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THE MIND...A SENSITIVE SPONGE     ralph e. benn

CAUTION: As the title implies, this text is designed to implant "certain notions" via the 'Power of Suggestion'. That said, the reader has been adequately warned! You may comment, after reading, and thinking about its content.

IF you are familiar with the names * Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) and * Ivan Pavlov's extensive experiments (1898), you may find this article has some value, for it deals with examples of mind-control and propaganda.

The Swiss gentleman, Anton Mesmer was falsely known and widely respected for "inventing" hypnosis; then research Prof Ivan Pavlov. He shocked the scientific world with the results of experiments that "conditioned" dogs to instantly react to an Audible Signal with an Involuntary Physical Response to a little tinkling bell (the dogs salivated).

All manner of psychological theory sprung from these early findings. Those dealing with Political Polemics were quick to grasp the very potent possibilities of mass-pursuasion, and today manufacturers use these basic techniques to sell product.

Adolph Hitler, through his Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels, stoked the flames of mindless hatred of Jews to radicalize an entire nation; WWII cost 40+ million lives and vast destruction in a dozen countries. That's an example of the possible horrid consequences of just one form of "Negative Conditioning." Here's more:

IF YOU HATE a person, a place, or thing, or a Race or a Religion, or a Political Entity, it is entirely possible that outside forces may have influenced or altered..."conditioned" your normal ability to think clearly. Consider this:

a) IF YOU can be persuaded to fly an airplane into a building, you are The Victim of ....Conditioning.

b) IF you spend hours each day, promoting an odd religious cult or denomination...It's Conditioning.

c) IF you are eager to spend $1,000 to buy a scalper's ticket to Invesco Stadium in Denver, or any other political event...It's Conditioning.

d) IF LIFE revolves around Party Affiliation, and your targeted-enemy has been "demonized" by leadership...That's Conditioning.

Example: If you simply "LOVE" ( or Hate ) Hillary Rodham Clinton, or George W. Bush, then...It's more Mind-Conditioning!

The Mind Is A Sensitive Sponge, and you owe it to "Self" to expunge the negative forces that led to your spinning away from normalcy, and also damaged your ability to gather factual, evidence-based information.

A Remedy and a Catharsis: Use Your Search Engine! Type in Franz Anton Mesmer, then Ivan Pavlov. (Print it)

Now, type in this name...George Soros (MoveOnDotOrg)!

It is this author's belief that Billionaire Soros has spent a good portion of his vast fortune to (a) 'buy into' a major political party on Dec 4th, 2004, and his young CEO Eli Pariser bragged about it! On February 1st , 2008 Soros Endorsed Barach Obama for the Presidency of the United States.

The "true agenda" and goal of this shadowy figure remains a complex mystery; Do the research! (Your comments are welcomed). reb

Links worth your time

The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!



Brilliant Choice! Sen McCain chooses a gun-totin', hockey & basketball sharpie, a former mayor, with an 80% approval as Governor of Alaska, she is tough & politically shrewd,
"Fire & Ice"...Sarah Palin!

This Lady is primed and ready to be this nation's First Woman Vice President. For women, and their daughters, it's...

"Yes We Can!"

The distaff voters will reflect on the machinations of MoveOnDotOrg, when Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, et al stuck the knife in Hillary R. Clinton's back.

It's all a matter of solid judgement, and the leadership of the 'other party' simply doesn't understand. They Don't Get It! reb

Anonymous said...

Look above the head of the Greek 'Emperor Of The World' Did You Read Those Immortal Words,
carved in stone?

- Hope - Change - Whatever

Guess they had a few teeny-boppers
even then, in the Oracle's Time!

- Greybeard -



Editor Note:

We Have Decided, because of the intense emotions eminating from both Left & Right, to suspend the Open Forum Policy through Nov 4th.

We always have maintained our Deletions on the feeble-minded and the filthy language (who needs it?)
We just received a clever piece of hate-stuff (well written) from an
obvious hard-core "progressive", that launched a verbal attack on the G.O.P - V.P. Nominee, and I was tempted to publish it; try again, good fellow.

Next Time, Fully Identify Yourself, your city & state (if you have the courage). False-Signing as a known political figure (on either side) is verboten here, so Re-submit It.



I Agree With The Loop Garoo Kid, It's a Long Hard Slog To The November 4th Election Day. (See Last Post).
MoveOnDotOrg (George Soros) Dumped On Hillary Clinton on Feb 1st, and Endorsed Young Barach Obama.

Then Teddy Kennedy & Caroline took the lead. THEN, Nearly All Of The Party Big-wigs quickly fell in line like meek little dominoes! That's DNC Howard Dean's Unity ?

Just One More Sour Note.

Women - 18,000,000 Clinton Supporters Were OUTRAGED At This
Huge Betrayal!

Today, P U M A Women are meeting secretly across this country, organizing in living rooms & hotel suites...about CHANGE.

YOU*AIN'T*HEARD*IT*YET, loop garoo?



Another Kindred Spirit--O.R. said...

Seems like you have hit the nail on the head great one! The tenor of the times is for people to be mesmerized by this confused man- child Barry Husein Obama. The lack of critical thinking skills and/or interest in having even a small
amount of information in order to make important decisions albeit a huge decision like a presidency is frightening me about our countries future. It would sufface to say that this election will have a life long impact on most of the public doesnt seem to matter to most. We were made weaker under 8 years of the Clinton co-presidency and now if we were to put such a radical and leftist in the Whitehouse now would send us and this republic sprialing down. Maybe lightning will strike each hypnotized American and they will come to some senses and vote for the best choice we have.
And doesn't Palin seems to have lots of sincerity, passion and heart and isn't she really the common person and ANTI-POL we all want?

Anonymous said...

PUMA HAS TWO HOT SITES ___________________________________

Tom the Redhunter said...

I too am excited by the choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate. She's smart, articulate, "easy on the eyes", and conservative. Best of all, she's got a history of fighting corruption in her own party. Taking the log out of our own eye and all that.

The left hates her, but they stood ready to denounce anyone McCain picked. A big yawn there.

So I say so far so good. Now all eyes will be on Palin, and she has to perform. I think she'll do well, but we shall see.

Debbie said...

Great post. Old Pavlov was a fine example to some current figures. I think George Soros is dangerous. Am I conditioned? Naw, I can just read people pretty good. ha.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

The mind is a sensitive sponge, and is vulnerable to both negative and positive suggestion.

When David Geffen and G. Soros spend the heavy money on long hate campaigns, endorsements, and smears, those tactics are even more effective than the Chicago gang voting local grave-yard names.

Which big city is more corrupt, New Orleans or Chicago?

- Greybeard -



Survived "Gustav" Hurricane, O.K. Now, here comes HardHearted 'HANNA' (The Vamp of Savvanah, GA); Whoa!

Another Big One, it's IKE! Watch out folks. JOSESHINE is sneaking up on IKE! Hey, can we delay this game 'til the weather clears up?

It could get all wet out there! reb



Our Donkey's in a head-long panic. Just a 'hick-town' mayor? Well, not exactly.

Gov Sarah Palin is a she-bear with cubs, so watch out! The Independents Like Her, women too, (and that's troubling).

So, what's our strategy now? "This ain't good" said an old party boss.
That woman is stealing our thunder!

Nancy Pelosi is crying...she's shaking in her Gucci Heels!

Good Grief...TWO REFORMERS, Tough old McCain & Sarah Palin heading for D.C. Big Trouble Ahead. Those two are swiping our Change Buttons!
P.S. To Obama...Soon, you'll have nothing to your office, and patch through to George Soros; you'll need some more 'Smear-Money'...We're Losing The Free-Thinkers & Independents.

These People Are Not Bush/Cheney...
They Fight Bsck!



(Democrats hate that).

Gov Sarah Palin: Drill ANWR. Get that Nat Gas Pipe-Line To Lower 48, now!
Create Jobs/Save The Dollar/Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil! Drill Off-Shore Now! Clean Nuke Power Now!

(Nancy Pelosi Hates Those Ideas).



(Sen Harry Reid Hates That Idea).
Voters Will Decide On November 4th.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Gov. Sarah Palin gave a great speech. Had she looked nervous or flubbed a few lines, it would have all been over. Instead, she looked like she had been getting ready for this moment her entire life.

To be sure, she's got a long way to go. She has to prove herself along the campaign trail, and of course there's the debate with Biden.

So now the Internet is full of anti-Palin trash. She's pro-gun, pro-life, pro-traditional family, pro-small government, she fights corruption, is articulate and carries herself well. She's attractive with a winning personality. She skewered Obama not with bitter or anger but with humor and a smile on her face. She's endured unbelievably vile attacks yet has some through shining.

In other words, she frightens the left beyond description.

Winfred Mann said...

When I first saw the name Palin as the Vice-Presidential nominee, I was puzzled. Then I looked up her information. She is an American who loves her country and what it represents. That’s why the left is so afraid of her—she is an authentic, grass roots citizen of the United States. She has integrity, vision, and a distrust of government that reminds me of our founding fathers.
In addition, I see the long tradition of military service on this ticket. “Ask what you can do for your country,’ VS the other party, which espouses, “Ask what your country can do for you. To support this country we must do for our country, and reject Obamaitis.


I have faith. Faith in our wonderous capacity for Hope and Change, and Goodwill for all. We need to "trust, but verify"! Ronald Reagan.

Faith in our infinite ability to wonder, question, pray, feel, search and learn, then think independently.

I Have Faith in the limitless possibilities of a people granted the blessings of Liberty & Justice For All, to be found no where else on this earth. God Bless America!


"Extremism, In The Defense of Liberty Is No Vice!" Barry Goldwater, 1964