Sunday, December 07, 2008

World Proclamation...


We The People, Declare The Following Truths, Plus The Evidenciary Material...Self-Evident.

We Shall Always Remember Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, London, Madrid, Mumbai, and Victims of Sovereign Embassies Around the World.

We Jointly Declare Our Intention to End Forever, The Oppressive, Coercive, & Brutal Actions of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And All Their Many Affiliate Groups & Sub Groups, be they Salifist, Wahhabi, Sunni, or Shiite Iran.... including the Pious Claims Of All Grand Ayatollahs, Imams, & Mullahs.... and Furthermore, that any Imposed Death Penalty Within Saudi Borders, et al, Be Subject To An International Board For Final Review & Its Final and Superior Adjudication, and Also, Let It Be Understood, That Adequate Legal Defense For The Accused, Shall Not Be Denied.

We Hereby Demand The Immediate End... to the Gross Criminality of Suicidal Bombings, and the Murder & Maiming of Innocent Civilians in Any & All Cities, Townships, & Villages Anywhere on Planet Earth;

Furthermore, The Freedom-Loving Nations Demand The Immediate Cessation Of All Efforts To Coerce, Intimidate, Proseletize, or Spread The Doctrines and Ancient Beliefs of All Forms Of Hateful Islam, or Its Sharia Jihadist Laws; Also The Murderous Creed of the Most Evil Muslim Brotherhood, That Is Clearly In Evidence Far Beyond The Borders of the Saudi Kingdom.

Furthermore, We Anticipate The Inevitability, If Aforementioned Efforts Are Permitted To Continue, a Grim Escalation....To The Use of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weaponry Will Be The Disasterous Result That No Nation Should Be Expected To Endure.

We, The Free Nations Recognize The Purpose & Core Beliefs That Spawn These Insane and Hideous Criminal Actions That Murder, Maim and Destroy the Lives and Property of Innocents, in order to Facilitate & Perpetuate A Distorted, Sick Version of Islam, and its Sharia Law...This Insanity Must End!

We Are United, and Invite All Aware Nations Large & Small, to Join in this Noble Enterprise, to Guarantee the Humane Privileges, for Ourselves, and For Our Posterity, and for All Future Generations, the following Freedoms...

Freedom Of Religions (plural), of Speech, of Print & Electronic Press, of Citizens To Peacefully Assemble, and to Seek Final Redress From These Oppressive & Violent Governmental Actions, and/or The Pious Declarations or Claims; We The People, Declare, and Reserve Our Humane Rights & Privileges, to Freely Choose from Among Our Citizens,To Be Our Legal Representatives in Jurisprudence, and In All Civil Paradigms of Enforcement, Without Equivocation.

Conclusion: It is Not Illogical to Assume, that Future Assembled Free Nations, convinced beyond any reasonable doubt, that an Equally Terrible Retribution must be visited on the Leadership Councils of the Funding & Implementation Networks that Sponsor these Crimes Against Humanity.

RESOLVED: Lacking Clear Evidence of Radical Reform, Let This Ruling Stand ~ An Eye For An Eye...And A Tooth For Every Tooth. {Non-Negotiable}-- anonymous --



Let This Clarion Call Go Forward...

from town & village to heads of
state, to national capitals around the world, that outraged free citizens everywhere have suffered enough mindless abuse & murder...

and in unity, we shall not rest
until there is clear evidence of real momentum, and a genuine effort to end this insane muslim-jihadist behavior of suicidal bombings, honor killings, and intimidations everywhere. Enough!


Do Your Part: Activate Friends, Relatives, and Neighbors, and Spread This Vital Message To All Church Groups, Until Mainstream
Media, and All Political Parties Can No Longer Ignore What Must Be Done For Those Who Cherish Liberty & Justice For All. Editor

(print & forward now)

Anonymous said...

REB, the Rebel,

I know your passion for CNN's Lou Dobbs, and the Fox News crew (mine also), and recording your thoughts on Snake Hunters. I met a couple of people at the library, and one at Starbucks that were familiar with your articles, but curiously, they say they never comment.

This month's might shake them up a bit, even if they never heard of Muzzies, or the Saudi Royal Family.

One white-haired lady asked if Journalism was your lifetime career. I just smiled and said "No-Way" and she seemed shocked at your age too. (Ha, she was no spring-chicken, but seemed nice).

Hey fella, keep punching away at Pin-head Reid & Nancy Pelosi. That Do-Nuttin Congress needs some quality leadership, and I'm all for that sort of "Change". What a Dr. Goo-Fee World!

Be of Good Cheer, my friend. 'Tis The Season To Be Jolly, you know! Ho, ho, ho.

- Greybeard - Al M.

Anonymous said...

Mr. reb,

As you asked me to continue here...
so here I am.

Before I log into our discussion I'd like to say some few words that may be useful for you, and change some things.

When I read much of your words talking about Muslims and Islamic things, I smile..No OFFENSE. You are the biggest application of the short sentence; "People fear from the thing that they don't know."

You mention words like: madrasa, sunni, shiite, imam, jihad, etc considering them evil, but in fact they are just normal things. Let me please give a briefed sentences about some of these words.

Madrasa: is the Arabic word for 'school'. Note: I graduated from Madrasa El-Geil El-Moslem.

Sunni: It's taken from the word 'Sunnah' which refers to the acts and sayings of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and it's the Arabic
for 'path'. Note: I'm a follower of the prophet's sunnah, and considers it the best way of life.

Shitte: You should pronounce it as 'Shi'e'. It's taken from the arabic word; Yosha'i (it's hard to write in English) that means 'adhere'. It refer to the group in history that adhered (to) Ali in a conflict, and the ones that followed their path.

Imam: is the person who leads the Muslim prayer. A Mufti is the one who tells the Fatwa.

Fatwa: is the opinion of the religion in some religious issue. An example: not to kill a child is known through the Fatwa. Not to east pork or drink wine is known through the Fatwa.

Jihad: is the arabic word of 'struggle'. It is used in Islamic books in two scopes; a narrow one which is.. fighting in the cause of Allah with the limit that God has set, a wider one which refers to struggling against the bad desires of man, and to achieve good aims. (It has been used by killers of innocents to justify their deeds, the same as every killer finds some justification for his crimes).

I hope these words change something, and make you understand the meanings of these Arabic words.

I'll continue soon. Your friend,




Explanation: I attempted to Post my friend Mohamed's Comment, Dec 9 Posting, (and it was misplaced!) I could not find it on my Dec 9th "Proclamation" Article...

Fortunately, I had printed it, and felt the need to Re-Post It, so I did that (with a few slight corrections), see Comment #3.

Mohamed, I Am Not Offended! Quite the contrary...I am SO pleased that you are this Tolerant with ME!

Your explanations are wonderful, and I am very grateful! reb


Now, my answer, w/ my view of the words:

Imam: A religious teacher.

Madrasa: An Arabic school.

Sunni: That branch of Islam that represents 85% of muslims, with many sub-groups, some peaceful & some violent, in many nations.

Shi'e' or Shiite Iran/Persia: that represents 15% of Islam (Sons of Ali)

Fatwa: An Religious Order, delivered by someone having Great Authority.

Defensive Jihad: War to Protect All Muslim Holy Ground.

Offensive Jihad (Holy War): To Aggressively Go Into the Lands Occupied by Non-belivers; to persuade them with kindness & logic....If that technique fails, it may be necessary to use stealth & deception, and all manner of political trickery & infiltration techniques (see C.A.I.R.) into the enemy camp, to change, alter, and gain a permanent foothold; to eventually overthrow All Established Governance, and Replace it with Shari'a Law!

I Believe, That's The Grand Saudi Plan. The Evidence, It Seems To Me, Is Overwhelming!

Your friend, reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

Hi Snake Hunter

Indeed it is good that we remember Pearl Harbor. I didn't do a post on it this year, but have in the past. I just couldn't think of anything unique this time.

And you are right, in the wake of 9/11 we should not rest any more than our forefathers did after Pearl Harbor.

Too many in this nation today are oblivious to the threat posed by a creeping Sharia.

You, I know, are up to date on all this and not fooled one bit by the Grand Saudi Plan. The evidence for it is quite overwhelming, of that you are certainly right.

We have a lot of work to do, to spread the word. Many in the US get it, but many do not.


Thanks, Redhunter. There are times when I hear my Echo in an empty room; it's apathy & indifference.

I've asked friends to use their eMail Contact Lists to spread the word, like a chain-letter. I need some more Volunteer Snake-Hunters.

The Other-half is this Dec 9th mind-bender out of Corrupt-Old- Illinois-Politics. Yeah, the Mayor's Daley-Town, USA.

Governor Rod Blogjevich, caught by the Dept of Justice with e-Bugs, & Wire-Tappings (over 4 years) and in a dawn FBI raid, in HANDCUFFS like a common criminal! Obama's home state...Offering to SELL Senator Obama's Vacant Seat To The Highest Bidder, on Tape! This is just the Tip Of A Huge Iceberg! Power Corrupts, Everywhere, If YOU Will Just Look, and Smell It.

Pres Abe Lincoln must be spinning in his grave. Former Gov Ryan in Federal Prison, Corrupt Rep Dan Rostenkowski, Slum-lord Tony Resko locked up, Bill Ayers Weather- Underground ("I'm Guilty as Hell, and Free as a Bird"), Hyatt Hotel Billionaire Penny Pritzger Introduces Barach Obama to Old Uncle GEORGE SOROS! What's that?

Illinois Democrats Stink Like A Broken Septic Tank! What's Wrong With That State? Human Garbage & Sleeze, like the Governor's Filthy
Mouth (hide the kids eyes, Muffle their Ears!) These guys all live in the same plush neighborhood.
~~Chicago is a Political Sewer!~~

Wise Up, folks.

And This is Secular-Progressive Left-Wing Liberalism? Whew!

Please folks, use your eMail Contact Lists! Enough Apathy!
These guys ARE Local Terrorists!

It's Past The Time... We Americans must clean out our own Stinky PIG-PENS like Chicago, Illinois. reb

One AM, Eastern Standard Time.

Mohamed said...


Hello Mr, reb,

I guess that there is a technical problem in your blog.

Before when you couldn't reach my profile by clicking on my name in blue. I tried it from your blog and it told me that 'Profile not visitable', but when I tried it from other blogs it worked

And now when you couldn't allow my comment to appear after moderation allowance. And the repeating of your comment several times.

I suggest using a different browser. I tried Google Chrome and I recommend it.

Your friend,

Jimmy Lewis said...

Very well written my friend ... Spot On and Brilliant, per usual!

Keep the Faith,

Jimmy Lewis
SCS, Michigan

Anonymous said...

Hi Snake Hunter, thank you for publishing "Proclamation". Hard-hitting stuff on Saudi Arabia. That Royal Oil Kingdom is the source of 99.9 percent of terror bombs.

- - -

The Chicago Problem? C.C.C.C.

The One-Party Lefty Rule For Sixty Years can be identified as - - - >

Chicago, Cook-County Corruption!

You nailed it: "Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely!"

- Greybeard -

Anonymous said...

Debbie & Maggie!

Sixty Years Of One-Party Rule in Chicago;

Three Hundred Years Of Single-Party
Rule In Mecca,

Invites A Rotting Corruption!


All eMail Contact-Lists Must Be Activated Now, To Chain-Letter Status. Please join us in this noble effort. Contact your links!


Anonymous said...

reb - You're no quitter, so just "Count Us In". We'll send your blog along to some friends.

Ron & Luana - Los Alamitos, Ca

Graycrow said...

And another thing, your county always tops the league table for murder. Are muslims responsable for this?

Anonymous said...

sir graycrow,

Any first-year student of American History would quickly recognize the first three words of our great Preamble to the magnificent U.S. Constitution..."We The People...

of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union..."

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson also penned another well-known historic document (circa 1776) The 'Declaration of Independence'. Have you heard of it?

Is this rude Irishman even vaguely acquainted with either of these well-known documents? Both are highly recommended reading, and guaranteed to improve the thought-processes of student or critic.

> >

This editor often rejects comments
that may tend to demean or embarrass the sharp-tongued, sadly unaware visitor; no offense intended.

It may serve you well, once having read the above, to study the 300-year history, and brutal notions of Saudi-Wahhabism.



On December 11th, a severe winter storm dropped SNOW on Houston & New Orleans (!) (the wife & I were in New Orleans on X-Mas Day in December, 2004 for another unusual snowstorm) providing still more evidence that Al Gore's 'Global Warming' notions may be just more unscientific political hot-air.

Are we earthlings actually in for a cyclical "cooling trend", or the early beginnings of another tragic 'ice-age'? reb

Anonymous said...

Global Warming? Check Archives on Left ~ May 1st 'Open Letter' Post.



"Illinois Voters Invite The Snake-Oil Pitch-men of Chicago To Shape Their Destiny. Then, They Howl To The Moon When Governance Unravels!"

Cry Me A River! reb




Also Flowing From Illinois Broken
Main Political Sewer-Line, the Stench that might reach all the way up to incoming President-Elect Obama's Advisors and/or Even Cabinet-Level Appointees!

Is That Barely Possible?

* Who & What Does Prosecuter Fitzgerald Have On Those Tapes?

* How Many Years In Prison Has Gov Blogojevich Earned With His Arrogance & His "PaY-To-
PlAy" Entitlement Notions?

* Is This The Beginning Of The End
Of Chicago's Corrupt Mayor Daley Democratic "Machine Politics?


Where There's Life...There Is Hope For A Healthier Two-Party System,

ONLY If Illinois Voters Decide It's Time For 'CHANGE'.


Anonymous said...

Time Magazine, Dec 22, 08

See, Blogojevich: Governor Gone Wild

chris, oak ridge


GRAYCROW, Sir! (he's from ireland)

On Dec 11, You Commented that this
county (nation?) had an unusually high Murder Rate, so we looked it up.

Murder, per 100,000 residents in counties won by...

Democrat - 13.2

Republican - 2.1

Obama's City, Chicago, plus County & State, Is Heavily Democrat. More High Officials End Their Careers In A Federal Prison Than Any Other State. See: Gov Rod Blogojevich Has A Big Scandle This Month!
Take Care Sir, Too Many Pints at the Pub...Can Affect Ability To Walk & Think At The Same Time, Mr Graycrow.

Mohamed said...

Hello Mr. reb,

I wonder how you in America see look at what this Iraqi pressman did to your president?!!

Your friend,

Graycrow said...

Interesting statistic, and I don't doubt the truth of it based on the demographics (authough I wonder how politically engaged the average murderer is).

Everyone does what expedient, what is natural, and we being social animals what best helps us to prosper in our social group.
If you or I were born in a different place, race or class we would both think differently.

Consider your recent election, two huge factors in the result were McCain's failure to engage a large portion of the republican core vote and Obama's ability to inspire people who are 'natural' democrats but who don't usually vote.
Obviously a third factor was that Obama got that small but crucial swing vote due to the same issues that got it for Reagan in 1980, mainly the perceived failure of the incumbent especially on economic and foreign policy issues.

To conclude, whatever is written in your blog will please your loyal readership, who come from much the same demographic as you, annoy some (like myself and Valerie) who are european and therefore more left wing but it will change very few if any viewpoints.

I read your blog from time to time because it gives me some insight, but the muslim bashing seems to me to be dangerous and illogical. 9/11 has long since been paid for in innocent muslim blood and the destruction of infrastructure and property in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. If U.S soldiers are dying, well, they are volunteers, trained killers and they are invaders of foreign soil.

If my comments seem weird, it's probably because I am weird.


It's a Curiosity for Me, perhaps an insult to some, when American Policy, Treasure and Blood Granted Freedom to 25 million Iraqi citizens, after 30 years of brutal
Saddam Hussein Dictatorship.

We Ended Al Queda's (Zarcawi) Dream
with a Single Air-Strike.

American Military Presence there has (for now) stopped Iranian Shia cold, from occupying Southern Iraq, where they would have begun a cruel GENOCIDE against the 20% Sunni population. Do You Doubt It?

Now, Will The Maliki Government Accept National Sovereignty, or Deny & Betray Freedom's Gift?

Who Can Say? The Muslim Mind of Murder, Mayhem, Honor Killings & Mutilation, with the Stoning Of Young Women, Is Inscrutable To Most Foreigners. We Wish Them Well.

Cultural Change Must Come From Within.

The Shoe-thrower? Just another radical in search of a following.
Crazies everywhere; what is your point, Mohamed? reb



This time, a more measured, sensible comment from Wexford, Ireland; we appreciate that.
Most of the 300 Million People here are logical, reasonable, likeable diverse people; but few know our history, and most are easily influenced by insidious and well-funded hate-mongers, peddling their political agendas.

I believe that many here wanted a woman president, or a black president, in fairness, and to counter the vicious propaganda efforts. Many, like myself, thought that Gen Colin Powell would be an excellent choice, because of his Life-time of Public Service, Involvement in Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy, and Necessary Military Awareness.

The 'Far-Out Left-Wing' Spent Hundreds Of Millions More Than Sen McCain, ACORN registered millions of new unaware, "non-political" blacks, and 95% of them voted color, and the loyal opposition lost 52 to 48 percent. Majority Rules Here, like it or not. So, we've elected an unknown, untested, likeable and clever young (black) lawyer from Chicago!

Gawd help us.

Now the world will soon know the extent of our emotional faux pas.

Iran's Ahmadinejad has not changed;
The Saudi Royals have not changed; what will tomorrow bring? Who can say?
Where will the next muslim bomb ignite? When will the world's majority wake up to the cruelties of famine, disease, poverty & undeclared wars, large and small?
The Hemp Pipe & Bong, The Beer Mug, the Drug-Lords, and Political Hacks Are Clearly NOT Humanitarian Solutions, and OPEC has a TOTALLY Different Agenda, and a whole new generation will Always be the ultimate victims of such mindless IGNOR-ANCE, pointing their boney fingers of blame, at others.

Religion, Politics, Unbridled Ambition & Greed. The Love of Money & Its Power Over Others.

History Repeats Its Mistakes, and this old man just blogs! reb



* Germany, circa 1930 - 1940

* World Population Balance (Gone Mad).


The First Item will reveal a world leader (Hitler) in charge of an industrial-scientific-military complex Far in Advance of any nation on earth.

Nazi Germany's scientists & engineers had succeeded in creating
an historic global threat; far advanced in jet & rocket propulsion, nuclear (atomic) research, and Vastly Superior in Military Hardware & Training. They had a "heavy-water" facility in Norway (!) In the late 1930's...
The Nazi "Panzer" Tanks Were Moving On Their Sleepy Neighbors...

while the French were happily building little Renault cars, and squeezing wine-grapes, and a Peaceful & Unaware USA was in the middle of a Crushing Ten-Year Depression! (1929 - 1940)

> (Two Great Oceans separated us from the Insanity of War (Warning, warning! That's a Huge Mistake!!!)

On the other side of the planet, Imperial Japan had Invaded China (1928) and was preparing to Dominate That Half of the World!

Second Research:

>> IF World Population DOUBLES Every 40 Years (Humans Love To Breed) there will quickly be Standing Room Only! World Famine,
Catastrophic Diseases, Air & Water Pollution, Global Warming (?) Will Be Mankinds Fate, then Only A NUKE WAR, with thousands of missiles flying around to the major population centers, to Finally End Mankind's Misery, Everywhere.

Religions & Politics Will Never Be Able To Stop It. That's Impossible! Killer Radiation Will Destroy All Life...

Regardless of what crazy notions Craycrow, or Mohamed, or Snake Hunter imagines!

* So, Do The Research!

* Stop Blaming Others!!

* Then, Think Hard About Man's Absurd Foolishness!!! reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. Ralph,

May be it's a life rule that there must be cultural differences. Things that
may not be understood by people from the other side.
For example; you don't understand the fighting for freedom and independence in
Palestine, may be you don't understand the concept of self-defence. They may
be considered by you as 'Inscrutable'. But we Muslims also can't understand

somethings in American culture, things that we consider Inscrutable. For

example; the use of nuclear bombs, a thing that is Inscrutable to all the

states, there is no peaceful states did it yet but only one state which is currently involved in 2 bloody wars. We don't understand a history of GENOCIDE against the Natives of America, first Americans didn't have the concept of coexistence, but only BEHEADING.

You know I hope that I come to America for one week. Not because I'm a lover

of American state, but only for one reason; To Watch The TV!!
I really want to know what is said on your TVs that make the facts completely

changed. An honorable resistent turns into a terrorist, a vicious killer turns

into a noble self-defender, an occupier turns into an owner, a child shooted

in the head turns into the bad guy.

You condemn those who want to force the Sharia by their bombings, and I

support you in that. But let me ask you a question; Don't you think that

Americans already forced their democracy over Iraq and Afghanistan by wars?

They didn't do that by sole bombings or humble attacks, but they did that by

2,000,000,000,000 $ paid for militant targets. They did that by a massive army; soldiers, tanks, airfighters, etc (NOT ONLY BOMBINGS). They did that by occupying another state. Is there a difference?

By the way; what Zeidi did with your president is just a way of expression. He

did NOT injured or killed him. So I think that it's just out of 'Freedom of

expression', and that describing him as radical or extremist is against

'Freedom of expression'.

I asked you about few things before I hope that you answer me now..
1) The American invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush announced that he regrets following wrong reports.
2) The Israeli demolishing of Palestinian homes.
3) Obama
4) Bin Laden
5) Killing innocents regardless of their nationality.

Your friend,

Valérie said...


"If my comments seem weird, it's probably because I am weird."

I don't think you are weird at all. I think you and Mahomed are the two least weird people speaking here.

Mr Snake Hunter was offended because I small talked with TLGK some months ago. He said that his blog was not a meeting place.

Mr Snake Hunter, I understand this but I also think you might be wrong because in being so stringent you drive people off your blog.

I think like Graycrow that you have some interesting things to say, even if I don't agree much with them, but there is nothing wrong with letting people mix and mingle even if they go off topic.

It is not a crime, not in France at least. The blog I attend to nearly every day has hundreds of comments on every post, and yes, most of them are off topic. But does it matter?

People can always come back on topic. In the meantime, it means that those people get to meet each other, maybe even joke a bit and feel more comfortable being there.

It's just my view and I'm sorry if it's off topic. If you censor this, then I won't bother coming back. And speaking of censor, this another thing you maybe should consider: the blog I attend has no censure and no moderation. Yes, there are occasional SPAM but normal intelligent people can ignore them.

The positive thing about it is that it means that the visitors know that what they say will not mysteriously never appear on your blog, and so will trust the integrity of you and your blog more.

Because you see, even if you have people who say horrible things on your blog, the readers are mostly not stupid, and it's not you or your blog who will suffer, it will be those annoying people, which the readers will laught at.

Greetings from Paris,


Mohamed, thank you.

When "cultural differences" are contained within borders, then Only the People Within Those Borders would be the only people to suffer the consequences of those negative and/or positive LAWS, with their brutal ancient religious customs, and cultural notions are always strangely viewed as PURE, and even "holy" by muslims, and their children are still sadly taught to HATE (with cartoons) the other religious belief, even before they can read. That bothers me greatly. Innocent young kids taught to Hate!
Personally, I hold no briefcase in favor of Communism, Nazism, Christianity, Jewish or Muslim Ideologies and/or Superstitious Notions. Quite the Contrary!

Unashamedly, after carefully reading both man's glorious, and its pathetic history, it's easy to reach an Impartial Judgement; I find faults within all of them!

All Leadership, Political & Religious Are Much Less Than Perfection! This must be difficult for anyone from your background to understand.
The Awesome Responsibility to be the first nation to use that awful bomb fell on the shoulders of one man, Pres Harry Truman (Aug 6, 1945).

Truman's Decision quickly ended a devastating war (that we did not start) that seemed destined to continue on for at least two more years, that cost the U.S. 450,000 lives and 5 times that in terribly wounded men. That War Was Responsible For The DEATH of 40+
Million Lives in a Dozen Countries, Mohamed! Think about THAT before you point the Finger of Blame At One Man or One Nation!
It's An Irony that some Europeans Today, and Most Muslims point the finger of blame at the peaceful nation that suffered the Severe Pearl Harbor Attack on December 7th, 1941, sinking half of our Pacific Fleet in One Hour. Those ships were at anchor Mohamed, and not in a Battle Formation.

Mohamed, your Dec 17th Comment seemed bitter, and angry with me!
It serves no good purpose to irritate or insult you. If you do not appreciate my efforts to inform you, hopefully providing a different perspective, then I've wasted my time and yours. Perhaps you would prefer to end this fruitful discussion. That would be your decision, certainly not mine. reb


Valerie from Paris, hello again!

This Weblog, like it or not, was designed to be an Informative blog;
it was never intended to be just another 'chat-room' where jolly good friends meet for casual conversations, or a place to exchange bawdy jokes, or swap personal stories, or feed vanities.
We do especially enjoy comments and information from Europe and the Middle East, for these comments offer other perspectives, both negative & positive, and possible friendly alliances from other nations determined to maintain their own cultures, freedoms & liberties.
First, we witnessed the Jewish Weigh-lifting Team, Assassinated at Munich Olympics in 1972...

When the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini
grabbed our U.S. Embassy in November of 1979, that was an 'Act of War', and since then, literally thousands of bombings, killing incidents, and high-jackings around the world signalled that Global Offensive Jihad Was On The March! Madrid, London, New York, and Mumbai, India. Every unchallenged new "incident" large or small, serves to embolden
an intractable, religiously motivated enemy.

We are 28 years into the beginnings of WWIII. Of Nuclear War and Brute, Historic Mass-Misery.

Do we try to understand its roots? Do we confront this mindless, fearless thuggery with their obvious thirst for infidel blood?

Welcome to Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, with their loyal Hamas, Hezbollah, and their friends in Damascus, Syria; also the Sons of Ali, in Tehran enriching U-235.

Enter "Wipe 'em Off The Map" Maqmoud Ahmadinejad, Nut-case Extraordinaire!

This editor attempts to focus some attention on current events dealing with local politics, foreign affairs, and how best to deal with matters that affect human behavior that might lead us into another catastrophic war.

Iraq is free from al Queda (for now) and little girls go to school in primitive Afganistan, and young troopers die. Heads & Hands are chopped off in modern Saudi Arabia,
and women receive public beatings.

Thanks for commenting, Valerie. It's past 1 AM here, Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

to continue with Valerie...

I Have No Objections to other blog agendas that prefer to focus on Gourmet foods & wines, Sports fishing/hunting, Amatuer or Pro Sports, Medical or Scientific News, Music/Poetry, Photography, or the multitude of "Chat Rooms" ~
Modern Life Is Indeed Complex.
We Do Insist On The Right To Select, To Choose Subject Matter That Informs The Unaware, And To Edit, Restrict, and To Make Value Judgements On Troubling Matters That Threaten World Stability & Freedom of Choice...For All People, All Nations.

This Basic "Freedom Policy" permits
and heartily approves Valerie, Loop Garoo Kid, Mohamed, Graycrow and 'Aunty Emily' to visit blogs that are most suitable to their own special interests.
We most enjoy hunting & exposing poisonous vipers. reb

Anonymous said...

See: S/H List of Vipers, 2008

Scroll Down To 'Pelosi Hires Soros Right-Hand Man'...reb

Anonymous said...

Global Warming Info...see
Ray Kraft Post-'Open Letter' 5/1/08


Valerie...of Gay Paris,

WE Are In Agreement...small talk between amiable people is often entertaining, elsewhere; but rude personal remarks with a dash of vulgarity may even serve to titillate the pinheads and immature adults!

Why you waste your Value-time here, advising me on how to manage this weblog is a harmless, minor mystery.

So, I'll Reject Your Advise,

without comment. Rather than attempting to tear apart, you might try creating something...Anything of beauty or value...For Others! An Omelet or Crepe Suzette, or perhaps even a Dramatic Change of Attitude? Start a "Lovely Valerie Blog!" Candle-light & Wine Stuff...Accentuate The Positive Within...And Best of Luck, Lady Fair.
For All the Gang At 'Porkie Pas'...
including my pal Loopie Garoo-Sum,
We'll Wish Them All ~ Joyeux Noel !

Merry Christmas, Tony & Family!
Thhaaat's All Folks. reb

2:11 AM Eastern


Our Radar-Van has picked up a couple of Sleaze-bags, hoping to avoid the moderation fire-wall.

Go back to your nest guys, where negativity & crude language is par-for-the-course, and religious thoughts, or philosophy, never impacts your "family values".

The Far Out Left-Wing, and the Crazies on the Far Out Right-Wing
share a Remarkable Commonality; have either of you two noticed it?

Go Try your Luck on George Soros MoveOnDotOrg, or DailyKos, Code Pink or U.F.P.J. Take down the 'mod screen' here, and Dirty Flys Will Enter.

Huff Post is another suitable blog.
Arriana's a real charmer.

Then, Go back home, feed your bloated negativity, and do try to learn a new tune; that rusty harmonica blows off-key.


Hi Loop...Friends of Yours? Jolly New Year! Tell Val..."Running a Childish Game" on an Old Snake Hunter Just Didn't Work Out As Planned.

reb (Past Midnight, Eastern)

Anonymous said...

Notice ~ For Mud-Face & S/S:

Your Comments are automatically deleted, so take your 'Hate-Bush' and Potty-mouth Comments to another venue...

A Suggestion: Check Your Blood Pressure; any competent doctor will tell you that "High" might indicate a serious inability to think clearly. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

No I didn't decide to end our fruitful discussion.

As a proof here you're some things that I want your sincere words about them.

) The American invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush announced that he regrets following wrong reports.
2) The Israeli demolishing of Palestinian homes.
3) Obama
4) Bin Laden
5) Killing innocents regardless of their nationality.
6) Your personal perspective of why Israel is NOT 'crazy enough' to use its nuclear bombs.

Thanks in advance,

Your friend,

Anonymous said...


King Abdullah, Absolute Monarch of The Desert Kingdom Of SAUDI ARABIA Bestows Blessed Gift Of Millions To...

BUBBA Of ARABIA (William J. Clinton)

(Some Wigs Call It The World's Biggest Sheik-Down! See New York Post, December 21, 2008)

Here's the kicker: Sec of State (Designate) Hillary Clinton Is All Set For An Administrative Review Of This Wildly Absurd Nonsense!


Merry Christmas, & A Joyous New Year To All, from Snake Hunters.



Mohamed, thank you for being so tolerant; for 20 years, you seem very wise; my answers are sincere.
1. The American Invasion DID give the Iraqi people - Sunni, Shi'a and Kurd - the OPPORTUNITY for precious 'Liberty & Justice For All'.

The "Butcher of Bagdad" plus cruel sons Uday & Qusay are dead.

(I remember the little boy happily pounding the head of that fallen Saddam Statue...with his SHOE!)

2. Sadly, Israeli & Hamas/Fatah will not end the killing during my lifetime.

3. Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest 'mystery-man'. We watch his every move, with both hope and trepidation.

4. Osama bin Laden ~ I believe he has been dead for over one year; Aymen al Zawahiri IS the true leader of al Queda.

5. The Killing of Innocents is the greatest tragedy. When ordinary people suffer & die, that IS sinful; when Leaders die, it is very often a gift to the average citizen.

6. Six Million Israeli are surrounded by 600 million people that have been "conditioned" from infancy to Hate Them! (They all know that).

Are they "crazy enough" to use such a terrible weapon? I'm sorry,
but I don't have an answer; do you?

Your sincere friend, reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. Ralph,

Thanks for your answers.

Here you're my comments about them.

1) Don't forget please that I told you that when you condemn 'terrorists that want to force Sharia' on the West by bombings, so you should condemn too forcing American democracy on Iraqis by American tanks, air fighters and occupying their own lands.
Also, if you remember the 'the little boy happily pounding the head of that fallen Saddam Statue...with his SHOE'. So please don't forget the 'big guy' throwing his SHOE towards the American president after years of 'Liberty & Justice For All' that coasted the Iraqi people half Million lives of their sons.

2) Maybe you didn't notice what I meant. I'm not talking about Israeli demolishing of Palestinian homes by air fighters or 'mistakenly'. But I'm talking about demolishing homes in Jerusalem by huge crackers, brick by brick in front of the eyes of their Palestinian owners.
May be it's not presented in your Media so as to show Israeli 'state' as the dove peace that suffer from 'terrorist' Palestinians, but we know it here in the Middle East.
Let me tell you about it; Israeli 'authorities' may claim that a 'terrorist' once lived there or that the owners of this or that home don't have a permission or that they built their home on an 'Israeli land' or that they built it in a forbidden area however they built it even before Israelis came to Palestine. So, they go to this home, force the people into it to go out, the children, the women all go out, then they start demolishing it by huge crackers machines. They may remove some olive trees in the way ,,, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Please watch this video;

So, what do you think now about demolishing Palestinian homes?

6) You don't have an answer if Israelis would use their Nuclear bombs or not, but you strongly believe that Iran is crazy to use their 'future ones'!!!! hmmm
You know I think that the American fear from Iranian -supposed- nuclear bombs is not because they're afraid that they may use them when they have them, but it's instead a fear from touching or affecting the 'Mono magnate policy'. America don't want any powerful state on the stage.

Thanks again,

Your friend,

Mohamed said...

Please watch these videos too;

and this is of an American like you that have been killed by Israeli bulldozer;


Mohamed, thank you.

This weblog is designed to be Informative; it is instructive to have two sides, honestly looking at the major issues. Each has a totally different perspective, and that too, is very, very good.
1. In 1990, our satellites informed us that Saddam's Military
was moving to the Kuwaiti border, as a First Step to easily seize the world's greatest oil reserves in Abdullah's Saudi Arabia. (That butcher was not satisfied with his own kingdom's wealth). If he was not stopped, he would have a strangle-hold on the entire industrialized world...with Oil! A great Legasy for brutal sons Uday & Qusay, don't you think? A modern-day King Nebuchadnezzer!

2. Perhaps Mohamed believes that the Israeli is "Little Satan" and
the USA is "Big Satan" ~ That's the propaganda; I'm not sure of that.

3. Is it so wrong for a nation to hope for "Liberty & Justice" for all Peace-Loving Nations? Is it possible through the United Nations? (No! I don't believe that). They are just more money-grubbing politicians, and Power- Lusters like Vladimir Putin, and IRAN's Grand Ayatollah (with his little talking-puppet Ahmadinejad).

4. When the USA spends its blood & treasure in foreign battles, is that action designed to grab more land (?) or to force our ancient religions on others? Absolutely Not!

5. Most Americans want our troops home, the sooner the better! But, when we do leave - Two Powers hope to Move Back In - Shi'a Iran & Sunni al Queda, to restart the killing all over again. The kill-culture nourishes and admires Death. It's very sad.

6. Mohamed always speaks of Palestine, a tiny speck of land.
My friend always seems to avoid the broad complexities.

All religions must have two things to exist...both a God, and a Devil. So, muslims DEMONIZE Israel, and also, "Big Satan"....
On January 20, 2009 (Obama Day) I will publish "The Evil Of Good Deeds" - It will provide even more 'perspective', and a word or two about Afganistan, for my friend Mohamed. reb

Anonymous said...

A question for mohamed,

At a tender 20 years, do you see yourself as a sharia law student, an imam, or perhaps both?

- Greybeard -

Graycrow said...

What is the big deal bout mahamed's age 20 seems quite old enough to me, many US troops in Iraq are younger than that!


Mr Graycrow,
Greybeard & I recall a U-tube film
showing Mohamed at the podium, lecturing a group of senior grey-haired respectful Egyptians!

That is Remarkable! Is Mohamed also a talented Imam ?

In modern societies, doctorates in the physical sciences of medicine,
engineering, astronomy and astro-physics and/or space technology will normally require at least a few decades of intense study.

Apparently, all that a Wexfordian Irish Philosopher needs is a bit of smouldering hemp. reb



The Victorious Warrior
Returns To Rome

Standing Beside His Chariot
His Valet Approaches...

Whispering In The Great One's Ear
"You Are Only Human, Not A God

Try Not, To Part the Raging Sea
Nor Still The Mighty Storm

You Are But Human, Obama-Man!"
22 minutes past midnight, eastern

Anonymous said...

The above message is most effective
when repeated twice daily during the entire political tenure. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

You always say that we teach our children to hate Israelis. A thing that I don't know why you insist to say. But let me tell you something..

When a Palestinian child asks his mother; "Where is my father?" The mother will answer; "He is killed by Israelis." If he asked the next day; "Why my brother didn't get back to home?" The mother will answer; "He was killed today in his way to school by an Israeli missile." The next day he'll ask about his little sister; "Why she died?" The mother will answer; "Israel didn't allow us to buy milk for her." The next day he will hear a very loud voice, then he'll run out of the home to find it all destroyed in an Israeli raid, he'll extract his mother's body from under the ruins. He'll see here blood on his little hands.

That's what happen daily in Palestine. So, do you think that those little children should love Israelis? Should they grow up to shake hands with Israelis? Should they welcome them in their homes?

Dear, Mr. Ralph, that's not us who teach our children to 'hate' Israelis. That's Israelis who are doing that across a 60 years of killing, occupying and destruction. Israelis force us to resist, not to be calm.

Any way; Can you see the massacre going on RIGHT NOW in Palestine? How your Media present it to you? I'm asking about the justification that your Media present to you to justify killing?

Hamas target militant Israeli places and they are described as 'TERRORISTS'. Now the racism 'state' of Israel is targeting Palestinians, how they are described?

The message from Israel is very clear to Palestinians; "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO PEOPLE OF GAZA"

Your friend,

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

It's an open war in Palestine.

Israel use every possible mean to break the power of Palestinians.
They use tanks, air fighters, F16, missiles, bulldozers, soldiers, guns, assassination, etc.

They kill children (This is a fact), they kill women (This is a fact), they kill babies (This is a fact), they force siege against 1.5 Million innocents forcing them to death and hunger (THIS IS A FACT), they destroy homes (It's a fact), they cut trees (This is a fact), Israelis started it 60 years later (THIS IS JUST THE TRUTH.

So, what is the problem about using rockets to repay ALL OF THAT?

Why it's just the right of Israelis to kill Palestinians, but Palestinians must be silent? Why it's allowed for Israelis to occupy lands of Palestinians across 60 years, but Palestinians must be just silent?

Believe me, it's called as 'THE RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENSE'.

A poor Israeli has been killed right now as I'm typing, 4 are injured. There are 155 of Palestinians are killed.

Your friend,


Mohamed, thank you.

What You Describe Here Is WAR, and it is undeniably True, but is told
from only one perspective. Here is the other side of the coin:

Adolph Hitler began an intense 'Hate the Jew' campaign in the mid-1930's, marking them, forcing them into cattle-trains by the thousands, to War-time Work-Concentration Camps, starving them into living, walking skeletons (The Films Do Not Lie).

They burned them to dust, men, women & children! (The films do not Lie). Six million died. The Jews said "Never Again!"

After the War, The United Nations, Briton and the U.S. decided to "relocate" the surviving Jews to Palestine, the Israeli ancient homeland. Many Palestinians, seeing trouble ahead, moved to Egypt, Jordan & Syria.

You are asking me to "justify history"...I cannot do that.
TODAY, when 200 mortars & rockets fall from Gaza into Israel, and the 'Hated Jew' responds...and you ask me to "justify it"? I cannot.

I can only recognize the sadness;
it is the Misery of WAR, suffered mostly by innocents...The Failure of Leadership On Both Sides! reb

Anonymous said...


and Wisdom Listens!"

- an old greybeard agrees -

Uncivil said...

Mr reb

I luckily happened upon your blog just yesterday while doing "Google" searches for "invading Somalia" which led me to Mr Mohamed Fadly's blog where I found you in the comment section.

I must say your blog is like a hidden treasure. I will be starting with your first post in January 2006 and read each and every one up until present time.

Your wit and wisdom is profound!

Jimmy, just an old country boy redneck from Castle Hayne NC who hates the "Drive by Media"!

PS. I liked Dave Grossman's "ON SHEEP, WOLVES AND SHEEPDOGS" so much that I posted it on my blog and posted a link to your blog at the bottom! I think it came from one of your readers? "Tid Bits"?

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I knew something that may make a difference in your perspective of the terroristic attacks over Gaza stripe yesterday by the Israeli entity.

During the period of the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel 22 Palestinians were killed in the stripe, 62 were injured by Israeli entity.

So the question is; When Israeli entity did't respect the ceasefire, but Hamad did stopped the rockets, so can we trust Israel in future political meetings as a responsible partner?



In the third paragraph Mohamed asks

"Can We Trust Israel?"

A valid question. When Pres Ron Reagan was dealing with Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, he suggested "Dovei No Provie" that translates to 'Trust, But Verify!'

IF these two bitter enemies, with all of those ugly memories, EVER
become SERIOUS about a Lasting may be possible to Construct an International (on the ground) Watchdog Peace Commission, permanently stationed in Israel. Cease Fire!

Then, who would dare shoot first?

This "peace-keeping group" might have staff assigned from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, representing muslim interests, AND the other one-half from Canada, Briton & the USA. Serious Diplomats!

NO United Nations!

IF this suggestion would ever be approved and implemented, it would both frustrate & embarrass the belligerent LEADERSHIP, diminish the Powerful Forces that Fund the Hamas & Hezbollah (Iran), and slow down Saudi King Abdullah's Fatah!

I Dream, the Impossible Dream; The Ending of War In The Region! reb

12:33 am, eastern.

Mohamed said...

So, you settled it.

Israel couldn't 'Verify' across 60 years that it really need peace. Israel don't need a partner. Israel don't need to be shared, but to domain.

Across 60 years negotiations and international resolutions did no thing. Israel did NOT care for all international meetings. Instead of making a solution or whatever making a step forward, Israel expanded across 60 years. It occupied more lands.

After 60 years of implanting the Israeli entity unto Palestinian lands it's important to make a quick review. To ask what succeed? And what gave the right back?

Is it negotiations?!!! huh Do you know that Israeli entity built hundreds of settlement units after Annapolis 'peace' conference? Do you know that there are tens that have been killed, injured or arrested during the 'ceasefire' between Hamas and Israel?

But what resistance did across 60 years of conflict between Israel and Arabs?
It's 1973 war that kicked Israelis away from our Egyptian land Sinai. It's war that made Israelis leave Lebanon. It's resistance that made Israelis leave Gaza stripe.

Israel forced Arabs to fight, then when they fight the world should support them. Arabs were pushed into war when Zionists declared their state in 1948.

You said that Jews suffered from genocide by Hitler. You said that the world should feel sympathy towards them and make them go back to the land where they existed thousands of years ago. So, here you're three points;
a) Things changed on these lands across thousands of years after they were taken from it. There is a people that is already living on this land.
b) Palestinians were NOT responsible for the Jewish suffer.
c) Israelis did NOT negotiated with Palestinians about declaring the Zionistic state upon their lands. So, it was a reasonable reaction to refuse it.

Dear Mr. Ralph, this conflict did NOT start just yesterday. It started 60 years ago. Please don't forget these words.



Mohamed says, "So You Settled It".

No, Mohamed, I've settled nothing!
I am only ONE observer, in a boat with 1,000 leaking holes...and I have only One Cork!!!
Toutes les vies sur la terre composent une communaute'.

Translation: All the lives on earth comprise one community.
and thousands of nuke missiles are airborne in one hour, then all the world will at last know that naked AGGRESSION, fueled by the Lust for POWER, and the lust to dominate other cultures, all other religions...and man's feeble attempts at PEACE...was all in vain.

What fools, we mortals be. reb


My Friend Mohamed has asked me to use a Search Engine for three names...

Haganah, Lehi & Irgun to begin to understand Zionism! So I did that.
"Zionism" is a fairly recent notion
in Jewish's why:

Shouldn't we go back in time to the
Earliest, 'real jew' ? The Black Ethiopian Falasha, The "Lion-King of Judah"? (I recall Emperor Haile Seilase, when I was 10 years old, when Mussolini's tanks & planes slaughtered the King's half-naked natives holding spears! (Circa 1935-36). Pope Pious XII said they were "bringing Christianity to the primitive natives"...Hah!

Long before that, the Khazar or Ashkenazi (white jew) with his Torah, occupied the "holy-land"... then it was the Romans, etc

Now, move up a few centuries...

Ottoman (Turks) 1882 - 1917 ~ 35 yrs
British Rule 1918 - 48 ~ 30 yrs

Zion (white jews) 1948 - 2008 ~ 60 yrs*

* Note: Palestinians Have Never Had A Ruling Governance! Never had the Ability to DEFEND THE LAND THEY OCCUPY! So, Who "OWNS" what?

Should the world risk EXTINCTION, for this tiny speck of land? Allow Iran's Ahmadinejad To "Wipe Israel Off The Map?" To Bring Back the Persian (Iranian) Madhi Prophet, Who Died In 941 A.D. - - -To Rule The World...for a 1000 Years of Peace?


Someone, ANYONE, please unravel this complex puzzle for this old Snake Hunter, if you dare to try!

Please correct me, if I'm wrong. reb


There Is A New Book For Students of
the Intense & Brutal Bloodbath In Palestine, by Jonathan Schanzer...

"Hamas vs Fatah, The Struggle For Palestine." reb


Dateline: Dec 26, 2008

ESCALATING WAR IN GAZA as Hamas rockets & mortars increase in the numbers that fall on Southern Israel. Helicopter gun-ships retaliate, pound Gaza; tanks on the move, hundreds die! Military analysts ponder...Is this the beginning of Iran's promise to "Wipe Israel Off The Map"?
Forty Egyptian/Gaza supply tunnels bombed as tensions increase.

Major demonstrations in London at the Israeli Embassy on Dec 29th. Well organized groups, with bull-horns & "Free Palestine" signs.

Next...Watch (Iranian) Nazrullah's Hezbollah, on Lebonese border! reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Please check this website intensively;

I just knew about it at the moment.



Anonymous said...

To Be's the other side of the same coin:

www.The > > This is a counter-balanced analysis of mohamed's offering. reb


I think it important to mention that Hamas controlled GAZA STRIP is 9 miles wide, 25 miles long, with an extremely dense population.

"Collateral" Damage Is Unavoidable In Any War...ANY War. More civilians die, than troopers!

Mohamad's article points to the disproportionate suffering of the Palestinian people due to the war.
There is no doubt about that.

The article also mentions Israeli guards "Strip-searching the men and women, also the little children" doubt about it.

Why? Because Hamas is quite PROUD of their "suicidal bombers". They have no qualms about strapping bombs on their own people, and promising heavenly rewards, even baby girls get this treatment!

War, with Sword & Shield...or with Bombs, is an UGLY, FILTHY BUSINESS,
suffered mostly by the innocent!

SOON the world "will know it" when a thousand multiple war-heads fly in one hour!

Those Damn Fools!

(See January 1st Post) reb

Anonymous said...

Is The Hamas Brave Leader In Gaza polishing his rockets?

Nope. Khaled Meshaal is safely in
Damascus, Syria planning more strategies with Iranian friends.

- greybeard -

Graycrow said...

This has to be the most one sided 'Battle' in history.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. But just wait, 'til that old Ayatollah gets his nukes!
- greybeard -



To Hit The Ground, walking slowly;

Also, sitting for countless hours at this Windows Xp Computer.
Accuracy, is always my most effective weapon.
I plan on living forever...
so far, so good. reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

Mohammed wrote "Israel forced Arabs to fight, then when they fight the world should support them. Arabs were pushed into war when Zionists declared their state in 1948."

Er, no. The Arabs could have accepted the UN mandate. If they had, they'd have had a Palestine.

Further, they could have resettled the Arab refugees in their own countries, but they didn't. Instead, they put them in refugee camps where they could be used as political pawns.

The Israelis, on the other hand, resettled the Jews forced out of Arab lands in the 1948 war.

As for
it seems to make a big deal about the inequality of casualties. But there was no equality of casualties between Japan and the U.S. in WWII. We killed zillions of Japanese civilians, whereas hardly any American civilians were killed by the Japanese. Were we then the evil aggressors?

"1) The American invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush announced that he regrets following wrong reports."

Bush has said he regrets invading Iraq? When?

"2) The Israeli demolishing of Palestinian homes."

If they'd stop being terrorists they wouldn't have their houses demolished.

"3) Obama"

Too early to tell. Most likely he'll start a new round of peace talks that will go nowhere because the Palestinians will refuse to renounce the "right of return" and will not stop their terrorism.

"4) Bin Laden"

Too general. Be specific in your question.

"5) Killing innocents regardless of their nationality."

Israel does not target civilians. Israel targets military and terrorist bases and personnel. Civilians are killed because Hamas and Fatah deliberately set up bases in civilian areas. They do so because they hope civilians will be killed, which they can then exploit for propaganda reasons.

"You condemn those who want to force the Sharia by their bombings, and I

support you in that. But let me ask you a question; Don't you think that

Americans already forced their democracy over Iraq and Afghanistan by wars?"

This is the fallacy of moral equivalency. Let me spell it out for you, Mohammed: Sharia is evil, democracy is good. Get it?


ALL IN ONE DAY, Dec 30th, 2008

The White House, in consultation with Palestinian Leaders, urgenting calling for a "permanent"
cease-fire in the 4-day Gaza War. Just more Hamas craziness.

Pres Bush offers his thanks to Egyptian President Mubarak for his support (he brokered the last six month cease-fire in Palestine).
> >
Democratic Gov Blogjevich appoints former Att General Roland Burris to fill Barach Obama's vacant senate seat. Such arrogance!

(S/H prediction: The Democratic Power-Bosses in the U.S. Senate will nullify this goofy Illinois governor's order!)
> >
Pakistan ~ Swat Valley Taliban (Mumbai India terror suspects) running amok, terrorizing locals & chopping off heads...more kill-culture stuff, more misery for innocent citizens!
Protest Demonstrations For "Peace" In Dallas, Texas. Yeah, sure. reb

Graycrow said...

Tom the Redhunter = NAZI !!!


That bartender at graycrow's favorite pub in wexford ireland should limit that 41 yr old's intake to two pints!

Be nice now, go home, pet your dog,
and stay off that hemp pipe, you rude rascal.

Remember, Moderation is the Golden Rule, especially for hot-headed Irishmen! reb


Excellent probing questions & comments from my Egyptian friend Mohamed, and equally fine critical analysis from 'Tom the Redhunter'!
(We do enjoy these informative, opposing viewpoints).

Snake Hunter says: Destroying of the poisonous younger rattlesnakes (Hamas & Hezbollah) would have only a momentary value, but does not disturb the nest! The breeding parents (Saudi Arabia & Iran) live on; much of the world seems pathetically unaware of them.
What Will The New Year Bring? Just more suicidal sadness, more misery for the innocent; more bombings of embassies & capital cities around the globe, and that beady-eyed Ahmadinejad still enriches U-235.

"What fools we mortals be" reb


Tomorrow's Post: "How Hamas Governs Gaza"...Insightful.

Tom the Redhunter said...

I look forward to the post, Reb! I'm sure it will prompt good discussion.


A Final Word, Adios 2008!

Behold The Shallow Minds, the least among men and women of this old world...the true pinheads.

Ever admiring of the most brutal & greedy, quick to adore vain celebrity, never an up-lifting word of encouragement for those who try, in mindless pursuit of physical beauty with naught behind it; totally devoid of integrity, callous in both word and thought, with an aversion to orderly things that guard the common interests of plants, or tree, animal or human; polluting the rivers and the seas.

All Is Vanity, with curious hatred of the fine professionals that are sworn to protect, and to serve the community; our brave 'first responders' in stormy or medical crisis. Of our proud military families that recognise & defend against all enemies of freedom and justice for all. Liberty is not free.

Denial Is Their Name; ignorance of the ugly face of evil, ridicule is their weapon of choice. Shrugging off the natural beauty, preferring the masquera and heavy perfume.

Admiration for the pious-poopers & the venal politician with all the easy answers to complex problems, with his bag-full of slick promises for the gullible among us.

These are the traits of the potty-mouthed glib, empty-headed critics! (So, I delete 'em).
It's FESTIVUS...For The Rest-Of-Us,
and a Happy New Year! reb

Graycrow said...

Reb, I think you are getting a bit off topic :-)
Happy new year, I can't wait for the 20th of this month.

Graycrow said...

I would like to thank you, thru your blog I met many good people from the porquois pas blog.
But we all agree that your comment moderation policy is undemocratic. What about free speech?


Graycrow, We are strong advocates
of free speech where there are none at all...

but there are logical limits. One is not permitted to publicly call for an assassination or a bombing, or yell "FIRE!" in a crowded room to cause panic or injury.

An Editor 'edits' for good reason;
the pinheads & anarchists would enjoy creating chaos to disrupt serious discussion; the 'moderation
firewall' stops 'em cold.

Our Freedom of Choice has its own rewards. Comprende? reb

Mohamed said...

Please check this link for some photos of the situation in Gaza that are NOT shown on American Media.

Mohamed said...

Mr. Tom,

I will read your comment later, I think it have some worthy points.

But I'll answer one point for now.

You said; democracy is good, Sharia is evil; justifying that democracy can be forced on other peoples, but not Sharia!!

"There is no compulsion in religion .." 2:255

That's the rule that we Muslims believe in according to our holy Qur'an and Sharia. No body can be forced to believe in something, he must be convinced. Even when we believe that Islamic religion is the best, but we cannot force others to believe in it.

Another thing, every body believes that his belief is the best. You believe in democracy, I believe in Islam, a Christian believes in Christianity, a Jew in Judaism, a Hindu in Hindusm.
So, even if you see it the best, you cannot force it.