Friday, July 04, 2008

B.O. Fails Sen Kerry Test

Raymond S Kraft

Just four years ago, Senator John Kerry strode onstage at the Democrat National Convention and declared, "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty." In the course of the contest between Kerry and Bush, John Kerry and the Democrats set up the John Kerry Test for Presidential Qualification, one which George W. Bush could only fail, one which only John Kerry could pass. There are three points to the test:

One: To be qualified to be president, a candidate must have military service.

Two: Active duty service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, in a war zone, trumps National Guard service in the states.

Three: Active duty service in actual combat trumps service that did not see combat.

George Bush served in the Air National Guard, and despite the persistent unproven rumors that he went "AWOL" by missing a last meeting in his enlistment, he was elected anyway, for which Democrats will never forgive him. John Kerry indisputably served in Vietnam, in country, on a riverine patrol boat in the Mekong Delta for three or four months, and he has the Purple Hearts and a Silver Star to prove it. According to the John Kerry Test, John Kerry should be president today.

Democrats have long since forgotten all about the John Kerry Test and will soon nominate Barack Hussein Obama, who fails to meet any of the three points of the John Kerry Test, for president. Obama has never been anywhere near the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard, in war or in peace. He has no active duty service, no reserve service, no military service of any kind, yet he may soon be Commander in Chief. He has never served in a war zone, he has never been in combat. He has been a community organizer, whatever that is, a lawyer for slumlord Tony Rezko, the newly convicted felon, the loyal parishioner of Reverend Jeremiah Wright who hates whitey and America, a law professor for twelve years, although I do not know that he has ever tried or appealed a case, maybe he has, a state legislator and a senator for two years. He fails the John Kerry Test in every respect.

John McCain, however, meets the John Kerry Test in spades, far better than John Kerry does.

John McCain is the son and the grandson of Navy admirals. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy at Anapolis, near the bottom of his class, academically, but with a fine reputation as a scrapper. Obama has never been anywhere near a military academy. After graduating he went to Pensacola and became a carrier-qualified naval aviator in 1960, the year before Barack Obama war born, flying A-1 Skyraiders from the carriers USS Enterprise and USS Intrepid.

In 1966 at his request he was reassigned to the USS Forrestal flying A-4 Skyhawks, a light attack jet that the Blue Angels flew for many years. In the summer of 1967 Barack Obama was six years old, and John McCain went to war. McCain and many other pilots were frustrated by the micromanagement of the war from Washington, and he later wrote: "In all candor, we thought our civilian [Democrat] commanders were complete idiots who didn't have the least notion of what it took to win the war."

John McCain was almost killed on July 29, 1967, when a fire broke out on the USS Forrestal. He escaped from his burning jet, and was trying to help another pilot escape when a bomb exploded, striking McCain in the legs and chest with bomb fragments. The fire killed 134 sailors and burned for 24 hours before it was brought under control and extinguished. With the Forrestal out of commission, McCain volunteered for duty on the USS Oriskany.

Barack Obama was six years old.

John McCain was shot down on October 26, 1967, on his twenty-third combat mission over North Vietnam. He fracture both arms and a leg and nearly drowned, when he parachuted into Truc Bach Lake in Hanoi. As he regained consciousness, a crowd attacked him, bayoneted him, and crushed his shoulder with a rifle butt. He was then taken to Hoa Lo Prison, the "Hanoi Hilton," where he would spend most of the next five years.

His captors refused to treat him, and proceeded to beat and interrogate him, until they found that he was the son of an admiral, with great propoganda value, and then gave him medical care. Over the next six weeks in a Hanoi hospital, he lost 50 pounds and his hair turned white. Upon discharge he was sent to another camp, into a cell with two other Americans who did not expect him to live.

In March, 1968, McCain was put into solitary confinement, for two years. Barack Obama was seven years old.

In 1968, McCain's father became commander of all US forces in Southeast Asia. The North Vietnamese offered McCain an early release for propoganda purposes, to show the POWs that elites like McCain got preferential treatment. McCain refused, stating he would only accept the offer if every other man taken prisoner before him was also released. In August, 1968, a period of severe torture began, during which McCain was subjected to repeated beatings while suffering from dysentary. After four days he reached his breaking point and gave a "confession," which he regrets, but has since written what we all know, instinctively, that every man has a breaking point.

Would Barack Obama have withstood such torture? For five years?

He was released on March 14, 1973. Barack Obama was 12. He remained on active duty, undergoing months of treatment and physical therapy for his injuries, attended the National War College during 1973-1974, and had his flight status reinstated in 1976 when he became commanding officer of a training squadron in Florida. He turned around a low-performing unit and won the squadron its first Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Barack Obama was fifteen, learning the Koran.

McCain retired from the Navy as a captain in 1981, after 21 years on active duty. He had been awarded the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, and the Navy Commendation Medal, for conduct before, during, and after his years as a POW.

McCain passes the John Kerry Test with all flags flying.

Obama doesn't.

On June 29, 2008, retired General Wesley Clark gave an interview on Meet the Press in which he disparages John McCain's service, saying he doesn't "getting shot down and spending five years as a POW qualifies a man to be president." Clark didn't mention the other 16 years of McCain's distinguished service, obviously a deliberate attempt at deception, by omission of relevant facts.

To General Wesley Clark, I reply: Five years as a POW on the receiving end of the torture, beatings, starvation, solitary confinement, and the other physical and psychological abuse John McCain withstood, is five years of combat, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year. His captors had the guns, he was unarmed. His captors had the ropes and truncheons to beat him with. His captors controlled his freedom, communication, food, water.

All he had to fight with was his will.

If the John Kerry Test tells us who should be president, Barack Obama should stand down now and concede the election to John McCain, today.


Raymond S Kraft is a retired attorney in Northern California. He can be contacted at rskraft @


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This Obama fellow indeed has a likeable presence, a relaxed broad and winning smile, and is full of sounds and flutter, but has little substance or back-ground that would impress The Joint Chiefs of Staff in a wartime crisis.

In fact, Sen Obama's paper-thin resume is guaranteed to make any battle-tested combat officer or enlisted trooper extremely nervous.

reb, editor


Anonymous said...

What I like about Raymond Kraft is that he writes well although I would expect no less from a fellow member of the bar.

Point 1. John Kerry did not win the election.

Point 2. To be qualified to serve as president one need not have served in the military. Military service for a president is desirable but not necessary.

Point 3. Let us give George W. Bush the benefit of the doubt w/ respect to his military service which was hardly distingushed. It included a transfer from the Texas Air National Guard to the Alabama Air National Guard to work on a snate campaign and an early discharge from the active guard so that Mr. Bush could attend Harvard Business School after his failure to be accepted at the University of Texas Law School.

I could continue to criticize Mr. Bush for his decision to invade Iraq and his conduct of the war but that is not the point. As I have commentd previously, in the past 32 years, our country has enjoyed its gretaest prosperity under one president whose eyesight prevented him from combat (Regan) and a president who did not serve in the military (Clinton).

Whether Mr. Obama will make a good president is of course a question that is fairly subject to debate. But for those whose sine qua non is military service, I say look past that to other issues.

I also ask, supposing Mr. Obama had served, what would you question then.


The Loop Garoo Kid



Loop Garoo,

I'll assume that your rather vague questioning deserves an answer:

This depends greatly on your party
affiliation, and just how much 'hate-propaganda' one has absorbed in the years since 9/11,
on the Bush/Cheney Administration.

We All Bear A Heavy Responsibility to choose between the two presumptive nominees, bearing in mind that we are in a shooting war, and have been in a "State of War" with the Suicidal Mullahs of Iran since the Carter/Khomeini Embassy Confrontation on November 4, 1979.

One Candidate has a distinguished background as a naval officer, and decades in the U.S. Senate...

His Opponent, comes out of Chicago
Machine Politics, has a record of questionable associations from a convicted slum-lord to unrepentant ex-terror bombers, and bombastic church leaders, like
Reverand Jeremiah Wright, and a known "Jew-baiter", Nation of Islam's Louie Farrakhan, and also blondish Catholic Reverand Pleuger. (He is captured on film, mimicing an Afro-centric black minister, tearing into Hillary Clinton! A real performing clown!)


Junior Senator Barach Obama is a very likeable, soft-spoken gentleman on camera, projecting a charismatic smile, and he promises radical "CHANGE". He's a rank amatuer, by any measurable, comparitive standard.

So, we have a choice, don't we?

reb, editor


Anonymous said...


Decades in U.S. Senate, in and of themeselves, do not prepare one for being president.

Do you wish for me to bring up the Keating 7? I am over it and you should get over Jeremiah Wright, although I doubt you can.

We are not in a shooting war. We are in two shooting wars. One of those wars is in Iraq, which until post the 2003 invasion, was a backwater in the war against terrorism.

Anyone who had read a history of Iraq or studied its culture even in a cursory manner could not help but conclude that deposing Saddam Hussein would result in at least two things. The first would be opening a Pandora's box of ethnic, sectarian, and tribal conflicts some of which date back more than 1,300 years and all of which were exacerbated by 24 years of absolute despotism.

The second foreseeable result of the deposition of Saddam Hussein was the empowerment of Iran, a much more prenicious enemy of our country than Iraq and a much greater exporter of terrorism in the region. You know Iran. Your good friends, the Mullahs. Your pal, Mahmoud Amadinejad, the guy who wants to wipe Israel off the map and obtain nuclear weapons, not necessarily in that order.

John McCain, whatever his virtues, supported the invasion of Iraq from the inception of that idea by the Buh administration. (We can leave the discussion of the Bush administration's prevarications and failures for another time.)

So I ask you to consider my position which is that someone who exhibited the bad judgemnt to support the invasion of Iraq may not have the foreign policy intelliegence to be president or C-in-C.

Meanwhile, instead of blaming George Soros, why don't you take a dispassionate look at the achievements and failures of the Bush administration. Regrettably, the latter are more numerous than the former. This is what comes from electing someone who was never varsity material. What is significant about George W. Bush is not that he received an MBA from Harvard Business School but that he was rejected by the University of Texas Law School.

I have felt this way about George W. Bush ever since he threw his hat in the ring and since his surrogates derailed John McCains candidacy in S.C. in 2000 by spreading vile calumny about Sen. McCain fathering a black child out of wedlock when in fact he and his wife had adopted a child from India.

I did not succumb to anti Bush-Cheney propaganda. I just look at the facts as I have for the past 7 and 1/2 years.

I recommend the facts to you. You can't blame them on George Soros.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Debbie said...

Raymond Kraft is a great writer and this is another good article from him.

Happy 4th

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth


Loop Garoo Kid,

There You Go Again, Off Topic!

a) First, suggesting that 'members of the bar' are necessarily a cut above all other segments of our society with "he writes well, but I would expect no less from a fellow-member of the bar!" Oh Really? Then why don't you have the courage to discuss THAT well-written subject?


S/H Sez, I would suggest that Loop Garoo's elite notions fall flat.
Nearly all segments of society have noble, well-intentioned people, and also Vile Scoundrels, and lawyers certainly are no exception there.

Congress is filled with lawyers, and their collective public ratings
today are well below G.W. Bush's miserable numbers! The Democrats are in The Majority; explain that!

Secondly, "he writes well" but LGK
Dares Not To Squarely Address The Content of Kraft's Writing, but prefers to side-step, and slip into another long-winded sleaz-ball attack on George Bush!

Now, I'll again ask that you Stay On Point, attempt to stick to the subject matter being discussed. We've all been repeatedly exposed to your "Bush Failed Policy In Iraq" routine, ad nausium, it's an old "MoveOn" rant. Boring. Snake Hunter people are quite aware that Soros at 78, Hates Bush, and is willing to spend many millions to demean him, 27 million in 2004 on Kerry's failed bid, and many more millions to elect Far-left political opponents...and by now we all certainly know that 'Loop Garoo' shares in that gross, mindless, nincompoop negativity of pure hatred.

Attack or Defend Kerry's position on Presidential Qualifications.

Or, Choose to Defend...Barach Obama's Qualifications, or his stupid positions on Oil Drilling, Taxing "Big" Corporations, and their "Excess Profits", his new posturing on Faith-Based Religion, his complete silence on the questionable "associations" with Chicago Slum-lord Rezco, and Scum-bag bombers, before & during his brief tenure in the U.S. Senate.

That's Honest Pro & Con, and more suitable for a practicing attorney.

If you enthusiastically share the views of Reid/Pelosi, Dick Durbin, John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, or Coo-koo Kucinich....on Impeaching Bush/Cheney, be a stand-up fellow and say so! We'll understand.

Bush/Cheney have had their day, and are NOT running for high office. History will judge them.

Smooth, Incompetent Obama Junior, Is Seeking World Leadership with a Soros Endorsement, and that scares the pants off of some wide-awake citizens that have a right to be concerned about the Shadow Party.


Anonymous said...


Let me be short and to the point. Jam your your personal comments up your fundament. Jam your comments on elitism and all that other garbage and by garbage, I am comming to believe that most of your comments are just that.

Let me keep it simple so even you can understand. The invasion of Iraq is the biggest foreign and domestic policy disaster in a generation.

John McCain, whatever his virtues may be and he has some, supported that policy disaster ab initio.

You refuse to trust Barack Obama b/c he formerly went to a church where Jeremiah Wright was formerly the pastor.

I distrust Johnn McCain b/c of his unqualified support of a foreign policy disaster, adisaster that was foreseeable.

Oh yeah reb. The next time you have a problem in which your well being or rights are being threatened or have already been usurped. Call the head of your local Chamber of Commerce.

Now go back to watching Bill O'Reilly and get your hot button fix.


Anonymous said...

snake hunters reply:

Loop Garoo,

All of the Top Democrats supported
the removal of Saddam Hussein in 2002. Do you want their names?

The "foreign & domestic disaster"
you mentioned, fits squarely the profile of the 'Butcher of Bagdad'
and not on Bush/Cheney.

If there was a miscalculation, it rests with 'our people' not fully understanding the suicidal nature of Islam's Kill-Culture, and their ability to recruit crazies from all over the Middle East to do battle w/ The Infidel!

New York's 9/11 on Tv should have
given us enough warning of a very long war, perhaps a 100 yr War, but Americans don't have the patience, demand Instant Gravy on Instant Dehydrated Mashed Potatoes!

But, Iran's Mullahs & The Saudi Royals Do, and have total faith in the Moon God of the Kaba! Allah, all glory to Him, and praise his precious name!

Now, about half the country does understand, but sadly the other half still doesn't get it, and won't...until a Dirty Bomb, or several, cooks off in a major population center.

Until then, our local ninnys choose to 'play politics', recruit the young & untested gullible, and
risk imminent disaster, and make incredibly dumb public statements!

(See above).



Valerie of France,

Americans Were Very Slow to Learn
about Mein Kampf, and Adolph Hitler's Dream of World Conquest.

In WWII 40 Million Plus, Dead Bodies In A Dozen European Countries & North Africa was the Horrific Price! Go to your Paris Library, look up Henri Petain's treachery! See the pictures of the living, breathing, barely walking jewish skeletons... in those Nazi Prison Camps! Look Into Those Eyes!
Do you know what living hell is Valerie?
When your 10% muslim enclaves grow to 20%, and they demand their own Mutawah (Piety Police) for their areas of control, you will have lost your own sovereignty, and your lais.sez.faire nation, GONE!

And, your favorite crepe suzette will be stuffed with boiled Mullah's Mutton, ganished with a staring eyeball...Bon Appetite!
A Magnoit Line did not stop the Nazi Panzer Tanks did it?... but Allied Forces Did! And Charles De Gaulle hated us and the British for our Effort, that Arrogant Bastard!

The USA lost 450,000 brave troopers in Less than Four Years in that one...Imagine It! Some still lie on their backs, crying out from the graves, in Flanders Field.

WE Are The 'Ugly Americans' Now,
in many European minds. We know.

What you think of me is truly unimportant. But Europeans should read some Solid History of WWII, and study Saudi Wahhabism, and Iran's 12th Imam (Madhi) Prophesy,

and visit Saudi Arabia, see how they treat the the family goat!

and listen and study carefully the words uttered by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, THEN you may comment, Mon Ami.

A clear, firm voice is always welcome on this website. reb

Valérie said...


"THEN you may comment"

Ok, sorry for having commented while being so ignorant. I'll refrain from now on.



VALERIE! This old man is saddened... because he doesn't have the eloquence to persuade you to read European History of WWII.

This old man is saddened...when Young American Students are totally lacking in historical knowledge of WWII, and know nothing of the Magnificent Ancient Persian History of Cyrus the Great, and Darius the Builder, centuries before Christ! (All long before Offensive Jihad reared its ugly theology-based kill culture, and Swarmed over Ancient Europe...centuries ago!)

You Have A Brain, Use It! Then, neither Loop Garoo, nor a foolish old man w/ a Snake Hunters blog, will be allowed to trick you into some destructive & silly comment;

Knowledge Is Power!

In A Few Paragraphs, I can only point the way. You Must Develop a Thirst For Truth; You Must pick up these brief summaries on your Search Engine, study these events, if you wish to avoid IGNOR.ANCE! reb


Anonymous said...


Admittably je parle Francais comme une vache Espanol but you have to know the rudiments like masculine and feminine forms. So if Valerie is your friend, she is ton amie, not ton ami, who might be R. Kraft or YD.

Next, let us examine your misuse of the reference to "the Ugly American." The only comfort you may take is that 99.9% of the people who use this term, like you, are unaware of its origins and the irony in its use.

Published in 1958, "The Ugly American" is a book authored by William Lederer and Eugene Burdick. Other books by the former include "The Mirages of Marriage." Other books by the latter include "Fail-Safe."

A film adaptation of the novel starring Marlon Brando was released in 1963. Its director, George Englund, was nominated for a Golden Globe.

The book was a searing indictment of American policy in SE Asia and the ignorance, arrogance, and corruption that characterized that policy. The book prompted President Eisenhower to institute a study of our military aid program that led to much needed reforms.

It had been 40 years since I read the book but I vivdly recall the character who was the ugly American. It was this character and his wife who lived among villagers and helped them better their lives in simple mundane ways. The wife made broom that enabled the women of the village to sweep their house w/o bending over to the ground. The ugly American, as I recall, made a water pump that the villagers could attach to their bicycles.

The irony here is that "the Ugly American' was actually a force for good and was liked and admired by the villagers whom he helped, while the term has come to be used to represent the exact opposite as you have employed it.

Meanwhile, plus ca change, plus ca meme chose only this time, instead of SE Asia, we confront the same ignorance, arrogance, and corruption in western and central Asia.

Ignorance: Everthing that went wrong w/ the invasion of Iraq beginning w/ the failure to recognize that we would necessarily become an occupying force and to do so, it is helpful if you gear up the ALI and univeristies and High schools and middle schools and elemetary schools to teach Arabic.

After 5 years in Iraq this has yet to happen. We can beat any country or group militarily. It is a much greater challenge to win hearts and minds and to administrate from the neighborhood level on up if you don't speak the language. Comprendez vous?

Arrogance: "They will greet us as liberators" and "the insurgency is in its last throes" pale in comparison w/ the idea that we could impose deomocracy on tribal societies.

In Afghanistan, once Kabul was secured, we should have reinstated King Mohmammed Zahir Shah by allowing the loya jurga to do so and instituted a constitutional monarchy instead of backing Hamid Karzai who remains little more than the mayor of Kabul.

Corruption: Just follow the money and the bag men and all the individuals and companies who have acted as leeches on U.S. largess.

That the Democratic leadership endorsed the invasion of Iraq in response to the Bush administration cooking the books on WMDs is irrelevant. Stop bringing it up. Those people are not running for president.

What is important is that John McCain is running for president and he endorsed the invasion from the beginning. The issue was never, "Will the invasion be successful from a military standpoint?" The issue was always, "Once we get rid of Saddam, what happens next?"

Admittedly, there were a number of post invasion mistakes caused by the incompetence of Bush appointees which aggravated rather than mitigated the situation. Nevertheless, the entire intractable situation that is currently Iraq and the empowerment of Iran were patently obvious to anyone who was familair w/ Iraq and the politics and societies and economics of the Mideast.

So you have to understand what I write is not an endorsement of Barack Obama. It is a valid criticism of John McCain. He endorsed wholeheartedly a foreign policy that I believe to be a failure in and of itself and which, b/c of the necessity to commit a large percentage of our resources in Iraq, has hamstrung our ability to act and react elsewhere.

The war on terror's major beach head is the tribal areas of Pakistan. We are entrenched in Afghanistan, next door. If we were able to make a greater commitment there, we would be fighting the Taliban--both Afghani and Pakistani--on both sides of the border to a much greater and more successful extent.

Had we not invaded Iraq, causing inter alia, the internal or external displacement of 4 million people--almost 1/7 of th epopulation including 40% of the middle class--three months ago we could have told the Burmese Junta to pound sand. We could have landed supplies in the areas affected by Cyclone Nargis and told the Junta in no uncertain terms that any aggression toward American armed forces giving humanitarian aid would be considered an act of war.

The only people who would have complained had we done so, would be the usual despots. W/ the Beijing Olympics approaching, the Chinese would have rolled over and we would have been in a better staging area to render aid to China after the earthquake in Sichuan Province which occurred less that two weeks after Cyclone Nargis.

Yes reb, knowledge is power. So know your spirits before entering strange orchards.




Loop Garoo!

Such polished erudition, I am humbled in the presence of such brilliance! (You're slowly improving pal).

My view of "Ugly American" is from a purely European fantasy, and not derived from any book; I've never read that book. American visitors will sense it, from waiters in marvelous French resturants, and from taxi-drivers, in Gay Paris!

The French are famous for their self-pride, and haughty in false superiority; or is it an inborn trait of rudeness. What's the origin...who can say? They just don't like American Visitors...and yet they helped us at Valley Forge, adored Ben Franklin; and we saved their miserable butts in WWII.
Proper French would be a 'dead language' in the 21st century, if
Nazi Germany had won that bloody war.

Actually, I Am Impressed with your educational background, no doubt bestowed by doting wealthy parents,
(if only more of us could have had such a fine head-start) and a gift, unearned by the recipient, but impressive none-the-less. And Loop's fluent, in at least two languages, another valued possession. How dare this crude 'commoner' challenge such obvious greatness? Hah!
Well, on my side of the fence, all
I have is...having been exposed to a rigid military discipline at an early age (a maturing experience) with an added degree of spicy common sense, a love for just living, plus a great & undying respect for the unique evolution of this greatest of all nations in...Inventive Genius!

First with the light-bulb, first in flight, and with telephone voice communication, with Tv, and first with this Fabulous Computer,

and in 1969, the first man to walk on the moon, and return safely; all accomplished under Freedom's banner, all with the aid of the greatest set of Fundamental Law ever conceived since King Hammurabi's Code, 1800 B.C. Wow!

Statesmen the caliber of Jefferson, Truman, Goldwater, to Ron Reagan! Real Leadership, men capable of making a decision (Loop would say...Varsity!) Not wimps like Jimmy Carter (1979), and Bill Clinton (2000) w/ the USS Cole!

I love my country, respect her
courageous founders; with love of, and grateful for, family, and I'm still enjoying this notion of Uncommon Liberty (as long as it lasts),

with Freedom & Justice For All Men, All Nations & Cultures, if they'll accept it...over Sharia!

Its equal is to be found nowhere else on this earth...and that sounds pretty 'corny' to some, I'm sure.


Tonight, I'm locked in a meaningless, endless debate with a man with a Law Degree, I love that challenge too, and I wonder if he has any depth of reasoning, understanding and judgement beyond his early schooling and family life.

At times, my friend TLGK exhibits brilliance, and at other times he's a clod, bleating out the tired phrases of his Political Master...with crude "Bush's failed policy in Invading Iraq', or other similar slanders. Loop offers no Solutions, just criticism, Like Sen Harry Reid's "The Iraq War Is Lost!" Or Soros Infamous N.Y. Times Ad "Cooking the Books for the
White House", defaming Gen. David Petraeus w/ 'General Betrayus'...
That ugly old man!

There It Is Again! Ten months later on July 6th, TLGK parrots... says, "Bush, Cooking The Books On WMD's"! Straight out of MoveOnDotOrg's Dirty Full-Page N.Y. Times Ad of Nov 10, 2007.

The Mind Is a Sponge, and loop garoo soaked it up nearly a year ago! "Cooking The Books"...Hah!

Another George Soros Hate-Phrase!
Another Pavlovian "tinkling bell",
and another 'involuntary' response.

Go ahead, deny it...who listens?

To suggest that 'Loop Garoo' is somehow immune to negative suggestion, is ridiculous on its face! George Soros, whatever else he might be, is the mirror-image of the famous Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Josef Geobbles, and 'Repeating The Lie' was his game, and damn few bright brains have an immunity to such evil repetition! The brightest mind is the most easily hypnotized, did you know that, Loop?

And, if I should wander into Your Orchard, I might quickly discover a very long row of...Sour Grapes!

(Hey Councellor, today's offering is much improved over last week!)

Millions have been "conditioned" to hate George W. Bush w/ seven years of this mind-numbing negativity. Most subjects (victims)will vigorously deny it 'til our pock-marked moon turns to a soft, lavender blue!


Your friend, reb


Valérie said...


"will be allowed to trick you into some destructive & silly comment"

Destructive and silly? Not at all, I am merely following your advice which is since you *know* somehow that I know nothing about European or WWII history and should keep my mouth shut until I do, I'm doing just that.

It's funny, it reminds me of Barb: she *knows* better than me about the way I practice my own religion, and you *know* better than me what I know or don't know about history and politics. You two people must have infused knowledge.

But it's not a problem. I only have schooling education, never did university, but there are many very erudite people on our blog and I learn a lot from them.

Also, contrary to what you suggest, I am not so stupid as not knowing how to use Google search engine or consult Wikipedia. Nor am I desiring to remain ignorant. So many assumptions you make, not even knowing anything about me.

Loo Garoo Kid,

"je parle Francais comme une vache Espanol"

LOL, actually it's "espagnole" ("vache" is feminine [wink]).

Thank you for the "Ugly American" historical source. Not that it matters very much, because unlike what Reb thinks, the American people are very much liked in Europe - France at least. What we don't like is American imperialism policies and trigger happy ones.

We have many Americans on our blog, including a publishing member, and most think the way you do, which is comforting.

I find it distressing that the main concerns of some Americans like Reb seem to be all about guns and wars. To judge a capacity of a person to be a good president by judging is military results is like a little boy playing with his tin soldiers, and it makes no sense to me.

I have not lived WWII's "living hell" as Reb asks, because I am too young, but my family has - for 4 years. One of the young woman in the blog I frequent every day knows all about living hell, she is Russian and illegal immigrant prostitute in France. WhyNot (the host of the blog) made her a publishing member of his blog and also an co-administrator of it. Some of the things she said in the past made me cry in despair and sadness.

And no, Reb, the 6 million muslim people in France are the least of our worries. There is not one in a million who wants to put mutton in my "crêpes Suzette". It is clear you know nearly nothing about the muslim population in France. The huge majority is so keen with integrating with a secular country where religion is kept separate from social and political life.

Most of them - you can ask WhyNot who worked in a public dump where 90% of the workers were Arab/Muslim - you wouldn't even know if they are religious or not. Just like me and other catholics, they keep their religion private.

I don't have many Arab friends myself, but two of our regular women contributors on the blog have also said the same thing: WOM lives in Marseille, a big city in the South, with a very big population of Arabs, and has never seen any of your inferences. Another, Monaco Girl, has Arab (and Muslim) friends even though she is atheist.

Loo Garoo, I think you would enjoy reading what Microdot says. He is American, very learned and very witty and satirical. WhyNot doesn't come very often nowadays, but he is also very smart with words as Reb has tasted when reading his "Anatomy of the Death of a Blog". Kristina is Russian and has 3 PHDs and is an amazingly erudite woman and with a very impartial and composed manner.

If you do visit, I hope you won't be offended with the language. As I said to Reb, there is no censorship and some members use very crude language. I don't, but I don't mind others expressing themselves the way they want.

Anonymous said...

Valerie and reb,

My French is very rusty and I am the least linguistically inclined in my family.

I have only been to France once, in 1984, December as I recall, and my wife and I found the French people we met to be friendly and accomodating. We landed in Paris on a Friday afternoon. The traffic was nightmarish. We loved Paris though. On Sunday, we drove to Dijon as I recall. Versailles was closed because it was Sunday. We drove through Nemours, the ancestral home of the Duponts; and through the village of Chablis where we stopped at a cafe/bar called the "Chablisienne" where I drank a truly venomous glass of chablis.

I only visited Death-of-a-blog and scanned it so I will go back.

I did visit Barb's blog and read the latest entry and I am very dubious. That may be an understatement but I advised my children, ages 20 and 22 to read her most recent comment. I expect, both will return a verdict of "JPN" which designates "Just plain nuts."

reb, I cannot say that your comparison of George Soros to Josef Goebbels is a valid one. I continue to believe that you perceive Soros' influence to be much greater than it is. Instead, if indeed you are interested in how one man shapes public opinion, look at Ruppert Murdoch.

I never claimed to be immune from negative influence. I merely maintain the position that George W. Bush was never varsity material. I thought this from the minute he announced his candidacy.
Whereas there is already a reading room filled with books chronicling his negatives, his positives reside on a short shelf.

Instead of looking at George Soros, look at George W. Bush.

I am continually amazed at how you believe most people are manipulated in holding certain opinions. Some are to be sure but remember Abe Lincoln's quote about fooling all of the people all of the time. The flaw in your philosophy is that you beleive George Soros has successfully manipulated most of the people all of the time, while my analysis is that some of your most strongly held opinions come straight from Bill O' Reilly who is a minion of Rupppert the Rapacious.




Valerie & Loop Garoo!

I Value Both of your comments; they give a fascinating peek into the mind-set of two very different and unusual people, and I enjoy it immensely, for Logic & Reason are my only assets; I prefer these, over Insults and Partisan Rhetoric.

The Down-side Is that we have again strayed far from Raymond Kraft's fine effort to Inform, which may tend to irritate some readers.


Valerie from France: I have never told you to 'keep your mouth shut', Never! I have suggested that you Inform Yourself about the Not so Secret Plans of Sunni & Shia Theology to conquer all of Europe (after wiping Israel off the map), then to infiltrate every social and economic field, plus every vulnerable "Peace" church organization, and School Board, every political entity, etc.

At the very top of The Muslim Brotherhood, and at the Top of every muslim nation, there is a Grand Ayatollah, with a plan for World Dominion, and time is rarely
a problem for them, for they Rule over Obedient Subjects, that fall to their knees Five Times A Day!

There's a hidden sophistication that is quite different from that of the innocent thug that straps a
bomb around his belly and strolls
into a selected crowd. But they are equally dedicated, top to bottom, to achieve world dominance, for the 'Moon God of the Kaba', ALLAH. And Snake Hunter Frantically Rings The Fire Bell!

Pedantic Arrogance Smiles, Shrugs and turns away, dooming their offspring! Briton's Tony Blair, and the new French President do seem to understand the threat, but they are in the ridiculed minority.


In America, look at my link, Uncle Sam Sez...this exposes to sunlight

The Council of American-Islamic Relations funded by Saudi Arabia.
Read the words of Chairman Omar Ahmad, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to be dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only other accepted religion on earth."

Your noble friend Loop Garoo Kid shrugs off this bold assault on our fundamental First Amendment, like he shrugs off Billionaire George Soros, and his equally mysterious 'goals' for our nation's future...and this guy has a fine Legal Background!

Now, Snake Hunters can always fall back on a legitimate excuse, for I am old, and senile...

What's your excuse? reb

Anonymous said...


The snake that poses the greatest actual threat, is the one you can see that is closest to you.

Unless of course you allow the one in your imagination that will paralyze you w/ unreasonable fear.

Your concern regarding George Soros and Leslie Cagan is unreasonable in comparison w/ their capacity to commit actual harm.

Therefore I shrug them off.


Anonymous said...


The snake that poses the greatest actual threat, is the one you can see that is closest to you.

Unless of course you allow the one in your imagination that will paralyze you w/ unreasonable fear.

Your concern regarding George Soros and Leslie Cagan is unreasonable in comparison w/ their capacity to commit actual harm.

Therefore I shrug them off.





One more comment for you, about your attitude...

"American Imperialism policies, and trigger-happy ones..."

This is grossly unfair of you, and also Fundamentally False! Did you get those ugly words from your Search Engine? I think not!

If you will trust me with your eMail address, I will send you an article that I've just sent to LGK,
and I think you will benefit from
its content. Please do.

U.S. Air Power, and civilians turned soldier and sailor, in WWII utterly destroyed the Nazi War Machine while other U.S. forces engaged the Japanese Imperial Navy and Ground Forces in the Pacific. That's history, and it was not an easy task. Read Ray Kraft's History Post, July, 2006!

You will not find it in Wikipedia.
Q. Did the USA Loot The Conquered Nations? Hello NO! Have you ever heard of the Marshall Plan? No?

Well, Here's the Truth, if you are willing to pay attention: We took our treasure, buried our dead after the war, Took American Dollars, and rebuilt those Evil Empires from the rubble, into Peaceful & Productive Friends of America...and soon they shipped Toyota, Datsun, etc products to our markets, and around the world!
Our now Peace-loving Germans also shipped the Volkwagen & Mercedes quality to us, and other world markets, and they "study war no more".

And my new friend Valerie, buys into The Great Lie that we are Imperialist War-Mongers, and that we are 'trigger-happy'!!!

The people that put this under your hat are either fools, or very clever deceivers, and if you are kind, and wise enough to reserve judgement, stay with this website, you will learn a valuable lesson, Sans Propaganda. reb


Loop Garoo Kid,

I work hard at my computer, hours every day, a commitment to protect & defend my country against people dedicated to tearing her down.

You, tend ridicule for my one hour of relaxation with Fox News and especially Bill O'Reilly's 'Factor'. (Shame on you). Let's Examine Fact:

Well sir, Mr O'Reilly has succeeded
in forcing enough awareness in 42 states, to enact Jessica's Law...

Against Violent Sex Predators, to protect infants and young children from child-rape, and he's not a 'member of the bar".

"Jessica's Law" Requires Mandatory Minimums of 25 Years in Prison;

Your state, one of 8 remaining, Colorado... has weak law to deal with these sicko misfits: Colorado has...

'Indeterminate to Life'...leaving Weak-minded Judges Free to Rule with 'descretionary power', and far too often they ignore justice, freeing these monsters "On Probation" or a few months in Jail, to continue with their vile

Be Specific, Kid! How does our Attorney Loop Garoo feel about this? Do you approve a Manditory 25Years for Child-Rape, or Not? I do want your opinion 'on the record', so take your time, answer fully.

Your friend, reb

(After midnight Eastern Time, I think I'll quit early, have an Apricot Brandy, then bed. Bona Serra, Apu Tarde. Basta!
Tomorrow's Another Long Day).
P.S. I learned those few words in Italia, a while back. reb


Valérie said...


"and through the village of Chablis where we stopped at a cafe/bar called the "Chablisienne" where I drank a truly venomous glass of chablis."

LOLLLLL, I don't know much about wines, but I have also tasted some horrible ones. I am glad you had a good time here. You're right about the traffic in Paris, that's where I live, but I don't care because I use the métro if I need to go anywhere more than 500 meters.

It's a pity about Versailles, I am suprised it was closed on a Sunday. But did you know you can visit the huge gardens and forest any time during the day without having to pay? (you only pay to visit the inside of the chateau itself).

I have never visited the USA, but I hope to do so one day. When my boss pays me more than a pitance, LOL.

"I expect, both will return a verdict of "JPN" which designates "Just plain nuts.""

LOLLL, that is a very accurate description, LOL.


"I have never told you to 'keep your mouth shut', Never!"

Yes you have. You have inferred in your first reply that I know nothing about anything, including my own history, and that I should study and "THEN", I may comment.

I am not a very smart person like you or Reb or the many on Pourquoi Pas, and I know my English is only so-so, but I am not completely stupid either.

"At the very top of The Muslim Brotherhood, and at the Top of every muslim nation, there is a Grand Ayatollah, with a plan for World Dominion, and time is rarely
a problem for them, for they Rule over Obedient Subjects, that fall to their knees Five Times A Day!

This may be true of crazies in crazy countries like Iran and such. Here in France, the Grand Muslim Council gives a totally different message to the muslim community of France, and this message is a condemantion of any violence, any attempt to change the secularism of this country and the freedom it gives to every religion to co-exist.

I thought it was much the same in America, from what I have learned from our American friends on PP, but it seems that you have a much different opinion. I of course can't tell which is the correct one since I don't live there, but I can assure you that your opinion doesn't not fit what is happening in France.

I don't think Europe is very worried about an invasion by Iran, LOL, so you can maybe understand why your paranoia about muslims doesn't really rub on me.

"If you will trust me with your eMail address, I will send you an article that I've just sent to LGK"

The only person in the blog world who has my email adress is WhyNot and I want to keep it this way. Since he has made his adress public on PP, I see no harm in giving it to you:

He will forward me your email.

Anonymous said...


I usually feel very good about Colorado judges. When there is an opening on the bench, a commission recommends several qualified candidates to the governor who chooses one and appoints him or her. Thereafter, periodically, voters can vote to retains all of our judges or not. Judges do not run for election so our judiciary is independent. True the governor tends appoint only qualified candidates from the governor's party but no system is perfect.

First of all, I do not practice in the field of criminal law, but I just made a cursory review of the statutes and reb, you bought into O'Reilly's BS b/c what you said about indeterminate sentencing is just plain wrong.

Felonies have presumptive minimums and maximums and the indeterminant sentence falls w/in the minimum and maximum although under certain circumstances the indeterminate sentence must be a least three times the maximum. This applies to habitual sexual offenders.

So maybe in Colorado we don't need Jessica's Law.

Do you recall the case in GA where the 17 year old boy was sentenced to prison for 10 years for having consensualoral sex with a 15 year old girl? Thta is what happens w/ rigid laws and the absence of judicial discretion.

So Big Bill was wrong regarding Colorado law. But Big Bill doesn't care. He only cares about pushing your hot butttons and selling toilet paper and pick up trucks. Ponder this. If Big Bill was wrong about the law in Colorado, about what else is he also mistaken?

In addition consider other inflexible judicial systems, like Sharia.

Now go right out and buy whatever product is being advertised on the O'Reilly Factor b/c other than to persuade you to Ruppert the Rapacious' political views, that is why it is on.





Valerie, OF FRANCE,

You, and your new friend TLGK, have Succeeded in turning This Post, And My Efforts, Into Your Personal Bulletin Board & Chat Room!

You Deliberately Avoid this Liberty-loving Nation's Success with Japan & Germany!

You Tacitly Deny...that these two former dictatorships were Responsible for the "Rape of Nanking" & The Rape of Europe, and directly caused the death of 40+ Million Innocents In A Dozen Countries In WWII.
Deny it.

You will probably also deny that Jacques Chirac took Saddam Hussein's Oil Vouchers Bribe in 1975, and French Technicians built the Osiris 'Nuke' Reactor south of Bagdad...for the 'Butcher of Bagdad'! Will you also deny that six Israeli Jets Destroyed It in 1981?

Is Jacques Chirac one of your hero-figures?
Or Noam Chomsky?

Japan & Germany ARE Yesterday's Ravaging Empires, and are Now Productive, PEACEFUL, Prosperous...and Free! Deny that!

You Foolishly Choose To Slam Shut The Window of Your Mind To These Historical Realities!

The USA has NEVER LOOTED an Enemy After War, we are NOT like all the other Conquerors of History! We are a totally different people. Deny It!

Loop Garoo & 'Valerie of France' Must Stubbornly Continue with your Denials & your Grand Delusions that the USA is a "trigger-happy" monster with "Imperialist Designs", and I see now that other philosophies & notions have captured, and have a firm grip on another free spirit; so I reluctantly, sadly say goodbye to you. I no longer have the energy or the time to continue with the French lady that is stubbornly unwilling to look at both sides of this complex coin.

This is No Longer Your 'Chat-room', Goodbye, Val. reb




Sneaky Loop Garoo fails to answer a simple question with a direct answer, again!

Q. Do You Favor Mandatory Minimums
for Child-Rape? (end of question)


Secondly, that legal phrase..."Indeterminate To Life" is directly out of the mouth of Your Colorado Governor, Loop, (when chased down by a Fox News reporter, and not an Invention of Mr O'Reilly, so stop with the long-winded crappola, Tony!



Loop Garoo, a "member of the bar"
Demanding...that Snake Hunter Stop
Arguing Points of Law with a real,
live Colorado Attorney? Wow!

More Arrogance! It's my effort, my domain, and when I see such a huge vanity, spewing forth from a guy with obvious poor judgement, I'm forced to answer such incredibly poor manners thusly: This is my home-ground, you are not my judge, only a guest, and your jurisdiction is limited here, It's My Command, and You Are "Out of Order!
You throw up "Straw Men", like the 17 Yr Old, and the 14 yr old, in a feeble attempt to throw me off-subject, and I insist that you Stay on Point! My question was about Child-Rape, or if you please, "Sexual Assault" on a person under the age of puberty, like little Jessica at Ten Years.

Now, would you "approve a Mandatory
25 yr prison sentence for Forceable
Rape (Sex Assault) on a 10 year old girl w/ reddish hair and blue eyes, and body weight of 90 pounds, with a band-aid on her left cheek, and a gold tooth, OR NOT?

Stop the sillyness, Loop! reb




Wed. July 09, 2008, Wash. D.C.

In a bold move away from his Far-Left Supporters, junior senator Barach Obama today announced his approval of the Federal Intelligence Survellance Act FISA, and the reaction from MoveOnDotOrg,
DailyKos, Huffington Post, and Code Pink director Medea Benjamin, was immediate, and extremely critical. (Check these websites for actual qoutes!)

If this bill receives final approval, it will grant American Telecommunication Corporations 'retroactive' legal protection from harrassing lawsuits, and the United States the necessary wire-tap capability to protect this nation against known and unknown terrorist enemies from the Middle East.

(More later). reb



"Do Unto Iran...


Before They Do Unto You!"



RE: Valerie of France
(A strange Want-Ad)

Found An Odd 'Val' Comment on...
mohamed fadly Post. It appears
that Val has a muslim boyfriend!
His name is "Romeo" and she is
frantically searching for him,
and this may partially explain
her weird comments on this post.
Oh, Romeo, Romeo...wherefore art
thou now...dear, sweet Romeo?

Tom the Redhunter said...

Hmmm. So much here and I'm late to the party.

I do agree that military service, while desirable, is not required. Jimmy Carter had more service than Ronald Reagan, and few would argue that Carter was the better president.

Neither Lincoln nor FDR served a day in the military and both are regarded as our best wartime leaders (ok Lincoln showed up for militia duty one day or something but that doesn't count).

But given Obama's recent statements on Iran he's proving himself hopeless on foreign policy. He's a combination Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter.

John McCain, on the other hand, is proving himself far more responsible. Let's recall that he was right on the surge and Obama was wrong. When the surge was first announced Obama said it wouldn't do any good, McCain said it would probably work. By almost all counts we are now winning decisively in Iraq.


Say what you want about your Muslim leaders. Europe is being subverted by Islam. It goes on before your eyes and you are blind to it. How sad that a great continent is so in the grip of such apathy!


Tom, "late to the party" but on target when he arrives! reb




a) Well, Bush/Cheney has a very poor approval rating of 28%, and...

Q: And the 110th Congress, with the Democrats, with Reid/Pelosi?

a) 12%

Q: Is that because they drag their
feet on important legislation like the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillence Act?

a) Well, ah yes, but they did pass
it yesterday 69/28, and...

Q: How long will it take them to Remove the 30-Year Moratariums on Drilling Our Huge Oil Reserves Off-shore, and ANWR, and Approve construction of 45 Nuclear Plants so we can become Independent of OPEC, AND $4.50 GAS and $5.30 Diesel for the Truckers?

a) Well, that is a problem; but they have passed some Ten Good Resolutiions, like...

RES 262 Nat. Watermelon Month, and...

RES 180 Idaho Potato Month, and...

RES 892 National Funeral Directors and Morticians Day, and...

Sub Chairman: SIT DOWN, SIR!!!




Barack Hussein Obama
Stanley Ann Dunham (mother)

In the search for clues to this extraordiary young senator, we begin with a quote from an interview, where he referenced his
early memories as..."the dominant figure in my formative years...The values that she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics." see >

Stanley Ann Dunham
Mercer Island High School

* Anthropologist
* Social Activist, left wing
* Born, Ft Levenworth, Kansas
* Parents: Stanley & Madelyn Dunham
One yr in Seattle, Wash, moved to Mercer Island; Ann attended at 13, Faculty incl prominent Marxists,til grad M.I. High in 1960
* Moved to Hawaii, att U of Hawaii
studied Anthropology; radical leftist, studied "Critical Theory"
and "never dated crew-cut white boys", had a "world view". She met
Barach H. Obama, Sr from Kenya in Russian language class, etc. BHO Jr born, Aug 4, 1961. etc

>> aspx?n=1570358055

(caution- that's BL - then 145)


Anonymous said...


Let's see:

Mother a Marxist
Father a Marxist
Step-father a Marxist

Aha ~ Obama a Marxist!



I am humbled by the quality of my Links, both here on this weblog, and the degree of integrity that I find among my eMail Contacts, and I must pause for a moment and reflect on such good fortune!

At this time in my life, I feel that I've been to that Mountain-top...

And I Have Seen Both Sides! I Will Not Be Discouraged by those that refuse to see, and continue to wallow in ugly partisan rancor and 'creative' negativity.


Thanks For Your Input, My Friends!

Let's Never Give Up On This Great Nation, and its Fundamental First Amendment Principles. We have about four months...

Let's Roll 'Em & Sack 'Em, and give the next generation a chance at Freedom & Justice... For All Of Our Future Americans.




"Out in 16 months, period!"
"Out when I refine My policy"
"Iran poses no serious threat"
"Iran poses a grave threat"
"I'll filbuster the FISA Bill"
"I voted for the FISA Bill"
"I'll campaign with public financing"
"I'll opt out of public financing"
"Renegotiate NAFTA"
"Uh...Don't renegotiate Nafta"
"I'll debate McCain anywhere, anytime!"
"Except at Town Hall Meetings..."
"I will Unilaterally go into Pakistan"
"I will seek to enlist support of Pakistan"


"I Am Clearly...A Centrist!" BHO




With Apologies To None...




Loop Garoo,

Your friend Mohamed is back! Check
the Mullah Post...He's still talking about Palestine. reb



Loop Garoo,

Thanks for showing up on Mohamed Post; real progress here! Now Go back to Mullah Post...for more. reb




IF we continue to fund the O.P.E.C.
Enemy with 700 billion dollars per year, then...

we fail the people.








* ich bien ien greener

* Ich Bien Ien Beginner





Editor's Note:

I have been fortunate to have two fine attorneys among my eMail Contacts, each with a clearly defined Left and Right-Wing Political Stance, and that would be great Political Theater in an Election Year... if it were to be displayed, publicly!

Both of these gentlemen speak with far more eloquence than I can muster, so I quickly defer to their
unique abilities. Should they choose to continue with this friendly chat here on "Comments".
I would hasten to suggest the following procedure:

a) Stay On This "B.O. Fails" Post.

b) Limit Each Comment, In Turn, to
One 400 (Word) Reciprocal Maximum Each, for 'Brevity' and Fairness.

c) If you both agree, This Post Will Be Closed To All Other Guests.












Taru said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.