Sunday, December 07, 2008

World Proclamation...


We The People, Declare The Following Truths, Plus The Evidenciary Material...Self-Evident.

We Shall Always Remember Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, London, Madrid, Mumbai, and Victims of Sovereign Embassies Around the World.

We Jointly Declare Our Intention to End Forever, The Oppressive, Coercive, & Brutal Actions of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And All Their Many Affiliate Groups & Sub Groups, be they Salifist, Wahhabi, Sunni, or Shiite Iran.... including the Pious Claims Of All Grand Ayatollahs, Imams, & Mullahs.... and Furthermore, that any Imposed Death Penalty Within Saudi Borders, et al, Be Subject To An International Board For Final Review & Its Final and Superior Adjudication, and Also, Let It Be Understood, That Adequate Legal Defense For The Accused, Shall Not Be Denied.

We Hereby Demand The Immediate End... to the Gross Criminality of Suicidal Bombings, and the Murder & Maiming of Innocent Civilians in Any & All Cities, Townships, & Villages Anywhere on Planet Earth;

Furthermore, The Freedom-Loving Nations Demand The Immediate Cessation Of All Efforts To Coerce, Intimidate, Proseletize, or Spread The Doctrines and Ancient Beliefs of All Forms Of Hateful Islam, or Its Sharia Jihadist Laws; Also The Murderous Creed of the Most Evil Muslim Brotherhood, That Is Clearly In Evidence Far Beyond The Borders of the Saudi Kingdom.

Furthermore, We Anticipate The Inevitability, If Aforementioned Efforts Are Permitted To Continue, a Grim Escalation....To The Use of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weaponry Will Be The Disasterous Result That No Nation Should Be Expected To Endure.

We, The Free Nations Recognize The Purpose & Core Beliefs That Spawn These Insane and Hideous Criminal Actions That Murder, Maim and Destroy the Lives and Property of Innocents, in order to Facilitate & Perpetuate A Distorted, Sick Version of Islam, and its Sharia Law...This Insanity Must End!

We Are United, and Invite All Aware Nations Large & Small, to Join in this Noble Enterprise, to Guarantee the Humane Privileges, for Ourselves, and For Our Posterity, and for All Future Generations, the following Freedoms...

Freedom Of Religions (plural), of Speech, of Print & Electronic Press, of Citizens To Peacefully Assemble, and to Seek Final Redress From These Oppressive & Violent Governmental Actions, and/or The Pious Declarations or Claims; We The People, Declare, and Reserve Our Humane Rights & Privileges, to Freely Choose from Among Our Citizens,To Be Our Legal Representatives in Jurisprudence, and In All Civil Paradigms of Enforcement, Without Equivocation.

Conclusion: It is Not Illogical to Assume, that Future Assembled Free Nations, convinced beyond any reasonable doubt, that an Equally Terrible Retribution must be visited on the Leadership Councils of the Funding & Implementation Networks that Sponsor these Crimes Against Humanity.

RESOLVED: Lacking Clear Evidence of Radical Reform, Let This Ruling Stand ~ An Eye For An Eye...And A Tooth For Every Tooth. {Non-Negotiable}-- anonymous --