Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thank You America!

"Thank You, America! With the United Nations, and my good friends at O.P.E.C.,
I Intend to...Change The World!

With MoveOnDotOrg followers, it's
"Yes We Can!"

We can all forget about General Petraeus & Dubya Bush; Just Ignore Islam's Suicidal Kill-Culture's "Nuke Threat". (I'll talk to 'em). Thanks again for your loyal support." B.H.O.




Berlin, July 24, 2008:

"Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen - a proud citizen of the United States, and a citizen of the world." Barach H. Obama


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Anonymous said...


This dude's an INTERNATIONALIST! A "One World-er." He's a Black Liberation Theology Buff, and an admitted ardent believer in "Wealth Re-distribution".

He's a pop-up "jack-in-the-box", a Candy-Man, with a Bag-full of Free Gifts, equally distributed between the "Needy & The Greedy"...because that's where the votes are, my fine fellow-citizens!

~ Al Myers - Greybeard ~ O.R.



Research...Bakken Oil Formation in North Dakota...Boom-Town U.S.A., More Oil Than TEXAS!

Unskilled, Able-bodied Rough Men, Heavy-Equipment Operators... start at a nice $70,000 per year.

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Just click on the dog's paw, and print it...Good Luck! reb


Yankee Doodle said...

"Citizen of the world"? I don't know when we got a world government.

Anonymous said...


Yankee D, There Are Three Plans.

(1) One World, controlled by U.N. Diplomats, enforced by a combined multi-lateral military force, plus the World Court.

(2) One World, controlled by those peaceful fellows like Eli Pariser at MoveOnDotOrg.

(3) Iranian Ahmadinejad's Doomsday Prophesy, Followed by Peace On Earth.


China, and Vladimir Putin are not too likely to buy any of it. pgb

~ Greybeard ~



To Mohamed Fadly, (Muslim Law Student, Egypt)

(Please go to June 1st, 2008 Post "Mullah Reality Check", after
"Greenism Post").

Another Legal Consideration:

Popular Young Senator Obama Is A Great Mystery To Most Ameriocans.

All we really know is what we see on Tv.

Questions Remain: Since his father and step-father were both Muslim, and he had early training in that faith, is he now masquerading as a "Christian" for Political Purposes?

Under Sharia Law, if a male converts to another Religious Faith, he may be found to be APOSTATE...and a Fatwah Declared, Demanding the Death Penalty!

Do check Law on Apostasy.

Your friend, reb




MOHAMED FADLY, Go now to June First
Post (See Archives) after Greenism!

A Major Question For You! reb



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Yankee Doodle said...

The First Amendment says, "Congress shall make no law..."

It's meant for the government, not for individuals.



MODERATION in the pursuit of Justice Is No Virtue...

Goldwater, 1964


Yankee Doodle, I'll Try Again...

Our First Amendment IS Both The Cornerstone And The Foundation Of The U.S. Constitution.

"Congress Shall Make No Law...

Respecting The Establishment Of A Religion

Nor, Interfering With The Free Excercise Thereof."
James Madison Agreed, citing the need for a "multiplicity of sects"
so that no One Sect could never become a majority "To Oppress & Persecute The Rest!" reb



Chuckle: The U.S. Tax-payer Voting For OBAMA...is like the Chickens Voting For
Col. Saunders! reb



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Dick said...

Ralph, it may be a sign that your computer is starting to get sick. If a comment post doesn't go, try to post it a second time. It sounds like your computer gets the hic cups. How old is the machine? After five years you can expect hic cups, one of these days nothing will work and it'll be time to get a new hard drive. Hard drives are an electrical mechanical device and eventually wear out. I usually have to replace mine at least once before I buy a new computer. I'll post this paragraph as a comment, let me know what happens.


* Clinton Fatigue

* Edwards Fatigue

* Obama Fatigue


**Catharsis Needed! reb

Yankee Doodle said...

This is satire:

The Obama's Prayer

Our Obama, who art from heaven, or Hawaii, or possibly Chicago,

Liberal be thy name,

Thy presidency come,

Thy will be done,

On Earth, as it is in San Francisco.

Give us this day our daily handouts.

And forgive us our individualism,

As we forgive those who don't properly inflate their tires.

And lead us not into the Clintons,

But deliver us from McCain

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power, and the glory,

for two full terms.

From Clinton, TN said...

Personally I think that this guy is a plant that was planted about 30 to 40 years ago from the Muslims....

I think that if he is elected he is going to kill us all and the United States!

If the Muslims can train their children at such a young age to carry bombs and other distructive devises then what makes us think that he is not going to do the same?

Continuted from Clinton! said...

Think about this.... He is third generation Muslim.... So why now is he claiming to be a Christian? Does he need to win the election that bad?

Personally, I think that he put up with his minister roll call for over 30 years and now why the change? Did he actually believe that!

Yankee Doodle said...

Obama calls himself a Christian, but nobody can disprove it except Obama himsel. I take his words for it.

Of course Obama hasn't been a Christian all his life, but how does that matter? No one has always been a Christian.

Another Clinton Comment said...

When I think about Obama being our president, I sometimes look back and think is he going to be like the previous mayor in Lousiana...(Ray Nagan.)Is he going to know what to do in the event of another horrible crisis?

Anonymous said...

Want a Sure-Fire Way To Stop the Oil Speculators Insane Profits?

Insist that Nancy Pelosi (not Bush) announce her willingness to Drill Our Vast Off-Shore Untapped Reserves.

At.The.Pump Prices Would Nose-Dive
in a Week, the Dow-Jones would Skyrocket!

- Greybeard -