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They're Muslims!



When Terrorist Muslims Align With
Black Liberation Reverands Like Louis Farrakhan and Reverand Jeremiah Wright, It All Adds Up To An "Unholy Alliance".

Check out these muslim names on your search engine, this Obama fellow just may be a 'closet muslim' masquerading as a "black liberation christian" type dude!
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"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set (!)

We've got to have a civilian national security force...that's just as powerful...just as strong...just as well funded" !!!

See Oct 31st

Anonymous said...

It's True Ralph, George Soros stabbed Hillary in the back when he endorsed Obama. You caught it before I did! Robert

Anonymous said...

Who Is Penny Pritzker? Oh, just another billionaire heiress promoting Barack Obama. She introduced "Barry" to George Soros
a while back. She's another that's "penny-wise and pound foolish" without determining value.

Bet you didn't know about Penny Darlin', didya? pgb

- Greybeard -




Graycrow said...

Anyway, ye may learn to live under muslim rule now you paranoid losers :-)


November 5, 2008

U.S. Capitalism Has Expired; shot to death while asleep. A corrupt congress sends an expensive floral wreath.

Signed, FannieMae & FreddieMac


Mohamed said...

Hello my friend,

Hard luck for losing in the elections, and Congratulation to the American people who gave the world a good image of democracy and open mind. They changed a long history of oppression against others built on race, sex and color. A woman candidates to the presidency elections and a black man becomes the president!!
This reminds me of the early Islamic age when a black slave became a teacher to other wealthy men, when non-Muslims wondered Muslims answered that it don't depend on color and origin, but instead on piety and knowledge.

You asked me before about Obama because of his Muslim origin, and I want to ask you back; If the president of the US converted to Islam, can he keep his chair?



Hello Mohamed! It is Wonderful to know that you are still interested in our ever-evolving, ever improving Set of Rules Governing Conduct. Laws ~ Freedom OF, and Freedom FROM Oppresssive Ancient Religions!

From the time of the great King of Babylon, Hammurabi...humans have been burdened with Human Slavery, and unnecessary War, War, WAR!

Thomas Jefferson, our third great president set the stage of Freedom
in his writings (1776) that "All Men Are Created Equal"! From 1861-1865 we had a Great Civil War, where 600,000 white-skinned men died to Permanently Abolish Slavery. Now, we have our first Black President! (Is He Muslim?)

Our Freedom Bell Rings Loudly Across The Entire Planet!

NOW, If Only ISLAM'S SHARIA LAW Could Shake Off The Chains Of The
Sunni & Shia's Grand Ayatollah Brutal Rule, Allow Freedom For All
Religious Thoughts & Ideas About Creation And Creators, and Stop Imposing By Force...Religion...there might be a small glimmer of Hope for an END

Please Scroll Down To Another Post,

"Give A Muslim An Inch" then return, for more enlightened discussion. Thank you, My Friend, MOHAMED!



Mohamed...I clicked your name (blue) - "profile not available" showed!
Are you no longer allowed incoming from the USA? Please clarify. reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

The "civilian security force" is worrisome indeed. I am 100% convinced that they will abuse it and use it as a political action force instead.

Mohammed - Unlike Muslim countries, the United States Constitution specifically forbids a "religious test" for holding office. Therefore Obama could be Christian, Muslim, or atheist.

Interesting, though, that you asked about him converting. Do you think he might?


"Converting"... While in Office?

Hey, he's riding high. Why tip over that apple-cart. Better to watch his political appointees to the Dept of Justice, State, and some bully-boys at the Federal Communications Commission to shut down that "Vast Right-Wing Loyal Opposition" (We all know how dangerous they are! Hah!) reb

Graycrow said...

Hi Reb,

Thanks for your measured comments on my blog, I will try to clarify my opinions a bit.

a) We Catholics believe that only Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholicism are true paths to salvation but we believe in religious tolerance (I'll admit this was not always true).
Religious intolerance tends to result in war and bloodshed.

b) Both muslims and catholics are often persecuted by 'patriots' because they are seen to more loyal to their religions than their nations. The truth is we catholics follow the teachings of Jesus who says in Matthew's gospel (22:21) "Therefore return to Caesar what is Ceasar's and to God what is God's"

c) Believe it or not, Barak Obama is a christian.


Graycrow. I disagree with your notions of "tolerance" within your church. Here's an example from the Official World Order of the Jesuits, Civilta Cattolica of Rome:

"The Roman Catholic Church, convinced, through its divine prerogatives, of being the only true church, must demand the right of freedom for herself alone, because such a right can only be possessed by truth, never by error.
As to other religions, the Church will certainly never draw the sword, but she will require that by legitimate means (?) they shall not be allowed to propagate false doctrine. Consequently, in a state where the majority of the people are Catholic, the Church will require that legal existance be denied to error, and that if religious minorities actually exist, they shall have only a de facto existance without opportunity
to spread their some countries, Catholics will be obliged to ask full religious freedom for all, resigned at being forced to cohabitate where they alone should rightly be allowed to live. But in doing this the Church does not renounce her thesis, which remain the most imperative of her laws, but merely adapts herself to de facto conditions, which must be taken into account in practical affairs....The Church cannot blush for her own want of tolerance, as she asserts it in principle and applies it in practice."

Such frank speaking, from the highest cultural sources within Holy Mother Church, and in total opposition to U.S. Constitutional Law and 1st Amendment principles of freedom of religion, speech, press, and our freedom to think, leaves us filled with righteous doubts about the "Infallibility of Popes" being the 'Vicar of Christ on Earth'.

I have very similar doubts about the Pious Claims of Islam, as their Grand Ayatollahs Pursue Global Jihad with Suicidal Fervor, With Their Nuclear Ambitions to Control & Subdue Non-believing Infidels!


Graycrow said...


With reference to the Civilta Cattolica article you quoted I would like to make two points,

1) Why on earth should the Catholic Church wish to encourage the spread of false doctrines? To put in a context you may understand, that would be bad for business.

2) A telling quote from that extract...
"As to other religions, the Church will certainly never draw the sword..."
You and your buddies certainly would draw the sword against Islam.


Graycrow, I was somewhat amused by my friend Mohamed's discovery that we 'Free-thinking Americans' are indeed Open-minded, and even cautiously optimistic at times...

And by your wild assertion that both Muslims & Catholics are among those most often persecuted!

It's The Outrageous Power of Claimed Piety in the Bloody Hands of Popes & Grand Ayatollahs with Brute Dictatorial Instincts that has most often red-stained the fabric of history, and not those dispicable "free-thinkers", agnostics, and infidels that struggle to maintain their precious freedom of multiple religions, speech, press, peaceful assembly, and The Freedom to Think...that Unsheathes the Head-Choppers Sharpened Sword!

"The Church Cannot Blush For Her Own Want Of Tolerance..." ignore those ugly words if you wish.

In Wahhabi Saudi-Arabia, they chop heads and hands on "Holy Friday".

Has graycrow ever visited there? You really should you know, to witness the actions of the feared Mutahwah (that's their Piety Police).

Ask your pastor if he'd recommend that you spend some of your retirement years in Riyadh, Jeddah or Mecca, to be among your "persecuted" brethern.

Seeing Is Believing, as they say.


Graycrow said...

Yeah right Reb, like those "free thinkers" the New Model Army under that great defender of freedom Oliver Cromwell, who sacked my town with a terrible massacre while the captain of the garrison was trying to negotiate a surrender.
That was followed by several hundred years of religious persecution (only for catholics of course) by foreign invaders.

Precious freedom? For some people I suppose, thats what it's all about is it?

Graycrow said...

Hey, I just stumbled on the fact that Joe Biden is catholic. Oh dear, you are deep in it now Reb!


Graycrow, As a Devout Catholic, you conveniently ignore the
broader lessons of history.

Our 1st Amendment guarantees a multiplicity of religious sects!

We Do Not Fear a Roman Catholic Presidency, nor a Mormon or Baptist either, for they will never achieve a majority 'to oppress and persecute the rest'.

That Was Our Founding Father's Gift To A Fledgling Nation in 1776.

When Rome had its majority, Heretics and Jews were brutally persecuted; in Muslim nations where "Holy Imams" rule, Heads Will
Always Roll. Understand That Fact!

Your own bitterness provides a cloud over your thinking, and it would take years of effort and study to clear away the dense fog.

(My Baptismal Name is Joseph; my skepticism is a precious gift. I read history without fear of any mere man's threatened retribution).

To hell with them all!

IF there be a Creator, then He gave us a great land, and a great set of Fundamental Laws! reb

Valérie said...


I too am catholic and I agree with almost everything you say here.


You're quite mistaken with your judgment of catholics in Europe. May it is because you have the example of nutcase fundamentalists Christians in America who follow their bible like it if was written by God himself.

Here in France the majority of people are catholic, but nobody in their right mind follows what the pope or the scriptures say to the letter. For example the pope still says the contraception pill is no-no, but there is not one woman catholic in France who cares about what the old senile pope says.

And so, quoting crazy bits in scriptures that are so out of date with today's world means really nothing, because catholics have long learned to discard these anachronisms. Again, bible and scripture was written by MEN, not by God, and catholics are only answerable to God, not to his pope, his bishops and his valets.

And about Muslims, it is the same thing here. We have around 10% of the population that is Arab, and when you meet them you would have no idea if they are religious Muslim or not religious. Once every 5 years there is some crazy Imam who preaches some nutcase behavior, but the Nationa Muslim Council of France is the quickest body to condemn such behavior.

I don't know what the Arabs/Muslims are in America, but here they are NOTHING like what you describe them. They live in peace, and keep their religion to themselves just like the catholics, the protestants, and the Jews.


Hello Again Valerie,

Although You Fail To See It, we are much closer to a 'Meeting of the Minds' on Holy Mother Church than you seem to realize. I'll try once more.

You Reject the Absurd Papal Claims of Infallibility, yet curiously, you still accept the ritual of the sacraments. That's quite a welcome improvement for Old Europe.

It suggests that your loyalty is based more on family tradition, rather than a stubborn adherance to blind faith. Good for you!

Since 'The Church' no longer has the Ability to Demand Obedience (!) she relies on subtle persuasion, rather than brute violence. Bravo!

In sharp contrast, Islam has a long way to go before they reject the pious claims of the ayatollahs,
and their false prophets, with those Bloody Evil Teaching Imams!

All people who face Mecca (five times per day) are still under the Rigid Discipline of Suicidal Holy Jihad, and (IRAN) still enriches U-235 to hold its POWER over the Masses, and that is most troubling for those of us that study history, and think clearly.

A Multiplicity of Religious Views
(Freedom of Religion) is the Ultimate Solution to most of the world's vexing problems, and Ugly Warfare Hangs Like A Sharpened Sword Over All Nations Until Logic & Reason Prevails! However, Time is Running Out For Planet Earth.

Thanks for your thoughtful input.




David Geffen, Hollywood Mogul ~ 2006, switched his gold from Hillary to Obama

Then Hyatt Hotel Heiress, Penny Pritzker introduced Obama to George Soros!

Then Soros Switched Endorsement from Hillary to Obama on Feb 1st, 2008

Big Money Talks...The Die Was Cast.

Behold Our New Messiah! (as predicted by 'Nation of Islam's Reverand Louie Farrakhan)

Now That's Real Change! reb

Valérie said...


"yet curiously, you still accept the ritual of the sacraments. That's quite a welcome improvement for Old Europe."

Sacraments are just traditions and the hierarchy of the church. The same as there is a hierarchy in the secular society. You DO accept when your president is nominated president, when your congress member is nominated so, don't you? What's the difference?

And about "improvement for old Europe" you should clean your own backyard first, because the religious people here in Europe are very much ahead of your fundamentalist nutcases in America. They use their brain instead of their bible. They don't go shouting for joy that 5000 Swedish tourists in Asia died from the Tsunami.

"In sharp contrast, Islam has a long way to go before they reject the pious claims of the ayatollahs"

All religions contain strange things in their scriptures, especially the old ones like christianism and islam. The main thing is for people in the 21st century to adapt them, use their judgement to see what is applicable now, instead of dumbly reciting their bible or koran.

Maybe the principles of islam are even more strange than those of christianism, but that is not the important thing, because if christians obeyed the stupid bible to the letter now, they would be just as horrible people as those who apply the koran to the letter.

Again, all I can tell you is that here in France, the millions of muslims behave just like the millions of catholics and the millions of atheists. You can chose to ignore the reality, or come see for yourself, but it's a fact. If your millions of muslims in America are all nutcases, then your society has a big problem.

Here we have racism very much, but no significant religious conflict because it is the tradition that first, it is a 100% secular country, and religion is something personal that has no place in politics, and second, because it is exactly what people do in practice. There is a lot of anti-arab racism, but nearly zero anti-muslim feelings. The anti-arab racism is not because of their religion but because of the color of their skin.


Valerie, I had assumed that we had
reached out to each other, and achieved a less belligerent tone.

We are a freedom-loving people, 300
million of us, and thankfully we are no longer impacted by fanatical groups that burn witches in Salem. We've come a long way in 300 years.

No Single Church Dominates Here In The USA. That's The Key Reality That Valerie Ignores!

U.S. Naval Vessels were First on the Scene to aid Tsunami victims, with hospital beds, medicine, food & potable drinking water, plus emergency power generation, which is a "christian tradition" during world-wide catastrophies of huge earthquakes, floods, and natural disasters. Did Valerie know that?

We are there in war...and in peace.

In Africa, many "Faith-based" Americans are there on the ground right now, assisting and providing shelter & medicines, thanks to George W. Bush...for the AIDS and MALERIA VICTIMS, saving Millions of Lives! Did you know that, Valerie? Check it out, please do!

So, Valerie chooses to single out a few "nut-case fundamentalists"
to further smear and distort the reality of serious, humanitarian effort. Why is that so?

Good Deeds Never Go Unpunished!

Your hate-america propaganda is unfortunate; it would be uncommon of you to dig for, and expose the negative sources of this vile rubbish, and oppose it, rather than help to distribute more of it to your friends at 'PoorPas'.

I wish you well. reb



As We Have Seen in the decades since WWII, Europe has virtually abandoned old Roman values, and transferred loyalties from rigid religion to an equally rigid, "Socialistic Secularism"!

In The Process, they have nearly forgotten the "Arsenal Of Democracy", and the 450,000 dead U.S. troopers that died in that war, and also the re-emerging Russian Bear...and the Berlin Wall, and the great struggle with a violent Communist Empire from Joe Stalin to Kruschev, to Vladimir (KGB) Putin!

If Nazi Germany had been victorious, All of Europe would now
be speaking GERMAN...not French, Spanish and English!

Brute Communism has been quite successful with their propaganda, in convincing most of Europe that Freedom-Loving USA Is The Empire- Building Brute & War-Monger!

As More Nations Develop Nuclear Capability, especially IRAN & Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, and Europe
loses its ability to reproduce itself (See the demographic charts)
Islam's Sharia Law will Eventually Dominate Europe, and who will be there to save the Europeans then?

Near Paradise Lost, when Freedom To Think Disappears!

Armageddon? The War To End All Wars? Iran's "Madhi" Prophet?

Go Back To Sleep, People! reb


Somewhere In France...

Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you, from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Lt Col. John McCrae


Dear ms moonlitetwine,

You are obviously a sincere lady, and your opinions are welcomed here.

However, you cover more than a dozen complex subjects in FOUR printed pages...and it would require 100 pages from me to try
to adequately respond!

Try One Subject, in two or three concise paragraphs. Cordially, reb


MORE on "moonlite twine"...

This Lady Loves Hillary, likes Obama, and has little regard for this old 'snake hunter'. You are invited to follow her analysis & logic on "The Great Obama Swindle" Post, comment #12, Enjoy! reb