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Evil has his Ear

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If you are unfamiliar with the two evil characters pictured here, the Evil Twins of Iran's Madhi Cult, it's the Grand Ayatollah Khameine whispering into the ear of his loyal puppet-mouth-piece, the creepy little... Mahmoud Amadinejad.

They have a wild scheme to bring back the Madhi Prophet from 941 A.D. to dominate the planet, install Sharia Law, kill the worrisome Kaffir (Infidels) and bring us the blessings of Islam. Madhi will grant all the world's people 1000 years of "Peace" ... after Armageddon.

Only the "Big Satan" (U.S. Military Power) stands in the way. So they Enrich Uranium (U-235) hoping to distribute 'devises' to groups like Hezbollah, al Queda, leaving the local CAIR to implement this grandiose plan. The high-population centers are in for an unpleasant surprise, Allah Akbar!

With the U.S. Bone-headed Open Borders, they feel it's just a matter of time, a few more Muslim Brotherhood suicidal killers, an assist from .... MoveOnDotOrg to lull the Kaffir, and the stupid americans will fall like a ripe fig! (They just don't have the courage to attack our Under-ground Labs in Iran). Their Subs, Carriers, and Stealth Technology is worthless without the Will to Confront An Emerging Persian Empire! Allah Akbar!

Sleepy Americans, You Have a Nice Day! reb

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Tom the Redhunter said...

Oh yes, what you write here is quite true. I've written quite a bit about this too over at The Redhunter (See "Iran" under "Categories").

My only quibble is that Iran simply wants to dominate the region. I don't think they have any real plan to take over the planet; that's where the Wahhabists and Muslim Brotherhood come in. But that's a fairly small difference.

Not all of the Mullahs buy into Ahmadinejad's "return of the Mahdi" stuff, but it doesn't really matter. They're willing to have him as their front man while they build their nuclear weapons. And once they have them everything changes for the worse.

Yankee Doodle said...

Snake Hunters, are you still on your visit to Southern California?

Winfred Mann said...


Winfred Mann asks all lifetime Democrat and Republicans to read the above offered web-address.

It's not about politics; it deals with the true nature of Global Jihad. Informative and concise, it offers solid info on the mindset of over one billion people that wish to dominate Planet Earth.

Your comment is welcomed. reb


April 22, Election Evening

A Huge Win for Hillary Clinton w/
a 55 to 45 Victory in Pennsylvania!

Some rabid Democrats have insisted all during the very expensive ad campaign that the ugliness of a 20-year relationship with the Black Liberation Theology of Rev Jeremiah Wright, his comments on Hiroshima, and "chickens coming home to roost with 9/11", and how these remarks affected the victims and our military families...and his long and cordial friendship with Nation of Islam's nutty "hate whitey" and jew-baiting tirades of Rev Louis Farrakhan...

plus Senator Obama's friendship with the unrepentant terrorist, Prof. William Charles Ayers would not be significant. They were all dead wrong.

The likable, smooth-talking Barack Obama was wounded badly, especially among the white, latino, and catholic voters, and the tough to convince elderly.

Obama won 92% of the black vote, but it was not enough to make a real difference in the outcome.

Analysts are now considering how these late negative disclosures might effect the voting patterns, so easily won in early states are quite likely to reverse in Iowa, and in other states as well in the general election in November. Straw polls in those early victories could yield some interesting differences in the changing public viewpoint.

The question now will be much more difficult for the Super-Delegates, and also for the Democratic National Committee's Howard Dean.

It's going to be a Long, and a very hot summer. This battle will go on, clear into the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado in August.

MoveOnDotOrg and George Soros really thought they had a wrap by June 3rd. Too bad, Uncle Georgie!

Now "Dubya" is no long the main issue; it's another ball-game, and Soros must spend another few hundred million more on Obama, before he can begin the Hate Campaign to destroy Senator John McCain's viability.

Poor Georgie! reb

Winfred Mann said...

It's possible that the people are beginning to realize what Obama stands for; it's not American values.

Hillary is beginning to realize what it's like to be attacked by the vicious leftist attack machine, and I don't think she likes it very much. Who would?

Imagine the headline if she loses the nomination after all of her dedication and commitment party.

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunter sez,

George Soros nation-wide, full-page smear ad
in the N.Y. Times on Sept 10, 2007
was a feeble attempt to ridicule Gen David Petraeus; it back-fired. Many older democrats, and military families were deeply offended w/ that "General BetrayUs" ad, signed by MoveOnDotOrg.

Wealthy King-maker George Soros Was Finally Unveiled To The General Public. Hillary & Bill at last felt his knife in their back months later when MoveOnDotOrg boldly endorsed OBAMA on February 1, 2008, and Teddy Kennedy & Caroline immediately followed!

If you want a political friend in your house, buy a puppy. reb


Another Goofy One Unfolds in our oft-repeated, non-profit game with North Korea's Kim Yung Il.

Although the Bush Administration was silent about reports that some Israeli Jets took out a Syrian Nuclear Site that North Korea helped delevop. The F-16's flew north to the target Sept 6, 2007, it was confirmed today.

Our Former Ambassador to the U.N John Bolton, twitched his white mustacheo...wryly stating, "The Six-Party Talks with North Korea is a Delusion."

Well, Kim also helped Iran develop
Their Reactor, along with Vladimir Putin. Do we want the Jews to help us put that one out too, George?

Where's Bush, with "Not On My Watch?" The Atomic Clock Is Ticking...Tick-Tock! Somebody, Ring The Fire-Bell! reb

Winfred Mann said...

Friends of Terror in Peru

The names of these NGO associations – like "Houses of Alba" (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas) and "Houses of Friendship" – may sound innocuous. But, says Mr. Sousa, "What matters is their objective which, like a coin, has two sides. One side is open. The other is hidden."

Openly, the associations administer eye clinics, literacy programs and health centers manned by Cuban doctors. Behind the scenes, the congressman warns, they work to indoctrinate the poorest Peruvians in the ideology of the extreme left.

Meanwhile the work of other foreign-funded NGOs in the interest of terrorist organizations warrants urgent attention. Take the Peruvian "human-rights" group Aprodeh, which labored in Europe to get the MRTA off the terrorist list there, even though Peru still considers it a grave threat to its security.

Meanwhile the work of other foreign-funded NGOs in the interest of terrorist organizations warrants urgent attention. Take the Peruvian "human-rights" group Aprodeh, which labored in Europe to get the MRTA off the terrorist list there, even though Peru still considers it a grave threat to its security.

In 2007, according to government records, Aprodeh received funding from Oxfam America, George Soros's Open Society. No wonder the term NGO has become a dirty word in Peru. In an interview in Lima last week, Peruvian President Álan Garcia told me that "anticapitalism" NGOs funded by foreigners also play a major role in blocking development. "It's something that amazes me," he said.




Rev Jeremiah Wright Adds More Explosive Fuel, with his incredible
display of gross, strutting arrogance, in referring to his pious rant explaining away the monumental tragedy of 9/11/2001...

"Chickens Coming Home To Roost!"

IF Senator Obama Fails Now, to denounce in the strongest possible
terms, Wright's 'Black Liberation Hate Theology', Louie Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, and his controversial friendship with Unrepentant Terrorist William Charles Ayers, then Barack Obama's presidential bid for the Oval Office is finished...doomed to the trash-pile of ugly wordiness.

Truly, a defining moment in American Political History. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

I can't believe Rev. Wright is still refusing to repent.

Winfred Mann said...

The Wright Reverend appears to be a true anti-American racist. How he can deny it, is difficult to comprehend.


Most Americans have only a foggy
perception of our 30-year struggle
with Iran, and some of the complexities and International intrigues that are difficult to explain in a few short paragraphs.

So, we develop harmful mental gaps, and futile sound-byte political notions, and short-cuts to comfort us, rather than dealing with the complex realities in confronting our war with Global Jihad. We would urge all citizens to suspend political notions long enough to take a closer look at the bare-bones structure of these entities, and what may be ahead for us in this unfolding brutal reality.
a) We have been in a world-wide bloody tussle with a myth-based theocracy for ages. Their God is Allah, and their Grand Ayatollahs, teaching Imams, and ruling Mullahs that claim to represent the two major branches of this ancient religion.

b) Sunni/Wahhabism originated in
Saudi Arabia, and Iranian Shia (shiite) developed from the old Persian Empire. These two have been in a hot/cold ideological struggle since the 15th century...

and Iran is currently enriching U-235 with the aim of developing a dominant position.

c) Iranian doctrine teaches a grim prophesy of a returning 12th and final Imam, the "Madhi" (that expired in the 10th Century!)

d) The principal nations of Islam are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Primitive Afganistan, and the Oil-rich Emerates, centered in Dubai.

e) A convenient focal point for this ongoing turmoil is the 'Holy Land'...

Palestine and Israel, where bloody
incidents are a deliberate continuum of chaos.

f) IRAN Is Today's Center in this dynamic struggle with the Industrial, 'Free Nations' that reject the ancient "kill-culture",
and its unique notions of Armaggedon, and the promised 1000 years of "Peace" that is to follow under Sharia Law, and that's scheduled to occur with the return of the 12th Imam, the Madhi Prophet, that died in 941 A.D.

g) It is important to understand
that IRANIAN AMBITIONS have created
Hezbollah & Hamas Militias (the leadership of both is now based in Damascus, SYRIA).

h) HEZBOLLAH MILITIA (Party of God) operates within the territory of a very fragile Lebonese Democracy, and they threaten Israel from Southern Lebanon;

Iran's other puppet, Palestine's HAMAS has as its stated political goal..."to drive Israel into the sea", and its more immediate strategy is to continue with the turmoil, mayhem and death of innocent civilian populations with their suicide bombings, and to harrass and destabilize Israel with intermediate rocket-fire from Gaza.



The above paradigm is meant to Inform Snake Hunter Readers, and also to create a much-needed awareness for our detractors that occasionally throw foolish verbal stones at us, for shallow political purposes. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

My world history teacher is going to lecture us on the comtemporary world issues at the end of the semester. I wonder what she's going to do.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Agreed that the Obama campaign is starting to unravel. This Wright fellow is not going away, and in fact just gets worse and worse. His appearance before the National Press Club was positively bizarre; or scary, depending on how you look at it.

Wright basically confirmed every kook thing he said on the initial videotapes. No longer can Obama pretend that these were isolated statements "taken out of context."

So now Obama is caught in a trap. He said that "I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community", yet he now needs to do just that, and in fact just about disowned him during that press conference on the tarmac. So...does this mean he has "disowned the black community" ?? How will they react?

Even the most staunch Obama supporter has got to be sweating bullets right about now.


Tom, I agree with that!

Today, Obama rebuked the wildly outrageous reverand. The Senator was a day late, and a buck ninety-nine short, but at least he has begun the healing process.

Obama said today that he was...Outraged, saddened & insulted by Jeremiah Wright, but said little about the guy's 'Black Liberation Hate-whitey Theology', and barely touched on Louie Farrakhan's vicious, Nation of Islam Hate-Mentality.

Obama can ill-afford to start up his Hope, Change & 'New Direction' routine until he has cleared more of the foul air.

Reverand Wright is not the first to build great wealth, prestige, and personal glory at the pulpit. The Televangelists rake in enormous sums of money with $1,000 'Seeds-of-Faith Pledges' on Tv and Radio.

From Crystal Cathedrals to Holy-roller Tent Meetings; sit there and watch,...Here comes the "Money Pitch!" Got any "Reverands" in your neighborhood, or those involved in Political Campaigns? Watch 'em!

I've had up-close and personal contact with a few of these fast-talkin' rascals, long ago. My bible stays home. Read Matt: 6.5

I'm done w/ the M-ost F-allibles...
All of doz Mudder-Jumpers. reb

Winfred Mann said...


Please ask your history teacher about the leftist bias in the media.

Anonymous said...


Topsy-Turvy, Lines Are Blurry

.cranky grandpa.


now he's spinning

In A Swivel-Rocker Recliner

bye, bye, multi-millions ~$~

Code Pink & MoveOnDotTrash

ending in an awful crash!


B.O.'s Choice - 20 Yrs

WHEW! Those Chickens Comin' Home


Barri Baby!


*** * * ** *** * * **** *
* ** * * * * * *** * * * * *
* * **** * * * * * *

And now, among rows of random May Flowers,
we see another political defection.

This time it's Joe Andrews, former
head of the DNC, switching his support from Obama!

Just another Judas, looking for his 30 pieces of silver, betting his political future on Obama's shakey campaign, hoping to grab a brass ring, or even perhaps some Soros approval, on this wild carnival wide of hot-air politics, and campaign money.

Move over Gov Bill Richardson, you
have a collegue playing your game.
Joe Andrews wants in too.

Want a friend in D.C.? Buy a dog.
It's a tough world where there's no love lost. Yeah, We're cynical. Cry me a river. reb


QUETTA, PAKISTAN, where al Queda chieftans, and Taliban war lords,
mingle with Pashtune Opium-heads,

At home, we play politics,
as the Lincoln & Truman move nearer to the Straits of Hormus with Iranian speedboats, flirting...
a perilous, deadly game. reb



In the wake of an unrelenting campaign, six long years...of manufactured hate, we see

G.W. Bush (Dubya) at a negative ...... 71%

In 1952, Truman was 2nd in U.S. History, with a negative...... 52%

The difference? Soros, DailyKos, Code Pink and U.F.P.J. et al,

Big-Time! Psyco/Politco manipulation. reb


Another hectic week makes an old guy wonder...


With More New Disclosures following the oft repeated Rev J. Wright's "Chickens Coming Home To Roost" (re the 9/11 mass-murder), we see a photo in Chicago Magazine, by Jeff Sciortino, of Prof. William C. Ayers standing over an American flag in an alley, and this arrogant quote, "Guilty as hell, free as a bird, is this a great country, or what?"

Such Brazen Insolence!

Keep it boiling fellows; in the midst of a shooting war; it won't take much more of this public behavior for the U.S. Attorney General to seek an Indictment For INCITEMENT OF TREASON AGAINST THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. (Or, has that line already been crossed?) Or are these Acts classified as Incitement to Sedition?

Or, if a murderous riot were to develop before, or during the Democratic National Convention in Denver this coming August, can these two loony-tunes face charges of being complicit of 'Inciting To Riot' causing possible death, or great bodily harm?

I would defer to someone more adept
in the field of jurisprudence...
Maybe TLGK has a Legal Opinion,
or an Off-the-Cuff comment.

At any rate, it's not hard to imagine A Long, Hot Summer Ahead.


FOR: tom the redhunter
The Quran says:

"Fight and Slay the pagans wherever
ye find them and seize them, confine them and lie in wait for them in every place of ambush".

Surah 9:15...then 9:29 (Demand)

Convert, pay the Tax (Jizya) with submission, or die." (Dhimmi)
Let the local (CAIR) Imam justify that quote to Aware Americans! reb


FOR: tom the redhunter,
Omar Ahmad, the head of C.A.I.R. (Council American Islam Relations)

"We are not in America to be equal
to other religions, but to... DOMINATE!
Let our Unitarian Ministers et al,
posture their way around that! reb