Monday, April 20, 2009

An Open Letter To Mohamed

IF a young person seeks wisdom, knowledge & truth, and desires to share these gifts with others, that person must first be guided by a biblical quote:

Matthew 7:15-16 "Beware of false prophets... (and)

You shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbush, or figs from thistles?"

IF The Devil Is 'The Author of Deception' he will cleverly disguise his intention with marvelous gifts, enlisting the many nabobs of negativity that sit proudly in their leadership positions, and he will seduce the Do His Bidding!

He Will Corrupt, using his vast wealth, to bend the Legislators & Journalists, and he will buy celebrities by the dozen. Do you know him?

He Will Manipulate International Currencies to multiply his wealth; and he will spend just enough to promote his image as a Great Philanthropist!

He Will Personally Fund...a vast electronic network, with a cadre of billionaires, and he will coax his puppet-minions to demonize his enemies.

These gullible followers will spew ridicule & "neo-nazi, fascist, xenophobic-racist, imperialist war-mongers", etc... and he will influence and build huge impressive loyalties from within an unquestioning majority of these people with powerful Weapons of Mass-Deception.

He is Satanic; do you know his name? reb

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A S/H Public Service Notice

Domestic "Violence" Hotline!

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1.3 Million American Women Each Year
Are Physically Abused by their
Husbands or Boyfriends!

Get Help ~ Call 911 ~ Report it

(Or Call Above D.V.H. Hotline, Now!)

The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!



I'm old and gettin' tired, and this may be my last post. If you'd like to Comment, be concise; put your thinking-cap on, and use this space to stimulate intelligent discussion; the rude and vulgar will not be allowed to corrupt it.

These nincompoops will be rejected!


Debbie said...

I hate to see you give up blogging, but I've been in the same place. Tired, not inspired, same-old-same-old every day. Maybe you just been a break. Go out and enjoy this beautiful world, have some real human contact, forget about politics for a few days.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth


Debbie, I'm out & about every day! When I meet a new friend at Starbucks, and he says he's a long-time Democrat, I ask if he has ever heard of George Soros, the answer is often, "Who's that?!!!

That's depressing.

Well, I tell 'em. He's the S.O.B. that spent a billion to defame G.W.Bush & Dick Cheney...he endorsed Al Gore, failed again in 2004 with John Kerry, and finally spent a huge fortune on an untested, junior senator...Barack Obama. He's the hidden power behind the throne; the Shadow Party!

He's an International Monster-Man that hates the USA, and makes his billions destroying any nation's currency! He manipulates money...and people's minds.

He ran a full-page ad defaming a great man in the NY Times, Sept 10, 2008 with this bold Headline > > David Petraeus was characterized as


Now he is intent on dismantling our Two-Party System! Disgusting.
Debbie, thanks for your goodwill. reb

JBW said...

"He is Satanic; do you know his name? reb"His name is reb?

Soros rules! Woo-hoo!

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I was worried about you when Albert told me about your eye surgery. I hope you recover very soon.

I agree with Debbie, you must stay away from politics and thinking about bad things of this world.
Let me be so honest with you. When I read many of your comments I feel that you are angry from someone or hating somebody, whether you're directing this in the right place or not. Both hatred and anger are not the good thing for an old man, they cause high blood pressure, this isn't good for you.
Enjoy your life, it has many many good things to enjoy, green trees, blue sky, the birds, sunrises and doing everything you like. Always feel optimistic.

Thanks for the post entitling me.
I think I agree with the context but not the name!! ;)

Get well very soon!!

Sincerely From Your Friend,

RogerOS said...

Hopefully Mohamed will wake up before it's too late. The referenced megalomaniac in the open letter is using money to forward his own agenda under the guise of a benevolent financier. This has been done through out history my many, however, we live in the most perilous times facing our planet. Hopefully the think veneer of respectability will be stripped away from this individual, and he will be exposed as the international menace that he really is.


I have about a half-hour left, so I'll attempt a courteous answer to all three respondents:

* James B. Webb fashions himself an 'intellectual elitist & 'political junkie'. His blog appears to be more the inane rantings & musings of a cynical libertarian (yawn) that is left salivating from a Pavlovian (lefty) tinkling bell. The mind is a terrible thing to waste on that!

Sorry James, but I see you have nothing of substance to contribute, but I will leave your name in place if another "libby" passes this way. Try MoveOnDotOrg or U.F.P.J. You'll enjoy Lez Cagan, and they'll happily accept your donations, just like Huff Post.
> > >
Mohamed, thanks for your goodwill. My surgery went well; a final exam tomorrow.

You've totally misread my concern, for anger! Emotions like 'hatred & anger' are wasted energy...I'll have none of it! I'm in the prime of my life, and enjoying every minute; attitude is the key.

I enjoy analyzing minds and varied cultures, and I mistrust negativity; I love the mountains & deserts; I love great music, and great vocalists, and poets too, and sincere authors.

I admire people that look beyond SELF, and hope to find their own path to the 'Creator of the Universe', without the coaxing of an Infallible Pope, or a Hoopla Tv Evangelist, or a Grand Ayatollah.
Watch 'em!

Skepticism is my precious gift; I share what little I have; now that's really living it up!

I used your name in the title to possibly restore some of the sincere quality of your "Understanding Islam" weblog with hopefully some positive comments. I really felt bad when those corrupt people began their crude rantings.

See our "Links" for Mohamed!!

Your good friend, reb
> > >
Roger, Mohamed is very awake! He and I share thoughts, just as you and I have had good discussions.

We both appreciate independent thinkers, and the American History of WWII.

That International Monster-Man is a 79 year old goat-head; it is HE that needs an outdoor vacation! I fear that he has planted some ugly seeds for the next generation.

The LOVE of Money is the Root of Evil...and Power Corrupts!
Roger, See you next Sunday at Starbucks!



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Finally, a tip-of-the-hat to RogerOS for his views of the "international menace" exposed to the daylight here on SnakeHunters. (We would appreciate more of that from you, Roger.)
* Lastly, I was over-whelmed, and frankly more than a little pleased, by the sincere goodwill displayed by Debbie & Mohamed; (Be assured, I'm just fine).

* We encourage all to invite your courteous and literate friends to record their political, religious, and other newsworthy opinions here.

My warmest regards, reb

Anonymous said...


You weren't referring to Rupert Murdoch?

Glad the surgery went well.

The team is 10-2 and if we win tonight, win our conference.



Anonymous said...

where can i find the article on George Soros?
-- AG


The Loop Garoo Kid! Welcome...

Ah yes, we are so fortunate here; we can still pick and choose our own angels and devils...still allowed an unbiased selection!

Now, about Rupert Murdock; He had better be cautious. There's a rumor floating around that Michael Moore (after that smash best-seller
"Dude, Where's My Country") has rec'd a six-figure advance from Warner Books, Inc, NY on his newest novel, with the title...

"Nothing But The Truth, Rupert"
and sub-titled 'Come Clean Baby!'

Wouldn't we all like to have a signed first edition of that one!?!
(Comedian Al Franken is gonna be jealous, don'tcha think? reb
Yep, the lady eye surgeon was quite pleased when I read the bottom line. Dr Baker said 20/20!
Now it's eye-drops for a month.

Hey...You Go, Coach! reb

Anonymous said...

- Greybeard sez -

-- AG (newcomer)

IF you are a serious investigator,
or an unfettered, open-minded citizen (without bias), you can quickly build a complete dossier on Soros. Simply use:

- gba -



July, 2008 - The Neighborhood Organizer-In-Chief said:

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a 'civilian national security force' that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Then he added, "People of all ages, stations, and skills will be asked to serve!"

Anonymous said...

Greybeard sez,

Hey, Snake-Hunter, guess where I've found your old buddy, Loop Garoo?

He's once again visiting those low-wattage "dim bulbs" on WhyNot, and he harrasses them too!, and maybe he's not a Lefty-loon or a Right-Winger at all, he may just be a complex Bothersome Contrarian!

He dropped his fav song on them. It's an old Groucho Marx diddie:
"I don't know what they have to say, It makes no difference anyway.
Whatever it is, I'm against it. No matter what it is or who commenced it, I'm against it !" etc, etc

This rascal's just a born trouble-maker. That's a Lawyer For You! -gba -

- Greybeard Albert -


Yes Albert, I know Tony (TLGK) quite well; we've been verbally-jousting for a long time. He suffers from PPA, that's Professional Pedantic Arrogance, a relatively harmless virus.

In July, 2007 Tony was kind enough to mail a front-page of the Denver Post, featuring my old 10th Mtn Division's Final Reunion to my current address. I really enjoyed that!

So, we tolerate each other, but occasionally, he IS a major pain in the neck! reb

Anonymous said...

It's "ditty" not "diddie."

As for PPA, reb, someone has to protect the language.



Yes, Loop Garoo! It's comforting to
know that you are standing guard!
Now, if we can persuade you to join
us in our glorious quest to expose this International Monster-Man, we will have achieved the near-impossible!
You can begin your research at...


* Guide To The George Soros Network
* Orgs Funded Directly By Soros
* Secondary or Indirect Affiliates

Now, the above (when printed or filed in your computer) totals about 20 pages, and is great reference material on BOTH the organizations and the individuals working with this Outrageous & Cunning "Master of Deception"!
Tony, Let me assure you...your assistance in this vital work will be greatly appreciated. It's a national tragedy that so many of our friends today, liberal or conservative, have never heard of this morally despicable character!


Anonymous said...


We've just rec'd an unsolicited
blurb from a Rufus T. Firefly, and he declares certain odd "laws" that may have originated out in California, in Repr Henry Waxman's
or Nancy Pelosi's freedom-meddling office:

* No one's allowed to smoke (hah!)
* Or tell an off-color joke
* Or whistle, or chew gum
* Or, any form of pleasure! etc

Then, a dire warning to "lay off the kid!" Whoa, baby! (Grunt)

Well, there was no blog address (look-out) where Rufus/Goofus can set the rules, so we'll suspend him for now in limbo; it's our domain, and we don't allow any far left-wing "peace-merchants" or suspicious tippy-toe-thru-the tulips-foreigners to stumble in here to intimidate us! Get it? reb


Editor's Update - Sunday, April 26, 2009

When a friend - RogerOS - saw the large dossier that I was busy putting together, he remarked:

"What in the world are you going to do with all of this material?"

A. Well, it's a complex new project. I'm in the process of finally exposing to the daylight, a grotesque - International Monster-Man!

George Soros has for too long, been allowed to hide in the shadows of national politics. Many of our citizens are just too busy to pay close attention to this fellow! So, I'll spend the remaining months of 2009 in a serious effort to Alert & Inform Fellow Americans; it's as simple as that.
Therefore, I intend to suspend other planned postings, and the normal days & hours, with a renewed effort on Snake Hunters blog (that normally Posts one or to items per month) to cancel that program, to pursue a totally new direction.
See, "Open Letter To Mohamed", then
IF you're interested in SOROS let's "follow the money"...begin with six pages from DISCOVERTHE NETWORKS.ORG, to

"Organizations Funded by George Soros, and his Open Society Institute", and see...

just how 'Uncle Georgie' has succeeded in duping the majority, and in "buying into" major influences, that coax other billionaires to join him in a grandiose scheme, designed to defame and ridicule One Party, and ensure Outrageous Success in the Other of our Two Major Political Parties!

These are G. Soros words, among many others that reveal a sick, twisted driving force: In 2004, Soros spent some $26 million, trying unsucessfully to defeat G.W. Bush & Dick Cheney; he said: "It's the central focus of my life" and "a matter of life and death!"

It's Mind-snapping Incredible!

There will be other Posts here, devoted exclusively to exposing this devilishly clever mind. Stay tuned in. (print or file) reb

Anonymous said...

Mr Reb,

I can say nothing about your friend
Mohamed, but if you show me a Truthful Muslim, I'll show you One Courageous Infidel!

Gregg, Knoxville, TN 37912

Anonymous said...

Mr Reb,

I see that you are an astute, aware person. You have accurately nailed the most evil genius of this generation. George Soros is The Master of Deception, and the Power Behind Obama's Throne.

Soros is International Monster Man!

Gregg - Knoxville, TN 37912
Vol University Campus, Tennessee


Gregg - For the balance of 2009, this blogsite will focus on Obama's...
Outrageous & Unprincipled Political Advisors, and their leader, George SOROS.

That's where the "action" originates, and that shall be our primary objective.

Thanks for your sharp input. reb

Anonymous said...

Gregg said:

Excellent! Next, I will direct your attention to "A Kangaroo Commission for Bush "War Crimes" on NewsReal Blog, by Matthew Vadum.

"Now that President Obama has shown a willingness to pursue vindictive probes of Bush administration officials, for the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, the preeminent funder of America's Left, George Soros is calling for the establishment of a kind of 'star chamber' to pay back the previous administration for launching the War On Terror!

Then a visit to FRONTPAGEMAG to view "Obama's Foreign Policy Disasters", an interview with Victor Davis Hanson!
Thank you.

Gregg - from the Univ of Tennessee Campus.

Anonymous said...

"Launching an American Inquisition is pure madness"

- Matthew Vadum -


Q. How would we rate Obama's First
100 Days?

Answer: Who cares?
Staying with the more positive items, Obama & Biden welcomes an aging & senile faux republican into the 'progressive' fold.

Well, it's about time! reb


Anonymous said...

reb sez, I don't believe I'll ever understand needless war, and...

Mohamed & Snakehunter often have opposing views on the Israeli/Palestinian Political, Economic, and brutal warfare scene in miserable Palestine.

Here Once Again, S/H Opinion:

There will never be a peaceful, two-state solution; here's why:

* GAZA is under the absolute control of Hamas Militants.

* HAMAS/Hezbollah is controlled by IRAN, and that leadership needs to feed the fires of discontent to stay in Power. A peaceful Palestine would not be in Iran's own self-interest.

* There are No "Bad" Jews in GAZA, so throw a few home-made rockets over the border, and invite them in! Is that it? (Hmmm)

* Iran's Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomeinei will NEVER give up his 12th Imam "Madhi" Prophesy.

* Gaza's southern border is always open to an Egyptian population for commerce and friendly social relationships, so > 'Why the Tunnels'?

* Also, a Peaceful Palestine would attract Major Investment Capital, which would quickly impact the horrible 32% unemployment misery, and without the grinding poverty, six decades of senseless war would end.

Only six points, Mohamed. No more mention of wounded or hungry women, and children with no milk; not this time, please.

Please do remain on my half-dozen points. reb

Jeanette said...

I agree Soros is reaping lots of money for himself for this depression that was a self-fulfilling prophecy by Obama, and I agree Obama is influenced by this jughead.

I have also thought for quite awhile that Obama is only a puppet to a handler. I could never understand how he could go to Pakistan as a student in a small school in California and come back with the intelligence and money to go to two ivy league colleges.

We have no access to any of his college writings (if there are any) or records. He was the editor of Harvard Law Review but we have no writings from this editor.

He refuses a well-paid job in a large law firm to go to work as a community organizer in Chicago, of all places he ever lived at a salary of 12k a year.

He did as he was told and rose through the ranks just as he was promised.

He's a nobody in an empty suit and claims the highest office in the land, even though he might not constitutionally meet the requirements.

Maybe Soros did all this for him, but after I saw the bow to the king of Mecca, I wondered if it is an Islamic/Arabic handler he has and this was his signal to his handler he was doing as planned.

He has destroyed this country as we know it in three short months and isn't anywhere near finished with his sorry beginning. People still worship him like an idol.

I used to think I knew this country pretty well, but I think Abe Lincoln was right when he said, "You can fool some of the people most of the time." Obama is fooling a lot of people all of the time and that's what's so scary.

Mohamed said...

No more mention of wounded or hungry women, and children.First, they are killed and raped too, raped. Mr. reb, can you understand me .. raped, RAPED!! Raping women has no thing to do with wars.

Second, if we won't mention the wounded or hungry women and children, so what will we mention!! It's all about it. Palestinian resistants including Hamas fight and resist because Zionists came to Palestinian lands and started it, because they killed thousands of children, women and civilians.

I have to mention it again and again and again for a very simple reason. You Americans can't see those Palestinian children who are being killed. You can see an Israeli women killed by a local-made simple rocket, but you can't see 400 children killed by "smart" rockets launched from the most qualified air fighters. The first guys don't know where the rocket will fall, the others know exactly (maybe by the inch) what the rocket will bomb, when they drop their rocket or Phosphorus bomb on a school, they do know it's a school. They did it tens of times, not just now, but later in 1970, Egypt, Bahr Al-Baqar school when 30 child were killed. They made their raid 9:20 AM!! Exactly when the children were inside the school! They didn't made it after the school day, no, never!

Mr. reb,
The truth is clear here, where there is no AIPAC that controls the Media, where there is no Media that only focus on Palestinian humble local-made rockets, and completely ignores full stores of tanks, air fighters, F16, F22, Phantoms, machine guns, Phosphorus bombs, Cluster bombs, DIME bombs, etc.
You Americans are able to see the truth, but you only listen to your misguiding Media. Take Europeans as an example, they are more balanced than you. They can see a bigger image. They can see both sides. Maybe they read books and surf the web to gain information about this complicated conflict. Try to make like them to get rid of the blindfold.


I believe you missed some reasons why there will be no two-state solution.

A. Lieberman, the Israeli foreign Affairs minister declared it very obviously that Israel don't accept a two-state solution!! So, Hamas is no longer the obstacle stone. Instead it's Israeli government itself.

Another thing, the basis of Zionism is establishing a Jewish state over Palestinian lands, the borders of this state is from Nile to Euphrates!! Do this match a two-state solution, or instead one-state?!!


When Knominie believe in the 12th Imam, didn't you know that Jews believe in Armageddon (The last battle)?!!
They believe that the Messiah will come only when Jews return to Palestine, the whole lands between the two rivers, the earth must be cleaned by killing all non-Jews and non-Christians (all Muslims will be killed).
I believe that's the first time for you to hear about Armageddon from the Jewish perspective, when you never mentioned it and only mentioned the Mahdi. So, I recommend you to search for information about it from Jewish websites.



Jeanette, I thank you for your response; The George Soros shadowy government now in place has deeply hidden roots, with vast resources and dozens of billionaire "peace" foundations in tow, and the clever junior senator from Illinois that suddenly is the POTUS, and also IS the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force in world history (!) he must never dare betray the SOROS YEARS, THE MASSIVE EFFORT, AND THE BILLIONS SPENT by the Friends of 'Open Society Institute'- the ugly new "Progressive Party" that has silently replaced my old Democratic Party, needs that Massive New Power-base to begin their absolute control; it's a complex plan evolving, and the average family doesn't have a clue.

Obama cannot help but feel a huge obligation to this International Monster-Man. It's 'One-Worldism' refreshed, reborn and growing stronger every month. The first 100 days is only a fore-warning.

In the coming weeks & months, it is this weblog's intention to expose what we've learned about this man, and accuracy is vital to our efforts. I invite curious people like yourself to withhold judgement for now, use your Search Engines, until you see the fact-based evidence clearly. I can only say that "our friends" believe in a return to the old Two-Party System. Money has always been viewed as the "mother's milk of dirty politics", but never before to this staggering degree.

Inform Others. We Must Not Fail to Return To Our Precious Two-Party System of Governance, and Only With an Alert Citizenry, With Trust of Our Professional Military People...Sempre Fi...and A Passionate Honor Guard For Our First & 2nd Amendment Fundamentals...These Basic Principles Must NOT Be Lost To A Casual IGNOR-ANCE...Our Nation & The World's Future Is On the Line.



I am hopeful that my friend Mohamed
will return here in the next few days to address other serious world problems. If you visit his Understanding Islam Posts, you will see that his focus is limited to Palestine w/ Hamas and rarely with Saudi-Arabia or the threats from IRAN, while ignoring the complex problems we all must confront in Afganistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Syria's Hexbollah, and the rest of the radical world's leadership.

Example: If I mention the on-going Genocide in Darfur in the Sudan, that has claimed 400,000 lives, and displaced over two million innocent tribal people, and that one hundred people die each day, and thousands of muslims die each
month, he will counter that with "Zionism Rapes & Murders" of innocents. That seems to be all he will discuss! That troubles me.

If it continues, I will reluctantly
suspend our future conversations; there are only a limited amount of hours in each day, and my calendar is full.
Check Our Links to view his 'Understanding Islam' blog. Mohamed appreciates all comments;
No Reviles, please. reb

Mohamed said...

Thanks Mr. reb for finally publishing my comment. A good positive action from you that reveals an intention to discuss. I hope it's continued by providing satisfying answers for my questions.

You said that my comment has so many subjects, you wondered where to start.

Ok, let me suggest a good common interest point to start with. You always told me about the 12th Imam prophecy and how it make Iran plan for the last battle against Jews. Well, I told you in my last comment about Armageddon, the last battle according to Jewish and Christian beliefs against the non-believers (including Muslims). It's the other side of the coin. Muslims believe in the 12th Imam, Jews and Christians believe in Armageddon. It's the same thing.

I'd appreciate so much that you start with this subject.



Mohamed, That's Fine. There are probably hundreds of books dealing with the ancient prophesies of "the end of times" and the "last days"...

Bear in mind, there is NO single belief among Christian, Jew, or Muslim - No single belief!

I Am Surprised - when you suggest that educated Sunni Arabs also believe in the Shiite 12th (Madhi) Imam! I've always thought that was strictly an old Persian fairy-tale.

This brings to the surface a frightening thought. Are the majority of muslim (Arabs) willing to Accept a Dominant, Nuclear-Armed Iran in the Middle East?
We can discuss this one subject for
days, months or years without reaching an agreement. My answer provides No definite conclusions for you, Mohamed.
So, I prefer to focus my attention
on current problems, the obvious insidious "modern evils", like the multiple wealthy Foundations that wish to manipulate and "Change" whole

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Open Society Institute does exactly that! If George Soros dies tomorrow, he has already set in place, a wide-reaching plan for a One-World Government, complete with a "World Court", and he has succeeded in endorsing and funding an American President to head his wild, complex notions! Some here in the U.S. call it "The Shadow Government."

An International Monster-Man?

Read what Soros has already done to change European culture, in my brief lifetime. See our Chapter on "PostModern Villain" by another fellow Hungarian that knows this 79year old billionaire very well. reb


Amillennialist said...

Mohamed stated falsely:

"You can see an Israeli women killed by a local-made simple rocket, but you can't see 400 children killed by "smart" rockets launched from the most qualified air fighters. The first guys don't know where the rocket will fall, the others know exactly (maybe by the inch) what the rocket will bomb, when they drop their rocket or Phosphorus bomb on a school, they do know it's a school. They did it tens of times, not just now, but later in 1970, Egypt, Bahr Al-Baqar school when 30 child were killed. They made their raid 9:20 AM!! Exactly when the children were inside the school!"

The difference which you are either unwilling or unable to admit is that the first group is targeting innocents, the second is not.

And as demonstrated again in the last open conflict, Muslims have no problem firing on Jews from mosques, schools, and homes -- and UN quarters -- so that if Israelis fire back, jihad scores big propaganda points with the Western media and other Muslims.

Considering Israel's vastly superior military, if it wanted to make it happen, there'd be no more "Palestinians." And no, it really isn't possible for Israel to be less popular with leftists or Muslims than it is now.

Every concession Israel makes ends up fueling the jihad agaisnt it, for Islam -- like all brutal, tyrannical, totalitarian ideologies -- interprets generosity and mercy as weaknesses, as opportunities to exploit.

Just like Muhammad.

Mohamed said...

So, you Amillennialist is believing that Israelis (Jews for now) are just defending themselves, right?

So can you explain the terrorist bombings of crowded markets committed by Zionists? Haven't hear about it?

OK, This is a list of what Jews did against civilian innocent Arabs in Palestine early before the establishement of their "Jewish" state as they want it to be.
Read it and explain how are these terrorist attacks by Jews, which Palestinians reacted against them by choosing to defend themselves, can be defined as "Self-Defense"..

1938> Bomb in a train in Haifa killing 2 Arab cops, 2 British cops. (Irgun Zionist movement)
1938> Bomb in a coffee shop in Haifa killing an Arab civilian. (Irgun)
1938> An attack against a bus to Jerusalem killing an Arab Palestinian cop man. (Irgun)
1938> 3 Arab civilians killed by bullets in Haifa. (Irgun)
1938> 2 Palestinian civilians killed in Tel Aviv.
1938> 7 Arab Palestinians killed in a bomb explosion in Jaffa.
1938> An Arab civilian killed in a hospital's yard in Haifa.
1938> Many Palestinians killed in a bombing in a crowded market in Jerusalem.
1938> Firing towards a group of Palestinians killing 7 close to Tel Aviv.
1938> Throwing a bomb towards a bus in Jerusalem killing 3 Palestinians.
1938> Explosion of 2 time-bombs in a market in Haifa killing 18 Palestinians and 5 Jews.
1938> Bombing in Jerusalem killing 4 Palestinians.
1938> Market bombing in Jerusalem killing 10 Palestinian civilians.
1938> Market bombing killing 53 Palestinians in Haifa.
1938> Market bombing killing 24 Palestinians in Jaffa.
1939> 33 Palestinian killed (24 in a market bombing in Haifa, 4 in a market bombing in Jerusalem)
1939> Land mine explosion near a cinema in Jerusalem killing 5 Palestinians.
1939> Bomb in Jerusalem killing 5 Palestinians.
1939> Bombing a mail center in Jerusalem killing the British bomb specialist.
1939> 6 Arab Palestinians killed in Jerusalem.
1939> Explosive bag on a donkey's back in Haifa market killing 20 Palestinians.
1939> 13 Palestinians killed in a fire shooting.
1939> An Arab Palestinian killed in Jerusalem market.
1939> Shooting 2 Palestinians in Lefta village.
1939> Market bombing in Haifa killing a Palestinian civilian.
1939> A Palestinian civilian killed in Jaffa train station.
1939> 6 Palestinians killed in attacks close to Tel Aviv.
1946> Bombing of the King David Hotel killing 91 persons (41 Palestinian, 28 British, 17 Jew, 5 other) {Explosives were put inside milk cans, executives of the attack wore Arab clothes}
1947> Balad al-Shaykh massacre when 70 Arabs (including women & children) were killed. {Most of the bodies were found inside the homes of the village}
1948> Bombing of Arab National Committee HQ killing 14 Palestinians.
1948> Semiramis Hotel bombing killing 24 people.
1948> Haifa train bombing killing 40 Arabs. (Lehi)
1948> Ein al-Zeitun massacre when about 70 Palestinians were killed. (Palmach)
1948> Abu Shusha massacre when 60 Palestinians were killed.
1948> The massacre of Deir Yassin village when 360 Palestinian (children, women, elderly, young men) were killed through random firing.
1953> Qibya massacre when 69 Palestinian were killed, many of them by exploding their homes when they were inside, 45 home were destroyed, a mosque and a school. {The massacre was led by Ariel Sharon, former Israeli prime minister}
1956> Kafr Qasim massacre when 48 Palestinian civilian were killed, including women and 23 child.
1956> Khan Yunis refugee camp massacre when 520 Palestinian were killed.

Amillennialist said...

Since Mohamed was gracious enough to leave a condensed version of this list at my site, I'll post here what I wrote there ( in two parts.




Part I

More non sequiturs, ad hominem attacks, false moral equivalences, half-truths, and outright lies offered in defense of Islam -- and against Israel

In other words, we have here more of the typical Muslim blame game: "This conflict is your fault for defending yourselves!"

I realize that to know and believe in Islam as it is defined by the words of Allah and the example of Muhammad requires the dulling or disuse of one's reason (and conscience), but it is difficult to believe some people's persistence in malicious falsehood, even after having those lies exposed and refuted repeatedly.

Yet, here we go again. Mohamed writes:

But ... did "Islam" committed the Babylonian captivity in 586 BCE.?

What about Qana massacre in 1996 and 2006 [. . .] Bahr el-Baqar massacre in 1970 [. . .] Kafr Qassim massacre in 1956 [. . .] King David Hotel bombing in 1946 [. . .] Deir Yassin massacre in 1946 [. . .] bombing crowded Arab markets since 1938?

Were these really about Islam?

If those events are "not really about Islam" as you imply, that makes them non sequiturs and irrelevant to the question of whether or not Islam is the root cause of the conflict between Israel and its neighbors.

The Religion of Slaughter requires the slavery or death of all who refuse its "invitation" to convert; though you still will not admit this fact outright, you concede it by explaining how we "infidels" should appreciate Islam's rules for when and how to butcher us.

In the incidents you mention in which Israel was at fault, they apologized and punished their own people. This is diametric to Islam; when a Muslim murderer butchers innocent Jews, they're celebrated as heroes, especially if they die doing so.

I have news for you: Your suhada aren't enjoying their perpetual virgins and boys "like pearls;" they're burning in Hell.

The one report of Israelis claiming they were told to ignore the risk to civilians doesn't help you either, since not only do your alleged "Zionist pigs" state that they were going after terrorists, but those sources were also anonymous.

Experience has shown that Muslims not only attack Israelis from among their own (usually non-Muslim) civilians or mosques, but that they also fabricate Israeli "atrocities" to try to influence world opinion.

Be honest.

Amillennialist said...

Part 2

Mohamed wrote:

"When there have been more than 1300 victims in the last Israeli (Jewish for now) war against Palestinians in Gaza strip, HALF OF THEM ARE CHILDREN, and the other half are mainly civilians.

"Please convince us that Israelis were just defending themselves [. . .] Palestinians were using THEIR CHILDREN as human shields [. . .] When Israeli soldiers testified that they had clear order to SHOOT WITHOUT ANY DISCRIMINATION [. . .] Can you please convince us how Israelis are kind-hearted, peaceful guys who want to express their love to Palestinians [. . .] When Israeli government is changing the Arabic names of streets. Can you convince us how Israelis are welcoming Arabs as citizens among them [. . . .]"

You can't have it both ways. You want Israel to be a massive, overpowering, ruthless, military juggernaut that delights in innocent Muslim blood yet -- according to your own words -- they've killed barely more than a thousand "civilians."

Your coreligionists more than doubled that output in only one sunny morning here a few years ago.

You've got a few more logical fallacies here; whether or not Israelis are "nice" has nothing to do with the Islamic mandate to convert, enslave, or kill Jews and other non-Muslims.

Neither does the way in which Israel treats its Muslim citizens have anything to do with Muhammad's utterly depraved lust for Jewish blood, so that is also a red herring.

You've also got a false moral equivalence here since while Israel might -- change a street name, seriously? -- Muslims change the placement of Jewish body parts.

Most importantly, any Israeli "crimes" (real or imagined; mostly imagined, but when real, admitted and atoned for) do nothing to negate the fact that Muhammad was a raving, foaming-at-the-mouth, lunatic anti-Semite, as I've pointed out to you before from your own "sacred" texts:

". . . We were (sitting) in the mosque when the Messenger of Allah . . . came to us and said: (Let us) go to the Jews. We went out with him until we came to them. The Messenger of Allah . . . stood up and called out to them (saying): O ye assembly of Jews, accept Islam (and) you will be safe.

[. . .]

"he killed their men, and distributed their women, children and properties among the Muslims, except that some of them had joined the Messenger of Allah . . . who granted them security. They embraced Islam. The Messenger of Allah . . . turned out all the Jews of Medlina. Banu Qainuqa' (the tribe of 'Abdullah b. Salim) and the Jews of Banu Haritha and every other Jew who was in Medina.

[. . .]

"It has been narrated by 'Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah . . . say: I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim" (Muslim Book 19, Number 4363-4366)."

The real problem is -- as even Hamas states in their charter -- that Israel exists. You and your fellow Muslims will not be satisfied until the Jews are no more.

You want to blame the conflict in Israel on Israel, but when Muhammad was beheading hundreds of Jews who had surrendered, raping their wives, and leaving "none but Muslim," how many "indiscriminate acts" had the Israelis committed?

Since Ancient Israel (Judea) had been destroyed five hundred years before Muhammad was born, and modern Israel wouldn't be formed for another 1300 years after he died, the answer is . . .

None at all.

Stop blaming the victim.

Have the decency to tell the truth about what your god and prophet require.

Then have the courage to denounce their pure hate.

Amillennialist said...


If Muslims want Israelis to stop killing them, they should stop committing terrorist acts against them.

And if they want their civilians unharmed, stop firing at the Israelis from among them.

It's just like Muhammad: Harass and attack a target, and when they defend themselves against you, call it "aggression."

Briefly with regard to your list, you do realize that some Israelis carried out bombings against the British, pre-independence, right?

Unlike your coreligionists, they were not following a "divine" mandate to enslave or slaughter all who refuse the "invitation" to Judaism, they gave prior warning to avoid innocents dying in at least one bombing (the King David Hotel), they were not targeting civilians, and your Sharon-led mission was condemned by Israel.

(No, not the fingers-crossed-behind-the-back, double-speaking, "We-denounce-terrorism-in-all-its-forms, but killing Jews? That's not terrorism! kinds of "condemnations" in which Islamic spokesmen engage.

Since you do not provide any background regarding the "attacks" you list, nor did I see any links, I looked up one of your events that occurred some time after statehood.

It doesn't look good for you.

Here's what I found about your "Qibya massacre" and why it happened: It was in response to more Islamic barbarism:

"The attack took place in the context of border clashes between Israel and neighbouring states, which had begun almost immediately after the signing of the 1949 Armistice Agreements

[. . .]

"between June 1949 and the end of 1952, a total of 57 Israelis, mostly civilians, were killed by infiltrators from Jordan. The Israeli death toll for the first 9 months of 1953 was 32

[. . .]

"The specific incident which the Israeli government used to justify the assault on Qibya occurred on October 12, 1953, when a Jewish mother, Suzanne Kinyas, and her two children were killed by a grenade thrown into their house in the Israeli town of Yehud, some 10 kilometers (6 mi) inside Israel's border.

[. . .]

"Force had to be used to demonstrate to the Arabs that Israel was in the Middle East to stay, Ben Gurion believed, and to that end he felt strongly that his retaliatory policy had to be continued."

So, yes, it was self-defense.

You can't wage offensive warfare against non-Muslims and then cry "Foul!" when they defend themselves.

At least, not honestly.



Though I don't like to use Wikipedia as a source, considering that it is often used by apologists for jihad (so there's a pro-Islam slant) and I don't have the desire to chase Mohamed down every rabbit hole, here's the link: