Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Denver, Colorado

WE WATCHED IT all day long and into the evening on our home Tv. Boring. Then, about 10 PM, it was Michelle Obama's turn at the podium...

She was spectacular! Warm, sophisticated, and believable. She spoke of her early years, and endearing things about her Dad & Mom, and her brother. It was really nice.

Then she spoke of her newly-found love and respect for her country, and the opportunities found nowhere else on this earth.

Her ability to communicate these thoughts and intimate feelings were far and away superior to the tired political slogans of her popular husband, Barack Obama. His "Moving Forward"...New Direction, Change, 'Yes We Can', and "Our Time Has Come" rhetoric pales in comparison.

I felt Michelle's emotional moment, and was genuinely moved. Recalling the canned political slogans, the spell was broken, reality returned.

Then, I remembered that it was she that had introduced Barach Obama to Chicago's Trinity Church, and the hate-filled sermons of Reverand Jeremiah Wright & Father Pflueger. Also, the anti-Semetic messages of Islam's Reverand Louie Farrakhan, and Barach's "associations" with Slum-lord Tony Resko, and Unrepentant bomber, William Charles Ayers. Also, the corrupt and durable Chicago Political Machine of Mayor Daley....and Obama's Endorsement this February 1st by MoveOnDotOrg's Billionaire KingFish 'Uncle" George Soros...and Senator Teddy Kennedy. reb



Day Two.

Another day of political hoopla and boiler-plate speeches, long and accomodating; conventional.

As the evening droned on, most of us political junkies were looking forward to Hillary Clinton's time on center-stage; would it be dull and routine, or possibly dynamic?

Well, Hillary Rodham Clinton was magnificent, and that's an under-statement. Hilley delivered, big-time! She covered all of the democratic strong-points from Universal Health-care, to the Beginnings of Women's Suffrage & Minimum Wage for the working-class.

With 18 million voters solidly in
Hillary's camp, one must wonder at the decision to go with likeable Senator Joe Biden, with his Foreign Affairs Credentials trumping the proven vote-getter?
Sen Biden dropped out early in the Primaries.

Will this prove to be another major political faux pas for democrats on November 4th?

Women today represent 52% of all voters, and a good portion of those ladies are Hillary supporters; they are asking why their choice was totally ignored for the VP spot? First she lost a close one for the coveted nomination to a popular novice from Chicago, and the final blow, losing out to the Senator from Delaware, with a meager three electoral votes!

Democratic grass-roots voters could be pondering this wild election year well into 2012.

Tomorrow, Charming Willy. reb


Editors Note: I just visited Dr John Washburn's fine weblog "When Evil Prospers", and curiously he posted an identical title (!) and an impression of Michelle Obama... that in many respects, parallels this author's views!

Check our Links...an amazing coincidence, I would say. reb

Debbie said...

I thought Hillary did a great job also. It was pure "Hillary", and that's what her followers wanted.

She knows how to stir a crowd.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

The serious question of who would be a better Commander-In-Chief when the next world crisis develops?

The voter will decide between a third generation naval officer, and a big city "community organizer", where celebrity and image is irrelevant.

A Best Guess for Vice President?

Probably Mitt Romney's business experience, and exeutive background as a former governor of Massachusetts, plus his awareness of our need to develop a workable national energy policy.

Let him debate Nancy Pelosi on that hot potato!

- Greybeard -

Anonymous said...

Day Three, The Truth, mixed with a lot of fiction. Another Circus-like Carnival Ride; a "party" filled with noise, delirium and delusionary driviling and soft-soap today. Are these very elaborate and expensive 'events' really necessary? Televised Town Hall Open Forums are certainly more informative & badly needed.

Joe Biden's son was the sole bright
spot of the day when he spoke with the pride he felt in father Biden as a hard-working single parent, after a tragic auto accident. Good family stuff...then the switch...

Sen Joe Biden is a known scrapper and an 'attack-mutt' alright; but when he begin praising Obama's Weak "achievements", it was hollow praise in advance of any promised fulfillment or true achievement... It just ain't happened yet, Joe! Just promises, promises & more hot gases.

Good Judgement!?! What? Where?

Then the attack on Senator McCain...and the old song & dance routine of "Bush/Cheney Failed Policy Humbug" repeating the MoveOnDotOrg Grand Mantra of the Past Seven Years w/ Bush Failed Policy" blah, blah...Change, change, change, and more (small) change.

Ever look into the faces of those swooning, adoring boobs waving their blue cards? What Change?

Nothing has changed...not yet. New Direction? Which Direction, and WHERE will it lead us?

"Not from The Top Down, but From The Bottom UP!!! What the Hell Does That Mean? Rah, Rah, and Hoopla, and "Yes We Can!" Well, Can What? It's Idiotic! That's not Good Judgement. Sober up, people.

It's All Hot-Air, Folks! Snap Out Of It...Wake Up! Go home and do something positive for your wife, your family, or your neighbor, you big dopes!
I Cannot Help But Hope for a bit more MATURITY from the republicans in Minnesota, although I'll remain Independent of both labels. McCain and Romney have solid family values, mature judgement, and hopefully a better evidence-based format and political convention... for this nation's sake.

Sure Hope McCain displays his Solid Judgement on Friday, picking Romney.

Now that's a quality team! reb


P.S. 10:37 P.M.? Not So; it's 1:37AM here in Tennessee, Eastern Time.
Goodnight. reb

Anonymous said...

You don't get it do you reb?

What does change from the bottom up mean?

Well to start with, it means that change comes from the individual and not from any leader's say so.

If you look back on Obama's campaign the reason why he succeeded in all of those states is b/c his grass roots organization was better and more extensive than Hillary Clinton's. Guess what? It's still there.

Yesterday morning the TV was on and the ad featuring the young Democratic woman who supported Hillary and now advises the TV audience that she is voting for McCain aired. My wife, not a Hillary supporter, remarked, the woman's position was totally unbelievable simply b/c if you supported Hillary b/c she is an advocate for women, why would you vote for John McCain?

First time voters and young voters seem to favor Obama.

That's what the hoopla is all about.

Those people recognize the complete hash that the Bush-Cheney has made of things and McCain cannot distance himself far enough from the current administration.

On paper, Tim Pawlenty is very attractive. I lioke the facft that he played hockey. Personally, I am leary of RCs who convert to Evangelical Christianity but that's me, I am leary of Evangelicals even though I respect many and count some among my frends.

Of course he has the same stigma that most governors have--no experience in either Washington or foriegn policy. That sometimes works--Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. It sometimes doesn't-- Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.

In addition Pawlenty is young. Why he's less than a year older than Barack Obama! And If McCain, who is 71 now is elected, he will be one missed heartbeat away from the presidency! Don't trust anyone under 60!

Mitt Romney is going have to sell the LDS to the Evangelicals, some of whom regard it as a cult.

He too was a governor but for only one term. He did much to relieve MA's financial woes by cutting spending and raising fees and taxes. Good business practices but hardly the conservative mantra which does not countenance any tax increases.

And, he has no experience in Washington or foreign affairs.

So McCain-Romney is hardly a dance ticket that is going to make those independent voters who will decide the election dance the Kazochok right off the bat.

It's a long way to the election.



I've plead with The Loop Garoo Kid to be concise, and he ignores S/H; perhaps an illustration may help:
MoveOnDotOrg (George Soros) Dumped Hillary Clinton on Feb 1st, and Endorsed Charasmatic Barack Obama;
then Ted Kennedy & Caroline took the lead. Then, nearly All the Party Big-wigs quickly fell in line, like meek little dominoes! Howard Dean's DNC Unity? Just one more sour note.

Women - 18,000,000 Hillary Clinton Supporters were OUTRAGED At This Huge Betrayal!

Today, P U M A Women are meeting secretly across this country,
organizing in living rooms & hotel suites...about a "Change".

You*Ain't*Heard*It*Yet, loop garoo?

ABOUT PUMA? Party*Unity*My*Ass! reb