Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Pilot's Story

Retired Pilot's Story

Pat Gilmore is a Delta pilot retiree..

I haven't seen the movie (UAL 93), yet, but I intend to when I get the chance. Retirement has made me busier than ever, and I haven't had the chance to see many movies lately.

As a Delta B-767 captain myself at the time of the attacks on 9/11, I was in crew rest in Orlando that morning. I had just turned on the TV in my hotel room only to see the WTC tower on fire, then saw the second airplane hit the other tower. My immediate reaction was "Terrorists..we're at war", followed by the realization that we airline crewmembers had all dodged a bullet; it could have been any one of us flying those planes. As soon as the news stations flashed the first pictures of the terrorists I knew just how close and personal the bullet I dodged was. There, on the screen for all to see, was a man who had sat in my jump seat the previous July.

His name was Mohammad Atta, the leader of the terrorist hijackers. Atta had boarded my flight from Baltimore to Atlanta on July 26, 2001 wearing an American Airlines first officer uniform. He had the corresponding AA company ID identifying him as a pilot, not to mention the required FAA pilot license and medical certificate that he was required to show me as proof of his aircrew status for access to my jump seat. An airline pilot riding a cockpit jump seat is a long established protocol among the airlines of the world, a courtesy extended by the management and captains of one airline to pilots and flight attendants of other airlines in recognition of their aircrew status. My admission of Mohammad Atta to my cockpit jump seat that day was merely a routine exercise of this protocol.

Something seemed a bit different about this jump seat rider, though, because in my usual course of conversation with him as we reached cruise altitude he avoided all my questions about his personal life and focused very intently upon the cockpit instruments and our operation of the aircraft. I asked him what he flew at American and he said, "These", but he asked incessant questions about how we did this or why we did that. I said, "This is a 767. They all operate the same way." But he said, "No, we operate them differently at American." That seemed very strange, because I knew better. I asked him about his background, and he admitted he was from Saudi Arabia . I asked him when he came over to this countr y and he said "A couple of years ago.", to which I asked, "Are you a US citizen?" He said no. I also found that very strange because I know that in order to have an Airline Transport Pilot rating, the rating required to be an airline captain, one has to be a US citizen, and knowing the US airlines and their hiring processes as I do, I found it hard to believe that American Airlines would hire a non-US citizen who couldn't upgrade to captain when the time came. He said, "The rules have changed.", which I also knew to be untrue. Besides, he was just, shall I say, "Creepy"? My copilot and I were both glad to get rid of this guy when we got to Atlanta.

There was nothing to indicate, though, that he was anything other than who or what he said he was, because he had the documentation to prove who he was. In retrospect, we now know his uniform was stolen and his documents were forged. Information later came to light as to how this was done.

It seems that Mohammad Atta and his cronies had possibly stolen pilot uniforms and credentials from hotel rooms during the previous year. We had many security alerts at the airline to watch out for our personal items in hotel rooms because these were mysteriously disappearing, but nobody knew why. Atta and his men used these to make dry runs prior to their actual hijackings on 9/11. How do I know? I called the FBI as soon as I saw his face on the TV that day, and the agent on the other end of the line took my information and told me I'd hear back from them when all the dust settled. A few weeks later I got a letter from the Bureau saying that my call was one of at least half a dozen calls that day from other pilots who had had the same experience. Flights were being selected at random to make test runs for accessing the cockpit. It seems we had all dodged bullets.

Over the years my attitude towards the War Against Terrorism and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been known to be on the red neck, warmongering, rah-rah-shoot-em-up side of things. I've been known to lose my patience with those who say the war in Iraq or anywhere else in the Muslim world is wrong, or who say we shouldn't become involved in that area of the world for political correctness reasons. Maybe it's because I dodged the bullet so closely back in 2001 that I feel this way. I have very little patience for political rhetoric or debate against this war because for a couple of hours back in July 2001, when I was engaged in conversation with a major perpetrator in this war, I came so close to being one of its victims that I can think in no other terms.

I don't mind admitting that one of the reasons I retired early from Delta last May, other than to protect my disappearing company retirement, was because it became harder and harder for me to go to work every day knowing that the war wasn't being taken seriously by the general public. The worst offenders were the Liberal detractors to the present administration, and right or wrong, this administration is at least taking the bull by the horns and fighting our enemies, which is something concrete that I can appreciate. Nobody was taking this war seriously, and it seems everyone found fault with the US government rather than with those who attacked us. I found that incomprehensible

I also found myself being scrutinized by TSA screeners more and more every day when I went to work, and suffered the humiliating indignity of being identified about half the time for body searches in front of the general flying public who looked at the entire process as being ludicrous. "They don't even trust their own pilots!" Accompanied by an unbelieving snicker was the usual response. Here I was, a retired USAF officer who had been entrusted to fly nuclear weapons around the world, who had been granted a Top Secret clearance and had been on missions over the course of 21 years in the military that I still can't talk about without fear of prosecution by the DOD, who was being scanned by a flunkie TSA screener looking for any sign of a pen knife or nail file on my person.

It wasn't until six months after my retirement when my wife and I flew to Key West, FL last November that I was finally able to rid myself of the visage of Mohammad Atta sitting behind me on my jump seat, watching my every action in the cockpit and willing to slit my throat at the slightest provocation. I missed being a headline by a mere 47 days, and could very well have been among the aircrew casualties on 9/11 had one of my flights on my monthly schedule been a transcontinental flight from Boston or New York to the west coast on the 11th of September. Very few people know that, while only four airliners crashed that day, four more were targeted, and two of them were Delta flights. The only reason these four weren't involved is because they either had minor maintenance problems which delayed them at the gate or they were scheduled to depart after the FAA decided to ground all flights. Theirs are the pilots and flight attendants who REALLY dodged the bullet that day, and my faith in a higher power is restored as a result.

I will see United 93 when I get the chance, and I will probably enjoy the movie for its realness and historical significance, but forgive me if I do not embrace the Muslim world for the rest of my life. The Islamic world is no friend of the West, and although we may be able to get along with their governments in the future, the stated goal of Islam is world conquest through Jihad and it is the extremist Jihadists, backed and funded by "friendly" Moslem governments, whom we have to fear the most. We must have a presence in the Middle East, and we must have friends in the Middle East, even if we have to fight wars to get them. Only someone who has dodged a bullet can fully appreciate that fact.

Best to all, Pat Gilmore

Editor's Note: For some reason which is beyond me, some people do not want to believe this. Perhaps they do not want to believe that Jihadist terrorism actually exists, because it someone doesn't believe it yet, they never will. Capt. Gilmore himself posted this comment, in our comments below, but I will put it here for all to see:

I assure you this letter is true. As to the fact that I wrote that a holder of an Airline Transport Pilot rating (ATP) must be a US citizen, I admit that I was mistaken here. I had always assumed so, because that's what I had heard, so I looked up the requirements for an ATP just now. There is nothing that says that US citizenship is required. Okay, I'll bite the bullet on that one. I received my ATP back in 1975 and now that I think of it I do not remember having to prove my citizenship. However, the rest of the story is true.

As for my airline career, I worked for Western Airlines (who merged with Delta in 1987), Jet America Airlines (who was bought by Alaska Airlines in 1988), and Delta Airlines, as well as a few "fly by night" cargo airlines during my furlough period from Western from 1981-1985. I also flew in Vietnam as a transport pilot and retired from the USAF Reserve in 1991 after the Gulf War. I have 21,500+ flight hours in T-41, T-37, T-38, C-141/L-300, CE-500, CV -440, MD-80/82, B-727, B-737, B-757, and B-767 aircraft, all logged between 1970 and 2005 when I retired from Delta.

Trust me, folks, this was real. I must admit I am quite surprised that my letter made it this far on the internet. The letter was nothing more than an innocent reply to a group of friends, one of whom sent me a similar letter from another Delta pilot who had been flying the morning of 9/11 and who had experienced the flying that day for himself. His letter had detailed his thoughts as he viewed the movie "United 93", and he also told in detail how he had been diverted toKnoxville when the FAA shut down the airspace. My friend had asked me if I had known of any other similar experiences, so I wrote him what I had encountered myself a few months before. This was my letter to him.

Another retired Delta captain contacted me yesterday after reading this blog and related an experience his wife had on a flight from Portland, OR to Atlanta in August 2001, just a week or so after my experience with Atta. She was riding on a company pass and seated in First Class. A person of "Middle Eastern" descent had sought permission to sit on the cockpit jump seat, but was denied access by the captain because he did not have an FAA Medical certificate. She said he ranted and raved because he couldn't ride the cockpit jump seat, even though there were three empty seats in First Class, which the captain offered him. What pilot in his right mind would refuse a First Class seat over a cramped cockpit jump seat? He stormed off the aircraft and they left him at the gate. You see? Mine wasn't the only experience leading up to 9/11.

Delta Airlines Corporate Security even contacted me a few days ago to ask if I had, indeed, written this letter. I wrote them back that I had. They were worried that someone was using my name without my knowledge. I assured them I was the author.

Keep the faith, and don't let the bastards get you down.

Pat Gilmore

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The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!



Checking the authenticity of the eMail from Delta Pilot Pat Gilmore to a fellow airman, I was vividly reminded that we are in a grisly "limited" war, now mainly with the Mullahs of IRAN, a bold class of madmen generally unknown to the average citizen here in the United States.

We should all reflect on the brute realities of 21st Century Warfare,
and resolve not to dismiss it. They are determined to achieve nuclear capabilty.

The Global Jihad Enemy Will Not Be Deterred; they will continue to follow the Shia fantasy of 'The Return of the Madhi', and we shall pay a terrible price if we display Ignor.ance, weakness or cowardly lack of will, in the defense of our fundamental principles of human dignity and freedom.

Remain Focused, Alert & Aware. reb


When Senior Pilot Pat Gilmore said,

"Keep The Faith; don't let the bastards grind you down"...

I believe he was referring to the Appeasers, the "Peacenik Whimps" and the minions of MoveOnDotOrg, Code Pink, Huffington Post, and U.F.P.J. et al that really don't have a bloody clue. reb

Tina's Think Tank said...

That was quite a letter Ralph, Amen to it all.
The bastards will NEVER grind ME down...

Anonymous said...

It needed to be revived, you must never forget.

Gayle said...

Mr. Gilmore is a very lucky man and I don't see why anyone would find his account unbelievable.

I agree with you that he was probably referring to the blathering liberals when he made the statement "don't let the bastards get you down." Sometimes it's hard not to let them get me down as they're everywhere and they are noisier than screech owls, but I do my best to maintain a positive attitude.

Debbie said...

Excellent and thanks for posting this. I would guess there are other similar incidents that haven't been posted on the internet. The US has done a lot, but so much money and time is wasted...

The truth is they (and we all know who they is, even if the State Department and White House won't name them) want to destroy the West.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Tom the Redhunter said...

I hate to be the fly in the soup but this letter has hoax written all over it.

If it is true, why haven't we heard about it yet? How is it that all the government investigators missed this...and they it gets revealed on a blog 5 years later?

If, by some chance, this Pat Gilmore fellow is genuine, he needs to come forward for the TV cameras and print media so that we can see who he is and verify his story.


Tom, The RedHunter,

Note: In the public interest, I intend to check the validity of this posting w/Delta Air Lines.

I've been advised by the Delta Operator that it might be best to FAX Delta on Monday for the necessary info:

888 286 3162 Atten: Corp Customer Care

(Thanks Tom)



Tom, I'm still checking; see the comments on Pilot Gilmore on...

Maggie's Farm, "A Pilot Who Dodged The Bullet, re United 93"

Lots of Pro & Con, Left/Right,
and some obvious partisan comment. S/H Comment is held for review.

Cheers, reb

Winfred Mann said...

Mohammed Atta lived on East Atlantic Blvd, in Coral Springs, FL.

I completely understand where Pat Gilmore is coming from, regarding people not taking the war on terror seriously. Sometime I come across a dimwitted 9/11 truther. There is no one dumber than one of them, nor more ignorant of the facts.

And listening to Harry Reid and his debutants makes me believe that leaving the country is the best course of action if the Democrats win the Congress and the Presidency. They display a complete lack of understanding of the issue. If they are speaking against the was for political advantage, that makes them worse than just being ignorant.

In addition to this incident, there were others: one involved 5 Muslims acting suspicious; I don’t remember where, but it was shortly before 9/11. In another incident, the actor James Woods had reported strange behavior of passengers on a flight to the crew; it was virtually ignored. Although I believe a report was filed with the FBI.

I also dodged the bullet in the first bombing of the WTC, and saw the dead bodies left by Islamic terrorists. I know they are hateful lunatics that love death. Killing is their way of life. As the motto for the Muslim Brotherhood says,

"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” —Muslim Brotherhood Slogan


Are Racists More Numerous Today?

RACISTS? Where, where?

George Soros creates huge batches
of 'em w/ MoveOnDotTrash!

Add 'OBAMA-MANIA FANS' and we see
swooning, hate-filled loony-tunes chanting "Yes We Can"...spreading across this nation from Sea to Shining Sea. We are witnessing a classic form of Mass Hysteria!

Now, it's Afro-Centric, Social Gospel, 'Black Liberation Theology' that grabs the gullible.

It ain't just "Impeach Bush/Cheney"
anymore; that's an old hat.

RACISM has more horse-power! reb


"Don't Taze Me Bro"

Anonymous said...

Above is Great For Office Wall, or
Inside Rear Window of Car! reb

Winfred Mann said...

Re. The Pilots Letter

It uses the spelling Moslem, which is the British spelling. In America, we use Muslim.


Hillary Scores Big Win in West Virginia! 67/26

It Appears that once the voters are alert to "Afro-Centric Theology" they are less than enthusiastic with Obama-Mania.

Thank you, Reverand J. Wright! It's
Those Chickens...Comin' Home To Roost!

We suspect that early votes for the smooth-talking rock-star politician could experience a major shift away from young Senator Obama in November.

Now, That's a "CHANGE" WE CAN BELIEVE IN! reb

Yankee Doodle said...

So, the media bullying has no effects on the voters.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Winfred, I've seen both "Muslim" and "Moslem" on both sides of the Atlantic.

But I'll telling you this Pat Gilmore letter's a fake. If it was true don't you think we would have heard about it on the news by now?



I Respect You, Your RedHunter Effort, and your considerable knowledge & experience.

Being cautious, I am in pursuit of
Solid Verification of Pat Gilmore's
story...w/Snopes, and others.

Nothing yet. reb

Winfred Mann said...


I'm not saying it's authentic of not, just that most people in Britain use the Mo instead of the Mu. It's a cultural-linguistic thing.

As far as the MSM picking up news that's might be detrimental to their political agendas, can we be sure they would run with it? I've seen this letter posted at several sites, but never an original source.

The forum at the pilot's blog is also questioning it's veracity. The only Pat Gilmore they found wasn't qualified for the 767.

Also, I cited the James Woods incident, and there was one other I remember that happened before 9/11. I just don't remember where.

In any case, Islamic jihadis are persevering in their efforts to destroy the Great Satan. After that, they will move on to the ordinary infidels.


May 15, 2008
AS I SEE IT, (Editorial by reb)

This morning I listened carefully to Sen John McCain's Thoughts, and a Projection relative to the next fours years under his leadership as President. The Words were up-beat, wise, and thoughtful. As the white-haired senator droned on, pumping a left-index finger, I had a gut-wrench feeling that was over-whelming.

This fine man lacks the ability to face the unforgiving camera, to deliver his most vital message. The speech fell flat!
Compare it if you will, to the smooth, brilliant delivery of his young opponent Barack Obama. He Mesmerizes, flashes a toothy smile, and young students & grey-haired old grannies SwOoN, and their knees buckle. Promises of a Hopeful New Direction, and CHANGE are the triggering Code-words of this Masterful Deception.

We Are Suffering from a unique new form of political kinesis, fortified with a hate-orientation that depends upon artificial stimulation!

Obama's resum'e on Foreign Affairs and Military Matters is paper-thin, But Who Cares? It's Really All About "Winning" Elections, and like a Pro-Ball Game, celebrating the victory with salty pretzels and that ice-cold beer,
isn't it?

Lacking The Brilliant Analysis of Former Speaker Gingrich, or the Quiet Dynamics of Governor Mitt Romney, I fear for this Republican Election Year, at a moment in time of our greatest national peril.

Monsterous Global Jihad Will Not Be Deterred...

with Hot-Air Polemics! Must we look to tiny, courageous Israel's body-politic to reveal the depth of our own political immaturity?

> (Print)


Israel's Knesset knows of our weakened political stance, with all the squabbling created by our own Appeasers & Peacniks within our government, as Prez George Bush commented on WWII History today, citing a Senate Republican's quote in 1939, when Nazi Panzer Tanks rolled into Poland:

"If only we had talked to Hitler, we may have avoided all of this!"

The immediate reaction today came from some Top-level Guilt-ridden Democratic Party Big-Wigs. They ASSUMED that Bush was referring to the current anti-war appeasers in their party that has repeatedly shown on the record, with a willingness to "talk to" the three monsterous nations of Iran, Syria, and North Korea! Senators Obama, Kerry, Biden, Clinton, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all howled in protest at the George W. Bush so-called "inflamatory political comments" on the 60th Anniversary of Israeli Independence.

Amazing! Chill Out, People. Why so nervous, and sensitive? reb


Anyone seen "United Flt 93"?

As much as I dislike today's Movie Houses, I'd like to see this flick.

Check Out Snopes, Mohammad Atta; plenty of Pro's and Cons, and do tap Comment #17, another good 9/11 PilotStory worth the time. reb

Winfred Mann said...

And guilt ridden the Democrats should be, as they have tried to use our national security or political gain. Shame on the Democratic party of the new millennium!


WWII 'Appeasement' Remarks in the Israeli Knesset yesterday, then spoke at lenght about "Change".

Well Sir, Please Demonstrate How We Can Change These Radical Muslims:

~~ Muslim Brotherhood Slogan ~~

"Allah Is Our Objective. The (Madhi) Prophet is our leader. Qur'an (Sharia) is our Law. Jihad (Holy War) is our Way. Dying in the way of Allah is Our Highest Hope".
Qur'an: Sura 9:29

"Fight those who do not believe in Allah...nor follow the Religion of Truth...until they pay the tax (Jizah) in acknowledgement of (our)
superiority, and they are in a state of subjugation".


Now Senator, Drop Your Hot-air Balloon, tell us exactly how you intend to "Move Those Killers FORWARD", by "Changing Course" to a
"New Direction" and TURN THEM away
from Their 1400 Year Old Kill-Culture, and join the Family of Peaceful, Productive Nations.

Please Senator Obama, Stop the Canned-Crappola (Like Sen Joseph Biden's "Bull Sh**" remark);

Give The American People...

"Something We Can Really Believe In". reb


I Must Urge All Snake Hunters...

to tap our RedHunter Link, and read
this great May 15 Combat Report...
"The enemy does fear us".

Gen. David Petraeus now has in place "heavy brigade combat teams" that are giving radical enemies a bloody nose. (Worth your time).

The "Appeaser Groups" Will Not Approve; you go to DailyKos or The Huffington Post. reb


In Today's Mail...

We Rec'd a Flyer today from...

"Christian's United For Israel",
and these were the opening words:

"The threats to Israel are growing daily. IRAN continues to make rapid progress towards its goal of obtaining nuclear wweapons.

Hamas is firing rockets into Israel around-the-clock. Anti-Semitism has risen to alarming heights not seen since pre-WWII Europe...

Want More Info?

Yankee Doodle said...

Snake Hunters, I read this article on the LA Times Op-Ed page. What's your take on it?,0,6293795.story



The hidden agenda of the real Sen. Barack Obama may soon be coming out
of the shadows as Hillary's star fades away, and that could signal a closer look at this smooth-talking, over-confident Change-maker, and it could be a decending curtain on the hottest string of endorsements in quite a while.

With...MoveOnDotOrg, Kerry, Kennedy, Edwards, Richardson, Biden, Kucinich et al, the whole darn bunch deserting the Clinton Band-wagon for the untested junior senator, Obama-Mania!

Now the spotlight has shifted again, away from well-publicized associations w/ some questionable characters like Jeremiah Wright, Louie Farrakhan, Tony Resko, and the unrepentant bomber, William Charles Ayers.

The newest target of Senator John McCain's Fans are now getting a closer look at Obama's old Pastor's...Mentor! His name is, The
Former "Reverand", now Professor James Cone (Who?) an old hard-core Marxist that likes to mix Religion with political theory. He taught Jeremiah a few dance-steps long ago.

You help us Focus Folks, and we might find a few more goodies in this wild and wooley, fast-movin' sheep's tail...Baaaa baa!

Two plus two plus two, plus... hand me that calculator, please, There's a story in here, somewhere.
Mentor-a-tor, what? Self-destruction? Ignor.ance? Sheep? Yes, it's Reverand/professor Jaaaames Cone,

that's C-O-N-E...Oh, Hallelujah Bro!

Stay Tuned, reb


> HE WHO SPENDS MORE...Gets Elected!
That's A Fact, and it's Obscene!

> George W. Bush Policy Is NOT a Failure; We are At War...With A Sick Theocracy, And The Two-Party System Is A Train-Wreckage, A Miserable, Monumental Failure!

It's Not Bush/Cheney. WAKE UP!

> About Half Of The Hundreds of Millions Are Spent First On Destroying The "Image" of the Opposition Party ala "Peace" Foundations (See Vast Left) Post.


> Negativity Works! Lies Are Compounded, On An Assemby Line Basis. Momentum Grows, and Idiotic, Excitable Puppets repeat the constant stream of lies.

They've been 'Conditioned'. It's
a Psycho-Process. Pity them.

> G.W. Bush Approval in '08 is at a solid 28%...A new Historical Low. It's Expensive.

> It took six and one/half years, and countless hundreds of millions
of dollars, and now, the cat's out of the bag...George Soros has, on last Feb 1st ENDORSED his Stellar Candidate, a young, likable, foreign-policy "expert" that is eager to have 'direct talks' with a monstrous, virulent, demanding suicidal kill-culture...IRAN, and Barack Obama has no Clue, or State Department or Military Experience.

None! But he is low-key, and smooth on camera w/ a nice smile.

> When he wins, he'll sit in that Big-man's Chair, glance at the desk-top, and say, "This Is Cool!"

He said it on television; Betcha Hannity has it; he saves film. We'll see it again October.

> (It's like putting your new Mercedez on the Autobahn, kick it up to 140 MPH, with a teen student driver!) He's smart, let's see how it goes. Sure...HEY! Watch The Road!!!

>We've Been Conned, Folks! "Nobody Died, When Clinton Lied!" Fact: Yr 2000, USS Cole, 17 sailors died, and many more wounded. It's Just Another Bumper Sticker. The 9/11 Tragedy lies ahead of us. Oh, were we shocked; 2972 Americans Died that ugly morning. Only families grieve.

> Promotional Tv, Radio, and Newspaper Ads, and on the Internet; 'Hate' Programming (See General 'BeTrayUs' Ad, NY Times, September 10, 2007). WE Have Allowed This Hate Campaign to trash
honorable men, Bush/Cheney, and an Fine Corporation, Halliburton, turning them into "hate objects", like "Cowboy Diplomacy" and nation-wide bumper-stickers w/ "Impeach Bush, and Dubya's Incompetent!" It's been over six years of this garbage since 9/11, and the cacaphoney of hate continues. Few even know his name, George Soros, Billionaire. Even fewer know his Real Agenda, or his ultimate Goal. He's A Huge Liar. Shame On Us For Buying It.

> "We're Gonna Move 'Forward', and
We'll Abandon the Status Que, and "The Special Interests". (He's So SMART, Dontcha Think?)...

(Chant) "Yes We Can!"...Yes We Can...Yes We Can!
WhOoP-tEee D0o Da! Change what?

>Well, We've got Some 'Afro-Centric' Rev Jeremiah Wright, and 'Black Liberation Theology', with a sprinkle of Louie Farrakhan's 'Nation of Islam' to spice it up, and you ain't heard about Rev Jeremiah's teacher's hot licks. Who? Well, that's the next bomb-shell...The Reverand JAMES CONE...yeah! Another Pioneer of the Hate Class of 1960's. He don't like no 'white-trash" neither, baby! We Be Tellin' The Truth! Oh, yeah.

> "We Don't Need Four More Years Of George Bush, (NO!,No!) and that's what we'd get with Senator McCain. "He's a Bush Clone", said Sen. Harry Reid. Oh, yeah, Harry.

"...and that's why I need your support". We can WIN! Thank you, thank, you...and...

thank you very much".

Six more months of this. reb

Winfred Mann said...

Obama = 4 more years of Jimmy (I hate America) Carter, but worse.


The Democratic Party Strategists
have long insisted that they have "A Plan" 'Exit Strategy' to "bring our troops home". It's simple, Just Pull Out, regardless of the bitter consequence!

However, They Never Mention an equivalent 'Exit Strategy' for Syria, to pull the Hezbollah's
"Party of God Militia" out of Beirut, Lebanon.

That might tend to enrage
the Shiite "Holy War" Killers! reb

Anonymous said...

For Anyone Interested In ISLAM...

Enter>> Islam's Allah/Moon God of the Kaba


Barack Obama's Challenge To Debate
Prez Bush and Senator McCain, "anywhere, anytime" On Iran Policy Is A Mistake: Here's Why:

Obama's Notion that it is wise to sit down, w/o "Pre-conditions" only illustrates the junior senator's immaturity in the field of International Affairs...

a) It Elevates Suicidal Nations... Iran/Syria to an undeserved legitimate status among nations.

b) Obama cites the Reagan/Gorbachev
discussions as a parallel! Wrong!

Both Russia & the USA hoped to avoid Mutually Assured Destruction,
MAD. Whereas, Lunatic Followers of Islam, Deem It The Highest Honor To Die...Confronting Infidels And Non-Believers!

They fly planes into buildings, and strap bombs on their women & kids. Snake Hunters would suggest that Barack Hussein Obama should know that much. If he doesn't, he should read The Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood:

"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an (Sharia) is our Law. Jihad (Holy War) is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our Highest Hope".

c) Senator Obama: Your Judgement Is Fatally Flawed, Your Arrogance Is Remarkable, and your brash reasoning displays a callous disregard for the high office you seek. You Are Not Qualified. You are dangerously naive. reb


Follow This Trail of Knowledge...
It leads to a greater understnding

Osama bin Laden's favorite verse,

"The Verse Of The Sword", Sura 9:5
through 9:8...JIHAD (Holy War!)

Anonymous said...


Tom the Redhunter said...

So Obama wants to debate both Sen McCain AND President Bush? That's just silly. I realize the Dems want to run against GWB, but challenging him to a debate isn't the way to do it.


Tom The Redhunter,


Now that the George Soros Weblog MOVEONDOTORG has succeeded in
Trashing Bush/Cheney down to 28 Percent Approval Rating, it's now Tie Senator McCain to the "failed policy". A Slick Routine that will continue (yawn) for the remaining six months. A clever method to keep the "Peace-Sheep" in the pen 'til November!

"We don't need another four years of George W. Bush!" Harry Reid just bleated out, "Sen John McCain is a Bush-Clone!" blah, blah, etc

They Believe...'Negativity Wins'!

Anonymous said...

PAM!!! Look in the Phone Book!


Just Tuned In to Hillary's & Obama-
Maniacal's Florida Whiz-Rattle-Bang!

Well, Senator Obama...we don't need
even One Year of Obama's Achilles Heel...The Looney-tune Reverand Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Afro-Centric, Hate-Whitey Theology!

That Exposure Came A Bit Late!

The Serious-Minded Voters of West Virginia & Kentucky are alerted to your game-plan. It's the Soaking Wet, Diapered Dupes of OREGON & IOWA that need to hear about Rev Jeremiah Wright, Rev James Cone, and Rev Louie Farrakhan! He that Hath an Ear, let him hear the Truth...before November! reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

fyi, Snopes rates this Pat Gilmore letter as "undetermined", but you can tell they're pretty skeptical

Otherwise, Obama is on a roll for saying stupid things. He tried to spin his way out of his promise of talks with Iran "with no preconditions" but it hasn't worked. He also seems to know nothing of the Kennedy-Khrushchev or Reagan-Gorbachev talks.

McCain is taking him to the woodshed.


Tap Our FrontPageMag Link!

Columnist, John Perazzo, for

"Rancid Fanatic Featured Campus Speaker"



Democratic Iowa Senator Tom Harkin
hinted that Senator John McCain might be "TOO MILITARY" to be trusted with the Highest Office in the United States!
This wretched man! One of his aids should inform this poor, deluded "progressive" pacifist, that of the 42 presidents listed in our high-school history books, only 11 had zero military service!

The Father Of Our Country Was Gen. George Washington; other distinguished men in uniform were Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, G.H.W. Bush & George W. Bush. The First and Second Bush Presidents were the second & third presidents to Confront the "Moon-God" Lunatics of Islam with Military Force. (Also see**)

Tom Jefferson was the first in 1805, (Barbary Coast Pirates) when Muslims faced a fledgling USMC on the Shores of Tripoli!

All through our history, it's the tough-minded troopers that have always maintained our freedom's banner, when our stars & stripes have been challenged in battle.

Winston Churchill said it best: "The Appeaser...feeds the crocodile in the hope of being easten last".

**(See Raymond S. Kraft summary of WWII, Snake Hunters fine "History" Post, July 2006 Archives).


One Nation, Smothered By Doubt

In WWII we were keenly aware of our
national peril, for in that great conflict we were forced to confront not one, but three of the most dangerous dictatorships in human history, Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany & Soviet Russia. Forty million perished.

In John F. Kennedy's 1960 Inaugural, he displayed a 'Profile In Courage' with these words:

"We will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival of freedom."

Those Words, That Willingness, and that Degree of Awareness, is nearly gone. Only a few today, mostly among military families, seem to understand the nature of today's confrontation with Radical, Global Jihad...
and Its Suicidal Kill-Culture.

The Enemy Enriches U-235. reb

Winfred Mann said...

"Those Words, That Willingness, and that Degree of Awareness, is nearly gone."

JFk ;would be considered a neocon in contemporary society. The education system has destroyed any sense of patriotism that ever existed in America's young people. It's become a society of "whatever."


Save The Sinking U.S. Dollar
Solid Solutions One & Two!
Solution One:

* Kill the 'Drill Moratoriums' On Gas & Oil. Build The Refineries.

* Drill ANWR & Coastal Regions

>(Corn & Switch-Grass Are Losers!)

Solution Two:


* The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) is the Future of Power Generation for the 21st Century. This long-proven technology is both safe & clean.
We must somehow, reach out to the Literate Democrats & Republicans In Congress. They Can 'Get It Done!'

Form a Bi-Partisan Coalition to put aside ALL partisan notions and hometown politics in our Over-riding National Interest.

We Are At War...Here At Home, and in the Middle East.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE...Let's Get Crackin'! reb

Anonymous said...

The Knuckle-Dragging
Greenie Cro-Ma.Gnons

Will Never Let Us
- ----DRILL---- -


Anonymous said...

Dear Snake Hunter,
Thanks for visiting Tennessee Granddaddy. I enjoyed your blog. I think we have a lot in common. Did you visit my pages:

I'm going to add a link to your blog on my bog and web pages. Keep up the good work!


Winfred Mann said...

Congress has been complaining that we have no energy policy. As usual, it's because of the actions (or inactions) of Congress. No surprise!



I've just sent an article on
Gas Prices to friendly bloggers;
check my links in a few days!


Surprise, surprise. Bush/Cheney didn't do it, the U.S. Congress
is the guilty party!

Drilling Moratoriums, no new IFR
Power Generation for 30 years, no new Oil Refineries, etc

>We Have Ample Oil Reserves!

>Corn Ethanol is a Huge Fraud!

"Excess Profits" of those big, bad
Oil Companies is a Cold-Blooded
LIE, and Congress, Hillary & Obama
know it. How about that! reb



Chicago Mayor Daley's Political Machine

The Cast: Starring...

The Rev Jeremiah ("Chicken's Comin' Home
to Roost") Wright, also featuring,

* Famed Catholic Father Michael Pfleger & his 'bro' Rev Louie Farrakhan's 'Nation of Islam', with an all-star cast, including

* Rev Jesse Jackson
* Rev James Cone
* Rev James Meeks
* Rev Otis Moss

All connected somehow to Chicago's Trinity "Christian" Afro-Centric, Black Liberation Theology (Hate The Jew & Whitey) Missionary Effort, and the Excitable Hallelujah Congregation Diggin' It Every Sunday!
(Oprah Winfrey Dropped Out Early, and she will be sorely missed).
Bit Players:

* Tony Resko, Chicago Slum-lord
* William Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn,
(the Two Unrepentant Weather-Underground Terrorist-Bombers) and long-time friends of the man who would be President Of The United States!
With 'Cameo Shots' of
Radio's Famous Rabble-Rouser Deluxe, Rush Limbaugh, introducing,

The Reverand James~David-Manning!
If anyone thinks this is all a joke,
just type ANY of the above names into your Search Line. (If You're
a Political Junkie, hold yer nose and bring back a Comment),

it's "Open Forum", and we Delete Dirty Language. So, stifle the insults, we are just the messenger and observers of OBAMA-MANIA.
S/H Predicts: This will be a Block-Buster, Record-Smashing Movie, with Reruns Running Forever, for future generations to enjoy.

Possible Title: 'Chicago's Long Hot Summer'

Imprematur, reb


Winfred Mann said...

In spite of the MSM's attempt to foist BHO upon an unsuspecting public, these few tidbits of information managed to make their way to the public domain. There are more to come, and they are far worse.