Sunday, September 07, 2008

Governor Sarah

Trumps Obama


On August 29, 2008, Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, announced Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska as his VP running mate. That selection has trumped and checkmated the Obama-Biden ticket.

Coming the day after Obama's historic acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, which speech and Obama's earlier pick of Joe Biden as his own VP running mate, were expected to be the top news item leading into the Republican convention the following week, McCain's pick of Sarah Palin however completely eclipsed those events.

In less than 24 hours, Obama's day in the sun had been come under a cloud of shadow and was relegated to history being completely upstaged by the Palin choice. The news cycles have talked about nothing else since in terms of the presidential politics. The choice by McCain has stunningly energized the conservative base of the Republican party, an important segment McCain had his own problems with. But by choosing Palin, a staunch conservative, he has revitalized his commitment and perception in that area. Many conservatives who had relegated themselves to simply voting against Obama, are now more than willing to for 'for' Palin.

The choice also reached out directly to independents and disaffected Democratic voters, particularly women, who were so sorely disappointed by Hillary Clinton's narrow loss and the way they had been treated since Obama sealed the nomination. Particularly in overlooking Hillary Clinton, who won 18 million votes in the primaries, and actually had more votes than Obama, those disaffected women are also excited about Palin, and indicating by the tens of thousands on blogs and disaffected Hillary voter sites on the web that they intend to cross over and vote for her and McCain.

The Obama campaign and DNC, curiously, have already launched all out attacks against the choice and Palin herself, indicating that she does not have enough executive or national experience.

Excuse me? She does not have enough executive experience?

A simple analysis of the relative experience levels of Sarah Palin compared to either Democratic candidate puts this to rest. For over the past decade, Sarah Palin has been involved in executive decision making at increasing levels of elected positions of public trust. Obama has no executive experience, Biden has no executive experience. During that time, Palin left off running an actual private business in Alaska, a commercial fishing business and was elected to her city council and then, in quick order to be Mayor of her home town. She did so well there that she was ultimately elected to be Governor of the State of Alaska, managing 17,000 personnel and a 9 billion dollar budget. Obama and Biden have absolutely no comparable experience at all, neither of them.

Mayor Sarah Palin executing her duties as Mayor.

Sarah Palin being sworn in as Governor

Governor Sarah Palin executing her duties as Governor, signing legislation.

Governor Sarah Palin acting in her capacity as the executive of the State. In Alaska, as Governor, Sarah is also the Commander in Chief (CINC) for the Alaskan National Guard. This is a critical national assignment as Alaska sits on the border with Russia where Air National Guard aircraft intercept Russian Bear aircraft. Sarah Palin has taken her role as the Commander seriously, regularly visiting the units and coming to understand their duties and capabilities.

Governor Sarah Palin meeting in the field with Guard Units.

Governor Sarah Palin, an avid shooter herself, learns the operation of equipment of guard units (She's manning the gun). As Governor, Sarah has helped devise and push through a project for the largest natural gas line in the history of the US...taking on entrenched politicians (on both sides of the aisle), lobby groups, and large corporations in the process. Her involvement with, and her understanding of, the Energy issue is unmatched by either Democratic candidate.

Outside of her direct role as Governor and speaking more to her personal values and commitment to them, Sarah walks the walk on the pro-life issue. Having found out well in advance of delivery that her youngest child would have downs syndrome, she and her husband thanked God for the blessing and brought the baby into a loving home. (By contrast, Obama has stated publically that he doesn't want his children 'punished' with a baby).

As Governor, Palin actually visited the wounded soldiers in Germany, while Obama, when given the same opportunity in Europe, refused to comply with Defense Department guidelines regarding his entourage, and skipped that part of his schedule.

Beyond all of this, there is also a part of Sarah Palin that most hard working, patriotic, and committed Americans are coming to adore about her. She is real. She is authentic. Not only has she stood up to corrupt politics and the old networks that have produced so much waste, fraud, and 'bridges to nowhere', she is also a regular person, and authentic all-American girl, wife, mother, and citizen. She has actually walked the walk of reform and change instead of just talking about it. She does not come from privilege, did not aspire to it, or become placed in it. She did not attend the Ivy League or prestigious schools. She has gotten to where she is by pure honesty, integrity, and strength of charachter and has been raising five kids and enjoying life while doing so.

Sarah Palin loves to Four-wheel and fly with her family in Alaska.

Sarah Palin loves to fish in Alaska.

Sarah Palin loves to hunt in Alaska.

and, oh, did I mention? Sarah Palin loves to shoot.

All of this drives the leftist and anti-American crowd mad. Sarah Palin is the real deal. Young, refreshing, committed wife, mother, American citizen. She is the real deal when it comes to the change that is so much needed in American politics, particularly in Washington. John McCain must be congratulated for vetting her, seeing this, and putting her on the national stage.

She represents in fact, and in her own actions, what so many others (including Obama and the entrenched Biden) only talk about, and then go on with business as usual.

Obama, in his own actions and positions as a State Senator (voted merely present so many time in the State Senate, but voted no defending the Born Alive Abortion Protection Act there), in his own actions and positions as a US Senator (spent only 144 days on the job before beginning his campaign for the President, but in those short days was recognized as the Senator with the furthest left record), and particularly in his own willful associations of long standing with hateful, racists individuals like Jeremiah Wright (who preached 'Not God bless American, No, No, No, God Damn America!) to Obama and his children, and with the likes of Bill Ayers, the unrepentant, arrogant, and militantly anti-American political connection where Obama kicked off his own political career, who bombed the US Pentagon, the US Capitol, and NY City Police Headquarters and then claimed in an interview published on 911 that his only regret was that he had not done with such actions and such associations (not to mention Tony Rezco, Pleger, and others), Obama has proven that his change is precisely the type we do not want or need in Washington.




Governor Sarah! Unique to the Washington D.C. Beltway, Politics As Usual Crowd; they appear stunned, and momentarily off-balance!

Most had never seen anything remotely like this lady, ever. She embodies the frontier spirit of a generation of tough and ready pioneering class of citizen eager to carve out their lives, their careers, and family futures far from our big city comforts, and greener pastures of the 'lower 48'. No Cushy Country-Clubber, or Tea & Crumpet, or Cocktail Soiree & Party-Girl Here!

Just who is this bold lady from the wild and wooley mountainous north that appears to charm the huge crowds with such ease, approach the Tv Lens, and a bank of microphones with such confidence, and that winning and gracious smile? Who is she? That's Governor Sarah Palin...That's Who!


Winfred Mann said...

I am confident that Palin has sent a different kind of tingle down Chris “Oddball” Matthew’s legs. A tingle of fear that the American people want a pro-American team in the White House.

In addition to the items you mentioned, Palin has been to Iraq to visit Alaska’s National Guard troops. She is intimately involved with her constituents.
She is truly a person of action, and quite a contrast to the status quo—a great threat to the leftists in D.C.

Anonymous said...

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
i saw this paper sign taped in
rear window of a car in california


so, i made a bigger one, it reads,

~~~ SARAH SEZ ~~~

. * DRILL NOW! *

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
L-jay, from los alamitos, calif


Tape Those In Car & Shop Windows
All Over California, And You'll...

Drive Nancy Pelosi Crazy! reb

Anonymous said...

Great Idea, Snake Hunter!

Taped one on rear window of car, one in front window of my business. r.forbes, oak ridge

George said...

Mr. Benn-

It was a privilege to meet you today, sir.

God bless you for your part in WWII and now for your part in the constant battle to keep America safe.

Senator McCain has made a brilliant move in choosing Sarah Palin as the Republican VP nominee.

Mrs. Palin has revved up the conservative base and has the right stuff to be President McCain's Vice-President.

Please keep up the fight for drilling so that our great nation can remain sovereign.

America should be first and foremost in our hearts and minds. We are the most blessed nation on earth and I hope as many as can will join in keeping our nation free from globalists, socialists, marxists, and all the other left-leaning-weinies.

Keep up the good work, sir, and I will try to help.

God bless you and all others who are trying and fighting to keep our country free.

God bless John McCain and Sarah Palin as they fight to keep our country in the hands of the good guys.

And God Bless America!



By the time executives get married, take on a mortgage, raise a few kids, cope with insurance & crabgrass, climb the corporate ladder, do their best to manage career pressures, build their net worth and get into their 40s and 50s, many have lost touch with pride in their country's values, and how lucky they are in their birthright.

So, A Few Of Them Drift...into political 'sound-bytes', cheap slogans, pro-ball and golf scores, then depend on their women to do the necessary thinking for them. Macho.ism Be Damned...We Are At War With Crazies That Fly Planes Into Buildings! reb


Governor Sarah Is For Real...
Pelosi/Reid Are Trembling!

The Times They Are A-Changing,
Watch the National Polls. reb

Gail Plude said...

Wouldn’t you love to see an Obama/Palin debate? A real debate, not pre-written scripts with amazing oratory. Especially one covering decision-making! Can’t you see Obama hemming and hawing, thinking, pondering, wavering, dodging and weaving to every question requiring a decision, while Palin is decisive and ready for action!

Many are complaining about McCain’s speech, but I liked it. It reminded me of the difference between flash and substance McCain will never have the soaring rhetoric of Obama, but Obama will never have the “true grit” of McCain.

Thanks for your work on behalf of the Conservatives of our beloved country.
Gail Plude


Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent nationally to guide
relative Chicago newcomer, Junior Senator Obama through a long tough primary, and he defeated a solid old political warrior, Sen Hillary Clinton. This was an historic victory, albeit a sour pill for many women, as they represent 52% of the Voting Public (hello).

Bush/Cheney had been demonized and slammed since 9/11/2001 by MSM and the Hate Blogs, and the Democrats took both House & Senate in November 2006. The stage was now set for a clean sweep in 2008.

The George Soros MoveOnDotOrg nominee, Barack Obama looked like a sure-fire winner in the National Polls. He's a really smooooth cat before a crowd, chanting "Yes We Can! Obama adds, 'Our Time Has Come!'

Both Conventions are in the books in August, and the only real difference was on the GOP side; Sen John McCain had selected an unknown lady from Alaska As His VP Running Mate! Almost immediately The DAILYKOS began an unbelievable Slam & Smear Campaign to destroy the Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin...and it BACKFIRED, Big-Time! (The ladies were watching).

Mistake Two, Sept 9th: Barack Obama said these MEMORABLE words On-Camera:

"Well, You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig...But It's Still A Pig"! (ouch)
pArTy UnIty mY aSS

Thhhaaat's All Folks!


Watch the Polls. reb

George said...

I have been talking to several people each day about the election. Almost without fail, those who say they are voting for obama don't know a thing about him.

I have found that talking to them reasonably, giving them some facts on obama's lack of experience, his anti-American connections (his preacher, ayers, farakhan), and the hateful sexist smears of gov sarah by him and his people, and then asking them to read up on both candidates and keep an open mind, seems to give them food for thought.

Remember, we are reasonable and civil and mannered. We do not want to be confused with the people who using are vile and vitriolic language and are lying with every breath they take.

And tomorrow is 9/11/08. Remember those who died on that day seven years ago and those who are dying now for our freedom and those who have died in the past.

God Bless America, and may She ever be Free.



Sept 4th, Gov Sarah: "The difference between a Hockey Mom & a Pitbull...LIPSTICK!" (Joke)

Sept 9th: "Well, You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig" Obama sez. "It's Still a PIG!" (Exact quotes).


Fact: This stuff fuels a huge debate; who can say if it was a deliberate slam? What is dead certain...this Wild North Frontier Governor has gotten 'Inside the Melons' of the Hate Blogs, Soros' MoveOn Groupies, DailyKos and the Beltway Boys in D.C., turning 'em all upside-down! Panicked Donkeys begging us to get back to "The Issues", Well OK!

* Clean, 21 Century Nuclear Power Generation (France Has It).

* Abundant & Clean CNG (Compressed Nat Gas) to fuel cars & trucks! (France, Iran, Pakistan, India, Australia, Brazil & Argentina Have It Now)! O.P.E.C. is killing Our ECONOMY! They are not our friends.

* Drill Now ('til we catch up). Reid/Pelosi say NO!

* Allow our professional military people to make critical decisions on 'when and where' it's safe to redeploy troops (not a smoooth amatuer "rascal" politician from Chicago, with zero Executive Experience; he'll lead us into total CHAOS! That's insane.

* Federally Mandated Health Care? Get ready for the long lines (take a number) at your Family Clinic. Your Family Doctor? Oh, he had a nervous break-down (with the Extra Heavy Case-load, didn't you know?)

Yes! Let's Discuss Issues. reb


We The People ~ Shall Never Forget The Victims of 9/11/2001...

nor shall we ever forget the sick leadership of a muslim kill-culture
that bears the responsibility.

We shall confront them whereever they live, until they cease to exist.

We shall not be deterred by the hate-merchants abroad, nor by our home-grown "activists" & fellow-travelers. We are determined to expose this negative leadership.




"Our campaign is faltering; can you help me?

Bill: "I want you to listen to me!

Your 'Move-On' advisers are still peddling that stale "Bush Failed Policy In Iraq" & 'Impeach Bush/Cheney' just doesn't work any more!"

"Secondly, your hate-blogs are still on "Four More Years of Bush".
That's not working. Attacking Gov Sarah Palin; that's a HUGE Mistake (people admire her, and women are 52% of the vote)! Watch the Polls, you dummy.

Obama: "Oh, I see."

B.C. "Forget that 'Lipstick on a Pig Routine''s a loser! Try to get back to the ISSUES. Attack McCain! You don't have much time left. Wake Up & Smell The Starbucks, Barry!"

Obama: "Oh, I see."


Too Late? Watch the polls. reb

Anonymous said...

The Left screams Sarah Palin (if elected) is ONE heart beat from the hihest office...I say that makes Nancy Pelosi 2 heart beats away if Barry is elected...OMG!

RJ Oak Ridge

Anonymous said...

One more sound Bite from "The Ridge" ...

"Stand up Chuck"

"Stand up so we can all see ya...!"

Heard @ a Biden rally in Missouri. and Biden didn't know that Chuck Graham, who represents Boone and Randolph counties in the Missouri state senate is disabled and in a wheelchair!?.

Also this from Sen. Biden the same day.--" Hillary would have been a better pick for VP than me"

Keep up the good work boys (Biden and NoBama!

RJ, O.R.

Anonymous said...

Pappy says,

So, it's fine for Obamma to have Charisma, but it's too scary for the lady governor from Alaska to have a winning charm, and charisma?

Settle down, gentlemen.

- Greybeard -



Another Weak Lefty War-Chant...

"Four More Years of Bush" (yawn).

Tom the Redhunter said...

Sarah Palin is a classy lady, yet one who goes out and hunts her own dinner!

What's not to like about that?

You're right, reb, she "embodies the frontier spirit of a generation of tough and ready pioneering class of citizen eager to carve out their lives, their careers, and family futures far from our big city comforts"

..and that's why they fear and loathe her

The big-city yuppie elitits, who if handed a gun wouldn't know which end of the tube the round came out of, can't handle someone like her.

So it's "Give 'em Hell, Sarah!" time

Southwest Legal Video said...

I have known this man for over 50 yrs, he was there the night The USMC knocked on my families door to inform us of the loss of my father in Viet-Nam. He was also my swim coach from the age of 9 (although, he can't swim to save his life) I know his passion and concerns for The United States of America. He is an informed and intelectual man who believes strongly in his convictions. I am proud to call this man a mentor in many regards, and can only hope that I have his passion when I am in my 80's (if so fortunate). Thanks Ralph for your passion and fearless nature to raise awareness to real issues.


A blast from the past, Hi Eddie!

I certainly appreciate those kind words; brought a lump to my throat.
A dozen years of Age-Group Competition flash-back. Ten years in 29 Palms, then my last two in Yucca Valley, 1972-73.

Intellectual? Now that's a far stretch...but thanks anyway.
No, but I do love this nation, as
long a we can hold it together for the next generation. reb