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This Article deals with a very Popular Junior Senator that hopes to be the next President of the United States, and his 20 year relationship with Chicago's Trinity Church, and its wildly flambouyant, race-baiting Pastor, the Reverand Jeremiah Wright. His blunt on-camera quotes are illustrative of the friction he generated from the pulpit on the First Sunday after the New York City tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, where 2972 innocent citizens perished.

(Screaming) "We bombed Hiroshima, and we bombed Nagasaki, and we never blinked an eye (waving arms, turning) the chickens are coming home to roost! (This pious jerk never bothered to mention the 2400 military/civilian deaths on December 7th, 1941 at Pearl Harbor,Hawaii, nor our 450,000 dead Americans that followed the Hawaiian Attack, during WWII.

Neither did the Reverand mention his trip to Libya to visit Terrorist Leader Muammar Gaddafi, (recall Pan-Am Flt 103, Lockerbe) ? or his rewarding the notorious Hate-Merchant Leader of "Nation of Islam" Louis Farrakhan, and rewarding this Jew-Baiter with his church-sponsored "Lifetime Achievement Award".

(Sniff that foul odor yet?)

All of this on the heels of another very recent disclosure of a close association with another admitted thug-terrorist that bombed the N.Y.City Police Station, The Capitol Building, and the Pentagon in the 1968-1974 era. His name and police mug-shot are available on the internet.

William Charles Ayers, Weather UnderGround "Activist", and associate of Barack Obama! In 2001, he granted an interview with a N.Y. Times reporter, here's the quote: "I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough".

If the Democratic "Progressives" at the DNC cannot see down the Time-track, here's a tip from an old handicapper:

Hillary Clinton's lookin' better every day in the A.M. work-outs; Owner George Soros may have wagered on the wrong pony with Obama-Mania, and there's still time to saddle another jockey & trainer; choose a more experiened 'mudder', there's stormy weather ahead. reb

Post Time: November.

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Anonymous said...

Reb, Very interesting blog. Thanks
for letting me know about it! I'm still looking into it (the "J" sign).

My Mom bought it at a discount book-store in Knoxville on Merchants Road. I'll keep looking for more info.

Chris, O-S

Anonymous said...

reb, emilie,

Once upon a time this blog was devoted to educating readers about the dangers of radical Islam. Lately, it seems as if the original SH has been kidnapped by his evil twin, Bruce, as this blog is devoted less to truth and more to sly innuendo.

emilie, please consider that there are few people whose votes will be swayed by the existence of Jeremiah Wright. Barack Obama has a long standing relationship w/ him but as Wright has become more ranting and "Afrocentic," Obama has distanced himself from the minister. I mean how many people will say aloud or to themselves: "I was going to vote for Obama but now that I know about the radical views of the minister of the church he has attended for 20 years, I am not going to vote for him."

As for you reb, decribing William Charles Ayers as an "associate of Barack Obama!" places you squarely w/in th ecamp of the mudslingers you constantly decry.

If someone sits on the same board of a non profit foundation they are associates? Not in the common use of that word.

This blog stands in danger of becoming the Weekly World News of the blogoshere. What's next? "Hillary adopts alien baby!"
"Bat Boy discovered in Kentucky cave is a registered democrat!"
"Howard Dean channels Elvis from beyond the grave!"

Stay tuned indeed.

The Loop Garoo Kid


Loop Garoo! Ko Ma Ta Na!
Alas, it is sad when old friends
believe that they can continue to
push the bounds of friendship past
the limits of courtesy, and very necessary...

S/H Rules Governing Conduct.

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so be it! Ask your para-legal to help you. Your remaining option here, is to go to July 4th, 2006 History Post, rant to your hearts content, and I'll check in occasionally, read your LaCrosse scores, or anything else of non-relevance that you might care to say, with nearly full privacy of an old post.

Cordially, reb


CONCISE: brevity of expression; free from boring elaboration and superfluous detail.
(P.S. I can condense your rant down
to readable form if you like). Cheers!

Anonymous said...


The last post was 227 words, including signature plus or minus 2.



Constitution Center, Pa, 3/18/08


Obama began beautifully with a well-crafted, 40 minute talk on this nation's past history, how we have progressed through struggles, hopes & fears...a short 230 years, etc

Then he addressed his long relationship w/ Rev Jeremiah Wright's Afro-centric, emotion-stirring rhetoric at the Pulpit (that he rarely ever heard)...that his two young daughters never heard? Twenty years of this.

The desperate need to get us beyond our hates & Unity!

>> This guy is good; he had me on his side, I "liked this stuff"... Then He Lost Me!

Thirty minutes into his speech, he Finally Said The Word WAR..."A war that should never have been waged!!!"

Really? Nov 4, 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini, Jimmy Carter, Our Iranian Embassy? The Marine Barracks, Beirut, 1983. The USS Cole, Year 2000, with 18 Dead
American Sailors? The Madrid RR bombing, 199 Dead, London Bombing, 52 Dead, NYC 9/11, 2972 Innocent Americans, Dead. A Needless War?

"Damage Control", that was all...
It Was Very, Very Emotional. reb


Loop Garoo,

This Editor did not invent the exposure of radical WeatherUnderground Bomber William Charles Ayers, or his "association" with Obama. Why Don't You Go To The Source?

Save your absurdly insulting, stupid remarks for...

The Washington Post! reb


Another Thing About Obama-Mania...

Rev. Jeremiah Wright loves to whip
up hate-enthusiasm by constantly reminding his listeners that White-Southerners were once Slave-owners
one hundred fifty years ago, and today's 'whitey' should pay for it;
Should Feel guilty about it! Right?

Well, He's Effective with people that have never read the history of slavery. Go back in time a few thousand years, research it. Black men, white men, brown men were both Slaves & Slave-Owners, and Slave Traders. America Didn't Invent Slavery! Black African Chieftans sold their own people
to the Slave Traders! Research it.

Christopher Columbus captured Arawak Indians in Haiti, sent some to Queen Isabella. Worked some to death, on farms and mines.

Genocide! Sold the land to FRANCE,
and THEY replaced the Arawak with
Black Slaves from Africa. Today's
Haitian Are Black! Read it.

the chains of slave misery.

Americans should be proud! But they don't teach history any more.

Want more? Read the California (Catholic) Mission History, of the 'El Camino Real' (King's Highway), built with Forced Labor; Slavery of "Native-Americans". Read it!

Don't Let POLITICAL CON-MEN Abuse History. Read it! Tell your children the truth; the Truth Will Free You Of GUILT! reb

Anonymous said...

Rev Wrights comments

I am white, 57 years old, with a Chinese wife and a black mistress.
I have worked, at different times, for the CIA and for the Chinese government.
I speak Chinese and Russian and have lived in over 20 countries.

If you have ever been to a black charismatic church or any charismatic church you will have noticed that the preachers rant and rave about “ah-ah-all the sinners” and “ah-ah-all the alcoholics” and “a-a-all the bad people”. It is what us non religious people call hyperbole. It is an exaggeration so people will not fall asleep on Sunday while the preacher preaches about sins of the little people.

I am white but I have been to charismatic black churches. It is a show and should not be taken too seriously. All those blacks go home and go to their ordinary jobs and feel rejuvenated and even though they know Jesus is not “really” going to put food on the table (having been dead for these 2000 years) it makes them feel good to think that we are all together and we will somehow take care of each other.

“a very Popular Junior Senator” That is how they always say things in Chinese newspapers. A bad guy, “MuoHu Ren”, in Chinese. In China it means you have to have inside information to figure out who the bad guy is. It is far more important to judge Barack Obama for what he says and what he has done and not guild by association. I would not want to be judged by the fact that I have attended a black charismatic church. I go to watch the show.

You should post Barack’s speech. In 40 years it will be like Martin Luther Kings speech.

Richard in Oak Ridge

Tom the Redhunter said...

Ditto to what Emilie said.

Loopy want to tell Snake Hunters what to post? Hey, go get your own blog, loop.

"If you have ever been to a black charismatic church or any charismatic church you will have noticed that the preachers rant and rave

Uh, that wasn't the issue, Richard. I think we all know that religious worship in most black churches is different than that in most white churches. We all accept cultural differences. But once again Obama is trying to hide. The issue is that the audience was cheering Wright on as he said awful things. What he said was no surprise to them, because they've heard it before.


Thank you Richard, and welcome to this weblog. Your comment stands alone, without assistance.

I would only add, that there are serious questions relative to Obama's age and inexperience in foreign affairs, plus his questionable judgement in choosing to expose his family to the vicious anti-American posture of his "friend & mentor" for 20 years, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Fate has decreed that he seek the awesome job of President of the U.S., and the power that goes with the job. As Commander In Chief, I have serious reservations about the young senator.

There are forces in play that may wish to 'use' this displayed talent to communicate, for purposes inimical to our nation's best interests, and it's troubling.

Anyone with your background is always welcome here. This is meant to be an Informative Blog, and you
exhibit a unique life-experience. Thanks for your valued input. (I'm in the phone-book). reb

Anonymous said...


Go Soak Yer Head! Wanna fight?

Signed, EvilTwinBruce

RexMundi said...

Heyas Reb

A most interesting thread. Cudos to you for weathering the onslaught of lunacy we all deal with in this effort. You've acquitted yourself well.

The chance that BHO's speech will ever equate with anything that MLK communicated is ludicrous. Never, ever. Not gonna happen. I'd suggest that anyone holding such a view go reedumicate themselves.

Cheers Reb...keep up the great work.


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Anonymous said...

This OBA-ma-gUru Cat could Sell
a rattle to a snake
that already has a supply.

This rapper, is so smooth
He even cons - the Elite!
But he's no-way M.L.K.

He could sell Lincoln Town-Car
Or a Ford Mustang, in Church.
Ya got to see him, to believe him.


Anonymous said...


"Wanna fight?" Only if you wish.

First: I read the Washington Post article. It does not describe a relationship between Ayers and Obama that would cause anyone familiar w/ the term "assocaite" to employ that term to decribe the relationship.

SH used it b/c SH is no longer concerned w/ the truth but has degenerated into smear tactics that he decries. Ayers and Obama live in the neighborhood and sat on th esame board of a non profit organization for a few years. That does not make them "associates."

If I gave John McCain a $200 campaign contibution would I then become his "associate?" I think not.

Why not just provide a link to the article and let the readers decide? arther think they will agree w/ me and not you.


I am not telling SH what to post. I am urging him not to post certain items and smears which render his opinions hysterical sounding and akin to tabloidism.

And, let me go on record by saying I seems to me that we could use fewer not more blogs, although yours would not be one of my cuts.


The Loop Garoo Kid


Loop Garoo,

Pay careful attention, Tony!

The that I printed on 3/4/08, with William C.
Ayers, Chicago Police Mug-shot, and dated 27 Aug 68 #213710...

Above his ugly, turn-down mustache, the eyes of a rat in a
trap, a bomber-of-innocents face, in bold print, are these words:


Associate/Connection? If this was
your weblog, it would be Your Option;
It Is Not Your Domain, and
you are Pushing Friendship to the Outer Limits, with "no longer concerned with truth...degenerated into smear tactics, etc

One More Smart-Ass Comment, Tony
and that's it. It's too bad that you didn't have some Military Dicipline as a youngster. A quick jest, the occasional jab, fine. But
nearly every comment? Routine? No, Sir!

Stay On Matters relating to the current post, disagree w/ the content, O.K. You are an arrogant
cuss, and you seem to receive a weird, perverted delight in irritating me! You've done this on
other posts, it's not just HERE!

Perhaps you are becoming unhinged
with the political climate, it's hot now, and you can bet a few quid
it's gonna get really steamy in Denver, w/ your loony Democrats messing up Florida & Michigan, with those Super-Delegates ala the INCOMPETENT "Flubya" Howard Dean. (Dubya Bush didn't do it).

Key Loony-tunes like MoveOn, Kerry
& Kennedy backing Obama over a more mature Hillary. Clowns like Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi? Hah!

Riots At The Democratic Convention gives LOOP a Front-row Seat in Denver. Stay Low, Don't Get Hit With A Wild Shot! You "Progressive"
People May Have Reaped the Whirl-wind. Six Yrs-Bashing Bush could result in loosening some Wild Grassroots & "Activists" and "Civil Disobedience" in your own backyard. Stir up the common folks, watch out!

What a revolting irony...hatred bouncing back on the source. All Veitnam. No G.O.P. In Sight!

Get some "Peace" signs out of the
closet, you'll need 'em this summer, as rock & bottle shields!

Mob-hysteria Rules, It Gets Ugly. reb


Hear! hear!
Sic em, tiger.


Anonymous said...


Let us determine whether (or perhaps "weather," sorry, I could not resist.) we are on the same page of the Washington Post. I refer to an article by Michael Dobbs posted Match 4, 2008. The headline is "Obama's 'Weatherman' Connection." There are mug shots of William Charles Ayers just below the headline.

Is that the article to which you refer? If it is, I suggest you reread it b/c from your comments, it appears you only read the headline.

If it is not, I suggest you read it.

That is the only article dated March 4, 2008 in the WP I found on the subject.

The Loop Garoo Kid


Loop Garoo,

IF You Read my print-out page, it had a MUGSHOT OF AYERS, then the
Bold Print...

~ Obama's 'Weatherman' Connection ~

>>My Computer Print-out date, was
(bottom right corner, 3/4/08)


Paragraph begins; "There has been a spate of..."(no name of reporter)

(More picky-picky). If you'd like to wager a C-note, I'll U.S. Mail
a Photo-copy!)

Your Rock-Star Fading/Get-Over-It!
BASTA! reb



Back To Business,

A word for the "Sec-Progressives and Rag-tag Liberals that frequent
this Informative Page to nit-pick
w/long paragraphs of drivel; take a break. Go visit, more to your liking, the Hate-Dubya blogs:

* Huffington Post
* DailyKos
* MoveOnDotOrg (O.S.I.)
* The New York Times

When you return refreshed, and
re-energized, observe our Posted
"Rules Governing Conduct"! S/H
will no longer tolerate pages of
idle chatter & rude insult.

Be Concise, we appreciate it. reb

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

> (blah)
> (blah)
> (blah)
> (blah)
Note: Decided to delete another
long-winded 8-paragraph tirade (protracted speech) by the L.G.K. ending in ..."you are reduced to the boy who cried "wolf". editor,




In the wake of the devastating drop
in Obama's popular support following the nation-wide exposure of Fire-breathing Hate-America Tirades of Rev Jeremiah Wright, we have a late Surprise Endorsement from N.M. Governor Richardson.

Is this a damage-control move to lure the Latino back? It's another slick strategy, but it's unlikely that these politically aware people will be impressed. Once burnt, our Latino military people
and their family members have already made a decision on Sen. Barack Obama in spite of any V.P. offer that's now a near certainty. Richardson might have helped the
February Campaign in TEXAS.

Now, It's too little, and too late, after Rev Jeremiah Wright's multiple pulpit, Hate-America filled "Black Liberation Theology". That memory will last!
Hillary Clinton's secret choice for her vice-presidential running mate is still Gen. Wesley Clark, in S/H opinion (This blog said so, many months ago; no change there). reb


Gov. Bill Richardson endorses Sen
Obama! Same old Washington D.C. loyalty. Gov Bill was in Bill Clinton's Cabinet! Now his knife is
in Hillary's Back!

Want a friend in D.C. Buy a puppy!



Following The Political Trail...

'83-'97 New Mexico, U.S.House Repr
'97-'98 (Clinton) Ambass. to U.N.
'98-'01 (Clinton) U.S. SEC OF ENERGY

Mar 21, 08 Gov Bill R. Endorses
BARACK OBAMA! From Clinton Cabinet
to Vice President, under OBAMA! wOW!

With these words today: "There's something special about this guy that I want to be a part of..."

Yaaa, Another Political Hatchet-Job!
Stinks, doesn't it? reb


Comments, like notions are free.
Facts are precious; take your time.

To subscribe to the former without
careful research is pure folly;
To acknowledge the difference is...
The beginning of Wisdom. reb

Anonymous said...

Adios reb,

For the nonce perhaps for good.

The only thing we have in life is our time. Now that you have begun to disregard the facts and practice censorship when someone confronts you and criticizes the poverty of your practices and ideas, clearly mine is better spenty elsewhere.

TRH, I will see on your site if I have any questions; emilie et al best wishes and regards.

The Loop Garoo Kid


Finally, LGK has learned the meaning of "brevity" & "concise'.
A valuable 'new' trait for Loop!

There were multiple caution signs
on this single post, read 'em all.

Did I lose a friend in the process? Only time will tell. reb



Gov Richardson's Obama Endorsement:

The Gov sez; "They (Clinton's) have a sense of entitlement"!
Izzat so, Gov? And, How About You?

I think this guy wants to be V.P.
He's offering the Latino Vote!

Politics! reb


Every Day, as I sit at this keyboard, hoping to explain the
profiles in courage of young, and not so young, men and women in the war zones in the lands of the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, and in the higher elevations of Afganistan.

Why do they fight? Why risk their lives and healthy bodies, knowing that many at home have no clue of them, their daily routine, or why they volunteer for another tour.

It's for the future of a great nation, their families future, and
hope for a better world. That's why.

The mindless, faceless critics? There will always be those people.
The appeasers, and the talking heads.

But there are also people that are
aware, and do have a realistic view
of wars ugliness, and what it all means as time marches on. Another day away from home, and family.

Another day at war. reb



Editors Note:

Snake Hunters blog wishes to maintain an 'open forum' approach
to this comment section, and we've
been forced to caution two guests,
Loop Garoo Kid & Emilie of Port Orchard, that our Comments Section Is Not A Chat Room! Please re-read
S/H cautionary first comment:

Rules Governing Conduct:

* Be Concise
* Remain On Subject Of Post
* Avoid Personal Attacks
* Limit Comments To 250 Words
* Rudeness (or vulgarity) will
not be tolerated. Ostenatious Displays...of angry frustration and childish temper will end, permanently!

This Is Not An eMail Chat-Room!

Therefore... The Two Named Participants Comment Privilege Is
Hereby Revoked Until May 1st!

Should the offenders choose to return, it will be at the sole descretion of the blog administrator.

editor, reb

Donald Douglas said...

Hope you had a great holiday, Lazy One!

American Power



is foreseeable in the wild emotional dash to elect a "minority" Commander-in-Chief, without any thought given to the personal views of that individual regarding Israel. This fuzzy thinking is hugely problematic!

Dare we risk setting our Future Middle Eastern Policy on the whims or intolerant notions of an "Uncle" Jeremiah Wright or a Louis Farrakhan? To what degree have these two radicals impacted the long-held private viewpoint of Barack Obama? reb


Hell's Bells & The Devil's Hog-Blood Gravy on Rye, with Juicy Hors D'oeuvres of Hip De.Ja Vu!

What's Goin' On Here? What are all these Jokers smokin' now?

Early Endorsements for Barack Obama, Michigan & Florida raising Hell with the DNC, Campaign Rhetoric heating up all over the place. Easter Sunday in mourning as Two N.Y. Democratic Governors in a single week admit Sexual Indescretions, One folds his tent, and the other readily admits His & Wifey's Playboy Behaviour, plus Pot/Cocaine Admission by the new guy, followed by the Black Democratic Mayor of Detroit, with revelations of his Sexual Dalliance with a subordinate...

While the two Democratic Nominees for President take turns slicing & dicing each other up, and that Crazy Firebrand Reverand Jeremiah Wright hiding from the Media. Whew!

All Over Who Has The Better Judgement!

Stop the train! Stop this Spinning Soap-Opera Carousel! This old blogger is Getting Too Much Info!

It's Saturation Fatigue! He needs a breather; Some clean, dry desert air, some cool unclorinated water, to rehydrate and calm the nerves! Hand me that Bi-Carb, my stomach's killing me!

Calm Down You Old Geezer, your S/W Air will be flyin' outta Nashville in a few days headed for Vegas.

Nell is the steady one, She'll calm you down. Just stay away from the Tv and the Computer; you're gonna be just fine.

Yeah Hum-bug, I say! reb



OF Rev. Jeremiah Wright's (Obama's
Pastor) connection to Nation of Islam, and that 'LifeTime Achievement Award' granted to Rev Louie Farrakhan, and his 1986 Trip to Libya, here's the verbatum source, search no more, we have it!


(An Up-Dated Summary). _________________________________
Following the 9/11 disaster in NYC in 2001, and the quick emergence of
Code Pink and U.F.P.J.s 'Hate the U.S. Government' Response to this
monumental tragedy, there quickly developed a well-funded, highly skilled Campaign of Hatred created
to demean and ridicule Prez George Bush, and V.P. Dick Cheney.

Dozens of "Peace" Foundations joined the fray, and "Dubya" became a household Epithet. The next six years will long be remembered as a well-documented, history-making Campaign of Mindless Hatred, orchestrated by Hungarian King-maker George Soros, w/MoveOnDotOrg as his Flagship Weblog!

In 2004, Bush/Cheney popularity had dwindled from 71% to 48%, and
Sen Kerry/Gore seemed likely to assume command of the Oval Office and our U.S. Government...

until 'Swift-boater' revelations destroyed John Kerry's credentials & credibility. GWB was re-elected.

Billionaire George Soros Hate "W"
campaign is now fully mobilized, and Anti-Iraq War Slogans are a constant menace to U.S. efforts in confronting Global Jihad Theocracy, emboldening the Mullahs Suicidal "Kill-Culture".

East & West Coast 'Sec-Progressive' forces are fully involved now, and media "liberals" Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, et al, and Air-head Hollywood Celebs join the battle for Democratic Party Loyalty. Bush/Cheney sink to 28% U.S. approval rating!

Democrat/Senate Majority Leader Sen Harry Reid declares the "Iraq War Is Lost!" (Apr, 2007)
Summary 2008: Hate 'Dubya', Hate the Administration, Hate Gen David Petraeus Full-Page "BeTrayUs" Ad on Sept 10th in the N.Y. Times, etc, the hate-mantra continues w/ increasing momentum. Democratic "Progressives" are thrilled with results of slogan-efforts for a New Direction & "CHANGE". Voters Buying It!

MoveOnDotOrg, (George Soros) endorses Junior Senator BARACK OBAMA, and prominent party loyalists fall quickly in line in unprecedented numbers!

March, 2008: Sex-Scandles break for
TWO New York Democratic Governors, plus another for a Detroit (Black) Mayor (All three within 10 days).

Another Bigger Scandle erupts on Major Tv Channels involving Pastor Jeremiah Wright, of Chicago's Trinity "Christian" Church.

This is a HUGE Disruption for Barack Obama's Pastor, and 20 year
Obama Mentor. His Afro-Centric Rants & Chants of Hate/Blame "Whitey", his hidden
Black Liberation Theology, plus his
'Lifetime Achievement Award' to well-know Racist & Jew-Baiter, The
Reverand Louis Farrakhan, of Nation of Islam black movement, is seen by a shocked 100 million voters on National Televison!
Suddenly, "Democrats for McCain" and
'Independents for McCain' slogans
and organizations are popping up like spring flowers, Coast To Coast; Opinion Polls are beginning
to witness a radical shift away from 'hate-dubya' to "Stop The Bleeding". This could develop into a Very Long, Unusually Hot Summer!
All this in perspective, in Iran,
Ahmadinejad & Ayatollah Khameini have not halted enrichment of Uranium (U-235), and Iranian Puppet-Hezbollah in Lebanon now have new 185 mile-range missiles in stock, pointing directly south toward hated Israel!

Stay Tuned, Indeed! reb


To Snake-Hunter Critics of the above summary, we challenge you
to find a error...

To friends, we ask that you print
the above w/ one or two copies,
then pass it on to Thinking People;

We'd appreciate your support. reb

Frieda said...

I wonder if the news about his pastor was published earlier in the campaign, would Obama still captured so many votes??

I actually fear more about his wife and her anti-American sentiments...His pastor is not going to be in the White House much , but she will be....

Yankee Doodle said...

Yes, Obama would still have all those supporters. He is a demagogue.

I saw him on The View this morning (by accident, nobody actually watches that show). He’s such a smooth talker.


Frieda & Yankee,

The Hard-Left is never embarrassed.
If we quote an item from FoxNews,
from Britt Hume or Shep Smith, it's
"Right/O'Reilly Propaganda".

If we point to MoveOnDotOrg, CodePink
or U.F.P.J., it's minimized or totally ignored. Facts are distorted to fit Programmed Notions. A clear illustration of "Psycho-conditioned Reflex" ala...
Prof. Ivan Pavlov! (Ding-a-Ling)

Yankee Doodle said...

That's double standard.



1 Create >> HateBush/Split The Nation

2 Offer Slogans: CHANGE/New Direction

3 "Take-Back" Oval-Office/Congress

One-Two-Three...Politics. We Win, Whoopie! That's The Plan ~ If/When
Enough SHEEP Allow It To Happen!
Thank you George Soros, MoveOn and
Open Society Institute; It took Planning, Organizing Skill, Time, & Big Money!
"What fools we mortals be". reb


Note: The Inevitable Consequence of
implimenting the above plan will be
to Split the old Democratic Party
In Half in 2008, and out of the confusion emerges the surviving Original Grassroots Democrat, and the tasteless Hard-Left (hate Dubya) types that follow MoveOnDotOrg...into Oblivion. reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

"I actually fear more about his wife and her anti-American sentiments."

Michelle certainly seems to be quite the extremist. Now that we've learned about Rev Wright we know where she got it all from. I hadn't known, for example, that it was she who led Barack to that church.

Before the stuff about Wright came out I was willing to give Barack Obama his due. I said I'd never vote for him because he was too far left, but he seemed like an honest and sincere guy. I'd listen to his speeches on race and figured maybe there's something there.

No more. Now I think he's a fraud and a liar to boot. No way he didn't know the full extent of Wrights views. For him to say he's a "racial healer" is laughable.


Tom, Did You Know...

That Prez Bush (41 & 43) were not
the first U.S. Presidents with the guts to confront radical muslim killers? It's History worth reading.
Read 'Pirate Coast' by Richard Zacks
It's the story of Thomas Jefferson's confrontation with these wild idiots on the Barbary Coast, w/fledgling US Marines on the Shores of Tripoli, 1805! reb

Winfred Mann said...

Obama and crew have a great deal of explaining to do, especially explaining their many suspect associations. I'm sure when one certain video taken at one Obama's early fund raisers is revealed, Obama's campaign will be dead in the water. I just don't know whether it will come out before or after the nominations.

If it comes out before, Hillary is the candidate. If it comes out after, McCain is POTUS.

Yankee Doodle said...

Oh yes. I remember that from my eighth grade history class.




Arrived safely, Searchlight, Nevada

Next stop, 29 Palms, Ca/See ya! reb


Had a great two-week sojourn in California's Mojave Desert...

Arrived safely back in Snug-Harbor,
Tennessee, refreshed and ready to resume the ideological struggles on the verbal battlefields of the blog-O-sphere.

It's gonna be a long, hot summer. reb




"Why Does Obama's Pastor Matter?"
by John Perazzo, Columnist...


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