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Egypt’s Double Game

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dr. Michael Widlanski, a research fellow at the Shalem Center. A Schusterman Visiting Professor at Washington University in St. Louis for 2007-8, he teaches at Hebrew University. He has also served as a special advisor to Israeli delegations to peace talks in 1991-1992 and as Strategic Affairs Advisor to the Ministry of Public Security, editing secret PLO Archives captured in Jerusalem.

FP: Dr. Michael Widlanski, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Widlanski: Thank you.

FP: I would like to talk to you today about Egypt’s role in what we see unfolding in Gaza today -- and what effect the developments will have on Egypt. What relationship does Egypt have with Hamas exactly?

Widlanski: Egypt, the largest Arab country, is playing a dangerous double-game in its ties with its neighbors, Israel and Hamas.

Ever since Hamas's rise to power in Gaza three years ago, Egypt has tried to sell itself as an honest broker in mediating a truce between Israel and the Hamas terrorists, but, in fact, Egypt has been and continues to be part of the problem.

FP: And how is it part of the problem?

Widlanski: Well, if Egypt is really an honest broker, what has it condemned Israeli retaliation against Hamas, calling it aggression, without ever condemning a single Hamas attack? Egyptian police and soldiers have been turning a blind eye to weapons smuggling from Egypt into the Gaza Strip, allowing massive digging of some 50 miles of tunnels—some equipped with rails for carrying heavy equipment—into Gaza. Egyptian officials have actually encouraged attacks on Israel, which Egyptian President Husni Mubarak recently described as "legitimate resistance."

In a major New Year's Eve address on December 30, Mubarak criticized Hamas for goading Israel into the kind of military action which would hurt Hamas and all Palestinians, but he justified Hamas attacks, while excoriating Israeli "aggression" no less than 11 times in a ten-minute speech

"I say honestly and with full conviction that the right of resisting the occupation is a solid and legal right, but the resistance must be responsible before its people," said Mubarak, using the term "the resistance"—al-muqawwima in Arabic—to describe Hamas. [In Arabic Hamas is an abbreviation for Harakat al-Muqawwima al-Islamiyya –The Islamic Resistance Front.]

Like the late Yasser Arafat, who never condemned the suicide bomb attacks of Hamas or his own Fatah organization, Mubarak is basically saying that the attacks themselves are okay and legitimate, but that they bring Israeli reprisals.

For Mubarak, like for Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, the current head of the PLO, such attacks are not immoral, but only "counter-productive."

Mubarak did not explain why attacking Israel with rocket fire on cities or bomb-carrying infiltrators was a form of "resistance" even after Israel troops had completely withdrawn from Gaza, evicting all Israeli citizens with them.

This is hardly an accident, because the term "The Occupation"—al-ikhtilal— is often used as a synonym for Israel itself, and Mubarak ended his speech by saying that "the Palestinian case will never ever die." This kind of terminology again suggests the Arabic rhetoric of Arafat-Abbas-Hamas that no Israeli withdrawals will ever satisfy the Arab opponents of Israel but that diplomatic agreements or truces are nothing but a transitory stage in the ultimate erasure of "the occupation."

Still, Mubarak castigated Hamas in his speech, and he was obviously trying to strike a pose of being insulted by Hamas's refusal to heed his advice on tactics.

At the same time, Mubarak and other Arab leaders are facing increasing pressure not to seem to be acquiescing to Israel's air-strikes against Hamas, in which more than 200 Hamas terrorists have been killed, including several regional military commanders and spiritual leader Sheikh Nazir Reian.

Professor Yoram Meital of Ben Gurion University said on January 1 that an Israeli ground attack, which we are witnessing now, would likely spark increased domestic opposition to Mubarak and might undermine his regime and other "moderate" Arab governments.

FP: So Mubarak is worried about the consequences of Israeli actions in terms of what will happen inside Egypt. Please explain.

Widlanski: Hamas, though currently supported and trained by the Shiite regime of Iran, is actually the outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood organization inside Egypt which is the strongest opposition to Mubarak.

Jordan's King Abdullah is also worried about the rising profile of the Islamists inside Jordan, and he just recently fired the head of his domestic intelligence agency for taking too lax a hand against Hamas and its supporters.

Some analysts in Israel feel that Mubarak is worried that a tough Israeli policy against Hamas in Gaza will cause a kind of "blowback" of Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives flowing back into Sinai where they might link up with incipient elements of Al-Qaeda that have taken root in the rocky peninsula, already staging terror inside Egypt and at the Israeli and Jordanian resorts of Eilat and Aqaba.

Off the record, some Israeli officials say that this would probably serve Mubarak right: he and his officials were just as happy to keep the violent Islamists pointed at Israel, but the current Israeli counteroffensive may be pointing the Islamists back at Egypt's heart.

Mubarak, who succeeded to power after Anwar Sadat was murdered by Islamists in 1981, would like to avoid a similar fate.

FP: What are the chances that jihadis might overthrow Mubarak? What would the consequences be to the region and to Israeli and American interests?

Widlanski: I don't believe there is any immediate threat to Mubarak. He has successfully repressed the extremist Muslim elements—the Islamists, if you will—over the past few years. But he has not eliminated them. They have a long wind, and they have a philosophy of steadfastness, patience and camouflage—sumuud, subr and taqiyya.

The Muslim Brothers and their satellite organizations are always poised to take action and to pounce on a regime's weakness. These organizations include Al-gema'at al-Islamiyya—The Islamic Groups-and al-Lagii'n Min al-Nar—literally "The Refugees from the Fire" or the "Refugees from Hell."

Remember, too, that Hamas itself masqueraded as a purely religious social service organization until December 1987, but when the so-called "Intifada" erupted, they quickly got involved and came out of the closet so that they would not lose footing to groups like Islamic Jihad, which is far, far smaller, and Fatah, which is less religiously oriented.

It is clear that the rise of a Jihadi regime in Egypt would be a catastrophe for America, the West and for the entire world. We are still paying for the transfer of Iran —in the days of Jimmy Carter—to the hands of the Ayatollahs. Losing Iran was bad, and is bad. Losing Egypt would be absolutely horrible. Egypt is centrally located, and it is the most important and most populous Arab country with major communications and literary influence. However, I don't think that moment is near. Mubarak is working hard to smooth the transition to his son, Gamal, and to people close to him, but there is a danger. That danger is the perception that the current regime is corrupt or unethical. That is the same weakness that plagues other regimes, such as the Saudi regime, whose corruption has immense proportions. And it is this corruption and the perception of corruption and insensitive bureaucracy which breeds the strength for all the Islamist movements, whether they are Shiite, as in Iran, or the Sunni-oriented Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, in Gaza and Egypt.

FP: What policies should Israel and the U.S. pursue in this context?

Widlanski: Israel and the US must pursue a political-cultural-military offensive that is a kind of multi-disciplinary version of combined arms theory:

They need to attack the terrorist organizations mercilessly and ceaselessly by physically killing or capturing their members, preferably killing them. And no truces or ceasefires ever—not for Ramadan, not for Christmas and not for Rosh Ha-Shana.

They have to isolate them financially and politically by not allowing them passage between countries and not allowing passage of their funds. Rather, we should be confiscating all of their assets

They need to uncover and publicly reveal all hidden Hamas and Hizballah-oriented organizations which try to pass themselves off as charitable organizations. There are many in the United States, Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands etc

FP: Dr. Michael Widlanski, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

Widlanski: Thank you Jamie.



Editor's Note:

One day soon, it is hoped that the nations of this world will come to realize that diversity of language,
religions, and racial heritage is what has blessed the USA with a special tolerance found nowhere else on earth.

Today's Palestine, troubled with it's decades of open wounds of bitterness will never have the Peace they seek until they learn to appreciate the value of this "multiplicity of religious sects" that Americans have enjoyed for over 200 years with our greatest Fundamental Law, Our Precious 1st Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of (a)
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." reb

Anonymous said...

Greybeard said it:

Thomas Jefferson's 1st Amendment is the bedrock foundation for our U.S. Constitutional Law that has the potential to some day save the world from wholesale slaughter.

Respect for the other guy's search for spiritual truth - Well, why not?

To suggest to stubborn jihadi muslims that their tired & ancient notions of dominating all other belief systems is flawed thinking,

and that the murder of so-called "infidels" is a horrible mistake, and that Jews are also Allah's (or Jehovah's) valuable creation!

Who Really Dares To Speak for a Creator-God...are they Insane, or just Bozo Clowns?

It really depends upon Which Book is under Who's Roof, and also What Imperfect Instruction is Given by Which Imam, Rabbi, or Pastor, to which group of Innocent Students...

doesn't it?

- Greybeard Al -

Rick the Blogger said...

Snake Hunters, I'm back to blogging!


O.K. "Ricky"...but this section is for February's Post-related Comments on Egypt; if it's personal just drop me an eMail, tell us what you intend to do next. It appears that you are now accepting commercial ads on your weblog. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. Ralph,

I hope that you read my words very well. Please don't say that's what have been said before, just finish reading before judging.

Let's imagine that there is some person who came to the place where you live, you welcomed him thinking that he's just a kind guest, but he has different purpose. He killed your wife, and many of your dear sons, he threw you out, he started bringing his family and furniture. You found yourself without a family, without a place to live in. You asked him to give you half of the place.. quarter.. 1\10. He refused. What would you do then?

A second thing; You always say; tooth by tooth, eye for eye, but you never completed it. Do you know what is the completion?
It's ".. and who started is the oppressor."

Mr. Ralph, It's Israelis who started it, they started it when they didn't negotiate with the natives when they declared their state aiming at dominating them, they started it when their terroristic groups; Lehi, Haganah and Irgun killed tens of innocents Arabs and bombed Arab markets and trains, they started it when they pushed Palestinians into the sea running away from the death.

Mr. Ralph, please tell me when Palestinians announced that they accept Israel as a state dominating them?
The answer is NEVER. Since 1948, Arabs fought beside Palestinians against the occupiers, Palestinians continued the fighting and resisting against the occupiers. No thing changed, Israelis kept as "Occupiers", Palestinians kept as "Resistance". I insist on that fact, Israelis are the oppressors, Palestinians are the oppressed.

You may say, what about the Israeli civilians killed?
Then please read the following words very carefully..
You blame Hamas for launching rockets from among Palestinian citizens, you say that they mean to do that to use them when they're killed in propaganda. I won't discuss that with you, but when you're convinced by this logic, so don't you think that Israel did it?

When you occupy a land where there is a people already living on it, whether they are combined in a political formation or not, in what percent it's probably that this people will fight to protect this land?
Usually it's 100%.
So, this occupied land turns into a battle land, a continuous war until the occupier controls the land, or the people announce its defeat.
When both possibilities didn't happen, however Israelis brought Jews "civilians" from every place of the world to this "battle ground" so who should we blame?
That's Israelis who throw Jews in the middle of the battle ground, that's Israelis who want to use the killed Jews in propaganda, Israeli authority men are the ONLY responsible for those innocents Jews who do no thing to the Palestinians.


Another important point. Many Americans say justifying the Israeli occupation; "Palestinians never had a state!!"
I won't discuss that, I won't say: "But it's an Arab land, not just Palestinian." or "No, they were ruled by Muslims." No, I won't discuss that way, but let's agree for a moment that Palestinians never had a state. We should ask then an important question; "If they don't have the right to have a state, do they have the right to live on their land?"

I'm not talking here about a political right or a political assembly formation, but I' talking here about those who owned homes, inherited them for long long years. In other words; if Palestinians didn't have a state before, but they own these homes, they own the land, they bought them, even in the early years of 20th century Jews were buying these lands from Palestinians, which is an enough evidence that they own these lands.
So, what did Israelis do when they declared their Zionist state? Did they purchase these lands from their Palestinian owners?
Nop, they terrorized villagers to leave their homes and farms, they were making massacres in some villages like Deir Yassin and Kafr Qassim to terrify nearby villages so as to leave them empty. Then they remove the old homes of the villagers, and build new settlements.

If it was true that Israelis just want to live in peace beside Palestinians, they would leave Palestinians living in peace in their homes, and just build their homes on the empty lands. But just the opposite is what happened.

A last thing; Hamas are NOT terrorists. Maybe Bin Ladin, maybe Sharoon, but not Hamas.


Your friend Mohamed

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

Thanks for inviting me to read the article. I enjoyed it.

I'm thinking about translating it into Arabic.

By the way; I hope that you read my last post entitled; "Peace?!!". Your comment will be appreciated.



Thank you, sir.

Yes Mohamed, I read your most recent article entitled "Peace", on your blog, and can only say that the vast & differing complexities within the competing branches of Islam precludes any hope for an immediate solution, at least during my lifetime; I'll be 84 on Feb 11th.

So, I'll repeat here what I said on
your 'Understanding Islam' Post...

"After All The Words Have Been Said
& Written About, And There Is Nothing More To Add, We Must Then Come To An Honest Conclusion Of The True Motivations Of The Two Warring Entities.

Tiny Israel: Survival!

Multiple Competing Jihadi Groups: The Total Destruction Of Tiny Israel!

All of the words are (to me) just Biased PROPAGANDA, so make your choice. Power-hungry Leadership Will Not Change. The Continuum Of Hatred, And The Mindless Maiming & Killing of the Innocent On Both Sides Continues On Into The Future. It's An Ugly, Non-Stop WAR.

Conclusion: "Holyier Than Thou Leaders" Seem Far More Intent On Acquiring Personal Power...

than in searching for honest solutions. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

There is another new one, it was published just few hours after your last comment on the "Peace in the future?" post, I'm talking about another article entitled "Peace?". It's talking about the result of the war and the narrations of survivors and Israeli use of banned weapons.

The link for it;

Waiting for your comment.


Sorry Mohamed,

Your offered website took me to Paisley Studio - and 'Mohamed said'...then the notation..."this comment has been removed by a blog administrator!" So, we received zero, nothing, zip! Try again. reb

Mohamed said...


Finally the bloodshed in Gaza has stopped.. (However there were in 29-1 a rocket launched from Gaza that killed no body, and an Israeli air raid causing 2 killed and 18 wounds including 11 child.)

So far the following numbers brief the situation;

1330 killed
- 418 child
- 108 woman
- 88 elderly
- 14 of medical crews
- 230 cop man
5450 wounded
- 50 % are children & women
- 90 % of the wounds were affected by White Phosphorus
- many of the wounds have "a never-seen before injuries" as described by doctors
- many of the wounds will suffer from permanent physical disability
20,000 civil homes were targeted (4000 are totally destroyed)
27 mosques were targeted (All totally destroyed)
4 of UN buildings were striked (including 2 schools causing the killing of 40 civilians)
35,000 Palestinians are currently homless because of the destruction of their homes

When 40% of the killings, 50% of the wounds are children & women and the majority of the rest are not martyrs. When there are many civil homes and mosques that were striked. When there are UN schools and warehouses were striked. Can we keep calling it as 'WAR'?!!

Read the following words of witnesses and survivors from the raids and Israeli occupation forces assault, then we can judge.

In Hay Al-Zaytoon South-East of Gaza city, forces of Israeli occupation gathered tens of the Al-Sammony families in one house. Then they striked it continuously for 10 minutes!! Nayeb Al-Sammony narrates that the house turned into a blood lake, some of them died at once, some kept bleeding for hours and were dead at last. He said that Isreali forces prevented ambulances from reaching to them. He says that he lost his wife Hanan, his daughter Hoda and his 60 years old mother Rezka!! Haytham Dababesh a doctor in Shifa hospital says; "What happened in Hay Al-Zaytoon was a collective execution by a cold people!!" He adds that the reception section in the hospital was incapable of treating with all the 70 citizens who reached all in the same time.

Dalal, a 13 years old girl who lost all her family members, the father, the mother, her sister and her two brothers who were all younger than 7 years. She survived because she were in her grandmother's home when her family's home was striked. The only thing that was left for her were photos and clothes of her family, and .. her cat. She said on the TV when she was crying; "What did I do to the Jews to kill my family?"

The mosques in Gaza weren't just targeted by F16 and helicopters, in addition the Israeli soldiers committed insulting things like; peeing, writing offending words on the walls, tearing Moshaf (Books containing Qur'an) and walking above them. All that before demolishing them by bulldozers.

In Gabalia where Nazar Rayyan a Hamas leader lives with his family, the home was striked by Israeli air fighters causing his killing and the killing of 15 of his sons. They all were extracted from under the destroyed home as dead bodies.

The survivors from the first day raids against police stations say that the main reason for the high number of civil victims is that the Israeli air fighters striked the same place twice; once in the first against the station, when citizens gathered at the striked place the air fighters striked again!!

The doctors who were in Gaza hospitals describe that they never saw or imagined wounds like what they saw in Gaza before. They say that Israel is testing new unknown weapons against Palestinians. They say that there is a weapon that force doctors to cut the leg or the arm of the wounded. Another weapon causes severe burnings. They say that they can see an enterance of a splinter, but they didn't find neither anything inside the body nor an exit hole. They describe that the internal parts of the body (lungs, liver, intestine, etc) are like "dough" that you can't realize anything from the other.
They describe the effect of the Whit Phosphorus that when the wounded arrive to the hospital he is "corroding", it keep penetrating the skin, the flesh to the bones, it turns all that into "coal". This don't stop until the burns are isolated from the oxygen. The most important features of Whit Phosphorus is that it keep burning as long as oxygen is available, breathing it for a long time may cause cuts in the mouth and breaking of mouth bones. The effect of the WP as described by Mr. Peter, the Head of Weapons Unit, Legal section in the ICRC; "This weapon is capable of causing horrible and painful injuries, or a slow and painful death".


It's the time now to study history to realize if Israeli entity really want to achieve peace with Palestinians and to share them the same land peacefully, or instead it want to dominate them. There are some facts that may settle this question; the first thing is how Israel has been established on a land where there were a people already living, the second is how Israel always kept violating International resolutions; started by the partition plan 1947 and ended by the 1860 CS resolution 2009, the third thing is the big difference in the numbers of victims between Israelis and Palestinians, the fourth thing is the continuous Israeli expanding and the continuous building of new settlements on the lands of Palestinians.

We must ask ourselves now if it's only the right of Israelis to "defend themselves" or it's the right of Palestinians to fight back when there is excessive power used against them killing and wounding thousands of children and women, whatever the justification for killing those innocents. We must ask ourselves if a terrorist is a nationality & religion, or instead acts & crimes. We must ask if Palestinians and Israelis have equal rights of life and land immunity, or it's only the right of Israelis.


Mohamed, yes I do understand that there are many dead bodies and even more seriously wounded in any war; as a young trooper I saw many dead German & American troops, plus Italian civilians too.

Military families know about War, without your Gaza numbers. Any War IS Hell On This Earth!

Our country lost over 400,000 in four years to TWO brutal nations, Imperial Japan & Nazi Germany. We lost over 4,000 assaulting the Normandy Coast on June 6th, 1944...In One Day, Mohamed; over 6,000
each month until VJ Day in August, 1945. The Russians lost millions of civilians, not just soldiers.


The Nuclear Genie is now out of the bottle. The next war will be Unimaginably, Massively...WORSE.

Russia, Japan, Germany & the USA and our War Allies KNOW about War, and about your numbers also. It's a very small war that you are telling us this date.

Ahmadinejad & Ali Khameinei Don't give a Damn about your Palestinian Innocents. They Want War, They Promote War, They Want Their Own Brand Of Persian Islam To DOMINATE The Irradiated Ashes Of Earth's Dead To Fulfill Their Goofy Madhi Prophesy. I believe they are crazy, criminally insane. They need to be locked up in a Rubber Room, and medicated. Sorry, it's what I see, through an old man's eyes.

I published your long description as a courtesy to you, but I do not believe that You See the Big Picture of What Is Coming Soon.
You see only a tiny speck of war...
Only In Tiny Palestine!

The Next War Will End All Life Forms, All Plants & Animals...


Islam Is Childish, Playing With A
Nuclear Fuse, In The Hope Of Igniting An All-Consuming Nuclear Fire-Storm.

What Fools We Mortals Be!


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I don't care if you answer my points here or on my blog, I only care that you know about our perspective of Palestinian-Zionist conflict. I insist to know your comment about specific points.

Here you're the points that I'm interested to know your comment about..

a) The Israeli use of internationally banned weapons (White Phosphorus bombs, Cluster bombs, Uranium, DIME). ~For more details you can re-read my post "Peace?!!"~

b) The assassination of Hamas leaders when they are in their homes among their families (They were NOT fighting) killing majority of family members.

Will you answer me this time?




I have tried Very Hard to get you to understand my feelings that All Wars Are Futile, Disgusting, and are Counter-productive to Human Progress, and they usually begin with the Greed of Powerful Men leading Powerful Nations that want a) More Land, b) More Minerals, or c) More Followers (True Believers) In Their Religion. That's POWER!!!

If a Billionaire has 10 Billion, he wants 20 Billion! WHY? If he has a Lear-Jet, and a 200 ft Sea Cruiser and 20 Wives, Why would he
want MORE? (You tell me, Mohamed).

The Greed For Wealth Is Very Addictive... The Greed For POWER is MORE ADDICTIVE THAN GOLD!

George Soros is 78 years old, has billions, and he wants to Manipulate American Politics. Why?

Kings, Dictators, Popes and Grand Ayatollahs Love War, It Gives Them Life & Death POWER Over The Common Herds, and they don't really give a damn about how many people will suffer and die in those ugly wars.

This is Roman History & Muslim History too, whether you believe it or not. It's the Essence of the Mindless Need To Dominate & Control Others. Why?
Banned Weapons: Which weapon of war is an "approved" devise? The Land-mine is not designed to kill, but to blow your foot off; W-P is meant to inflict burns; Saddam liked Poison Gas for the Kurds. Why?

Why do you ask me things that I cannot influence? I have no answers that would be helpful. reb

Mohamed said...




DIFFERING VIEWPOINTS ARE GOOD...It provides the readership with much to weigh in the Balance of Logic & Reason...the only real hope of an Eventual, Peaceful Resolution!


Mohamed Fadly Wishes for us to think about the Plight of Tiny Palestine, and REB wants people to Understand the Motives of LEADERS that want WAR To Continue.

Very Soon, probably in the next few days, I Will Publish Another Post On This On-Going Dilemma, with some Accurate History...and with this title...

'Palestine Vs Israel', Stay tuned.


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I know you're older than me, in fact more than 4 times my age. I respect that, the next words don't affect this respect at all.

Do you think that when I ask you some question about Palestinian-Zionist conflict, do you think I'm waiting for some influence, am I waiting for the conflict to be settled by your answers?!!!
Not at all, if you thought that way then let me correct you. I ask questions just to know about your full perspective of the conflict, I know that you think that Hamas and Fatah are just terrorists who kill just aiming at The Total Destruction Of Tiny Israel! not fighting for their independence and defending themselves. I know how you think about them, but I didn't know yet about your personal perspective of the other face of the coin, I'm talking about some things that Zionists and Israelis did. I just want an answer, your personal perspective of these acts. That's the core of discussing. You ask I answer, I ask you answer.

Here you're my three questions;

a) Later before 1948, Haganah, Lehi & Irgun Zionist terrorist gangs were bombing Arab markets and trains killing many civil Arabs, they were using knives and rifles to attack villagers killing hundreds and raping women (Like Deir Yassin and Kafr Qassim massacres) sometimes they were supported by the Israeli army. One of those who participated in some of these massacres the former Israeli prime minister, Sharon.
The question is: Would you describe those who did these acts as terrorists?

b) In Gaza 2008\2009 Israel used White Phosphorus bombs, Cluster bombs, Uranium and DIME that are all banned weapons according to Geneva conventions and ICRC human law rules.
The question is: Do you think Israel has the right to use every mean (including using such weapons) to achieve its goals?

c) Israel were targeting Hamas leaders in their homes when they are among their families (they were NOT fighting) and causing, for sure, the killing of majority of the family, wounds among the neighbors, destruction of nearby homes.
The question is: Do you personally think Israel has the right to target 'terrorists' when they are among their families?

I'll say it again, I just want to know the other half of your personal perspective of the conflict. NO MORE. I'm not waiting for "helpful answers" that will settle the conflict. Just your personal perspective.

I'll wait for you answers, take your time.

Thanks for your answers in advance.

Your friend,


Mohamed, I can answer some, not all, of your questions, especially on weapons and how they are used in battle.

White Phosphorus was used in WWII
primarily as an Instant Heavy White Smokescreen to hide the movements of our attacking troops and armoured vehicles and tanks; it's NOT an effective anti-personnel weapon. Terrible burns if it touches skin.

c) IF Hamas Leaders use their families as shields, they are miserable cowards, not heroes; If I were an Israeli Commander, and had Reliable Intel that a High-Value Target was hiding in a house, I would order that house destroyed. That's the Reality of WAR! That devil could kill a hundred of my men tomorrow. Failing in that duty, the officer is unfit for command.

DIME: I have no knowledge; check Wikipedia

***Israeli Survival Battles: See my Feb 11th Post, then comment.

You appear to have Israeli "Terror"
Info that is unknown to me; are your sources completely accurate...
from al Jazeera, or al Arabiyaa?

Or do they tend to "spin their stories" to please local viewers?

Example: The New York Times had a fine reputation for reliable info
for decades; today they have lost their fine journalistic reputation
to Far-Out Left-Wing Causes.

Today It's...WHO DO YOU TRUST?

MEXICO'S CARLOS SLIM, They Lose Journalistic Credibility Forever.)

Question: What's Their Agenda? reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

You asked about my "accurate" sources about Israeli "terror" that is unknown to you. I don't know which is an "accurate source", but if you trust BBC then here you're a BBC article
if you trust Wikipedia here you're a link

You described WP bombs as "it's NOT an effective anti-personnel weapon". ????? Just visit the following link to realize that it's an effective anti-personnel weapon, Israelis do used it and that's what happened.

Another thing, you said that Hamas leaders used their families as shields!!! Let me correct something for you.
Palestinians know very well about the Zionist way of thinking, they know that they don't care if a civilian will be killed or not when they will achieve "their goals". On the other hand, the way how Palestinians fight against the occupation forces is "Guerrilla warfare". They aren't an organized army, they live among the people which support them. So, when a fighter goes for rest, when he goes to his home to visit his family to support him morally. Do you think he must abandon his family just because he became a fighter? No, not at all. When he's in the battle ground, when he grabs his gun and goes to fight against the occupiers he may be a target, that's the nature of war, many would be killed but that's how things go in a war. But when he grabs his daughter's hand to kiss it he can't be a target at all, he's in home, civil victims are highly expected, ONLY A TERRORIST WOULD TARGET HIM.

Another thing, the love of the family is a nature in all living creatures. A lion won't eat his young son because he loves it, a cow will be careful so as not to kick its newborn baby by its legs, a human will sacrifice his life, cut into pieces, even burnt alive to protect his family from any danger. Hamas and Palestinian resistants are human being, they do care for the safety of their family.
I wonder how they convinced you, Americans that Hamas members use their families as "shields"?!! It's very disgusting to think that way. (NO OFFENCE)

Any way, you weren't able to answer my questions about Zionist terrorism according to your own perspective, I don't know if there is fear from the revenge of the Lobby in America that Americans can't describe bombing civil Arabs as a terrorism. When I ask a European about bombing markets and trains he knows that it's terrorism.

Any way, I'll ask you other two questions.

a) Do you believe that terrorism is a nationality or is acts?

I mean; do you believe that a terrorist is the one who is Jew, Muslim, Christian, etc or a terrorist is the one who commit specified acts; killing, bombing innocents, killing children, etc?

b) Did you watch Al-Jazeera channel (Arabic or English) before to describe it as inaccurate channel?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

Your friend,


Mohamed, thank you.

IF Hamas or Hezbollah Leadership receive their orders from Iran, and they plan the attacks to terrorize innocent civilians, or they issue the orders on when to fire the mortars & rockets into Israel during a six-month cease-fire, they know they are playing a dangerous game, and the troopers that 'seek & destroy' these very "High Value Targets" are merely warriors, not terrorists.

Do you not distinguish the difference between a Leader and a "fighter"?
Check Feb 11th & Feb 17th Posts for more on this grim unending Palestine/Israel struggle.

Your friend, reb

Ron Russell said...

Snake hunter, thanks for visiting me at my blog Penny Patch (the old home site name). See you have a great deal of interest in the conflicts in the middle east and in Israel. I, too have that interest and am greatful to Bush for the victory in Iraq (Democrates will, to this day admit victory there) isn't that a crock! Found a good Israli blog you may want to check out Fellow that has it moved to Israel many years ago, member of the Likud party and seems to lean somewhat to the right. Mine is a new blog, only a few month old, don't get too many visitors yet. Know that will change with time. I giving all my early visitors a back link--give you one. Again, thank for the visit, ya'll come back anytime. I'm a Mississippi vet.