Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Mullah Reality Check

There is so much smoke around the Iranian Mullahs’ bomb that it makes Tehran’s smog feel like a fresh ocean breeze, by comparison. Here is a partial list of misconceptions about the Mullahs, their capabilities and intentions about the bomb affair.

The Mullahs:

  • Will never dare to use the bomb, even if they had it. To do so would be suicidal.
  • Are years away from anything resembling a credible bomb, in any quantity.
  • They lack the technological skills needed to make a workable bomb.
  • Don’t have the means of hitting Israel with the bomb, their professed favorite target.
  • Want the bomb for defensive purposes only.
  • Would never hand the bomb over to proxy terrorists.
  • Are using this whole bomb thing as a ploy to rally the populace and survive.
  • Are visionary patriots planning for a future when the oil dries up.
  • Are environmentalists aiming to curb global warming caused by the use of fossil fuel.
  • Are striving to join the nuclear club for its prestige.

And on, and on, and on, goes the litany. I believe, based on facts rather than wishful thinking, that every one of the above assertions, as well as all other similar dismissive arguments, are both false and fraught with danger because all the above arguments are confounded by various amounts of denial.

Psychological denial is a common quirk of the human mind. People use denial to distort, even refute reality, when accepting it is too threatening to them. Alcoholics are habitual users of denial, a major tranquilizer of the mind. The alcoholic will adamantly deny having any problem with alcohol and continue to drink, even in the face of irrefutable contrary evidence. Denial is resorted to by both individuals and groups, and can be just as deadly for both.

Perhaps the most compelling dismissive argument is that the Mullahs would never dare to use the bomb, since it would be suicidal to do so. This argument is just as flawed as the rest. The “mutual deterrence” argument may work in state-to-state confrontations. It apparently has worked in the past and the hope is that it will work in the future. However, the mutual deterrence argument fails when a non-state entity is the adversary. The Mullahs don’t have to lob a bomb at Israel or at anyone else to inflict huge damage. They can pursue their cause of death and destruction by simply providing their killers with dirty bombs in a suitcase. Given the Mullahs’ fanaticism and Machiavellian nature, they would come up with a myriad of clever schemes to achieve their objectives.

Consider dirty bombs. They are easy to make, are portable, can kill as well as make a city uninhabitable, without leaving a “finger print.” The Mullahs can go to work then turn “innocently” to the international community for help to find a group of rogue radicals, so they claim, who had penetrated their facilities and made off with a loot of radioactive stuff.

It is not as if events like this have never happened in the past. Deadly stolen radioactive materials have found their way to the black market on a number of occasions. The world would respond in panic, yet with its usual arthritic sluggishness search for the miscreants. Given how clumsy and disorganized the world’s intelligence community is, the prospect of acting expeditiously, much less apprehending the “thieves” is not very encouraging. This is particularly the case when the Mullahs themselves would have a short leash on the “thieves,” to hide them and deploy them only with the greatest of care.

Iran’s ruling Mullahs are clustered around major factions such as the conservatives, the moderates, and the so-called reformists. Yet, the differences among these factions are tactical rather than strategic. One and all share the same overarching goal of defeating the “Crusader-Zionists” by any and all methods possible; bringing about the “end of the world” Armageddon; and, thereby creating the requisite conditions for the appearance of the Hidden Imam, the Mahdi, to assume his rule of the world.

Therefore, it is "Carteresque" (foolish risk-taking a la Jimmy Carter’s throwing in the nation’s lot with the Mullahs during the 1979 Iranian Revolution) to overlook the fact that it is Islam, irrespective of any and all considerations, that poses a deadly threat to the world. Choosing one faction over another is no choice at all.

What is the likelihood that the ruling Mullahs will actually use the bomb? If they remain in power long enough to have it, they are very likely to use it, in one form or another. At the very least, they use the bomb for blackmail and intimidation in the region. Not even the all-out nuclear exchange can be ruled out. Islam is a religion centered on death with the eyes of the faithful fixed on the afterlife and its promised eternal pleasures. If the faithful kills, he goes to Allah’s paradise; if he gets killed, he goes to Allah’s paradise.

The Mullahs’ claim that they are pursuing the nuclear program to meet the country’s energy needs could only fool the most gullible denial type. Why is it that the Mullahs invest nothing at all in stopping the leak of more than six percent of the precious oil they pump out? For every 100 barrels, six barrels of Iran’s irreplaceable national treasure dissipates at the wellhead. Yet, they spend billions of dollars to harness nuclear energy. Just as troubling is the fact that Iran sits on one of the world’s most dangerous earthquake fault lines. Building nuclear plants on sites such as the one in Bushehr is absolute insanity.

Speaking of insanity, Ahmadinejad, the Monkey, comes to mind. He is dismissed as being a zany fanatic who shouldn’t be taken seriously for his bomb-rattling threats. But this type of dismissiveness can prove deadly. Recall that even a multi-billionaire former president of Iran Rafsanjani, a man seen by many as moderate and a shrewd live-and-let-live type, has publicly announced that a single bomb would finish off Israel while the Muslims would suffer a setback from which it can easily recover.

The Mullahs are proven vicious mass killers. They summarily executed tens of thousands of Iranian dissidents. They had no qualms about sending thousands of children to clear the minefields ahead of their tanks during the 80s war with Iraq and they have thousands of “martyrs” brainwashed and prepared to serve as bomb mules to be dispatched to any place in the world.

Sadly, once again it is the peak of “Me First” time with American politicians. Like sharks, they are circling the “bleeding” lame President, busily sniping at him and hoping to take his place. In the meantime, the real enemy, Islamofascism, is forging ahead toward its goal of dominating the world.

I have been warning that it is a deadly miscalculation to engage in infighting, and sit and wait out this emerging catastrophe. It is little more than an exercise in denial to believe that nothing bad will happen, and that the corrupt inept Mullahs will likely shoot themselves in the foot instead of wreaking havoc on the world. I also keep pleading that we should forthwith help the Iranian democratic oppositions send the death-bearer Mullahs back to their mosques. It is the free world’s best and most urgent option.

What sane person would want to take a chance to wait and see if the mad Mullahs, once they have the bomb, would use it or not?

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The above article, 'A Mullah Reality Check' by Amil Imani was sent to this website by Raymond S. Kraft, the fine author of WWII "History" Post, July 4th, 2006, See Archives; Thanks Ray! reb

Winfred Mann said...

Thanks for the accurate description of our adversaries, the transnational NGO know as Islam. Many do not want to hear it; they would rather live in lala land, and pretend everything is wonderful. As one who studied these suicidal maniacs for three years, I can say that this is one of the most accurate documents regarding the Mullahs I have seen.


Thanks Winfred, Please do pass this
Post along to friends, relatives, and any military families (they are among the most aware citizens that we've encountered).

That symbol (top center) is the Coat of Arms of the Islamic Republic of Iran, approved by the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

He's the nut-case that initiated an
"Act of War" by grabbing our U.S. Embassy on November 4th, 1979 during the Jimmy Carter Presidency.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Dittos to what Winfred Mann says

The Iranian government has been at war with the United States ever since the 1979 revolution. More, they have done everything in their power to attack us since then. A we speak they are supplying the insurgency in Iraq and thus are directly responsible for killing American troops.

Yet so many in the U.S. refuse to see this reality. They are at war with us, yet we pretend like it is not so.

Sadly, too many of those who are blind are in the Bush Administration, and Condi Rice tops the list. She's been a miserable Secretary of State I hate to say.

What is worst is that discussion revolves around two extremes; endless negotiations and military attack. I think we need a third way: Regime change effected by open and clandestine means.

Nothing will change until we change their government.

Debbie said...

I agree with you, those assumptions at the beginning of your post are dangerous. I also believe that they are all wrong. The best intelligence that I have heard, places Iran with a bomb within two years. Also it is believed that they already have the delivery system to get that bomb to Israel.

The problem is that the Left and anti-war crowd will pick and choose any assumptions they can get and put them out as facts. It's scary.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth


(about Saddam's WMD's)

It's O.K. We've all heard the
Uncle George Soros 'Hate Mantra'...
dozens of times. MoveOnDotOrg will never
let us forget it!

Now, If Bush/Cheney Lied, they had
A Lot Of TOP Democrats Right There...

helping poor ol' "Incompetent Dubya" spread his "Cowboy Diplomacy" that got us to Invade Iraq, Dontcha Think? reb

Top Democratic Quotes, 2002:


IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL...before the 100,000 member American Israel Public Affairs Committee, A.I.P.A.C.

Tough, Dynamic, Inspiring & Heart-warming.
But something was missing in Barack Obama's speech. He made No Reference to Jew-baiting Rev Jeremiah Wright or buddy Rev Louie Farrakhan's 'Nation of Islam' Hatred.

Similarly, Sen Hillary Clinton was elegant in her praise for Israeli Courage, yet Failed to Denounce Prez Jimmy Carter's support of
Iran's Terror-Puppet HAMAS!

ALL THESE GLOWING WORDS, interspersed with the "Bush Failed Policy" rhetoric of George Soros.

Pardon our skepticism. reb


Calling All Democrats!

For Those "Liberals" That Duck & Whine, And Are Too Damn Lazy To Tap Our Canadian Sources, these are the Words & Prominent Democrat NAMES of Those That Supported The Bush/Cheney War In Iraq in 2002-2003...and now scream "LIAR!"

Jaques Chirac (!) Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sec William Cohen, Tom Daschle, John Edwards, Dick Gephardt, Al Gore, Bob Graham, Jim Jeffords, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Carl Levin, and "Independent" Joe Lieberman.

Patriots Will Use Their Search Engines; Cowards Will Hide Under Their Desks, Demanding CHANGE! reb

Anonymous said...


Does that render the invasion of Iraq more intelligent? The invasion of Iraq was and will always be Mr. Bush's war.

Norrin Radd


Yes Indeed, Norrin Radd!
Here's another quote for your consideration from the Left Coast:

Nancy Pelosi: "The Success of the 'troop surge' is due to the Goodwill of the Iranians."


We Believe Speaker Pelosi needs to be Muzzled, provided a Football Helmet, and a Padded Donniker; early on she has shown symptoms of a seriously cracked skull. reb

Anonymous said...

Last but not least ...

Although I am new to place a comment on this blog. I am now convinced that with the threats we face in the future to our country and borders and culture...

And that we now face perilous choices on our Presidential leadership in the next election as well...

We must all work as hard as we can and follow this tireless blogmasters lead in protecting our beliefs and face down these traitors to America's Soverignty!

Otherwise we will risk ALL freedoms as we have known them!

God bless America!

Anonymous said...

Well Chosen Words From Anon.
But No Signature (to above)! reb

Anonymous said...

Vets For Freedom WSJ Ad
by Kate Norley, A Combat Medic.


1. Senator Obama, when will you finally decide to go back to Iraq to see the progress firsthand?

2. And, when will you finally decide to meet one on one, unconditionally, with General David Petraeus?

Anonymous said...

ONE snake hunter sez,



"We will pay any price, bear any burden, endure any hardship, Support any Friend, Oppose Any Foe,
to Assure the Survival of Freedom."

Those Words, That Willingness, Is Nearly Gone; It Must Return.



"We Will Pay Any Price, bear any Humiliation, Endure any Threat to Our Freedoms, Ignore any Feeble-minded Home-grown Treachery, seek to Negotiate with any Terrorist that has Suicidal Bombers, and IGNORE the Reality That Our Deadliest Enemy Enriches U-235,
as we quibble & fuss, and line up our
Petty Political "Talking Points",


Anonymous said...

Outta Sight My Good Man,
You Tell It Like It Is!



News Break, 6/9/08

Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis
"Koo-Koo" Kucinich has filed 35 Articles Of Impeachment against George W. Bush today.

Kucinich, a Far-Out "Progressive" Left, was so popular among his Democratic collegues during the 2004 nominations, he actually received One Percent of the Votes!
Even the democrats know him to be a bit of Classic 'Nut-Case'.

Shouldn't the Buckeye Voters use a little common sense in choosing their Representatives? Obama-mania seems almost 'normal' by comparison. George Soros is wasting his bucks on this guy! reb





Until Barack Hussein Obama can produce a Verifiable Official Birth Cerificate, his Nomination To High Office May Be In Serious Jeopardy!

Q: Was "Barry" born in Kenya?

Now there's a fast track to the United States Supreme Court! Is that why Hillary Clinton is so doggedly hanging in there, with that big toothy smile? Ain't she and Billy a cute couple? reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

"Now there's a fast track to the United States Supreme Court! Is that why Hillary Clinton is so doggedly hanging in there, with that big toothy smile?"

That may indeed be the deal she made with Obama! Scary indeed but a possiblity. The thought of her on the bench will be all I need to get out and work for McCain this year!


Not a Supreme Court Appointment, Tom. She's hardly a Constitutional
Attorney; she'd never get passed Senate scrutiny.

If Obama cannot produce a Valid U.S Birth Cerificate, she gets the DNC Nomination in August. A Kenya Document just won't work here! reb



Bush (G.O.P. Congress)> $2.10 per gallon.


Nov 2006, (Dem Congress) UPWARD,
TO 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, $4.00 Ouch!

It's Greenie Oil Moratoriums... There's A New Awareness Coming! reb

Anonymous said...

You have obviously drawn the completely wrong conclusion if you believe that the Democratic congress is to blame for the prices at the pump. Try these:

1. Explosive demand for oil and gas in China, India, and Russia where it is now possible for middle class people, a class that did not exist until recently, to buy automobiles and where industry requiring oil and gas is growing at a very high rate.

2. Continuing uncertainty in Middle East, largely attributable to the war in Iraq.

3. The complete and utter failure of the Bush administration over the last seven and a half years to enact policies that would foster reduced prices at the pump. The Raymond Kraft article you printed discusses some of them.

4. The failure of major oil companies to build additional refineries or to enact business plans that would serve the public rather than their stockholders. Their stockholders include pension plans, retirement funds, and many other funds whose growth benefit individuals. Nevertheless, the policy of maximizing profits at the expense of creating less expensive gasoline has resulted in increases of price at the pump; increases in th ecosts of everything that requires transportation, like groceries; and the bankruptcy of sevral airlines and the increase in ticket prices at at airlines.

Remember that the Republicans controlled Congreess until 2006.

Norrin Radd.


Norrin Radd,

Thank you for your uncommon awareness. Anyone that reads is aware of China & India's growing modernity, requiring a need for petro-fuel.

Your second point is again obvious;
We have been at war with Global Jihad's kill-culture since November, 1979. Radd offers no quick-fix on this one.

Your Third Point reveals to all your suspect agenda, and that echoes the tiresome rant of a George Soros Puppet, with the familiar Hate-Bush rhetoric...and that is disappointing; we've heard it all, with boring multiplicity since 9/11/2001.

Lastly, "The failure of major oil companies..." ad infinitum.

There is nothing unethical with any business making a percentile profit on their Huge Investments in Research & Development, Exploration, Administrative Personnel, Inventories of Equipment for Drilling, Transportantion, Storage & Delivery of a High Quality Product To The Consumer Market. The Oil Industry has earned our gratitude, not mindless, nit-picking scorn.

Your last line again, is quite telling. You appear consumed with dirt-common partisanship, rather than offering viable solutions to complex problems. That's the visable difference between author Raymond Kraft, and the 'Mystery Personality' of a Norrin Radd.

Nice try, we're not buying. reb

Anonymous said...

snake hunters,

Good Lord. What a curious response.

I responded to your comment which implied that the Democrats were somehow responsible for high gas prices by pointing out several real causes for the increase of prices at the pump.

In response to that, you attack me
by calling me a puppet of an international financier. Why did you do that?

Only someone unacquainted with the petroleum market would deny that the war in Iraq has had the effect of driving up the price of crude oil. It is not the only reason but it is a reason. Any unrest in the Middle east drives up the price of petroleum but an ongoing five year war is a big factor.

As for the Bush administration, I think we can safely assume that a president who was an oil company executive and a vice president who was an executive of an oil services company are very familiar with the oil industry in the United States. Do you recall the aftermath of Katrina when gas prices spike, in part because refineries were affected?. Did this administration ever go to congress and take the position that one issue in supplying gas to the American public is refinery capacity and that there have been no new refineries built in over thirty years. (The last one opened in March 1978) Did the administration ever propose giving oil companies a tax incentive to increase refinery capacity by building a new one? The problem with this administration and its relationship with the oil industry is that the administration was too invested in the status quo.

I did not state that there was anything wrong in oil company profits, obscene though they may be. In fact, I pointed out that the stockholder beneficiaries of these profits are funds that benefit amny people. Nevertheless, as with any busines there is an issue when profits are made. How does the company divide such profits between benefiting the stockholders in th eway of paying dividends and investing in the company to provide more of the product that the company produces. I do not think that the American public which drives automobiles has seen the benefit of those profits.

You appear happy to blame the Democrats for the price of gasoline at the pump.

There are many factors contributing to the increase in th eprice of gasoline, those I mentioned being much more of a factor than the Democrats.

If you believe that the Bush administration has been effective in combatting the increase of price of gasoline and that the oil industry is doing everything it can, defend those propositions.

Leave ANWR out of the equation though. For better or worse ANWR has not been available so what else could the administration and the industry have done?

Norrin Radd


Norrin Radd,

Your argument is both specious and
cleverly deflective, but here's where it sadly falls apart...

a) You cite "unrest in the Middle East, and a five-year war"

Fact: The 'unrest and the war' is global in scope, and has been an on-going struggle with Iran's Offensive Jihad since Nov 4, 1979, when the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini grabbed our U.S. Embassy (an Act of War) in Tehran, holding Embassy Diplomats for 444 days, during Prez Jimmy Carter's tenure. That's 30 years, not Five! Hundreds of suicidal bombs have cooked off around the globe in the intervening years. Capital cities of Mumbai (Bombay), Madrid, London and New York City are among them.

(I must assume Norrin Radd need not be reminded of that here, being already aware of those facts).

Fact 2: Norrin Radd must also be aware that Prez Bill Clinton vetoed
the Drilling in ANWR in the 1990's presumably to save the wild caribou herds from extinction, another piece of canned
flim-flam and ledgerdemaine.

Fact 3: The 'real' causes for the escalating Prices at the Pump, are obvious only to those that understand the true nature of the Theocracy that fuels Global Jihad.

OPEC is their Prime Weapon, and Saudi/Wahhabism (sunni) and the renewed Persian Empire's Madhi (Shiite) Militants, are the Muslim Brotherhood's front-line suicidal troopers, the visible forces of Hezbollah & Hamas that show up on our Cable News Networks from time to time. Those Wild-eyed Leaders enrich U-235. Does that concern you?

b) Pointing to Democratic & Republican Legislators that are frankly more interested in gathering their minions for re-election bids, saps their strength
away from actions that would protect this nation...with petty-fogging shyster regularity, and concerned citizens are frightened with this noxious behavior.

If this editor seems obsessed with protecting Bush from G. Soros, it's only that we are weary of the
Hate-Mantras that have heavily permeated the atmosphere since N.Y. City 9/11 gross tragedy.
You may indeed be a decent fellow,
who can say? It's simply that you clearly fail in your hollow protestations, for lack of any solid historical content.

Surely, Norrin Radd is not your given name. My profile is an open book, not that anyone would care.
Now, who are you? Give us your background sir, and a bit of your political agenda. reb

Anonymous said...

I may "indeed be a decent fellow," "specious and cleverly deflective" though my argumentsd may be.

I cannot say that I am any longer inclined to give you deference as my host in consideration of the insults with you have responded to my comments. I have taken the opportunity to read your comments and past postings.

I find your interpretions of both history and the facts to be rather self serving in the sense that you have your vision of history and you tend to emphasize the facts that support it while ignoring, or worse perverting, the facts that do not. At the same time, you display the arrogance
of someone who "has the knowledge" and you therefore treat me as if I were somehow ignorant and need to be taught before I am granted equal status. You should be much more welcoming to strangers at your door.

Case in point: Although the Iranian Revolution and Wahabbism have similarities, you seem to view them as two prongs of a single movement, rather than separate movements with similar goals.

Second case in point: From your response to my second comment and your other comments that I read on this blog, you do not "seem" to be obsessed with George Soros, you are obsessed with George Soros. I find this unfortunate in three regards. The first is that like most addicts, you are in a state of denial if you are unable to recognize how much of your philosophy is based on countering the person who you perceive as an arch villain, more sinister than Professor Moriarty himself.

The second regard is that if you truly believe that George Soros is responisble for a fraction of the evils of which you think he is responsible, then I am afraid that your preception of reality is twisted to the extent that it may make a rational interchange of ideas with you impossible. Have I wandered into some type of asylum?

The third, which seems to be another mainifestation of your arrogance and elitism, is that you believe that American people are so mentally docile so as to have been manipulated by the a conspiracy of negativism at the center of which web sits George Soros, spinning his sticky strands to entrap the unwary. You hold your fellow countrymen in rather low regard.

Although you proclaim "The wisest mind has something yet to learn!" your own mind appears as closed as a locked vault.

He who argues with an insane man is himself insane. I am uncertain how much time I will spend here in the future.

Norrin Radd


We're sorry Norrin, that you found
little to amuse you here; this weblog has never suffered the expectation of pleasing everyone.
Our sanity (or yours) is hardly worthy of serious investigation.

This great nation faces grim perils
from an ancient theology ruled by vain "pious-poopers" that lead a suicidal kill-culture, and our focus shall remain there, and on other pertinent issues, mostly ignoring the ever-present nit-pickers, and confront those that we deem most troubling.

It's No Surprise That You Offer No Readable Profile, so I must assume that you fear closer scrutiny. Often people with negative backgrounds will hide their true intent behind a paper facade of anonymity or under a mahogany veneered desk, throwing pointed darts of insult at people with other, more noble motivations. These timid souls are unworthy of extended discourse, don't you think?

We've found two monsterously strange & mysterious negatives in George Soros, read his 'Bubble of American Supremacy' and Lez Cagan (see UFPJ), and we zero in on those types, and the delusional people that support them.

If you find a more demonic threat, in the public interest, you should spend Your Quality Time Creating An Informative Blog, and expose these noxious rascals to the sunlight for the world to see, and carefully analyse. That, it seems to me, would be a more productive enterprise, than foolishly wasting your invaluable gift of gab, and precious, but limited hour here.



Snake Hunters Take Note:

This Radd fellow, first showed up on June 4th with a rather obvious nom de plume, quickly displayed his talent for parroting the following all too familiar lines:

3. "The complete and utter failure of the Bush Administration..."

4. "The failure of major oil companies to build refineries"*

*Countless restrictions have been around for decades, and are visible today "on the record" to preclude those "evil" Oil Corporations from building any new refineries, prohibit drilling in proven areas, and forbid any new, environmentally clean & safe IFR/AFR Nuclear Power Generation by the "Greenie" environmental & global warming groups, as displayed here on other recent S/H posts. Controversial stuff! This bouncing political football will eventually come to rest, and patience is rewarded.

I think we have detected enough on this anonymous guy's clear motives to request that he do the gentlemanly thing, and just fade away. We don't wish to be rude, or use Deletion, but Heavily Partisan Rants Are Boring, and do not really provide anything of value.
We will continue allow Anonymous Comment, when offered with goodwill, also realizing that not all viewers have recognizable websites, but do wish to voice legit opinions, and that's fine with us.

This occcasional behavioral problem is simply a part of the hazzard of the Open Forum Format, and in an election year, it's to be expected when dealing with the general public; Sorry folks, for the interruption.
To "Radd". No Insult Intended; please exit w/ dignity. reb

Anonymous said...

Adieu. I will happily exit with dignity. I will point out that if "partisan rants are boring" one major issue with your blog is that for the most part it is nothing more than a partisan rant

Norrin Radd


To All Interested Students

This editor has carefully composed a 20-Minute Psycho.Metric Test Page
for Purposes of Self-Evaluation.

Go Now to 'Psychology' Post, February 17, 2006 by tapping 2/2006, then scroll down to Feb 17th...
to "Psychology"

Now, Tap Comments, scroll to #20...To Begin Your Private Test.

Enjoy! reb

Mohamed said...

Hello Mr.reb,

You've invited me more than 2 weeks ago to express my mind about this post.

First I'd say only one thing. This post fits you more than it fits Iran. (!!!)

The post depends on the hard question; Will they use it or not?!! mmmmm Actually no body ca know. However their religious leaders said that it's against Islamic religion to use mass destruction weapons, but by describing them as 'vicious mass killers' will close your ears from hearing any other word even before saying it.
But when we think deeply about it we'll found out that Americans have already used 2 nuclear bombs before. They can do it again!!! I know all the stuff that you'll say like; it was necessary to kill those Japanese dogs who didn't want to resist, the use of the atomic bomb prevented more killings, .. etc.

You know; all the stuff like that exactly fits your theory; "Psychological denial is a common quirk of the human mind. "

What do you think?!!

On the other hand; if you think that they are of Machiavellian nature, so do you think that this fits Israelis?!!
Israelis wanted a home land (that was their goal), to achieve that they went to Palestinian lands and occupied it, they killed, raped, stole, demolished, burnt, cut trees, broke international laws, etc(these were the means). So what do you think?!!

I completely understand that my words don't fit your culture. I may feel sympathy towards a child being killed or a woman being murdered out of my Islamic culture, but you may ask first about his nationality to classify if killing a child is bad or 'self-defence'. Any way; difference is a nature law.

You asked me what I think about what CAIR leader said.
I wonder of this question; you're a free country -as you claim- so every body is free to say what he likes. Where is the problem then?!!


Mohamed said...

Plase notify your friend LGK that I'm ready now for the discussion.


Mohamed, Hello Again!

First, you are unfair to me. You put words in my mouth. I would never, ever call the Japanese people 'dogs'...Never! In the 1920 and 1930's, POWER-MAD LEADERSHIP with Expansionist Dreams led that Nation to War (Against China, in1928), you must read it all. Then The Warlords hit Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.

In this war, 'Expansionist Offensive Jihad' Leadership seeks (again) to Conquer all of Europe, Impose Sharia Dhimminitude, Enjoy brute Hegemony over the whole planet! With a book. Isn't that wonderful?

The Saudi Royals want it, the Persians too. Eventually, Sunni & Shia will plan war, then kill each other, like today's Hamas/Fatah (PLO). Deny it! They USE Religion as a weapon, over the masses, to achieve that goal.

It's not a 'new' plan. Russia's Lenin said, "Religion Is The Opiate of the Masses", so he knew.

It's Not A Secret, Mohamed, so don't be coy with reb.


Your Paragraph 3:

"their religious leaders (Iran) said it's against islamic religion to use mass-destruction weapons..."

and yet they enrich U-235, a potent
material for the bomb, and not for electric power generation.

Soon most muslim nations will have the bomb. What a crazy world then! You know about Pakistan's Dr Khan; these types do not care, do they,
about masses of suffering little people.

The Taliban think he is a hero!

Europe did not believe Hitler when
his book 'Mein Kampf' told them in advance what he intended to do! Forty Million Plus in a dozen countries died! You Thirst for Truth, (Read WWII History).

Crazy-man Ahmadinejad tells the world, in advance, that he intends to Sweep the Israeli "Off The Map".

With Nukes...Or just a big broom?

You tell us which. He says it will be "soon". Would the Israeli be justified, if they will all surely perish anyway, To Strike First? What would you do, if Egypt were under such an Open, Public Threat?

Six Million Israeli taunted by 69 million Persians. The U.N. sits and waits, Europe waits for this 21st Century "Hitler-Man" To Move. Have they forgotten, in 60 years?

Will Tiny Israel Wait, like bleating sheep, for the butcher?
Hamas shoots rockets from Gaza;

Hezbollah's Nazrullah waits in South Lebanon, for orders from Boss Ahmadinjad's eMail, in Iran,
for a code-word.

A Curious World Waits. The Iranian
Mullahs are anxious to see their Madhi Prophet, and Sunni are not believers in the "Madhi", the 12th
and Last Imam...but the Persian Grand Ayatollah Does Believe, or just pretends he believes fiction.

They are not the First Power-Mad
Leadership, nor the last.

This Is Not a Hollywood Movie, or a
Tv Drama. The 12th Imam IS Fantasy!
Or do you disagree?

Yes, DENIAL is a common quirk
of the religious mind. We see it in many religions of the past. Hinduism is 5000 years old. They have the terrible bomb too!

All Claim to Know The Creator (from very old books) but only a few Wish to Destroy His Creation to Receive Eternal Paradise...after
Armegeddon! Is that Heavenly, or is
it Hellish? Each must decide, and Shun Denial...risking the fate of the Apostate, and beheading!

Some nuts say, "Better to reign in hell, than to serve in heaven."

Hmmm. "To thine own self, be true".
Creation gave us a brain; logic dictates that we use it, and avoid... Denial. reb

Mohamed said...

Dear Mr.reb,

You believe in freedom, right?

So why you give your country the right to keep itself safe by having a mass destruction bomb, and don't give this right to other countries?!!

You used it before, Iran didn't.

It's the freedom of every country to protect itself the way it sees the best.

Pretend the worst. Iran will use the bomb, will it kill 5 Million bodies. Some thing worse?!!

What's the problem then?!! There are many people on that planet, we're suffering from a food crisis these days, less people on the planet will be better.

Actually we should thank Iran if it used its 'future bomb'.

Have you read these words above?!!
Then forget them, I was just kidding.

In fact; I can't look at the problem of Iran's Nukes alone. We should look at all the states, which ones already have them, which ones had used them, which ones are crazy enough to use them, etc. There are many things that must be put into consideration.

So, America already used them twice and had their unconvincing justifications, and now had much more powerful bombs. Israel had it and their Zionistic leaders believe in the Armageddon battle, and 're ready to do everything to accelerate it and suffer from the exaggeration feeling of power, and are crazy enough to use every mean to achieve their goals (Don't forget the collective punishment against Gaza and the continuous demolishing of homes, etc). Russia and England already have them, and many many other countries have them.

So, what I want to say is that there are many states that already have these mass destruction weapons ready for use, or why they have them?!!
We should ask ourselves first and care sooo much about if those countries that already have them will use them or not.

We are talking here about countries that will use them, and a country that will have it then will use it.
We're talking about future danger and current danger. (!!!)

Do you think that you can convince me that among those tens of countries that already have Nukes, there is not al least one country that may use it?!!

Dear Mr.reb,
If you asked me if I like mass destruction weapons, I'll say;
Our great prophet Muhammad -Peace Be Upon Him- tols us that there is a woman went to hell because she locked a cat, and that there is a man went to the Heavens because he gave water to a thirst dog. So if Islam is inviting to mercy towards animals, so what do you think about human?!!
Allah said in Qur'an what means; ".. if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. .." 5:32 That's the value of man's life in Islamic religion and that's the teachings that prophet Muhammad invited to. So do you think that Islam agrees to random killing and mass destruction weapons?!!
Mass destruction weapons are just out of the combination of madness and power. Man was crazy enough to made these crazy weapons. I wonder what's next?!!

So if I'm against these crazy weapons, so do this make me against Iranian future Nukes?!! Sure and with no doubt YES. But the problem is that there are other countries that already have them, this must make me think again.

You (or TLGK) asked me before if I feel safe if Iran had Nukes in the future and here you're my answer. Sure I won't feel safe, but Israel is an enemy of 300 Million Arabs in the area and already have these crazy weapons. So I don't feel safe that Israel our enemy have this weapon.
My point in one short paragraph;
First all countries must destroy all their Nukes, then the world must fight against Iran and any other country if it dreamed to own a Nukes. It'll be then threating safety of the world. But before this happens, we can't prevent any country from having in the future these weapons.
About sweeping Israel out of the map, what's the problem in that?!! We Arabs hate Israel and don't accept it as a real state. Do this make all of us crazy killers?!!

I think that the problem how you classify Nijad because of this saying is that you didn't understand him.
His problem with Israel is not religious more than being political. He's against Zionism not Judaism. He's against that entity that has been forced on us 60 years ago, against the will of Palestinian people and Arab peoples.

Please have a look on this image and tell me what you think;




Mohamed: Thank you for these very good questions!
a) Correct.

b) Most Nations that now have these
terrible weapons, would use them ONLY for their national survival, or proof of Serious Threat.
(See India/Pakistan).

IF IRAN were ever to have them, they would use this awesome power to achieve their sick goals of Hegemony Over All Weak Nations, hand off "dirty" weapons to crazies like Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood, et al., then piously claim innocence, AFTER a dirty device "cooks off" in Europe or America, and offer a willingness to "help find" the guilty party...Iran's Leadership Is Cleverly Insane; We Cannot Trust Them. We Believe Their Threats... Their Young, Enlightened People, about 70 percent, Are Fine. They need Regime Change from the Ruling Mullahs.

c) Correct. We Used It in August, 1945 to End A Grim War, that took 40 Plus Million Lives in a dozen countries, over Five Decades Ago!

Iran hasn't "used it" because they Haven't Had It! Read Facts, (Read Some History).

d) Freedom to "Protect & Defend' is 'Defensive Jihad', and that is Good. "Freedom" to Force Sharia Law and Ancient Religious Ideas, with a long, long history of suicidal brutality...that Deny the Human Right to find a kinder, gentler religion, are labelled APOSTATE, and have their Heads Cut Off! That is not a "freedom" we can endorse!

We cannot endorse "Honor Killing" of innocent young girls with a sharp blade in the bloody hand of a parent, brother, or relative... or with stoning women.


Now, I have attempted to be sincere
(without kidding you); please do the same for me). Also, be concise.

Ask three questions, allow me to answer, then continue with more questions. Thank you sir. reb


Mohamed said...

Hello Mr.reb,

I'd like to thank you for this chance.

Here you're my questions;

1- Why Iran -out of your view- would use 'its future bomb' more than other countries that 'already have them' -which will use them 'ONLY for their national survival'-?!! (Please provide real evidences not analysis)

2- Do you believe that there is any resonable justification for killing an American child, like self-defence, preventing more killings, safety of other states, etc?!!

3- Do you believe that all Muslims are crazy killers? What is the percentage which you think they're like that?!!

I would appreciate real answers from you.



Thank you Mohamed, I will do my best to answer your questions; they are not difficult at all.

1) My View. Most of Iranians are educated, and before Khomeini Imposed Rigid Sharia on 69 million
population, there was freedom to choose a religious life, or a business, industrial, scientific, etc much like in the USA. Nothing was Forced. Good people. Apostates were not beheaded, Honor Killing were prohibited by Law. (We still Impose the Death Penalty on the Most Violent, Career Criminals. One such, recently was convicted of
Raping, then burying ALIVE a 10 year old girl (with her toy Teddy Bear)! Jessica's Law was enacted, where sicko killers get Death Penalty, and kidnappers get a minimum 25 years (in most states). Different culture, Different Laws, Vigorous Defense Here.

In 1979, Gr Ayatollah grabbed our
Embassy, held hostages, and Peace-Loving IDIOT Jimmy Carter, did NOTHING! Today he defies all logic, plays Unauthorized diplomat
with Hamas, the Iranian Puppet! He and Fatah's Arafat both received a
PEACE PRIZE. Mohamed might like that, many here think he's a NUT!
His Actions are seen as "Weakness" in the Middle East. That's Bad Diplomacy, and bullys will kick a weak kid around. Bombings Erupt Around The World! Many happy tongues wagged funny sounds on 9/11,the Great Satan is a Paper Tiger! We'll press harder, threaten with
enrichment, BOMB EMBASSIES etc etc etc. If they win, they go to Allah's Paradise, If they lose or Die...Good, they go to Allah's Paradise. That's a tough enemy that shrugs Life, honors Death.

But no Imam straps on the bomb; no High Official, No Ayatollah.

In the 8 year war with Saddam, little kids went to Saddam's Mine Fields, ahead of Iran's meet Allah! The kid's Imams smiled. Grim & Ugly!

Different culture; we don't send babes into battle.

2) We have 300 million people; we send 18 year old young men into battle, not little children! We are not monsters.

3) Of Course Not!!! Muslims are just like all people in the world.
They want food, clothing, nice homes, an education for their children. Bad Leadership will turn
the weak-minded 10% into criminals that hate everyone that is not Muslim. Kill the Infidel kafir, Ambush him! Tax the Dhimmi, subjugate all to Fear Leadership.

Do you have Mutawah (Piety Police), like Saudi Arabia? We do not.

Threaten all who do not bend their knees five times a day; mutilate and behead on "Holy" Friday! (My view). Cut off the right hand of a hungry thief; We do not. Different
Approach to "Rule of Law".

The ninety percent will go with the winner of war, because they secretly wish to live. If you remove the Head of The Snake (the Leaders) there will be only a Temporary Peace.

Elections remove leaders every four years. No blood is spilled. Only death removes your most vicious ayatollah leaders, then another one pops up, like weeds in the lovely garden of life (my view).

See how different we are? I wish you well; I have Goodwill for Egypt, for people everywhere. You probably hate these words, and hate me for being honest. But I know more about people's hearts, because of my age. I see positive & negative in nearly everyone.

Most Leaders Lust for Power! How can you trust them? They say, "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven! Brute Power.

The Snake Speaks With A Forked
Tongue! Some are Poisonous Killers. Do you understand? reb


no_slappz said...

mohamed, you asked a few questions:

"1- Why Iran -out of your view- would use 'its future bomb' more than other countries that 'already have them'"

It is painfully obvious that Iran would attempt to bomb Israel with an atomic weapon because the Iranian leader has said that's what he wants to do. I believe him.

However, if an Iranian atomic bomb explodes in Israel, Israel will counter-attack with its own nuclear bomb. That will cause Pakistan, India, China, Russia, and Europe to prepare to launch nuclear attacks.

The US would also put its nuclear weapons into a ready state. At the very least, the US would launch conventional weapons at Iran.

You also wrote:

"-which will use them 'ONLY for their national survival'-?!! (Please provide real evidences not analysis)"

You have the usual muslim bad habit of taking all logic out of a discussion and derailing a discussion by setting conditions that cannot be met.

Bottom line: Iran is likely to see its nuclear facilities destroyed by Israel within 12 months.

Fortunately, muslims are technically incompetent and cannot develop nuclear weapons without the help of other nations. Thus, Iran will have no idea if the nuclear bomb it hopes to buy will actually work or pop like a dud firecracker on its launch pad.

You asked:

"2- Do you believe that there is any resonable justification for killing an American child, like self-defence, preventing more killings, safety of other states, etc?!!"

Again, your question goes into the realm of the absurd.

What defines a child? Is a child 2 years old? Or 15 years old?

Self-defense is an accepted defense for killing another person in the US. If a 15-year-old shoots a gun at a policeman, the policeman is empowered to return fire and kill his adversary. It is not necessary for the policeman to check the age of the shooter before returning fire.

You asked:

"3- Do you believe that all Muslims are crazy killers?"

If all muslims were crazy killers, the muslim population would be much smaller than it is. Thus, the fact that there are 1 billion muslims in the world is evidence that the majority of muslims are NOT crazy killers.

On the other hand, the widespread acceptance of suicide bombing is convincing evidence that muslims have no regard for human life -- muslim or non-muslim. Muslims are gleefully killing other muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other locations around the globe.

You asked:

"What is the percentage which you think they're like that?!!"

Your question is a bit silly. But, again, it is painfully clear that the general feeling among muslims is that they believe the world would be a better place without non-muslims.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...


It is good to hear yor voice again.


I think reb and no_slappz have answered your questions, such as they are in an adequate manner therefore I need not add anything further.

I do have a question for you. "What is it about Islam, your religion, that renders acceptable the practice of suicide bombing? My follow up is: "In Iraq, the vast majority of suicide bombing targets other Iraqis, nearly all of whom are Muslims. How do you explain this?"


The Loop Garoo Kid

Mohamed said...


Thanks for your answers. Finally we're starting to have a real discussion.


There is a long comment for you on my blog, 'Kill kill, no body is talking!!' post.


Islam is completely against random killing. Qur'an said what means; ".. if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. .." 5:32
May be acts of some Muslims today is against the look of Islam of human life, but I hope that all that disappear. I think that we should work on teaching them real Islam.

Please in 3 days have a look on my post 'The alert of the explosion' I'll answer your question there.


Mohamed said...

To all my friends on this blog,

Two simple questions I'd like that you answer them;

1) In the way of solving Palestinians-Israeli conflict, what do you think Israel is ready to give?

2) Do you believe that Islam invites to terrorism?

I'd like to say another thing which I said in the ending of my reply to no_slappz on my blog but I'll say it again.

Today we're living a very amazing experiment, we're living the time of the Internet. In no time, a person somewhere on the map can say something to another person half the earth away.

We should use this amazing invention to achieve a very great target, I'm talking here about 'Cultural talk'. We can use it to talk and discuss about every thing, we can clarify the image, we can understand each other better.

So I hope that we achieve this goal together through the real will of discussing and understanding the other side not only attacking him and putting him in the guilty cage.

Best wishes for all of you,

Mohamed said...

If you allow me there is another question;

Hamas sais that they're against Al-Qaeda and 9-11 attacks, What this means to you?




First, You will notice that no_slappz and S/H are treating our Egyptian Guest respectfully here, with No 'Reviles', just courteous discussion; and, we do appreciate your friendly attitude.


a) To answer the first question: I must place myself in Israeli Shoes.

If we are six million hated Jews, surrounded by 600 million of our blood-brothers (all sons & daughters of Abraham) and they have no room for us in our native homeland, and one very powerful relative enriches U-235 (IRAN) and declares to the world that he will
"wipe us off the map", we believe he intends to do it to fulfill his Al Mahdhi Prophesy! So, the first question is puzzling, Give what?
b) We Observe...the difference between Offensive & Defensive Jihad. Defensive Jihad Protects Islam's Occupied Land. That's Fine!

Offensive Jihad Is More Hostile, hoping to move into the non-muslim lands, slowly Infiltrate, then eventually Dominate, To Impose a Rigid Sharia Law, and threaten
Enforcement w/ beheadings and chopping the Right Hand (when a more humane Ink-tattoo would be better to mark a thief), Tax the Dhimmi, and eventually totally capture another land for the Grand Ayatollah's Outrageous Plan of World Conquest!

Some believe, when Suicide Bombers are used in this expansion effort, this method has earned the Label of....Terrorism!

c) Hamas speaks for IRAN. They are funded by Iran. When their mouths move, it is an Iranian "Puppet" that speaks for Iran; when a rocket flies from Gaza into Israel, it was on the Direct Order from Tehran, not from Palestine. The world's diplomats know the Mullahs of Iran, and all of their plans. Iranian Mullahs issue the Military Orders to HAMAS, and to Nasrullah's Hezbollah in Beruit, Lebanon. The world is watching Tv, and on the Internet. Nothing is a Secret Now!

Palestine Has Always been ruled by outside forces. They Have Never Enjoyed Self-Rule. Never!

Thank you for the three questions. Please continue. reb



Loop Garoo,

On Occasion, we are all subject to error, and good friends are quick to spring to the rescue.

The Mind Is A Sponge, filled with
Fact & Fiction. The clutch oft slips, as we approach senility, even as you and I. Thanks. reb

Anonymous said...


Rudyard Kipling, while serving of Her Majesty the Queen, once remarked,

"East Is East, and west is west, and ne'er the twain shall meet!'

And now they have, on the Blog-O- Sphere. Please do continue! pgb __________________________________



"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance...

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them!"

Thomas Jefferson


"Moderation in the pursuit of justice is
no virtue...

And extremism in the defense of liberty
is no vice!"

Sen Barry Goldwater, 1964


RogerOS said...

The Mullah's will say anything to appease world opinion. I have a great deal of respect for the Iranian people (having gone to college with a lot of them). Hopefully one day the true heroes of the Iranian revolution will rise up and establish a government worthy of them, rather than a bunch of talking head extremists.


Mohamed said...

Hello Mr.reb,

Finally back :)

You said that you and your wife practice fishing like me. In fact I'm not so professional like you, I didn't try boat fishing, I have poor equipments. But my uncle loves fishing very much -he is the one who made me love fishing- and is a real professional, he caught before two sawsharks taller than him from Saudi Arabia. I hope to upgrade my skills and be like him.

You asked me about the two men who won the Noble prize and their 'failed' policy..

I'll say only one thing; We gave Israel the opportunity to practice war and force to achieve their aims but you can see, 60 years passed without solving any problems but instead they created more and more problems. I ask you then; how much did we gave peace instead of war to settle problems?!!

I believe that if we gave the peace real time -at least 5 years- all problems will be settled. But when Israelis insist at always using force and can't hold stopping killing Palestinians and expropriating their lands so problems will never be solved.
And a small example is that Israelis broke the ceasefire and killed a Palestinian in Gaza.

You asked me a question about Offensive and Defensive Jihad through Qur'anic verses, and said that you want my answer to make persons who call you on the phone read it. Then I ask you for some time to make my research in the Qur'an and answer you. I'll try not to be so late.

Your friend,



Hello Again, Mohamed!


Re: Palestine, your favorite subject. This area is one of the saddest of all places on this earth. Jews & Muslims have the same
lineage, from Father Abrahim, Sarah & Hagar...they are true blood-brothers! But man has killed his brother since the beginning of time...

Perhaps "God", Allah/Jehovah... this mysterious "creative force" with a thousand names, has purposely "built into the human psyche" the Greed for Power and Dominance over the weaker minds... who can really say?

I have seen war, it is ugly, and it is not a thing that I would be proud to create. The little children, are they guilty, and need such an ugly punishment?

So, we all struggle to understand.

Over the many centuries, and we witness sufferings of the people on both sides, and the wars and the bloodshed, I can find little to be optimistic about. Israeli and Palestinian leadership cannot find the path to peace & prosperity, although the people want it!

WAR is a Continuum, and PEACE is a
Fantasy, and sadness must continue.

Man has walked on the moon, flies quickly in comfortable machines,
bounces signals off of satellites,
creates the computer...but he cannot fix the criminal mind!

I have no wisdom to stop war. reb


Mohamed said...


I'm with every word you said about war.

You're completely right. Man made great things, but until now he can't stop himslef from killing his brothers.

I hope that peace prevails this world.

By the way, there is a post on my blog that you may be intersted to have a look on. Please check it and tell me what you think.

Best wishes,




Mohamed, This is good.

In Legal-Speak, we are now having a...

"Meeting of The Minds".


I learned these words at 12-13; they are forever in my memory-bank:

Preamble To U.S. Constitution, written by Thomas Jefferson...

"WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." 1787-88

>>>>>>>>>>>>> ************* <<<<<<<<<<<<<



Mohamed, A Legal Consideration:

Popular Young Senator Obama Is A Great Mystery To Most Americans.

All we really know is what we see on Tv.

Questions Remain: Since his father & step-father were both Muslim, and he had early training in that faith, is he masquerading as a 'Christian' for Political Purposes?

Under Sharia Law, if a male converts to another religion, he may be found to be APOSTATE...
and a Fatwah Declared, Demanding The Death Penalty!

Do Check Your Law On Apostasy. reb