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There will always be tyrants & wars, and the necessity to confront those brute realities that threaten to consume the kinder, gentler societies and nations.

Study The World's History of Wars. Teach It In The High School Classrooms, if you value our future.

Wars Are Always Ugly, Nasty Events. If We Are Destined To Defend Liberty & Justice For All Nations, We Must Build Alliances, And Have The Will To Lead, To Confront Bullying Dictatorships, Vain Kingdoms, Or The Grand Ayatollahs Of Ancient Doctrines, Whereever They Might Threaten Our First Amendment Fundamentals With Their Chains of Slavery, or Dhimminitude; That's Unthinkable!

It's Necessary that we remember the details of Vietnam and the "measured response" of President Lyndon Baines Johnson/Robert McNamara's "No-Win War", and 58,000 dead troopers! It is equally important for us to recall the Bush/Cheney Conflict that ended on "Iraqi Sovereignty Day" on June 30th, 2009. We shall not forget our 4300 military families, nor their burdens of grief to secure this victory.

On The Home-front, never again must we allow the Fat-Cat Billionaires, or their Irrelevant "Peace Foundations", or The Political Propaganda Machinery To Distract, Divide Us With Purposeful Confusion, To Gain A Super-Majority Control of Congress, Buy Mainstream Media Journalists, To Gain Control of Either of Our Two Political Parties! We must also Remember September 10th, 2007, when The New York Times displayed a Nationwide Full-page Dirty Ad paid for by MoveOnDotOrg (another George Soros Sleeze Enterprise) smearing General David Petraeus with the bold-print headline of "General Be-Tray-Us".

Our Enemies Hate Us - They Hate Our Freedoms - They Despise Our First Amendment Guarantees. They Will Only Show Respect For Overwhelming Military Power & Bold, Unflinching Leadership.

Moderation, In the Pursuit Of Our Just Liberties, Is Never A Virtue. reb

Links worth your time

A S/H Public Service Notice

Domestic "Violence" Hotline!

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1.3 Million American Women Each Year
Are Physically Abused by their
Husbands or Boyfriends!

Get Help ~ Call 911 ~ Report it

(Or Call Above D.V.H. Hotline, Now!)

The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!



Currently, we have 130,000 troopers
at the ready if the new Iraqi Government should ask for backup;

Finally, The Bush/Cheney/Petraeus Policy has given this newly elected
form of government it's opportunity for a freedom these people have never known.

"Iraqi Sovereignty Day" Has Arrived,
June 30th 2009 - Let Freedom Ring!

Now, it's IRANIAN young people's turn to experience the sweet taste of victory over the harsh rule of the Grand Ayatollahs.

Propaganda Be Damned! The George W. Bush Policy Is Vindicated. reb

Roger OS said...

It is more important than ever to remember our veterans, not just on holidays. All past and present were and are critical in the maintenance of our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Greybeard sez,

The Ten-yr Census is legally under the control of Commerce; the Barack Obama Power-grab delivers it to A.C.O.R.N. Thugs for another attempt to control re-districting of the popular vote.

That's Illegal !

- gba -

Anonymous said...

The Bush/Cheney/Petraeus policy? Guess what Mr. Snake Hunters, you can't just make up history. The Bush/Cheney policy caused us to invade Iraq, a country that was no threat to our country. The Petraeus policy which salvaged a disaster.

Perhaps if then Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld had listened to General Shinseki, there would have been no need of a Petraeus policy.

You can spin history if you like, but you don't get to rewrite it.

Railroad Bill


Guess what R.R. Bill ?

The Bush/Cheney Policy allowed the Iraqi People the privilege of electing a governance for the first time in that nation's history.

Saddam, Uday & Qusay no longer have a 30-yr brute dictatorship!

Spin that. reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

"Our Enemies Hate Us - They Hate Our Freedoms - They Despise Our First Amendment Guarantees. They Will Only Show Respect For Overwhelming Military Power & Bold, Unflinching Leadership."

How true. The jihadists want a society and world built around suppression of liberty as we understand it. Ditto for Hugo Chavez and his ilk.

In fact, many Muslims who end up becoming terrorists become radicalized only after coming to the West. Our society offends them. They look at free women and gays and hate us for these things.

In other words, it's not issues such as a homeland for the Palestinians or something like that, but the continuation of a centuries old conflict.


RR Bill Returns with another jab at our successful effort in ending the Iraq War, and putting the "Butcher of Bagdad" and his two loony sons out-of-business.
Kuwaiti and the Saudi muslims are sleeping better now that Saddam is gone...Did you know that, Bill?

No mention of Saddam Hussein using Oil Vouchers to buy his Osiris Reactor from French Prez Jacques Chirac in 1975, nor even honorable mention for the Israeli Jets that took it out in 1981, just before it could produce an A-Bomb. Imagine that!

(RR Bill likes half-truths, and hides his own profile with an anonymous handle, so others can't zero in on his true objectives.)

Today he sent us a Newsweek (yawn) article; perhaps next week this guy will give us something groovy from Georgie Soros' MoveOnDotOrg, The Daily Kos, or Huffing Post!
(They Love Donations too, so You just be a nice fellow...go give them a shot of yer brilliant repartee, O.K.?

We've got yer number "Bill", and that narrow-guage caboose you ride
is permanently side-tracked here;

Lefty Hecklers are a dime-a-dozen.


Anonymous said...

Amillennialist sez,

(If viewers will scroll down to the "Memorial Parade Post" for the Judeo-Christian/Muslim Debate)...

"It is telling that Muslims never admit before non-muslims what their god demands, and their false
prophet practiced (until it is too late, that is).

You'll notice in the comments from Mohamed that he never addresses the sacralizing of depravity in Islam, he only engages in ad hominum attacks, false tu quoques and moral equivalences, and diversions from the fundamental issue, Islam's brutal and perverse totalitarian ideology."

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I just posed an important letter in "Memorial Parade" post.

I hope you invite your friends who are interested to read it. It came out of my heart, I hope it enter your hearts.



Anonymous said...

The J.J. Family from O.S. are visitors to Tennessee; we would like mr reb to know that my family appreciates this blog, and our two neighbors here do too. We won't interrupt comment on Memorial Parade.

We are following the discussion of these two bright men, and have learned more about Islam, and muslim culture than we ever would by just watching television!

We also go to Understanding Islam.
A couple clicks of the cursor, and we are in Egypt, visiting a culture
that we may never see. (Our 12 year old son wants to ride a camel!)

J.J. from Oliver Springs

Anonymous said...

J.J. again.

I believe the world would be a better place if more muslims were educated, and kind-hearted like mr mohamed fadly, and less like taliban. J.J.

Mohamed said...

To J.J. Family,

That's a great thing to realize that you're adding something to someone's knowledge, specifically when it's about your culture.

Many thanks for your encouraging words. I would happily answer any of your questions about my Islamic, Arab or Egyptian culture. Your questions are welcomed here or on my blog.

With My Best Regards,




Sen Al Gore said it publicly...

"Global Governance Is Coming!"

(Research It)

Cap & Trade - Global Warming Fraud - Global Currency, Al? Is The World Court Ready To Dominate Our U.S. Supreme Court, and is the U.N. To Usurp Our U.S.A. National SOVEREIGNTY; have we given up our
Freedom From External Control?

What Are You Jokers Smoking, Al?


Anonymous said...

Mr mohamed,

Only one question. I have heard that women are not permitted to drive an automobile in Saudi Arabia, and they are punished if they try it. True?

Are women allowed to drive vehicles
in Egypt?

We will be silent now. I want you and that Christian teacher to continue with your effort here. We will learn more from intelligent people if we don't bother their talk.

My son wants a computer now!

Goodbye for now. J.J.

Mohamed said...

Thanks J.J. for your question.

Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim Arab country that don't allow women to drive cars. However there is no legal rule in Saudi Arabian traffic law that ban that, but the people of SA themselves don't accept that. It's a regional custom, not a religious one.
On the other side, there are moderate voices that are calling for allowing Saudi woman to drive.

You can check this video about a Saudi princess talking about driving cars, and other things. I'm sure you'll enjoy it the same I did.

As for other Muslim Arab countries, there is no restrictions on women to drive vehicles. I went to Bahrain, the neighbor Arabian gulf state of SA, I saw very much women driving there, most of them wear veils.

They drive too in Egypt. Both my mother and sister have their own driving licenses.


Anonymous said...

hi reb, I cant read your post very hard with the blue text on a white background, Rory


Editor's Note:

For Those That Are Following The MiddleEast Debate on "Memorial Parade" Post Between Mohamed & Mr "A"...

I would strongly recommend scrolling down to our February '09 Posts to "Egypt's Double Game", by Dr. Michael Widlanski, Feb 1st -
"Palestine Vs Israel" by Victor David Hanson, Feb 11th -
"Now The Call Me Infidel" and "Roots Of The Gaza Conflict" by Egyptian Author Nonie Darwish, on Feb 17th.

Anonymous said...

hi reb, changed my web browser and can now read your post, I think you've mellowed out in the time I've been missing.

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I just published an important post on my blog about an important Fatwa by Muslim scholars in America about Terrorism.

I recommend it too for those who are interested in our discussion on "Memorial Parade" post.



See > "Cleric's threaten..."


Reb's Notebook:

See > Investigative Project On Terrorism by Steve Emerson:

"Preaching Hate, Building A Caliphate."

Anonymous said...

VeePee Joe Biden Sez,

"Well, we've gotta keep spending now, or we'll go bankrupt!"
Suggested new names for a corrupted U.S.A.

*USSA - unitedsovietsocialistamerika

*UOSA - unitedobamastatesofamerika

*UASA - unitedacornstatesamerika

*NMSA - newmandatedstatesofamerika

*FGMPO - freegubmintmedicalplan-ok

*PCA - progressivechangeamerika


Too slow - Czar we there yet? reb


Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi have controlled the Senate & House since November, 2006...

New York, New Jersey & California are on the brink of insolvency.

Tax & Spend, That's the Ticket!



Neither Gingrich, Romney, Cheney, nor Sarah Palin...

They Didn't Do It! reb


Gotcha Loop Garoo Kid. reb


George-Dubya-Bush Didn't Do It!


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I wonder if Mr. Steve Emerson is your brother, or some relative of you?

I was searching for information about FrontPage Magazine, and I found out that one of its editors is Mr. S. Emerson. So, I assumed that he would be your brother or cousin.

Am I right?


No family relationship; Ralph Waldo Emerson was a famous poet.

Steve Emerson is a terrorism expert
and an author. Emerson is my middle name (and I'm just an old blogger) hoping for a better world for the next generation.

Jamie Glasov & John Perazzo are fine FrontPageMag editors. I'm suprised that my friend Mohamed was aware of that All-American Blog; you're a research winner,
my friend. Willing to look at both sides of a coin. Quite sophisticated for your age! reb



"The Rise Of Islam" was Breaking News on both CNN & Fox News on 7/19/2009.

An Islamic group, HIZB UT TAHRIR, said to be linked to al Queda, were denied permission to hold their large conference at two mosques here, so they moved it to Chicago's Luxury Hilton Hotel for the all-day affair. This group is
already well established in Britain, France & Spain.

On the agenda was the calling for an Islamic Empire, and the End of
Capitalism in the United States.

It's interesting to note that Khalid Sheik Mohammad, the beast that planned 9/11 in 2001, was also a member of this organisation.

(more) > SecureFreedom.Org




Forty Years Ago Today July 20, 1969, Apollo 14 Commander Neil Armstrong spoke those historic words aboard the lunar landing module that had just touched down on the surface of the moon.

The Landing Module pilot was Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin, Jr, and Command Module pilot was Michael Collins.

Twelve Americans have been to the moon and safely returned. The last was Apollo 17, with Eugene A. Cernan, Commander, Landing Module pilot Harrison H. Schmitt, and Ronald E. Evans, Command Module pilot.


President Obama Has Pledged A 'Transparency' in Government,

and yet, his Majority in Congress has submitted 1,000-word Bills, which are pushed to a vote...
without time for anyone to read them!

What the hell is going on here? reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

Mohamed said "I just published an important post on my blog about an important Fatwa by Muslim scholars in America about Terrorism."

Terrorism is not the issue. Jihad is.

But while we're on the subject of terrorism, let's see if you will denounce the these two groups by name:

- Hamas
- Hezbollah

As for the larger jihad, what's going on is that groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, et al are trying to force sharia on the West.

As such, will you also denounce sharia law as not compatible with a free society?


* Refr tom the redhunter (above)

Hizb Ut Tahrir is an Islamic Group
tied to bin Laden's 'al Queda', and is quite active in Britain and the United States.

Hezbullah (Lebanon) & Hamas (Palestine) are Iranian Puppets,
C.A.I.R. (here in the U.S.) is a Saudi funded group, and The Muslim Brotherhood began in Egypt
in the mid-20th century.

(Use Search Engine for more)

All of the above promote Shari'a Law and Global Jihad (holy wars).


SNAKE HUNTERS said... are a concerned student of Comparitive Religions, try this interesting site, with 101 reasons
for you to begin now > I would give high marks to: studying_islam.php
See: Why Do We Allow Saudi To Build
Mosques In America When NO churches
Are Allowed In Saudi Arabia? - Nov 5, 2007

See: Studying Islam for a more peaceful world? - Nov 6, 2007

See: As Usual, CAIR 'Offended' Over Reality - Nov 6, 2007

Be Aware - Stay Alert- Inform Friends & Relatives. reb

Anonymous said...

From J.J. Family

Dear Mr. Reb,

We have finished reading your "History" of WWII,(7/4/2006) and "Summary of WWII" on 5/31/2009.
Very educational!

My father was a veteran in the Pacific during WWII, and also in Korea. We have no illusions about peace. There will always be wars, and rumors of war. That's it.

You have a great info-blog, and we thank you so much! We wish you well.

J.J. from Oliver Springs.


Democrat Congressmen, returning to their hometowns now realize the public discontent among the voters on Government Controlled Healthcare.

These politicians know that their own political careers are in serious jeopardy because of President Obama's stubborn failure to recognise the obvious financial evidence of catastrophic national bankrupcy, and...

November, 2010 is fast approaching!




* Check this out:

President Obama's mentor, George Soros 'Open Society Institute' wants "Open Borders" and Abortion-On-Demand enacted now!

Editor's Note: See Postmodern Villain (post) listed under Recent Posts (in the left-hand column) for more on this evil billionaire.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano obediently follows this absurd policy.
The world is witness to a bloody border drug-war that last year (2008) claimed over 5,000 dead just south of our border; no apology is forth-coming from the Oval Office.

Wake up, America! reb




For those that have been following the fascinating debate/discussion between two scholarly men, one is 'Amillennialist', the other gentleman is my friend Mohamed Fadly, of "Understanding Islam" blog! Click his name (in blue) and you are visiting Egypt

The discussion is found on our on 'Memorial Parade' (post)...see Recent Posts - (in left-hand column of first page).

There are now 80 printed pages recorded here on this date! reb



IF you click on 'Memorial Parade'... then scroll down to the bottom to July 28, you will see this --->

"Gentlemen! At this point, I want both participants to know that as your moderator, how very pleased I am to have two highly qualified men...engaged in this complex, and often heated discussion, from two different perspectives.

I have a troubling question for either...or both of you.

The Theological Differences in evidence between Christian & Jew, Serb and Kurd, Sunni and Shia...all are far more serious than ever before, because of the potential posed by a possible nuclear exchange, in this century!

In my view, this points to the necessity for more dialogue, more not less civil discussion of this type.

If Iran's leadership is permitted to develop, and threaten nuclear capability, leading to dominance of other Muslim cultures in the area, this would exacerbate and proliferate similar developments throughout the region.

That Unresolved Issue...presents a unique dilemma, not just for fellow Muslims, but for the entire world.

Would my two friends like to discuss this pressing problem?"


Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I'd like to assure my gratitude for you to host that discussion. Many Thanks To You!

I must inform you that I'm pausing the discussion for a period of 3 days, leaving the space for Amillennialist to provide his response about my last paragraphs.
I thought that his last response had nothing new added to the discussion. He just repeated what he said before.

So, I rephrased my paragraphs; more briefed and more arranged (a, b, c). I didn't add any thing new, but only two quotes from the Bible concerning the subject; **(Does Islam Prohibit Killing Women & Children In Wars?)**.

I'll wait for Amillennialist's response, then I'll continue Phase ||; Beating Wives, Polygamy and Woman's Inheritance.
Beside an added point according to your request; Absolute prohibition of criticism of (prophet) Muhammad?!! Or instead a real democracy?!!

About your troubling question; I think it would be a good subject to talk about..
*What would happen IF Iran obtained within the next 10 years a nuclear weapon?
*Will Israelis use their atomic bombs -that they obtained years ago- against its neighbors?
*What are the possibilities of an Israeli attack against Iran, and how would Iran would repel?
*How should the fact that Israel used Radioactive material against its last war against Gaza, affect the possibilities of Israeli use of bigger Radioactive materials?

And many other questions that need to be answered..



Mohamed; You did not address the problem of Iran's acquisition and "handing off" these devastating
Nuclear Weapons to puppet al Queda or Hezbullah, plus forcing other muslin nations to seek these same weapons to balance Iran's threat to dominate the Sunni majority.

That's the unanswered question. reb

Mohamed said...

Mr. reb,

I didn't mean to ignore your questions. Nor I meant by expressing my gratitude to force you to publish my last paragraphs on "Memorial Parade". I just thought that we should finish at first that part of the discussion, i.e. wait until Amillenilaist provide his answers to my points, then we can proceed to your suggestion.

If you felt any offence of that, so please accept my apologizes.

What I can say about that question is that we should have a balanced view towards the possibility that Iran may have a nuclear weapon with the next ten or maybe twenty years.

We can't say that Iran is a threat to the safety of the area, when there is an entity that is already having Mass-Destruction weapons, whether biological or nuclear, i.e. Israel.

The fear of an Israeli use of their Mass-Destruction weapons isn't just an illusion, but there are strong facts that assure that fear.

a) There are accurate reports that assure that Israel used fertilized Uranium in its last war against Gaza.

b) With the rise of extremists in the last Israeli elections that made right-wing parties lead the government.
With threats and procedures like; threating of destroying our High Dam, suggesting to drop a nuclear bomb over Gaza, wiping Palestinian villages off the map, expropriation of Palestinians homes in Jerusalem, evacuating Palestinians away from Palestine and forcing the "Judaism" of Israel. With all these destructive threats and procedures approved by Knesset, and applied by the government, I feel threat of Israel to use more barbaric weapons than Radioactive materials, DIME and Phosphorus bombs.

Mr. reb, If you prefer to continue discussing that subject, so I'd like that we continue our main discussion on "Memorial Parade" simultaneously.



Humanitarian Lawyers Getting Rich with Mesothelioma Cases...As Obama
Nationalized Health-Care threatens
to Destroy MediCare!

God help those in their 60's! reb


Meanwhile, the Big Debate between
"Understanding Islam" blogger Mohamed Fadly, and the scholarly "Amillennialist" moves into high-gear...

Twenty-eight printed pages added
yesterday, as this Verbal Jihad heats to the boiling point!

See our "Memorial Parade" post.



See This Now!

Go to our "Links", click "Right Truth" then tap "Terrorists Next Door"!!!

Debbie is One Fine Blogger. reb



See > THE REDHUNTER (Link) for...

"No More F-22 Raptors"

That's Disgustingly Obama! reb

Anonymous said...

What's up Reb?
You havn't ventured into the blog-o-sphere for some days now. Hope you are alive and healthy.
By the way, the only reason "Thoughts of a Nationalist Indian" could possibly be worth reading is because it is the only blog I have seen that is from the future. Check the date on his one and only post.

Don't let your high editorial standards slip!

Best regards, Rory

Anonymous said...

Sorry reb, I see that crazy hindoo HAS a few more posts. My mistake there. But I still don't get how he posts from the future. Some kind if fakir I guess...


Hi Rory.

No, "my standards" haven't slipped at all, and I still spend a few hours each day on typing, printing, and research. If accuracy slips, the weblog loses credibility.

(If you've changed dealers, or mixed pakalolo with hash-oil, or are experimenting with some new hallucinogenic cocktail, stop!)

You're dillusional time-warp has misled you. That 'National Indian'
Link... deals less with prognostications, and more with his nation's historical confrontation with a virulent kill-culture; India's 1400 years of misery & struggle with Global Jihad. Did you read his "Convert or Die"? Or, the raging debate on Memorial Parade (post)? reb
It's 1:14 AM Eastern, G'night All.


Anonymous said...

Ah Reb,
Sadly due to 'The Economy' I'm clean and sober these days.

What do you think of those hindoo extremists who go around beating up couples they see holding hands on the street, harassing women in western clothes and all that then?

Glad to know your still alive anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hello again Reb,

On my blog you might notice that I've added your blog to my list of interesting blogs. On the list are the blogs I genuinely find interesting and well managed, they cover a broad political and cultural spectrum from the far left to the far right.

Maybe you could return the favor and link to our humble blog. The way I see it if you link to these loony religious blogs you might as well link to the loony left as well.

Anyway it's up to you,



RORY - I'm flattered that you would ever consider S/H as a valid Link to your efforts!

Religious Yearnings, in search of the great mysteries of life do not offend me, and are a part of most cultures; most of them are benign.

We, on this blog, are far more concerned with the kill-culture that flys planes into buildings to kill innocents, commit "Honor Killings", beheadings, amputations of hands & feet as punishment for minor crimes, genital mutilations of young girls, encourage young Shahid toward martyrdom with promises of 72 virgins, etc

As an old soldier (in my youth) I am mystified by a generation that 'Lives In Ignor-ance' of the above atrocities, ignoring the rapid growth of Wahhabi Islam throughout Europe, and in the United States!

Saudi Arabian Oil Revenues Fund It,
with mosques, and an expanding C.A.I.R.
So, this old guy Blogs...until the next attack kills more innocents.

Now IRAN's Ayatollah is close to Nuclear Capability, while aging Kim Jung Il plays his deadly game on the opposite side of our globe.
Graycrow - didn't even bother to mention the very exciting debate that is on-going between two opposing religious scholars; one is a devoted, articulate muslim...
the other an outstanding Judeo/Christian, that has spent a good part of his scholarly life involved in "holyland studies", and knows the "Holy Qur'an" quite well.

IF Graycrow Wishes To Understand this old world's dilemma, Trust me! Spend a half-hour of sober inquiry. Please do > tap into our "Memorial Parade" (post).

Cordially, reb


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comment. To begin, I am a Catholic but not a fanatic. Most days I am an Atheist, but as the old saying goes, 'There are no Atheists in foxholes'.

Anyway, I oppose religious extremism of ANY kind Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindoo, Pagan, Buddhist (if such a thing exists). As you know from history there have been more atrocities committed in God's name than any other.

My major concern is that we as a species may self-destruct soon through either resource depletion, war or climate change.

I find your blog interesting and informative and I respect the respect you give to your Muslim and Hindoo (and Catholic) commentators, but I must be honest and say that I find the overall tone dangerously sectarian because of it's anti-Islamic bias.

We must never forget the lessons learned in the holocaust.

I did tap into that Memorial Day Parade post, I liked the photo, but I could not stomach Amilleniest(?)'s rubbish, if he is what goes for a Christian then as a Christian I am embarrassed.



Rory, I doubt that Mr "A" would be likely to respond to your comment; such negatively is dime-a-dozen, and deserves little sympathy or respect.

Conversely, Mohamed Fadly's approach is thoughtful and eloquent, after having received a dozen years of heavy Indoctrination from the Muslim Brotherhood!

I don't think you bothered to read the 150 comments, or checked the veracity of Mr "A" assertions, and the chapter & verse he contributed in the 'great debate'.

This tends to separate the true scholars from the masses...also, from the 'snap-judgements' of casual observers, such as you and I.



Poor, poor Rory! He well knows the rules on this weblog: all salacious
remarks & insults, and those nasty little words are Verboten.

Overt Rudeness from guests is intolerable; this is my domain!

Go hide your head Rory (!) or seek the delusional solitude of your Bong-pipe. If you cannot observe simple Rules Governing Conduct, go back to "Porkie Pas", where anything goes, and civilized discussion is ridiculed, or barely tolerated; they enjoy and encourage sleeze.
Rory's 5:25 and 5:37 PM remarks are Printed & Rejected. Guests Will Receive No Special Imprimatus Seal on Snake Hunters Blog.



Anonymous said...

Sorry Reb,

I was drunk, I don't mind you not putting up those comments, I regret my vulgar tone,


Anonymous said...


"Porkie Pas"?
I have not been to 'pourquios pas' for months. I thought most of them had their heads up their you know where.
(am I allowed say that?),

Anyway Reb as an ex-serviceman you can not be as prudish as you pretend to be, and you have to admit that that FUBAR thing was kind of funny.
Life is short, lighten up a bit.



Rory, Let's get something straight;
I'm not a prude, and I pretend nothing!

I was raised in East Los Angeles, among tough Mexican kids, where a blade and brass knucks & two-foot chain-weapons (and marihuana) were common among teen-agers. I fought the Nazi in Italy at 19-20, and was fortunate enough to be among some great & couageous real men, fine-tuned to kill the enemy, anywhere at any time. As an adult, I rode a Harley "80" Stroker, w/ more rough guys...get it?

Your feeble attempts at vulgarity are childish & immature in comparison. Yeah, I've heard it all, long before you were born, So...Can It, Rory!

I try hard to run a decent blog that informs the gullible & the unaware. Men, their ladies & kids can read this material, and I don't allow "dim bulbs" to use profane stuff in this domain!

We face a kill-culture enemy that will cut your fuzzy little head off if you draw an unflattering cartoon of their blessed prophet;

they'll rape your woman if they catch her in their neighborhood without an escort, or a head-scarf, or shows a wrist or ankle...get it?

IF Rory doesn't understand the enemy, or the intention & goals of this effort, then stay the hell off my turf!


Anonymous said...

This is posturing for your cracker buddies Reb, I know it and you know it. It is easy to be tough behind the curtain of anonymity.


Anonymous said...

Hey Reb,

Ramadan starts on 1st September at 4.53am where I live and goes on until 30th September at 7.08pm.

As I am sure you know a muslim who dies defending Islam during Ramadam is twice saved.

You and you buddies better go to Bright Orange Alert or DEF_CON_1 or wherever you need to go when the brown stuff is about to hit the fan.


Anonymous said...

No One Really Knows...
...cries she with silent lips.
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Anonymous said...


You can publish this or not it is all the same to me as it is going on my blog, mohmads blog and amillieniests blog anyway.

My Judgment on 'The Great Debate' on your 'Memorial Day Post'

God is love.

I counted the number of times each protagonist used the words;
love, lovth, beloved or loved

Muhamad used these words twice as often as amilleniest. The only other commentator, SNAKEHUNTERS, NEVER USED ANY OF THESE WORDS.

As God is love, I give the debate to Mohamed.

I also would like to know if AMillieniest loves Bin Laden.

The ball is firmly in your court sir.




Good Grief, Rory from Wexford, Ireland is again mixing his hemp-pipe with the liquid pints at his favorite pub...

He's Not The First to suggest that I change the format here... see Rory's 4::49 AM comment on 8/06/09:

"The way I see it, if you link to these loony religious blogs, you might as well link to the loony-left as well." (Isn't that an Admission of Far Left-Wing Lunacy?)
Yep, "It's de.ja vu, all over again" to quote that funny-man pro-ball-player.

Another 'Lefty-loon Critic' is still "boycotting" S/H for moderating incoming comments. The Loop Garoo Kid (a Denver Attorney) is furious with me, for not allowing a completely open format, plus other nutty suggestions on how I should run this blog; that's life while blogging! Amusing, wot?

Rory want me to "lighten-up".

Well, this sad country...the most prosperous, inventive and scientifically progressive nation in history... is undergoing the most radical "Left-of-Center Change" in 230 Years.

This Saul Alinsky/George Soros protege (with his minions in tow) and with a Democratic Majority in the House & Senate since November, 2006) has damn near bankrupted the Banking, Insurance, Housing, and Automobile Industries in his first six months in the Oval Office!

Now, Barry Obama hopes to get Congressional Approval for his (unread) National (Socialized) HealthCare Bills!

These "progressive" plans were the last straw...even his timid party-hacks are beginning to sniff a political melt-down! Obama's approval-ratings are spiraling down, with only 15 months left to another election cycle!

Unemployment figures, and the Printing of Truckloads of 'Monopoly Money', all foretell imminent disaster for this nation.

Rory's 'Loony-Left' Saturates the Mainstream Media & The Internet with MoveOnDotOrg, DailyKos, and Huffington Post. Celebrity Idols are losing their slicky glamour status. "False are the lashes, false are the nails, false are the girls with feet on the rails" etc

All fluff, no substance.

Rory's Vain Approach to Mohamed's 'Understanding Islam' weblog will land with a dull thud.

That Young Sharia Law Student will see through your Left-quackery and Irish-Blarney like a pane of clear glass; he's smarter than you think.

Logic, Reason and Critical Analysis Are Not Yours, To Have And To Hold. Try another hobby.



Amillennialist said...

In response to Rory Graycrow, posted also at ACM:

Word frequency is the other god's best defense

But DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, pay attention to what the words actually mean.

In response to more Islamic apologia in the Comments here at ACM:


I didn't realize it was you, Graycrow.

So, "in the interests of fairness and LOVE," you libel the Son of God, defend doctrines from hell "sacralizing" blasphemy, genocide, murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, vandalism, extortion, theft, and deceit, and defame Reb.

You've gone from saying "Christianity is just as bad as Islam," to "Mohamed used a word twice as much, so he wins."

That is not progress.

You've got one problem:

Jesus commanded, "Love your enemies."

Muhammad commanded and practiced, "kill the idolaters wherever you find them."

Jesus poured out His blood for the sins of all.

Allah demands the blood of all who refuse to submit be poured out.

Jesus died on a cross to give Heaven to all.

Allah promises Paradise to all who kill for him.

And you count words. Why would you do that?

Such "analysis" is antithetical to truth.

Using your criterion, since Mr. Fadly and I were discussing the commands of Allah and the example of Muhammad, his double use of the word "love" means that Mohamed was only half-as-truthful as I was.

But then, this little exercise was not about me or Mohamed (it is dishonest of you to engage in ad hominem).

This debate was about what Muhammad and his allah commanded and practiced as defined by Islam's "sacred" texts.

Though how often a word is used means nothing apart from how that word is used, a search of Qur'an at The Compendium of Muslim Texts turns up 70 passages using the word "love."

A search of the ESV turns up the word 552 times.

Does that mean that YHWH is almost eight times more loving than than Allah?

One God died for the sins of all.

The other god requires that "unbelievers" die for him.

The other god commands blasphemy against the God Who is love.

The other god commands genocide, murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, vandalism, extortion, theft, and deceit against all who refuse the "invitation" to its religion.

Is that love?

Devout Muslim terrorists say, "We love death."

According to your "analysis," they're winners.

Speaking of an "existential wasteland."


JIHAD WATCH, Aug 8, 2009

Peace-Loving Fatah: We'll sacrifice victims until Jerusalem is ours. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

"SOCIALISM is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the sharing of misery." Winston Churchill

Comment: With an increasing public awareness, the Left shuns the label, preferring 'PROGRESSIVE' and Secular-Progressive. reb



Feeling The Heat...

from within their own Democratic ranks, the House of Representatives have decided to Cancel Plans to spend more tax-payer money on a Fleet Of Luxury Jets.

Score One for We the People!




or if only a benevolent "mother nature" has given you a healthy brain, a voice and an American Birth-right...

You Have A Weapon To Defend Liberty
and Justice - It's About Time, Use It!



Most Of The American Government's Leadership, including our high officials and legislators in the U.S. Government...have taken a solemn oath "to protect and defend" our U.S. citizens.

That said, it's troublesome to realize that most legislators are either unsure, or totally unaware of the 'hidden intentions' of our local (muslim) C.A.I.R., The Muslim Brotherhood, The American Muslim Council, The FIQH Council of North America, etc, and the Saudi Oil Assets the fund these so-called "moderate"

We Do a moral certainty, that our current president was, in his teen years, exposed to radical Marxist views?

We Do Know, that Barry Obama's first political campaign for the Illinois State Senate, was hosted in the living room of Bernadine Dohrne, a convicted felon, and her life-partner William Charles Ayers, who was and still is, an unrepentant radical Weather Underground bomber?

Do We Know...of other extreme radicals, including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the Obama family pastor was for 20 years, a close associate of Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the acknowledged Jew-Baiting, Hate-America muslim holy-man?

If We Are Aware Of The Above Indisputable Facts, is it unreasonable to question the credibility of our charming Chief Executive, Commander-In-Chief of ALL branches of military command?

Does Barack Obama issue direct orders to our the investigative bodies to be 'cautious and aware' of those muslim groups mentioned in the second paragraph of this brief commentary?


Tom the Redhunter said...

You are absolutely right, Reb, few politicians, let alone people, are familiar with the Muslim Brotherhood. Most know about CAIR, but unfortunately they're seen as a 'civil rights' group by too many.

Some get it, but most don't.

Anything more you want to post on this from Steve Emerson's The Investigative Project would be much appreciated.


On December 7th of each year, we remember Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

This is August 14, and we will never forget that this marks the rememberance of that glorious day when the world saw the last day of that bloody struggle that claimed 40+ million lives in a dozen nations.

It's VJ Day!

Remember Our Veterans of Yesterday, and today's fine young troopers in the grim far-off battle zones...Freedom Is Never Free.



Glenn Beck (Today/Fox)
Subject: Obama HealthCare
Guests: John Hoff, Health & Human Services,
Carter Snead, Notre Dame Law Professor,
Ronald J. Pestritto, Political Science, Hillsdale College.

Apparently, Obama's Senior Advisor on Health, Ezekial Emmanuel has given us his views on "the values of life', with the highest priorities assigned to those between 14 to 40; the very young, and those over 50 can Go Fish!

ObamaHealthCare will "minimize" the elderly voter, at best. Sorry GrandMa!

The gray-haired voter should be on the alert; Medicare is about to see
some neo/radical "CHANGE!"


Anonymous said...

Nicely done blogsite - Gary @ Food City