Saturday, July 04, 2009



There will always be tyrants & wars, and the necessity to confront those brute realities that threaten to consume the kinder, gentler societies and nations.

Study The World's History of Wars. Teach It In The High School Classrooms, if you value our future.

Wars Are Always Ugly, Nasty Events. If We Are Destined To Defend Liberty & Justice For All Nations, We Must Build Alliances, And Have The Will To Lead, To Confront Bullying Dictatorships, Vain Kingdoms, Or The Grand Ayatollahs Of Ancient Doctrines, Whereever They Might Threaten Our First Amendment Fundamentals With Their Chains of Slavery, or Dhimminitude; That's Unthinkable!

It's Necessary that we remember the details of Vietnam and the "measured response" of President Lyndon Baines Johnson/Robert McNamara's "No-Win War", and 58,000 dead troopers! It is equally important for us to recall the Bush/Cheney Conflict that ended on "Iraqi Sovereignty Day" on June 30th, 2009. We shall not forget our 4300 military families, nor their burdens of grief to secure this victory.

On The Home-front, never again must we allow the Fat-Cat Billionaires, or their Irrelevant "Peace Foundations", or The Political Propaganda Machinery To Distract, Divide Us With Purposeful Confusion, To Gain A Super-Majority Control of Congress, Buy Mainstream Media Journalists, To Gain Control of Either of Our Two Political Parties! We must also Remember September 10th, 2007, when The New York Times displayed a Nationwide Full-page Dirty Ad paid for by MoveOnDotOrg (another George Soros Sleeze Enterprise) smearing General David Petraeus with the bold-print headline of "General Be-Tray-Us".

Our Enemies Hate Us - They Hate Our Freedoms - They Despise Our First Amendment Guarantees. They Will Only Show Respect For Overwhelming Military Power & Bold, Unflinching Leadership.

Moderation, In the Pursuit Of Our Just Liberties, Is Never A Virtue. reb

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