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The End of Greenism

It's Drill Now, Senators!
These Colors Don't Run

The End of Greenism
The Fifth Column Raymond S. Kraft
June 11, 2008
It hasn't quite hit the radar of the Liberal Democrats, but as the price of gasoline soars above $4 a gallon, and here in California it's closing in on $5, they're going to be facing a hard choice with no good options. They will be forced to (a) throw the Greens under the bus, and embrace the idea of drilling for oil in America, in ANWR, off the coasts, wherever it may be found, or (b) throw the US economy under the bus, and lose the November election to a Republican landslide, no matter who their candidate is.

If, that is, John McCain can be persuaded to see the light, come to his senses, and make a prime time speech in which he apologizes for being wrong about Global Warming and Climate Change, has learned that CO2 is not the enemy, that humans have no identifiable effect on climate, which has always been changing, and humans cannot stop it; and that it is far more important to produce enough energy from all sources, nuclear, geothermal, solar, wind, oil, and coal, than to go tilting at the windmills of Greenism to stop the unstoppable Climate Change, which is entirely natural and organic.

If John McCain can learn that lesson, he can turn the issue of Global Warming and Climate Change on its head, and use it to take down Barack Obama, take down the Democrat Party, and take down the Greens and Greenism, in the next four months. But it has to be done as a frontal attack, a head-long cavalry charge straight up the hill into the face of the enemy, something neither Obama, nor the Dems, nor the Greens, are prepared for. It would throw them into total panic and disarray.

In yesterday's news, Saturday, June 7, oil prices spiked $10.75 in one day, a new record, closing Friday at $138.54. Unemployment rose 10% in one month, May, from 5% to 5.5%. The Dow dropped 394 points, the biggest drop in over a year. The average working stiff has seen his cost to commute to work and home again double in less than two years, even as the equity in his house plummeted. And airlines are cutting hundreds of flights, and thousands of jobs. The high cost of not drilling for oil in America is going to savage the economy at every level.

Cybercast News Service (CNS News) in a June 6 article, Lawmakers Split on Drilling for Vast Amounts of Oil in USA, reports that the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management estimates there are 139 billion barrels of untapped, recoverable oil onshore and offshore in the United States. This does not include the vast Bakken oil fields of Montana and the Dakotas, or the enormous shale oil deposits in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, or the oil sands of Oklahoma. CNS interviewed four members of congress, and found the Republicans supporting Jed Babbin's call to 'drill here, drill now,' and Democrats opposed.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said, 'You've got that right. We can't get it (the oil) because the environmental elitists are preventing that with moratoria saying it would take ten years to get it developed.' Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.) also said Congress should deregulate to allow more drilling. 'My sense is that the most direct route is for Congress to take direct action and give the American people more access to American oil.'

Representative Mike Honda (D-Calif.) replied, 'No,' adding that he would 'never say never,' but that circumstances would have to be 'pretty drastic' for him to agree to more drilling. 'I am more concerned about Global Warming and the impact of fossil fuel,' he said. House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) told CNS he needs to study the issue more, 'I haven't studied enough to make that decision.'

But, a lot of middle class, working class, and fixed-income Americans have studied the issue quite enough, and they're beginning to get angry, visibly angry, at the inexcusable inaction of Congress. As gas prices continue to rise through the summer, the anger will swell into fury. 'Earth to Mike Honda,' they'll be saying soon, 'For us, your constituents, five dollar gasoline is pretty drastic. Earth to Charlie Rangel, how many years do you have to study to learn what you can learn in a day? If it takes that long, Charlie, are you sure you're smart enough to be a member of Congress?'

Wasn't it Mark Twain who once quipped? - 'Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. Ah, but I repeat myself.'

Presently, we import 5.4 million barrels of oil a day from OPEC countries. At $138 a barrel, that's $745 million dollars a day we're 'exporting' to Saudi Arabia and its neighbors. At 40 jobs per million dollars (at $50,000 a year per job) that's 29,800 jobs for Americans we are 'outsourcing' to OPEC each day, rather than investing that money in American oil production and American jobs. At 29,800 jobs a day, that's 10,877,000 American jobs we are exporting to OPEC each year, and if the price of oil rises, so will the job loss. Democrats have threatened to punish corporations that outsource jobs to other countries, but the Democrats' own misbegotten Green policies are the No. 1 cause of outsourcing in in America.

At some point, something has to give, and it will either be the US economy, or Greenism, the obsessive-compulsive Environmentalist Personality Disorder that will sacrifice the jobs, fortunes, futures, and lives, of three hundred million Americans, in slavish homage to the myth that burning 'fossil fuels' is causing climate change, and that by reducing our 'carbon footprint' we can end climate change. Nothing is further from the truth. The climate has been changing as long as there has been a climate, long before we could have had anything to do with it.

How we ended up with a majority in Congress, and two presidential candidates, who are so appallingly ignorant of the basics of climatology, climate history, and the ubiquity of climate change, after this debate has already been raging for years, is a complete mystery to me. It is, in my opinion, Congressional malpractice, the wilful or negligent failure of most members of Congress to become well informed about the real science and history of climate change and what the effect, if any, of CO2 on the global climate really is, or isn't, before making legislative decisions that profoundly affect the lives of 300 million Americans. And I wonder, Can we sue Congress, for Congressional Malpractice?

Can we sue Congress for acting on false assumptions, when, by the exercise of reasonable care and due diligence, they could, and should, have become fully and honestly informed on the global warming and climate change issues, before making bad decisions that adversely affect the US economy, and the lives of every one of their constituents? Don't they have that duty? And haven't they breached it? And aren't we paying for it?

There is only one way to rescue America from the rising cost of energy that threatens to overwhelm the US economy. And that is to produce more energy. As soon as possible. In America.

We don't have time to wait for pie-in-the-sky fantasies, such as cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass. A little arithmetic tells us that to replace oil with switchgrass, which according to National Geographic can produce 'up to' 1,000 gallons of ethanol per acre, per year, we'd have to produce a billion gallons a day, to replace the gasoline and diesel we consume. That's 365 billion gallons a year, plus another 15% to provide the energy to produce all that cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass, for a total of 420 billion gallons a year. This would require 420 cellulosic ethanol plants producing a billion gallons a year, each, and so far, we don't have one. Not, not one producer of cellulosic ethanol on a commercial scale. And it would require 420 million acres of switchgrass farms, which would be a 150% increase in American farmland. And would not the adverse environmental impact of converting 420 million acres of wildlife habitat to switchgrass farms be enormous? Where are the Greens now? Why isn't the Sierra Club demanding an Environmental Impact Report?

Congress needs to come to grips with the fact that there is no credible evidence that CO2 causes 'global warming.' It has been warmer in the past, when CO2 was lower than now, and the temperature dropped 0.7 degrees last year, while CO2 was rising. But CO2 is plant food, fertilizer, plants suck it up and grow, and more CO2 in the air means plants grow faster, and need less water. With a growing world population facing chronic food shortages, we need more CO2 in the air to produce more food, not less.

And this means the misguided, misbegotten, delusional era of Greenism has to end. Soon. Now. The delusions of the radical environmentalists have taken us down this dangerous road, and the chickens are coming home to roost. And the chickens are very expensive. Having quarantined 90% of Federal lands from energy exploration and development, and blocked construction of nuclear power, and fuel refineries, it is the environmentalist policies, the Green policies, the Greenism, of the last generation that has put American in the spot it's in, and America can only get out of the spot by rejecting the delusional Greenism of the past, and embracing a rational energy policy for the future.

I'm with Barack Obama. I want 'change.' But maybe not the same change Barack Obama wants.

Here's the change I want.

1) Legislation to immediately lift all moratoria on oil and natural gas exploration and development on Federal lands, except National Parks.

2) Legislation to grant a 100% tax credit for all new capital investment in energy production in the US and its territorial waters. If you spent $20,000 to put solar panels on your roof, you get a $20,000 tax credit. If Exxon puts $75 billion into developing new oil production in the US, Exxon gets a $75 billion tax credit. This would 'send a message' to OPEC that the party's just about over, and it would create millions of new jobs for working class Americans in America.

3) Legislation to fast-track NRC-approved nuclear power plant designs, and to require Green plaintiffs suing to block the construction of nuclear power plants, geothermal plants, oil refineries, or any other energy project, to prove by 'clear and convincing evidence' that the proposed project was unreasonably dangerous, or that the harm it would cause was greater than the benefit it would confer.

Barack Obama said recently that he will deliver '$150 billion over the next ten years' to develop alternative energy. That's way too little, way too late. America needs it now, not ten years from now. We don't need to pass it through the government skim machine. And Barry Boy is clueless. By granting a 100% tax credit for new capital investment in energy in the United States, we unleash the magnificent ingenuity of the American people, who will pump $150 billion into energy development in one year, not ten, and produce ten times, or a hundred times, as much new energy in ten years as any government-managed program ever could.

That's change.

And that's the end of Greenism.

Raymond S. Kraft is a retired attorney and writer from northern California.

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Thank You, Raymond S. Kraft!

We Import 5.4 million barrels of Enemy O.P.E.C. Crude...per day!

Shouldn't we kick the Pelosi/Reid
Congress in the butt, force them to Approve Drilling in our oun backyards, create thousands of new jobs, build the needed refineries, save our precious dollars for Local Investment in proven ANWR and coastal shelves, and Harvest our own Black Gold?

Let's save the shrinking dollar.

Enough of Obama-Mania, and The
Vast Left-Wing Lunacy! reb

Eli the Betta said...

I doubt if McCain can learn any lesson. He and Obama both are into this global warming nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Sir Snakehunter,

Tell me that drilling in a small portion of ANWR's vast wilderness will drive all those caribou off that land-mass, and I'll say that someone's pulling your chain.


Right Truth said...

Thanks for sharing this article. I love Raymond S. Kraft, but I had not seen this particular article.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Donald Douglas said...

Keep up your good work, Ralph!!

Tom the Redhunter said...

I also have to agree with the suggestions made by Mr Kraft in his editorial.

"But it has to be done as a frontal attack, a head-long cavalry charge straight up the hill into the face of the enemy, something neither Obama, nor the Dems, nor the Greens, are prepared for. It would throw them into total panic and disarray."

This is mostly correct, I think, and as long as it is done in the right way may work. We on the right have to take the initiative on these matters, and get out of reaction mode. A challenge on this issue may do that. On the other hand, McCain can't be too confrontational or appear mean-spirited because that will backfire.

We have to keep in mind that while the right wants a fire-breather this turns off the voters in the middle, who are the ones we need if we're going to win.

"We can't get it (the oil) because the environmental elitists are preventing that with moratoria saying it would take ten years to get it developed."

It's like missile defense; if you block funding and deployment you can always say that funding is pointless because it would take too long to pay off.

"There is only one way to rescue America from the rising cost of energy that threatens to overwhelm the US economy. And that is to produce more energy."

I disagree. While increasing supply is part of the solution, it is only part. We can't drill our way out of this problem. We also need to reduce consumption. Sorry SUV owners, but you need to look at more fuel-efficient vehicles.

We also need to attack the demand angle. Hybrid engines and flex-fuel cars offer much promise. Buying smaller vehicles also makes sense for many or most people too.

". If you spent $20,000 to put solar panels on your roof, you get a $20,000 tax credit. "

Agreed. When I was in Israel it was pointed out that every house has a solar water heater on the roof. While that wouldn't work in much of the U.S., it would work in the South and South-West. We need to promote such things.

Overall, a good article and worthy discussion.

Anonymous said...

The far left is winning and you and the wrong right will see the benefits of Obama supporters. Obama will take away the money from big oil and make the price go down for the working woman and man.



Ah Yes, there's a comment from the Negative Side. Excellent!

Now we shall hope to get more; we encourage all of them to post thoughtful comments, and have the COURAGE to include an identifiable weblog, or at least an anonymous nick-name, or set of initials (note the difference in tone and substance)? Also mark the contrast of the easily identifiable names from 'Independents' and that..."Vast Right-Wing"?

The 'Competition of Ideas'
is encouraged on this website.

reb, editor.



The heated winds of political excitement swirl, left & right, and talented manipulators blow hot and cold, offering their slogans of
discontent, hoping to ensnare the young and the gullible voter, filling them with jaded-hope for miraculous
CHANGE, yet shielding their true motivations? Many are impressed with Barach's amiable public style.


Breaking News...

We've just received a bit of Info that bears some scrutiny; is it factual, or just more fluff?

An Iraeli Insider Staff (?) reports a Kenyan, Malik Obama, claims to be the half-brother of Democratic nominee Barack Obama, and this fellow offers a photo, alleging to be that of himself and his famous relative both in Muslim clothing, in 1985. Barack Obama's age at that time was 24. Further, this man claims that his brother is now, and has always been a Muslim!

The Jerusalem Post reports that Malik offered this assessment...If Barack were elected, his brother "will be a good president for the Jewish People despite his Muslim background". Hmmm.
What are we to think about this?

In (Sunni) Saudi Arabia & (Shia) Iran, we know that any Muslim exposed to 'The Truth' of Islamic teaching, that later rejects and Subsequently Converts To Christianity is Subject to the Severe Penalty of Death! They chop the head off in those two countries...That's Sharia Law!

Has this Kenyan family heard of Chicago's Afro-centric "Christian" Trinity, and its now-famous Reverand Jeremiah Wright?

Is this report True or False?

All Snake Hunters are urged to help us follow this one, but not to be overly concerned, until we have more info. Stand by...reb


FOUR BUCKS per gallon gasoline, and over Five for Deisel is strangling us, shrinking the dollar in foreign markets, driving food delivery prices up, up and out of sight. Major Airlines Curtailing Flights...O.P.E.C., Saudi Arabia, IRAN, Veneseuela!

Congress knows that China IS Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico,

and the Reid/Pelosi Democratic, Environmentally Silly "Greenie Nutzi Congress" will not Lift the Drill Moratoriums on our "greedy" Oil Corporations. Hey! Can We "Impeach Congress"? Or throw them out on their ear?

Something's Wrong!

Forty Bucks for ten gallons; forty-eight in San Diego, California! That's Double, since Nov, 2006..."Bush failed policy?, blah, blah, blah".

Get Angry People! reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

"The far left is winning and you and the wrong right will see the benefits of Obama supporters. Obama will take away the money from big oil and make the price go down for the working woman and man."

I think that our "anonymous" is actually a plot by Karl Rove to make liberals look stupid.


TOM: It appears that author Raymond
Kraft's Post (June 12) was one week ahead of the breaking news that fills today's Mainstream Media Reports!

Sen. John McCain now strongly supports Off-Shore Drilling, and Senator Obama sees the gathering storm of criticism about those 30 Year Prohibitions Against Drilling In Our Own Backyard! Four Dollar Gas, and Five Dollar Diesel Made A Huge Difference!

The Democrats are finally about to experience a long-needed dose of Reality about this country's energy requirements! CHANGE is the
order of the day, and it's not exactly what the Reid/Pelosi Congress or Sen Obama had in mind!
Watch for a dramatic shift in the Opinion Polls in the the coming days & weeks. reb


Anonymous said...


I just thought I would stop by for a sec and straighten out your facts as your representations have again strayed from the truth.

The ban on off shore drilling was enacted in 1981. It has enjoyed bipartisan support.

The Republican governor of FL, following John McCain's lead (there is some talk that the governor has Vice presidemntial aspirations) has just reversed his postion on off shore drilling, the ban on which was staunchly supported by the former governor, also a Republican, Jeb Bush.

I use FL by way of example and not limitation.

Therefore it would be helpful to your credibility to lambast in a bipartisan manner b/c the ban on off shore drilling had bipartisan support for 27 years.

Or you could just steer this blog to the shallow end of the intellectual pool and keep company w/ the likes of Winfred Mann.




Loop Garoo Kid,

Restrictions on Oil Drilling, A Bi-Partisan Effort? Again, my friend, you distort Fact.

The Overwhelming Support for restricting those dreadful Oil Corporations from Drilling in our own back-yard, comes not from any Bi-Partisan Coalition, but Mainly
from the Eco-Terrorists that create the fiction of protecting the Spotted Owl, or the thriving Polar Bear & Caribou! Our fine author Ray Kraft, labels this as lop-sided GREENISM, This Ecology Nonsense has more to do with Politics...rather than Ecology!
And my friend Loop Garoo Kid seems more interested in picking a fight, rather than dealing with substance.

You need real CHANGE, and a "New Direction"...and 'Hope'.

Since 'Brevity Is The Soul of Wit',

perhaps you should try...HAIKU, a Japanese Poetic Art-Form, 3-lines of 5-7-5 Syllables, like this:

The Mind Is A Sponge (5)

Sucking Up Truth And Falsehood (7)

Wisdom Separates! (5)


Your ever friendly, reb


Anonymous said...

"The overwhelming support for restricting those dreadful oil companies from drilling in our own back-yard comes not from any bi-partisan coalition but from eco terrorists that create th efiction of protecting the spotted owl..."

Look, reb, if you wish to portray yourself as someone who has gone barking mad, I have come to realize that it is beyong my poor power to add or detract.

As for Raymond Kraft, his pronunciation of the end of Greenism is premature. But let us examine some of his points.

1. Humans are responsible for climate change although whether pumping CO2 into the atmosphere has an effect on that change is fairly debatable. Climate changes naturally, but if you really wish to understand how humans change climate, examine deforestration.

2. I suspect Mr. Kraft, in making some good points, is guilty of hyperbole to advance his own political agenda. His method is subtle so let us look at a few. No citation in his refutation that off shore drilling will require 10 years b/f we see any significant production. The Bakken fields are producing. There is no way to remove the oil from oil sands yet. People have been trying for years. As for oil shale which I studied in college, although it is technologically possible to retort the oil from the shale, there are problems. One of the problems is that the end result is a greater volume of material than the original amount of shale. The retorted shale is powdery and the issue is: What do you do w/ it? Also note that there are water issues both w/ supply and polution. Every so often, when the price of oil goes up, the oil companies move into the western slope of Colorado and renew the cycle of boom and bust. Right now, I see the water issue as being th emost diffcult one although disposing of the retorted shale is also a difficult issue.

3. As for the export of American jobs, I reserve comment at this time.

4. Lifting moratoria on some off limits drilling is a good idea. To the extent that Mr. Kraft proposes is probably too much. John McCain supports preserving ANWR. Spiritually, we need to preserve at least a few places on the planet from human activity.

5. The tax credit idea is a good one, particularly for individual investors. 20 years ago in Colorado, there was a thriving alternative energy industry that was dependent on tax credits and which largely disappeared once the tax incentives did.

6. The legislation idea is so fraught with pitfalls it should probably be avoided. "Okay, we are going to ignore the Clean Water Act; the Clean Air Act, and host of other laws and regulations unless you can prove that the harm outweighs the benfits?" Run, don't walk away from that proposition unless you are an environmental litigation attorney in which case you may view the entire process as a full employment and guarnteed right to work act. As for nuclear power plants, that is a whole other debate. My initial though is given th ecrazies out there, is proliferating nuclear material and then of course there is the issue of nuclear waste.

Greenism isn't dead, or evn moribund. AS a concept, it wll evolve and adapt to changing conditions just as any philospy will. If you treat it as a scapegoat for the current situation, then it is highly likely that you do not understand the etiology of the current situation.




Loop Garoo Kid,

Well at last, you have at least partially backed away from personal insult (for now) and foolish remarks long enough to deal with substantive pressing issues, i.e. our O.P.E.C. Enemy, and this nation's on-going, unresolved fuel requirements, and how best to find solutions. It's there, where author Raymond Kraft offers hope,
and TLGK suggests nothing helpful. Finding Fault is the downhill, easier path.

I must acknowledge your improved posture, and at least a temporary return to sane discussion.

Welcome back. reb

Anonymous said...


snake hunter,

Lefties can be so amusing, don't you think? They are typically incapable of sustaining a rational, logical, evidenced-based argument, and prefer to launch rabid ad hominem attacks.

When you can't win on fact, or the logic, kill the messenger. that'll teach 'em!


Tom the Redhunter said...

TLGK, can you explain that tax credit in CO that you mention? I'd be interested in details.

I'd say that while the earth is getting warmer, it's unclear how much human activity has to do with it, and that it's completely uncertain that we can stop the warming anyway. In fact, Kyoto and all other proposals would end up being all pain for no gain. They'd have a neglegable effect on the environment but would be devastating economically.

I don't see drilling in ANWAR as having a negative environmental impact. ANWAR is the size of South Dakota and the area needed for drilling is the size of Dulles International Airport. Offshore it is indeed a concern, but surely through regulations and inspection we can keep spills to a minimum. I think that the "one spill is too many" philosophy is wrongheaded.

But that said, those on the right who attack the issue entirely from a supply side are wrong too. I've said this until I'm blue in the face, but my position is that we go after this from all angles

We try to reduce demand while increasing supply. I'm all for alternative energy, hybrid and flex fuel cars, etc.

TLGK, good point about the waste, but from what I read Yucca Mountain can be well safeguarded. I guess the issue is getting it there, but surely we can handle that. Just hire Iraq war veterans, I rather think they're experienced at guarding convoys!

When I was in Israel I saw that everyone had a solar-powered hot water heater on their roof. It was explained to me that everyone also has a regular hot water heater as backup. This system saves them massive amounts of energy. To be sure, Israel is a sunny place, so this wouldn't work in much of the U.S. But by the same token it would work in much of the U.S., like the SW and SE. Proper energy credits might make it take off here.

Course, the thing about tax credits is that if you reduce revinue in one place you have to increase it somewhere there are no easy answers.

Mohamed said...

Hello for everyone,

Sorry for interruption, but I've been notified by Mr.reb that there are 'many students' on this blog who need to know about 'The Madhi'.

First of all; it's pronounced as 'Al-Mahdi' not 'Al-Madhi'.

Second Sunnis don't see him as the 12th Imam. Actually we don't believe that there are 12 Imams.

Prophet Muhammad told us that he will come before Judgement day when the world is full of corruption, and that he will rule by justice and that peace and prosperity will prevail in his time.

His coming is connected to the coming of prophet Jesus again to the world. We believe that peophet Jesus will come down also before the Judgement day, not as a god or his son, but he will be a believer in the message of Islam. They will reform the world together and there will be a great war like Christians and Jews believe.

There is an important point; we Muslims aren't required to do something to accelerate his coming like Jews and some Christians believe by working on giving Jerusalem to the Jews. But we live our life normally until he shows, when he comes we'll follow him.

That's all what I can tell now, if there are any question it'll be my pleasure to answer them when I know.



Mohamed, Please remain on "A Mullah
Reality Check" Post!!! You make it difficult when you jump around! reb

Anonymous said...


The tax incentives present in the early '80s2 may in fact have been federal. I have not had time to check but I did want to direct your attention to Amendment 37.

Colorado has a procedure whereby the electorate has the power to amend the state constitution for very specific purposes. Until the recent passage of a clean up provision, there was an amendment to ban the 1976 Winter Olympics from being held in Colorado.

Amendment 37 was passed in 2004 by a 54-46% margin. It requires a voluntary rate increase in public utilities to subsidize grid-tied solar generation in homes and businesses. Provisions included utily rebate up to $4.50 per watt to 100kW; net metering; and Federal tax rebate of 30 % up to $3,000.

XCel, the largest CO public utility had a generous rebate policy on top of this. The incentive was provided by the Renewable Energy Credit (REC)which at certain levels would allow 70% of the cost of the system to be covered by the rebate. This ammendment was passed w/ bipartisan support.

Meanwhile, I read this in Thomas L. Friedman's colunm in the News of the Week in Review section of the Sunday, June 21, 2008 NYT.

"But most of all, this deadline (the July 4 deadline that the president gave Congress for taking action re gas costs)is from a president who hasn't lifted a finger to broker passage of legisaltion which has been stuck in Congress for a year, which coulsd actually impact America's energy profile right now--unlike offshore oil that would take years to flow--and create good jobs to boot.

That bill is H.R. 6049--"The Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008," which extends for another eight years the investment tax credit for installing solar energy and extends for one year the production tax credit for producing wind power and for three years the credits for geothermal, wave energy, and other renewables.

These critical tax credits for renewables are set to expire at the end of the fiscal year and if they do, it will mean thousands of jobs lost and billions of dollars of investments not made."

I suspect that the tax rebates that formed the backbone of Amendment 37are the REC which will be renewed by H.R. 6049.

If so, perhaps we all should write to our Congressional delegations and request their atention to this matter rather than steroid use in MLB or other non essential matters.

Your opinion of this issue Mr. Kraft?





June 2007 ~ Obama Available on You-Tube:

"Whatever We Once Were, we're no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of

When this editor read those words...I wondered 'Has this Junior Senator from Chicago ever read the First Amendment? Which devil prompted him to say that?'

For Barry's Sake, he should read all of the quotes of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison on the complex subject of freedom of all religious thought, and free access to those basic fundamental principles!

Does he intend to have the Reverand Jeremiah Wright, his Afro-Centric loony-tune pastor for two decades, or Father Pfluger, the blondish talented 'black mimic', and Rev Louis Farrakhan, that fiery 'Nation of Islam' Jew-baiting Hate-Merchant, and good friend of Libya's Dictator, Moammar Gaddafi as the triple-threat honored guests at his Inauguration? Will Obama choose to present to either of these wild jokers The Medal of Freedom?

Perhaps we should pause just long enough for a closer look, before risking this nation's future on highly polished political campaign promises, and flawless charisma.


Steve Harkonnen said...

I'd encourage everyone to read Michael Crichton's book, State of Fear which tells the fictional story of how dangerous it really is to politicize science.

Imagine what would happen if Al Gore decided to pull the stunts off that's outlined in Crichton's book - deliberate, calculating methods to cause worldwide disasters on a large scale, blame it all on global warming, and make billions in cash, drawing in even more believers over this batshit insane theory called global warming.

Your post and site is very thought provoking. Please visit our blog one of these days. I will be back later.

Anonymous said...

WARNING: To the extent that we have been granted a limited amount of time in this earthly life, any of such time that you spend on the theory that George Soros is a puppet master will be wasted.

Meanwhile, back to the original subject, until yesterday (June 23, 2008) I thought: "Why if we drill off shore or in ANWR we will to some degree alleviate the shortage i the supply of oil in the U.S."

Then I listened to an interview on NPR w/ Henry Lee, Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Program at Harvard University who opined that offshore drilling would have little immediate impact. Moreover, Mr. Lee reminded me that the oil market is a world market not a U.S. market. But don't listen to my interpretation, go to and listen to the interview w/ Robert Segal which aired on "All Things Considered."





This Great Nation endures for now, guided by a unique Body of Laws that have evolved over the centuries of trial and error.

We have achieved spectacular progress by permanently discarding two of man's ancient flaws; the cruel nature of Human Slavery is at last finished here in the U.S.A.

The Next Hurdle, the crippling attitude that somehow women are inferior to men. Clearly, the evidence does not support this long-held notion, derived from ages-old religious writings, and the cultural differences found in other lands. Saudi Arabia, among others, is a striking example of the dilemma, keeping their distaff side in an abject state of perpetual and shameful subjugation to men.


America's Glaring found in the Leadership Selection Process, where a candidate for high office needs the backing of a group of back-room millionaires, merely to survive the nomination process!

Out of this flawed system, the hidden 'King-maker' finally emerges; an egalitarian genius, a most talented organizing Dynamo Billionaire surfaces, with a bold new 'Open Society Plan' for America's Future.

His endorsed protege is a relatively unknown, untested junior senator with a paper-thin resume that this grand manipulator has pre-selected as our next Commander In Chief, to lead this New Shadow Government.

This devilish image lurking behind the curtain is "Uncle" George Soros.


Warning! We have a scant four months to expose this monumental fraud. reb




The Duck Hunter Knows that he has a better day if he goes where the ducks are!


We Have Invested blood & treasure to give the Iraqi people a chance for national sovereignty. Now It's Pay-back Time.

We Send Our High-level Envoy to Bagdad to negotiate a 100 yr Oil Lease on Vast NEW Exploration Fields In IRAQ...

Cuz That's "Where The OIL IS!"

Let The "Greenies"...Dick Durbin, Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi, and 'MoveOnDotOrg' Howl In Pain!

Oil 'Futures' Speculation Ends; Four-Buck Per Gallon Gas Drops Immediately to $2.00 per Gallon, The Dollar Bounces Back vis-a vis
The Euro, and the long-maligned Bush/Cheney "Failed Policy" Is Vindicated! reb

Your view?

Anonymous said...

A solutuion elegant in its simplicity provided we can make the oil fields secure. (See Kuwaiti oil fields after Iraqi defeat in GW I. Also see current attacks on oil rigs 75 miles offshore of Nigeria.)

Of course there is one major issue. If we use Iraqi oil for payback, then the invasion of Iraq really was about oil wasn't it?



Loop Garoo Kid,

Elegant Simplicity? I would refer to our Noble Military Presence in Iraq as anything but Simplistic.

Stopping Iran in their tracks before they are Nuclear-Capable, Is Our Fate & Responsibility. Who else would you recommend? Would you toss the ball to Briton, or Tiny Israel, or Kerry's "U.N."... Or the Pope? How many Divisions, Naval & Air-Power do they have?

Flash-Back to Nov 4, 1979, and Jimmy Carter's Response to Khomeini!

No Friend Loop, It was Originally About Saudi/Iranian Goal To Turn This World Into Dhimmi Chattles, Controlled w/ Sharia Law, and YOU more than most, know it!
With The O.P.E.C. SQUEEZE, It's NOW...All About $138 Per Barrel Oil, $4.20 Gasoline, and $5+ Diesel.
Sit On Your Partisan-Hat For 10 Minutes, Examine the Facts!
It's an extremely complex set of problems that serious-minded people are struggling with, and the wise-talking, one-line kibitzer contributes nothing.



IF we shy away from the Democrat/GOP Labels & Dopey "Talking Points", Concentrate on the Enemies of Liberty, Lift a
Toast To The Free Enterprise Spirit & American Ingenuity, Inventive Genius, Believe that WE Have Far & Away The Ultimate of Legal/Ethical Systems Ever Devised, the more likely we are to stand tall in our findings, Recognize the Evil Intent of Our Deadly Enemies, and Be Proud Of Our Heritage, The Better For All...In Our Stubborn Independence.

Sempre Fi, Sempre Preparatus! reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

TLGK said

"...I listened to an interview on NPR w/ Henry Lee, Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Program at Harvard University who opined that offshore drilling would have little immediate impact."

Yes, and everytime we put off drilling we keep pushing back the impact time, don't we? But if we'd started drilling 10 years ago like some wanted, then we'd be enjoying the benefits now, wouldn't we?

But by always stopping drilling, they can always say that the benefits are a long ways off.

Come on, TLGK, you're better than this. Investing for the future and all that, right?

"If we use Iraqi oil for payback, then the invasion of Iraq really was about oil wasn't it?"

Which is one reason I'm against it. But it also worth reminding everyone that it's the Dems who are pushing to use Iraqi oil as payback, not the GOP. Me, I say that the security gains make it worthwhile.

Didn't mean to pick on you, TLGK, these comments just stood out.


The Reason the S/Hunter IS for some 'Pay-Back' is manifold:
It Strenghtens the fledgling Iraqi Government, Gives Them A Chance For
Full Sovereignty, gives them the needed U.S. Military Presence, and closer economic ties with the USA, and it gives the U.S. the much-needed 'Now-Independence' from OPEC, Revitalises the Dollar...

until the fast-evolving high-tech vehicles will become the 'new norm', and less dependent on scarce Petroleum. There's a new day coming, and sooner than most think.

Japan subsidizes 75% of our military presence there; is that well-known?

(I spoke with a nuclear engineer today from ORNL, that has had a 'Toyota Prius' Hybrid for 8 months, that gets 50 MPG on 'Regular', and he's pleased with the performance). reb


Anonymous said...


I am not against offshore drilling. But it is important to understand that drilling offshore will not result in an immediate fix and in 10 years will have a neglible effect. The day following the interview w/ Lee, he addressed the point that someone made that the oil from the continental shelf is mandated for domestic use. Even so, its cost will be set by the world market.

I know you understand that the problem needs to be addressed on the use side as well as the supply side.

Given what seems to occur regularly in Iraq w/ respect to interfering w/ oil installations and what just occurred in Nigeria, I am very concerned about oil field security. Particulary in Iraq wheere we can reasonably expect suicide bombers to target oil fields and pipelines.



Iraqi Oil Field Reserves, Drilling Teams, Pipe Lines and Storage Facilities Need A U.S. Military Presence in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

Iran's Rabid Mullahs requires a U.S. Two Division Ground Force, plus adequate Air Power to contain that ever-present threat.

The Reid/Pelosi/Durbin/Obama "bring our boys home now" rhetoric is political posturing, and is clearly absurd. reb







Washington D.C., 6/18/2008 -

Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C) applauded Prez Bush's call on Congress to end the federal ban on off-shore exploration for oil and natural gas.

In 1990 Prez G.H.W. Bush issued a directive restricting new oil & gas leases. These restrictions were set to expire in 2000, but in 1998, Prez Clinton extended them through 2012. Also, since 1981, Congress has prohibited states from drilling in 85% of U.S. Outer Continental Shelf along the East & West Coasts and large areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the WSJ, rescinding the ban on off-shore drilling "could open up as much as 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 86 billion barrls of oil on the Outer Continental Shelf to U.S. development.

Anonymous said...


I hope that you may live to see the prodcut of offshore drilling.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Glad I found this site.
1973 should have been a wake up call. There is no reason why this country couldn't be energy independent right now, today. The only reason we are not is due to lack of leadership on energy over the last 35 years. All we have to show for the last 35 years is the wrong headed government promotion of burning food as fuel (ethanol).

Unfortunately, I don't see the needed leadership in the Democratic or Republican party and certainly not in either presidential candidate.

The contention that drilling off shore and in ANWR won't make a difference is wrong. It most certainly will make a difference. However, domestic oil is just part of the solution. More nuclear power plants, wind and water generated power, natural gas, and even hydrogen power must be aggressively pursued.

This country put a man on the moon in less than 10 years. I don't want to hear that we can't dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil in the same or less amount of time.


Welcome Uncle Joe!

We try hard to maintain an Informative Weblog, and this blogging business has its Ups & Downs. Just when I feel I'm on a down-slide, here comes a no_slappz or an 'uncle joe' to bouy me back up again!

To The Newcomer, I like to point to
a few fine Posts...see Archives

July 4th, 2006 ~ WWII History
July 1st, 2007 ~ Marine's Quick Response

and if you'd like to analyse the views of a young Muslim Law Student, just scroll down one post to "A Mullah Reality Check". You can visit with Mohamed Fadly for some Question & Answers...and invite a friend.

Again 'uncle joe', welcome aboard. reb



INTERVIEW with a Top Snake-Hunter:

Good morning, reb. Today I'd like to review your ideas for a winning national-election strategy. Let us begin:

reb: Certainly.

Q. What exactly are the main features of La Grande Win Strategy?

reb: T.N.T., that is, deadly Ten- Negative-Tricks...

1. M & M, or Mind-Manipulation on a massive scale. Or simply, Mean/Money, or Marketing Maneuvers.

Q. I think I see; please continue.

2. P.A.R. Packaging-A-Rally. This Involves Paper-Hats & Horns, Red, White & Blue Balloons, 18' x 24" Blue & Red Cards, with White Borders w/ High-Impact Slogans w/ "CHANGE", 'New Direction', "Out With The Old, In With The New", 'Dump The Status Quo!' etc.

Q. Hmmm, that's impressive!

3. T.V. ADS. This requires vast amounts of Cash, solicited from
gullible, adoring fans, and P.A.C.
Money from "Special Interests".

4. Employing The Key Words, like "Progressive" & 'Environment', and old favorites like "Grass-roots".

5. Empty Promises ~ like Free National Health, Wealth Re-Distribution, and Taxing all those evil Corporations, Wall Street, and especially 'Excess Profits' of ExxonMobile & Shell.

6. Attract Hollywood Celebrities! They All Love the Camera Lens & Microphone. Easy marks!

7. PAYOLA is 'Available' for the ravenous, carefully selected MSM, the "MainStreamMedia" slugs like Cafferty & Keith Olbermann.

8. Bus Transportation for Cheer-Leaders & Rock-Bands! American Flags & Peace Symbols!

9. Employ Pro-Pitchmen Info-mercial-giants like Billy Mays, "Ya Gotta See It, To Believe It!", or Rap-Crap/Hip-Hop Heroes.

10. Get a Big-name Senator, buy him a boat, or a Mercedez... to Host a Docu-Drama bum-rapping Bush, or Promoting a Deceased Democratic Hero. Hot-Doggie!


Q Wowie! Anything Else?

Well yes, You Can Totally Destroy The Opposition w/ Negative Imaging On Bumper-Stickers...

a) (Repeat) "Failed Policy"
b) War-Monger!
c) Cowboy Diplomacy
d) Impeach Bush/Cheney, etc The list is endless with enough "Uncle" George Soros,
MoveOnDotOrg Money.

Q. Thank you, Sir...A Pleasure, reb


Barb said...

Hi there Reb--there are a few responses to you on my blog on the topic of HS.

I'm one of those who thinks God is furious with our decadent culture and homosexuality is the extreme end of the decadence --right up there with pedophilia and adultery --all grieving to our Creator who made us for hetero marriage from the very beginning--reinforced by the words of Christ.

Who would have thought we would be trying to get people to marry the same sex these days! Who would have thought we would have celebrated perversion -instead of trying to prevent it or help people recover from it.

Who would have thought that Christian photographers would be fined and sued and have to pay the legal fees if they refused to photograph gay weddings? Who would guess that a church would lose its tax exempt status if they didn't allow gay weddings in their ocean-side gazebo? Who would have thought the day would come when we would see two men or two women kissing each other on the mouth on TV --and we'd be expected to like it.

Who would have thought that 20/20 would tell about parents indulging a child who wants to be the opposite sex --setting him up to want surgery and hormone treatment to transgender and mutilate himself into a semi-functional member of the opposite sex whose future lovers and roommates and sharers of bathrooms won't appreciate that "she" is genetically male or that "he" is genetically female.

This may just be the time when God's patience is exhausted. We are headed toward end-times disasters of epic proportions, from enemies and from STD's, energy and environmental crises, and a time of famine when one will have to have gold to buy bread.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Who would have thought

when we are concerned enough about the political ramifications of confronting the loony-tune, do-nothing congress, and attempt to work our way through these multi- complexities, that "church-lady" would throw us off-target with

HOMOSEXUALS! Good Grief. pgb



"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance...

I predict the future happiness of Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them!"

Thomas Jefferson


"Moderation in the pursuit of justice
Is No Virtue

And extremism in the defense of liberty
Is No Vice!"

Sen Barry Goldwater, 1964


Anonymous said...


A Choice? Commander-In-Chief, Barry H. Obama (ouch), or that fiesty old spirit of Barry Goldwater? I'd choose the navy pilot John McCain. I was in the navy. At least, he has the scars, and he knows what war is about!

Al Myers, Oak Ridge, Tenn

Anonymous said...


I just noticed something on "TheBarbWire" blog, something you said in a comment. That "But "Christians" seem devoted to focusing only on Two Issues (a) abortion, and (b) the sexual perversions of others, to the exclusion of All other pressing matters facing our nation!"

I would like you to know that this may be true of crazy fundamentalist christians in America, but it is not the case here in Europe. I am a catholic and I have no problems with homosexuality and I believe abortion should be a private matter between a woman and her conscience, and that religion should stay where it belongs, i.e. in one's soul, instead of meddling with politics and sociology.

All the best from France.


Valerie, From France:

These social issues are legitimate subjects for family discussion. But 44 passionate comments (!)

when the world is facing an expansionistic theology from Two Insane Kill-Cultures?

We choose to remain focused on IRAN

Thank you for your comment. reb


Barb said...

Isn't it interesting that Valerie keeps visiting my blog. How's it going, Valerie? she's probably disappointed that I haven't posted anything new there lately, right, Val? in fact, I've just been too busy.

Valerie made it clear, SH, that being a Catholic means very little to her. It is cultural identification for her and nominal Christianity only. Does she really believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God who rose from the grave --who saves us from our sins --without whom we have no prospect of eternal salvation, eternal life with God for eternity? I dont' think she believes that or knows WHAT she believes. She has previously demonstrated no respect for the Bible, doesn't own one and doesn't know any French people who do own one or consider the book relevant as a guide to life and morality, eternity or anything else.

So when she says she is a Catholic Christian who thinks religion should have no influence on politics or sociology, that's because she devalues Christianity as a message from our Creator for how to live now and forever.

Those who really believe that God cares about the affairs of nations and individual morals care about ALL the issues.

But I dont' have to persuade you that we should take care of the earth, the poor, the energy issues, economy, and work for justice and fight crime, etc. Most people ALL want the same things for the nation and the world --Peace and prosperity, freedom, etc.

But Some of us Christians believe the scripture that says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." Who says that "righeousness exalts a nation."

While we all agree that there should be justice for all and a healthy green planet without global warming--we don't all agree about redefining marriage to deprive children of hetero parents --and we don't all agree that killing a child at any age is a mother's rightful choice.

I choose to spend time on the issues where we differ --you can rail on about those things about which everyone agrees if you wish.

I know the issues of marriage and sexuality are important to God as part of His Moral Law for earthlings. His Word says so clearly.

Barb said...

Same for abortion. What kind of nation would legalize the killing of children in the womb for convenience sake? Not a righteous one by God's Word.

Barb said...

You have at least 18 comments on your post here, Reb out of 47 --why were you ribbing me about my 18 comments --you called them P.S.'s --out of 57 comments on my blog?



Cuz Barb & Friends Are The Infallible Ones, Gifted & "Called" by the Creator Himself, and in sole possession of a most blessed "Righteousness", and always 'correct' interpretation of ancient biblical writings, Canon Law, or Holy Qur'an. Hum-bug! DeJa Vu. Such monumental arrogance! I am
overwhelmed w/ greivous error frequently. See the contrast?

Not content to totally dominate her own weblog, sing to her own choir-loft, she travels elsewhere, to impact other 'inferior' efforts with long-winded, rambling double-rants.

Jefferson & Madison knew well the potential for ugliness that lie within the Collective Pious Masses.

Our Precious First Amendment guarantees Freedom Of, and FROM...
Religion. May those two fundamentals live forever!

Hint: You might have more luck with Mohamed Fadly's Sharia & Islamic "Truth"! You're wearing thin here, Barbie Doll. To quote Tennyson...

"There lies more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds."

We again apologize for intruding
upon your righteous domain, now...

Maintain Your Dignity barb, and exist gracefully; we don't wish to delete a lady. reb


Barb said...

Your comment, Reb: "Cuz Barb & Friends Are The Infallible Ones, Gifted & "Called" by the Creator Himself, and in sole possession of a most blessed "Righteousness", and always 'correct' interpretation of ancient biblical writings, Canon Law, or Holy Qur'an. Hum-bug! DeJa Vu. Such monumental arrogance! I am
overwhelmed w/ greivous error frequently. See the contrast?"

You share the view of the socialistic/atheistic/agnostic French bloggers where Valerie hangs out--that all who claim the Bible as God's Word are inevitably arrogant, thinking themselves to be "infallible." This is a gross misrepresentation of Christian Bible-believers. So you are indeed "overwhelmed with grievous error" this time.

Barb said...

I forgot --meant to tell you I have a few comments for you on my blog.



Still More Arrogance From Barb...listen to her condemnation:
"You share the view of the Socialistic/Athiestic/Agnostic/ French Bloggers where Valerie Hangs Out..."


Dear Lady, You Don't Have A Clue...

What I Believe, nor how I arrived at these conclusions after years of meditation, much thought, and prayer. It's my private search for spiritual truth, and quite frankly,

It's None Of Your Business.


I would suggest that you first read Matthew 6:5, then go into your private room, close the door, and be receptive to enlightenment.



Anonymous said...

Reb, (I hope I am correct with your name)

"Still More Arrogance From Barb...listen to her condemnation:"

I know, Reb. We had to put up with this every day for over a year, first in English, then in French too, then in triplicate: Russian as well.

This quote, I find amazing, and sums it up well:

"Valerie made it clear, SH, that being a Catholic means very little to her."

It's quite incredible that this woman claims to know more what happens in my heart vis à vis of my religion than I do myself. She now even construct sentences I never said and has the audacity to pass them as factual statements.

She is a born-again liar.

Here is an article you might enjoy and resumes what we had to endure with Barb:

(in the article, "B" stands for Barb)




Valerie: reb is actually r.e.b.
my three initials.


Barfield barb: A Hint To The Wise, Is Often Sufficient; it might be prudent, if you exercise caution w/ Valerie...If you get Too Pushy, Friendly Val has the verbal skills & potential to tear your head off, and hand it to you.



Anonymous said...


"Barfield ... Friendly Val has the verbal skills & potential to tear your head off,"

LOL, actually I wasn't the one who published the article (I don't have publishing rights, I'm just a regular visitor), it was Whynot, who is the host of the PP blog (he is French + Australian).



Valerie, I'm a bit relieved! The first half of that piece was humorous,

but the last half got a bit rough,
and belongs in a bawdy-house with
rough-necks, lumberjacks, and grizzled old mountain troopers!

Sorry ma'am! I was not suggesting that you were not a lady! reb



Oh Valerie, I've got a dandy post coming up for July 4th, and I'd be honored if you'd like to post a comment there. A fine author. He's gonna skin another snake for us. reb


Anonymous said...


"belongs in a bawdy-house with rough-necks, lumberjacks, and grizzled old mountain troopers!"

LOLLL, there is a lot of very crude language on PP, and while I myself never use it, I don't mind it at all. There is no censorship on language on PP. Different people express themselves in different ways, and I think it's wonderful everyone is allowed to say things the way they want.

But Whynot is hardly a rough neck mountain trooper since he is a marxist trotskyist che-guevarist "commie bastard", as we like to tease him, LOL.

"Sorry ma'am! I was not suggesting that you were not a lady!"

Oh I don't mind, Reb, I don't pretend to be one. I'm just a plain boring not very good looking uneducated catholic Paris girl.

"and I'd be honored if you'd like to post a comment there"

I'll try my best, Reb, but I must warn you my knowledge of American culture and politics is very poor.

PS: I don't know what "lumberjacks" mean.



Valerie, from Paris:

Mountaineer, (read my profile).

Lumber-Jacks are rough men who
harvest very tall trees, haul them
to saw-mills; lumber.

You will learn MORE about American Politics on July 4th Post, and the heated climate here in an Election Year. Sen Kerry was A Vietnam Naval Officer, there for only 3 Months of Combat, and this brief episode launched him to the Left-Wing Party Nomination for President of U.S.A.

He has had Three (!) Anti-U.S. military statements (on Tv camera) and his 'Swift-boat' crew Exposed Kerry! Then a book, "Unfit For Command" sunk his one chance in 2004. He was endorsed by Billionaire Traitor, George Soros!

In 2008, Soros has spent more millions to back Senator Barach Obama! Those are the fundamentals.

Now you will see why 'Republicans'
are very nervous; they face a very
slick junior senator, with a paper-thin resume, and very smooth, likable chatter that may be our next Commander In Chief!!!

Enjoy. reb


Rob R said...

reb, it's interesting to see you dictate to us on how people will or will not change and then you turn around and insult your blog guests as if that won anyone over. By the way, if you don't think a topic is worth discussing just because you don't think it will change anyone's mind, there is no point in telling us what is or is not worth discussing because you won't change our minds, especially not fully understanding our view.

By the way, your views (and valerie's) on the private nature of religion is your own business and you can keep it to yourself in consistency with your own beliefs about religion however fallaciously based upon the intellectual poverty of individualism they rely upon, and our view on the dual nature of religion as both public and private, both communal and individualistic is our business and we will continue to operate in consistecy with that.

Anonymous said...

Rob r,

"By the way, your views (and valerie's) on the private nature of religion is your own business and you can keep it to yourself in consistency with your own beliefs about religion however fallaciously based upon the intellectual poverty of individualism they rely upon, and our view on the dual nature of religion as both public and private, both communal and individualistic is our business and we will continue to operate in consistecy with that.

I am still struggling with managing to speak understanble English, but I have to say - sorry if I mis-state it - that what you say may be perfect American language technically but it sounds like fake rehearsed food from your mother Barb.

In all cases, I have rarely read anything as pompous and arrogant as what you write here, it's nearly like a Monty Python burlesque comedy.

Do you still suck your mother's nipples? Do you have a brain that belongs just to you, or do you regurgitate everything she tells you every evening when she tucks you in bed?

I'm sorry that my power of the English language is limited and that I don't have the language skill of it to use it like Whynot, Microdot, Mr Politeness, Stiletto and others - but I have to say you sound very primitive in your outlook on life.

But maybe it's just a limitation of languages differences. If so, sorry for my expressing myself wrongfully.

I may be a dumb ugly French girl but I think I am not stupid.

At least, I have a mind of my own.




Ahhemmmm! Yes Lovely People, we have had a Fine Post, with an Open Forum for discussing the merits pro & con, relating to the divisive "Politics of Environmentalism"...

and the Consequences suffered by a
Nation at War on two fronts with Global, Suicidal Jihad THEOLOGY,

AND... our basic needs for Petroleum, and Independence from our OPEC ENEMIES.

I Know Of No More Deadly Sin That
Threatens Mankind...Than All-Out, Multi-National Nuclear War.

The title of the post was "The End of Greenism', and because that little Imp on my shoulder was so gleeful,I allowed RELIGION to come barging in to detour us away from far more urgent matters.

We Have Four Months to decide which of the two candidates have the necessary qualifications to be
our next Commander-In-Chief.

Therefore, as the editor-in-chief
of this noble blog effort I must somewhat reluctantly say...

ENOUGH! We have all had an equal opportunity to express our frustrations, our likes & dislikes, and now, unless someone
would like to comment on 'GREENISM',

This Comment Section Is Closed! reb


Anonymous said...

very interesting blogsite. i enjoyed speaking with you at your house last friday.