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Syria, Lebanon, Iraq were once mostly Christian countries. Then one day they let in one Muslim.

Before it was Pakistan, the population that lived in that area were once mostly Hindu. Then one day they let in one Muslim.

Indonesians once practiced Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Then one day they let in one Muslim and today it is the most populous Muslim country in the world.

The peoples of Malaysia before the 15th century could practice whatever they wanted, Buddhism, Hinduism, or their native Animism. Then one day they let in one Muslim and so today, if you are a native Malay, by Law you must be Muslim, there is no choice [Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia] if you want to remain a Malay citizen. Malays who convert out of Islam are no longer considered Malay under the law and lose their favored Bumiputra privileges.

So you may ask, 'What's the big deal' So you lose your citizenship, at least you are allowed to convert out of Islam.' But that's a joke too:

Western Resistance Blog, 24 Jan 2006, Malaysia: Muslim Court Allows Apostate To Be Buried As BuddhistThe case of people being classed as Muslims is complicated by the issue of apostasy. Cases where people have tried to leave Islam have to receive permission from an Islamic court, and such permission is universally denied. The Straits Times from Sept 20 2005 stated that a sharia court has never granted permission for a Malaysian Muslim to convert out of Islam.

You will find various travel websites that post Muslim Jokes like this: 'Malaysia's official religion is Islam, but the freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution.' Yes, it is true that if you are not a Malay you can practice whatever religion you like, with a few minor restrictions:

<>Do not marry a Muslim person in which case you are required to become a Muslim also.

<>If Christian, do not try to construct a new church.

<>You cannot talk to any Muslim about your religion; Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia expressly prohibits the propagation of any religion other than Islam to Muslims.

<>You can celebrate Christmas as long as you don't mention mention Jesus Christ.

<>If you are Hindu your temples will be destroyed: On October 30, 2007 the 100-year-old Maha Mariamman Temple in Padang Jawa was demolished by Malaysian authorities [Hindu American Foundation]. On April 21, 2006, the centuries old Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman Temple in Kuala Lumpur was reduced to rubble after the city government sent in bulldozers obstensibly because of a 'violation of construction laws' [Malaysiakini]. On May 11, 2006, armed city hall officers from Kuala Lumpur forcefully demolished part of a 90-year-old suburban temple that serves more than 3,000 Hindus [Financial Express].

But given the rules that once a Malay always a Muslim, that marrying a Muslim means you must convert also, that other religions are in fact discriminated against, that new churches or temples cannot be constructed and old ones are demolished, then it's only a matter of time before Malaysia becomes infested with 90% or more Muslims just as in:

Pakistan 97%
Bangladesh 90%
Egypt 90%
Turkey 99%
Iran 98%
Morocco 99%
Algeria 99%
Afghanistan 99%
Iraq 97%
Saudi Arabia 100%
Yemen 99%
Syria 90%
Niger 80-95%
Senegal 94-95%
Mali 90%
Tunisia 98%
Somalia 99.9%
Azerbaijan 93-96%
Tajikistan 97%
Libya 97%
Jordan 95%
Mauritania 99.98%
United Arab Emirates 96%
Oman 93%
Kosovo 90%
The Gambia 90%
Comoros 98%
Djibouti 94-99%
Western Sahara 99.8%
Maldives 99.8%
[from wiki]

Let one Muslim in and in a matter of years your country turns out to be 99.98% to 100% Muslim. Why is that?

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The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!




That Any Muslim Under Sharia Law,
that dares to "fall away" from the 'One True Faith' Is Subject To The Charge Of APOSTASY, And The Penalty Is Severe...They'll Cut The Head Off (on "holy friday") !


Anonymous said...

Greybeard says,

When I saw that effigy of Sarah Palin in a red dress, hanging from
that lady-hatin' crazy person's north hollywood house, it really stoked me up!
What manner of weird people live out there?

I would be honored to have her (and "first dude") spend a week-end at my cabin...I'd sleep well, I just know it.

Imagine some creepo kicking my door in! Gov Sarah would just fire some bird-shot into his Levi, hog-tie his mitts, and call the sheriff! Now that's a real fine no-nonsense woman!

I think we may have another Maggie Thatcher here! She'll be ready for Prime-Time Real Soon. Those belt-way boys ain't seen nothing yet! I hope she keeps talking about Energy Independence & jobs.

- Greybeard Al -

Anonymous said...


IF The King of Saudi Arabia wished
to fund tomorrow...

100 High-Seas Luxury Yachts


1000 Mosques (no problem)
1000 Madrassa (no problem)

Or send us a half-dozen "dirty-bombs" via the Mexican Border

Or Buy A Major U.S. Party for a
Candidate that was certain to favor
the Terrorists in Israel

Or Send A Million Per Day, every day for a year to the DNC through its C.A.I.R. Groups here in the U.S.A.

No Problem At All Through The Internet! The Money Would Be UNTRACEABLE!

We transfer $700,000,000,000 to
O.P.E.C. for Foreign Oil in a year!

Scary, isn't it?

- Pappy Greybeard -

Tom the Redhunter said...

There is no doubt unless Islam is reformed Muslim countries will continue to be repressive places and large Muslim populations in Western countries will pose a problem.

Mohamed said...


You briefed all the subject by your question; Why is that?

I won't provide a direct answer. But you can search yourself for an answer. Try to search the correct history of how Islamic spread around the world. I'll give you one example of the era of prophet Muhammad

When Allah ordered his prophet to announce the message of Islam in Mecca, non-Muslims started torturing Muslims severely, burning them by hot swords, whipping them, throwing them in the hot desert of Mecca, burying them in hot sands, and even killing them. Muslims had to leave their city, Mecca, and go to a more secure place, they left their homes and money and immigrated to Medina. It was hard on their hearts to make that, even the prophet cried when he was leaving and turned into Mecca and said; "But for your people made be leave you, I'd never leave."
Years passed, Islam became more powerful, Muslims number increased so much. A truce between Muslims and non-Muslims in Mecca has been signed, 2 years later Mecca broke the truce. The prophet decided to open Mecca, a 10000 Muslims army has been lined, the army reached to Mecca and camped outside. The prophet made the caller say in the whole of Mecca city that; "Who remains in his house is safe and who enters the mosque is safe." The army entered Mecca, the most holy place for Muslims, 10000 Muslims entered the city.
It's now the time for the just sanction. Those are the ones who described the prophet as a liar, lunatic and magician, those who tortured Muslims and killed tens of them, those who completely refuse the message of Islam.
The prophet stood in front of the people of Mecca and asked them; "What do you think I'm doing to you?!!" They replied; "You're a good brother and a son of a good brother." He said; "Go, you're free."
The necessary reaction and result for this great and marvelous image of forgiveness was that they all became Muslims. They understood at this moment what is ISLAM.

That's an answer for your question; Why is that?

I'm saying here that in the most open non-Muslims countries, Islamic religion spreads so rapidly, the number of Muslims is increasing a day after a day. You know what countries I'm talking about here? I'm talking about America and Western Europe!! No body can claim that the number of those who believe in Islam increases daily because of the sword or enforcement. No body can claim that all those who convert to Islam every day are just crazy guys who are misguided by the foxy Muslim talkers. But instead they found something different, something that convince them of that religion, something that is missing in their life, something that tell them that this religion is much more different than how they were told by their Media. They searched by themselves in neutral sources and in Islamic sources and they were convinced of the greatness of this religion.

That's my answer for your question; Why is that?

Your friend,


Mohamed, I sincerely thank you for your volume of notions of Why Islam is the Final Answer to Man's Unending Quest for the Ever-Unknowable, Creator of This Vast Universe!

You offer only ancient religious history as the final answer, and that is unacceptable, for these unavoidable reasons...

* All religions make similar claims
* All have ugly violent histories
* All have violent leadership
* Islam, in the 21st Century...never offers a satisfactory answer to the unquenchable thirst of its shrewd 'holy men' for...'Power through Faith'!

Islam never has an answer for brute 'Honor Killings', or the Stoning of their young girls, or wrapping their most gullible young people with suicide bombs, or their blind hatred of their hebrew blood-brothers of Abraham, the Jew! Their "Holy" Imams teach babies to hate jews with cartoons, before they can read!

IF there is a creator-god...He has blessed this old man with an ability to weigh in the balance,

All of The Fact-based Evidence of all of religious history from Hammurabi, Zoroaster, Judaism, and yes, also Christianity!

No man, and no religion, has Total Truth; they all have Claims, and they all have blood-soaked hands.

A Multiplicity of Religions, each tolerating the other, is Mankind's Best Hope, but the Grand Ayatollahs of Shia & Sunni, and those Roman Popes, will never permit that (!) for it would Limit Their Power Over the Masses.

So We Shall Have 'Offensive Jihad'...War and Evil, and Unnecessary Bloodshed 'til The End Of Time.

"What Ugly Fools, We Mortals Be!"



When A Bomb Ignites Tomorrow,

killing hundreds of innocents anywhere on this planet, be it in India, Africa, Europe or anywhere here in the Western Hemisphere, we all know instantly, that its evil leadership is to be found among the Shiite or Sunni Muslim Culture.

My friend Mohamed will attempt to lead you away from this bitter truth about his beloved Islam, but anyone that has studied the Comparitive Religions of the World, and studies the history of man's ugly wars, knows the brute reality, and appropriately guards his family with that knowledge!

We have read the "Creed of Death" from the Muslim Brotherhood. When
Mohamed asks "Why Is That"? he already has his answer. He knows!




The student may indeed wonder at my fondness for this young law student Mohamed Fadly; it's simply because of his honest & direct answers to probing questions, without sly trickery or deception of any kind! Such honesty is a rarity, and commands great respect!

Over these many months, I believe that I see in Fadly the beginnings of a "new age" of leadership evolving here in Egypt, the most progressive of all nations in the entire region.

But a few questions still remain.

I believe that my friend Mohamed completely believes in his Allah, and the great Prophet Mohammed, and that he is fundamentally a Salafist advocate. Is that correct?

To complete the puzzle, I must know
more about his feelings of recent events concerning...

a) The Muslim Brotherhood (1928-2008)
b) Sayyid Qutb
c) Gamal Abdel Nasser
d) Yasser Arafat
e) Takfir wal Hijra
f) Hosni Mubarack
g) Syria's Assad

Mohamed Fadly's brief and honest statements (of one or two sentences
for each name) will go far in giving us a much sharper and true picture of Egypt's Place in the Landscape of This Nation's Future In World Events.

Cordially...your friend, reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. Ralph,

Sorry for being late, but I was really busy.

I wonder that you concluded that they're Muslims who committed these crazy bombings in Mumbai!! Until now I didn't know who did it. They did NOT present themselves as Muslims who want to 'force the Sharia'. From an outer look I think it may be because of Indian-Pakistani conflict.

Any way, there were an Egyptian Muslim business man who was there during the action. He said that they started shooting randomly towards everybody in the street, they weren't asking; "Are you a non-Muslim?". So this destroy the claim that they did it as Muslims.

You asked me about few 'events', let me answer you in few words;

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic movement that has been established by Al-Banna long years ago, and changed its basic principles from violent change to peaceful change. They even joined the last People's Assembly elections and won by a good percentage.

Sayyed Qutb in fact I don't know much about him.

Abdel Al Nasser is our first president who achieved great things to Egypt like building the High Dam and nationalizing the Suez canal.

Sadat is our second president who broke the nose of Israel and throw them away from our lands, then gave a hand of peace with no real results from the Israeli side.

Mubarak is our current president who is the peace dove in the area, who led our first air strike against occupier Israelis in 1973 war.

Takfir wal Hijra is an extremist group that believes in accusing many other Muslims of being infidels for making different things like committing big sins, scholars, states leaders, citizens, those who don't accept their beliefs. They suffered a lot from torturing in the prisons.

Yasser Arafat is the Palestinian leader who gave his life aiming at the freedom and independence of his people, and ended his life killed by the hands of Israelis.

Assad is the president of Syria who said NO, a thing that Israel and America considers as terrorism.

As I answered all your questions so let me ask you back about few things.
1) The American invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush announced that he regrets following wrong reports.
2) The Israeli demolishing of Palestinian homes.
3) Obama
4) Bin Laden
5) Killing innocents regardless of their nationality.

Thanks my friend,



Thanks Mohamed, Apparently your News in Egypt lacks some detail; We'll provide you the following...

The Mumbai Suicidal Attack Team last Wednesday was identified quickly by Three Different Intel Sources, as Pakistani Lashkar-e-Toiba (Sunni/Taliban), a well-trained sub-group, the well- equipped team of murderers that killed 179 innocents, including Jewish Rabbis, and six Civilian Americans when they were forced to show passports. Kill, kill,...a blood-bath for three days. Any human target seems better than none, to these holy butchers! (Their Imams stay safely at home).
Question: Which Capital City Is Next For Global Jihad, and will the killers finally have Nuclear Dirty Bombs (?) or Biological (?)

to next destroy a few thousand (?) or Millions ???

The "kill-culture" is never satisfied; never appeased. Each attack emboldens them Even MORE!

What a sad, sad world.

Will A Final Grim Horror Awaken The Sleeping Giant? Will It Unite
The Free World, to finally say...

Enough! Enough! Never Again!!! reb


Rumors Abound in Palestine, about the death of Yasser Arafat.

The New York Times reports that French medical records indicate
that he died in a French hospital from an Infection that led to a Stroke, and that it is highly unlikely that any AIDS, or any Poison was involved, as claimed by some Palestinian sources. reb
Who killed John Kennedy; who killed Robert Kennedy? Who killed Anwar Sadat? It all depends on...

Who You Ask! reb

Mohamed said...

Question: Which Capital City Is Next For Global Jihad, and will the killers finally have Nuclear Dirty Bombs (?) or Biological (?)
to next destroy a few thousand (?) or Millions ???

Are you talking about Washington DC as the capital of America who used two 'Nuclear Dirty Bombs' killing thousands (not Millions) of non-militants including innocent children?

You know; no bad guy says I'm a bad guy, even if he did the worst of the worst. Instead many justifications will show up.

We Muslims are brave enough to say that those who kill innocents by the name of Islam belong to the section of 'bad guys'. But many Americans don't have this bravery to decalre that using Nuclear bombs is an absolute evil.

Any way, waiting for your honest answers about my questions.

Your friend,


Thank You, Mohamed,

Good Guys & Bad Guys...and Who sits in judgement to separate them?
All Nations, All Men, all Religions, have the potential for Evil Behavior.
It is unfortunate that you lack an accurate, evidence-based view of
WWII; but any person that allows hateful propaganda to distort true, recorded history is not the best person to make a judgement!
In 1940, the USA was a peace-loving, productive nation with a standing army of less than 100,000 fighters; we had a fine Navy, but no serious Air Force, with no visible threat? Hah! Not True.

Any Weakness Invites War.

"Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!"

Imperial Japan was Aggressive, Spreading war, killing Chinese Peasants. Hirohito was the human Man-God, on a White Horse! They had a fine, modern Navy, and large, well-trained Ground-troop Divisions! Read About It, Mohamed please. It's real history.

Nazi Germany's Hitler had built the Most Powerful Modern Air Force, plus Panzer Tank Divisions, And a Large Submarine Fleet to Dominate All of Europe, and in 1939-1940 he had NO Opposition. He dreamed of Ruling the World!!! Read all about it, please do this.

German Scientists were also Far Ahead of the World in Development of Rocketry AND in Splitting the Atom...for the A-Bomb; they had a "Heavy Water" Plant in Norway.
Read About It, please do this.

December 7, 1941, Half Of Our Pacific Fleet was destroyed in two hours that morning, Forcing a Peaceful Nation Awake! Read It!
In a few weeks, we quickly moved
into dynamic action, and 12 million civilians became soldiers,
sailors, marines, and coast guard, that needed war-training! Huge factories built tanks, planes, guns, and modern war-ships, and a fleet of Kaiser Cargo Ships...but no more civilian automobiles.

The "Arsenal of Democracy" came alive, and we shipped millions of tons, supplied Russia & England!

France fell in two weeks!

Our Top Scientists Knew...if Hitler had the A-Bomb First, He Would Rule The World!!! He Was Insane! Four Yrs Of Brute War.
By mid-1945 we had sunk most of Japan's Navy, and destroyed their
Air Fleets. The Japanese people were told that U.S. Troops were
cannibals, and would eat their children. War Lies! We gave them candy when we came ashore. Read it.

See WWII Films, Not Fake Hollywood
Stuff...Hours of Action Film.

Today, Japan & Germany are peaceful and very productive. They love peace, only crazies want WAR!
The World Should Get Down On Their Knees...and Thank Their Gods...That
The USA was the first nation to have the A-Bomb. Now other nations have it. Now, That's a Real Threat. Ahmadinejad might use it.

Forty Million+ Died In A Dozen Countries In Four Years in WWII...don't you understand that, Mohamed?

Military Analysts believe that those two terrible bombs saved Millions of Japanese Lives, and several hundred thousand more USA troops from dying, and also the wounded.

That War Ended As Quickly As It Had Begun.

No More World Wars For Over Sixty Years...just small wars, in small populations. Who Needs War? Only Bad Leadership, for Power!

Now, we see again, people who don't undertand, don't have the terrible memories, the utter misery of WAR!

One Billion Muslims INSIST that
THEIR GOD (Allah) Is The Only REAL God, and All Others Are Stupid Heathens, Infidels, Kaffir, and MUST SURRENDER THEIR STUPID BELIEFS

Accept The Pious Claims of Islam, and "God's Law" (Shari'a) or they Die...or become Dhimmi Slaves, and pay the tax.

So, The Saudi King builds Mosques & Madrassa w/ OIL MONEY, Dubai Builds Tall Buildings, and the Persian Ayatollah builds his Rockets & enriches U-235 to Dominate All Of The Middle East...

(Including Proud Egypt), then Rule The World, with the Madhi Prophet.

More Insanity. Wake Up, World!
Still Your friend (I Hope), reb
See Our Post, Dec 7th...sent to me,
anonymously; (I changed the Last Paragraph: it was too violent).

Mohamed said...

Mr. Benn,

I'm not that guy who consider everyone who don't share me the same beliefs as the enemy. That's what my Sharia tells me. So, yes, we're still friends.

You know I wonder. You say that you were giving Japanese candies. So, why you turned into killing them randomly.
My problem about the American use of Nuclear bombs is that -as you say- they 'the Japanese evilmen' attacked Naval militant targets, and your reaction was attacking cities and civilians not militant targets. My religion teaches me is that in war times it's allowed ONLY to attack militants and soldiers, but civil targets, innocents, children, women, priests, temples, trees etc. All these things are Haram to be attacked, but instead we must protect them. We don't know in our Sharia about mass destruction weapons that don't distinguish between the civilian and the militant, or the child and the soldier. That's my answer for the important question; Is killing innocents can be ever justified by any justifications? In Islam it's prohibited, in American belief .... you tell me . Can we call it as difference of beliefs?!!

You said that there are One Billion Muslims around the world that believe that Allah is the One true God. You think that it's a bad thing!!!
Dear, Mr. Ralph, this is the core of every belief. You can say also that there are 2 Billion Christian around the world that believe that Jesus is the One rue God, another 13 Milllion Jew that believe that Jehovah is the One true God, 1 Milliard Hindu believe that Brahma is the one true God and that every other belief are faked.
Dear, Mr. Ralph, believing in a religion isn't like believing in some concept or any principle. When you believe in Islam or Christianity you're believing in the God who created that Universe, you're believing in some system that organizes your life. So it's very logical to believe in one God -the Universe must have only one God not two not three- and it's very resonable to follow only one system not various systems in the same time that may contradict among each other. So, you can be only a Muslim, or only a Jew, or only a Christian. You can't be a Muslim and Christian in the same time.
Conclusion: Every group that follow some religion believe that they're the only right, and all others are wrong. But not every group accept others aside.

Your friend,


Mr. Mohamed Fadly,

I Believe That All Religions Provide a Moral Compass & A Direction...and that Leadership often fails to follow the Positives of Original Intention.

It IS encouraging that you are staying with me on this subject.

Mohamed says, "my religion teaches me that in war times it's allowed ONLY to attack militants and soldiers."

Impossible! In WWII, over 40 million died, Not Just Soldiers...
Most Were Civilian Innocents.

In London, Madrid, Mumbai (India) and in New York City, Suicidal Jihad Targeted CIVILIANS, NOT MILITANTS, Mr. Fadly!

I now believe that it is necessary
to Confront the Source of Suicidal Murder (not Egypt, Jordan, or any other, but SAUDI ARABIA! Is that, in your view, Wrong?
Please my friend, now go to our December 7th Post, for your reply.

Your friend, reb