Friday, March 13, 2009

Beheadings and Honor Killings

By Phyllis Chesler

She was an accomplished, professional woman, in her late thirties, a wife, and a mother. But her husband beat her. Terribly, and for a long time. Finally, after much suffering, she worked up the courage to leave him. That's when, acting on his own, he killed her.

No, I am not talking about Aasiya Z. Hassan in Buffalo. I am talking about the 1999 St. Clairsville, Ohio case of Dr. Lubaina Bhatti Ahmed.

I know: All the major Muslim organizations, and the mainstream media, continually say that these deaths are examples of domestic violence. They say that domestic violence is a plague that afflicts women of all cultures and religions and which has nothing to do with Islam.

And yet, these very organizations say the exact same thing when young teenagers like Palestina Isa in St Louis, (1989) Aqsa Parvez in Toronto (2007) and Sarah and Amina Said in Dallas, (2008) or when young woman in their twenties like Sandeela Kanwal of Atlanta (2008) are murdered by their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and male cousins. The organizations and media deny that the classic honor killings are, indeed, honor killings, and that such honor killings have anything to do with Islam. Please read the kinds of things they routinely say in my study, just published in MEQ HERE.

Only now, perhaps for the first time, are the Muslim organizations saying that the Buffalo case does not resemble a "real" honor killing (see above), because the man acted alone, there was no family collusion, and there had been a long history of domestic violence.

Although my study found that the majority of honor killings in the West are not of wives but of daughters--let's compare the 1999 Ohio case and the 2009 Buffalo case.

Both families are Pakistanis, both husbands were "successful" in America. Both wives had professional training and careers. Both women were in their late thirties, both had two children, both marriages had a history of terrible domestic violence, both wives, after much suffering, finally dared to leave and to sue for divorce. Indeed, this sounds like a western-style domestic violence/femicide.

However, here is one sign that both femicides may also be Islamic-style honor killings. Both murders involved sensational overkill. Although Hasssan will be pleading "not guilty," and did not confess his guilt to the police, after years of beating and threatening her, Hassan's wife was found beheaded in Hassan's office--after she had him ejected from his own home. In my view, really, who else could have done this? How did Hassan know that her head and her body were there?

Barbarianism describes what happened in St. Clairsville as well. Nawaz Ahmed, a former pilot in the Pakistani army, cut his physician-wife's throat--and, for good measure, cut the throats of her father, her sister, and her sister's child.

Although both men acted alone, I would nevertheless still argue that both men acted with the full cultural entitlement of Pakistani male Muslim culture. Hence, the murderous overkill.

It is true: Beheadings sometimes occur in the West but this occurs when serial killers murder prostituted women or once, when a student went on a berserk rampage. A beheading is an act committed against a stranger, not against a wife. Granted, many cases of Western-style domestic violence/femicide can also be gruesome; but, they do not involve beheading and they do not routinely involve killing the wife and the wife's family members because they dared to support her move away from violence.

Let's consider two other cases in America which involved Muslim men who were domestically violent and who, seemingly, acted alone.

In 2000, in Chicago, Shapara Sayeed, aged 33, was burned alive by her Pakistani husband, Mohammed Haroon. They had allegedly been "fighting for a long time." It looks like another case of western-style domestic violence/femicide except for the method of murder: Immolation, which is associated with the Muslim honor killings both of intimate family women and of women who are seen as not "covered" enough, too "western" by the Taliban, etc.

In 2002, in Jersey City, New Jersey, another victim, aged 29, was Marlyn Hassan, who refused to convert from Hinduism to Islam. Her husband, Alim Hassan, a Guyanese Muslim, stabbed her to death while she was late in pregnancy with his twin children--and he also stabbed her sister and her mother. Again, gruesome overkill.

In the St. Clairsville, Chicago, New Jersey and Buffalo cases we discern what may happen to a Muslim wife who lives in America and who acts as if she is entitled to certain rights. All died horrible deaths, the kinds of deaths these days, that are visited upon infidels and upon enemy Muslims who belong to the "wrong" Muslim sect, clan, tribe, or family.

In both the Ahmed and Hassan cases, from the husband's point of view: These wives took the kids away from their father (who, in his view, literally belong to him, not her). Ahmed moved away, Hassan had her husband ejected from "his" home, (which, from the husband's point of view, belongs only to him, not to her). Both wives exposed their husband’s violence instead of staying to absorb it. From a Pakistani, Muslim, male point of view, both wives deserved to die.

Yesterday, World Net Daily reminded us about beheadings in the Islamic world. I am reprinting their article here in part:

“Beheadings are more common in Hassan's former homeland of Pakistan and throughout the Islamic world:

Just a week ago, Taliban terrorists in that country beheaded a Polish geologist abducted in an effort to arrange a prisoner swap.

An American U.N. worker, John Solecki, is currently facing a similar fate at the hands of Islamic terrorists in that country.

Terrorists in Pakistan video recorded the beheading of American reporter Daniel Pearl.

Terrorists in Iraq video recorded the beheading of American Nicholas Berg.

Beheading is a common form of execution in Saudi Arabia.

Beheading is a common way to conduct a so-called "honor killing" – the murder of a wife – throughout the Islamic world.”

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S/H Editor's Note: In this blog's effort to reach a clear & accurate Understanding of Islam's Ancient & Violent Culture, and how this relates to Current Events in the Middle East, we shall review just a few major incidents...

* 1975 ~ France Prez Jacques Chirac agrees to build a Nuclear (Osiris) Reactor south of Bagdad for Saddam Hussein. (Six Israeli Jets removed the threat in 1981; the whole world should be grateful, including Egypt & Saudi Arabia!)

* 1979 ~ Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini grabbed our U.S. Embassy Diplomats, Held Them Hostage for 444 days (An Act of War). This boldness thrills & energizes only some of the muslims around the world, thus leading to thousands of more suicidal bombings!

* 1993 ~ First bomb attack on NYC Twin Towers by the Blind Sheik.

* 2001 ~ Four Commercial Jets high-jacked by Four Egyptian Pilots, and 15 Saudi thugs with simple box-cutter knives. That was "9/11", and 10 percent of One Billion Muslims were Thrilled Beyond Words! The "Great Satan" was Vulnerable (That's when Murderous al Queda's Osama bin Laden suddenly became a muslim hero-figure in a part of the Muslim World.

* Since that time, thousands of minor terrorist incidents, plus the horrific bombings in Madrid, London, and India's Capital City of Mumbai.

In the United States, our Left-Wing MainStreamMedia seems to turn a blind-eye to these grim factual stories, and the horrors of Islam's Ancient Kill-Culture.

Honor-killings and local beheadings are rarely front-page
news-worthy. So, this weblog intends to continue presenting this material in the Public Interest.

Wake Up, Nit-wits! It's a Matter of Life & Death for this old planet's Last Bastion of Freedom & Justice For All...The United States of America! reb

Anonymous said...

Roger from Oliver Springs says:

Mr. Snake Hunter,

In following your comments here, and the comments from Mohamed and others on the Understanding Islam post, I come away feeling that Mohamed Fadly lacks the courage to honestly face the complex nature of world terror, insisting that you and other viewers must, to please him, concentrate only on Zionist "illegal occupation" and ONLY on "Zionist Terrorism" in Palestine, and to the exclusion of all muslim bloody atrocities everywhere else!

Your analysis is far more relevant;
keep up the good work.

Roger, Oliver Springs, Tn


Another Observation:

After Bernard Madoff experienced his first 24 hours in a solitary prison environment, he begged his guards to find a way to release him
from this unbearable situation!

Madoff was clearly "In Denial" of his huge primary guilt in the Multi-billion Ponzi Fraud that victimized thousands of families, and ruined the life-long hopes and efforts of countless innocent victims.
In a parallel situation, many in Europe and here in the U.S. are in "De-Nile" (pardon the pun) of
the millions of recent victims of Global Jihad, whether it originates in (a) Saudi Wahhabism or (b) Iran's 'Mahdi Prophesy' Persian Empire.

Palestine is but a small, irritating pimple on the ugly face
of a World-Dominating Theocracy.

If Paris shuns an honest exposure of the Suicidal Bombers of Madrid, London, Mumbai (India), or NYC's 9/11, or the atrocities suffered on the African continent in the Sudanese rural areas, or in many other locations around the world, we shall continue to expose their..."Denial".

We'll keep on blogging 'em! reb


To Graycrow, my friend from Wexford, Ireland...

acknowledges that the U.S. and our Allies did an admirable job of destroying the Nazi War-plan of dominating the industrial world by 1945, but still he asks "What have you Americans done for us lately?"

In the 1980's Ronald Reagan said,
"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" and by golly, He Did!

It seems that many Europeans share Graycrow's sentiment. Before I answer his appears that many over there...display an appalling IGNOR-ance of WWII history, and the Post-War years, especially in France. I recommend a cursory Search, easily available on Wikipedia:

a) The Marshall Plan, est on July 12, 1947, also known as The European Recovery Program, ERP. (The American taxpayer funded it!)

b) Berlin Blockade, June 24, 1948,
(and the Berlin Airlift) which the Russians thought was impossible.

c) The Berlin Wall (1961) was erected because 2.6 million East Germans had escaped the Russkies Paradise into West Germany between 1949 and 1961. A huge embarrassment for Communism!

It's a damn shame that more history
is not readily available to today's
American & European youth.

The a terrible thing to waste, on trivia.


Tom the Redhunter said...

Ditto to what Roger from Oliver Springs says about Mohamed Fadly. He seems to be a nice guy but won't fact up to the facts of Islamic jihadism. He excuses everything with "the Israelis made us do it."

SnakeHunter, those are some fantastic lists. "Trivia" maybe, but they do illustrate the point quite well. And there is much more you could have listed!

Re the post by Phyllis Chesler - so now we have this behavior coming to our shores. How will we react? Will we bow down to the radicals as they do in Europe? Or will we stand up and say "you can come to this country, but you must adopt Western values of you wish to stay." ?

So far the jury is out. Other than Fox News, none of the MSM have given much time to this story. Political correctness reigns.



The ability to "face up" to factual information that's based on hard evidence is a rewarding thing.

Next, to then commit one's personal energies into a complex sharing of that information is always a pleasant mental exercise.

I cannot imagine what the critic receives from marinating his brain in mindless negativity. reb


Note: About C.A.I.R., The Council of American-Islamic Relations Chairman Omar Ahmed has stated:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal
to any other faith, but to be DOMINANT! The Koran should be the Highest Authority in America, and ISLAM the only Accepted Religion On Earth." Is That Clear Enough?

Such arrogant boldness from a high muslim authority (our guest) has earned him a swift kick in his hind-quarters, and a one-way ticket
back to Saudi-Arabia!
IT's among the greatest of mysteries how our Loud, Proud & Strutting Parisianne 'savior-faire' Critics can receive any joy in their meek acceptance of such rude behavior.

The French Napolianic Legal Systems should be prepared for some significant and radical the hands of these brutal, "religious" bullies!