Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy,
John Kerry, and that new kid, Barack Obama. You "did a number on
Hillary too, didn't you? Shame! reb


Hey, Senator Edwards,

Where's that Promised Endorsement?

Did Uncle Georgie call; did he tell
you to Chill It, maybe delay it for a bit? What's going on, Senator? reb

Christian Apologist said...

In my estimation it is a great shame that the only businessmen left in the race has withdrawn. If we want to fix whats wrong with america we need to elect more businessmen and less lawyers.


an insider scoop

in december, 2007, s/h was contacted by a 'high official' within ~move-on~ vast enterprise. (this person an intimate friend of clinton's).

he explained that "the boss" had decided to put obama in the white house. (follow the complexity).

playing the 'race card': the clinton camp had been kissing-up to the black-voter for decades;
that was their trump-card.

to nullify, (a) geffen publicly switches to obama (dec), clinton's stunned. (b) next step was to line-up endorsements, announce them about feb 1st. right on schedule, teddy & caroline endorse obama, etc others to follow. super-tuesday a mounting disaster for hillary. pre-print "change-cards" red set/blue set, an emotional winner! obama sez, "our time has come".

bill clinton knows that former pal,
g. soros, has 'given us the boot';
he must win california. must rally the latino vote, just to stay in the race!
(s/h reaction, wow!)

conclusion: public has no clue. one hope-g.o.p. stays divided. m/o

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I gave you your birthday off. Now after three comments all about your pet bugaboo, it is again time to point to you the foibles in your thinking.

The first is that is there something inherently wrong w/ what George Soros is attempting to accomplish? George Soros recognized early on in the reign of George II that this country was being ill served by policies of the lesser scion so he devoted part of fortune to getting someone else elected.

I think it is safe to assume that Mr. Soros would prefer a Democrat in the White House. In consideration of the fact that many of us recognize that Hillary Clinton is a divisive person who has the potential to galvanize and unite the GOP, who would you support if you were him? Or me for that matter?

There are two sad ironies involved w/ what has become your unhealthy obsession w/ George Soros. The first is that we hear less from you about the original subject of this blog. Nary a word, as nearly as I can discern, about Baitullah Mehsud. Just the George Soros channel: all Soros, all the time.

The second sad irony is that you, yourself, seem to be manipulated by another more insidious character. I speak of "Ruppert the Rapacious" Murdoch, Owner of Fox News which airs the "O'Reilly Factor" and other programs designed to advance Ruppert the Rapacious' own political agenda.

Again, I caution you to beware.



christian apologist,

Yes, Romney was a trust-worthy guy.
A family man, with Jesus as his
'moral-compass'. But I recall that
some irate "christians" killed the
Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, in Navoo, Illinois, and ran Brigham Young's covered wagons out of State, clear into Salt Lake, Utah.

Those pioneers were survivors, tough people, good people. Romney
an ancestor of that stock.
Trusting a business-man over a lawyer, I can understand that. But, Many Lawyers Are Business Men!

Like it or not, we must recruit Leaders carefully...from the Human Race!
Warning! Warning!
The Loop Garoo Kid is a Legal-eagle, A Hot-to-trot LAWYER Friend,
also a 'Secular-Progressive', that discounts the Pure-Evil Nature of Uncle George Soros, so consider his words carefully! (See his comment here, today!)

Welcome/thanks for your input! reb


Loop Garoo, Thank you.

It's indeed fascinating that you
have acquired an intense dislike
for the Bill O'Reilly Commentary,
Fox News Channel, and Ol' Ruppert Murdock, tagging him as "Ruppert,
The Rapacious", with his...
'Fair & Balanced' Agenda.

Fact: All the other News Channels
Combined, cannot equal the audience attracted to FOX. We can
only assume from the numbers, that
this wide-viewer crowd includes a broader percentage of viewers from the Far-Left, Far-Right, plus the growing majority of "Independent" citizens that are chary of CNN's Hate Bush Cafferty-rant, and MSNBC's "Foaming at the Mouth" Keith Olberman smoothie-venom.

It's Indeed Interesting that LGK
finds it hard to tolerate any opposing viewpoint that doesn't
bum-rap Bush/Cheney or General David Petraeus (I'll never let you forget that NY Times/Soros/General BeTrayUs Ad), and our troops in Iraq. Well, there's a bit more to this nation than Berkeley & San Francisco hatred of the military, and the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy!

It's One Channel, Loop Garoo, One Channel! Adjust To It, Enure Your Heart To It. Some of us really like Britt Hume, Shep Smith, John Gibson, Neil Cavuto, plus O'Reilly & Laurie Dhue. (I enjoy CNN's Lou Dobbs rapid-fire passionate stuff, especially on Illegal Immigration).

If that's too much to concede to Minority Right-Wing Fanatics like myself...well, You Can Just Go Shinney-Up A Joshua Tree. So there! reb



SOROS/Obama 75% ~ McCain 68%
Hillary Clinton 24% ~ Huckabe 17%

SOROS/Obama 60% ~ McCain 55%
Hillary Clinton 37% ~ Huckabe 29%

SOROS/Obama 64% ~ McCain 50%
Hillary Clinton 35% ~ Huckabe 41%

SOROS/MoveOn Endorsement, followed
with Teddy Kennedy&Caroline, et al hands Obama a smashing, near 2 to 1
victory; Hillary gets a Bloody nose!

You ct Delegates, S/H watches those
Key Endorsements. Uncle Georgie Rules, Believe It!
Hillary In El Paso, Tx, Where 'it's
all hat, no cattle'. She's lookin'
for Latino Help, the Blacks have
Deserted Hilly/Billy.
Huckaboo-boo got whipped too, but not quite as badly! The G.O.P. Brass should tell this guy he's just not holding the cards, but I think he's in it for Mikeee, not Party. We'll see. reb


S/H ALERT: ___________________________________

If You Appreciate Legal Immigrants,

If you are concerned about the 12 to 15 million Illegals, plus the
suicidal jihadi sneaking across our
sieve-like borders, closing down Hospital ER Rooms, filling our jails & prisons, you might wish to
check out this web-site:

Anonymous said...


Your conclusions are erroneous, I think. First, don't buy the "Fair and balanced mantra," I meam why not just come out and say: "All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others."

Fox News' ratings have nothing to do w/ being "fair and balanced." I doubt seriously that Fox attracts watchers from divergent aspects of the political spectrum. Fox's agenda is set by Ruppert Murdoch who appointed Roger Aisles to implement it.

It's one thing to say: "Well I watch this b/c I like the people and I gree w/ their (Ruppert the Rapacious') views. That's fine.

It's another thing to buy into: "These are the only guys w/ a handle on reality."

If you believe that George Soros is somehow manipuilating the Democratic party, it is inconceivable to me that you fail to recognized Murdoch's political agenda w/ respect to Fox News.

Meanwhile here is something that is really newsworthy and more appropos to the original message of this site. I seldom revel in the death of another human being, however, when that person has forsaken the laws of civilization in favor of terrorism, I make an exception. I am therefore pleased to announce the death of Hezbollah leader Imad Moughniyah, killed in a bomb attack in Damascus on February 12, 2008.

Moughniyah's resume includes the bombings of the U.S. Embassy; the Marine barracks, and the barracks of French peacekeeping forces in Lebananon in 1983 which killed over 350 people. The bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Airies in 1992; the kidnapping of westerners in Lebanon 1n the
1980s; the planning of and participation in the hijacking of an TWA airliner on June 14, 1985 in which an American passenger was murdered--remember the pictures of him lying on the tarmac after being shot and dumped from the plane?

Moughniyah was the most wanted terrorist on the United States' list b/f OBL.

The U.S. sought to detain him on a number of occasions including an attempt to arrest him in 1995 when the palne on which he was traveling was due to land in Saudi Arabia. Saudi officials refused permission for the plane to land.

A number of other Hezbollah leaders live in exile in Damascus. I don't wonder how they feel about now?

Time to give AMohamed the opportunity to comment on the death of this vermin.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...

Loop Garoo,

Well, you've mentioned a jihadi
killer that we've been after for
a long time. His first name is an appropriate tag...IMAD! S/H's are
true believers in Laser Guided Diplomacy. Good riddance!
There Is No Evidence That Murdock has ever attempted to "buy" a political party, or transform one,
or to attempt to manipulate half the nation into joining these mindless "hate groups" calling for Impeachment of a Sitting President.
Or funding with a million bucks, your favorite little scam, "The Center For Public Integrity". It's
a Hate Group, Loop. You just refuse
to open your eyes. You have no idea
what his "Open Society" is about, yet you choose to defend him. Read
his 200 page book, 'The Bubble of
American Supremacy', go to page 196
read that jibberish!, then tell me
what a wonderful man he is! He's purposely vague, manipulative, and seeks Massive CHANGE, by controlling the Senate & House, giving clamouring puppets a few Slogans, Viola! It's "Open Society" and a Brave New World!
He wants his "Shadow Party" in the Oval Office.

Don't you see the knife-handle sticking out of Hillary's Back?
If not, you are self-deceived!
(Not David Petraeus). reb

Anonymous said...


1. If you do not think that Ruppert the Rapacious does not have a political agenda, you are probably suffering from a willing suspension of disbelief. You may wish to consult your doctor; or your lawyer maybe; or a political consultant; or you could just continue to watch Fox News, only w/ a dispassionate eye.

2. If I owned a major media outlet, to promote my political agenda, why would I need to buy a political party?

3. My views on the president are well known to you. When he was elected, recognizing his long history of lack of accomplishment and appreciating his politics of favoring the rich and powerful, I was dubious about his ability to lead our nation. Then, 9/11 provided him w/ the opportunity for greatness, which he has managed to squander.

I arrived at these conclusions w/o the benefit of George Soros;; Leslie Cagan, or any other member of your closet of bugaboos.

What may we conclude from this? One of two things: either I arrived at the correct conclusion independent of your hate groups or I arrived at the wrong conclusion independent of them.

So let me quote a gentlemen you admire. I speak of none other than Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House.

The following appeared in an on-line Fox News report on January 9, 2005 Fox News report:

"Whatever mistakes [L. Paul] Bremer made were not corrected by his bosses were Rumsfeld, Poweell, Cheney, and the president." Gingrich said.

But these men were apparently too exhausted or focused on Bush's re election campaign to curb Bremer, he said. Bush recently awarded Bremer the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work in Iraq.

"Had the president stuck with an Afghanistan-style post war plan, his public approval rating would be sky-high and "the Arab world would be closer to democracy" Gingrich said.

Of course this is a mere snippet of Mr. Gingrich's criticism of the president.

Gee. Poor Newt. I guess George Soros got to him.


The Loop Garoo Kid


More Inane Jabber from Loop Garoo.

From a political perspective, I admire Newt Gingrich AND Mitt Romney, and rate these two men ABOVE George W. Bush. Get It?

Bush is, like him or not, our
Commander In Chief, in a Time of
War...In Iraq & Afganistan. It's
THERE I Support The President. We
face an Insane Enemy; Now, Do You Understand That Much?

I Do Not Support Bush on Illegal
Immigrants. No President in recent history has "Faced Up" to this growing menace OR Controlled our War-Time Borders!!! Dubya's rejection of a Full Presidential Pardon for Ramos & Campeon, U.S. Border Guards is Inexcusable. Get It?

You have swallowed the "Hate Bush/Cheney Mantra ever since you arrived in Snake Hunters Comments, and you will not stop Bum-rapping Dubya, on IRAQ. It's Your Cause Celebre. It's you that's transfixed w/ the Soros Crappola
not this Weblog. Well, it's time you got over it. Bush/Cheney are

For your own mental health, may I
suggest that you get a copy of...
by your favorite demented Hate Peddler, George Soros. It's only
203 pages (a nauseating aberration)
that will serve to reenforce your own Soros-implanted, "Progressive" notions. I think you're gonna love
an Open Society, Brave New World.

It's Curious that you never mention
Reid, Pelosi, the Berkeley City Council & Mayor. They all despise
Military Recruitment. Friends of yours?

Your pal, reb


1. JAMES CARVELL says: "Hillary must win Texas AND Ohio, or it's
2. MITT ROMNEY endorses Sen McCain.
Those delegates might impress Huckabee to toss in the towel.
Put Down Bass/Guitar/Your call, Mikeee.
3. FourStar General announces that we must shoot down our own SPY SATTELITE. (S/H asks: Has an Enemy
Laser-Shot damaged it?)
St.Valentine On Steroids & Meth! __________________________________

Anonymous said...

has spread across the United States
Since the World Trade Center N.Y.C. Disaster, and it wasn't created just by
Hollywood's OffBeat, Michael Moore.
He's merely a self-serving puppet.

'Bowling For Columbine' did point to the later slaughters at a Campus at Virginia Tech, and a grisly shooting today at a high school West of Chicago. These events prompt ever more metal detectors and armed guards at
middle schools, high schools, and
To ignore the substantive changes and degrees of hatred in race, religion, politics and in the Media
is to ignore CNN's Cafferty, and MSNBC's rabid hate Dubya tirades by
Keith Olberman. One day, they'll Throw a Net Over that Guy!
When This Weblog attempts to point
to the negativity, and who might be
the major sources of these steadily
increasing events, I receive some mild ridicule from Loop, and more recently from a lady in Port Orchard, Washington. That's O.K. It
keeps me humble, Hah! reb

Some might ask, but what can I do?


This new group is looking for Volunteers to help them in Federal
Immigration Reform Enforcement in your State, County of City. The Co-founder is Jason Mrocheck in Southern California. Stand by,
I'll soon pass along more on this subject. reb

Anonymous said...

Intelligence Surveillance Act
was established way back in 1978 or '79 to protect Americans by utilizing sophisticated electronic surveillance of incoming calls from
places like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Morrocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Sudan. The Patriot Act is another useful legal protection. Both are necessary legal instruments in a time of war. But where is the patriotic cooperation in our House & Senate on this vital issue?

U.S. Telecommunication Corporations
have aided our nation in this effort, and in doing so, have placed themselves in Legal Jeopardy. They Need Federal Law to
protect them from freaky frivolous Law Suits that may seek another way to obstruct, with harrassing claims of "Invasion of Privacy" by certain devious U.S. Citizens.

It's ugly D.C. Politics, Deja vu!
Snake Hunter labels it, Treachery.

This is just another harrassing tacit by Democrats to keep "Dubya" from his Sworn Oath to protect all
citizens from murderous intent by
radicals planning more attacks, and these politicians know it!

Senators Reid, Kennedy, Dick Durbin, John Kerry, House Speaker Pelosi, et al are always ready to throw up the legal road-blocks to Bush's best efforts, and they are at it again. Shame on them!

Why Americans tolerate this stupidity is mind-shattering. The
pretense at Bi-Partisanship from any of these clowns is sickening,
the chorus of "We Support Our Troops" is a fetid joke, and if the next attack by Global Jihad is successful, it will signal the end of our vibrant two-party system, for decades. Which Ugly Hypocracy of "Mov-On's Peace Foundation" would like to share blame for that Magnum Outrage? We'd like to pose that question to Mr. Eli Pariser.

FISA is due to expire this Friday.

This is an Open Forum; we'd really appreciate some input on this.

Fisa protection is due to expire on Friday,

Anonymous said...

Sorry reb. Your comments are taking on the quality of the southern product of a north walking horse.

I care very little that W is C-in-C. I criticize him b/c when it comes to doing that job, he receives very low marks. I thought this long b/f Bill O'Reilly convinced you that George Soros was the problem, not George Bush.

You just give the guy a hall pass b/c he is president and then say, "Well, I disagree w/ him about immigration."

Here is the deal. Here is what history teaches us. The president of the United States is in charge of steering the ship of state. Many things, like the economy for the most part, are beyond his control. Other things, like foreign policy, are in his definite control.

When things go well, the president gets the credit, i.e. witness the credit given to Bill Clinton for the period of economic prosperity we enjoyed during his presidency. When things go poorly, the president gets the blame, deserved or not.

So what do you think happened to the commander of the U.S.S. San Francisco after his submarine struck an previously uncharted undersea mountain in 2005?

When things go poorly as a result of matters entirely w/in the president's control, he gets the blame in spades and deservedly so.

The fact is that the war in Iraq is a foreign policy disaster. NB. I did not say a military disaster. I said foreign policy diaster. I has done nothing to make our country safer; it has become a suck hole for our military and monetary resources and your reaction to all of this is "Well he is the C-in-C and don't worry, we survived the Great Depression."

We survived the Great Depression because massive spending in the war effort pulled us out of the that partcular economic doldrum. It would appear, however, that the paradigm of WW II may not apply to our current economic situation.

Stop blaming the messengers reb.

Start looking ahead as to what faces us domestically and what confronts us geopolitically.

Start thinking outside the box.

This morning, I was listening to the radio and heard a piece on Pakistani parlimentary elections.

There was a comment about how the Taliban would not interfer w/ the elections. I cannot say that the fact that the Taliban now appears to control significant sections of Waziristan put me in a happy place.


The Loop Garoo Kid


Loop Garoo,

Your comments often remind me of an old RCA 78 Record, with the needle caught in one groove.
I've come to admire O'Reilly's Factor for several reasons: a) he often has knowledgable guests, b) he's a watch-dog when liberal judges grant Pedophiles Probation for long stretches of 'aggravated sexual abuse' of pre-adolecents, c) he was the only Tv program that stayed with it, getting "Jessica's Law" on the books in 42 states!

Would Loop Garoo Kid concede that to be a Major Legal Triumph?

d) He has two very sharp female lawyers that are much more than just "Eye-Candy" (LooP Garoo Smart-alex Remark), e) has Bernie & Jane as regular guests, f) dares to show-up on NBC "liberal" shows like Letterman, Bill Maher,
& Colbert, invites all of these smart-ass, quick-with-the-quip jerks to the Factor! So far, only
Colbert & Biil Maher had the guts! And, g) he has Laurie Dhue Critique on Thursday. h) Dennis Miller, always a blast!
Snake Hunters Targets G. Soros for
ample good reason. a) King George demonstrates a willingness to spend vast sums of money to Fundamentally CHANGE the USA into a vague, mysterious unproven thing he calls OPEN SOCIETY. On page 197 of his dull, boring 203 page book 'The Bubble of American Supremacy' he says, "Fertile Fallacies can go a long way in shaping the world in which we live". Apply THAT Quote To George Soros "Open Society", and
you'll begin to understand my concerns about his intention to Reshape the U.S. Political Process
to his sole imaginative liking.
LGK shrugs U.F.P.J. & Open Society
Institute. I sincerely regret that
fact. So, we differ; If S/H is correct, and this pychopath is as
Grossly Evil As I Perceive, I won't survive to see the destructive results, but YOU and your children will, I fear, sadly live and struggle in anguish in it's demented, roiling wake.
LGK Quote: "Taliban Now Controls
Waseristan". Trust me Loop, the Taliban Has Controlled That Area
For Generations. What are you reading? Put down that 'Uncle Billie's Whiz-Bang! reb

Anonymous said...


If you wish to enjoy 'The O'Reilly Factor," be my guest. I have b/f and will now voice my admiration for Mr. O'Reilly in that he is superb at what he does. It may be a bit cynical, but what Bill O'Reilly does mostly is hawk the products of his sponsors by pushing the hot buttons of his viewers. If you do not think that his entire staff, which I imagine to be considerable, does not review the media each and every day to glean news items designed to outrage, then you are living in a state of willful disbelief.

If you you are unwilling to accept the fact that the spin starts w/ Bill O'Reilly, as opposed to ending there; and that he is a bloviator non pareil, then you are only fooling yourself. I view his show as being neither good nor bad. But it is a mistake not to recognize that Bill O'Reilly is in the entertainment business as much if not more than he is in the news business.

As for the "eye candy," I merely point out that if Bill O'Reilly's legal consultants were not easy on the eye, they would be in the office writing briefs and doing research as opposedd to being on TV.

Meanwhile, over at XDA, Mark Dunn believes that Israel is preparing to strike Syria, if not both Syria and Iran. Yesterday, in the comments to his post, he pointed out that the Iranian foreign minister is currently in Syria. He either stated or implied that the timing of matters is determined by George Bush still being president. The incipient crisis, as he views it, has been brought about by the death of terrorist Imad Moughniyah earlier this week.

If indeed, this particular vermin was killed by Israeli agents, I disagree w/ Mark that Israel has known of his whereabouts for years. When it comes to justice, the Israelis seem to be of the mind that sooner is better.

I must disagree w/ you about the Taliban in Waziristan and I think this is another example of your tendancy to lump together all undesirables. Certainly Waziristan has never been under Pakistani government control and certainly it has harbored its share of Isalmists. Nevertheless it is important to recognize the effects of the events in Afghanistan in late 2001 and earlier 2002. First, OBL was able to escape from Tora Bora to the region and secondly, the Taliban fled there after being ousted from Afghanistan. These events may be considered the addition of the yeast to the dough.

So again, I think we are all better served by keeping our eye on Baitullah Mehsud who is more of a threat than George Soros.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...

Loop Garoo,

O'Reilly Is Important To The Vast
Majority, Left & Right. See rating.
Baitullah Mehsud is a Local Warlord, That May One-Day Achieve
World Renown. (I don't have a Crystal Ball).

At This Moment, he has little influence over "Peace Foundations",
U.S. Media, Code Pink, or our Political Infrastructure. He is Free to Ridicule Gen Petraeus 'til His Goat Turns Blue, but who would
listen. I'll wait 'til he shows
up on MSNBC. How many billions in Gold Coin does he have buried?

Anyway, thanks for your input. reb


The Vain Contrarian Is Quick To Ridicule...

Is Slower to Retain Valid Information. The Wisest Mind Has
Something Yet To Learn. reb


Saturday, Feb 16th

SEX ED. AT YALE_______________________________ As PAM ANDESON Rocks Out At The Crazy Horse Caberet!
Hot Stuff! Woo-hoo. Shaa-Zam!

Sen. Ted Kennedy Sez:

Mah Good Friend Al Gore may not
wish to give His Endorsement,
preferring a Mediation Role in
the up-coming blood-bath in Maah-ch

Oh Teddy, yer so cool.
Shades of "Skull & Bones"!
You zillionaires ARE so playful.
Chelsea says, "Say What?"
Teddy responds, "OBAMA, Obama...
No, no, no, Yo Mama! Change, kid".

One-Half Of The World, doesn't have a clue. reb

Anonymous said...

From the Lady in Port Orchard,

Gee, Ralph,

You keep twisting things. Loop Garoo told you he is not influenced by Mr. Soros (whoever the heck he is; I still have not googled him). You keep insulting Loop by insisting that he is influenced by the "far left" groups that O'Reilly makes so much of. You are the one that sounds like a stuck 78 (I still have some of those). You keep putting words in his mouth and you don't listen to him; you just talk at him.

However, I now can see how much you are influenced by O'Reilly, etc. Now I remember that the first time I heard about "Soros" was on his show. He had apparently taken out that nasty ad in the NYT. You are one of those who get your bowels in an uproar when O'Reilly pushes your touchy spots and now you have gone off as half-cocked on Soros as has our little friend on the Palestinian issue. It is a sad state of affairs when some talking head becomes someone's vizier.

Those radio talk show and TV hosts are under attack by the Republicans because they have alientated the vast silent majority with their mean-spirited outrageousness. They unfortunately overpromoted a President with an approval rating lower than a snake's belly and they lost their new poster boy, Romney, because the majority really does want a change. If the majority give such a low rating to this president, it can't be that it is because they listen and take to heart what the right wing talking heads tell them. We need to look at ourselves and not play any blame games.

Beck and Limbaugh have admitted that they are under attack (they have received letters of reprimand) by the GOP mucky-mucks. They now say that they are first businessmen and entertainers, that they have no agenda except to make profits for themselves and their networks, blah, blah, blah. Honest, they said that. They do make an obscene amount of money and fly in corporate jets, all to inflate their egos more. People like me have always known what they are really about. Their ratings are high sometimes because they are like train wrecks (you notice those), and reasonable people know that is all it is --entertainment.

I watch O'Reilly, etc sometimes and laugh at their outrageousness, sometimes I don't laugh when I realize that some people who can't do their own thinking follow their poisonous diatribes like lemmings and take it as gospel. That is what I really find scary. Then I change the channel to HGTV or the Animal or History channel or CNN or the network and local news which mostly just gives us straight news and interviews, and leave us to our own conclusions.

I will sometimes watch Glenn Beck and get a good belly laugh at his jack-in-the box body language and all the rolling of the eyes and funny faces he makes. I make funny faces back at him, and laugh some more, then I change the channel. I guess most people are just like me.

As for O'Reilly and his influence; he usually just finds someone that is already doing things and then he takes the credit. All the cable news anchors have helped to bring attention to the plight of our soldiers and women and children. Newscasts have for a long time now been what brings information to us and motivates us to see what we can do to help people in need.

Please trust me and Loop and the vast majority to not swallow things whole, as you put it, from anybody on the far left or far right. I think the average American is more in the middle, weighs the issues (they can't all be solved at once) and chooses a path that is best for them. They still have the American Dream (why else would so many have been suckered into buying single family homes and huge SUVs they couldn't afford, etc.) They don't want to be communists living in apartment complexes; they still believe in the nuclear family ("a boy for you and a girl for me"), and a job to go to; they still want a little home and a picket fence. They know it is possible only here, but something happened, the dream is slipping away for many, while too few have too much and live like kings.

Pulling away from Iraq now would not be defeat. Was pulling out of Vietnam a defeat? Was Communism then with its nuclear armed axis of nations any more a threat to us than a disparate bunch of disorganized poor radical rag-heads is now? We need to pull back, regroup, fix our economy, upgrade our military here and abroad, stand ready, develop an outfit like the Mossad to hunt down and treat "with extreme prejudice" the real perpetrators of terrorism, one by one. Sending our troops in to the current quagmire in Iraq is not accomplishing the original objective. There has to be another more effective way.

Don't question my patriotism; my people have been here for 10,000 years and we never really left. We fight now for the Stars and Stripes. My uncles left their blood or their minds or both in places like Belleau Wood (remember that?), another someplace in Germany, my husband's father in Quajulein (?)/the Marshsal Islands with the 5th Marines. They got Purple Hearts and prejudice for their trouble.

My husband was only a teenager when he went with the First Marines to Korea in the early 50s and witnessed the removal of our fallen in Chosin. They brought the colors back to Camp Pendleton. Several of my cousins went to Vietnam and suffer still from PTS. Many of their officers and comrades lost their minds if not their body parts. O'Reilly at first said that many of our veterans were homeless because they were mentally ill or alcoholics (an outrageous statement of his), and after he smoothed some feathers, he has joined those who are trying to better conditions for our vets. What took him so long?

Senator McCain was a prisoner in Vietnam, as was my husband's friend, another downed pilot who spent time in the same prison, I think at the same time. McCain has a son in Iraq now. The first Marine casualty in Iraq was an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who had been promised his US Citizenship. He was killed by friendly fire (he didn't understand the commands?). Many illegals have been recruited into the military with the promise of US Citizenship, if they live long enough. Many blacks and hispanics have been lured into the military by money up front and a place on military football and baseball leagues where uniforms and equipment are provided, something they would not have had access to where they live. Many ended up in the desert sands instead.

Well, I hope you have read this far. You really need to get off the Soros kick. He is more of a threat in the minds of those like you who take O'Reilly's comments to heart. If most Americans are like me, they have not bothered to read anything this Soros writes. He can write whatever he wants as the Far Right does. None of that negativity affects the vast majority of which Loop and I are a part. We were born Americans and it seems this Murdoch and Soros were not, so who are they to try and influence us.

(the lady in Port Orchard)-- on the Kitsap Peninsula, WA, the home of the Puget Sound Naval Yard and Bangor Submarine Base. Go Navy! Semper Fi, Marines!

Tom the Redhunter said...

Wow, Emilie, that's quite a comment. You really seem to have it in for military recruiters. bty, illegals have no place in the US at all, much less in our military (do you have evidence for your claims, bty?)

"Pulling away from Iraq now would not be defeat. Was pulling out of Vietnam a defeat?"

Yes it was, in fact. The world saw it as a defeat, and they'd see leaving Iraq as a defeat. The jihadists would crow until the cows came home, and would use it as a recruiting tool to draw in millions. Governments around the area would realize that counting on the US to protect them was foolish, and would make their own accomodations with both the Salafists and the Khomeinists.

I watch the all the time, and all of the generals say the same thing; we've made tremendous progress but it's fragile. If we pull out too many troops soon things might come undone.

But I know I'm not going to convince you of anything.

Loop - As for the decommissioned ships, I don't have that stat off the top of my head and apologies but don't have time to look it up. However, my guess is that most of them were A) Oliver Hazard Perry FFG 7 class frigates, B) Spruance class destroyers and C) Permit and Sturgeon class subs.

We also cut back on some carriers, but I don't know the numbers.

If you're not familiar (that is not a nerd like me!) these were mostly older technology ships. The Frigates were for anti-sub work, and with the Soviet navy rusting in port were not so much needed. The frigates anyway were built in a "surge" to counter the Soviet Navy that expanded considerably during the 70s...but I digress.

So as you can see I'm not advocating that we should have kept Reagan's 600 ship navy. Or the 18 Army divisions, either.

Actually (and I don't want to go on too long here) our navy's not in such bad shape ship wise. The problem it has is that we're caught without a good fighter on deck. The F-18 Hornet is lacking and is short-legged. The Super Hornet (E/F) is mostly an attack aircraft. We badly need to get the F-35 Lightning II out to the fleet.

Fortunately we've got a few of the new Virginia class subs in the water, as the LA boats are getting old and the 3 Seawolf boats are obviously too few (and too expensive to build more).

The Air Force is doing better now that the F-22 Raptor is in the air (two squadrons in Alaska to counter the ChiComs if I have it right) to replace the ageing F-15.

The real problem is in the Army and Marine Corps, and it's a straight up lack of manpower. As you know we "surged" 5 additional brigades into Iraq Jan-June of last year, bringing the total up to 20. Well, we couldn't sustain 20 over there for long (hence the term "surge") so we had to make progress fast, which we did with Operations Fardh al-Qanoon, Phantom Thunder, Phantom Strike, and now Phantom Phoenix.

Anyway, we're down to 19 brigades there now (in case you didn't know it the "surge" is actually over) and more will come home soon.

So in conclusion the Navy needs a few more ships but it's not as vital as the F-15/Va subs, the Air Force is ok as long as they don't cut purchases of the F-22, but the Army needs more troops.

In my opinion, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Tom, thanks for that. Are you saying that the F-22 is not Carrier Based, and the F-35 is adaptable, or has longer range?
Both have Vectored Thrust. Right? Please clarify. reb
Emilie! Good Grief, and I thought My Pal Loop Garoo Was Windy...but you blow from all-four Compass Points!

I've misjudged you! You seemed so rational on Mohamed Fadly's blog. (Now try real hard).
a) In December, 2005 I found Leslie
Cagan. b) In mid 2006 I found George Soros. I have every right to
believe, (and there's ample evidence to support it) that These Two Influential Scum-bags Hate The U.S. Military, & Detest our System of Governance! Understand That?

Both seek a Radical NEW DIRECTION and Radical CHANGE that's far, far beyond Democrat/Republican Theory.
Much Later, I found Mr. O. Very entertaining, but hardly an Expert
on Soros' Open Society Institute.
(soros book: bubble amer supremacy)

I Like O'Reilly, and I enjoy his Choice of Guests, both Left & Right Wing; and his savvy Military Guys, Political Pundits, and Comedians like Dennis Miller! Is
that o.k. with Port Orchard Emilie?
Be Advised: You are on S/Hunter Probation. One more scatter-gun,
long-winded attack, where NOBODY WINS, and I'll show you the exit.
Or, Get Your Own Blog, and I'll be
a more respectful guest. If you want access here, then come back with Facts on U.F.P.J. I'll listen.
I have little patience w/people that Refuse To Learn. This is an
Information Weblog. It's fun, if you have the temperament for it.

Assignment: U.F.P.J. Castro/Cagan.

'Til Then, Emilie, Adios!

(My blog, My hard effort, Students & Guests will behave...Get it?)

In 3-4 days, I'm deleting Emilie's
Feb 16th; I know you can Print It
Out, rewrite it, try again. You get
a big, fat -F-, Sorry, Viejas. reb



Just Found You On
'You Ain't Gonna Like Losing'

Jumping Around on Different Posts
Loses Continuity! It's difficult
enough to follow your line of
convaluted reasoning. I'm trying.

On The Other Post, you said that you didn't like Communists. I'm relieved to know that.

In 1962, Nikita Khuschev put IRBM's
(Intermediate Range Ballistic (Nuke) Missiles in CUBA!

An American teenager, LESLIE CAGAN
was there w/ Fidel & Che Guevara.
She helped Castro set up his Communist Infrastructure! She was
there for SEVEN YEARS! She's a brilliant, behind the scenery organizer. She doesn't want her face or name on Tv. Willing Dupes
she calls "Puppetista" do the dirty work for her. Read John Perazzo, on FrontPageMag, then you'll have the Info you and your husband need to make Informed Comment!
In 2008, She's the Nat. Director of
United For Peace & Justice, U.F.P.J. She's on the Bd of Directors of Five (5) New Pacifica Radio Stations. We have one "Peace" unit here in Oak Ridge. "O.R. Environmental Peace Alliance" They have Hiroshima
Days Rally & Parade Every August 6th. Free Balloons, and 'Hate Dubya' Bumper-Stickers. Loop Garoo has ten (10) UFPJ's in Colorado.
Oh well. Look Up Washington State.
They Never Mention "Pearl Harbor Days". They Hate It When I Do! reb

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info.


This important: Teddy Kennedy went to Harvard, the oldest University in this country, which is located in Cambridge, MA, across the Charles River from Boston.

Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale, the nation's third oldest university, which is located in New Haven, CT. Skull and Bones members include William F. Buckley, Jr.; George H.W. Bush; George W. Bush; John Kerry; and my neice.

If you wish to be taken seriously, do not confuse Harvard w/ Yale.

One of my favorite intersections in New Haven is the three way meeting Of Dixwell Ave, Goffe St., and Whalley Ave: named after John Dixwell, William Goffe, and Edward Whalley who were three of the 59 signatories to the death warrant of King Charles I. After the Restoration, these "regicides" fled to New England ultimately settling in New Haven.

If you find yourself in NH, Frank Pepe's white clam pie is the best pizza on the planet. Bring cash.


Thank you for your comments. Kwajalein Atoll is in the Marshall Islands. The marines assaulted and took in Jan 31-Feb 3, 1944.


The Loop Garoo Kid


Thanks Loop,

Harvard & Yale, vat's da diff? N/E Coast, isn't it?
Ain't they mostly hard-left, elite? 'Bout as far from the Clinton/Obama history & mentality as it can get. Imagine Teddy Kennedy or Sen John Kerry as our President. What a Revolting Development That. "Unfit For Command"! You Betcha.
Ten-Minute Political Test Next Up.
Q. Are You A Qualified Voter?


(Be bold, take the test!)

Far-Out Right-Wing (Media Person)
(Radio, Tv, CelebMag, Newsweek/Time)

Far-Out Right, Politician:

Far-Out Left-Wing (Media Person)
(Radio, Tv, CelebMag,Newsweek/Time)

Far-Out Left, Politician(s)
1. (All (d) nominees?)
(O.K. to leave blank--10 min not enough time to list these).

What Do You Know about these mysterious "Shadow People": G.Soros, L.Cagan, D.Geffen, Peter Lewis, Eli Pariser, John Bolton, Sylvester Reyes, Wesley Clark, Oprah Winfrey.

(If you don't know, or have never heard of, at least half of these people, you are unqualified to vote, and it would be a kindness to your country to STAY HOME, WATCH A BALL-GAME or an American Idol Rerun, or spin a disc of Rap-Crap, & Take A Valium).

How did YOU do? Degree of Difficulty? Was it fun/boring? reb

Anonymous said...

Emilie said:

For Pete's sake,

I thought you told us on the Clean Fun blog that we were welcome to post whatever on your blog, that "reviles" etc. were OK, that lame insults slid off your back like water off a duck. Now you are being sensitive? I thought you were as thick-skinned as I am. You don't know what insults can be; I know.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment, and sorry that it ended up on the wrong post. Maybe I should have broken it up into several. I just wanted to get things off my chest as many bloggers do.

You wanted to know what we think of your political awareness test, and I think it only shows your perspective. I qualify to vote because I am a registered citizen over 21 and not because I know the names of people and organizations on the hard-core right or left. I vote my own conscience, and according to my place in society, what benefits my situation. I thought everyone did that.

I am still working my assignment on the UFPJ and Cagan/Castro. Get back to you later. The Marines want their dinner.

Aye, aye, sir, yes, sir!

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

snake hunter sez,

Emilie, When you insinuate that I
got my info from O'Reilly, that's
gross INSULT! I work hours at this
keyboard EVERY DAY. I attempt to get YOU and OTHERS quickly to USABLE FRONT PAGE MAG's stuff that's Not on TV! Go to My Link,
Not Google!
John Perazzo...That's where I found
UFPJ over two yrs ago, and Humberto
Fontova also, for Che Guevara.

You are woefully lacking INFO, so You & Loop choose ridicule about O'Reilly!!! This jeopardizes S/H Comment Space; I wish to help, but
I'm fast losing patience. All the
info you'll need is on PERAZZO &
FONTAVO. Don't bother this page
for 1 week! Basta! Enough! Also,

Combines "Google" with SEVEN OTHER SEARCH ENGINES for quicker, better
Searches! Now, that's it. Adios! reb


Loop Garoo's been with S/H for over
a year, and he can verify it...I Rarely Delete Anyone, but this "Stepping Aside" Post, and it's unfortunate comments lately,
is troubling. I'm gonna re-read 'em
and make a decision when I cool down! Damn, I hate to get this upset! reb

Anonymous said...

To Tom the Red Hunter --

(from Emilie)

I regret that you think I have it in for military recruiters. I didn't say I was against recruiting. I am just lamenting the fact that the military is often not checking the legal immigrant status of the recruits, but that is par for the course. You must realize that we have so many illegals here because they present false documentation.

I also am worried that some unscrupulous recruiters might be helping illegals get fuzzy documentation. They have a program called Early something or other that puts them in fast-track schools with the help of social workers. The recruiters seem to be American-born Latinos who want to stay in the US and not be sent to Vietnam, so they will do anything to meet their quotas. I feel the situation for the military is getting so dire, that I don't know why there is not a draft as there was in WWII and Vietnam.

You said you didn't think you could convince me of anything, but I am just for pulling back and regrouping, maybe in Afghanistan or Pakistan. I will look to you for information on your blog.

My husband is of Mexican ancestry but an American Citizen born in Texas as was his father, and they both were voluteers to the Marine Corps. His father went to Camp Pendleton in 1943, and my husband went there 10 years later. I have both platoon photos, and I have the flag that draped his father's coffin as well as his medals.

You can read about Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, the first Iraq casualty at: oif/profiles/gutierrezjose.html

Jose snuck across Mexico from Guatemala at the age of 14 and wound up in San Diego. His is a fascinating story.

There is another article that spells out the process of getting illegals in the military at:

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

To Loop Garoo,

From Emilie,

Please e-mail me at:

auntyemfaustus (at) hotmail (dot) com


Sixty-five years ago, High-Up In The Colorado Rockies out of Leadville, I learned something I'd
nearly forgotten in the intervening

You can lead a mule to a water trough, and wait patiently for a spell. Now, If That Critter Ain't Even A Little Bit Thirsty...

You sure as hell cannot force him to drink that water!
(recalling that, somehow i feel a whole lot better today!)
Oh, Hi Loop & Emilie!


Emilie & Loop:

At my age, I flatter myself with the notion that my background, temperament & memory-bank equips me
to be of genuine service to a few
people w/ bright awareness, and blessed with retentive minds,
that appreciate my efforts. This weblog is, or at least was my intention to be INFORMATIVE.

As an example, on February 17, 2006
I typed a Post from an old memory dealing with Prof. Ivan Pavlov's
1898 experimental work on what is
now called a "Conditioned Reflex"
and he Proved it to a stunned Scientific Community! Then he published a 'paper' on importance of an "Involuntary Physical Response To A Signal".

Adolph Hitler, and his Propaganda
Minister, Josef Geobbels used this
new Psycological System (in the 1930's) to 'mersmerize' educated masses, millions of people!

Pay heed to Geobbels words, "If You Tell a Lie, and you REPEAT IT Often Enough, It Becomes Truth!" Remember that word 'INVOLUNTARY'?

Now, as a young fellow in my late 20's, a friend and I experimented
quite a lot with Hypnosis for several years, incl "Pre-Birth Regressions, researched reincarnation theory, etc. etc.

My Main Point: If Anyone with the Movitation, the Time, and Unlimited
Money (like a World-Class Religion)
or an (Insane Billionaire), He Has the Potential To (a) Start A War,
(b) Buy a Bevy of Celebrities, or (c) Permanently Alter The Legal Paradigm of a Great Nation, AND
(d) Alter The Course of History!

I've read "The Bubble Of American
Supremacy" by George Soros. This man has been in the U.S. since 1956. He can "buy" a podium at any
University in the World. He sells a mysterious "thing" called "Open
Society", where "Uncle Georgie" feeds his Mania.

In 2004, Soros' Candidate was defeated (Swift-boat) destroyed by George W. Bush! Sen John Kerry made three (3) very hateful
Anti-Military Remarks ON CAMERA. One Vietnam, Two on Iraq. S/H will
guarantee this. He'll Never Again
Run For National Office. He & Teddy
are Constrained to Massachusetts.

On February 1, 2008, George Soros
Endorsed Barack Obama, another Potential Winner. Soros, Harold Ickes, And Hillary Clinton est.
Media Matters, another Hate Dubya
Blog. So Hillary is second choice,
and believe me Hilly/Billy knows it.

AFTER 9/11 Soros has spent Hundreds
of Millions to Corrupt The Image of
the Bush/Cheney Administration, in a Time of War! You say that you remember the David Petraeus N.Y Times Advertisement. That's One Example of MoveOn's Brute Force!!

Soros Set Up A Loop Garoo Favorite,
"Center for Public Integrity", ask
your friend LGK if it's True! One
Million Bucks was pocket-change for that monster. Ask Loop!
EMILIE, do this old guy a favor. Before you chase down Cagan's UFPJ,
go to my 'Psycology' Post, 2/17/06
read Prof. Ivan Pavlov. It's only two pages, but it reinforces this comment for you. Thanks.

Peace! reb

Anonymous said...


You are playing a little fast and loose w/ the facts re George Soros w/ respect to what he funds and his opposition to the adminstartion of George W. Bush.

You wrote: "After 9/11, George Soros spent hundreds of millions to corrupt the image of the Bush/Cheney adminsration in a Time of War!"

While strictly true, Mr. Soros has spent his money after 9/11. He also spent it after August 6, 1945.

The fact is that Mr. Soros begn to spend money after the invasion of Iraq. You may recall that the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do w/ 9/11. Yet, like the Bush Administration, you have attempted to fabricate an non existent link.

You would do well not to invoke Josef Goebbels b/f employing a tactic that Goebbels would have endorsed.

Meanwhile, let us examine the other salient fact in that sentence: "hundreds of millions."

Forbes magazine estimates Mr. Soros' fortune at *.5 billion dolaars or 8.5 thousand million doallars. Whereas I suspect he has spent millions or even tens of millions on plotical causes since 2003, I doubt seriously whether he has spent "hundreds of millions" to corrupt the image of the Bush/Cheney administration.

In fact, I doubt he has spent a single farthing to "corrupt the image of the Bush/Cheney aministration." Th eBush/ Cheney administartion manage that by itself.


The Loop Garoo Kid



Today Marks the beginning of the end of Fidel Castro/Che Guevara Half-century of Brutal, Cuban Communist Strangle-hold Government, 90 miles from our shoreline!

(I recall the 1962 Russian/Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis!)

An Ailing Fidel Castro officially resigned today!

In Miami Florida, a "Little Havana"
Exiled Population has impatiently waited for this day. But brother Raul Castro, 75 years old, still mounts a crumbling old Communist Barricade, blocking Genuine Political Freedom, with Freedom to Access a Free World-wide Media, Freedom to Access World Internet eMail, etc plus many other blessings Americans here non-chalantly, indifferently take for granted.


SECONDLY, A BOMB-SHELL QUOTE from the wife of the potential Democratic nominee for President, Ms Michelle Obama:

"What we have learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback, and let me tell you something. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY ADULT LIFETIME, I AM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY..."


Well, This Editor is Not Proud of
These Words. I recall my City of
Los Angeles (where I was born on Feb 11, 1925) where L.A.'s people (black, white, and latino) elected
its First Negro Mayor, nearly half a century ago. Tom Bradley was a fine mayor, and served in that capacity over 20 years, and survived the rigors of several election campaigns.

With Changing Attitudes, and more
Negro (sorry) 'Blacks' (actually all shades of brown to these eyes) having, during My Adult Lifetime, having acquired Private Home Ownership, business ownership, and middle-class status, and More Freedom to PURSUE Happiness in all fields of endevore. A Black on the U.S. Supreme Court, a Black Presidential Advisor, a Black Sec.
of Defense, and Black General Officers in our Military Services.
Great Black Achievement, all during the Hated & Maligned Bush/Cheney Administration. Amazing!

Bill Clinton referred to as America's First Black Presidency?
You Decide.

It's the "Whitey" voter in Arkansas & Kansas that propels the
Barack Obama candidacy, not the minority voter standing alone.

It's the "Adult" Michelle Obama that needs to exhibit some meaningful appreciation for the overall "CHANGE" in the U.S.A.

It's Past The Time For A Personal Change, to a More Mature Attitude About Her Race, AND her Country, that extends beyond glib Campaign Slogans!

If that's the general attitude around the Obama household, perhaps
the voter in this election year might wish to look beyond the smooth delivery of mere...Words!

Eight Months To Go, Let The Voters Decide Who Can Best Protect This Nation. reb


S/H Friends...Consult Our Links
For Yankee Commentary. A Grreeaat
Cartoon, It's About CHANGE. (PRINT)




Loop, There You Go Again. Your est.
Soros, .5 Billion. S/H estimate, between 7 to 11 Billion. Even One
Billion is...A Thousand Million!
Picky, picky, Nit-Picky!

We are Not Discussing a New
England Faaaht In a Gale! reb

Yankee Doodle said...

This is the URL of the "change" cartoon just in case I changed it:

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:


Can lead a mule to water, but can't make it drink, huh? Maybe the mule doesn't like the way it smells.

Anyway, I have been reading about your two bones of contention, Soros and Cagan. I kind of can see where they are both coming from.

Yes, I followed your instructions and read what you told me, but I found the articles slanted towards the hard-core right, so I searched for more neutral articles in Forbes, the Economist, Wikipedia, a univesity website, etc.

I found both are Jewish and she is a lesbian and they both are brilliant (meaning they have high IQs), so I can understand their impatience with anything that they perceive as imperfect. Cagan especially, lacks paience. She thinks her demonstrations are going to help speed things up. Ha! My people and the blacks waited more than 200 years for things to get better for us. I know about patience.

Also, she is not the great organizer you think she is. She herself has said that it is the internet that has helped her contact and mobilize demonstrations involving thousands of protesters with such speed. With one click of the send button, she starts things rolling.

I can understand where they are coming from as minorities (he escaped a Nazi death camp, and she suffered the prejudice against her sexual preference). I have read about the life experiences that molded them. He escaped the Holocaust in Hungary, and she was brought up by Jewish activist parents and came to maturity during the 60s when lots of young people went off the deep end with their anti-establishment antics---free love, drug experimentation, the whites taking up the cause of Native Americans and Blacks, etc.

I can see why she took up the Cuban cause. As I remember it, Castro and Che Guevara were lauded as heroes here in this country at first. They were freedom fighters fighting oppression of the ruling oligarchs. The blacks and the poor there were not not given any education, their children had no milk, they were exploited in the sugar cane fields.

I don't remember what happened, but I guess the oligarchs that had moved to Miami got the American government on their side, then suddenly Castro was no longer a revolutionary hero. So he turned to the Communists, and became a dictator for life and his people have suffered under the embargo since then.

My sister went to Cuba a couple of years ago (no, she is not a Communist or activist--she was a tourist --and an evangelical---looking to experience the homeland of one of her favorite soap opera stars). She told me that she and her tour group were put up in a nice hotel, but that whenever she went outside, women would beg her to get them a bar of soap. How awful. But, they are the best educated people now, all of them, in all of Latin America.

This is getting too long now, so I will continue later.

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

To Tom the Red Hunter:

From Emilie,

Tom, I was rereading all the posts here, and I noticed you told Loop that "the Army needs more troops". Do you mean that there are more troops stateside that could be sent to Iraq, or do you mean that the Army hasn't recruited enough? I know that some families are complaining about their guys having to go on tour after tour even when promised they won't be called up again. Do you think it is time for a draft like there was in WWII and Vietnam?

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:


OK, to continue what I found about Cagan and Soros:

The article you directed me to had the same information that I found on other articles; however, Perazzo only included some parts and added other words to make them seem more sinister. He uses the phrase "hate America" where other writers just report the demonstrations without editorializing

I see that Cagan is one of those old hippies that wants to relive what she thinks were her glory days, and now there must be lots and lots of retired baby boomers that want to do the same, such as that Cindy that camped outside Bush's ranch. Hillary strikes me as an old hippie too. I don't think that they are anti-American as much as misled by thier own feeling of importance. Which of their goals have been accomplished anyway, if they even had any goals. Bush stayed in office, and there is still an embargo agianst Cuba.

The protestors that came before them did accomplish the goal of leveling the playing field for blacks, etc. by demonstrating against segregation and the intimidation of blacks at the polls in the South. Many of the first people to join Dr. King's marches were young Jewish college students. Then they were joined by Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte, and other celebrities and that lent more attention to the cause. Segregation was outlawed, and it wasn't all peaceful on the opposing side. I remember from TV those dogs and those fire hoses, the beatings with the night sticks, the shooting of unarmed people, the burning of buildings, the need for the National Guard to protect the demonstrators. All That must have fired up a lot of people involved who havent' forgotten, and they felt that they had helped to improve an imperfection in the policies that allowed such inhumane laws to exist anywhere in this country. That must have given them the impetus to continue demonstrations for other causes to this day.

I certainly don't agree with these latest demonstrations; they are no longer effective anyway, and they have failed to influence anyone but themselves. The hard core right has more powerful support and what seems to me to be the real shadow party that put and kept Bush in office. I will continue with my take on Soros in the next post.

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

I'm back (Emilie):

Ralph and Loop:

I was interested in the discussion you fellows had about the net worth of Soros. I checked Forbes and I find that Soros is way down with only $7 billion (ha! ONLY seven).

On that same list I see people with so much loot that they make Soros' stash seem like peanuts. I saw a rag-head Saudi prince on that list worth 17.7 billion. MAYBE THAT IS WHY BUSH GOES OVER THERE AND KISSES THEM. He should have them kissing HIS butt since his policies have supported that monarchy. Now they are so rich they are buying up everything over here and maybe even supporting the Republicans; I only stay at Shilo Inns and Hiltons and Holiday Inns since they are American owned (anyway I hope they are still American).

The other people on the top of the list are Bill Gates (a monopolist), Warren Buffett (a billionaire investor like Soros) with only 40.7 and 30 millions respectively, and one family whose collective net worth is 82.5 billion! (the Waltons that own the Wal-Marts). How do we know that they aren't supporting the Republicans? If the Soros donations to the Democrats are so transparent that we know to whom and how much is given, why don't we know to whom and how much is given to the Republicans?

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...


To continue with the Soros question:

I read that Soros is highly educated with a creative economic theory of reflexivity (my eyes started to glaze over trying to follow the explanation of reflexivity, so I am way out of my league there). I also read that Cagan gloried in the "danger" she put herself in in Cuba.

I read that Soros has supported emerging democracies all over the world with his spare millions. He was instrumental in bringing down many formerly Communist countries, including the USSR (Mr. Gorbachev, bring down this wall!) and he supports education for blacks in South Africa. Maybe he helped Mandela become president of South Africa. Is that bad? (I guess the aparthaidists [sp?]think so).

He wants all countries to be open societies like we are. A closed society is one that represses people. I don't think anyone here is repressed now, not overtly. Maybe they feel repressed because of the economy, but they don't know what real repression is as Soros and others around the world have experienced.

I think when Bush makes claims that he should have more executive privilege than he has taken, he scares people that think of the strong-man tactics of dictators in other countries. Many think that the Republican party is the one that has aims of becoming the permanent party, and has a shadow party headed by Chaney with their supporters commanding many more billions than Soros. I think that the Republican candidate this time will win again because of the support of its shadow party of billionaire corporations, lobbyists, and partisans in the Capital. They've elevated their candidate twice now, who knows how long that will keep working? People want a change, but the people aren't being heard even in the Republican party. That is why Romney didn't get the nomination; people even in the Republican party want a change.

I read that Soros thought America was the most perfect open society in the world until he came here and found some imperfections. Not everyone has a voice and opportunity, etc. and the disparity between rich and poor is growing larger. I think he wants to do what he can to level the playing field. So I don't think the Republicans have anything to fear, unless they actually think they can make their party the permanent party and don't want any opposition.

So I don't think that either Cagan or Soros are the bogeymen like some people think they are. They make nutty and outrageous statements, but so does the other side. We need to see that it is radical Islam that is the bogeyman. Communism almost pales besides that ideology. It is spreading because of the billions in support from the Saudi oil princes. I hate Communism and other repressive ideologies. No one is going to force me to wear a rag on my head or repress me. I think it is mostly scare tactics and a distraction when the Republicans and their media go after one eccentric humanitarian billionaire and an old misled hippie.

Port Orchard, WA


Politics - 2/20/08


"Put The Story Out,
Make The Bastard Deny It".

lyndon baines johnson ~ 1964

Breaking NYTimes (Thursday) Story:

McCain's Link To Female Lobbyist
8 years Ago in So.Carolina. No
evidence, mostly innuendo. Ho Hum!
Robert Bennet, Democrat, advised the Senate the story had No Substance; An old re-run.
Governor Perry: "Clearly, Biased Yellow Journalism, Nothing More".

(Another BeTrayUs-Type Ad) reb



Thank you for taking the time to Research, it indicates a partial
success. Not a suprise that you choose to "Spin It" to fit your own 'Native-American' perspective.
(Can't you just be...American?)

Your words: 'One eccentric
"humanitarian" billionaire"!...

Yes, a harmless old duffer, Right?
He came here in 1956, so grateful that he had 'just a little help' from "corrupt oligarchs" like Naval Pilot George H.W. Bush to defeat the Japanese & Nazi Monsters in WWII, that murdered Hungarian, Polish & Chech civilians (some of 'em JEWS).
Oh yeah, My Mom was Chechoslovak,
Dad was Scotch/Irish/English.
I'm an American, and admire Tom
Jefferson & Lincoln, Truman & Dwight Eisenhohower, and our
1st Amendment, if it matters.
In fact, George Soros was So Grateful that, having these idle
billions, he decided to come to this (imperfect) Arsenal of Democracy, and give it a real, necessary Soft-Soap CHANGE, W/ O.S.I., "Open Society". In His book "Bubble of American Supremacy" he invented the slur "Neo-Con", see P 158. His opening came, when the Twin Towers Fell in New York City, right Emilie? So, he was a bit annoyed when Average-Joe American rallied and gave our President a 71% approval rating. Well, these stupid people didn't know that the Leadership was a Corrupt Gang of Oligarchs, right? Anyway, he'd fix that. He would began funding his own "peaceful" groups & Foundations, lay out Millions to bring down those Bush/Cheney, Halliburton butchers, right Emilie?

By 2004, he found a non-oligarch, Sen John Kerry, and set up MoveOnDotTrash, and his 'Shadow Party' and was ahead in the Polls 52/48. The "Swift-boaters" spoiled everything, and Bush/Cheney won Four More Years! Damn.

So, more years passed. He set up
SUPPORT For Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan, Leslie Cagan 1300 Groups,, CourageCampaign, DFA, supports Daily Kos, Open-Left, FairVoteAction, "GrassRoots", Vets For Peace, Vet's Wives for Peace, W.A.N.D., Hillary Clinton's MediaMatters, etc, and after the Kerry Defeat, Georgie's 22 yr old CEO declares in an eMail...

"We Bought it, We Own it, It's Ours!" Our Democratic Party, Emilie.
Soros is Just One Old Harmless Eccentric, Right Emilie?


Leslie Cagan was a juvenile, when her Communist parents were supporting The Rosenbergs when they were On Trial for Espionage.

They Had Sold U.S. Nuclear Secrets
to the USSR, and were Electrocuted after a much-celebrated Trial. Research it, Emilie!

Cagan learned the Blessings of Communism at the breakfast & dinner table. (I would say that her sexual preference had little impact on her Politics). I know this >>> Cagan was in Cuba after Fidel kicked Dictator & Mafia-Pal Batista Out, And Fidel, Che Guevara, & Leslie Cagan were there, thrilled
with Nikita Khruchev's Gift of
IRBM's (Nukes), pointed at the Eastern One-Half of the USA.

Now that alone, certifies Cagan as
"AN ENEMY AGENT", at least from an
old Snake Hunters Perspective.

The "poor puppetista" not having milk, were not in the equation, so don't try to kid an old soldier with that routine. Learn baby, learn! Leslie Cagan, a "misled hippie", You Cannot Be Serious!

Cuban Nuke Missile Crisis, 1962.
Research it, Ms Emilie! I trust you'll find S/H Memory 'Above Average'. I have Zero Motive, To
Con You, or Loop Garoo. Find an
error, I'll Correct & Apologize.
Six Tough Years Later, and Several Hundred Million Dollars Invested in mind-manipulation, and that old "Cowboy", that "Incompetent Dubya Oligarch" is now a Lame Duck with a 28% Approval Rating, and Uncle Georgie's New Nominee is loaded w/ Slogans, like 'New Direction', and "CHANGE". Enjoy it!
Ask Yourself, (in the solitude of your deepest thoughts), What Are The ODDS, that this kindly old
"eccentric humanitarian" will give us all...

A More Perfect Union? reb


See 'Anatomy Of N.Y. Times Smear'
Feb 20th (Scroll Up).

On Sept 10, 2007, The N.Y. Times Published A Full-Page Sleeze-Ad Defaming Gen. David Petraeus, our Top Field Commander in Iraq, w/
SOROS' MoveOnOrg Gen BeTrayUS Ad.
Today, Feb 21, 2008, This Prestigious Rag Is At It Again!

Newspaper Revisits Old Rumor, to
Smear the Republican Nominee For
President of the United States.

Sen John McCain: "It's Not True!"
How Does The N.Y.Times maintain their credibility now? reb

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:


You seem to be focusing only on Soros and Cagan still. Has he infected the Republicans also with his Pavlovian mind control and conditioning? Why didn't the Republicans make Romney the nominee? Is Soros responsible for everything bad that happens to the Republicans and bad breath too?

So some stupid 22 year old peace-nik spouted off some bragadoccio about buying and owning a whole Democratic party? He flatters himself. Soros doesn't have that much money.

If Soros and Cagan are the threats that you make them out to be, why have they not been arrested and jailed in Gitmo with all the rag-head insurgents?

I hate Jane Fonda more. My male cousins were over there in Vietnam and she is hob-nobbing with the North Vietnamese. I wish they could have charged her with treason and hung her by her skinny neck. I guess you feel the same way about Cagan.

I don't have to research Pavlov and the Rosenbergs and the Cuban Missile Crisis, etc. I lived through those, and I went to school when they were still teaching citizenship, history, science, and geography. Sheesh! I was taught to admire all those presidents you mentioned. (You left out FDR). I believe in our Constitution, just wish it had always been applied equally to all.

Soros can't improve our open society as he imagines he can --- he seeks perfection and it doesn't exist. He can spend his money setting up groups and the leaders of those groups turn out to be loose cannons that influence more loose cannons like the New York Times, and things backfire. The same thing happens on the Republican side. Who bought that one? Loose cannons over there too. You've got some of them telling people not to exercise their God-given American right to cast their vote. In pique over Romney's failure, they say, "don't vote---stay home", "don't vote for McCain or Huckabee". Some of their loose cannons even stated that they would vote for a Democrat (Hillary) instead. What divisive nonsense!

You didn't tell me who supports the Republican party, whose money specifically drives its agendas and promotes their candidates. Be transparent about them too.

Don't lose faith in us Average-Joe Americans. We can't be as easily conditioned as Pavlov's dogs. If Bush has only a 28% rating, it is the draining effect of this involvement in Iraq, the price of oil, the housing and banking crisis, job losses, etc. that did it. How can you swift-boat all that?

I liked your blog in the beginning when you said on 10/30/06 that you would "retain a strict Middle of the Road Political Posture". I liked the articles I found, such as "I Am with Israel" and posts like Tom the Redhunter's of 10/10/07 where he stated the need for an Islamic Reformation and gave an excellent explanation of various Islamic groups: Sunni, Shiite, Wahabbist, Muslim Brotherhood, salafists, Khumeinists.

Those are the groups we need to worry about, what with the rich Saudi royals bankrolling them. If they ever quit squabbling amongst themselves and get organized, they could be more of a threat to us than they are now. They are the real bogeyman.

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...


Hear! Hear!


I concur and have been trying to send the same message for a few months now.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...

Emilie, Your next assignment: __________________________________ 1.) RE-READ YOUR LONG-WINDED, SCATTER-GUN ENTRY three or four times; (you're a bad girl)!

2.) Select ONLY ONE or Two Items IMPORTANT TO YOU...PER DAY.

3.) YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO ATTACK THE MESSENGER, rather than fairly look
at the Evidence Presented In Good

4.) a) You Clearly See The Evil Intent of 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda, and
are vocal about it, and b) you hate Communism; fine. c) She is ON
STAGE w/Susan Saradon & Jesse Jackson at a U.F.P.J. Rally in Washington D.C., and yet you MINIMIZE Leslie Cagan, the Chief
Architect of this massive, Hate America "peace" event. That's Clear

You refer and marginalize this brute as a mis-guided "Hippie". Wrong! She's a Bitter Adult, Life-Time, Hard-Core Communist. She Hates the USA! It's What She Does, Period. Furthermore, Cagan's in Obvious Lock-step with your "Humanitarian" Billionaire, George Soros. Never Once, in our history, has ONE INDIVIDUAL, spent this much energy and bring down a sitting president. Never! Wake up and smell the Starbucks-Bold!

LES CAGAN WILL USE RACISM... Religion, Sexism, Grass-Roots Democrats, Secular-Progressive Intellectuals, Military Wives, Black, Brown, Asian or Caucausian, Church-ladies Or Stevadores...All can be skillfully Turned & Manipulated w/ Their Own Unique Bias Undisturbed, USING PAVLOVIAN TECHNIQUE. Wanna Be A "Puppetista"? Well, Grab A Peace Sign, and Follow Me. (Get It?)

5.) You Do Understand the Nature of Global Jihad, its historical origins, and the solid threat it presents to Today's Non-Muslim World. Good! (Explain it to your kids)!

6.) You Hate Communism, yet you go
to extraordinary lengths to defend
Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and
Leslie Cagan. All Hard-Core Communists, that hate our nation.
(Don't you dare attempt to dilute it...I won't tolerate that!)

7.) You have exhausted the patience of this Editor. So, I am
Restricting Access To All Current Posts. If you wish to continue w/
further comment, I'll be willing to continue answering your questions & complex, scatter-gun appoach...On Ray Kraft's WWII "History" Post. Not Here! Sorry.
p.s. Loop Garoo: I tried to caution your new friend Emilie.

She's O.K. but doesn't understand
the Fundamental Purpose of My Efforts Here, or the protocol, or the need for strict adherence to correct etiquette to maintain a
balanced Open Format. You Two can debate, and have fun on "History",
July 4th, 2006. I'll even join you there. Or even better, You try Creating Your Own Website, and
then you'd better know the value of

Rules Governing Conduct! Regards, reb


Find Archives In Template. Scroll
down to July, 2006...History Post!
See you there. reb ______________________________________________________________________


2340 EST, No Response.

VERY WELL, I'll begin.
Emilie stated that she had No Info
on George Soros or Leslie Cagan.
Now You've read a bit, I'm pleased.
John Perazzo really knows UFPJ &
Leslie Cagan (S/H initial contact).
Humberto Fontavo really knows Cuba,
Fidel/Raul Castro, Che Guevara, and that Brute 49 year Dictatorship. (S/H first solid contact w/Che Guevara...Wow!)
Emilie views Soros as a harmless, "humanitarian" w/ money,

and Les Cagan as a disgruntaled "Hippy". Curious that S/H sees her as a Hard-Core Communist that Hates Everything That's Decent about the USA, and spends all her energy to Defeat this Nation...

an Enemy Agent & Traitor that has Earned A Firing Squad.

TILT! One of us is terribly wrong.


Emilie? Loop Garoo? Your turn, on The History Post, July, 2006. reb ________________________________

Anonymous said...


Mark Twain is said to have once remarked: "There are three kinds of lies: lies; damn lies; and statistics."

Let is immediately jump to #3.

Not including this one, there are 62 comments to this post. You have 35 of them including personal comments. You have mentioned George Soros, usually explicitly and a once or twice implicitly, in 19 of those comments.

There were 36 comments to your previous post, or perhaps I should state there are currently 36 comments to your previous post. You made 20 of them. Of those 20, 11 contain references to George Soros.

My friend, I again caution you that I think your have become obsessed w/ this person. Whereas I recognize and appreciate your disagreement w/ his politics, I know--not "think: not "posit;" not "opine;" but know w/ certitude--that he is much less influential than you believe him to be.

This blog stands in danger of becoming less influential than it should b/c of your obsession. Please, refocus on the real enemies. There are enough of them.

The season has begun and if I do not revisit July 06, that is why.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Tom the Redhunter said...

"Do you mean that there are more troops stateside that could be sent to Iraq, or do you mean that the Army hasn't recruited enough?"

The latter. Congress needs to appropriate more money so that we can add more brigades to the army. They might need to increase pay and/or signing bonuses too, but I'm not familiar with the details.

"Are you saying that the F-22 is not Carrier Based, and the F-35 is adaptable, or has longer range?"

The F-22 is Air Force only. The F-35 will be built in a variety of models. One Air Force, one V/STOL for the Marines to replace the AV-8 Harrier, and one for the Navy for use aboard carriers. It's the latter that we really need first.

"I didn't say I was against recruiting. I am just lamenting the fact that the military is often not checking the legal immigrant status of the recruits, but that is par for the course.

My sincere apologies for the misunderstanding. Thank you for your explanation. Emilie, I'm beginning to think we're on the same page on a lot of issues.

"I also am worried that some unscrupulous recruiters might be helping illegals get fuzzy documentation."

Agreed, that probably happens. Not to excuse this type of behavior, but I spend about 15 years in sales and know full well the pressure of a monthly quota when your job is on the line. Recruiters are no doubt given a quota to fulfill, and there is pressure to perform. It takes a strong person to resist the temptation to "cut corners", whether in private business or public life.

Anonymous said...

Tom, thank for the clarification on the F-35.

As to Military Recruitment, I'll
just add that there is an on-going nation-wide 'Peace' campaign opposing military recruitment efforts, most notably in Berkeley (Code Pink), and Nancy Pelosi's area, where city, county and school boards are
quite vocal and activist. Also, they oppose High School R.O.T.C.
programs. Is Law Enforcement limitation next? I conclude, it's
evidence of great effort by some
organized groups. You decide.


Loop Garoo, Thank you.

I must apologize for being repetitious, but when P.O. Emilie states that she "never heard of Lesley Cagan or George Soros she
under-lines my reasoning. I would hazzard a guess that One Person in a Thousand is Aware of either of these names. That's troubling!

When our President has been under direct and extremely successful attack, effectively destroying this man's legasy w/ a six year calculated, expensive Hate Barrage, and in the process, it weakens our National Resolve in Confronting Global Jihad, in a Time of War, attack by these two talented individuals becomes a rather personal 'Cause Celebre'.

When Emilie backs up her criticism with her husband's acknowledgement that he never heard of Cagan or Soros, it only confirmed my conclusion that Ninety percent of America Is Stone-Cold Asleep! Bill O'Reilly has NEVER ONCE mentioned Les Cagin's U.F.P.J., and he has a National Platform!

To Emilie's credit, she took my suggestion and Searched the recommended sources, which Saved HER Valuable Time. But, referring to G. Soros as a rich "humanitarian", and Les Cagan
as nothing more than a disgruntled
"hippy" indicated that perhaps I had wasted my time, and I only served to plug-up my Comment Section with needless repitition.

I still have Goodwill for this lady, but sometimes I feel that I'm too often talking to a very sturdy brick wall. So, rather than a polite 'Thank You' I get rapid-fire ridicule. Go Create a Blog, then You too, can receive the brick-bats for sincere effort.

I wanted to end a fruitless and personally disturbing chat, so in desperation I took it to an older
favorite 2006 Post. The "Stepping Aside" Comment Section was being marginalized! I meant no insult to you or the lady from Port Orchard.

If Loop Garoo one day has a Weblog,
perhaps he would then better grasp it as a significant responsibility, not a vanity trip.
Perhaps Loop Can Do Better! I'm doing my best w/ what energy I have left; Not complaining, mind you, I'm just very fortunate.

As always Tony, thanks for your input. reb


Breaking News ~ DEJA VU

Ralph Nader's Hat In Ring Again!
Obama & Hillary Groan...
In 2000, Al Gore Lost To G.W. Bush
In Florida, Thanks to NADER.


If Gore had secured the Oval Office in 2001, Saddam might have been allowed to refurbished his Army with Oil Vouchers at the U.N. >> returned to Kuwait, threatened Saudi Arabia...Uday & Qusay with new roles...while Osama bin Laden and his loony pal Ayman al Zawahiri Consolidating Taliban Position in Fortress Afganistan,

and Iran's Under-ground Labs Enriching U-235, w/o U.N. Sanctions.

Vladimir Putin's KGB deciding which Grand Ayatollah to support, Iraq or Iran?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed readying plan to strike New York City...

Dr. Kissinger disagrees with Diplomats at U.S. Dept of State on which Dictator to Approach for a
negotiated "rapproachment".

Bush enjoying the ranch, back in Crawford, Texas; Cheney Hunting Quail in Wyoming.

Ah, Sweet Peace, enjoy it while it lasts: War clouds looming.

Democrats firmly in control of Senate & House, all is well...

Sweet Dreams. reb


If you're 70, you'll recall Beatle-Mania over atrocious repetitive blurbs like
'Hey Jude' & "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

If you are in the 65 to 80 bracket, I'll bet you'll remember 12 to 16 year old girls moaning, crying real tears, and fainting in the front row when young Frank Sinatra Crooned a Love Song.
Or maybe a bit younger, when Elvis Presley Nailed A Gig With...

"You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound-Dog"
or "Love Me Tender"! Right?
I recall a Las Vegas Showroom years ago, where a white-haired old lady had a frantic tussle w/ a blue-tinted old gal in a designer evening gown; They both wanted a white hanky, tossed by an Elvis Presley IIMPERSONATOR! Still other
old broads rushed the stage to claw at his sleeve, and kiss the hand of this Fake Elvis!

Yep, it's true, 'Twas Full-blown Mass Hysteria! Makes you wonder, what else can be packaged and sold
for mass-distribution?




Something's Terribly Out of Whack In This Once-Great, Sophisticated Nation, When Half The Country Is Mezmerized With Political Hot-Air, Short Slogans...But, No Substance. Indeed, "Where's The Beef"?

What's Your Opinion? reb

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:


Sorry to intrude on this Stepping Aside post again, but I won't be posting to the July 2006 History post because I re-read it and I have nothing to add there. It is on this post that Loop and I had issues with your obsession with Soros, Cagan, the Open Society Institute, etc. so there is no need for either of us to go to that post.

The California lawyer never mentioned Soros, et al, by name, he just simply dismissed them as "defeatest peace-activists" and "anti-war types". That is how I would describe the disgruntled old hippies in those groups. I remember anti-war groups during the Vietnam war when people were not only burning our flag, some went so far as to immolate themselves. There was a draft then, and some who were drafted said, "hell, no, we won't go" and fled to Canada as conscientious objectors. You never commented on my question re a draft since I feel one might be needed now if this war is so dire and Tom said we need more boots on the ground over there.

In my post of 2/20/08 12:56 I mentioned that Soros is an eccentric humanitarian billionaire, but previous to that I told you I had read that he had been involved in bringing down closed, repressive societies. (ours is an open society that he thinks he can improve) and providing money for the education of children in Africa. I should have included then that I read also that he had been involved "humanitarian" causes; that is the way they described it, so it is not me who characterized him as a humanitarian billionaire. The mention of him as "eccentric" did come from my view. People consider Bill Gates a humanitarian billionaire because much of his foundation is dedicated to fighting AIDs and other humanitarian causes.

You also stated in your post of 2/22/09 02:30 pm that I went to extraordinary lengths to defend Fidel Castro. I only brought up Castro because you posted the news of his stepping down, and it reminded me of why he had taken over Cuba: under the Battista government the poor and blacks there had no education and the kids had never tasted milk after they were weaned. I also told you that my sister had been there as a tourist and she found that due to the embargo, the women couldn't get nice soaps like we have and they asked her to get some from the hotel. I went on to say that I knew about Castro turning into a communist dictator and the missile crisis--I don't call that defending him at all. SO I don't see how you think I would defend a closed repressive society like that or any communist one or a theocratic one.

Finally, you told Loop that talking to me is like talking to a brick wall. Well, you are as immutable in your views of what you view as the bogeyman as our little friend is about the Palestinian situation. I am not going to read anything Soros wrote nor anything that is slanted to the hard-core left or to the right. I am middle of the road, and I thought you were too, as you stated on 10/30/06 that you would "retain a strict Midddle of the Road Political Posture".

Port Orchard, WA

Kristina said...

A few things:
I believe that the "disgruntled hippies" in this country can have a very detrimental effect on our military. The effect of constantly hearing that what you are doing is wrong, and that you're killing innocent women and children-when you know you're not, is very depressing. It makes you question your worth. It makes you wonder if the country you are fighting for is worth fighting for.

Now, I'm not saying that America is not worth fighting for. Indeed, my husband is currently serving this great nation. I am a veteran and if I didn't have young children, I would be signing back up to go fight myself.

However, on the "main stream media" that you like to watch, CNN, MSNBC, etc., these soldiers are seeing the "news" of these protests constantly. That is where these news stations go wrong. You say that they only show the news, without prejudice. The problem is that they only show one side of the story. As such, they are prejudiced.

Finally, (really the reason I finally took the time to reply) the military does not need a draft. What the military needs is authorization, from Congress, to hire more people. (That is what Tom said, I just don't think he was explicit enough) There are people willing to join the military. However, there is not the funding available. Currently, the Air Force and Navy are both being drawn down. Does that seem like a need for a draft? We actually need these members to stay in-at least in the AF, but we are being given the choice-more people or new planes. When the planes are so old and in need of replacement, the Pentagon is saying, "new planes."

I hope that wasn't too convoluted to follow.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


First Emilie:

Now, you've returned with reasoned, measured, fairly logical statements that give me pause. We can disagree, w/o being overly belligerent. I therefore invite you back here, if you choose.
It is Loop Garoo that is now on my Probation List, for an insulting remark, and a veiled threat on Dr. Washburn's W.E.P. Blog. Do it here, tolerable, On another blog, I'll slap it down! For Loop, This Time, I'll require an apology. (I would imagine that Partisan Emotions have over-whelmed him of late), and I've suggested that he Create His own "Progressive" Web-site, and see if he can 'Take The Heat' rather than just piggy-back and distort the sincere efforts of others.
Kristina: I would point out that there are "disgruntled" Left & Right in 31 Flavors, this old spinning world.

Long, long ago, I studied Practical
Mind-Impact & Emotional Distress, and looked for Cause & Effect in both Animal & Human Equivalents.
Adolph Hitler was one Evil Dude,
rocked with Methamphetimine! Pavlov's dogs, 1898.

We Are All, in some varying degrees, impacted by Propaganda. The word 'SALE' and 60% OFF serves the Retail Industry, (and rarely the consumer). I had a Furniture Store for 15 years, watched the Full-Page (fraudulent) 50% Off Mattress Ads (L.A. Times) w/name brands, Major Department Stores, for years. I reported these crimes to the Calif Attorney General's Office w/ enough Packaged,
Hard Evidence & Price Lists, Invoices,etc for a Slam-Dunk Conviction, and twice rec'd an identical "form-letter". Dear Tri-City Furniture: "Thank you for your interest. Signed Connie Laver. Due to "Budgetary Restrictions" we cannot investigate all matters that have merit',...etc. Three Months later, same "form-letter, signed Kathy Byrd! State-wide Multi-Million Dollar Fraud, Kristina!
When I discovered U.F.P.J. 2005, this was a Classic Case of Evil Mind-Manipulation that grabbed my attention, and held it! I described
Leslie Cagan as a Masterful, out-of-sight Puppeteer, w/ brilliant Organizational Talent, that impacts
countless thousands of voters, and
the very few that actually research the clues I pro-offer, then dismiss my efforts with a
callous remark, or an insult, well
it can test your stamina at times!
To Describe George Soros as a rich
Benevolent Benefactor & Great "Humanitarian", when I have his book, and a pile of papers on my Computer Desk that provides Incontravertable Evidence of Evil Intent, and a Vast Fortune to Implement Political Mind-Control,
buy Political Influence of well,placed political "hacks", buy
Hatred of Great Leadership in War-time, corrupt the Average Joe-Citizen's's a Mind-Snapper!

When some-one suggests that I get
my Info from an entertaining FOX
Tv Show, The O'Reilly Factor, I understand the need to Step on a
Bug, but I can't find one. Nell keeps a clean, livable home for us,
and Tolerates the blog, and Me!
Stay Cheerful, Count Our Blessings!

Anonymous said...


I have reread my comment and given your requset for an apology some thought. Dr. Washburn reprinted a column by Gary Hubbell in which the author opined that the 2008 presidential election would be decided by person called "the Angry White Man" which Mr. Hubbell believes to be this election cycle's avatar of the Soccer Mom or the Nascar Dad.

There were 11 comments, 2 of them yours. The first was not a reaction to the Mr. Hubbell's column but stated; "Thanks. But the columnist overlooked a minor detail. On Feb 1st MoveOnDotTrash had made its endorsement....The Chumps want "Change" and in this game, Mucho money talks! Kingmaker Soros has spoken. reb."

Youer comment, after the "Thanks" part was not a response to the posting of the article but an irrelevant attack of the usual suspects. As I stated previously, you can hate for the ad regarding Gen. Petraeus if you wish. That is your privilege. You may consider Georege Soros to be the bogeyman if you wish. That is your privilege.

But if you avail yourself of every opportunity ad nauseum to comment about them, then I will call you on it unless there is at least contextual connection which in this case there was not.

Perhaps you should apologize. I think it arrogant in the extreme to suggest that half the population of this country can be manipulated by one person for 6 years but you have a good perspective on the situation while 75 million of us (assuming that the country is evenly split between adults and children) have the wiool pulled over our eyes.


The Loop Garoo Kid



Left.of.Center "Progressives" are welcome on this web-site (if they are courteous and well-informed) to counter my wild assertive views on How Best To Confront Global Jihad. That's the Mission.

No Problem, that's in the best traditions of Fair & Balanced.
(I swiped it from Fox Britt Hume).
When PortOrchard Emilie states that
she never heard of George Soros,
U.F.P.J., or Leslie Cagan, I felt certain that she might appreciate some Real Info from my hours of determined research, and it's always been S/H Goal to continue to present an Informative Weblog!
It Didn't Work! She concluded that Soros was a 'rich humanitarian', and Les Cagan was a disgruntled Lesbian "HIPPY!". Good Grief!

Well, if Nation-Wide Cagan, and
World-Wide G. Soros isn't Grand Enough For These Two, maybe they just ain't thirsty.
Now, they see an advantage, join together, pile on the ridicule.

S/H gets his Info from Bill O'Reilly! (I should waste space on this crappola?) No! Enough. (Let em go their own way, and God Bless).
"The Final Straw"...Loop Garoo gets 'personal' on Dr. John's Blog,
with Ridicule...another 'Warning'... and An Ominous Threat! Hey!

Quote: "all you have talked about is George Soros...I mean, it seems an INTERVENTION may be necessary If You Don't Lay Off!"

Want to explain that one?

Hell's Bells, all you've succeeded in doing is Stokin' My Embers, Blowin' Them Hot Political Winds On 'Em! So, I'm gonna really irritate, go after Soros now, dig a little deeper, yeah, that's the ticket! Hey Loop, Would you like to tell us, Which Peace Foundation Retained Your Law Office To
Protect Soros Impeccable Image?
He's Butt-Ugly EVIL, "D" in front.
Remember Vast Left-Wing Post, followed by Part II? and your promise to equal our "Peace" Foundation Lists...and then all you delivered was
T.Boone Pickens? Then you offered up..."Center For Public Integrity", funded by GEORGE SOROS! (Bet Emilie never heard of That Whimpy Hate Routine; It's marvelous, if you enjoy boredom).
I Think I'll Post a Dandy Two or Three-Pager on George Soros, but wait until the Democrat & Republican Nominees are in place.
Did you know that George Soros has
authored Eight Books, and you cannot find any of them in a public library? Strange. He's such a lovable mug. No big demand, I guess. (But they are available in B & N Used Books, real cheap too!)


'Arrogant' for S/H To Assume That Half The Adult Population Has Been
"Manipulated" By One Man?" Well, Not Exactly, he's spent tons of wrapped $100 Bills, Created Hate Foundations, "Influenced" Political Hacks like DNC's Howard Dean, etc. I've a printed listed of
Ninety Soros "Donations", Eighty-Eight Democrats, and (sadly) Two Republicans. It took several years
to "turn" a whole nation.

It's Public Knowledge that he spends
(At Least) $400,000,000.00
per year on a variety of projects.
This old Devil is 78 years old, imagine that!

(One-half of Us can't Imagine the
"Rush" he must feel, like a jolt of High-grade Cocaine, so I'm told).

Got your attention? Now allow me to expand upon it...

Weeks after 9/11, A.N.S.W.E.R. was
"at the ready" with Anti-American Propaganda, and in 2002, Code Pink and U.F.P.F. began rolling out their 'wall-paper'. Then Hollywood's Ed Asnar, with "Not In My Name", N.I.M.N. Yeah, Dozens of Celebrity Big Names Signed It (I have the list). Without a doubt, Soros was aware of these agendas, friendly to them THEN, and is NOW!

Peace-Lovin', Hate-America Pukes.
But Not You, Loop. Nobody's gonna "condition" your head. Only the "Common Herd Is Vulnerable"...

You're one of those lucky, Independent Types, Am I Right?
When Friendly Chat Suddenly Turns Ugly On This Open Forum, I'm Not
Bashful, I'll Confront It...Here!
If Anyone Ridicules & THREATENS
on Another Blog, That's Insult!

And they can expect an appropriate response. That's It. reb


Forget The Apology, Loop. What I'd prefer, is a concise answer, explaining exactly what you intend
with your "Intervention" blurb...

it really sounded spooky, comin' from a Hairy Old Werewolf! reb



Rather than more baloney nit-pick from Hillary & Obama...

this S/H Editor would appreciate
the Two Democratic Candidates candidly address their views on the House of Representatives Failure...

(The Senate Passed It).

Let's Give 'Grassroots' Democrats &
"Independent" Voters an opportunity to see & hear something of substance.

New Direction, 'Change'
...and 'Moving Forward'?

That Depends on Which Direction Your Facing, Doesn't It?
Loop, or Emilie? reb

Anonymous said...


"Intervention" is a term of art and in this case I was using it ironically. By way of example, Joe is hitting the sauce and his alcoholism is out of control. So all of Joe's family memebers who love him show up at his house and say: "Joe you are out of control and we love you so we have arranged for you to go to a treatment center."

Several summers ago, everybody in my family went overseas and I began watching the Food Network alot and then trying various things that I had learned from various shows. When my younger daughter returned, she noticed this and said afterward that given my addiction to TFN, she was afraid an intervention might be necessary.

Meanwhile, my info indicates that George Soros is hardly the sole source of funds for the Center for Pubic Integrity. He has funded it on several occasions for specific projects none of which were the "Counting Lies Project."

As for his books, none of which I have read, some people publish books through private publishers. "Here is the manuscript and here is the money, please publish my book."

John Washburn's book is not available at my public library. It was published by Tate Publishing, a Christian publishing company, and I do not know what his arrangements were.

I will advise that after I became acquainted w/ his book, I visited my local Christian bookstore to whether it had WEP in stock and to browse the fiction section. I spent some time talking to the guys behind the counter regatrding the criteria for what he store sold and it was pretty interesting.


The Loop Garoo Kid



Dem~'DreamTeam' Hill/Obama, OH NO. NO BLOODY WAY!
DNC Will make that call.
G.O.P.~ Gingrich/Romney, or If The
Dems Choose Obama, CONDI RICE! reb


Your Opinion?



Some Blogs Have Been Accused
of being a bit Sententious, or
'Overly Moralized', or boringly
repetitious in pursuit of Evil.

Others, Are Just Plain Nasty. For The Latter, Try HUFFINGTON POST, and its treatment of Nancy Reagan's recent fall and hospital stay.

Arriana Huffington allowed this
comment to remain...

>>"Like her evil husband, she has lived far too long. Here's hoping the hag suffers for several weeks,
then croaks in the tub".

S/H blog suggests that both "Huffy"
and this Hate-Peddler have been
'Psycho-Conditioned' into a rude
"Involuntary Response" by an Evil Hate-Atmosphere of Long Duration.

What's Your Opinion? reb


Courtesy, "Loop Garoo Kid" (thanks)
Having read the above comment on
The Huffington Post, my 'e-Pal'
sent this SnopesDotCom (good hoax-buster) illustrative article:


a) All U.K. schools stop...FALSE
b) One history dept stopped teaching...because denial might offend SOME Muslim Students. TRUE religion/holocaust.asp
This is easy-reading, and serves to deliver an Important Lesson on
Negative/Positive Suggestive Impact
On The Human Brain.
For those that tend to lash out at this S/H effort to inform, I highly recommend studies dealing with how Tv & Radio Commercials Impact All Of Us. How (Political) 15 Sec Spots Can, Over Long Periods, Effect & Produce Either Affection For, or Mindless Hatred Of...when Directed Toward Individuals, or Groups.
Visualize a Sponge, in the Shape of
a Human Brain; Add a Poisonous Liquid, drop by drop, until that sponge is saturated. Now, examine the Liquid!

Adolph Hitler (one man) knew the Formula. He set in motion a great scheme called the Third Reich, Nazism, and Forty to Fifty Million
Human Beings Died in 15 Years.
Adolph was a Monster.
Today, We Witness Again, One Man.
This fellow is extremely wealthy.

This man has a "philosophy" called
"Open Society". Relatively few even know his name, and even fewer
about 'Open Society Institute'. He has a Weblog, MoveOnDotOrg, with 3.1 admiring, (donating) adherents.

He now has, after spending vast amounts of money since 9/11, and funding many groups & institutes, and high-impact Blogs, and "grass-roots" people, and celebrity figures, plus a variety of "progressive" groups, and he's influenced both the printed & electronic media, and even
my old Political Party.

It's troubling that so few even know his name. He's 78, and like most in this time/bracket, he hasn't much time left, but he has succeeded in setting in motion a monsterous evil.

His name is George Soros.



RUSH LIMBURGER, is up with a rather unique strategy to temporarily help poor Hillary Survive the political "Rock-Star" Obama's merciless, smooth-talking, street fightin', "slicker" tactics. Clearly, the Junior Senator has already got a whole bunch of Grass-roots Democrats fooled.

Rush Is Asking His Right-wing Audience to hold their collective noses, and vote for Hillary on March 4th! Wow!
Will it work?

It's obvious that ol' cigar-chewin'
Rush wants the Democratic dirty infighting to continue a bit longer.
Politics, still the dirtiest game in town; Place your bets! reb (print)

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:


I see you were watching O'Reilly tonight? He wasn't there but Laura had Rush Limbaugh on. I was astounded that he would tell Republicans to vote for Hillary. Have those people gone nuts? What is wrong with them? Have they lost the grip they have had for the past eight years? What pique! What childish tantrums! I think the Republican party is disintegrating, and I know you probably want to blame the loose cannons on etc. for that, but the "Republicans" are doing it to themselves. I don't even know who the "Republicans" are anymore. I don't ever remember spokesmen for a party telling their members to vote for someone in the opposing party. Why didn't enough of them vote for Romney? A pox on both parties. We need a new Independent Make-Sense Party. I don't blame Huckabee for refusing to step down. Things are so crazy, he might just end up with the nomination, and beat everybody.

I had to laugh at one thing Limbaugh said tonight: he called some Republicans "country-club blue-bloods"! I forget what kind of a Republican he considers himself, but that comment is very telling, and kind of reflects my statement about "born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-the-mouth oligarchs". Rush and I seem to have that in common, that we both feel victimized by the privileged class. Hmmm. What are his scars? I'm a minority; what is his problem?

Ralph, you are still going on and on about Soros and his Open Society philosophy. Nobody else on your blog even mentions him or Cagan, at least not interminably like you do.

You once mentioned that Soros had this "mysterious open society" agenda, and I told you that there is nothing mysterious about open societies, since America is an open society vs. a closed, repressive society. You seem to have flip-flopped the two. Soros did not coin the phrase Open Society. That term has been around since the late 19th century and so has "Neo-conservative".

I want to tell you about what my sister told me about that closed, repressive society off the coast of Florida, Cuba. Remember I told you that a couple of years ago she went there as a tourist. My sister said: "....only a few people are approved by the government to have their own businesses. They have to pay a fee to the government. If anyone moves from their house, they cannot take any of the furniture or appliances. No one pays rent in the city of Havana and probably throughout Cuba, but that only promotes laziness in the people there. They know they'll have a place to stay even if they don't work. They are constantly watched by the government spies and any infractions are immediately reported, unles they can buy off the spy with a trade of some sort. Food and sundries are rationed and when their ration runs out, they deal with the black market and hope they don't get caught. Everyone who works gets a very low salary including professionals like doctors. They are not allowed to go onto the property of hotels and beaches where the tourists go. There are armed guards at every hotel to keep the locals out and to keep them from bothering the tourists. There are also armed guards every so many feet all around the US embassy. People are required to participate in marches so that any media going out of Cuba will show public support for its policies. Only a very few people, government employees, have access to the internet, and that is limited. Every day the government puts a program on TV that Cubans are obligated to watch. Other TV programs are censored. All people have trouble getting the basics for good hygiene, including any kind of soap, toothpaste, etc. What is rationed is very poor quality and doesn't last through the month. [There is] a great disparity between the quality of life between government honchos and the general public".

Wow! Right off the coast of Florida this is going on, as it must be in all third world countries run by dictators and theocracies. That is not the "open society" you fear our country is headed towards Ralph, that is a CLOSED, REPRESSIVE society. I don't see how you can think any American would allow this country to devolve into such a repressive society. We have to live with a few hard-core leftists because we are such an open society with free speech, but they can't bring this country down. You sound like you have lost all faith in your own countrymen.

We have a real bogeyman to fight, and he wears a rag on his head and he espouses an ideology that is as repressive or more than the one in Cuba (at least towards women) and is one that has been brainwashed into believing that they are doing God's/Allah's bidding by killing infidels and disobedient women.

Why don't you comment when I tell you that it makeds me sick to see our leaders Bush and Cheney going over to Saudi and kissing those rich royal ragheads? It is those oil-rich Muslims who are influencing our universities by giving them huge grants, so they kowtow to Muslim students. I guess they got to that English cleric too, the one that says that Sharia law should be allowed in England. They are buying off Europe. Are they buying off our leaders too?

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

To Kristina
(from Emilie):

If you read my post above you will know that I don't watch just CNN or MSNBC. Most nights I watch Hannity and Colmes, Greta Van Susteren, Bill O'Reilly before switching over to the other cable channels or the networks. I watch the Fox channel mostly to astound myself through the outrageous remarks of O'Reilly and Hannity. They run amuck with the "hate-America" and "liberal" labels. I view it as hard-core-right rhetoric that I find as negative as I find that of the hard-core left defeatist anti-war groups. I hate such hatred, fear-mongering and negativity from all sides. Tonight I was astounded by the defeatist remarks of Rush Limbaugh to Laura on the O'Reilly show. It seems our know-it-all "conservatives" have lost all credibility. What a bunch of whining quitters.

I don't know where you live, but you must be seeing more of the protestors on TV than I do or because of your situation you are more aware of them. I recall the local station showing some protestors in this state trying to stop the transport trucks from Ft. Lewis. I also have seen something about the troubles the anti-war groups have been giving the recruiting office in Berkely, CA. I find such things as disheartening as I do the things I hear from the hard-core right. I can imagine if you and your husband are in the military you would find such protests disheartening as would all our volunteer servicemen and women.

I would hope you realize that the right to free speech is one thing they are fighting for, as distasteful and misguided as some of that free speech is. We don't want a situation in this country such as my sister found in Cuba or as exists in any other repressive society where people have no freedoms at all, especially women. Please know that most Americans appreciate your sacrifices and know that you are not killing innocent women and children, that a free and open democracy is worth any sacrifice.

You said that the main stream media only show one side of the story, but I occasionally see CNN reporters on live feeds from the front lines telling the story of our fighting men. If we don't see more it is because a lot of what is going on with the troops is being suppressed, especially on Fox news.

I don't know if you are too young to remember the Vietnam war, but we got to see everything then at dinner time on the three major networks' 6-o'clock news. I remember the daily footage of the battles then and the coffins coming back, etc. We don't see that now.

I've been wondering why, now that we are at war, there is no draft like there was then. Maybe Bush doesn't want a repeat of the protests outside the White House: "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" I guess if there was a draft now there would be a repeat of the horrible protests as there were then that I described in another post above.

I see that you feel that Congress should authorize the funds to "hire" more boots on the ground, but some people won't go into the military for any amount of money, just as they won't do many of the unpleasant tasks that illegal immigrants are doing. Most young Americans have become too soft, complacent. They want clean, high-paying jobs without having to put out too much effort on their part. My other concern is that the military is also relaxing its standards for recruiting, and you have many people there now that would have been excluded previously because of criminal records, etc.

I think that there would be money for more boots on the ground if there weren't so many CEOs getting billion dollar pay-offs when their companies fail. They are being paid for failing! Their employees are losing jobs and their retirements when those shameless "country-club blue-bloods" abscond with whatever assets are left. Exxon etc are making record profits while our military has to choose between boots on the ground or planes! And some still are against "change"? There should be a draft and get those Paris Hiltons, etc. to be role models serving their country instead of leading youth into slouching off to Gomorrah. They could be consientious objectors and work in the fields instead of just pretending to on their lame reality shows.

I do have more questions for you: In my post to Tom of 2/20/08 at 11:02am above, I placed two links for Tom or anyone interested to read about recruiters "hiring" illegal aliens, one being the story of the first Marine casualty in Iraq who happened to be a little Mayan Indian from Guatemala who entered our country illegaly when he was just 14. I wonder if you or Tom noticed those links and read those articles?

You didn't say if your husband was a pilot or sailor. I am wondering if you or your husband were aware that many in the Army and Marine infantry are illegal aliens hoping their service will lead to citizenship. They get in through false documentation that they also use to procure civilian jobs. American-born men (and women) are lured into the military by the promise of a signing-up bonus and steady pay and an education. They are turning to this due to the economy that doesn't provide civilian jobs as before.

I once asked a young lady with a small child why she had gone into the Army and she said, "What else could I do?" I think our country has failed such a person. I am an old lady and I find it almost obscene that women are in combat or close to combat zones now and have been killed in Iraq because they can't support their children or get an education otherwise! Women in the military were clerks or nurses before when my husband served, they didn't carry weapons, and they were out of harm's way. Now they serve on ships, etc. many end up pregnant or raped, etc. I wonder what we have come to.

I mean no disrespect to you for having served our military in whatever capacity, but I am glad that you are now home with your babies, and I pray that your husband comes home soon to your family after doing his duty to protect us.

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

EMILIE! Would you get a few pages of blank paper, compose, edit, and redact down to a COMCISE FEW DOZEN WORDS in each paragraph?

One Subject per paragraph, please.
Then....Comment here?

You do a fair job of describing
your sister's view of CUBA, thanks.
Now YOU re-read it three times.

This Communist Paradisical Island Dictatorship was first fashioned
in the MINDS of Fidel Castro, Che Guevarra and...Leslie Cagan.

Forty-nine Years Later, you vividly, accurately record the ANTICIPATED results.

CAGAN spent a full Seven Years on that Island, planning her next assault, on the 'Great Satan', Fortress USA!

She is tireless, brilliant, determined, and her "Puppetistas"
are in Seattle, Washington ~ UFPJ.

Mission Impossible, 2008
Emilie's Assignment (if you choose
to accept it); if you are ever discovered Snake Hunters will Disavow Your Mission, or Knowledge of You. So, be prudent. Good luck!
Hold Your Nose, Join them for
90 days; Infiltrate the Pig-Stye.
Record Your Findings Daily.

There's a Rally & Peace Parade on March 19th. Be there. Have Fun!
Snake Hunters Await Emilie's Report with great anticipation,
and gratitude for your service. reb

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:


You took such exception to Loop's comment about an "intervention" for you on that other blog, but you are too sensitive! He was only joking. You know how you say to someone that you think is overly concerned with something "Oooh, we better take you.." You get your zingers in too.

You have to admit that no one but you makes such an issue on your blog and other blogs as you do about Soros. I bet they didn't know who he is either, so you went to extraordinary lengths to "inform" them about it.

About Cagan: you said "Cagan spent a full Seven Years on the island...[Cuba]"

No, Ralph, she was there with the First Venceremos Brigade for only TWO MONTHS. She couldn't stay there because of restrictions on travel there for Americans.

She was not a member of Venceremos for very long. During the past 30 years, Venceremos, without Cagan, has organized trips to Cuba. She may have gone on some other trips later, but she never LIVED there for seven years.

What she did do for SEVEN years was to become the director of the Cuba Information Project HERE IN THE US and during that time she led protests against the US embargo. She went to other things.

Yes, Cagan is a communist and long time revolutionary activist. She is described as employing "Leninist and Castro-style revolutionary tactics consistent with 'Fifth Column' political assaults against the United States". She exercises her right to free speech, and has not been convicted of treason.

See, I am doing my homework.

No, I won't be taking you up on infiltrating the UFPJ groups around here. (there are two here on this island). I am not a joiner or activist for any cause. I don't like big groups of people, that is why I live in this quiet rural community on an island.

However, you piqued my interest about these groups. I looked and looked for just who is UFPJ, and I found that they are a coalition of somewhere between 700-1000 disparate peace groups of various persuasions.

This coalition includes groups such as the Friends (Quakers, who we know are conscientious objectors to war), Lutherans (who we know took on the Catholic church), and even Veterans for Peace and Code Pink.

When Cagan first arranged a meeting in Chicago to see just how interested peace groups would be in forming a coalition, she was astounded at the response. Had she not had such response, her idea for a coalition would not have gone anywhere.

As it was, the coming together of so many concerned activist groups was what resulted in her current job as Director of UFPJ.

I see that you are planning to use your laminated copies of the NYT ad for something "with max effect this summer". I'll be waiting with bated breath to see what you are up to.

I would like a full report on those summer-time activities, since I am unable to join you over there. Please elucidate us further.


Port Orchard, WA


Emilie, Sunday-March 2nd

I must say that I'm quite pleased to know someone with an Open Mind,
suspicious but inquisitive, and this S/H effort was conceived to be Informative. We solicit your input...let the chips fall
whereever they may...

We attempt to deliver Facts, and you are free to interprete as your conscience dictates. Fair enough?
Players: How many do you know?

1. A.N.S.W.E.R.
2. Code Pink
3. Daily Kos
4. HipHop Act Summit Netwk 5. Huffington Post
6. Media Matters
7. MoveOnDotOrg (O.S.I.)
8. N.I.M.N.
9. Peace&SecurityFundersGroup
10. United Peace & Justice

*Alphabetical, Seven, Nine & Ten Are The Major Players. Your views (and all Independent thinkers)
are valued on this weblog. reb

Two Lead Puppets, Third Act~Mar4
Behold! Barack Obama/HillyClinton.
Action: Texas & Ohio. (print)

(Next: Senators that Take Campaign Money, plus Their Endorsements).


Cross-Checking Old Files...

I found an interesting bit of
information. Look at Vast Left-Wing
Post...'Peace' Foundations.

A.J. Muste Foundation Funds...United For Peace & Justice!
The Colombe Foundation Funds W.A.N.D. "Women's Action, New Directions" way back, before 9/11/2001, during Bill Clinton's Presidency. The 1993 Underground Park Bomb at the World Trade Center (recall that Blind N.Y. Sheikh?), or the 2000 USS Cole
Bomb off the Yemeni Coast, that killed 17 U.S. Sailors, is long forgotten by 'Peace-Lovers'.

So, it's not 'All George Soros'.
Many, many Fat-Cats Hate America!
We believe they all need exposure.

Want More? Do the Research! reb

BD said...

I'm really disappointed with this post, I come on a semi-frequent basis; usually to find some mildly biased but typically accurate and relevant, even quirky posts about the world we seem to find ourselves in.

Mitt Romney, was the most sensible selection as a Republican candidate and for some reason, such that he did not blow everything over the top, mock Hilary or shrug off Democratic or Liberal views as lies. But, I guess the days of decency in citizens claiming to be Rebulican are over. I have thought for a long time, that we need someone in power who can blend the reality of 21st century living with some wholesome values, for the most part I have always considered your politics quite reasonable.

It would seem that views on Europe are somewhat incorrect, either limited by the media or just naive. France, the UK, Germany, Scandanavia have never been surpassed by the US in terms of economy as can be said for most of western Europe. It [US] is a country built on a false sense of importance and debt.

The US lost its status as any kind of world leader pretend a good while ago.

America has become a far cry from what it was in the 40s. It is now a place of deception and subtle facist control. Yes, I exaggerate but you get the idea. No longer, is there a principal to its direction. You mentioned the 60s and the welfare movement, but Vietnam was maybe the turning point.

Maybe there was a sense of liberty during WWII, after how many years, after how many lives, after how many requests of support? Only for the Russians to take half the Nazi effort and the Axis forces to do the rest... And then there was the Pacific... So talking all righteous about never taking land while sitting in Cuba using up space that could be a nice resort or something?

American culture, is, basically, greed or some form of gluttony. There is not even any real recognition for the natives, nothing. The very concepts of this land created by immigrants and exiles. Americans are not hard workers, I have worked with many from all across the US and in the most general sense; there is a realy reason why they can't afford vacation like every other nation. Now, I understand that as time goes by everyone works a little less and that in certain sectors of industry America has been the tip of the sword but not in many things. Americans are not smart people, they follow fad after fad, media story after media story, retarded radio shows like Glenn Beck. The race is afraid of its own government, afraid of their own shadow, to the point that they give a dozen radicals every satisfaction in turn this 'superpower' into a place a timid idiots who put fight the war on terror stickers on their new cars that they can't afford.

Now, around and about your words, are these suggestions that you are cultured, and versed in society around the globe - yet you feel as pathetic to state religion is attacked? What is Islam? If not a religion? I know, you are thinking, those Muslims are nuts. No more nuts than Evangelicals, and remember some of those Muslims are cultured and have seen the world and do not follow their faith in a manner unhealthy for the rest of society.

I totally agree with your comments regarding the family model, there is a reason that women and men required each other to bear a child and that reason is for the balanced and healthy development of that child. It is unfortunate that the system is so fair to all living things or having a child outwith the bounds of a stable relationship might not be so 'easy'.

What demographic disaster beckons Europe? Consider there are more in ratio to population, married couples in the UK than there are in the US. Disrespect for the sanctity of human life? Eroded morality? I'd be curious to know what principals America is standing up for as the dollar continues to be worth nothing, Iraq is still a mess, faking the War on Terror hasn't brought down the price of oil, even Americans don't buy Fords now. Your stats suggest that not half of the children born in the US are to complete families!

China has already surpassed the US, if America doesn't do something soon to steady the economic value of the dollar the Russians will go back to using the Ruble.

You are right, thankfully about the Oil and energy. But the US is not being held hostage by these resource plentiful nations, its just so weak it can't bully them into sharing...

Jihad, at least you got a little into the totally pointless narrow-minded Republican talk.

You sound like such a frail weak old man when you talk about pouring money into the military. Especially after suggesting that America has such a charisma, its so cultured and accessible.

I am quite convinced by your commentary about Iraq that you did not amount to much while serving with the forces. If you did, that experience is not showing through, you talk like a very immature man.

Hopefully next time I return, you will have removed your head from your arse and screwed it back onto your neck.

Anonymous said...


Whereas comments and reasoned analysis from any perspective is always welcome, I would request that you eschew gratuitous ad hominem and ad feminem attacksaimed toward any who comment on this site. It detracts from whatever message you are attempting to convey.


The Loop Garoo Kid

The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...

snake hunters sez,

Loop Garoo,

Scatter-gun attacks from rude, unstable minds. How does one respond, or should we bother?
On a more interesting note, try
comparing the mind-set of two brilliant, extraordinary men,
where dollars, and the greed for power, inevitably outweigh common sense.

George Soros/Rupert Murdock

See, FRONTLINE, "Who's Afraid of Rupert Murdoch?" Cheers! reb



Our Shared Concern with Vietnam Era
"hippies" leading the charge against returning U.S. troops, or Hanoi Jane's treachery while visiting there, is sad history the Baby-boomer's kids will never know.

Your memories growing up as a "minority" Native-American, or mine as a Caucasian child, growing up in the Depression of the 1930's, in East Los Angeles. We were hard-working "Poor folks". But we survived!

All of that is long past. Today's
generation seems vague, over-fed,
over-burdened by copious amounts of Soap-Opera Entertainment, Pro Sports, Hallucinogenics, Pornography and "Hot-Air" Politics, and the kids demand their Rap-Crap, Cell-Phones & Game Boys! One in a thousand has ever read the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, or read our great First Amendment.

Saying that, I believe that this
great nation is in its final days, and collectively will participate in its own self-destruction.

The Two-Party System is failing, and no statesman, or group has the courage to "Pick up the banner of Liberty & Justice for All".

We Are Emmersed In Self-Hatred, By Too Many Feeble-Minded Groups. reb


I see Crazies to the left of me,
Whimps to the right of me, and
Political Chaos in front of me.
After the November Elections, we
Confront Global Jihad in a meaningful, decisive manner before
there is Nuclear War, or we slide
into 3rd world financial status, bankrupt ourselves paying OPEC demands, and sit back in quiet acquiescence observing China & India in all their noble generosity
to assume the benevolent role of awesome responsibility for the world's future welfare.

The Price of Surrender. reb


I cannot help but wonder...

If the Left, or the Right of Center
Voter has the courage to back up their political stance with a few
minutes on a Search Engine?

We've picked up on S/H Rader, two names worthy of investigation:

>Wiiliam Charles Ayers, complete with a City Police mug-shot. See,

>Jeremiah A. Wright (A well-known
Pastor). Find on FRONTPAGEMAG.COM,
by Editor John Perazzo.

Be Aware, stay alert. You decide.


Anonymous said...


“Our Shared Concern with Vietnam Era "hippies" leading the charge against returning U.S. troops, or Hanoi Jane's treachery while visiting there, is sad history the Baby-boomer's kids will never know.”

I will never forget the night a group of “pacifists” attacked my two fellow GIs. There were about ten of them, and they were armed with bats and nightsticks. One used a nightstick to split open the head of one of my compatriots. I was able to disarm this “criminal pacifist thug” and take him to the ground. Once there, I wrapped his arms so he couldn’t swing at anyone. I was totally shocked when he bit me on the face. The wound from this barbarian’s teeth were severe enough to last for greater than ten years. Why are they called “pacifists?”

I also had a childhood friend who was in the Hanoi Hilton while Hanoi Jane was entertaining the North Vietnamese army. Why wasn’t she prosecuted for treason?

Pooh Bear

Winfred Mann said...

Romney is a true gentleman.


Here's A New Nugget deserving some up-close inspection. We've finally found a gaping hole in the sleek, teflon suit of Senator Barack Obama.

It seems that there's a solid connection with an old Hippy-Terrorist Bomber-Punk going back to the Vietnam War Days of 1970-74.

Thirty five years later, William Charles Ayers is now a "distinguished" professor of education at the University of Illinois-Chicago and a not-so-recent buddy of OBAMA!

In September 2001 Ayers told a reporter with the NY Times,
"I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough".

Hilly/Billy had this "Ace", why didn't they play it? Is Obama holding a Trump Card?

So, who breaks this hot-potato on the Telly-Vision, Gentlemanly Senator John McCain?

Obama's 'Weatherman' Connection.

Anonymous said...


After reading your last I informed myself as to who are William Charles Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

Unfortunately, now I feel compelled to call you out for being a rumormonger and for being disingenuous. About the only solid connection between Obama and Ayers is that both call Chicago home. Yet you wrote of Ayers: "He is a not-so-recent buddy of OBAMA!"

Apparently they served on the same foundation board and Ayers made a $200 campaign contribution to Obama.

That makes them buddies, right?

Your printing what you did is on par w/ stating Obama was educated in a Madrassa.

I suggest that you apologize, retract the comment, and remove it from your blog.

No regards this time.

The Loop Garoo Kid



FACT: The 'Criminal Mind-set' of
William Charles Ayers from 1968-1974 is not in question, nor a matter for debate or speculation.

FACT: A quarter-century later, in the Precise Words of Professor Ayers, as reported in The N.Y. TIMES in September 2001..."I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough."
(Abundantly Clear, Sir?).

FACT: Undeniable Evidence of Close
Friendship between Obama & Ayers in This Decade, when Obama was an
Illinois State Senator, and now William C. Ayers supports OBAMA'S
Loop Garoo's Comment that this editor is a "rumor-monger", that I should apologize, retract and "remove it from your blog", is a wild stretch!
I cannot recall having ever appointed LGK as our Chief Executive Of Editorial Review.
(That's my job, Counselor). reb


Perhaps Loop Garoo Kid

should also Demand Retractions
from some British Press...and
The Washington Post? reb

Winfred Mann said...

The Left always starts with name calling reb. To verify this, listen to Air America sometime.

I remember in the 60s when I became familiar with the recently departed William Buckley. He had experiences similar to those of Conservatives in contemporary society. The Left would not allow him to speak. That has not changed much, has it? The Left is always trying to shout down the Right or any opposing voice (i.e., Columbia University and the Minutemen).

Consider the UK for a minute. They no longer teach the holocaust, because it offends Muslims. However, it is history. It actually happened. In fact, I personally knew six holocaust survivors.

The Daily Telegraph reports: “Some teachers dropped the Holocaust completely from lessons because of fears that Muslim pupils might express anti-semitic reactions. One school avoided teaching the Crusades because its "balanced" handling of the topic would directly contradict what was taught in local mosques.” Scary!

That is the way of the Left. Stifle “free speech” and “opposition.” Putin and Chavez also are prime examples of this.


Yes indeed, Winfred Mann. We do get the verbal brick-bats here.

I've been called a Racist, a Right-Wing Fanatic, a War-monger, a Rumor-monger, Frail & weak, a Republican, and worst of all, an "old man".

Oh well, the slings & arrows, that be my fate, and I'm diggin' it!

I'm touching some nerves. reb


When this editor witnessed our president 'wimping out', and made a whipping boy for the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in late
1979, with that 'Act of War' on our Embassy...and it emboldened muslin radicals in neighboring nations, I felt a chill.
When I witnessed the Twin Towers
fall in New York City, I thought of the panic & chaos on those four planes, and in those two sky-scrapers, and the Pentagon. I thought of the families of those 2972 that died that morning.
I flashed back to recall Winston Churchill, and London in WWII.
When I saw our president under Propaganda Attack after 9/11, and
wondered who was behind it. Then I
finally got an old W-95 computer, learned how to use a Search Engine, and found U.F.P.J.'s Les Cagan! See my 1st Post! Later, I found MoveOnDotOrg, and George Soros, and "Hate Dubya".
We have mortal enemies over there,
and I'm in no position to confront them. We also have home-grown radicals & puppets, and they've been "conditioned" to Hate the USA.
...and I have a Computer!
When I found O.R.E.P.A. in my town, and they have Hiroshima Days Rally & Parade every August 6th, and I challenge them to Remember Pearl Harbor Days, and they ridicule me, I know I've struck a nerve.
When I attempt to Expose George Soros, and I'm ridiculed, I've hit
a nerve, or W.A.N.D., Or Peace &
Security Funders Group, or Tides,
Colombe, or A.J. Muste, and the other Grassroots Peace Foundations...I've hit a nerve.
When I find a Suspicious Link between a Radical 'Weather- Underground' Leader, that admits to being a bomber (to the NY times), and is also being a friend of a Democratic Party nominee, that has the Endorsement of MoveOnDotOrg, the George Soros Enterprise, I suspect that maybe, I'm getting closer to the Central Nervous System!
I'm reminded that anyone seeking membership in the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate
is shouldering an awesome responsibility, and the President
is the Commander-In-Chief of all
branches of our fine Armed Forces.
Now, Who Do We Trust?

No More Wimps to BeTrayUs! reb


"WE THE PEOPLE...of the United States, in order to form a more
perfect union, establish justice,
insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and provide for the common defense,

to insure the blessings of liberty
for ourselves, and our posterity,
do ordain and establish this constitution for the...

United States of America.


I typed this from a childhood school-room memory, and if you meet
me on the street, or at Starbuck's
Sunday Afternoon, ask me to recite it for you.
They don't teach "stuff like that"
any more. It's the Preamble to the Greatest Body of Law mere man ever
devised. If you have kids, please ask them to memorize it. Frame one
for your office wall. reb

Anonymous said...

From Emilie to Pooh Bear:

Goodness what a horrible experience you had. Realize that you ran into a mad-dog psycopath and not a "pacifist". He was using the group to act out his own vicious fantasies.

That was a serial killer in the making, and maybe he is one. Too bad that some of these monsters infiltrate groups that are just out to protest peacefully which is guaranteed by our right to free speech.

There are always some that are violence-prone, and soon they are shunned by the group hopefully. But then they go it alone, like the random shooters that end up being killed or killing themselves as is happening more and more lately.

Lately I heard of some college students turning over a police cruiser and damaging it beyond repair. The police were there because they were getting out of hand with their lame unauthorized "protest", then the worst amongst them made it really bad, and some of the kids that took no part in it defended these jerks. Kind of reminds you of the 1960s when cops were referred to as "pigs", even by Hillary and Billy.

These misled people think it is "cool" to be part of a "counter-culture" group just for the hell of it, and some of them are nothing but thugs as you said. You see that behavior when groups of anarchists storm their own neighborhoods, breaking windows, looting, burning, destroying for no reason. They are not pacifists when they cross the line into criminality, they are just mindless mobs.

True pacifists march around peacefully after getting permits, etc, then they go back to volunteering in their communities and building and not destroying.


Anonymous said...

Ralph (from Emilie):

About your "hitting a nerve".

I think the nerve that got hit was your "gung-ho" nerve when the group put that nasty ad in the NYT about Gen. Petraeus.

By your own admission that is what set you off on Soros and Cagan, and most of your posts, as Loop and I remind you, are about venting your spleen on them. No one else mentions them, so they are easily dismissed by most of us. I bet most people still don't know or care who they are.

We are aware of protesters when they do assinine things or resort to violence. My husband and I just thought that ad was so assinine that all we could think was "what jerks", them and the paper that printed it. Then, as I am sure the General himself did, we dismissed it for the absurdity of it.

We know that General Petraeus is a soldier and soldiers follow orders, period, and to make a pun out of his name was incredibly childish and assinine and betrayed the immaturity of its creator and no more. I hope the perpetrator is being shunned by those that previously held him in esteem. That happens when someone goes too far and there is backlash.

Those groups have always been with us, in every culture in every era, just like the poor have always been with us. Would you rather there not be any free speech so that they could be punished the way you would like them to be?

The real enemy is the ever-growing global jihad of radical Islam. That is what you were concentrating on prior to the publishing of that ad that tweaked your nerve so. Can't you get back to that? Tom the Redhunter's blog is so right on on that subject.

It is an insult to our intelligence to keep suggesting that we can be influenced by the ultra-left wing propaganda. No one is going to tell me or most Americans who to vote for or not to vote for or not to vote at all as has been suggested, but it is discouraging to think that our individual vote doesn't count.

I don't think you need to worry about the results of the Novemeber elections. The Republicans seem to have found a way to stay in office permanently since they have bought up federal courts, etc. and are backed by the military/industrial/big business complex. The new Roves will be around to stage-manage it all. They have started their dirty tricks by libeling and demonizing the Democrats' candidates.

I am sure that no matter what the popular vote, a Republican will be appointed president again and Americans can continue to remain "vague, overfed, over-burdened by copious amounts of Soap-Opera Entertainment, Pro Sports, Hallucinogenics, Pornography and 'hot air' politics,... the kids demanding their Rap-Crap, Cell-Phones & Game Boys" as you put it.


Winfred Mann said...

I disagree that "pacifists" are peaceful. Their actions during the 60s and 70s refute that contention. In addition, I have blogged with pacifists who proudly announce: "they will use violence to gain their goals."

Yesterday a bomb blast occurred next to a military recruitment facility; today there was a blast in Times Square... next to a military recruiting facility. I'm confident we will see more of these "pacifists" action.

Pacifists are not peaceful!

Pooh Bear

(v) Pacifism. The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to the taking of life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists whose real though unadmitted motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration of totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writings of younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States. Moreover they do not as a rule condemn violence as such, but only violence used in defence of western countries. The Russians, unlike the British, are not blamed for defending themselves by warlike means, and indeed all pacifist propaganda of this type avoids mention of Russia or China. It is not claimed, again, that the Indians should abjure violence in their struggle against the British. Pacifist literature abounds with equivocal remarks which, if they mean anything, appear to mean that statesmen of the type of Hitler are preferable to those of the type of Churchill, and that violence is perhaps excusable if it is violent enough. After the fall of France, the French pacifists, faced by a real choice which their English colleagues have not had to make, mostly went over to the Nazis, and in England there appears to have been some small overlap of membership between the Peace Pledge Union and the Blackshirts. Pacifist writers have written in praise of Carlyle, one of the intellectual fathers of Fascism. All in all it is difficult not to feel that pacifism, as it appears among a section of the intelligentsia, is secretly inspired by an admiration for power and successful cruelty. The mistake was made of pinning this emotion to Hitler, but it could easily be retransfered.

Eric Blair (George Orwell) 1945

BD said...

Attacks aimed at commentors? Grow up...


FOLLOW THE MONEY/ March 6, 2008

Predictions for 2008:

* As Democrats scrimmage for Control of their Party, one can expect the volume & the heat to intensify this Spring & Early Summer.

* Scandals will surface in both Republican & Democrat camps. The public shrugs it off. Ho-Hum.

* Independent Thinkers and "Blue-Dogs" within the Party will become more vocal as the weather warms, and violence will increase, erupting on a wide variety of High School & University Campus nation-wide. Obama-Mania begins to fade, but excitement increases among the Lunatic-fringe; There will be some fatalities.

* High Population Centers can expect an increase in violent protest at Civic Centers, Judicial
Chambers, Military Recruitment Offices, and Shopping Malls.

* Air & Ground-Level Travelers will see shocking price increases, as OPEC Oil spurts, approaching $200 per barrel. Hugo Chavez will
reap big trouble in Venezuela. Iran will become more strident.
Hamas/Hezbollah pick up the violent pace, more rockets fly; Israeli sez, "An eye for an eye!"

* Bomb 'Incidents' will sky-rocket in the U.S. and England, and radio and Tv talk-shows warn of impending Marshall Law as our "Peace Activists" will plan more Street Demonstrations and display their 'crazy signs', and the "Puppetista" and 'Gays' will cavort on the steps of Your City Hall! Front-Page Stuff!

*It's Gonna Be a Long, Hot Summer.
August/September Will Be Extremely Violent this Year.

The Six-Year, Hate-America Campaign
Will Be A Huge Success in 2008. Anarchy Now Reigns Supreme...The Crazies Have Won!

OBAMA OR HILLARY, Who Cares? reb

Anonymous said...


Look, if you are going to defame people then cite a few facts. Your argument is as follows: "William Charles Ayers is a heinous criminal, albeit rehabilitated (no argument there; William Charles Ayers and Barack Obama sat on the board of the same foundation (the last time I checked); Ayers made a $200.00 campaign contribution and I suppose supports Obama for president. Therefore Obama approves of Ayers past crimes."

Either you begin to reason responsibly or one or both of two things will happen. You will begin to sound like a nutcase which is why I continue to caution you about your unhealthy obsession w/ George Soros and reasonable people, such as I, will stop visiting.

Come up w/ some facts.

The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...


PS. errata. Here are the facts as reported by the washington Post. FACTS: The $200 contribution by Ayers was to Obama's state senate campaign in 2001. Ayers and Obama served on the board of the anti poverty Woods Fund in Chicago between 1999 and 2002. They live in the same Chicago neighborhood. Obama was 8 years old during the Weathermaen's "days of rage." Obama has publically condemened the viloence of the weathermen.

I am not oin your editorial board. Occasionally, when you have sent or printed material w/ no basis in fact, I have alerted you.

So, in this instance, if you fail to self edit or print a retraction, there are only three conclusions: You print material w/ a reckless disregard for its truth ot falsity; you deliberately print material you know has no factual basis; you are ignorant of the facts and print what you please.

Not very attractive propositions are they? An editorial is an opinion. Opinions are beliefs that have some empiracl basis. Now you think that you have the right or obligation to engage in smearing someone b/c you disagree w/ his politics.

Has the snake hunter turned into the serpent?

The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...


Great come back. Right up there w/ "Oh yeah?"

Winfred, yes some "pacifists" are wolvesin sheep's clothing but the next time I encounter one of my friends who is a Buddhist or a memember of the Society of Friends, I will tell them they are merely members of obscure religious sects.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:


I wish you would link to your profile on this blog. All I got when I clicked on your blogger name was a commercial website.

I just want to know who you are to denigrate Ralph's military service. I am the kind of person who gives people the benefit of the doubt. If he says he saw combat action with the 10th Mountain in Italy, I tend to believe him. When I told my husband what outfit Ralph had been in, he said, "Wow! He was right in the middle of that s**t!!"

In 1942-44 when Ralph was 16-18 years old, the 10th trained in Colorado. By January of 1945 our 5th Army with at least 3 regiments including the 10th landed in Italy to beat back the Germans. They entered combat on 28 January 1945. In February they captured Mt. Belvedere and other important peaks after 3 days of bitter fighting.

"On April 15, 1945, they spearheaded the Northern Apennines offensive and cut the main route to the Brenner Pass....overcame every obstacle including the Po River Valley, the old walled city of Verona, and the pre-war frontier defenses of the Italian-Austrian border..... On May 2 the German Army in Italy surrenders....

"On May 7, 1945, VE Day (Victory Over Europe) Germany surrenders. On July 14 1945 the 10th is ordered back to the US for further training in preparation for the invasion of Japan, but by August Japan too surrendered. On November 30th, 1945 the 10th Mountain Division was inactivated".

In four months of heavy combat the 10th had 4,866 casualties: 975 Deaths.

Ralph was very young and impressionable when he went to Italy, as we all are at age 18. His time in the 10th was his finest hour, as was my husband's in the 1st Marines in Korea when he was only 18. Ralph is very "gung-ho" as my husband describes those who are proud of their service in the defense of the best ideals of this country.

No, we are not perfect, but I have been to other places in this world and there is none to compare to the good ole USA. We are going through a rough time, hopefully not as bad as during the Vietnam era, but you never know. I have lived long enough to see this country go through rough spots, but Americans are resilient, and after every trial we end up a better place.

There are monstrous madmen in our midst, that just wait for moments in our history with another unpopular war to act out their pent up aggressions. They would and do behave that way in every country. They have no other motivation except to be destructive.

Ralph--I hope I was able to follow the history of the 10th accurately. All those battles and regiments, etc. confuse me.


Winfred Mann said...

Would those be the Buddhists beheaded by Muslim separatists in Thailand? Even they eventually defended themselves. All have a right to protect themselves and countries have a right to protect their citizens.

Do you ever offer any solutions to problems?

However, I think you missed the point of the post… again.

When are the pacifists going to start protesting in Iran, Algeria, Lebanon, Venezuela et al?

When do the pacifists protest against the terrorists and two bit dictators that are fomenting the violence?


May 06, 2006
A large anti-war demonstration through central Athens was soured almost at the outset when around 250 youth activists hurled firebombs and stones at riot police and set a bank on fire.(AFP/Louisa Gouliamaki)

Tue Mar 25,10:08 AM ET
DAKAR, Senegal - Security forces in this largely-Muslim west African nation used tear gas to disperse a spontaneous, stone-throwing demonstration against the U.S.-led war in Iraq (news - web sites), police said Tuesday.

From Paul Gilfeather In Athens 4, 17 2003
ANTI-WAR demonstrators rioted yesterday yards from where EU leaders were meeting. Violence broke out as about 7,000 turned up to confront Tony Blair over his backing for the Iraq conflict. Bricks and bottles were thrown at police and more than a dozen petrol bombs hit the British Embassy building. More than 100 protesters held a sit-in at the British Airways office. French and Italian embassies were targeted with paint and molotov cocktails.

Anarchists' anti-war riot threatens Parliament opening.
The Evening Standard (London, England) October 6, 2006
RIOT police will be on a major security alert for the opening of Parliament on Monday.
Anarchists are threatening to storm the Palace of Westminster in a potentially violent antiwar protest.
Egyptian riot police clash with anti-war protesters
From: Al Bawaba | Date: March 20, 2003
South Korean Anti-War Activists Clash With Riot PoliceKOR: South Korean Anti-War Activists Clash With Riot PoliceKOR: South Korean Anti-War Activists Clash With Riot Police
From: Getty Images | Date: August 3, 2004 |
U.S., British embassies shut as Bahraini anti-war protesters clash with riot police
From: The Mirror (London, England) | Date: April 17, 2003

July 09, 2007
Media Silence on Antiwar Violence (updated)
Patrick Poole
An Air Force airman was shot by antiwar protestor on July 4th, but the establishment media and liberal blogs yawn. Airman Jonathan Schrieken, 22, is fighting for his life after being shot in the heart by a gunman intending to make an antiwar statement, while standing outside his home near McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey on July 4th. Airman Schrieken, a loadmaster with the 6th Airlift Squadron based at McGuire, remains in critical condition at a Camden, New Jersey hospital.

Nov 18, 2004, issue of Independent, The (London)
GREECE: Police fired tear gas at demonstrators outside the US embassy in Athens yesterday, as a rally against the war in Iraq turned violent. Dozens of protesters, wearing scarves and crash helmets, clashed with riot police and hurled rocks and bottles toward the embassy building.

Gee, these pacifists are so peaceful, and non-violent. The 60s and 70s were worse!
Pacifists are just another group after power.


Winfred Mann's last sentence sums it up regarding peaceniks:

"Pacifists are just another group after power" (and immature glory).
Loop Garoo: If you are angered at
my finding Obama's Friendly Weather-Underground terror-bomber, William Charles Ayers, and his 2001 STATEMENT to the N.Y. Times, "I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough". You see Loop, 25 yrs later, he's Still a Bastard!

So, I do Research, and I often quote Sources. Perhaps on this Ayers Item, you should take up your objections with the... connection.html?...

Tap it. There's a nice Chicago PD Mug-shot of William C. Ayers, dated
27 AUG 68 (Suitable for Framing, if
you're an Admiring Fan).
Emilie, Yep, that was long ago, but some memories are indelible.
Slight correction, my birthdate is
2/11/25. I was 16 when the Japanese
Imperial Navy hit Pearl Harbor. On April 21, 1943, I Volunteered, (Not Drafted) took the oath, Off a troop-train at Colorado Springs; 16 weeks of tough Basic, then packed up mules, 182 mile hike in nine days, topped 14,000 ft, down into Camp Hale at 9,500 ft. Better breathing there For Man & Mule! Two
winters of M & W Warfare Training then off to embark at NewportNews, Virginia to Napoli (Naples). (I think most of us were too young to
be afraid of anything when we disembarked (it didn't take very long to change that view).

Got a Band-aid Purple Heart too, (just like "Unfit to Command" Sen John Kerry). It gave me 10 Pts, so
when it was really over, I boarded a Troop-ship home about two weeks ahead of a lot of guys that didn't get any medals. Half-way across the Atlantic, the ships intercom told us about the 'secret weapon' we dropped on Hiroshima (That scared the hell out of me!) Then another TroopTrain ride, headed Home to California. In Illinois people showed up on the platform waving Newspapers, V.J. Day! It's Over! I can't describe the feeling.

A word about those medals. Some earn them, some don't. The Purple Heart? People lose an arm or leg, or an eye, others die for a Purple Heart; the family gets it. The only thing that Purple Heart Proves > yes this person was there, in a hot-zone. War is not very heroic to me, but I've been with some damn brave guys. Believe it!



Your summary was quite accurate. Where'd you find it?

The 10th Mountain Division was classified a light, special forces
group, Mountain/Winter Warfare; High Altitude Capable in WWII.
Now they are based in Ft Drum, N.Y.

Approx 10,000 men. 85th, 86th, 87th
Infantry Reg, 604, 605, 616th Field
Artillery Batteries, plus support Battalions. Training equal to Airborne & Paratroopers. These guys were incredibly talented fighters. Sen. Bob Dole nearly lost his Right Arm on Belvedere. (No, I never met him).

We had the World-Best, Sheer-face
Rock Climbers, some were from Austrian & Swiss Alps; when they spoke "Broken English, we knew.... That Staff-Sargeant's a Specialist at Free-Style or Rock-Face Climbing! Also, we had Great Ski
Champs; Torger Tokle had the Jump Record; he died on Mt. Belvedere. Not many left today.

Loop Garoo sent me the Front Page
of the Sunday Denver Post, July 29,
2007, with a 6" x 8" Picture of 18 guys traversing an Ice Slope, and the words, "Closer Than Brothers".
I laminated it for my office wall.

It Marked the Final Reunion of the 10th, singing "Ninety Pounds of Rucksack, A pound of grub of two...
He'll Shoosh The Mountain Like His
Daddy Yusta Do!" reb

Anonymous said...


Note that I said nothing about your comments or references to Ayers. The issue is what is Ayer's connection to Obama and as the Washington Post article stated, the connecttions are tenuous.

Your comments are not based on facts and appear to be just another smear campaign of the kind you claim to denigrate. I confess I have a hard time reconciling your diverse attitudes.

You believe that the current administration has been victimized by a viscious smear campaign engineered by George Soros. Regrettably, what you consider to be a "smear campaign" can be supported by a dispassionate marshalling of the facts.

At the same time, you are willing to engage in the defamation campaign against Barack Obama based on the fact that his state senate campaign in 2001 accepted a $200.00 donation from a former felon whose felonies can never be justified; by the fact that he lives in same Chicago neighborhood as the felon; and the fact that served on the same board together.

How can justify what amounts to speaking out of both sides of your mouth?


I apologize for failing to remember both the foibles in your reasoning and weaknesses in your arguments which perhaps may explain why I failed to grasp the point of your post.

Therefore read the following very slowly and see whether you experience an epiphany: war protesters and pacifists are not the same thing. It explains a lot doesn't it? People who throw fire bombs during protests are not pacifists: they are war protesters.

Most Buddhists are pacifists. Members of the Society of Friends certainly are.

I trust this clears things up for you.


The Loop Garoo Kid


Snake Hunter Statement, 2008:

I Knew Just Enough About Computers
to send eMails in 2005, and an old friend in 29 Palms suggested that I should Blog. "What's a blog, Dick?"
On Jan 5th, '06 I Posted my first,
"Our Goals". I'd found U.F.P.J. and Les Cagan, a hard-core Communist Enemy of the USA, and an associate of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Today, she boasts having 1300 local and national groups, plus 300 more around the globe. Les Cagan sits of the Bd of Directors of Five 'New Pacifica' Radio Stations. She's was my first personal target! I'm A Committed SnakeHunter.
Next, I Searched For More Enemies
Of Our Nation. The Hater-In-Chief was
unknown to me, a billionaire! He has thrown Hundreds of Millions to
to Manipulate American Thinking, to defame, ridicule, and destroy the public "image" of G.W. Bush & Dick Cheney. He has been very successful in Duping One-Half of our Citizens w/Hate-Propaganda!

George Soros Is My Personal Enemy, and anyone, or any Group, or "Peace" Foundation, or any Political Entity...that supports Les Cagan, or George Soros, or MoveOnDotOrg Is Also My Personal Enemy.
If You Believe...That The U.S.A. Is
The Greatest Nation In World History, With The Finest Set Of Laws Governing Conduct, And That We Are Amenable to Peacefully, Lawfully Change/Amend Our Laws To Fit Future Circumstance, then
YOU should be a Snake Hunter Too!
Know Your Enemy, At Home or Abroad.
Here I Stand. I'll Not Apologize!
Post It, Print It, Forward It!


Hi folks, As you must know, I like
to Dig Deep For Info to help others
fill in the gaps. It's not easy.

Recently I found a somewhat cloudy
connection between a very popular
Politician, Barack Obama, and a sick, vicious criminal mind that admits to bombing our Pentagon and a New York Police Station, and in 2001 he callously admits to The New York Times, "I feel we didn't do enough".

How Deep Is This Connection to Barack Obama? We Need More.
We have months to Vindicate & Clear Senator Obama, or Confirm The Report.

Research: William Charles Ayers, a thug with the 'WeatherUnderground'
in the late 1960's through 1974.

That's Not Rumor-mongering, it's a Sliver of Recorded Fact. We need to know more.

If you can spare the time, I ask for your help. We have eight months
before all must choose the best possible person to Lead This Nation
in Wartime. Right-Wing & Independent Bloggers Can Tip The Scales Of Justice For All. Yes We Can!

The Hard-Left Blogs like MoveOn, Daily Kos, MediaMatters, Code Pink and Huffington Post are set in reinforced cement. They represent the negative forces.

They can be beaten, but Only With
Factual Data, and the Exposure of Known Enemies, that cleverly Distort Truth for Partisan Advantage.

Check Our Links: Redhunter, WhenEvilProspers, Winfred Mann, Burkean Reflections, are Superior Sources of Solid Information for what's happening in the MiddleEast on a daily basis, and SnakeHunters will do our best to track the behind-the-curtain rascals here at home.

Twenty Percent Are Hard-Core Left, and Another Twenty Percent Are Hard-Core Right. The Election of
Our Next President will be determined by the remaining 60%, The Independent Thinkers! Will you help?

That's Our View, what's yours? reb

Yankee Doodle said...

Snake Hunters,

What is your view on the Patriot Act?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...


I am happy to learn of your search for the facts regarding the Obama-Ayers connection or lack thereof.

That said, the article that I read recited the facts as set forth in my earlier post. This regarding the "connection" which is not so much "cloudy" as tenuous.

I am not interested in Ayers per se. His words and acts speak for themselves.

The article statd Ayers made a $200 campaign contribution to Obama's 2001 state senate campaign; that they live in the same neighborhood in Chicago; and taht they served on the same board of an anti poverty fund between 1999 and 2002.

I assume those facts to be true. My analysis is that these facts do render Ayers a "buddy" of Obama, not-so-recent or otherwise.

Additional facts could lead me to a different conclusion, but if these are the facts, they are hardly newsworthy.


The Loop Garoo Kid



If That Unrepentant Terrorist Bomber, William C. Ayers was on an
Eight-person Bd of Directors between 1999-2002 with Senator Barack Obama, lived in the same neighborhood, and that sicko contributed any amount to a PAC fund for Obama, we believe that sentiment alone deserves further scrutiny...BEFORE we risk his selection as our Commander-In-Chief!

'New Direction' and 'CHANGE' are nothing more than Slogans, and could easily take on an unexpected ugly turn of events if this smooth-talking dude has just been tootin', and shuckin' & jivin' us?

Now, a lot of fine "grass-roots" and 'Secular-Progressive' middle-of-the-road, middle-class, tolerant, guilt-ridden people will certainly disagree, given the current political atmosphere. Some have Complete "Faith", others are cautious, and I'm blessed w/ cold skepticism When We Are At War, and our national survival is on the line. Is that unreasonable?

It's one helluva gamble with
an Unknown Quantity, I'd say! reb


A Personal Perspective:

The Human Brain, in all its complexity is super-sensitive to the Power of Suggestion, both negative and positive. To protect myself from Tv Commercials, I always have a thumb on the Mute Button. "Head On!" and Glucosamine/Chondroitin has the potential of driving me off a cliff! (I'm not Immune, just Aware).
Observing OBAMA-MANIA is another, with CHANGE, 'New Direction', and
"Yes We Can!" At a Rally, normal people can faint when blood settles in their feet; the brain suffers from Oxygen Debt (believe it or not) and down they go!
Watching Half Of Our Country "Turn"
into babbling Hate-Dubya's after
a Six-year MoveOn Hate-Campaign is
understandable to me, yet it's a frightening phenomena with so much at stake, and if I point to this
effect, many are "Insulted". Please Don't Be, we're all subject to the Power of Suggestion.
When I was about 25 yrs, I became interested in the early experiments of Anton Mesmer & Ivan Pavlov, and the study of Hypnosis.
Having a layman's knowledge of this Phenomena has served me well,
in many circumstances in my life.
I had no intention of "insulting the intellect" of Emilie or my friend Loop Garoo. Suffice it to say, I have a 'Different Perspective'. So I rattle a lot about Soros & Cagan. These are Potent Prime.Movers in this "Mind-Game".

Like it or not, Those Two Vipers Will Remain On S/H Radar.
Check My Links for a better view of
Iraq, Syria, Iran, Israel, Saudi/Wahhabism, & Military Matters...Tom The Redhunter & Winfred Mann are fine sources, if you're a serious seeker of In-Depth Useable Info! reb

Anonymous said...

Sherlock Holmes (well, A.C. Doyle) said once, "Once you eliminate the impossible...whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the the truth."

SH has adopted the inverse as his credo: "Once you ignore the obvious...whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the SH's truth."

This is the only way one can explain SH's obsession w/ George Soros.

The Bush-Cheney administration is very unpopular. The obvious is that this administration has led us into a war w/ no end in sight under false pretenses and also under its watch the economy is tanking while the challenges that confront our nation, such as immigration, healthcare, global jihad, have largely been ignored. (Aside--if you think that the invasion of Iraq was a major attack on global jihad, read some more books, then come back to the issue.)

The improbable: More than half of this nation has been manipulated by George Soros.

See what I mean?

I would bet the farm that my friend reb voted for GWB in 2004. I would bet the south forty he voted for him in 2000. SH believes that we can not gamble w/ an "unknown quantity" and that we must minimize risk in the selection of our C in C.

SH's concerns arise most recently b/c of casual and tenuous connections between Barack Obama and convicted domestic terrorist William Charles Ayers.

Now let us ask the age old question: Is what's sauce for the goose, gravy for the gander?

George W. Bush was a member of the Texas Air National Guard where it seems he spent much time involved in a senatorial campaign in Alabama. At all relevant times George W. Bush has been a recovering alcoholic. Yikes! This sure could explain why he decided to invade Iraq. Nary a peep from SH though about the qualifications of our currfent C in C.

Meanwhile, let us reexamine another low point in the history of business and corruption in our great nation. Although it pales in comparison w/ the subprime fiasco, let us revisit Enron.

More than 22,000 Enron employees lost their jobs; many lost their life savings and retirements and these were only Enron employees. Arthur Andedrson, formerly one of the Big 8 accounting firms went out of existence and its employees lost their jobs, retirements, and savings. Then there were the other thousands of people who lost billions of dollars when Enron collapsed.

The CEO of Enron was Kenneth Lay--"Kenny Boy" to his good friend, correspondent, and confident, George W. Bush. You know. Our current C in C.

On July 7, 2004, Kenny Boy was indicted by a grand jury on 11 felony counts. On May 26, 2006, a jury convicted Kenny Boy on 10 of those counts after which the trial judge dismissed the 11th. On July 5, 2006, while awaiting sentencing, Kenny Boy died of heart failured in his luxury vacation home in Snowmass, CO. (For those who don't know, Snowmass is just down the road from Aspen.)

B/c he was dead and had not exhausted his appeals, the trial judged abated Kenny Boy's convictions. In other words, pursuant to federal law, the convictions were dismissed on account of the death of the defendant.

Although, the Texas state archives are replete w/ correspondence between Mr. Lay and Mr. Bush, the latter could not recall ever having met the former once the topless towers of lofty Enron began to sway and fall.

I am uncertain what the lesson is here. It could be that the lesson of George W. Bush has taught SH wisdom which he wishes to apply to Mr. Obama so "we won't get fooled again." Alas, I fear that this explanation is "the improbable."

The obvious explanation, in consideration of the George Soros conspiracy theory, is that SH is prone to latch onto any conspiracy relating to Democrats while refusing to admit the George W. Bush is a leader so fraught w/ foibles that the current state of things is attributable to them, rather than to most of us being brainwashed by George Soros.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...

Sherlock Holmes (well, A.C. Doyle) said once, "Once you eliminate the impossible...whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the the truth."

SH has adopted the inverse as his credo: "Once you ignore the obvious...whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the SH's truth."

This is the only way one can explain SH's obsession w/ George Soros.

The Bush-Cheney administration is very unpopular. The obvious is that this administration has led us into a war w/ no end in sight under false pretenses and also under its watch the economy is tanking while the challenges that confront our nation, such as immigration, healthcare, global jihad, have largely been ignored. (Aside--if you think that the invasion of Iraq was a major attack on global jihad, read some more books, then come back to the issue.)

The improbable: More than half of this nation has been manipulated by George Soros.

See what I mean?

I would bet the farm that my friend reb voted for GWB in 2004. I would bet the south forty he voted for him in 2000. SH believes that we can not gamble w/ an "unknown quantity" and that we must minimize risk in the selection of our C in C.

SH's concerns arise most recently b/c of casual and tenuous connections between Barack Obama and convicted domestic terrorist William Charles Ayers.

Now let us ask the age old question: Is what's sauce for the goose, gravy for the gander?

George W. Bush was a member of the Texas Air National Guard where it seems he spent much time involved in a senatorial campaign in Alabama. At all relevant times George W. Bush has been a recovering alcoholic. Yikes! This sure could explain why he decided to invade Iraq. Nary a peep from SH though about the qualifications of our currfent C in C.

Meanwhile, let us reexamine another low point in the history of business and corruption in our great nation. Although it pales in comparison w/ the subprime fiasco, let us revisit Enron.

More than 22,000 Enron employees lost their jobs; many lost their life savings and retirements and these were only Enron employees. Arthur Andedrson, formerly one of the Big 8 accounting firms went out of existence and its employees lost their jobs, retirements, and savings. Then there were the other thousands of people who lost billions of dollars when Enron collapsed.

The CEO of Enron was Kenneth Lay--"Kenny Boy" to his good friend, correspondent, and confident, George W. Bush. You know. Our current C in C.

On July 7, 2004, Kenny Boy was indicted by a grand jury on 11 felony counts. On May 26, 2006, a jury convicted Kenny Boy on 10 of those counts after which the trial judge dismissed the 11th. On July 5, 2006, while awaiting sentencing, Kenny Boy died of heart failured in his luxury vacation home in Snowmass, CO. (For those who don't know, Snowmass is just down the road from Aspen.)

B/c he was dead and had not exhausted his appeals, the trial judged abated Kenny Boy's convictions. In other words, pursuant to federal law, the convictions were dismissed on account of the death of the defendant.

Although, the Texas state archives are replete w/ correspondence between Mr. Lay and Mr. Bush, the latter could not recall ever having met the former once the topless towers of lofty Enron began to sway and fall.

I am uncertain what the lesson is here. It could be that the lesson of George W. Bush has taught SH wisdom which he wishes to apply to Mr. Obama so "we won't get fooled again." Alas, I fear that this explanation is "the improbable."

The obvious explanation, in consideration of the George Soros conspiracy theory, is that SH is prone to latch onto any conspiracy relating to Democrats while refusing to admit the George W. Bush is a leader so fraught w/ foibles that the current state of things is attributable to them, rather than to most of us being brainwashed by George Soros.


The Loop Garoo Kid


Wow, Loop Garoo! You've just used
two long-winded posts in a row to tell us all about your "Involuntary Response" to George W. Bush! Now try your best to deny our S/H conclusion about "Reflex Conditioning". Your reaction only Serves to Confirm My Point!

Point Two: Long after Bush is back
in Crawford, Texas in blissful retirement on the ranch, the Hate Organizations launched by MoveOnDotOrg, and Cagan's U.F.P.J. will still be "Activist" and they remain HateAmerica Peddlers, still spreading their venom to a new generation of 'puppetista'! Watch for March 19th, with Hanoi-Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, and Jesse Jackson on the UFPJ Podium, waving "Peace" & 'Get Us Out of Iraq' signs, and giving away "Impeach Bush/Cheney" bumper-stickers in Washington D.C. and Denver, Colorado (RockyMountainHigh)! I regret that I can't be there w/Digital Camera to record the event.
Bush/Cheney Will Soon Be Gone, but Not YOUR Obsession, and that is sad. reb


Hey, S/H is not so alone! Check out "You ain't gonna like losin" Post. Apparently 'Pooh Bear' been
watching the destructive George Soros, et al. Be careful "Uncle" Georgie, Ahmadinejad might enjoy removing your head from shoulders for your meddling ways!

Now, if P/B will check (and affirm) UFPJ's Communist Activism, S/H will have another great partnership opposing The Vast-Left Conspiracy! Thanks. reb

Anonymous said...

To Winfred Mann (from Emillie)

I am surprised you chose George Orwell's definition of "pacifist". That is not what I find is the classical interpretation of pacifism: the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable. That is what the Society of Friends (Quakers) and the buddhist monks subscribe to, but even they have been known to defend themselves.

There is a movie called "Friendly Persuasion" taken from the book by Jessamyn West that tells the story of one Quaker who decided he was not going to let his people be annihilated so he picked up a rifle and used it against their tormenters. Also, aren't monks taught to use their hands and feet as weapons to defend themselves?

So, true pacifism is pie in the sky, and "pacifists" are dreamers who want to build a Heaven here on Earth but that is not possible as long as violent, territorial man walks here.

I think what Orwell was talking about was more about anarchists. Anarchists don't start out being violent but sometimes "it is necessary to destroy with violence, since one cannmot do otherwise, the violence which denies [the means of life and for development] to the workers".. "anarchists with this view advocate violence insofar as they see it to be necessary in ridding the world of exploitation, and especially states".

People in pre-revolutionary Russia and pre-revolutionary France couldn't take being exploited by the ruling class anymore, and their protests were met with gunfire (as they are in some countries now) so they had no choice but to build revolutionary armies and overturn the oppressive state.

Communism never really worked in Russia, by Lenin's own admission, and France ended up under the thumb of an emperor, etc. so the poor people exchanged one bad for another, which is something that our "pie in the sky" anti-war peace groups don't realize is a danger.

Orwell was concerned that the criticism from pacifists was directed at only the United States and England, but that was because England had a history of setting up oppressive colonial governments and it was feared that the US would do the same. That is the fear now in many quarters in the Middle East... that we just want to rob them of their resources and colonize them, right? So you have these bleeding-heart people here that see themselves as taking up for the underdog.

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

Ralph (from Emilie)

You asked where I got my information that I posted re your 10th Mountain Btn:

I got an overview at:

Then I found the following that tracked the 10th from training to Italy with maps of each battle:

Then I found a wonderful site about the 10th with color photos of re-enactors at the training sites in Colorado (Chicago Ridge, Cooper Ski Jill, Camp Hale, etc). It showed photos of all the equipment, clothing, weapons, vehicles (Weasels)some of the men in the photos looked to be around your age:

Port Orchard, WA



Thank you for these sites; that 75mm (pack) howitzer broke down quickly into six mule loads... FrontTrail, RearTrail, Wheel/Breach, Cradle, Recoil, Tube.
We didn't need roads; we could go
anywhere with our Infantry.

I was 'Gunner' on that weapon w/
wooden-spoke wheels. When we got to Italy, we gave two guns each to A & B Battery, and we "C" rec'd Four 105 mm's. Imagine 6 75's per Battery! Captured German Troops wanted to see our new 'secret' weapon, the "belt-fed artillery"!!

Weazel, we called it "Snow-Buggy".

Riva Ridge, SheerFace Climb At Night, then those guys hoisted 75's
up to the top, assembled and ready
for Direct Fire. The Nazi never
knew what hit them that A.M. on
Mt. Belvedere.

Emilie, many thanks! reb

Anonymous said...

From Emilie:

Ralph: Glad you enjoyed the links I sent you. I enjoyed them too.

I have been reading the comments here and I have to tell you, you know, you keep talking about "reflex conditioning" and "involuntary responses" ala Pavlov and that half of all Americans have been brainwashed by Soros and Cagan. You latch on to those two like a dog with a bone, and like my husband says, "He buries it for later", ha, ha.

I think I found out what siren you keep hearing:
I found out a book came out in April of last year called "The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party". Whew, with that title I was sure you had written it, ha, ha.

I found out that book was written by a Jewish guy born in 1939 (same year I was) by the name of David Horowitz, ANOTHER DISGRUNTLED HIPPIE (HE'S the 60s radical). He was raised by Jewish Communists same as Cagan. He made the mistake of getting in with the BLACK PANTHERS.

When you play with snakes, you gonna get bit, and he got bit hard when his friend was murdered. She was the bookkeeper for the Panthers and Horowitz suspected they killed her because she was going to expose their financial fraud. Her murder was never solved.

Now I know why you link to Front Page Mag and Discover the Networks, a couple of right- leaning sites: they are run by Horowitz! He and his writers repeat the mantras there ad infinitum.

In your Abe Lincoln post you stated "divided by Propaganda, we are vulnerable". Loop and I don't like the divisiveness of propaganda from either side, and are not vulnerable to it.

At least Horowitz castigated that freakish Ann Coulter for her book "Treason" (published by Crown, a very "lib" publisher, go figure). He didn't like her classifying Democrats and liberals as anti-American treasonists--he himself will not use that phrase to describe the left or liberals, probably because he felt he wasn't anti-American even when he was a Marxist hippie.

He is against "ïdeological prejudice" and political labels for people. He doesn't want gays persecuted either. Hmmm. He never "hated" America either. He likes to keep things stirred up like counter-culture brats do. He never grew up. He is the real zombie-maker, a fear-mongerer.

That young lady that posted to your "Psychology" post back on March 8, 2006: She said "why doesn't the whole country know about UFPJ. My Dad never heard of her and he is 61!" Ha! So much for her brain-washing skills.

Cagan's propaganda can't hold a candle to the right-wing's with their FOX TV news and right wing radio hosts and David Horowitz' sites. (No I didn't know about her Pacifica stations and neither does anyone else I know).

You know, it is the Republicans who have a SHADOW GOVERNMENT. Yeah, there's several groups of Republicans that rotate through the underground complexes in Washington, a shadow government in hiding in case Washington gets hit by nuclear weapons.

I agree with Loop: the current administration is disrespected by the majority of the public because they feel the war was handled wrongly, the economy is tanking, cost of living is sky high, and immigration, healthcare, global jihad are mostly ignored by the administration, and greedy non-performing CEOs cash out their millions and leave the little guys with nothing.

Ah, this administration: yes, you tell us that it is a dead horse now, but how do you think people feel when they see Bush and Cheney over in Saudi KISSING, yes kissing, those rich royal monarchists. I am outraged about that. You don't comment on it.

Bush and Cheney both actually KISS on both cheeks the rulers of a country that suppresses their own people, where women are treated no better than dogs, where even a royal princess is beheaded in the public square for daring to date a boy or wearing Western clothing, where the morality police arrest boys just having fun doing what young men do everywhere. Are we supposed to like these people like Bush and Cheney do?

The Republicans have more billionaires contributing to their causes than the Dems have: Mellon-Scaife (a partisan newspaper publisher), and other corporate biggies in institutes, foundations, societies (Murdoch and Rev. Moon).

You know, Scaife for one is enthralled with President Clinton. They hob-nob (I guess Scaife admires Billy for his --well you know, that studly guy thing). Scaife claims to be a conservative, but by his own admission, he doesn't promote conservative politics to uphold traditional conservative values.

He's cheated on two wives and lives with a former hooker. He "promotes policies that help to preserve his own wealth and that of people like himself".

These billionaires foreign and domestic are all vying to control the world; it is all just a power game to them, and we little guys, even Cagan and Horowitz, are just pawns to them. They don't give a hoot about gays, immigration, housing, the price of a gallon of gas.

It is all about power. Soros got sore at Bush for blowing their cover (they were in cahoots), that is why he wanted him out.

I know you are going to say I have been long-winded today. But I just wanted to tell you that Loop and I are concerned about your "Head On!"-like Soros/Cagan mantra. You spin it into too many of your comments, especially since the ad came out.

Our enemies aren't those two Jews here in America; our enemy wears a rag on his head and answers to the mantra of a radical mullah. His ideology is wreaking havoc in Europe, and he is making inroads here in our large cities, in our universities funded by the King of Saudi. The US should control immigration from the Middle East, and deport any of their radical trouble-makers before it's too late.

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...


As always thank you for your kind words. More proof that we are all separated by 6 degrees of separation or less: Richard Mellon Scaife; King Abdullah of Jordan, and I attended the same private school in northern MA, although not at the same time.


You misunderstand my point entirely. The only time I ever even think about George W. Bush is responding to your comments. The only reason why I ever refer to him and Mr. Cheney is either to point out your double standards, i.e. "We had better check out Barack Obama b/c of his "connection" to William Charles Ayers" or to illustrate other failures in your line of reasoning, particularly your self admitted obsession w/ George Soros.

Had you said: "Well given George W. Bush's relationship w/ a convicted felon and the way he turned out as C in C, maybe we should wary of any prospective C in C w/ any connections to known felons" that would be logical.

Instead, it's "Bush-Cheney get a free pass b/c they are lame ducks but we had better look up Barack Obama's fundament w/ a microscope b/c he served on the same board as William Charles Ayers."

Maybe we should just disqualify John McCain as C in C b/c of the Keating 5 scandal.

Cast the same cold eye on everyone.


The Loop Garoo Kid



I Cannot Possibly Answer Shotgun
Accusations & Assumptions! I have sincerely tried, clearly failed.
My Final To You & Loop Garoo. Read Very Carefully...
I'm a Thomas Jefferson Democrat.
I am a Harry Truman Democrat.
I'm a Dwight Eisenhower Republican.
I'm a Ronald Reagan Dem/Republican.
I've Voted For Radicals Like Ross Perot & Ralph Nader! (True) So, go pin your Donkey-tail on someone else! (I'm Not Important, Hello!)
When people attempt to politically define me, put me in a convenient box, I'm amazed. Why should they care? Why do they bother? If I display evidence that contradicts
their pet theories or political views, that's the risk You Must Assume when you visit S/H blogsite.
Here's a suggestion: Get a copy of
the Preamble, and a Copy of the First Amendment. Frame Them, Hang Them On A Wall; Read Once A Month, Teach the kids. You will all benefit, Guaranteed!
Constant Nit-Picking Serves No Useful Purpose. My Links Offer
Redhunter, Winfred Mann, FrontPageMag. If you've learned ANYTHING of value here, if we've expanded your thought-processes even a tiny bit, I'm pleased. It's why I blog.
If you've learned nothing here, then don't go away mad, just simply
fade away, and stay away.
As long as I live, I will strongly disapprove any Church, Synagog, or
Mosque that mandates belief or "faith" in some Pie In The Sky "Creator". The Major Faiths Are Power-Mad. I'm an Agnostic,
plain & simple, You believe what you like, I'll befriend you, be a good neighbor, if you don't get too pushy.
If Jimmy Carter Had Snuffed the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini on Nov 4th, 1979 when Iran grabbed our
U.S. EMBASSY, we'd have much less trouble in the Middle-east today, the Twin Towers would still be there in NYC, and Oil would be $20 per barrel. But, Allah Detests A Coward. That was the Turning Point. If You Don't Get The Obvious, I cannot help you.
Ahamdinejad Enriches U-235. Dubya said, "Not On My Watch!" Well, GWB.
It's your move, friend!
Both Political Parties Have Promised, Promised To "Deal With"
Illegal Immigration for Decades. Well...The Money's There, Not a single foot of promised fence!
The Senate Approved F.I.S.A., But
The Cowardly House of Reps Walk.
Why, Harry Reid? Why, Dammit?
Why? Because we recruit leadership from the Human Pool. Today, a Sex Scandle; the Democratic Governor likes top-drawer prostitutes at
$500 per hour. What, no discount
for 15 minutes?

So now the G.O.P. can play a Little Partisan Dance, and horrify the Gray-haired "Church-Lady".

HumBug! None Are Pure...and U.F.P.J. w/Jane Fonda & Susan Sarandon 'ScreechForPeace' in D.C.
on March 19th. Bring a Digital Camera. If there's Violence, you
might get it on film for the Washington Post. Big Bucks!

Obama-Mania Rocks 'Em Out! White-Haired Ol' Ladies Swoon! Let's Have Some CHANGE! Pass da KoolAid.

Whatta World. reb


ONE MORE THING, then You and Loop Garoo can Sally-forth into La-la
land together, kiss each other on
both cheeks, and sip a gallon of
contaminated left-wing kool-aid from twin Soda straws!
Neither of you have the courage to Flat-Out Name Your Choice to lead
this nation in our time of great peril. You prefer throwing mindless
verbal stones at Snake Hunter.

Well, you can both go climb a Joshua Tree, and in the process if a needle pops your balloons, and lets out the Partisan Political Hot-air, that would be nice!

George Bush (41) was the First President to go after the Butcher of Bagdad (Desert Shield/Desert Storm, but he didn't go Far Enough! George Bush (43) Finally got Saddam, Uday & Qusay, but didn't go Far Enough! Got It?
IRAN is next. We need a Leader with
courage. Someone that will strike
the Underground Nuke Labs. A Super-Power Military with a TIMID LEADER, is Udders on a Bull. Get it?

I had a suspicion that Mitt Romney,
Newt Gingrich might be the Right Team, and I said so. You two whiney-cats don't have the courage to really say what you mean. You choose to nit-pick. Humbug.
We'll be leaving for the Mojave Desert for a two week sojourn in April, and I'm getting a chaise lounge to look at my beloved Milky Way again, and Indian Cove in the Joshua Monument, and One Night in Palm Springs. Maybe, when I return, One of you will screw up enough courage to write something of substance, propose some Direct Action Against The Muslim Brotherhood. Stop Soda-Jerkin' Me!
You both talk like teenagers. reb


Tony & Emilie,

I've got another half-hour, so here's a bit more while I'm in the mood. Emilie & Loop Garoo both know a bit more about this old world by tuning in to this weblog,

and Loop has admitted following me to some of my favorite spots....
Always with some negativity to show his East Coast superior attitude and training. (I don't buy
it, not for a minute, Loop).

Yankee Doodle, When Evil Prospers,
Mohamed Fadly, The Redhunter, they all know Loop Garoo.

Emilie learned about Les Cagan's UFPJ right here on SnakeHunters.

She admits that she never heard of George Soros, or his manipulative
Hate Campaign, or his book, "The Bubble of American Supremacy". Well
American Supremacy, And The Arsenal of Democracy, and the Allied Troops Saved His Hungarian Butt from Nazi Imperialism in WWII.
That Arrogant Old Scum-bag!
Open Society Institute? Yeah, have a slice of that sour pie.

MoveOnDotTrash, MediaMatters, DailyKos, Code Pink, or the WeatherUnderground's William Ayers.
But she will mention Rev SunYung Moon, another loony-tune Mind-bender. Why?

When you two look back in time in another ten or fifteen years, I'd
like you both to remember that an old fool tried to tell you that this nation was headed for a cliff, and you were too damn smart-ass to listen. Socialism, Secular Progressivism, and Moral Relativism didn't make this the Greatest, Most Inventive Nation on Earth, Our Liberty Did. Our Flexible, Amendable Law, and our First Amendment did it, in an
amazingly short 230 years! A lawyer should know that much!

Now We Face Global Jihad, and we don't have the Courage to Confront
This Evil Theocracy! You Two Wimps
prefer to side with the Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi,
John Kerry, Heinz Tides Foundation,
Peace & Security Foundations, that
want to bring our troopers home right now, like Dennis Kucinich or
Ron Paul, or Obama. Crazies to the Left, Loonies to the Right.
Out of the mist, I dream of another
Winston Churchill, FDR, Truman, Margaret Thatcher, Dwight Eisenhower, Tony pull our bacon out of the fire.

Crazies to the Left, and
Wimps to the Right, and fundamental
principles dying as I watch.

HillyBilly & ObamaMania to the Left, an old Naval Officer to the Right, and Loop Garoo bringing up the 30 year-old Keating Scandle, where old folks were cheated out of their life savings. Why?

We are at war. This is not a Hollywood scenario. Not Tv. War!
You choose to nit-pik at me. Shame on you both! Go bother some other blog.

We have our eTicketless Confirmation to Vegas. We'll grab a
Car Rental, and head south 70 miles to Searchlight, Nevada for a few days, drop a few rolls of nickles, visit w/friends, and I'd
like to run into "Pinky" Reid at the Nugget, Harry's Favorite Spot!

Then, off to the Mojave Desert, 29 Palms & Yucca Valley, where most
people see things clearly, and
the night sky is breath-taking,
and Road-Runners kill Rattlesnakes.
A noble profession. reb


Did you catch O'Reilly tonite? He's
sided with S.F. Mayor Newton, and
offers his powerful Factor help in making San Francisco a 'Sanctuary City' for Illegal Aliens. Hmmm.
Like Haight/Ashbury Again? Oh yeah!

Now, are you listening Nancy? Here's your chance for CHANGE, to get 96% of the Latino Vote, if you can play the minorities game just right. (O'Reilly you are a naughty boy).

MaryJane, K-Fumar! Free Clinics, Free Frijoles, Free Food Stamps, Paradise Found...and Gang Warfare
for the Best Corners, Downtown. Enjoy! It ain't just Gay Bath-houses and Gay Parades any more. It's Brave New World, and Snob Hill.

Anything Goes, Open Borders, Open Society, MoveOn-MoveIn, baby. Now, Code Pink will help shut down those nasty Marine recruitments! We don't really need a Military Establishment, do we? We'll just negotiate with the Jihadi,
right on! Yeah! It's Peace Breakin' Out, Everywhere. Right?

Uncle Georgie will be so proud. Chaos, everywhere. We're gonna take our country back!

We Support Our Troops, when they
kill their Officers! General BeTrayUs, no more. No more cookin' the books for the White House!

MoveOnDotOrg, Right?
Now, re-read 'Stepping Aside', by
Mitt Romney...for contrast value.

Anonymous said...


You accuse others of having a shotgun approach and of ailing to be concise and then you publish reams of drivel.

I went on record as endorsing John Edwards. Since he w/drew, I have yet to make up my mind. I still cannot see myself voting for Clinton. Personally, I like McCain except that his position on the war in Iraq is so indefensible, I have diofficulty w/ it.

Sorry, but your view of history is lacking and your view on Iraq is cowboy diplomacy of George W. Bush.

His father realized that if he proceeded to Baghdad at the end of GW I, he had no exit strategy.

Well unfortunately, the apple fell way far from the tree. W invaded Iraq and guess what. He has no exit strategy.

You seem completely unconcerned that the costs of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, of which the majority is the cost of Iraq is 12 billion dollars a month; will exceed one trillion dollars; id causing us to sell the country to the Chinese and S. Koreans; and that Iraq, anyway, has resulted in little if any benefit to ourselves or our allies.


Asa for following you around, I've stopped. I periodically read TRH whom I find thoughtful and interesting even if I do not always agree w/ him. I read WEP b/c I like the medicine. The other people aren't worth the time. Winfred Mann cannot frame a coherent argument and Yankee Doodle censures his site.

I continue to urge you to eschew conspiracy theories; discover the facts; and read history.


The Loop Garoo Kid


Once Again, the Empirical Mind of
Loop Garoo! We should all bow-down
to his Secular-Progressive Approach,
accept the dubious wisdom of Soros & Cagan, and CHANGE to the drumbeat of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, and the dimpled smile of Sen. John Edwards. (Those evil snobs).
Loop Garoo has been w/SnakeHunters
for over a year. When he visits other sites, he usually displays contempt for other, more knowledgable voices, with smart-ass
comments. When he tried that routine on Yankee Commentary, that 15 yr old blogger had enough, he
deleted Loop's rude behavior. Yankee 'censures his site' Ain't that a crime. Well, it's not.
it's Yankee's effort, his Domain, and Visitors...are Guests.

TomTheRedhunter, Dr John Washburn, & Winfred Mann all have admirable talents, and we respect them for their knowledge, and their fine Efforts to Inform. It's a noble thing, to create a weblog that shares knowledge.

To piggy-back these sites with constant nit-pick & ridicule is not in any manner helpful or enlightening. It's a free-ride on anothers effort. It's Zoop du Jour, with little nourishment.

I have researched, found U.F.P.J.
and Fidel Castro pal Les Cagan. On March 19, she'll have a Tv Event, A Giant "Peace" Rally in D.C. featuring Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, & Jesse Jackson, Fine Americans All, some would think. (Bring your Digital Camera, Tom).

We've found "Peace & Security Funders Group", w/combined assets
of 27 billion dollars, plus George Soros w/ Seven Billion Dollars,
and his O.S.I. and MoveOnDotTrash that Paid For a Scurrilous Full-Page Ad in the N.Y. Times, bum-rapping Gen David Petraeus, and 'Cooking the Books For the White House'.

Well, in WWII Soros/Swartz was
hiding in Budapest from Nazi Troopers, when Russian & Allied Forces saved Europe from this monsterous Evil, plus Soros skinny
butt from a Gas Chamber!

In gratitude, he came to the U.S.A. in 1956, to save the Arsenal of Democracy from itself, with "Open Society Institute". Fancy that!

So, Snake Hunters dreams up a "conspiracy theory" around the
Six-Year Hate-Bush Campaign funded by George Soros. (That's a lop-sided Loop Garoo theory, and any one is welcome to it).

I wonder if an Internal squabble between CENTCOM's Admiral William
Fallon, and Field Commander General Petraeus, has inhibited the President in his wish to Strike the Iranian Underground Labs? If we had done it in 2002-03, there might have been Regime Change in Tehran long ago, and a young, educated majority in control by now. American Lives Saved,
Billions in Precious Treasure, and
U.S. Prestige in Europe & the MiddleEast Held in High Esteem?

We can only spectulate. I defer to
Tom,TheRedhunter, or Winfred Mann.
The Loop Garoo Kid is clueless; he prefers slick ridicule and smart-ass comments to pump his vanity.
Nell & I have our e/Confirmation, and we are Out of Here in April for two weeks in the Mojave High Desert with old, trusted friends. We'll see the Milky Way, and Indian Cove; I can hardly wait!

Be There A Creator Gawd Up There, Tucked Between The Galaxies, we wish you all a great blessing. reb

Anonymous said...


You said of Loop "We should all bow-down
to his Secular-Progressive Approach,
accept the dubious wisdom of Soros & Cagan, and CHANGE to the drumbeat of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, and the dimpled smile of Sen. John Edwards. (Those evil snobs)". That's is so ridiculous and so untrue!

Why do you put labels on people like that? David Horowitz says you shouldn't use "ideologic labels" to describe people. Why do you put words in Loop's mouth or mine such as saying we "accept the dubious wisdom of Soros and Cagan" and change to the "drumbeat" of those you mentioned? Just because Loop said he considered one of those Democrats?

I would have gone for Obama because of his youth as a lot of people are doing if he was more experienced and not Hillary (too shrill and carries too much baggage) and McCain is so hot-headed and his cancer may return. I don't know who I will vote for. You'll know after the election.

Just because we don't fall in with the extreme right-wing ala David Horowitz? Why don't you comment about him? You really fooled us when you said you were a middle of the roader, that you would avoid partisanship, etc.

You say you researched, but it sounds to me you let David Horowitz do the "research" and you repeat his mantras. I've told you and told you that no one mentions Soros and Cagan on their blogs like you do.

Too bad you are so unhappy that most of the American poeple didn't go for your Romney. Please examine why they didn't--NO, they weren't brainwashed by Soros or Cagan, and it is not because he is a Mormon.

Like Loop I also enjoy Tom the Redhunter's blog and WEP, and Dr. Washburn's. I liked what I found on your blog such as articles I found on your site like the following:
I Am with Israel
Think France Will Ever Catch On
Wake up America
Goodbye Europe
Teddy Rossevelt had it so right
Rough Men
Western Left and Islamic Jihad
Speech by Haim Harari

Both my husband and I have enjoyed that information. That is where we have learned from you. Your current exclamations about Soros and Cagan don't teach anyone anything.

Now we have the Central Command general/admiral that quit over not being able to convince George Bush that STRATEGY is most important and not "mission accomplished SCATTER-GUN" approaches. He is not the first to resign. Bush would do good to let the military experts run the show.

We have the stuff to squish all of the Middle East; is that what you want? First the underground labs in Iran; then where would you stop? Till we occupied the whole Middle East? We might have the mightiest arsenal, but others are coming up such as Pakistan and China. What about Russia? Do you think they will all just stand by?

You don't answer me when I ask about what we should think about our leaders KISSING the royal REPRESSIVE rag-heads. You say nothing.

You don't answer me when I ask that if things are so dire militarily, and you want more boots on the ground, why don't we have a DRAFT? There was a draft during WWII even though you and the men in my family volunteered, and there was a draft for Vietnam. Why not now?

Thanks for keeping an open platform. You are open-minded in that respect.

Have a nice time in the High Desert.

Port Orchard, WA



Thank you for your reasoned rely.
I'll do my best to respond to your
numerous points. (Not easy, hoping for a different computer soon). We all have different views; I'm not an experienced, polished editor, just trying like hell, O.K.?

Loop and I have tangled many times.
We're both comfortable with it. He
defends himself well for a damn "secular-progressive". I Love It When He Defends Soros!

a) When I began S/H I had hoped to maintain a Middle or Balanced Position. In 2005, I found U.F.P.J. I was impressed w/ her brilliant machinations, her adroit cleverness in sucking in the young, to carry her "Peace" signs, to enlist Veteran's Wives For, Church Groups For, Students for, Minorities For, etc etc. Hey! That Old Butch Is Good! Wowee! It takes
One Hellava Con to get Fonda, Sarandon, and Jesse Jackson to her Podium for a D.C. Rally. (Watch her Act on Tv, March 19th 'United For Peace' Sign in front of a battery of microphones. Step right up, Laaadiees & Gentlemen (beat it kid). Real Show Biz! I had Concessions for 12 years, I know a Pro when I see one. She's a S/H Target, O.K., but ya gotta admire talent, too! This Commie hates the USA, I Love This Nation & Its Law! If you read my first post, then you'll understand. I'd volunteer to streach her neck, if a U.S. Court Convicted Her Of Treason.

b) Horowitz. He's more passionate about hunting down Anti-Americans
than I am. He has superb, digging Columnists that attempt to balance out the dozens of Peace Foundations that fund Hate-America, hate Dubya, Hate our troops, in very sophisticated ways. They buy Air-head Celebs,
Media People, like MSNBC's Keith Olberman, or CNN's Cafferty. These guys are really good, hating Dubya.
(And he & Cheney will be gone soon)
But, Soros & Cagan won't be! Don't you understand? It's a continuum.
It's Deja Vu, Hitler's Josef Geobbles, again! Nothing New.

c) Barach Obama. Smooth on Camera.
Excitable for young, and even many older people! Wow. People "like" him, he can sell most anything. His collegues in the Senate watch,
unimpressed. But, he gets voters!
But they are pretty good too, think junior is naive. Hasn't yet survived the TestOfTime, like them.

Or like Sen John McCain. Should be
an interesting battle. Old vs Youth

(Hillary's goose was cooked Feb 1st, when MoveOn, Teddy Kennedy & Caroline endorsed Obama, Obama, Obama! Yep, That Georgie's Choice.
I said it here on S/H, after Feb 1st). How'm I doin', so far?
Delighted to know you liked some of my stuff; that's something.
OH, oh. It's 1:52 AM Eastern, and I'm weary. See ya tomorrow, Emilie! Peace & Goodwill. reb

Anonymous said...


Have a good trip. When you look at the milky way, and see the constellations, remember that some call it Ursa Major, others the Big
Dipper, others the Plough.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Anonymous said...

SnakeHunter to Loop Garoo,

29 Years In The High Desert, 14 yr w/Mobil Park 29Palms then 15 yrs with TriCityFurnitureMart, (Yucca Valley) w/Lazy-Boy Recliners ~ (lazyonebenn). "Lazy-Boy Handle" on CB Truck/Radio, 10/Four?

The Spectacular Sunsets; the Night Sky at Indian Cove (away from town
street-lights)...Indescribable. Nostalgic memories fill-me! reb
Dear Gawd, Your Sea & Sky Is So
Vast...My Boat Is So Small!

Tom the Redhunter said...

Reb and Emilie, thank you for your kind words regarding my blog.

I do prefer to discuss the threat of radical Islam. I stopped watching TV about a year ago because there just wasn't anything on worthwhile, and it interfered with my book reading.

Tonight I think I'll take up "The Last Days of Europe" by Walter Lacueur. The other day I finished Gen Petraues' Counterinsurgency field manual (well, he didn't write the whole thing but led the team that did so).

"Your Sea & Sky Is So
Vast...My Boat Is So Small!"

Years ago I used to race sailboats (J-24s) on the Chesapeake Bay. Twice we did an overnight race from Annapolis to I-forget-where farther down south. The first time we did it the night was beautiful and the stars incredible. The second time it stormed so bad we hung on for dear life the whole time.

Either way, the truth of Reb's quote rings true.



You found Haim Hariri on S/H! Oh, that's good! No, it's Great! You're the first to even mention it. You Dig For Info, I really admire that!
Neither you or L.G.K. will ever find A WORD here about my wanting
our troops to Invade Iran. That's Distortion! That's More Incorrect Assumption! Stop It! Peaceniks embolden these Suicidal Jihadi,
encourage more recruits, more killers from within The Muslim Brotherhood. Now it's tougher!
We have skilled people At The Ready, and the ordinance to nuetralize those Underground Labs, Take Out Their Single Gasoline Refinery, and we should have done it long ago! Sends A Message... Don't Tread On Me! That's all I've said. (So, Don't Shot-gun Me With Weak Theory!).
Ahmadinejad is still enriching Uranium, right? Are You & Loop Comfortable With That? Got Any Solution before all hell breaks? No, But Just Keep Nit-pickin' S/H.
The President Has A.M. Briefings
seven day a week. He has the finest
military people at his elbow; he listens to them, that's his job.
Mistakes are made in EVERY war... just keep on nit-pickin'.
When he visits the Saudi Royals, you and I are not privy to these
private conversations, nor should we be! That's His Solemn Job!
You are Insulted by the Ceremonial
'two-cheek' kiss. You dislike Dubya
and you weave THAT into your ridicule.
I found a "Source" in 2005 that explained O.R.E.P.A.'s "Hiroshima Days" Parade & Rally here in town.
Found out it originated (1989) with an Out-of-State Group Called W.A.N.D.,"Women's Action For New Direction" (Ring a bell, Emilie?)
Ever do a 1000 piece puzzle when you were a kid? Get the picture?
The Source? Yeah, David Horowitz.
That Group That "Leans Right", and disturbs the Left...Generates Real

(Shhhh, like move-on, code pink,
daily-kos, huffington post, ufpj,
colombe, muste, media/matters, tides kennedy/kerry,'peace'n'securityfunders,etc)

Aww Schucks, (you old fool), who cares?


Posted: The View From The Turret

S/H said...

"Let's join Bill O'Reilly's Effort
to get San Francisco (PelosiTown) declared a 'Sanctuary City' for Illegal Immigrants.

Then move.on to Berkeley! Give Code Pink a 'New Direction' & "Change".

Anonymous said...


Good Heavens! What is someone your age doing up til the wee hours? You must be an insomniac like me, but I am still way behind you at 68. I hope I have your stamina when I am 83.

Yes, I too love being near the vast sea. Where I live now you can't drive far without coming to a bay, inlet, pond, lake, the Puget Sound, an inlet, the Hood Canal. Beautiful waterways and wildlife and forests. The view out my windows is ponds, lakes, tall trees, ducks, eagles, deer, raccons, coyotes, and many, many bird species. The gorgeous red-winged blackbirds are back at my feeders. Wish I could send you a picture.

It is very green here because of the 60-180 inches of rain annually. So our vast sea and sky are usually overcast and we can't always see those stars like I remember as a small child in New Mexico. In that desert I recall the bright, bright stars and indescribable sunsets on the far-off mesas and the Organ Mountains turned purple, pink, gold, etc. I didn't like the heat there then, and I still don't.

California was the place for us since our families moved there right after WWII to the Valley of Hearts Delight in Northern CA---blue skies, blossoming fruit orchards, palm trees, old Victorians, small Spanish-style stuccos, streets where we could play safely outside all day.

Fifty years later, after a lifetime of school and work, when we retired, we looked around and saw that our beautiful Valley with its fragrant orchards was gone, replaced by "Silicon Valley" business parks, apartments, condos, housing tracts all over the hills, 24 hour gridlock, downtown turned into Little Saigon, the Eastside now one big barrio/ghetto, GIRL gangs mugging people in the malls in broad daylight, trash all over the roadways, the sky yellowish gray.

Luckily we visited my sister-in-law in the Northwest and found beauty again on this island. Forget Seattle or Tacoma. Port Orchard is the place to be. No gangs, no smog, clean roads, mostly Scandinavian people but more and more Californians of all cultures and colors but we are all clean-living patriotic Americans (we have a largely military economy because of the Navy Yard and Submarine base).

Ralph--again you inflict Loop with a label-- Secular-Progressive--- and you say he defends Soros. He does not defend Soros; he, like I, only point out that you rant on and on about Soros and Cagan, when similar bloggers on your links don't even mention them. They comment on various topics of the day. We all love America and its law. Our law guarantees free speech and right to assemble. They don't hate America or they wouldn't be here. I don't see many renouncing their citizenship and moving to Russia.

Soros doesn't run Some rich guy surnamed Lewis has poured 20 of his millions into that. is considered a loose cannon by progressives because of the juvenile ill- thought-out "Betrayus" ad, and don't want to be associated with it in any way.

I am secular, since I don't subscribe to any religion except the Ten Commandments, and I am progressive because as a minority I saw that it was the progressives that brought about abolition of slavery and de-segregation. Those Dixiecrats that switched to the Republican party were miffed that their own elected leaders in Congress "betrayed" them. The most radical of them would like to put a bullet in the head of every black and brown American rather than let them be equal.

Without the changes brought about by progressives, I would not be able to sit wherever I want on a bus, be served in any restaurant or beauty salon, be considered for any job, live in the neighborhood of my choice. In NM I was allowed to go to school with white children, but some of my ancestors were sent to Indian schools in Oklahoma or had to start their own schools such as my grandfather did.

Even the Catholic schools run by the Spanish and French wanted only the light-skinned "Spanish Mexicans", not the Indian ones. We were relegated to our own Indian Pueblo villages where there was "nada". My mother and my uncles had to go to beauty salons, barbershops and restaurants across the border or in El Paso, or open their own restaurants, or just stay home. My hair was never cut until I was 20 and couldn't find a nice job. Now anything goes.

I am old enough to remember the signs above the entrances to places -- colored only, white only, even "Asians need not apply", the banner over the first new housing tract in San Jose, CA in 1947.

Many progressives are Jews, secular after the Holocaust because they lost their faith in God and governments. Boatloads trying to escape from Nazis were turned away all over the world and were returned to meet their deaths or incarceration. They are for immigration here for that reason. America is a refuge, and Americans no longer want to do work that will dirty their hands or make them sweat.

These early Jewish progressives became Socialist or Communist or just socially conscious, and so did their children, even Horowitz who you now admit speaks for you. He lost his faith in the progressive movement when he discovered that certain groups in it can become violent and as crooked as some in the establishment. Those are the ones we have to keep an eye on and confront. UFPJ is a coalition of groups, only a few really hard-core left.

Long before Soros came here, progressives pushed through Brown vs. Board of Education. They come to the aid of those who they see are as disenfranchised as they once were, so more progressive legislation has followed. Without progressives, this country would still be as respressive as others that have large sub-servient classes. We would be a closed society, a repressive society.

Many white people here feel their Northern European culture threatened and they hide behind that "conservative" or "patriot" label, and call progressives "anti-American" or say they hate America. I told you that even Horowitz doesn't like those labels but he can't edit all his writers. Some are loose cannons too. All they cause is divisiveness that serves no one. Just insults and vile rumors about a brown-skinned American who dares to dream about being President. That is a continuum of the hard-core intolerant right.

Now about Iraq: This morning there wzs news of a Pew poll stating that the American public is generally less interested in Iraq than they were last year, and that the news media coverage has sharply declined. Most people are closely following the political campaigns, the stock market, and celebreties such as Keith Ledger and Britney Spears.

We don't know how many of our soldiers or Iraqis have really been killed in Iraq. Too many varying statistics on that from all sides. Sure Bush has his daily briefings, but I don't think he listens to the general officers in the field who know what is really going on. He has his own agenda. His own father said he is one stubborn guy. I don't hate him; he's not a racist. The scion of his family is half Mexican, and his name too is George Bush (son of Jeb who speaks fluent Spanish). I just think our GWB is a puppet of the oil billionaires domestic and foreign. Why hob-nob with the royals of such repressive oil-rich regimes?

The situation for Iraqis is so dire that those that are left of the opponents of the Saddam regime are getting together and will appeal to the UN to help stabilize their country and end the American occupation. They don't see a clear future for their country otherwise. I don't think the "surge" is working. I've lost count of the killings this month.

You would have this country make preemptive strikes against Iran-- from the air I suppose. That would shup up their moderates! They would join the insurgents. Why can't we do like we do in Saudi and Egypt (not kiss them though) and talk to them?

The Iranian Ayatollahs have chastised their crazy little Napoleon. He is a loose cannon to them too. Our diplomatic corps and our military leaders need to talk to the moderate leaders in Iran. They are quite aware that any pre-emptive strike by Iran would rend their country as unstable or worse than Iraq.

Our little friend told me that Islam grows and grows by finding the hungry and feeding them, or helping build their economies, then they convert because their hearts and minds have been won through their stomachs and pocketbooks. Then, as we see, when they have gained a little power and have been sucked in by the ideology of the power it gives their men, they suppress their women and those that were their enemies before, and it never ends.

Enough for now. I am going to go watch a cooking program, Rachel Ray. My husband loves his gourmet dinners at home.

I am so blessed. God bless America!

Peace and goodwill to you too.



Dear Emilie,

I wish you were my neighbor; we could sit on the porch, fill the feeder, and watch the cardinals, chickadee, robin, and the arrogant bluejay...and I'd give you an ear-ful! I fully understand your mixed,
and sadly incorrect assumptions.

Nell & I retired (1998) from the
Viejas Casino & Turf Club, Alpine, California (San Diego). Chief
Anthony Pico is a fine gentleman!
Employees were "family", his words,
in a long discussion. He knew the history of Columbus, and the Arawak
Natives on Haiti, Read it. He knew how the El Camino Real, and the string of Missions were built by that Sweet Little Priest, Father Junipera Serra...And How His Thug Spanish Soldiers Brutalized, and the Calibozo (reserved for the
UNRULY INDIANS!) Slaves. Read It!

* Progressive expresses a warm, generous nature. ALL Left-Wingers Hate Dubya, their blogs use it; it's Code!

Billionaire Peter Lewis IS Progressive Insurance, and he gave
8 Million bucks to the ACLU a few
years ago! The ACLU Is Hard-Left. They defend ugly things, like NAMBLA. (Do your research Emilie). Peter Lewis is not MoveOnDotOrg. Not! Guess who? King-maker, Uncle Georgie! (Open Society Institute).

Read the Hate "W", Blogs..."Progressive"; Les Cagan, 'Progressive'; Arriana Huffington, or read Code Pink, "Progressive"; DailyKos, Progressive; It's a Code-word for Socialists, Commies, Radical Lefties of all stripes & colors.

Sorry about that. Open your mind, read THEM; not Snake Hunters!

Do Not Take My Word On Anything.
Read, Dig Deep, Research Left & Right. You'll find what you're looking for, Not Here. You don't trust my judgement. (It's true).
We'll Never live in a big city again. Oak Ridge is Our 'Snug Harbor'!

Anonymous said...

An insurance executive doing somnething w/ which I agree. Will wonders never cease?


The Loop Garoo Kid


Fuzzy Comment, Loop Garoo! So, I'm
pressing it. Tell us exactly what you mean? Do you agree w/"Progressive" Lewis on his gift to ACLU? Or, do you approve of the legal defense of the...

North American Man-Boy Love Association? Or, Perhaps Both?
(NAMBLA)> (Research It, Emilie!)

Don't be shy, Loop. Speak up! reb



two wolves and a lamb (or child)
voting on what to have for dinner.

Ben Franklin

Winfred Mann said...


Pacifists are merely human, and will resort to violence. Orwell merely noticed their hypocrisy when they protested (only) the US and UK entering WWII against Hitler. The pacifists of the 60s killed people, were involved with robbery, drug dealing, and destruction of property.

Yes Orwell was concerned that the UK and US were singled out. I addition, he was concerned that the pacifists were placing Churchill on the same moral plane as Hitler. So your suggestion that “England had a history of setting up oppressive colonial governments and it was feared that the US would do the same,” is not totally reflective of pacifists’ motives.

By Ion Mihai Pacepa, Romanian KGB chief.

I spent decades scrutinizing the U.S. from Europe, and I learned that international respect for America is directly proportional to America's own respect for its president…when I headed Romania's intelligence station in West Germany, everyone there admired America too. People would often tell me that the "Amis" meant the difference between night and day in their lives. By "night" they meant East Germany, where their former compatriots were scraping along under economic privation and Stasi brutality. That was then.

But in September 2002, a German cabinet minister, Herta Dauebler-Gmelin, had the nerve to compare Mr. Bush to Hitler. Sowing the seeds of anti-Americanism by discrediting the American president was one of the main tasks of the Soviet-bloc intelligence community during the years I worked at its top levels. This same strategy is at work today, but it is regarded as bad manners to point out the Soviet parallels.

The European leftists, like any totalitarians, needed a tangible enemy, and we gave them one.”

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (aka Lenin), an aristocrat, lawyer, spent a great deal of time and money to get the revolution going, because it was not happening without him advancing it.

Times have not changed!

Winfred Mann said...


You just didn’t understand Eric Blair’s (George Orwell) words. The fact that you attribute them to me indicates your inability to understand not only what the post means, but also the nuances of this world. In addition, your comment regarding Buddhists shows that you do not know any Buddhists.

Further, your inability to proffer any meaningful debate on “issues” reflects the veracity of what I posted. Maybe remedial reading and comprehension courses would benefit you.

True to form of the Left, you believe name-calling is debate. Also, I see a great within your so called reasoning the deny, deflect, spin accuse tactic. However, no substance appears. Your ability to say nothing with the largest possible amount of words is increasing exponentially.

Speaking of smear, how about the comments of Obama’s pastor and confident. They are terribly anti-American and racist.

George Soros gave $2.5 million into new advocacy group, a new political organization called Fund for America (established Nov 2007). Fund for America is taking political action aimed at helping Democrats claim the White House and retain control of Congress. The group is organized as a "527," so named for the revenue code section that defines it. Look for the and Air America, Left who Soros funded, to work closely with them.

Ken Lay et al committed their crimes while Billy Bob was in office. They were prosecuted by the Bush administration. Hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of your hate.



What's Twenty Million Between Two
Billionaires? It's merely a gesture
indicating support. It Does Not Buy
A Proprietory Interest In O.S.I.

Soros Ain't Selling!
Emilie: "you (S/H) rant on and on, when similar bloggers on your links don't even mention them". Exactly!

S/H gives a different slant; All points of view are important; too
few give space to What's Happening
Here. So PEOPLE tend to buy into Slogan Politics. "New Direction", CHANGE, from a Junior Senator!
Check Obama's Pastor Quotes. It's Emotional Hate America! It's recall of turbulent abuse of minorities of 50-100 years ago, and NEVER a kind & true mention of improvement, and maturing process.

It pays off at the pulpit. Slavery is thousands of years old. Blame the USA for that! Mind-Slavery is the modern world of the Muslim Brotherhood, of Louis Farrakahn,
of Rev Jerimiah Wright. 'Pious Poop', Hate Whitey! Caucasian Guilt Pumps The Naive Voter! It's a Scam. My Dad was born in 1888, never owned a slave, never approved it. Never, Dammit!

(I took a beating from Mexican kids when I was a little kid in the 1930's. Don't lay that guilt-trip on me!) Well, This Whitey knows "racial crappola", just like you. reb


March 14, 2008

as all news sources focus on

This story is destined to be the
Story of The Year in print media,
or your favorite Tv news channel.

(To be continued, Stay tuned)

Anonymous said...


Yes. I believe the ACLU is a good thing. I may not agree w/ every stance it takes, but either you support the Constitution or you do not. The ACLU does and that necessarily means taking unpopular stances.

W/ respect to Jeremiah Wright, I suggest that this will have as much legs as "General Betray us" which is none at all.

Whatever JW may be and whatever he says, it will not sway people who are undecided. This only something that you seize on b/c it presses one of you hot buttons. You have already made up your mind.

Please, take a step back and consider the NYT ad. By the time the election arrives, the ad will be 18 months old. People have a hard time remembering what happened the week b/f last.

Pick the Democratic candidate. It doesn't matter who. Your argument is: "Do not vote for this person b/c someone, long b/f this person became the nominee, published an ad that disaparaged the commander in Iraq and by the way, the nominee had nothing to do w/ the ad."


I am going w/ mother here. She and my father had a running argument. His position was: Never suffer fools gladly. Hers was: You can't argue w/ stupidity.

I do not know many Buddhists, other than my wife.

Winfred, when you come up w/ an argument that worth opposing, I will consider it.

Billy Bob? I did not realize that Billy Bob Thornton was POTUS. I must have missed that term.

Look Winfred, George W, Bush had a close personal relationship and ongoing correspondence w/ the CEO of an corporation whose name has become synomous w/ fraud. Then W said he could not remember whether he met the man. This isn't hate speak. hese are facts.

As soon as you are prepared to w/draw your cranium from your fundament are propose a coherent argument about any topic, then bring it.

In the meanwhile, "True to the form of the Left..."

Look Pal, I think from every thing I have ever read that you have written that you have little knowledge of history and nothing worthwhile to say. Get that? Being in love w/ sound of your own voice is not thje same thing as having something worthwhile to say.

Then your defense is: "Obviously, you did not understand what I wrote."

On the contrary, I read it and understood it.

You want to throw the gauntlet?
Tell me where and when and let the dispassionate readers judge.

Just try and get over yourself.
e only obvious thing is that you talk much better than you listen. This is not "true to form of the left," it is merely my father's credo taking over from my mother's.

The Loop Garoo Kid.



It a given that most at least will publicly "support" the
U.S. Constitution, and some, like the ACLU, lean on it to eagerly support sexual perverts that target little boys. NAMBLA, The 'North American Man-Boy Love Association'.

It's curious you didn't mention them. reb


BACK TO OBAMA-MANIA...and the Junior Senator's 20 year friendship
w/ Rev Jeremiah Wright, and his Hate-America quote the Sunday following New York's 9/11 Sadness.

From The Pulpit (Screaming):
"We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we never blinked an the chickens are coming home to roost". (This pious pimp never mentioned Pearl Harbor, Hawaii).

Neither did he mention his trip to Libya to visit Terrorist Leader Muammar Gaddafi, or his Trinity Church rewarding Notorious "Nation of Islam" Jew-baiting Louis Farrakhan with a "Lifetime Achievement Award"!

(Sniff That Foul Odor Yet?)

All this following the recent disclosure of Barach Obama's close relationship with another admitted terrorist thug-bomber of the Capitol Building, NY City Police Station, and the Pentagon in the 1968-1974 era. William Charles Ayers, that goofy WeatherUnderground Activist.

In 2001 William C. Ayers was quoted in the NY Times thusly, "I don't regret setting bombs...I feel
we didn't do enough."
If the Democratic "Progressives" cannot see down the Time-track to November, here's a hint: Hillary's
lookin' better every day.

Tell "Teddy" it might be better to withdraw his endorsement; he's betting on a lame horse! reb


DAMAGE CONTROL ~ Pennsylvania. /3/15/08
Barach Obama Speech:

We Are A Divided People...
And If we can EVER HOPE for Change
We must Come Together >>> (Pause)

Over the course of this Campaign
I've talked-to Millions of Round Faces (Pause)

Shaken 100's of 1000's of hands,
Black Hands, White, Brown, & Red
KISSED Dozens...of Babies (slight smirk)

(Audience Smiles, Giggles)

Now, I recall...

When Dr Martin Luther King Was Shot, I Listen Intently To,

The Inspiring Words, of Robt F. Kennedy (Audience Is Motionless)

We Are A Divided Nation
But We Are ONE People...
And We Must...Come Together!

We Are The UNITED States 0f America
(wild applause)

We Must Heal, Not From The Top Down
But From The BOTTOM UP! (yeah, brothers & sisters!)

Recently, the recorded words
Of My Pastor, To His Black Audience
Have been the Media

Harmful Words, that I have disavowed,
But If We Are EVER To Hope For CHANGE, From The Seven Terrible Years,
Of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION'S FAILURE (Pause), We Must Come Together! (Audience goes wild!)

>>>> >>>>

QUESTION: Our Nation's Future Is At Stake; Global Jihad Killers Are Still Out There; IRAN Is Still Enriching U-235.

We Are Still Facing The Next Assault On Our Home Ground. Our Borders Are Still Wide Open, Undefended.

Congress Still Delays On The
Foreign Intel Surveillance Act, F.I.S.A.

We Still Have Courageous Troops In
The Field. Do We Cut Them Off Now? Bring Them Home Now, As The Junior Senator Has Repeatedly Stated?

Or Do We Calmly Reserve Judgement...Wait For The Gen. David Petraeus Report To The Senate?

Thoughtful People, Mature Citizens
Need Answers...Not More Hot-Air Polemics. Thinking Hard About The Consequences Of These Decisions,

Not Rock-Star, American Idol Adulation... And Quirky Quack-Puffery!

It's About Time We Grow Up! reb


Yankee Doodle said...

Sometime I wonder- why Obama stayed in a church for 20 years if he didn't agree with its views?

Anonymous said...

Winfred ---

There are pacifists and there are anarchists. I lived through the anarchy of the 60s by some of those anti-war groups then. We did not turn into a repressive society. The US is too capitalist and consumer driven to devolve into communism. Lenin knew himself his experiment had failed.

I think the world knows and envies that because of our Constitution and free Speech we are free to criticize our president. I think they know that in a repressive society like the totalitarian soviet/russian, to criticize comrade leader would be suicide.

We rescued Europe before, and we might have to again. They have always been jealous of our capabilities. They think they don't need us now, so they feel free to bad-mouth us.


Anonymous said...

Yankee --

We need to find out a lot more about Obama to see what tied him to that church. I can only speculate. We know he went to a very prestigious prep-school, Punahu in Hawaii. How did he afford it? I guess his African father sent him the money from Africa? He left the family when Obama was two years old. Or his Asian step-father paid for it? Or his white grandparents? He had been immersed in several cultures in Asia, Hawaii and the States. How do you choose which one to go with? It's confusing.

Perhaps because he came to the mainland to study at Harvard as his father had (Harvard is generaous to the sons of their alumni) he needed an older male role model later since his father lived in Africa with his new wife and children. If he went to school and practiced law and then went to the Illinois state capitol, I don't see that he spent that much time in Rev. Wright's church, but perhaps his wife did; although she had children to raise and a law office to run herself.

Also, someone who has known that much success and prestige so early on gets pressured by those that want him to rejoin the culture and community since he is such a role model. Obama may have felt guilty and wanted to show that community that he was not a snob. Who knows?

We don't know in number of hours out of the 20 years really how much time he spent in that church or with that pastor. Maybe it is all politics with him. Some people know when they are very young what they want and how to get it. He and the pastor could have used each other.

Some people stay in churches just because it is expected in their culture, but they don't believe everything they hear there. It took me a long time to leave the Catholic church after I had become disenchanted with it due to family pressure, and many Jews become secular when they grow up and leave their families.



Wow, Speculation Not On Anything In The Snake Hunter Comment, but rather on who is this guy, his parents, his background, what his pastor meant to him (if anything).

Only One Probing Question, from my favorite 15 yr old Blooger, Yankee Doodle!
The rest was difficult to follow, unrelated stuff, like Pacifists, anarchists, Lenin, free speech, Rescue of Europe, totalitarianism, an Asian stepfather, Harvard, Obama and his Pastor "using each other", plus a very exclusive Hawaiian Prep School ($16,675 per yr Tuition), Obama's guilt, and wanting them to know that he's not a snob! Whew!

OBAMA-MANIA is an exciting subject;
generates all manner and type of Talking Points. Maybe I'll re-type
and Post It! Ya think?
Loop Garoo's hiding...guess he doesn't want to talk about the ACLU & NAMBLA, and defending those weird freaky/sickos that like to 'play' with little boys. Or
The ACLU's Passionate Dislike Of
The Boy Scouts of America!. reb

Anonymous said...

Ralph -- I was getting to the others' comments first.

You have cardinals! I wish we had those. Our jaybirds are only part blue--they have black combs -- Stellars Jays. Don't like them--noisy like crows, and they beat up the little birds.

That is interesting about your time at the Viejas Casino. I looked up Chief Pico. He looks a lot like one of my uncles--those big ears and pecan skin. The Viejas tribe is building a new $800million casino to be decorated by the people that do the Bellagio and Wynn.

A tribe related to my ancestors, the Tiquas, were going to have a Speaking Rock Casino in Ysleta in the El Paso Valley. When I went there to see it, I found it had been closed and now is only a community center. That crook Abramoff took their money and promised to lobby for a casino for them.

Abramoff kept asking for more and more money, and stalling and stalling, and all the time he was working with another tribe to complain about the competition so the government wouldn't let Speaking Rock open as a casino. To add insult to injury, it was found that Abramoff had been referring to Indians in e-mails to his cronies as "monkeys", "troglodites", and "morons". I hope he got what was coming to him.

Yes, I know all about Padre Serra; he used to take the whip to the natives himself. Just like the French and Spanish padres in NM. One priest used to make them haul water up for his beautiful gardens to the top of a mesa; when he whipped a kid for spilling the priest's soup, they killed the padre.

I know what code words (slogan politics) are used by right-wingers: Hate-Dubya, Hate-America, Hate Our Troops, etc to describe certain groups or people. They love the word "hate". "Progressive" to them means only bad things, not the classical interpretation of the word--ignoring that not everyone on the "progressive" blogs is a communist or hard-core hater of anything. I don't think it fair to label Loop an S-P, since he is not a communist as that code word suggests. Politicians risk the public wrath when things are going bad.

I don't want to read Huffington, Code Pink, DailyKos,etc. Neither do I want to read Front Page or Discover the Networks, etc. They are too partisan and devisive. I'd rather talk to moderate, reasonable people.

You mention ACLU as being just hard-left, but they are vehement in protecting free speech, separation of church and state, etc. and as distasteful as it seems to be involved in a case having to do with NAMBLA, it is because the case was brought against the publishers of the NAMBLA literature. I doubt that anyone in ACLU was eager to support NAMBLA literature. It did not kill the boy. Boys are killed by pedophiles that haven't read that literature.

ACLU also has defended American Nazis in Skokie IL, and they even defended the Marine Col. Oliver North who would have spent years in jail if they hadn't fought for him in the Iran-Contra case. They defended Larry Craig because use of bathrooms by adult men is supposed to be private.

Back in 1941, the ACLU helped strike down the "anti-Okie" law that California had passed because the descendants of pioneers didn't like their poverty and the Okie accent and culture, etc. In 1983 Bob Jones U lost its tax exempt status due to their policy of racial discrimination which the ACLU protested.

Partisan loyalty cannot trump loyalty to the Constitution's principles. Congress swore to be loyal to the Constitution and not to the President and his agenda. The three branches of government are supposed to guarantee checks and balances.


Anonymous said...

Ralph --
I don't know why you found my comments hard to follow.
Winfred made a comment on my previous comment about pacifists and I wanted to reiterate to him that I had mentioned anarchists and Lenin's position, etc.

Yankee asked a simple question about why someone would stay with a church one does not agree with, and I tried to share that it isn't always easy to part with your culture, and Obama has had brushes with various cultures.

Obama tried to settle into the black one, maybe not for the better since he chose such an "afrocentric" church. Mixed race people are usually torn between cultures. Pressured by both cultures. Obama and the father who abandoned him also scaled heights that not even most whites have been able to manage. Very heady stuff.

Imagine! Harvard, the bastion of the white elites, and he was editor of the Harvard Review. His intellect is superior, like Bill Clinton's 180+ IQ, but like Clinton, he lacks judgement.

I thought perhaps Obama had been looking for a father-figure and found the Rev. personally likeable and supportive even if he didn't share his views. My father was prejudiced against blacks, and my sister and I weren't, yet he was a good supportive father otherwise.

You should know about CHANGE. You have said you used to be Democrat and maybe you were Christian, but you said you were now Independent and agnostic like I became when I left the church of my parents.

All the politicians are promising CHANGE but they tend to break their promises once they are in. Somebody said that you will find politicians in the dictionary between pimps and prostitutes.

About Rev. Wright: Goodness, what a throw-back to the hippie days and Black Panthers, etc. America has progressed, but he hasn't.

I was reading a book while watching TV and I heard this screaming rhetoric that sounded like a Southern fundamentalist preacher. I looked up and saw what I at first thought was a white man, but then realized he wasn't. I couldn't believe my ears! Saying that God damned America, and there were children there, I think. He wasn't making any sense, but some of the parishioners were caught up in his entertaining style. Some did look kind of uncomfortable.

I think the Rev. got caught up in the emotion we all felt right after 9-11, and he used it to spin his discenchantment with his personal experiences. He was as rabid as those white preachers were when they preached in their churches that segregation was sanctioned by the Bible. Preachers are supposed to be about hope for the future, but he was digging up past slights on his race as fast as he could talk.

I feel so bad for those that had so much hope for Obama. Now because of this preacher I am afraid he has gone down in flames, and the old guy has tainted his reputation as one of the best preachers of that ilk.

There will never be another chance for a minority to achieve the highest office in the land like there was at this time. It will be another 50 years before another chance like this comes again. I hope that loud-mouth crazy man realizes and regrets what his rhetoric has done to the hopes of his people. The chickens came home to roost not on America, but on himself.

Don't worry so much about the coming election and who supports whom and about Obama's star power. The Rev took care of that, I think, and the Republican machine is too powerful now. Your party will stay in power, maybe permanently.

Port Orchard, WA



There You Go Again, insisting on tagging me, and I won't allow it.
I do my best to remain free of these party labels (it's not easy).

When I find a group like P.S.F.G.
with combind assets of 27 billion dollars, the next step is looking for the Agenda (if any). If its an INDIVIDUAL like George Soros, T. Boone Pickens, Peter Lewis, David Geffen, or Les Cagan, etc It's easy to identify their agenda by the amount of treasure they spend, and the purpose, or target they choose. If half the nation begins parroting hate-dubya rhetoric, then it indicates a hugely successful campaign. If it's blatant ad hominen attack on the President (either party) over a period of years, and Public Polls indicate a drop from 70% to 30%, and people like your friend insist that "we were lied to", or that its a "failed policy", or that bumper-stickers declare we should "Impeach Bush/Cheney"...WHO or What's behind this expensive Coast-to-Coast Hate Campaign? It is designed to destroy, then after careful cross-checking, S/H tags 'em a "Progressive", or a "Right-Wing Religious Fanatic", I'd better be correct, or this blog will Lose Credibility.

I very often consider both sides dangerous. Rev Pat Robertson, Rev Jerry Falwell, and Rev Jeremiah Wright are 'Out-In-The-Open- Dangerous'. George Soros, Peter Lewis, David Geffen, Leslie Cagan are 'Powerful Behind-The-Screen-Dangerous'.

Don't you see the difference, Emilie? It's my Duty To Myself, and also a privilege to expose them w/ this Snake Hunters blog.

Then, it's Your Choice to make a judgement! At times, sincere people (like Emilie) make this work difficult. It goes w/ the territory; it's my job. reb







Posted On Rexmundi, View from the Turret...

What we see in England and the U.S.
is Complacency, and non-awareness.

This is an Election Year in the United States, and the public is
more concerned with gender & race,
rather than with National Security!

Perhaps the Inevitability of the NEXT 9/11 will again jar us back to
the Reality of Global Jihad, and IRAN's Enrichment of U-235...but Not A Minute Before! reb

auntyemfaustus said...

Ralph ---

You said, "George Soros, T. Boone Pickens, Peter Lewis, David Geffen, or Les Cagan, etc It's easy to identify their agenda by the amount of treasure they spend, and the purpose, or target they choose. If half the nation begins parroting hate-dubya rhetoric, then it indicates a hugely successful campaign".

I think I see a new campaign of fear-mongering to push through another pre-emptive strike overseas: "enrichment of U-235 in Iran". Before it was "WMDs in Iraq". The latter was successful in getting us mired down for the past five years.

Now you speak of the "inevitability of the NEXT 9-11 to "jar us back to the reality of Global Jihad". I think we need to worry as much about Global Economics and the billionaires vying to control the world.

How do you know who spends what on which agendas? How can you believe that half the nation (150 million) parrots the "hate-dubya" rhetoric of a handful of people. You don't have a crystal ball there do you? Most Americans come to their own conclusions due to their circumstances and the economy.

I don't think most Americans march in lock-step with the President when they are more worried about the price of gas, the loss of jobs, the deteriorating infrastructure, the drug problem, the unabated illegal trafficking of aliens, the falling value of the dollar? It is Bush's watch, so people are unhappy with him over our tanking economy and not because of some "campaign" of Cagan.

It's Americans' own fault too. They want things now and pay later, the kids at the mall don't want to do the jobs the aliens do, they want to buy McMansions and gas-guzzling SUVs. People are cashing out their retirement accounts to keep their houses already.

Sometimes I think you want another 9-11 and "not a minute too soon", just to say "I told you so". I don't think they can pull it off again--but if they do, I hope they attack Bacchanalian Hollywood first and wipe out that cesspool of Paris Hiltons and Britneys, etc. They don't know what is going on in the world; they just corrupt the kids that were our future hope.

When I was young we didn't go around in torn jeans that don't go up the butt --we had skinny butts then. We didnt' get tattoos or piercings. Now they have wet t-shirt contests, and spring breaks where college girls turn into drunken little sluts and dance around like pagans. God, I must be getting old. Heck, I am old.

Oh, one more thing that has me miffed. Our local billionaire of Microsoft fame: he was on TV trying to get Congress to approve more H-1B visas for people from India to work here. Gawd! So many jobs have been outsourced and our people need jobs and he wants to bring more aliens here! He was asked why he didn't hire Americans.

His justification is that his business is not an American business it is a "global" business and he is competing in the "global olympics", and he can't find people here to help him do that.

Another batch of H-1B visas is going to long-haul drivers from India too. The justification of the transportation firms? Our drivers are getting old and they can't get young Americans to do long-haul driving. (They can't afford the diesel.) We don't have to wait for another 9-11. The disaster is here, caused by the billionaires playing in the global market.

Port Orchard, WA



Re-read your last. How many problems do you want one old guy
to take on? I cannot solve pierced
ears, lips or belly buttons.

I have no control of OPEC bleeding
us dry. Bush goes to talk w/ his Dad's old contacts in SaudiArabia, and you whine about a ceremonial two-cheek kiss. I can't change it!

Long-haul truckers will unite, stop
delivery nation-wide before the banks grab their trucks. Then maybe
something positive will happen for these guys.

I can't help them!

I can't advise college girls on
Spring Break. You're scatter-gunning me, stop it, please. You are not helping this noble blog effort. I find really evil, destructive groups & individuals that have gawd knows what AGENDAS, and You Don't See the Evidence;and you have nameless billionaires, and nameless corporations, and you rant on & on, You & loop attack my effort with pages of worthless, long-winded pages of crappola......
stuff that I Can Do Nothing About!
So, keep demonizing Bush, and leave me to do my thing, O.K.?

You & Loop are impeding this blog effort; I wish to Inform People About Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine
and Global Jihad, an the Madhi Prophet. Most are clueless!I want people to know the truth about DUBYA, AND WHY HE'S AT
28%. No, it's Not His "Failed Policy" in Iraq. That's LGKId Bull-crappola. This is "Hot-Air Politics".
I only have a limited time to do what I'm about. If you & Loop have another Brilliant Idea, DO IT!
Get Your Own Blog. That's It. Good
luck, stay away from political things; you'll be a fine, loving bird-watching wife, and I'll be one happy blogger once again. No More Two, Three Page Rants, Kiddo! Bona Fortuna! Adios!

(Like My Long Worthless Rant, Emilie?) Now we're even. Hah! reb