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How Hamas Governs Gaza

By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Jonathan Schanzer, director of policy at the Jewish Policy Center. He has served as a counterterrorism analyst at the U.S. Department of Treasury and as a research fellow at Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He is the author of the new book, Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle For Palestine. Daniel Pipes wrote the foreword to the book and some of the research was undertaken at Pipes' Middle East Forum.

FP: Jonathan Schanzer, thank you for joining us again.

Schanzer: My pleasure, Jamie.

FP: Today, I'd like to talk about the way Hamas has governed Gaza since taking it over by force in 2007. But first, please briefly review the thesis of your new book Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle For Palestine.

Schanzer: My new book documents the ongoing political and military struggle between the two largest Palestinian factions – Hamas and Fatah – dating back to 1988. Today, as a civil war rages in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israel, the international community cannot even identify a legitimate Palestinian interlocutor. The book looks at how we arrived at this difficult place.

FP: Please tell our readers about the June 2007 war between Hamas and Fatah.

Schanzer: In a word, it was brutal. The battle for Gaza lasted a mere six days. Fatah’s forces, trained and armed by the United States and other western nations, failed miserably. Some left the field of battle. Others joined the Hamas fighters. Those who stood their ground were likely not prepared for their brutal enemy. According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Hamas violence was indiscriminate, demonstrating a willful disregard for the conventions of war. Hamas fighters pushed Fatah members from the roofs of tall buildings. Hamas even killed people who were already injured, or shot their enemies at point-blank range to ensure permanent disabilities. Hamas also attacked private homes and apartment buildings, hospitals, ambulances, and medical crews. All told, the June fighting claimed the lives of at least 161 Palestinians, including 7 children and 11 women. Some 700 Palestinians were wounded.

FP: What happened when the guns fell silent?

Schanzer: Hamas began to govern through a combination of violence, authoritarianism, and Islamism. Ismael Haniyeh, the ascendant ruler of Gaza, officially denied accusations that Hamas intended to establish an Islamic emirate. However, by November, the British press reported that “only believers feel safe” in Gaza and that “un-Islamic” dress sometimes resulted in beatings. According to a UN report, women “felt coerced to cover their heads not out of religious conviction but out of fear.”

The new Hamas government attacked the media and peaceful demonstrations, and engaged in the “destruction, seizure, and robbery of governmental and non-governmental institutions,” according to one human rights report.

In short, the few reluctant steps toward liberalization that the PA had taken during its 13-year rule in Gaza—small advances in press and political freedoms, for example—were wiped out in days.

FP: There were reports of torture. Were these accurate?

Schanzer: Yes. Some 1,000 people, almost all members of Fatah and the PA, were illegally arrested in the first months of Hamas rule by the new Hamas police, the Executive Force. The leader of the Executive Force actually admitted to the use of torture and violence against Hamas’s political enemies. He stated in August that torture occurred in Hamas prisons but that the EF was trying “to minimize violations and avoid them through the training of our members.”

The allegations of torture continued, however. In September, Hamas abducted five Fatah men who were later transferred for treatment to a Gaza hospital, where evidence of torture was reported. Rights groups reported that other Fatah prisoners “sustained fractures to the feet” as a result of beatings with sticks. In other instances, Fatah men were “handcuffed and blindfolded” and had pieces of cloth stuffed in their mouths to stifle their screams.

FP: How did Gaza’s Christian population fare?

Schanzer: They probably suffered the most. Hamas grossly mistreated the minority Christian community, mostly Greek Orthodox, which had lived in relative peace for centuries amid Gaza’s predominantly Sunni Muslim population.

In June 2007, masked gunmen attacked the Rosary Sisters School and the Latin Church in Gaza City. Hamas gunmen used rocket-propelled grenades to storm the main entrances of the school and church. Then they destroyed almost everything inside. That same month, Hamas kidnapped Professor Sana al-Sayegh, a teacher at Palestine University in Gaza City, and forced her to convert to Islam against her will. Her family’s attempts to meet with Hamas leaders to find her repeatedly failed. Requests by community leaders to meet with Hamas were also turned down.

In October, the body of 30-year-old Rami Ayyad, the owner of the Holy Bible Association, was found in an eastern suburb of Gaza City. Ayyad’s organization had been the target of a grenade attack during protests stemming from the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

In February 2008, unidentified gunmen blew up the YMCA library in the Gaza Strip. Two guards were kidnapped, offices were looted, and vehicles were stolen, and more than 8,000 books were destroyed. That attack came only days after a Hamas “modesty patrol” attacked a Christian youth’s car after he was seen driving a female classmate to her home. Both were injured in that attack.

By one count, more than 50 attacks had taken place in the first few months following the June coup. Targets included barbershops, music stores, and even a UN school where boys and girls played sports together.

FP: Did the Gaza population fight back?

Schanzer: Some tried non-violent resistance. However, those who held demonstrations against the lack of law in Gaza also suffered. According to al-Jazeera, the Executive Force beat peaceful Fatah demonstrators after the coup. By August, Hamas banned unlicensed demonstrations by the Fatah party. According to Hamas, the demonstrations were “being used to create chaos and terrorism.”

Hamas’s apprehension over the demonstrations was understandable. They sometimes turned violent, particularly when Hamas security forces began forcefully dispersing the crowd. Associated Press television aired images of Hamas men beating an unarmed protester with sticks. In some cases, according to Amnesty International, Hamas deliberately shot unarmed demonstrators. In two cases, Palestinians were shot and killed while trying to help other demonstrators who were injured.

It is interesting to note that when Hamas threw rocks at Israelis during the 1987 and 2000 uprisings, the group called this “resistance.” When Palestinian protestors threw stones at Hamas, the new rulers of Gaza called them “outlaws” and arrested them.

FP: So, why did most people not hear about this in the West?

Schanzer: Hamas worked assiduously to cover its own tracks. To control the reporting out of Gaza, Hamas began to issue government press cards to journalists. Predictably, journalists whom Hamas did not like did not receive credentials. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate protested that the tactic threatened journalists and prevented them from doing their jobs. The syndicate alleged that under the Hamas government’s draconian rules, phrases such as “Hamas militias” and “ousted government” were banned. Hamas also announced it would ban stories that did not support “national responsibilities” or those that would “cause harm to national unity.”

The more journalists complained, the more difficult Hamas made it for them. The Union of Palestinian Journalists reported that after a series of threats, Hamas forces raided the home of one journalist. The union further noted that its ranks had been threatened and blackmailed by Hamas on a daily basis. The Foreign Press Association confirmed these reports, claiming Hamas had engaged in “harassment of Palestinian journalists in Gaza.” Reporters Without Borders, an international media watchdog group, noted that Hamas “failed to investigate” these incidents.

FP: How did Hamas manage the Gaza economy?

Schanzer: Rather horribly. Due to Israel’s sanctions against the Hamas government, stores in Gaza were out of many products, and hospitals ran low on crucial supplies, including anesthetics and antibiotics. Seeking to avert a humanitarian crisis, the Israelis eventually allowed certain medical supplies into Gaza but vowed to withhold other nonessentials. However, Hamas ensured that goods and supplies would be cut off every time they launched rockets into Israel. Indeed, they had a choice. They could either fire rockets and ensure continued suffering for their people, or cease the violence and make sure the population was provided for. For nearly a year, Hamas chose violence.

Hamas also neglected Gaza’s infrastructure. As a result of Hamas mismanagement, several Gaza sewer pipes burst, which flooded homes and businesses with a foul river of waste that was several yards high. Gazans were infuriated when it was learned that the Israeli-made pipes that were intended to repair Gaza’s decrepit sewage system had been sold to Hamas but used to assemble Qassam missiles and bunkers.

The most anger, however, likely stemmed from the Hamas government’s decision to raise taxes on cigarettes. Lucky Strikes used to cost 10 shekels ($2.50) per pack. After Hamas came to power, the same pack of cigarettes cost 16 or 17 ($4.00 or $4.25) shekels. Other American cigarettes could cost Gazans upward of 40 shekels per pack ($10.00). The Gazans who could not afford to smoke were said to be “fuming.”

FP: Some people say that there were positive aspects of Hamas rule. How is that possible?

Schanzer: Hamas, of course, attempted to highlight the positives. Within weeks of the takeover, the Islamists boasted that crime, tribal clashes, and kidnapping had all dropped precipitously in the Gaza Strip. But, this drop in crime was more than likely the result of fear on the part of Gaza residents rather than a sign of increased or improved law enforcement.

Hamas proved once again that terrorist groups, much like their Fatah predecessors, were unfit to govern. The Islamist group exhibited an almost criminal indifference to the suffering of Gaza citizens impacted by the violence, lack of services, deepening poverty, collateral damage from the battles, and the predictable Israeli reprisals that resulted from Hamas attacks.

FP: Jonathan Schanzer, thank you for joining us.

Schanzer: You’re quite welcome, Jamie. Always a pleasure.



January 1st, 2009 ~ Welcome to our First Post of the New Year! You are invited to just sit on the side-lines, observe the comments of
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Anonymous said...

mohamed ~ placed the link below on the 2008 post, commenting that these photos was NOT seen on the American Media!

That is Obviously False, Mohamed.

We've been watching these terrible, live warfare events unfolding on CNN & FOX Television Channels for five days, nationwide!

Here's the Correct Link:
12/31gaza photos


Anonymous said...

One new wrinkle in the IDF strategy in Gaza is its unwillingness to treat Mosques as sanctuaries when they are used for hiding terrorists and/or their arsenals.

Dan Friedman


The War, seventh day:

Hamas Vows Revenge for the death of
one of their Gaza leaders...
graycrow: Your feeble, biased attempt to "suck up" to one or more of our guests will never see daylight; if you comment on the -Content of Jan Post - there's a much better chance of being published. Wise up! reb

Anonymous said...

From Dan Friedman:

From: The Jersusalem Post. Jan 1st
George Orwell once quipped: "The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it." - Caroline Glick


Jan 2nd Bulletin: Hamas Founder's Son...Now A Christian, Living In The United States.

According to Sharia Law, this is a "Marked Man", living under the sword! He really knows Hamas!
Islamic tradition dictates "Kill the Apostate!
Am I mistaken? reb

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Albert!!! What the hell ya doin' buddy? Although, I'm in agreement with most of what you say, about giving Obama-san his chance, our Snake-Hunter critics will jump all over that "whitey-blackie" routine;

sounds like Archie Bunker! He got away with it, but our pals at the French Blog will start foaming at the mouth, and chanting...

"Zenophobic Racist Pigs!" ...and more. Give the mutton-heads
an inch, and they'll run with it, come up with a volume of even more colorful stuff!

Sorry friend, the more I think on it, the more I'm inclined to Delete! Try something else. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I think it's a good step to try to understand and approach from Hamas instead of just attacking it. I don't have the time now to read the post, but I'll try to read as long as I have the time.

The current situation in Gaza:
436 were killed (25% civilians).
2280 injured.
10 mosques were targeted.
12 ambulance were targeted.
3 members of medical crews are killed.
One medicine warehouse were destroyed.
The only fishing harbor were attacked.

Try to look at the number of those who are killed. No, no.. I mean it it. Look please. 436 KILLED in 7 DAYS, 2280 INJURED. Can you see?
Those all are Muslims. Can you see the side who is suffering?

You may say; "Hamas is the responsible side, .. rockets, .. bombs, .."
Then if you care to the past, then care to the past. Don't be selective.
The past tells that there are rockets that are launched towards Israeli entity, but the past before this past tells us that there were caranges many civilians and villagers were killed INTENDLY. Read about Sabra & Shatila, Jeneen, Qana, etc. Read about the history of burning the mosque of Al-Aqsa. Read about the past when Lehi, Haganah and Irgun and how many cars, markets, homes, etc were targeted. Read about the history of destroying homes of Palestinians, wiping Palestinian villages off the map just to build Israeli settlements. Read about how many feddans of olive trees were removed. Read the charts about the number of civil targets that were killed or destroyed in the 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon.
If you read about all that you will understand why Israel is the enemy, why Israel is the eal terrorist. You'll understand why Palestinians fight against Israel.

I asked you a question before, but I'll ask it again. What the negotiations with Israel, what fighiting did?

To change the subject; you must understand that Israel must be shown to you -American people- as the peace dove that want to live in peace but 'the terrorists' don't allow it to do that.

That's because you fund it. You the American people who fought for years to obtain you freedom, who care for human rights, who care for animal rights are paying your taxes to fund it. 10.500 $ for every person in Israel, 60 $ for every person in other poor countries. So, it's necessary to show in the Media that Hamas is a terrorist that must be eleminated by every possible mean, even if civilians of the Palestinian(not the Israeli) will go in the way. And that Israel is just 'defending itself' against he rockets.
Did you think before about what these local-made rockets do?

So please Mr. reb, don't allow this to happen. I believe you care for human rights. Palestinians are human.

You said in a previous comment that it's Hamas who intend to live among civilians so that when they're targeted and civilians are killed, so they can use this in propaganda!!!
It's obviously false. Those civilians are their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. Do you think that anyone would allow any body to kill his children just to use that in propaganda?!!!

I'm intersted that we talk about something that is very necessary. Your definition of a terrorist. Is it killing innocents, is it destroying bus stations, is using bombs, ..?!!


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

You know!! Maybe Hamas launch rockets, maybe they use bombings.

But do they force the siege over hundreds of thousands forcing them to hunger and death? Do they commit air strikes? Do they use buldozers to destroy homes of another race? Do they empty hospitals of medical aids? Do they prevent food and life principles from entering to 1.5 Million innocent (We're not talking here about weapons, but preventing milk, rice, wheat)?

You can tell me!!

A direct question and I hope to hear a direct answer.
Is Israel out of international law?

Waiting for your direct answer..

Anonymous said...

Mohamed Continues...

Mr. Tom,

I will read your comment later, I think it has some worthy points.

But I'll answer one point for now.

You said: democracy is good, Sharia is evil; justifying that democracy can be forced on other people, but not Sharia!!

"There is no compulsion in religion" - 2:255

That's the rule that we Muslims believe in, according to our holy Qur'an and Sharia. Nobody can be forced to believe in something, he must be convinced. Even when we believe that Islamic religion is the best, we cannot force others to believe in it.

Another thing, everybody believes that his belief is the best. You believe in democracy, I believe in Islam, a Christian believes in Christianity, a Jew in Judaism, a Hindu in Hinduism.
So, even if you see it is the best, you cannot force it.



Two long comments, & I am ready to respond; but in fairness to my other guest (Tom The Redhunter), I prefer that he goes first.

One Comment: Hamas is a puppet of Iran; PLO/Fatah is the puppet of Saudi Arabia! Those poor, sad Palestinian people have no Real Choice! Which one is more EVIL, more VIOLENT? More SUICIDAL?

If there WERE a Third Party, a Democratic "Free Choice" Party, would they suffer...Ugly, Violent Intimidation from Hamas & Fatah?

I think my friend Mohamed knows the answer to that question. reb
Tom, It's your turn...

Anonymous said...

Mohamed said:

"So, even if you see it best, you cannot force it."
Reb Answer: "Exactly Correct, Mohamed!"

You And I Are Merely Observers, comfortable in our homes. We comment on what we view on the television screen, as this war moves into Phase II, the ground war! Now, many more casualties on both sides; bad stuff ahead. It's Grim...Ugly...Stupid.

When Two Intractable, Obstinate, Determined Religions Clash;

the most innocent people, the families, will suffer needless injury and death on both sides.

You & I can only sit here watching, frustrated as hell, and both totally helpless to do a thing to stop it.

Yes, I feel your utter frustration. We are BOTH helpless to Influence The Leadership on either side; they have their war plans, they want this ugly war!

You & I, but more importantly, those dying Victims & Those Poor Families...hope it will stop soon. We search in vain for some logical answer.

WAR is highly organized, high-tech INSANITY...there is no logic!
Prez-elect Barach Obama thinks he can 'Negotiate' {!} with these people, in Pakistan, in Tehran, and in Saudi Arabia!! (I doubt it).

Ha, if only that were true. So, we wait, We Hope He Can Really Do It, hopes for a better tomorrow. reb
Mr Tom, The Red Hunter. You are by far, more knowledgable than I about this region; you know the sadness of Palestine. What's your view? reb

Anonymous said...

censorship - whatever happened to the right to free speech. Reb you are a fascist.

Anonymous said...

The Story Of Two little Boys

Two six year olds were arguing. One said his father was smarter than the other little boy's dad.

They were scuffling on the ground
when a teacher separated them. One had scratches on his head, the other had a bloody nose.

Twenty years passed before they met again, in a war.

One said, "My religion is better than yours!" This time, the wounds were far more serious. Gilda

Anonymous said...

Here are the typical complaints we hear from anti-Israeli whiners regarding the situation in Gaza:

1. "Gazans are living under brutal occupation - what can they do but resist?"

2. The poor dears are without food, gas, electricity, or medical supplies.

3. They are just innocent shlubs who just want to live in peace.

4. Israelis are killing weaponless civilians.

Liberal idiots like Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb believe that any kind of peace is better than war and laughably believe the nonsense propaganda issued by Hamas. Then there are Muslims who do not live in Gaza but somehow think they know what's going on because they watch Al Jazeera. See comments left by reader Eldebug here in response to my article British Disproportionate Response.

I cannot imagine the mental contortions one has to do inside one's head to believe that Palestinians are weaponless and that the Israeli attacks are unjustified violence. But then when you ask why does Hamas launch rockets against the civilian population of Israel, they say that the Palestinians are justified in retaliating for Israeli aggression. So which is it? Hamas is weaponless or they are armed to the teeth with missiles? If Hamas is justified in retaliating, then the the Israelis are also justified in retaliating. In a rational mind one cannot hold both positions that Hamas is an innocent, weaponless political party and at the same time say they are justified in sending missiles because of Israeli atrocities. You have to be in a deep state of Muslim denial or be a complete moron.

I am not even sure it is possible to disabuse these imbeciles of their contradictory notions but let me try by considering each of the falsehoods numbered above:

Israel left Gaza more than 3 years ago. There is no occupation, brutal or otherwise. Germany was under occupation for decades and never once sent a suicide bomber to allied command. What do you think we would have done if US forces had left Germany after a few years of occupation and the Germans started attacking America with missiles? Would we ignore it for a few years? Or would we have cut off food, medicine, utilities, in the hope that the Germans would stop bombing us?

Actually Gaza had tons of food, medicine, and everything else it needed to progress as a nation, but Hamas did not want that:
Washington Post, Why Israel Is Bombing Gaza

When demands are made of Israel to halt its military activities in Gaza, a brief historical reminder is in order.

In September 2005, Israel vacated Gaza, dismantled all the settlements in the Gaza Strip and did not leave a shred of a presence there.

In January 2006, rule over Gaza passed to the Hamas government under Ismail Haniyeh. Instead of bringing investors to Gaza, the Hamas government brought the guerrilla-warfare trainers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Instead of launching economic projects, this government launched rockets every day at Israeli towns and villages across the border. They smuggled in vast amounts of explosives, weapons and rockets; they prepared themselves for battle.

In June 2007, in a brutal and bloody military coup, Hamas took control of Gaza and soon killed or chased out the leaders of President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement. Gaza became nothing less than a military base for Iran.

Up until the Hamas takeover, 750 trucks would cross the border each day with imports and exports. As Israel's deputy defense minister at the time, I was in charge of this activity and promoted this trade with Gaza, since the border crossings were being controlled by Abbas's Presidential Guard, not by terrorists. The Hamas takeover is what in effect locked the gates of Gaza and forced its residents to suffer.

As for innocent civilians dying it will be recalled that 23% of Germans killed during WWII were civilians. The Nazis, the most brutal, savage regime in history had the decency to put their soldiers in uniforms so that their civilian population would not be mistaken for combatants. Hamas has no such decency, in fact they go out of their way to make sure their soldiers wear civilian clothes to ensure that any counter-attack include as many civilians as possible. Remarkably Israel has been able by being extremely careful to limit civilian deaths to 25% [the UN agency for Palestinian refugees] of the Gazan population despite the fact that Hamas purposely wear civilian clothes, shoot missiles near schools and hospitals, and deploy children to play around their missile launching sites to encourage as much death and destruction to "innocents".

I do not even know how to answer this. Hamas publicly boasts that they are sending missiles to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. How do they at the same time assert that weaponless Palestinians are being killed? Even their most ardent admirer, the UN, announced that 75% of those killed are Hamas soldiers. Perhaps they mean that Hamas thugs drop their weapons just before an Israeli bomb drops and thus become weaponless so that they can bend over and kiss their ass goodbye?

I hope this clears it up for the poor confused Liberal idiots, the misled Muslims in the rest of the world, and for Islamic apologists everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Greybeard says:

Savior-elect Obama

is gonna stop all wars by telling the combattants to go home and hug their kids. That should do it.

- Greybeard Al -

Anonymous said...

I spent about half an hour on the phone today with an Israeli diplomat. Things like that are easy to do if you actually care about things (and are not just a fanatic willing to use any human suffering as a political football). He explained the problem with the rockets. I understood. Some of us have lived under the shadow of real terrorism and counter terrorism. I told him I thought the response was excessive and I was disappointed by the lack of dialogue. We did not agree on everything by a long way, but at least we talked, human being to human being.

Reb, you should talk to a muslim or two.


Yeah, Graycrow. I get advise regularly from people that have never had the lively adventure of creating a weblog. Bumpkins!

We haven't had much contact with muslims here, but I am very pleased
with Mohamed Fadly's input in the comment section...He is Quite Sharp, it's educational. I wish he was my next-door neighbor (I just suspect he might be an Imam!)

Also, a friend of mine was an engineer for ARAMCO (Trans-Arabian Pipeline) in Saudi Arabia for 25 years; his wife a school-teacher in the American Compound.
People That Comment 'Anonymously' should have at least a nickname & town if they expect me to publish their views.

I'm very picky. Also, the long-winded rascals are frowned upon on S/H blog, so keep it brief. It's my blog, with my rules. This is no chat-room...comprendevous?

Critical Analysis of the Post is best; personal stuff, insults or threats are a waste of time. reb

Anonymous said...

"So, control this keyboard, ye spirits good...

I'd write this stuff myself,
If I could."

Lucian Wallace Armour



Muslims: Little Tidbits of Info on what makes competing Hamas (Iran funding...or Fatah...Saudi Royal money), that keeps the Anti-Isreali-Palestine Hate-pot Boiling. A very effective system!

Well Organized Crowds equipped with Signs and Bull-horns are seen Everywhere, demonstrating for Blessed PEACE on Earth! Wowee!

Hamas & Fatah also have some special methods, like kidnapping their foes. They fire shots into the legs of their muslim hostages, and break the hand-bones with shoes or rifle butts (nice people, what?) They both train young suicidal bombers (Jeneen is one place known as the Bomb-Masters Village) to end the Shaheed Martyr's Life in buses or cafes.

The Jews all know these methods very well.


There are three main Leadership branches (a) Political (b) Military
and (c) Spiritual, with skilled experts trained in each of these catagories. (Propaganda is the main thrust of (a) political.

Their influence is felt world-wide. Most EU's & Americans don't have a clue. It will take more Madrid, London, New York, and Mumbai, India, plus many more Embassies, everywhere for meaningful CHANGE. Learning is a slow, costly process. Many More Innocents Will Die. reb



On 1/4/2009 7:22 AM we rec'd this well-written 3+ Page ANONYMOUS article; It had no I.D., or town, or initials! So, it was held back.

Against S/H policy ~ I'll allow it,
just this once. Scroll Up to 1/4/09

I Repeat; Please, provide a town,
or initials, or a nickname if you expect your anonymous perspective to be published on this weblog!!!



Note: I believe I've found the author of the above 'anonymous' comment, thanks to a re-reading of this post, via Search Engine!

Tap into Washington Post, Jan 1, 09
to "Why Israel Is Bombing Gaza" It appears that our "mystery author" is a former member of the Israeli cabinet, and a deputy defense minister, Mr. Ephraim Sneh! editor

Mohamed said...

Mr, reb,

You said that we're just observing far from the conflict and that we're helpless.

May be you're but not me. I already started my own Jihad to help my brothers in Palestine. Here you're what I'm doing:
1. Boycotting of all Israeli and American goods. I'm telling all my family and friends to do it.
2. Donating my money to help them to have medical aids.
3. Surfing the web informing others about the truth of the conflict.
4. I'll make a research soon about Israeli violation of International laws.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

snake hunter said:

Mohamed - my friend,

One Of Us is very confused about the multi-complexities of this epic struggle.

Mohamed says that he intends "to help my "brothers" in Palestine"!

Really? HAMAS is your BROTHER??? Hamas Kills More Sunni (Fatah) than they do Jews! You are a Sunni Egyptian, are you not? Is cRaZy Ahmadinejad also your brother?

Is it just "The enemy of my enemy is my...'brother'? Please explain.


Tom the Redhunter said...

Oh Mohamed give it a rest. Israel is not targeting hospitals or ambulances...unless Hamas is storing weapons in them, which it probably is.

We all know that Hamas, like Hezbollah, deliberately put their own civilians in harms way, hoping that they'll be killed so they can exploit it to gullible Westerners.

Well, we're not gullible around here.

Mohamed also wrote:

""There is no compulsion in religion" - 2:255

That's the rule that we Muslims believe in, according to our holy Qur'an and Sharia."

That's bullcrap, you know it, and here's why:

When Muslim jihadists conquered a Christian or Jewish territory, they offered three options:

1) Convert
2) Resist and die
3) Accept Dhimmi status

They offered atheists and those of other religions (Hindu, etc) two options:

1) Convert
2) Die

Therefore, the conversion part was not "by compulsion." After all, only God knows what is in the heart. Only God knows whether your conversion is true or a lie. So yes, in that sense all conversion must be voluntary.

You are right that we cannot force democracy on anyone. However the Iraqis are adopting it, much to your distain, I am sure.

And if the rest of you do not adopt liberty, but insist on Sharia, then we will wall you off and bomb the hell out of you if you fire rockets at us. And the last time you were good at war was during the Siege of Vienna in the 1680s, and you lost that one.

Graycrow - On your blog you say "Of course SNAKEHUNTERS is by far the worst blog I've seen so far!" Given what I see of yours, I don't think you're in any position to criticize anyone else.

Oh, and can I get my blog listed as "the worst blog" you've seen by you?


All right friends, This post began
Jan 1st. "How Hamas Governs Gaza". Author J. Schanzer's new book, "Hamas vs Fatah"'s an easy read, worthy of your time!
Jan 5th ~ General Ephraim Sneh's article "Why Israel Is Bombing Gaza", is a fascinating read by a truly remarkable Israeli.

If You Recall the 'Raid On Entebbe' in 1976, Dr Sneh was the "medical officer in charge" on that Special Forces Midnight Raid... to free high-jacked Jewish hostages, thirty two years ago! Gen Ephraim Sneh is no stranger to grim warfare. reb
Please move your comments now, to maintain continuity. editor